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Friday night with friends at the Boiler room

Well it has been a very long and interesting week for this girl, lots going on and lots happening some of which will be in later blogs I am sure. Any way I was so ready for a fun night out and this would make 3 in a row.

Well Cassandra had posted in the group she was going to the Boiler Room downtown at 7 which is always fun as they are always busy and have a younger crowd and the girls usually dress really nice, heels and dresses. I posted back I would meet her there but we were the only ones to post to the group so we were not sure if any others would show up.

Well I was ready to leave by 6:30 and of course my neighbor’s garage door was open but I didn’t see them so I took the chance and drove out. Now it was a bright sunny day so pulling out in a long blonde wig and bright red lipstick really shows. I don’t think they were out and saw me but then one never knows. I just hope that if they do see me they came and talk with me about it.

Anyway I got downtown right at 7 and found a parking spot right outside the door to the Boiler room. I have been so lucky with parking lately when I am downtown. Cassandra arrived the same time and park just across the street so we walked in together. The Boiler room opens at 7 so e timed it just perfect as they had just opened.

Amanda the Bar tender was so glad to see us and came over and talked with us for about 10 minutes. She is so awesome, actually all the bar tenders we have had are awesome. April at Harvey’s, Nicole and Cindy at the P-Club, Scotty at Fox & Hound and Amanda her at Boiler room, they are all awesome and always treat us wonderful. They have all made us feel welcome so a big tanks to them.

Cassandra and I got the table right next to the Pool table. We sat and talked for a bit and then started to play pool. Now Cassandra is really good and I did loose but it was a close game so I was happy. Victoria showed up while we were playing so she of course got to play Cassandra after I lost. By now people were starting to come in even though they don’t start Karaoke till 9 and that is when they really get busy. It wasn’t long and more of our group started to show up, I think in all I counted 14 from our group so we had a pretty good turnout. Morgan a Tawny, Samantha and her friend, Robin, Michelle, Kelly, Cristine & Bobby and I know I am missing someone were there from our group.

We all ate dinner and sat around and talked and played pool just having an awesome time with friends. I did win a couple games of pool but as I said I am not that good but have fun playing. At 9 they started Karaoke and it got a little loud so was hard to have conversations but was fun to listen to the people sing, some were really good and some well still probably better than me but that’s not saying much. But still I give them credit for standing up in front of people and singing. Something I am scared to death to do although it sounds fun, maybe someday I will. Morgan and Tawny both got up and sang and did a really good job.

Several girls stopped and talked to us, actually as they walked by I told them how beautiful their dresses were and where did they get them and this seems to almost always start a conversation. Now don’t get me wrong as these were not just lines on them their dresses were beautiful. One had on this floor length purple gown which I found out was really a long skirt with a halter top but just beautiful. The other girl had this form fitting little red dress that was awesome, the kind of dress I have been looking for as I love red dresses. There was even a girl in a beautiful floral dress and these awesome 4″heels. She looked gorgeous and when she walked by she was almost as tall as me, well maybe an inch shorter but still I love tall woman especially when they wear heels.

Even a couple of the guys came over and talked with us and played pool. One was really good at pool and not happy when he lost. At first I thought it was losing to our group but he had the same attitude if he lost to someone else. Any way I of course lost to him but did make it a good game. Later on I got a chance to play him again and my game was on. I was making awesome shots and I actually won. The girl in the Purple dress told me how good I was at pool and I assured her it was just a lucky game. I then played Bobby who is also good at pool and won again. Next up was Cristine and I again won for my 3rd game in a row. I was on a roll tonight. The guy I played first came back and I again beat him for my 4th game in a row. The next game we played doubles and on the last shot I scratched on the 8 ball and we lost but it was still an awesome shot. I banked it off the far end and pulled it back to the corner where I had called it but it hit the edge and went shot across to the other pocket and went in.

Also tonight Liz (hope that is right) and her roommate Kat showed up to hang out with us. This is the first time I have met her as she usually goes out on Wednesday nights. She is Veronica’s daughter. I have known Veronica for about 4 years and have heard her speak of her daughter before so it was wonderful to meet her at last. They were both awesome and enjoyed talking to them. It was a great night and I did take some pictures but as normal none were of me so no pictures to post tonight.

