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Saturday night out with friends

Well I was going to go out tonight with my friends, Cassandra, Cristine and I decided last night to go out to the Escape Bar & Grill Saturday night for pool, Karaoke and to watch the Oregon State Beaver football game. Now I have only been here once before with Julie so I figured it was a good chance to try my new wig, well not really new as I bought t a while ago but have never worn it as I am not sure how it looks on me. We were meeting at 7:30 but I had really hoped to be there earlier.

I started getting ready a little after 5, after my shower I did my makeup and did the Smokey Eye look and it actually turned out really good so I guess practice does help. As I was getting dressed I could hear my neighbors outside. The lady from across the street and the lady next door were standing in her driveway talking while her 4 kids were pulling weeds out of the driveway. Now I know both the ladies know about my dressing but not sure about the kids. They were standing right next to the street facing my driveway so they would have a good look at me as I left and it was still light out. Luckily the kids were facing away from my drive so I figured I might as well go so I got in my car and opened the garage door and drove out. The one neighbor looked right at me and waved so I waved back. Will be interesting the next time I talk with her as although they have known for almost 2 years now but they have never been right out front by the street when I have left so this was their best view of me leaving.

I got to the Escape Bar & grill right at 7:30 and went in, Cassandra, Cristine and Michelle were there already. It was great to see Michelle as she does not get out that often at least on the nights I do so I got a chance to talk with her a little. She ordered a large Nacho plate and we all snacked on it but I was hungry so I ordered some Taco’s and a side ordered of Tater tots to share. All the food was good and their prices were reasonable.

Now as I had a new wig I had to get pictures before I ate so I had Cassandra take a few. The first one the flash didn’t work but I like the picture even though it is a little dark as the low light I think softens my look. It was funny as Cassandra didn’t even notice my new hair style till I asked her to take my picture as I had a new wig, know I know how woman feel when they change their hair style and no one notices.

Now as this was a last minute decision to come here tonight as we didn’t post it in the group till late this morning I wasn’t sure how many would come out but we actually had a good turnout tonight. Laura was the next to show up and it was good to see her again.

Now it was my turn to play Cassandra in pool and I broke, I didn’t sink any balls on the break but I really spread them out so when it was Cassandra’s turn she sunk 5 balls in a row so I was way behind. Now I managed to make a good comeback and I got down to just 1 ball before she sunk the 8 ball and won. I did have fun playing though.

Petra and Michelle showed up next and they are always so much fun when they come out and Petra was the one who beat Cassandra at pool, well actually Cassandra had on ball left when she accidently scratched the 8 ball to lose. We sat and watched the Oregon State football and Oregon took the lead right from the start but that was all they managed to do, then ended up losing 35 to 10 but it was still fun to watch.

Laura also showed up, yes we had 2 Michelle’s and 2 Laura’s out tonight so we had a total of 8 of us. Laura and I talked for a while which was nice. She even asked me about Diva Las Vegas as she is thinking of going next year which would be great. Now the bar was slow early but by 10 it was really busy when they started Karaoke. Laura from our group sang a couple times and did a great job as always. This place has some really good singers also. It was a really fun night.

It was about 10:30 when I decided to leave so I went up to the bar and had to stand in line to pay. While I stood there the lady in front of me told me how beautiful I was which made me feel good as who does not like hearing that. I talked with her for a few minutes till she paid her bill. I paid my bill and then it was time to say goodnight to all my friends and head for home. It was a really fun night as how can dressing up really pretty and going to a bar to watch football not be fun.

Thanks for reading and hope your weekend was as awesome as mine.

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A Friday night out after missing 2 weeks

Well I was so looking forward to tonight and going out again with my friends, I have missed the last 2 Fridays do to family matters. As a matter of fact except for a couple hours I got to be Susan and get a pedicure last week I haven’t gone out with my friends since our Harvey’s night on September 7 and that is a long time to go without my girlfriends. Now a quick note about my pedicure as I find it interesting. The nail polish I picked which was a really bright pinkish purple made by China Glaze seems to look different in different light. Outside in the sunlight it really is a bright deep pink with just a hint of purple but inside under normal light it looks more a bright red and inside under florescent lights it takes on more of a dark red. Now all the colors look good don’t get me wrong but I really wanted the bright deep pink color so just a little disappointed.

