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Short notice but a chance for a manicure and pedicure.

Well a lot going on in my life and my free time and Susan time is very limited. Now I have worked it out for next weekend to go to the Red Dress Party with Julie and Trixie so I am excited about that. My plan was to get my nails done next weekend but that would mean going 3 weeks between trips to the nail salon which I thought I could do, that is till I was getting dressed this morning and broke 2 of the corners of my nails off well the acrylic off the top. Now I had my doubt I could make it till next weekend as my nails underneath are thin and week. I wasn’t sure what I could do as I had family things today, my mom is in rehab and my dad doesn’t drive anymore so that was going to be my day. Any way a couple of my parent’s friends called and were coming to see them and as there is limited room I figured it was a chance to get my nails done. It would be another quick outing but better than nothing.

I called Dream nails about 11 to see if I could get in at 12:30 and I could. As one of my parent’s friends had arrived I left and was on my way out with only a slight delay. On my way, out I ran into someone and talked to them for a short while which put me a little behind. Wow I so want to include this in my blog as it is a really funny story but as it mostly deals with my male life I just can’t but you would dye laughing. It was 11:30 when I got home so I had to rush and get ready. I got to the salon just before my appointment as it is only a couple minute drive. There was only 1 lady there getting a pedicure so I didn’t have to wait.

It was so nice to get a pedicure again as it has been a while. It wasn’t long and another woman came in and then a man and a woman. They were getting busy. I guess I picked the right time. I really enjoyed my pedicure although the lady doing it was very gentle when she massaged my legs, but it still felt good and she did a wonderful job. She was just getting ready to paint my toes when 3 women came in turns out the 2 girls brought their mom in for a manicure and pedicure for an early Mother’s Day girls day out. They were seated at the far end and I was in the first seat. Wow this is too funny and I wish I could share, well a little bit won’t hurt. I know one of the woman. Something I have worried about for a long time, wondering if I would run into someone I know here, although she doesn’t live in the area just a chance meeting. She was busy with her sister and mom so didn’t pay any attention to anything around them after all it was all about their mom.

Now it was time for my manicure or rather my fill, yes, I am still wearing a thin layer of acrylic on my nails. I sat at the front table and Anna started working on my nails. Now I could see the 3 of them in the back and it was funny as they had one of the nail techs take a picture of the 3 of them. There were caught up in their own world down there so I relaxed a little and enjoyed my experience. Anna ground some of the old acrylic off and shortened my nails, wow I had let them get a little long. Then she shaped them and put on the new layer of acrylic. It was a relaxing time. Now it was time for polish but first I had to go wash my hands, I forgot about this part. The sink is in the back of the shop where the 3 women were one I know. She was actually in the far back chair almost right next to the sink but this also meant she was twisted towards her mom to talk and not looking at the sink. As I walked back I was looking at the TV on the opposite wall so I could keep my head turned away from them. I washed my hands and walked back to the manicure table and sat down and looked back at them and they were still talking between themselves and of course all attention was on their mom so I am sure they didn’t even notice me.

Anna put the gel polish on my nails my same polish I get pretty much every time, clear with just a slight rose color. My nails look wonderful and next week I am thinking of trying Julie’s trick and putting red polish over the top for the night. That is one of the reasons I wanted to wait for next Saturday as I could have had it all done at the nail salon. Soon my nails were done and beautiful again and I was ready to leave. I got up to pay and was standing by the counter as the three in the back were finishing up on their pedicures and would be moving to a manicure table to get their finger nails done. But it was okay as I was on my way out now.

I left and still had about 45 minutes so I made a quick trip across the street to Starbucks for about a half hour to write my blog and let my toe nails finish drying before heading home and going back to my male self probably till next Saturday. In all it was a quick trip out as I was on my way home by 2:30.

Thanks for reading.

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A quick trip out for a manicure

It has been a while since I have been able to get out and the next month or two will be hard to get out, Family health issues. The last time I was out was for Wednesday night dinner with my friends on April 12th and I didn’t even get a chance to blog about it as the next day things got busy so I will include a little about that night in today’s blog at the end and of course a few pictures from that night. This is Julie and me at dinner. Anyway, back to today.

