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Saturday Susan time and a drive along the beach

It is the first Saturday of October and I am looking forward to a full day as Susan. now part of today is to do a full makeup in the morning and see how it holds up all day to get ready for my drive to Las Vegas. Now when I planned this the weather this weekend was supposed to be showers s I figured it would not be that busy at the beach, well that changed and it is sunny and should be around 70. I got up at 7 and started getting ready my goal was a nice daytime look, I used browns for my eye shadow and yes, I did false eye lashes to set them off and I was really happy with the look. My plan was to drive to Astoria Oregon, then Seaside, down to Lincoln City and then back home. In all about 300 miles and 6 hours or driving plus stops. I was ready to leave by 8:30, I got a few pictures and was on my way.

I got to Astoria and looked for a Starbucks to writ my blog from last Monday but the only 2 were little ones in Fred Meyers and Safeway so I drove on to Seaside as they have a stand alone one. I got there about 10:45 and got a couple pictures in my car, one showing my eye shadow which I think turned out well. I went in they were not real busy so I got a hot chocolate and a muffin and spent about an hour doing my blog. I left here and drove on into Seaside towards the beach and again traffic was bad mostly because of all the people out walking and crossing the streets, like last time I was not going to get close to the beach so I got back on Hwy 101 and drove down to Cannon beach to see if it was any less crowded. I got to Cannon Beach and drove into town and the same thing, traffic barely moving and people every where walking around, looked like the Las Vegas strip with all the people so I figured it would just be a drive today. I figured I would drive on down the coast and see if I could get some pictures from the overlooks. As I was driving out of town, I saw people taking pictures in front of an Elk and wondered why they didn’t get closer till I saw it move. Actually there were 4 Elk walking around one of the parking lots eating on the flowers and shrubs and really only moved if people got to close to them and then it was just to move a little bit.

I got back on Hwy 101 and stopped at several overlooks of the ocean and yes at some I got some pictures. It is funny as I had no trouble getting out and looking around but with people there, I didn’t want to take selfies in front of the people. A few of the overlooks weren’t too busy and I did get some pictures. Now if you have never driven this it is a beautiful drive and I would recommend driving north to south as the ocean is on the right and easier to pull off into the overlooks, it is really worth the trip. Now as I went south it did get a little warmer about 72 but the further south, I went the more windy it got. Some of the pictures my hair was really blowing so I am skipping those pictures from the blog. Now I really didn’t notice anyone really watching me but then I really wasn’t paying any attention to them either.

It was a little after 4 when I got to Lincoln city and it was really windy here, all the woman walking around their hair was flying so I drove just a little further south and decided it was time for something to eat. I drove back to Pign Pancake which is where I had breakfast last time I came here in March of this year. I went in and they weren’t that busy, I was shown to a booth by the window and did get a quick selfie. I looked at the menu and yes, I picked out the country fried steak. Now the waitress who came over to take my order had beautiful French fade acrylic nails and sparkly pink eye shadow. Of course I had to compliment her on her nails as they really were beautiful and of course she thanked me and complimented me on my eye makeup. Now I always worry when I do this as I don’t want it to sound like I am fishing for a compliment. Now again I must have timed it right as I had been here about 15 minutes and people started coming in, I guess it is about 4:30 when people start going out for dinner.

I had a nice dinner and it was just before 5 when I paid my bill and headed for home. The drive home I came back Hwy 8 by Spirt Mountain casino and I did briefly think about stopping in but figured I will be in Las Vegas in a few weeks so just kept driving. I got home just before 7pm. It was a wonderful day and a nice drive. Now here is a funny fact about going to the coast from my house, it is 90 miles to Astoria going through Longview, 91 miles going to Seaside by Hwy 26 and 106 miles to Lincoln city by way of Hwy 8, really not that far for any of them. It was a good day and when I got home my makeup still looked okay with just a few areas I could fix with my compact powder. I did stay up till a little after 11 before removing my makeup and going to bed this gave me the 15 hours I wanted to see how my makeup would hold up. Now yes if I was going out someplace I would need to redo it but it should be good enough to check into the Flamingo when I get there after the drive. Now I am looking forward to Sunday and a little more Susan time, it will only be late afternoon into the evening probably just a short trip to Starbucks.