Well as I said I have really been looking forward to Friday and going out tonight all week so I got home and started getting ready a little early about 4:30 with a nice long bath and of course a really good shave all over so my skin would be as silky smooth as I could get it plus it was so relaxing to soak in the tub. It was about 5:15 when I got out of the tub and started my makeup transformation. I spent an hour in a half of utter relaxation doing my makeup and getting read, I really love when I can take extra time getting read. The look may be no better than when I do it quicker but I feel way better about it. It just make the whole experience so much nicer.

Well it was 6:45 when I left my house for Sweethome looking forward to a fun night. I got there right at 7 and found a parking spot right in front, I brought my computer tonight as I was not sure who would be out other than Samantha from Eugene who had e-mailed me she was coming up for the day. I went inside and sure enough Samantha was there along with Cristine. I did check a few things on my computer when I first got there while I was also talking with Samantha but after about 15 minutes I had done what needed to be done on my computer so I put it away so I could focus on my friends more.

It was great to talk with Samantha again she is becoming more confident in going out as we all are. I guess a couple of her neighbors have seen her now from a distance although she has not talked to them about it. I think back a few years when I would never leave the house till after dark and I figured no one would be looking out their windows, yes the after 10 PM time. I had fun in those days, don’t get me wrong but I was missing so much. Not to be able to go out during the day you miss so much. I so love the freedom that comes with self-acceptance, yes a couple of my neighbors know for sure and there is no way for me to know who else knows but that is a price I am willing to live with so I can enjoy all parts of my life and Susan is a big part of it. Samantha had some errands to run up here and she came up early and did them all as Samantha, way to go girl.

Well about 7:30 Cassandra showed up so we had 4 of us tonight. It was so much fun to see my friends and spend some time with them. It is funny as I don’t really think about the fact I am dressed as a female or even that my friends are dressed as a female. We are just people out for a fun night like everyone else. Most of the time I forget how I am dressed as Susan is such a normal part of my life.

It was a quiet night here as the Karaoke group was small and those that did show up didn’t till after 9 but still a fun night out. We got a chance to talk with Paul the owner for a while, he was telling us the show Bar Rescue is going to do a show here in Portland and they are contacting all the bars but he figures his is too small as it is just a neighborhood bar to be on the show.

Cassie and Rose also showed up so it was good to see them out also. Got a chance to talk with them which is always nice, it is funny as Susan I love to sit and talk but as my male self not one of the things I do. Cassandra and I talked about Diva Las Vegas next year which is March 22 through March 27 2015 so mark your calendars. This is such a fun event so if you have never heard about it check out their web page Diva Las Vegas. We are planning on doing the same thing again next year, leaving on Friday and driving to LA so Cassandra can see her family in male mode of course and then on Sunday driving to Las Vegas, I will of course be Susan 24/7 for the trip again so I can get my acrylic nails. We even talked to Cassie about t and she is thinking of going. I am hopeful we can get another big group to go again next year as we had so much fun the last couple years with so many from our group going.

Well it was almost 10 when Karaoke started and as I said it was a smaller group tonight so again they went through those who sang fast so they got more chances to sing. By 10:30 it was just Cassandra, Cristine and me left so I knew it would be an early night. Cassandra left and then Cristine so I went up to pay my bill. One of the ladies sitting at the bar told me how beautiful I looked tonight which always makes one feel good. I thanked her and talked with her for a few minutes while I paid my bill. It was just before 11 when I left for home. What a fun night it was.

Tomorrow night Cassandra, Cristine and I are going to another place called Escape, kind of a last minute decision so we will have to post it in the group and hope we can get a few more girls to come out as it would be great to have a big group out. Plus I need to make up for not dressing much the last few week.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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A day for a pedicure

Well I really didn’t think I would be out this week as I was supposed to be out of town but things changed and although I don’t have a lot of free time this week I had a few hours this morning and Susan decided she needed a pedicure. Now I have wanted to try a nail salon a little closer to where I live called Dream Nails. Now this is really close to where I live and I usually don’t go out as Susan to places within 5 miles of home for fear to running into someone I know. Anyway I was up by 7 this morning and got all ready and was ready to leave by 9, now as I said this was a last minute opportunity so I had not made an appointment so I did call at 9 when they opened to see if I could get in and the lady said they could get me in so I left home for the nail salon. I got there in less than 5 minutes as I said this is really close to where I live.