I really needed a manicure as the last one was on April 4th when I got back from Diva Las Vegas and I decided to keep the acrylic on my nails although a thin layer so it is not real noticeable. Any way it had grown out and I had actually had to file my nails shorter twice over the 3 ½ weeks it has been. I didn’t know when I was going to get a chance to get them done and then luck happened today and I had a few hours, well 3 hours open as my parents had some friends up to see my mom who is having the health issues so I took the opportunity to squeeze in a short Susan day and get my nails done. It would be a rush though. It was noon when I called to see if I could get in at 1 to get my nails done and Anna said that was fine so I had to rush getting ready. I think this was one of my fastest times getting ready as I was at the nails salon by 12:50, only a couple minutes from where I live. Anna greeted me and said it had been a while and I had to admit it has been, they said they missed me which made me feel good.

They were not busy so Anna was ready for me so I didn’t have to wait. I guess having the first nice weekend of the year people had other things to do then get their nails done. Now I have had Acrylic nails many times over the years but never long enough to get a fill which is what I will get today so it will be interesting to experience that. Now in some ways it is quicker as Anna didn’t have to soak the gel polish off she just ground it off as she also needed to take off some of the acrylic and get it ready for the overlay of acrylic. Now there was one other lady here getting a pedicure but soon people started to come in I guess I timed it right. Even a couple came in to get pedicures and the man had on a dark brownish polish on his toes, they had matching colors. His wife wanted to get pink today and although I wasn’t there long enough to see if he got the same color he did say it was her choice and that pink was the new black so I am guessing he will leave with pink toenails.

Anna did an excellent job on my nails and I had her file them back a little but they still look awesome, really wish I could have red on them. Now she asked me about a pedicure and I really wanted one but I am taking a break from them for a bit, yes, my toes have not had polish on them for 3 ½ weeks now so boring and ugly they look. This is the most days I have gone without polish on them for probably 12 years which is the reason why. I always chose a red or dark color and it turns out toe nails grow so slow it is not good to keep them covered with dark colors for that long. Makes your nails unhealthy and in my case one of them kind of broke apart and I lost half of it. I hope to be able to get a pedicure next time I got to the nail salon and I will have to put some lighter colors on them every occasionally. It took Anna about 40 minutes to do my nails so it was about 1:30 when I left with my pretty nails. Now I had my computer in the car and I wanted to take full advantage of this quick outing so I went to the Starbucks by my house.

They were not busy so I didn’t have to wait in line, again a couple of the girls here told me it had been a while since they had seen me and they missed me. It is nice to feel welcomed. I ordered a drink and a snack and sat down to do my blog really quick. I still need time to get home and change back to my male self before being over where my mom is by 3. I think this will be my shortest time as Susan, from boy to girl and back again in 3 hours but it is worth it as I am not sure when or how much I will get to be Susan for a while.

The Starbucks is actually busy but most come in and get a drink and leave, but there is maybe 8 other people here at tables now. It is a fun place to go for a few hours and do work and people watch. Well it is now 2:10 and I need to get home and clean up and wash all traces of Susan away so I will sign off here. There will not be a lot of blogs or Susan time over the next month or two. I will be spending a lot of time helping my parents

Thanks for reading.

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A challenging start to my trip but I got my acrylic nails

It is Thursday afternoon and I am on vacation for the next 12 days and will be Susan 24/7 while at Diva Las Vegas. I was so excited and rushed home to change and start my time as Susan and that is when I ran into the first challenge of my trip. As I pulled into my drive and opened my garage or should I say try to open it and didn’t work. Turns out I have a broken spring so my garage door opener wouldn’t work so I would have to park outside which would mean walking out the front door in the middle of the afternoon to my car. Now I always try to find the bright side of things so as I was getting ready I was thinking how bad this was when I realized it could have been worse. It could have broken when my car was in the garage and then when I was Susan I could have gone to leave and not been able to get the door opened.

I put most of my stuff in the trunk with the exception of what I was wearing and of course my makeup supplies. I got all dressed and looked out the window and just saw one neighbor a couple houses up working in her yard so I grabbed my stuff and walked out the door and got in as quick as I could, it was only 3:30 but I decided to go to the nail salon and see if maybe she could start a little early. I got there and they had 4 pedicures going including one man who was there with his girlfriend and her friend, it was her birthday and this was her birthday present. Of course he was getting a clear coat on his toes. Well I had to wait till 4, but that was okay.