Stay safe and be happy with yourself and thanks for reading my blog and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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A hot Saturday as Susan and a drive to the beach

Well it is Saturday and is going to be 106 to 108 in Vancouver today and so I have decided to make a drive to the beach for the day. Now those of you who follow my blog know my mom passed away 2 weeks ago and while she was in the hospital, I told her I would take her for a drive to the beach when she got better which she never did but I am still going to make the drive but as Susan. My plan was to be on the road by 8 which didn’t quite happen as it was 8:30 when I was on my way. I took my time getting ready and did a medium smokey eye look with false lashes, probably a little much for a beach trip but this is more about the drive. I have taken my mom to Astoria and Fort Stevens a few times since my dad passed away 2 ½ years ago as this is something they use to do and the last couple years before my dad passed away, I would go with them as my dad didn’t like driving that far so that is my plan today. I drove up to Longview and crossed the river over to Hwy 30 and took that all the way to Seaside. I really hit no traffic so I had high hopes it would not be that crowded at the beach, I was wrong.

I got to Seaside at 10:30 and hit a little traffic on Hwy 101 going into town but when I turned off to go down by the beach it stopped. It took me about 15 minutes to go 5 blocks and I was still about 6 blocks from the beach and nothing was moving and people walking everywhere headed down to the beach so I gave up and turned off and went back to Hwy 101 and decided to go to Fort Stevens as I figured the beach area would be less crowded. I got to Fort Stevens and went to the beach where the old shop wreck is and it was packed. The parking lot was full and they were parked along the street about ½ mile back, so I drove down by the jetty and this was fenced off as they are doing construction there so I left and went further down looking for someplace to get to the beach. Now as I came around the corner there was a huge Elk on the left side of the road so I stopped to look at her and she didn’t even look up just stood there eating the grass. I drove on and about a ¼ mile up was another Elk on the right shoulder eating grass so I stopped right next to her and she was maybe 5 feet from my car. I rolled down my passenger window and she didn’t move so I yelled hi at it and she lifted her head and turned and looked right at me through the open window, I bet if I had a carrot or apple, I could have got her to stick her head in my window, it was really awesome. A car came up behind me so I drove off but regretted not getting a picture.

I stopped at another parking area that was only about ¼ full so I had high hopes. I locked my purse in the trunk and took just my keys and cell phone, yes, I wore jean capris today as I figured I could put my phone in my back pocket and my keys in the front. I walked across the parking lot and started down the trail through the woods to the beach. It was between a ¼ & ½ mile till it opened up on the grassy dunes above the beach and it was hard to walk in the sand with my sandals so I took them off in the sand. Big mistake, even though it was only about 75 degrees out the loose sad was incredibly hot, I don’t know why but I made it about 20 feet and stopped and put my sandals back on. Now I had to climb a big hill about 100 feet up which in loose sand is a challenge but I got up on the top and had a beautiful view of the ocean and the beach below, about 300 feet below and there were lots of people down on the beach. Now there was a trail going down but it was really steep so I walked along the top looking for an easier way down. I did pass a few people and I smiled and said hi and they all said hi back to me. I did notice a few of the woman had on eye makeup but none of them had on lipstick. O walked about a ½ mile down and none of the paths down looked that easy as a matter of fact the one that looked the best and I was going to try it till I watched a group of 5 people trying to come up it and they were having trouble so I decided to walk back to my car and try another place.

I drove down by the mouth of the Columbia River and found another parking area and it was about half full so I decided to try one of these trails. They were doing construction here also but I had hopes, well the one trail went about ¼ mile along the fence and then ended so I took the trail down by the Columbia River, it went to a wildlife viewing area overlooking the tidal fields in the mouth or the river so I never did get on the beach but did get a few short walks in and saw some pretty views and yes got a few pictures.

It was about 12:30 so I decided to leave and drive over to Ilwaco Washington and Long beach, the last trop I did with both my mom and dad we did this and then drove back the Washington side. I can remember my parents taking me and my brother Salmon fishing out of Ilwaco a few times back in the 70’s. I was hungry by now so I planed on eating in Long Beach. By the way, the drive across the Astoria bridge is beautiful and you get an awesome view. I got to Long Beach and traffic stopped just like seaside but on the main road through town, I didn’t move for 5 minutes and then only because cars in front of me started turning off the main road so I did the same thing. Everything headed north through town was backed up so I turned around and headed back and the only thing I saw was a McDonalds so I went through the drive through and got some food and drove back a few miles and parked in a pull out overlooking the Columbia River and ate there in my car. I think one of the things I want to do this summer is drive along the beach (maybe as Susan or my male self) but I figure 2 – 2-day trips. One leave my house and drive to Astoria and then down to the southern Oregon border and the back home. And one up to Tacoma, Port Angeles and then down the Washington coast. I think I could do them in 2 long days.