I parked and went in, the lady there asked if she could help me and I told her I had just called about getting a pedicure so she told me to pick out my color and showed me to a pedicure seat. The color I picked out was a really bright pinkish red color by China Glaze, I normally always do OPI but today I picked by the color alone. She asked me if I wanted the regular pedicure or the deluxe well as it has been awhile I went for the deluxe. She started on my feet and a couple other ladies came in that work here. This is actually a big nail salon as they have 9 pedicure chairs and 8 manicure tables and according to Yelp they are always busy.

Now if you have never gotten a pedicure it really is a must to put on your list of things to do. It is so relaxing as they massage your feet and lower legs. She trimmed my toenails and trimmed back the cuticles. One thing I really liked is on the back counter they had several machines for sterilizing the tools they use, this is the first salon I have gone to that did this. Once this was done she rubbed oil on my legs and feet and used a pumice stone to remove any rough skin on my heels and foot. Then she put a green past on my legs and wrapped them with a hot towel. She let this sit for a few minutes while she got a couple plastic bags with a liquid in them and then came back and wiped away the green paste. She then had me put my feet in each of the bags which turned out to be paraffin wax. This was really warm on my feet.

While my feet were in the bags she started to massage my lower legs with oil and creams. Really relaxing. She also complimented me on how my legs and feet looked which made me feel good. After about 15 minutes of massaging both legs she took the wax off my feet and did the same oil and cream massage on my feet. When she was done with this she went over and came back with 2 hot stones and then used those to rub my feet and legs. This part was nice but not something I would go out of my way for.

While she was doing this another lady came in and asked one of the other girls if she could get a pedicure and also told them there were 5 of her friends on the way and they all wanted pedicures so the other 2 ladies started getting things ready for the group coming in, I was surprised that with that many all coming at once together they didn’t make an appointment.

As she was finishing up on my foot massage 2 other ladies came in, part of the group. The lady, I wish I had gotten her name started to paint my toes and the color was awesome, a really bright pink with a touch or red in it. She did a great job and it took about an hour. She then took me over to a chair so I could put my feet under a fan to dry while they started on the other group which by now was 5. The cost was only $40 which really was not bad at all, plus a tip of course. It was about 10:30 when I left the salon.

Now as I said I didn’t think I would be out this week and I only have a few hours this morning and early afternoon so I didn’t want to go right home. I needed a lip liner so I figured a quick shopping trip to ULTA which is only about 10 minutes away. I got there and went in and looked around a bit before getting the lip liner and going to the check out. On my way home I stopped to get something to eat, went to a Panda Express as this is a fast food I can eat with a fork. I was here maybe 20 minutes or so.

I was on my way home and it was a little before noon and I still had an hour or so, so again I pushed my comfort level and stopped a t Starbucks I have never gone to before, one that is only a block and a half from my house. Now i parked and went inside and to my surprise it was really busy, they had 5 people working and I had to stand in line to get my drink although most people were getting their drinks to go.

I got my drink and sat down at a table by the door as it was the only one of 10 tables open. So now I am on my computer catching up on things. I have been here about an hour and it is a steady stream of people coming in so I keep wondering if one of my neighbors will walk through the door.

Well I must be going as I have things my male self needs to do in a couple hours so I need time to get home and clean up all traces of Susan. To my surprise I didn’t see anyone I knew while I was here but there were a lot of people who came in and went out.

It has been a fun day and my toes look great.

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Fun Saturday, night out at Harvey’s Comedy club with friends.

Well it is Saturday and tonight is Harvey’s Comedy Club and I am really looking forward to it but first things first. Last night I broke my last set of nails so this morning I need to make some new ones. It took me about an hour to file and prepare my nails and tape them on the board so I can put the nail polish on. I do it this way as I can do 8 sets of 10 nails at one time but today I only did 7 sets. It took me another 45 minutes or so to paint them with 2 coats of color and then the clear top coat for shine. I used my 3 favorite colors from OPI, 3 sets in “O’Hare and nails look great” which is my favorite bright red, 2 sets in “Pompeii Purple” which is a really pretty pinkish red and 2 sets of “got the blues for red” which is a darker wine red color. Now I had the rest of the day for them to dry before I get ready for Harvey’s tonight.