Anna got done and started on my nails. It is so relaxing to get your nails done and I so love getting acrylic nails. They just look so beautiful and I really would love to keep my nails long and pretty, it really is one thing I would do as Susan all the time if I could. It took Anna about 50 minutes to do my nails and they are. I sat and let my nails dry and for the first time I got out of the salon and into my car without messing up my nails.

I was on my way to Cassandra and Peggy’s for dinner and then I would spend the night there so we could leave at 4 am in the morning which would mean I would be up at 3 as I would need an hour to get ready. It took a little over an hour to get there. Cassandra in male mode of course helped me unload my car and we packed it all in her Peggy’s vehicle as that is what we are driving to Las Vegas Friday morning.

Cristine and Bobby were also there as they are watching their house while we are gone. Then we had relaxing dinner and talked for a while. We are all excited about going, I just know Cassandra, Peggy and I are going to have a wonderful time. It was a little after 9 when we went to bed so it would be another short night for me. Tomorrow will be my first full day Susan.

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Vacation to Diva Las Vegas comes to an end.

Well it is Monday morning and I got up a little early as I needed to be at my nail appointment by 10 am, I made an appointment at the same nail salon that I used last year to have my nails removed as they did such a great job and anyone who has had acrylic nails removed knows the importance of having them removed properly. The salon is Glamorous nails on Farmington rd. I drove over early as I didn’t want to get caught in traffic with the morning rush hour traffic plus I wanted just a little more Susan time.

I found a Starbuck’s in Beaverton about 3 miles from the salon and went in to get something warm to drink and an apple fritter for Breakfast. This Starbuck’s is bigger than the one I go to normally and a lot busier as I had to stand in line to be waited on. Now it is also possible that being the morning is just a busier time then in the evenings when I normally go but either way lots of people. I spent about an hour and a half there catching up on e-mails, not Susan’s as I checked hers all the time on the trip. These were my male e-mails which I have not looked at since I left on my trip as I really did put my male side behind me for the whole time I was gone it was just Susan.

I got to the nail salon just before 10 as that is when they open and my appointment was. I was amazed at how busy they were for a Monday Morning, it was a good thing I had an appointment. There were two ladies there getting their nails done, one guy getting a pedicure and then two ladies came in without appointments and wanted manicures and pedicures. They had 4 nail techs there so I guess they are doing okay.

It took about an hour for her to remove my nails and give me a manicure. I of course went with clear when they asked me what color I wanted even though I would have loved to get red again but that would not work for me in male mode. The clear coat they put on is a hardener and very very glossy. On the drive home as the sun hit my nails I noticed just how shiny they are, wow I will have to take this off before work as it is very noticeable, so I will have to find a clear coat that is a little less shiny. My nails look so short and plain now compared to how they were.

Now I am at home and updating my blog. It is so different typing without my nails, seems I had gotten use to them and now I am having a little trouble typing but I guess in a day or two I will once again be use to short nails. Well I need to go take a shower and make sure all traces of Susan are washed away before I got to work. I know my male clothes will feel strange especially my shoes as they are so much heavier than any of the shoes Susan has. All things I will have to get use to again.

Well it will be back to my short outings for an evening here and there till next year when I will once again go to Diva Las Vegas as I am already looking forward to it. Thanks for reading.

I have posted all my pictures from Diva Las Vegas on both my Facebook page and my Yahoo Profile page if you would like to check them out.


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Ready for Diva Las Vegas

Well I am all ready, I made it to my nail appointment in plenty of time and the salon I go to was really busy and I had to wait about 10 Minutes. I have been going to this salon (Nails by Lily) sense 2003 and always been treated great. The first time I made an appointment there I was caught off guard when she asked for my name I started to give my name and then panicked and it came out Mike and so that is the name I have used every time I go there as a matter of fact when I called to set up an appointment she knew who I was as soon as I said I wanted an appointment to get acrylic nails.

Out of all the times I have gone there I have never had the owner (Lily) do my nails but tonight she did. It was so nice, Lily and I talked most of the time she worked on my nails. We talked about my trip to Las Vegas and all about her family, and even some about my family. It was so enjoyable. She even told me she was happy I came in. If you are looking for a place in Vancouver Washington to get your nails done please check out Nails by Lily on SE Mill Plain.