It was about 3:40 now and so I decided to head for home, going the Washington side is about 15 miles further but time wise only 12 minutes and it really is a prettier drive as a lot of the drive you are right along side the Columbia River. It was a nice relaxing day and something I wish I could have taken my mom on. I got home about 6 pm and unloaded my car, I had taken a cooler and my computer just in case. I made myself a salad for dinner, yes trying to eat healthier and I finished my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner and posted it. It was about 6:45 and I checked my makeup and decided to go to the Starbucks up on Mill Plain and work on my blog for today. I stayed here till 9pm before leaving.

When I left Starbucks, I decided to drive by the Escape and check it out, it was still 97 degrees out so I just drove by to see what it looked like but didn’t stop. It was almost 10pm when I got home. Now I am looking forward to another day tomorrow as Susan but it will be even hotter tomorrow, today it got up to 106 and the next 2 days they are forecasting 113. I will most likely spend the day at home or maybe a brief trip to Starbucks.

Stay safe and be happy with who you are. Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Monday and a full day as Susan

Now this may be a little longer of a blog and a lot more pictures. Now I had planned to sleep in till 7:30 before getting up today but I actually woke up at 5am wide awake so I got up which wasn’t what I wanted but I looked outside and there was frost on all the cars and it looked really clear out and that got me thinking about going to the beach for the day, something I have wanted to do for a while. Now they say it is supposed to rain today but right now it looks like it will be a nice day. I took my shower and started doing my makeup and yes, I took extra time, especially on my eyes. Now the eyebrow gel I use for my brows is waterproof and hard to get off but today I also used waterproof mascara and eye liner just in case it does rain and I am outside at the beach. I also did a little different shape on my lips, a little rounder and didn’t go all the way to the corner of my mouth, I was really happy with the look of my lips today, let me know what you think of my look for the day. I was all ready by 7am yes, I spent more time getting ready this morning. I got a few pictures and was on my way. Now my plan today is to drive to Lincoln City and then drive up Hwy 101 and check out some other areas along the way and get pictures before coming home through Astoria, in all a little over 300 miles but a nice day drive.

I stopped and got gas by my house and asked Google to navigate to Lincoln City and it told me I would get there at 9:22 which is just over 2 hours and I will be going through Portland during rush hour so I figured it would take longer but there really was no traffic. Now it was a nice sunny drive although in the low 30’s out and yes I did see a trace of snow going through the coast range on the side of the road. I was about 10 miles from Lincoln Coty and it started raining lightly but when I turned onto Highway 101 it started snowing yes at the beach but turned to a rain snow mix. Now I am not a big fan of big tech as I think they have too much power and should be broken up but Google maps was right on, I got to Lincoln City at 9:21. I found an overlook overlooking the coast but by now it was raining hard and I was rethinking my decision to come to the beach today but as I was here, I decided to at least get breakfast. Now as I made a left turn with a green arrow I almost got hit by an SUV. There were 2 lanes turning left and I had a big pickup truck to my left also turning left so when the light turned green we both went and as I turned a car coming north who had a red light started to turn right into me, I hit my horn and went into the other lane behind the truck to avoid him, luckily there was no other cars behind the truck turning otherwise I would have either hit him or got hit by the other car and that would have brought my day to an end quickly and not in a good way. Yes I have had one car wreck already as Susan back in 2014, you can read here. This is something that use to scare me but there is risk in everything we do every day and you just have to way the risk and decide if the risk is worth the reward or if you will let fear rule your life and this is as important today as every.