I started getting ready at 4:45 for tonight as I wanted to have extra time and maybe get downtown earlier then 7, well it took a little longer getting ready which was okay as I really enjoy this part of it. I wore my new dark blue dress I bought a few weeks back when I was out shopping. It is a really cute dress and just like the other on just one small problem. I bought them at Ross Dress for less and they were my size but as I have learned woman’s sizes very so I tried them on to make sure they fit in my shoulders and they did and that is how I determine fit and I don’t look at anything else at least till now. when I hung the dresses in my closet I noticed they were shorter then my other dresses but till I put it on tonight I didn’t realize just how short till I put it on tonight but I still wore it I would just have to be careful sitting down. I put on my new nails and they looked beautiful, I hadn’t noticed how bad my other nails looked lack of shine so I was happy.

I got downtown Portland right at 7 and parked and walked to Fox & Hound. Cassandra, Peggy, Cristine, Jan, Lynn, Laura and Petra were all there already so I knew we would have a great night. Peggy had on this really pretty red dress and looked awesome as did all the girls tonight. I sat next to Peggy and got a chance to talk with her which is always nice. We ordered drinks and a snack but I was going to wait and eat at Harvey’s.

It wasn’t long and Teresa, Laura and her friend Jeni showed up. Now the funny thing is we have 2 Laura’s both of whom came tonight and both have a friend named Jeni who have come out with the group, well I had seen the post and for who was coming tonight and had them backwards. A little later Lilly and her wife Chrissie showed up. They came out a week ago for the first time and met a few in the group but I was glad they could come out tonight and meet more of the group plus I knew they would enjoy tonight. I introduced them to all the girls and we all had a nice time talking.

About 8:15 Cassandra, Peggy, and Cristine headed over to Harvey’s and the rest of us talked a little more as we waited to pay our bills. It was about 8:30 when the rest of us left for Harvey’s. It was a nice warm night out and I always enjoy the 7 block walk through downtown. Tonight was also going to be fun as it is the first time Laura and her friend Jeni and also Lilly and Chrissie have been to Harvey’s. We had a nice walk and had a chance to talk more.

We got to Harvey’s and there were already people in the lounge waiting for the next show so it was probably good. We sat around some more and talked and Lilly and Chrissie got a chance to talk more with Cassandra and Peggy which I really wanted as I thought it would be good for them to meet them as Peggy has been so supportive of her husband Cassandra and really all of us girls in the group. I think that is the best thing about our group as we can talk and get support from others who are just like us. We really are more like a family. The rest of the girls going tonight showed up, Sophia, Robyn, Michel and her friend so we had 16 in all tonight.

Now as more people came in I was more aware of how short my dress was but I did see several other girls with dresses as short and maybe a couple even shorter than mine. Well it was time to go in and of course Berry the owner had our tables all set up. Normally we text Kim our favorite waitress but she is on Vacation tonight and not here and we miss her but we hope she is having a great time. The young man who waited on us was really good and treated us great which is no surprise as we are always treated great here but we did miss Kim so it will be nice next month when we see her again.

The show started and as always it was great. They only had 2 comedians tonight, the featured and the headliner no MC tonight. They both did a great job and we all laughed so hard but I think the headliner was just a little better. Both picked on people in the audience, some that were talking instead of watching the show and two girls that were on their phones texting. It was great as I think when a comedian can interact with the audience and do jokes off the cuff while on stage is great.

After the show we all walked back to Fox & hound. I was going to stay out just a little later tonight as Sandy was driving down from up north to go out in Portland, she couldn’t make it early enough for Harvey’s so I was looking forward to seeing her. We had only been at Fox & Hound for a few minutes when Sandy came in. she had been over at CC Slaughters. It was great to see her again.

We all sat and talked for a bit and then a few of the girls left. We had a great time and it was nice talking with Sandy. I really wish I could have stayed out later. It was almost 12:45 when I finally called it a night. Sandy was going to go back over to CC’s for a while before she made the drive back home. It really was a great night out.

The dates for next year’s Diva Las Vegas are final it will be March 22 to 27 2015 so mark your calendar, it is such a fun event. If you have never heard about it or know what it is check out their web page.