I now have beautiful long nails for my trip, they did not have the color I painted my toes so I went with I think it is called an affair in red square but it could also be Rhine Rhine red as I had both bottle in my hand. They look beautiful though.

Now I am at Starbuck’s the night before I leave on my trip. Melissa came out to see me before I leave and to see my nails. They are actually pretty busy here tonight so lots of people watching. It is so nice to be out and I will be Susan from now till I get back. The trip will be fun and I really am not worried too much about it except for my time in Reno and checking into the hotel as Susan. The good thing is I have a 9 hour drive so when I get up and get dressed as Susan I will not be thinking about checking in as that might make me rethink it. By the time I get there it will be too late to change my mind. Well must go now but I hope to post every day. Have a great week and thanks for reading.

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Tuesday of Diva Las Vegas golf tournament

Well we all got up early Tuesday morning at 5:30 (Cassandra was up earlier) to get ready for the Diva Las Vegas golf tournament at Desert Rose Golf course. I was so excited as I finally get to wear my cute golf outfit I bought, a White skirt with a purple top. I look so cute in it with my white and pink shoes. We got to the course at 7:30 and checked in. we didn’t tee off till 9 am so we drove back down the street to a Starbucks to get something to get us going as we did not eat breakfast. When we got back to the course most of the other girls were there and we went over to the putting green to practice. From there we went to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls. We all looked so cute.

Now I have told everyone it was not how good I would play but how cute I looked on the course. I soon discovered my beautiful Acrylic nails were little long for golf. They made it really hard to get a good grip and if I didn’t get a good grip all the way through it felt like I was ripping them off. This was going to be harder than I thought.

Cassandra and I were paired with two other girls and in the last group, we had 16 girls (4 were wives that played) and Peggy had her own golf cart and was the official photographer of the tournament so she was driving all around taking pictures. Not sure but I think she said she had over 400 pictures.

We finally teed off and we were having the time of our lives. Cassandra and I have talked about playing golf (as Susan and Cass) so many times and now we were. After 4 holes I was only 3 over par (good for me) and was ahead of Cassandra. By the 5th hole the wind started to pick up. They had been forecasting strong winds (30-45 MPH) by the afternoon but it looked like it was coming in early. You cannot imagine what that kind of wind can do to ones hair. It really made it hard to look cute (I don’t like hats so my hair was a mess). I tried to swing a little harder because of the wind but with my nails I couldn’t grip the club tight enough and my ball started going all over the place. Soon Cassandra caught and passed me and I never had the lead again. A few times I thought I was going to rip off a nail but luckily never did as I would have cried all the way to the nail salon to have them fixed. If I do this again I will definitely still have my nails and just hit the ball softer and realize this girl won’t win any tournaments. I refuse to give up my nails. By the 7th hole my hairs was so windblown I looked horrible except for my cute golf outfit.

Cassandra ended up beating me (she took her nails off) but that is okay. Cassandra is working on a YouTube video of the golf tournament so I was her camera girl. She hopes to have it up in a couple weeks so you will have you look for it. It should be really cute. She can play to the camera so well. At the end we all went in the club house for lunch and prizes. It was so fun and I met so many get t-girls.

This was an awesome group and the people of the Desert Rose golf course were so great and treated us outstanding, if you ever want to golf in Las Vegas I would recommend this course. Now we are back at the hotel getting cleaned up for a night out. 6 hours in the sun and wind Susan needs a fresh face and her hair redone.

I will be Adding pictures to my Windows Live Profile.

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Famous hands, see my acrylic nails on a beauty blog

Well just a quick post tonight. A while back I was surfing the internet and did a search for acrylic nails and found a couple pictures of my hands when I had acrylic nails. One stood out as it was not from my web page so I clicked the link and wound up on a beauty blog. They had an article on acrylic nails and they used one of my pictures. They even gave me credit for the photo and if you click on it, it links back to my picture on my flickr page (I guess that is why this one picture of my acrylic nails have gotten so many hits. My hands are famous (Susan the hand model). I thought this was pretty cool.