I googled IHOP to see if they had one here and it pulled up Pig’n Pancake only 2 miles away so that was my outing for the day. I got there at 9:30 and they looked busy. I parked and went in and had to wait a few minutes. While I waited 3 young ladies, probably around 20 give or take a couple years, came in and one walked right up to the lady at the front desck but the other one asked me if I was in line and I said yes so, she told her friend “this lady is in front of us” which made me feel good. I was shown to a booth by the window and yes, they were packed, every table was full but it looked like the tables were spaced out and the had plastic dividers between the booths. Now I no more then sat down and the sun came out and it looked nice outside. I ordered pancakes and eggs and was shocked when my food came and I had 6 pancakes, it was a really good breakfast and I would recommend eating here and yes, I got awesome service. It was about 10:15 when I finished and paid my bill and as I left, I walked by 3 groups of people waiting inside for tables and there were 5 more groups of people waiting outside and it is a Monday morning.

I got in my car and started to drive towards the beach and it started raining again so yes, I stopped in at Chinook Winds Casino and went in to look around. They were also busy but I did find a blackjack table for $10 so I sat down. I bought in with $50 and started playing, now I never really had a winning or losing streak, the lowest I got was $30 the highest was $80. I probably didn’t play more than 30 minutes and walked away with $60 dollars so I won $10 which covered part of my breakfast, I always like to leave with more money than I started with even if it’s only a buck or two. I walked out to my car and yes, the sun was out again so I drove a little way north on Hwy 101 and found a pullout overlooking the ocean and got out and took a couple pictures. Now I was thinking I probably should have gone the other way and started in Astoria and drove south to Lincoln City as it would have been easier to stop at the overlooks as they would have been on the same side of the road. Some are very small just a few cars spots and to stop fast and wait for traffic to cross over was not easy and was worried I could get rear ended so I had to look for the bigger ones.

I did drove out to Cape Lookout and got a few pictures, also a few of the overlooks I either drove past or stopped and just looked from my car as a few times it rained hard or had rain snow mix and twice I had hail showers. A few times I did get out in the light rain to get some pictures. I saw lots of people taking pictures of the ocean or of people with ocean behind them but I didn’t see anyone taking selfies so I tried to make it look like I was taking pictures of the ocean. Next time I do this I will have to plan it more in advance and see if one of the other girls wants to go so, we could take pictures of each other but this really was something I decided this morning. I was going to stop in Canon Beach but that was during one of the hail showers. You can also see in a few of the pictures when it wasn’t raining there was a strong wind, I did bring my hairbrush though.

Now as I got close to Seaside the sun came out again so I drove downtown by the beach and found a parking spot just 1 block north a couple 100 feet from the beach. My plan was to go and get a quick picture so I put my coat on and walked to the beach and to my surprise in the sun it was pretty warm and pretty much no wind so I got a few pictures and walked the 1 block back and checked out a few of the gift shops and there were a lot of people out not only in the shops but on the beach. Now I didn’t spend a lot of time in the stores as I had to wear my mask and I was really happy with my makeup. Now with no wind I decided to walk out on the beach as it looks like it is low tide so the beach is really wide so people are spaced out. I actually spent about 1 ½ hours on the beach and had a wonderful time just walking up and down the beach. I am sure with all the people and yes lots of kids I got some looks but I really didn’t notice as I just don’t seem to pay attention to the people around me anymore. I did try to get my pictures when I was away from people and tried to take them with the least amount of people in the background or at least far away in the background as I do want to take others privacy into account. Now Oregon has some beautiful coast lines but I have always liked Seaside probably because this is where I came when I was in high school and I have spent the most time here so I know it well.

It was about 3pm when I left here and drove up to Fort Stevens to get a few more pictures but it was really windy and rainy here so I just looked from my car. It was almost 4pm now so I needed to head home now. I again used Google maps and it told me it would be 5:38 when I got home going through Astoria, Longview and then on home. The drive home was nice and I had some sun, rain and yes one more hail shower. It was a relaxing drive home and I stopped at the McDonalds by my house to get dinner and got there at 5:40 so once again on a 2-hour trip it was within a couple minutes. It was about 6 when I got home to eat my dinner. After I ate, I decided to check my makeup and see how it held up through the day. For the most part after 12 hours and being outside in light rain, and some wind and sunshine it looked pretty good. A little bit of wear on my upper lip which is always an issue but my eye makeup and lip stick looked perfect just as it did when I left home this morning.

Now I will watch TV till bedtime and work on this blog during the commercials with the hopes of posting it first thing tomorrow morning as I want to reread it and make sure I didn’t leave anything out as it is a longer and more detailed blog. If you read the whole thing thanks, I usually try to keep them to 1,000 to 1,200 words as I think that is a good amount.