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Friday and the end to long busy week, time for some Susan fun

Well the week is over and it has been really busy for my male self so I was ready for some Susan time. It is amazing how much more relaxed I become just by starting the process of becoming Susan and I so look forward to this time. Well I got home late so I knew it would be rush to be ready and out the door by 6:30 and for once I decided that my time getting ready was more important as I figured not many would be out tonight. I was right as by the time I was all ready and looking pretty I was so relaxed and all he stress from the past week was gone. I left at 7 pm and traffic was light so I got to Sweethome about 7:15. As I was pulling in Megan a GG we met here a few months ago was walking in. now it is funny as the first time we met her back in June she was dressed really casual including flat shoes as she is a taller girl but the last 2 times she has come out she has worn heels and skirts and tonight was no different. She had on the really cute short skirt and high heels.

Now as I was later tonight I had to park on the street and walk in which really isn’t that bad as I have become so comfortable as Susan I really don’t even think about it anymore. Chris and Cristine were already there and Chris had his computer out. I had brought mine too as I thought there was a small chance I might be the only one from our group here tonight.

Well I ordered dinner and the 3 of us talked for a while as Chris and I also played on our computers. I went over to the bar for a little while and talked with Megan. Her new job is going well but she still works early Saturday mornings so she never stays out to late. We talked maybe 10 minutes and then my dinner arrived so I went back to my table to eat, by the way the food here is really good.

As I was finishing my dinner Megan came over and joined us, she had been reading my blog on her phone and saw a couple of my pictures with different hair, yes the 3 times she has been here I was wearing the same hair. Any way I got out my phone and showed her some of my other pictures with different hair and looks including some of my Halloween pictures and yes my phone is like my computer no pictures of my male self and well over 100 of Susan. One reason I have a pass number on my phone.

Well I had to get a picture with Megan tonight as I said earlier she had on these really cute heels and with her heels we were almost the same height. Should have gotten a full picture so you could see her skirt and heels, by the way I have on my 4″ heels also and her heels were also probably 4″. I love getting pictures with tall girls.

Well a little later Roxy and Silver showed up so we had 5 from our group out tonight. We all sat at one table and had a great time talking. It was kind of a quiet night here tonight as the other group that comes for Karaoke was small too and didn’t show up till almost 10 when Karaoke starts.

Chris had a few songs he was going to sing and I talked Megan into singing a song and both did great. It really was a fun night and I enjoyed it especially the time talking with Megan, she spent most of the night at our table so I got a chance to get to know her better. I even discovered we went to the same High School but many years apart, I won’t say how many but let’s just say she wasn’t born yet when I was there. Wow does that make you feel older.

Well by 11 it was just Chris, Cristine and I left from our group. We had all figured it would be an early night as I need to get up a little earlier tomorrow as I need to make some new nails to wear. I have not done any in a couple years and they have been splitting from using them all the time. Now the way I do them I can get 30 wears out of them usually before they split so the last few months I have been putting off doing some by putting sets together. I had one complete set left and tonight when I put it on one of the nails split up the center and I had to super glue it together for the night so that is my project Saturday morning. I have to start somewhat early so they will be dry enough to wear tomorrow night for Harvey’s. Now for those of you who are interested in how I do my nails you can read about it on my blog “Tips for beautiful nails“.

Any way Chris and Cristine had left by 11:15 and I was going to leave but I stayed and listened to a couple more Karaoke songs. Devon and Andrea from the other group both sang songs and always do a good job plus Andrea doesn’t sing that often so I didn’t want to miss her singing. After that I paid my bill and called it a night about 11:30.

Tomorrow will be a busy day as I said I need to do some new nails, the way I do them I can do 8 sets of nails (10 nails to a set) at one time. Getting them filed and set up and painting them with two coats of color and one top coat for shine will probably take me a couple hours. If I start early they will have all day to dry. I am really looking forward to Harvey’s comedy Club Saturday night as I have a new dress to wear and will have new nails also. I think we have about 15 signed up to go including Lilly and her wife Chrissie 2 of our new members, this will be their second time out with the group and that is always fun plus I am sure they will love Harvey’s.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day and be sure to check back to read about Harvey’s night out.

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