What makes it even better is this is not a t-girl blog it is a mainstream beauty blog, not sure if they knew I was a t-girl before they used it or not but either way they did. You can check out their blog (and my picture) at


Pompeii Purple by OPI

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Wenesday night out at Starbuck’s 1/13

Well it is my Wednesday night Susan time. I was looking at my nails and they need some work to get ready for my vacation to Diva Las Vegas. I got home and called to see if I could get a manicure tonight before going to Starbuck’s. I want to get my hands looking good so when I get my acrylics for the trip they will look perfect and I also want to try some different colors to see how I want to spend the week. Unfortunately they did not have an opening tonight and asked if I could make it tomorrow which I couldn’t. So I decided to try the other salon that I have used and evidently the economy got to them and they are now closed which may be why the other one was booked as they are only a couple blocks from each other. So a long story no manicure for Susan tonight. Will try again next week but will call a day or two before. I really do love getting my nails done and I don’t do it enough. I think I will try to get a manicure once a month.

Any way I am sitting in Starbucks and have finished my first drink and getting a second as it is a little chilly in here. They have gotten busier and the door keeps opening and letting cold air in. but it also give me a chance to watch all the people coming and going. When I got here there were only 6 people inside sitting now there are about 20. I really like to be out in the mainstream public I think that is why I am so looking forward to Diva Las Vegas. Would love to hear from anyone who has been there to find out how they liked it, also anyone planning on going. I would love to get know some of the people who will be there before I get there. Right now the group of t-girls here in Portland I belong to has 4 for sure going, 3 more who are planning on it and 2 who are trying to work out their schedules so they can go so looks like 9 from Portland. I am still hoping a few more will be able to go, it would be so fun with a big group.

The bad thing is I have been looking at my wardrobe and I need to do some shopping. I am good for going out a couple times a week but being Susan 24/7 for 10 day I need more clothes and shoes. I definitely need to go shopping which may end up being the most expensive part of this trip. That will also be fun as I plan on doing my shopping as Susan and added bonus.

This trip will be so much fun and the longest I have been Susan none stop. I will get my nails done with acrylic on Thursday night and from then on 10 days as Susan. I am not even taking any boy clothes just my feminine girly stuff. I can’t wait, it seems so far away but I know it will get here fast enough.

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Susan is going to Diva Las Vegas this year on vacation

Well Susan is planning her vacation for this year. I have wanted to go to Diva Las Vegas for a couple years now and it never worked out but this year I am going. The other night at Starbuck’s Peggy and I were talking and I told her about my plans and it seems her and Cassandra also wanted to go so Cassandra posted it to the group and it seems there is a lot of interest. Peggy, Cassandra, Teresa and I are now all going and it seems a few other girls are also making plans so we should have several from the t-girl group here in Portland going to Diva Las Vegas. If you do not know what it is you can check out their web page.

We have talked about it and are planning on going to Las Angeles first and going out there on Saturday night at what Cassandra has said is the best T-girl club in the country Oxwood and then on to Las Vegas for a fun filled week. We are also planning on swinging through Las Angeles on the way home for one last outing there at Oxwood. I am so looking forward to this trip. I will be Susan for the whole time as I plan on only taking my female clothes. I will be Susan from start to finish, driving as Susan, Checking into hotels as Susan, nothing but Susan for a whole week.

Oh and yes Susan will have her nails done with acrylics before she leaves even Cassandra is planning on getting her nails done too. A whole week with long acrylic nails. Not sure what color I will get them painted yet but thinking of red. This will be a week of being out in mainstream USA in one of the most fun exciting and busy places in the country and I am sure I will take lots of pictures. My last vacation to San Francisco where I was Susan for a few days was so fun but this one will be longer and so much more fun

I will need to do some shopping before the trip as I need some more casual clothes and shoes. This will also be fun as I will get to go shopping which means even more time as Susan. As much fun as this trip will be the best part is the fact I will be sharing it with my friends. We are all going to have so much fun it will truly be a week to remember. Right now I think we have 7 t-girls from Portland that are seriously thinking of going. It would be so great if we could get a big group of us all to go. I think last year they had about a 150 t-girls there what a vacation if we could get 20 or 30 all from Portland. If any of you t-girls out there are looking for a vacation idea, give it a thought. Spending time in Las Vegas in female mode what could be better.