Stay safe and healthy and thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

Please be sure and scroll down to see all my pictures and if you have a favorite let me know which one.


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Wednesday and a trip to the Oregon Coast

Okay it is Wednesday and I am going to the Oregon Coast with some friends. I did this a couple years ago by myself and had fun but this year I Texted Cassandra and she said she wanted to go and I also posted in our group and Michele said she would go with us and Dawnie and April said they would meet us there so we have 5 of us going. It should be a lot of fun. Now I was meeting Cassandra at her house at 11 and my plan was to go out early and do a little shopping and maybe stop at a Starbucks but as always I got a late start and didn’t leave my house till almost 10 so if there was traffic I would be pushing it to get to Cassandra by 11. Now I wore my shorter hair as it holds up better in the wind which you always have at the beach and my new grey sweater dress with black tights and tennis shoes and as I was going to be gone all day I did takes some foundation and my hair brush as we are going out to dinner tonight with our group at Mothers Bistro and I wont have time to come home so I will have to do a touchup at Cassandra’s house. By the way this first picture to the left is in the morning shortly after I left home and the one to the right is almost 12 hours later with really no touch up other than some powder, I think my makeup held up well. I love this lipstick as it looked as good at the end of the day as it did when I left. It is Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in the color Ruler. Now I got over near Cassandra’s and still had about 20 minutes and one I forgot my lipstick which I wasn’t sure I would need but also, I noticed I was getting low on it this morning so I stopped at Fred Meyer’s to pick up more. Well they were out of this color so I went to the Target which is near by and they actually had it but I got the last one so I guess this is a pretty popular color. Now it was on to Cassandra’s house.

I got there just before 11 and Cassandra was ready so we just had to wait for Michele who got there a little after 11. It was about 11:30 when we got on the road, Cassandra drove and Michele and I got to ride like princesses. Funny as my male self I much prefer to drive but as Susan I like to be chauffeured. Now it is not that far but there was traffic so it took about 1 ½ hours to get there. Dawnie and April called me to see where we were and I told them we would get there about 1 and we decided to meet at Mo’s for lunch. We got there almost right on time just a couple minutes after 1, got to love Google Maps as it is pretty good at figuring the time to someplace. Dawnie and April had got there just before us and we actually parked almost right next to them. Now this is a smaller city on the coast so you really never know how people will react but none of us really cared we just walked in as if it was the most normal thing. They were a little busy with lunch but we got a nice table right in the corner looking out the big picture windows at the ocean, what a beautiful view for lunch. We all ordered lunch and of course I got their clam chowder. We had a wonderful lunch and great conversation. Above is Cassandra and me at Mo’s. after lunch we walked out on the peer to get some pictures. Now it was mid 50’s but sunny and if you were in the sun it was actually warm and the best part no wind. I don’t think I have ever been to the beech when there was no wind, it really was a beautiful day.

Now we all had to get pictures so I got a quick selfie and then we all took turns getting pictures of each other.

It was hard because of where the sun was so we were limited on the angles so we couldn’t really get one with the ocean behind us they were all angles with the coast line behind us. Now Dawnie and April had not got down here yet and Cassandra, Michele and I were all taking pictures of each other and a lady walked up and asked if we wanted her to take a picture of all of us and we said yes. So, she took several pictures of Cassandra, Michele and me. When she was done, she asked if we would take a few pictures of her and of course we said yes so Cassandra took her phone and got a bunch of pictures of her so she would have some. After that we talked with her briefly and she told us hoe pretty we all were and how our makeup looked awesome and she finished it with she had not done makeup in years. Of course, a lot of genetic woman can get by without makeup because they have such naturally beautiful skin and unfortunately that is not the case for us. This is the three of us.

Dawnie and April got down to where we were and so we took a bunch of pictures of them also. We probably spent 20 minutes or more taking pictures before we were done. We went back too the cars and Dawnie and April were going to head home but Cassandra, Michele and I drove down the cost a little looking for a place to get some more pictures. We had a beautiful day and we were at the coast someplace we don’t go often and we were not going to miss the opportunity.

We stopped at Boiler Bay State park I think to get more pictures. Now there were other people here and I had to wonder what they thought when they saw us get out of the car and go over to the edge to get more pictures, but we really didn’t care. We took turns getting pictures, I think Cassandra got the most. We were all having a wonderful time. And as I said the weather was perfect. We were only here for about 15 minutes before we left and our next stop was Chinook winds Casino.

We went in and looked around a little before we found the table games, Well Cassandra and me, Michele is more of a slot machine girl. There was an empty table so Cassandra and I sat down, it was only $5 which I like and well Cassandra just bet more and played 2 hands so she was happy. We played for a while and then it was tie for the dealer to shuffle and as there were 6 or 8 decks and he had to shuffle by hand Cassandra went to see how Michele was doing. Another man had sat down by this time so when the dealer had finished shuffling, we started playing even though Cassandra was not back yet. Soon it was tine for a new dealer so our male dealer left and a female dealer came in. finally Cassandra got back and started playing. Well we were not winning big but we were winning so we were happy but as in all things they changed and we started to lose more then we won. Of course, Cassandra playing 2 hands and betting more felt it first and finally she said she was done so she cashed in her chips and she was down $50 I played 1 more hand and lost so I cashed in as it was after 4 so we needed to get going. I actually finished up $50, I guess I got Cassandra’s money. We went and cashed in our chips and then headed for the exit. As we passed the table, we were playing I took a quick selfie to remember by big win well at least I left with more then I came in with. It would cover my lunch and dinner tonight and still leave me a little left over so it was a good day at the casino for me.

Now we have a 1 ½ hour trip back to Cassandra’s without traffic and a 40-minute drive to dinner without traffic and we have a little less than 3 hours before dinner so it will be close. The drive home was nice and we all talked and had a good time. We got back to Cassandra’s house a little before 6 we all went in and freshened up, I was amazed my makeup still looked good and as I said above all I really did was put on a little powder and then we were all of to dinner in our own cars. I got to Mothers Bistro about 6:45 but I took me a while to find a parking spot so it was just before 7 when I walked in and most of the girls were there.

We had a good turnout tonight, Rickie, Judy, Melissa, April, Ellie, Patty, Kelly, Jenifer, Barb, and of course Michele, Cassandra and me, 12 in all tonight. We all ordered and tonight they had their special Chicken Parmesan so that is what I ordered. Now our waitress tonight was Anna and she was awesome. I was talking with Patty, Kelly and Ellie about my lipstick and showed it to them as I had the one, I bought today in my purse. Well Anna our waitress over heard and said she loved it to and that was what she was wearing. It is funny as a lot of woman don’t wear lipstick but it looks so good on ladies. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversation.

After dinner as we were all leaving Jennifer still hadn’t paid her bill so I sat with her while she waited and we talked. It was nice to talk with her one on one. She is newer to dressing and going out and still trying to figure out what it all means and how it fits in her life. She asked me if I could would I go full time, now there is a difference between full time and transitioning as there are girls that live full time but have not had any surgeries. Now I have though about this a lot. I have no desire to transition but I do love being Susan. so, this is how I explained how I feel about this. If I won $100 million in the lottery tomorrow. I would spend a lot more time as Susan, probably not full time but the majority of time. I would have pretty acrylic nails for sure at least most of the time. I might even try to grow my hair out. But that would be it. I would still need my male side even if only part time. I just can’t get rid of all of my male side it is a part of me and who I am. I would not be a complete person without both. It was sad to see the day come to an end but it was almost 10 when we left so I have been out as Susan for 12 hours. It was a wonderful day with friends. Sorry this was a little long but it does cover a whole day 12 plus hours

Thanks for reading ad be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new.

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A fun Tuesday for Susan

Okay one thing I have wanted to do as Susan is go to the beach so Monday night I was looking at the weather for the week and Tuesday looked the best so I decided to go. I got up at 6 am, my alarm was set for 7 but I woke up early so I decided to get ready and go. It was about 7:15 when I was all ready and on my way. Now with morning traffic I decided to drive though Longview, up to Astoria and down to Cannon beach. Its only about 15 miles further this way but I would miss all the rush hour traffic through Portland.

Now it was a light rain which was okay at least till Longview where it really stared to rain hard and the sky was dark. Maybe this was not such a good idea, well at least it would be a nice drive. It rained hard all the way through Astoria before letting up. The rain slowly stopped for a while and I had hopes I would get lucky.