Cassandra, Peggy and Teresa we are going to have so much fun!

Oh almost forgot, last night we all met up at Embers for are usual Friday night out. We had a great time and spent part of the night talking and making plans for our trip. I met a couple new t-girls, Kalie and Stephanie. The show was good and we all stayed till the show was over so it was a late night out again.

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Some fun time for Susan


Sunday night I got dressed up and went down to CC Slaughters. I got there about 8:45 thinking the show started at 9 but it was already going. There were several other t-girls already there watching the show. I was surprised to see almost all the performers from Embers here. It was great and a really good show. The show lasted till midnight and we all had a great time.

Tuesday I got up and got all dressed up, I had a nail appointment t 10:30 to get my nails done. I look forward to this all year. The salon I go to is called French nails and they do an awesome job and are really friendly and have always treated me really well. The lady that always does my nails was there but no one else. She said her business was way off and she may end up closing which would be a real shame. I picked out a red color this time and it really looks good. After my nail appointment I went over to Lloyd Center. I found a parking spot right in front of Sears and went in. I spent about an hour in there looking through all there discount racks. They had one really cute black and white dress for under $20 but I could not find one in my size. After this I drove around and went out to Washington Square and went to Barnes and Noble. I like this one because they have lots of places to sit and read. I spent about two hours here reading. On my way home I stopped at a Subway and got something to eat. It was a fun day.

Wednesday Tonight I went back to CC Slaughters to play some pool with the other t-girls. I got there a little before 9. They were all surprised to see me there on a Wednesday. It was really nice as it was not real crowded and the music was not that loud so we could talk as we played pool. I won a few which was really fun. I even got to play Bolivia one of the performers and won, actually she missed a shot that allowed me to win. It was another fun night out

Thursday I didn’t dress this morning but drove up to Tacoma mall to look around plus I needed to give my car a good drive for once. The mall is not that big but it has both a Nordstrom’s and Macys, two stores I like because of the cosmetic counters. I started with lunch and then hit the stores. Again I found several cute dresses but not in my size. Seems the ones that fit me I don’t seem to like. I guess I really need to drop a dress size or two. I finally went to the cosmetic counter at Nordstrom’s and talked to one of the girls at the MAC counter. We talked for a few minute and she even offered to set me up an appointment for a makeover. Seems they are popular so they schedule appointment. I didn’t want to drive back up so I thanked her but declined. I walked over to Macy’s and again struck up a conversatio0n with a young lady at the Lancôme counter. She was really friendly and helpful and also offered to do a makeover, she said it would only take about 30 minutes. It was a dream comes true so I said yes and sat down. It was so much fun and she explained everything she was doing. It was so much fun and if you ever get the chance, do it. She did my eyes in a Smokey look and chose a bright red lipstick which I was unsure of at first but I liked it once I got use to it. When she was all done she gave me her card and invited me back any time. Too bad it is so far. I was having so much fun I forgot a couple things. First I had to walk out of the mall as a guy with my face all made up. I was a little nervous and got a couple looks but no one said anything. When I got to my car a realized I had forgot to fill up with gas so I would have to stop on the way home. There were no problems with this as no one really pays attention. About 8 pm I decided it was a shame to just sit at home so I got dressed up and drove to Clackamas Town Center. They were closed but Kohl’s across the street was open till 10 so I went there and looked around for about 30 minutes and then went back across to the movie theater at the mall. They had a 9:45 showing of Mall Cop and sense it had been out for a while I figured it would not be too crowded so I went in and bought a ticket. The lady at the counter was friendly and told me to enjoy the movie. It was in the back theater so I had to walk all the way through but at that time of night it was not busy. I got in just as the movie started and I was the only one in the theater. It was a letdown as I was hoping there would be some others there. The movie was good but it was odd being in an empty theater. On the way home I stopped at Safeway and picked up a few things I needed.

Friday I stopped at the Ross Dress for less by the airport and they had a blue dress that was pretty cute and surprise it was my size so I bought it. It is a little brighter then I normally wear so not sure about it. I dressed up tonight in my new blue dress and went to Embers. We had a big group of T-girls there; I think we are what keeps them in business. I had a great time as usual; it is so much fun to be out with others. We stayed till after the show so it was a really late night

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