I got to Cannon beach and there were only a few people out, not sure if it was the weather or the fact it was still early as it was only 9:30. I found a parking spot as there were a lot of empty ones almost right at the end of the road by the beach entrance. It was just a misting rain but I grabbed my umbrella just incase and walked the 5o yards or so to the beach overlook where you can go sown on the beach. There were only 3 other brave souls here. I was debating about walking down on the beach or to just get a quick selfie here when it started to rain and I mean rain. I couldn’t get my umbrella open fast enough and it was back to the car, The sky was black so I knew this was not going to let up soon. I drove around for a little while but not many shops were open and it was still really raining so I decided to call it a day and head back home. I got back on Hwy 101 and headed north to 26 as I was going to go that way through Portland and maybe do some shopping. As I got to the Hwy 26 cut off I saw a small break in the clouds further north so I drove up to Seaside. Now this is amazing as they are only about 10 miles apart. but there was some blue sky here and it was not raining.

I drove down by the beach and parked. Put on my wrap and walked to the beach. I looked down to the south by Cannon beach and the sky was still black down there and the same to the North but right here there was a break in the clouds and I took advantage of it and walked down onto the beach. Now the Tide was 14650503_10210570692807773_2311030004334805617_nout so it was a long way to the water but I made my way down. Of course I had to get some pictures. Now looking out to the ocean it looked clear, it was just north and south that looked bad. it was almost like the clouds split around Seaside.

I decided to walk a ways down the beach. Now I will admit I have limited options for shoes for something like this. It was to cold for flip flops and I didn’t want to get my pink and white tennis shoes muddy the only other option was a pair of  female winter boots I got at the clothing exchange. they are black and come just above the ankle so that is what I chose to wear. Now I know you are probably asking what the big thing is well they are just as I described the but with a 3” wedge heel. Probably not what most women would wear on the beach Any way back to the story I probably walked a half mile down the beach and then back up the other way and believe it or not I actually got warm with my wrap on. There was just the slightest of breeze and in the sun it seemed warm. I don’t know I probably spent an hour on the beach before going back to my car.

Now what to do next, I put my wrap back in the car and decided to walk up the pathway along the beach and see what they had up further as far as shops. I 14611133_10210570700607968_1405132996039724650_nshould say I wore one of the Jeggins Tees shirt I bought yesterday. It is really comfortable and really a cute look. I will have to go back and get more. It is long sleeved which was perfect for today as it was just a little cool if in the shade and comfortable in the sun. My phone said 61. I walked up to the Aquarium before heading back as it looked just like hotels up there.

I got back by my car and decided to check out some of the local shops, yes all tourist traps but still fun to look. Most sold clothing and or souvenirs. I probably wanders around looking for almost 2 hours as I was in no hurry. I even talked with some of the people working in the shops. I think they were happy to have anyone inside they could talk with. It really was not busy at all. I stopped and got lunch at a pizza place and the same thing. I was the only one in there eating and it was a really big place. It was about 2 now and I had seen what looked like a factory outlet stores when I came into Seaside so I drove over and checked it out. Really not much in the way of stores but they did have a DSW and another shoe store so I went in and looked around. didn’t buy anything though.

I decided to leave and go home the same way I came to avoid traffic. as I was heading up to Astoria I saw a sign for Fort Stevens so I decided to check it out. I drove in and found a lookout tower that over looks the jetty and it was only a short walk. It was a little more windy here and the skies looked a lot darker. There were maybe 8 other people her so I walked down the trail to the tower and climbed up in it, as soon as I got above the jetty wow was the wind strong, good thing I wore an older wig. I tried to get a pictures but it took both hands to keep the hair out of my face. It then started to rain and I headed for the car as I didn’t have my umbrella this time. It was strange as I could see the heavy rain coming towards me so it was a race to get to my car. Luckily it wasn’t far and I made it before the real heavy rain hit. Well looking at the sky that would be it for the day as far as getting out of the car. It was almost 4 now so it was time to head for home. I had heavy rain all the way to Longview and then on and off showers the rest f the way home.

I got home just a little before 6 and stopped at home long enough to change my hair and boots. I the drove to the Starbucks by my house to update my blog and hang out for a while. I just don’t like sitting at home as Susan. It was a fun day and something I have wanted to do for a while, check it off my bucket list. yah I don’t have much of a bucket list.

Thanks for reading

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