The next two weeks will be very busy but I hope to get out next Friday although not sure where we will go. Cassandra and I talked and as we had such a good turnout we know the group still wants to go out on Fridays even after being kicked out of the P-Club so we will have to look to see if we can find a place everyone is happy and comfortable with. It really is a shame about the P-Club as they really did have a lot to offer.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Dinner and shopping on Thursday night

Well I had not planned on going out Thursday, after all I was out Wednesday night and will be out Friday night but Stefia e-mailed me and wanted to see if I wanted to have dinner and maybe do a little shopping so what can a girl do. I called her when I got home to see what she was thinking. We decided to go to Hawthorn Street in Portland for dinner and shopping. Now it has been years since I was in this part of town so I was all for it. We agreed to meet at Fred Meyers off Mill Plain and car pool over so I was off in a rush to get ready as I said I could be there by 6:30. I was out the door and made it there easily in time. Stefia arrived and we took her car which was nice as I got to just sit back and relax.

Now this area is older and the building are all brick and has a really nice charm about it. We parked the car and took off walking, there are little shops all up and down the street including some vintage clothing stores. We went in a few of them and looked around. The prices were really good and they had some really cute dresses but again none in my size. Stefia found a dress and skirt she liked and bought them. Even though I didn’t find anything to buy I had a wonderful time as I enjoy just looking which as my male self is not the case.

It was fun just walking up and down the street with all the other people, not sure how many blocks we covered but I did get some exercise and what better way to spend a warm summers evening. We stopped at a little bistro for dinner. I think it was Thai but not sure. The service was good and so was the food and the staff always referred us as ladies which always makes the night. It was a really fun evening out and boy did it go by fast.

We walked back to her car and drove back to Fred Meyers where I left my car. We had a nice conversation on the way. It was sad to see the evening come to an end but this girl gets up pretty early in the morning.

As I got in my car I bumped the door and put a big run in my last pair of panty hose so I had to stop at Walgreens on the way home as I am planning on going out Friday night.

Thanks for dinner and shopping Stefia we will have to go again soon.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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Wonderful Wednesday

Well it turned out to be a very awesome Wednesday for Susan. I got off early which gave me a chance to get out early as I had something to do and got to do them as Susan. I was going to meet up with some of the girls at Fox & hound early so I made it there by 4:45 and found a parking spot. Yes parking is really easy this time of day as people are leaving work and the evening crowd hasn’t shown up yet. The down side is every place I found was 90 minute parking which would mean I would have to go out at least once to feed the parking meter.

Cassandra, Victoria, Chris, Roxy and Cristine were already there at the bar so I joined them. We had a fun time and just sat and talked about the group and what we should do going forward such as places to go or things we could do. It was a fun girl’s night out and boy did the time go by fast.

Soon it was 6 and yes we all had to go out and feed the parking meters, now Chris just bought a new motor cycle which he rode today so we were all out looking at it and yes you guessed it we all had to get pictures on the bike. Now I will admit it is very hard to get on a bike in a skirt ladylike but I did my best. The pictures will be at the bottom.

Well after all the pictures we went back in and got a table as we were all getting hungry. Turns out going out early also makes you hungry earlier. We had a nice dinner and talked more about all kinds of things. It was a really fun girl’s night out.

Michelle and Dan also showed up and always great to see them out. It is so amazing how fast the night went and I was sad to have to leave but I really did get up early this morning so I said my goodbyes and left. It is a little shorter blog tonight but still fun. I hope the group goes out Friday night as I really want to go out. I guess I could always go shopping if nothing else.

Thanks for reading and here are the pictures of me as a biker girl. It really is a nice bike.

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Another new place on Friday night

Well in our never ending quest to find a new home or homes for our group on Friday nights tonight we find ourselves at the Florida Room. Cristine actually found this place and talked to them about our group and they said we should come on down on Friday’s which is a good sign, of course that is what we heard from the P-club also. Any way we decided to try it tonight and see how it is. Now as usual I am not that familiar with Portland so thank god for GPS as you just program the address in and it takes you right there. anyway it turns out Portland has NW, N & NE streets, yes I put in NE as I knew it was not NW and found myself sitting in front of an abandoned gas station in not the nicest part of Portland so I called Cassandra and found I was really only about 5 minutes away, my Blonde moment for the night.

Well I finally got there and yes the pictures from the internet are accurate, not much to look at from the outside. I parked right around the corner and walked in. now they do have a huge outdoor seating area which is pretty nice but I think it is there smoking area also but there were lots of people there already maybe 20 or 25 so I got to walk past all of them and really felt okay with it. Don’t really know if I got any looks as I really wasn’t paying any attention.

Inside there was maybe another 10 people and Cassandra, Chris & Roxy were sitting at the bar so I joined them. It was nice to see Roxy as she has been going to Beauty School for the last 2 years so hasn’t been out much but she is all done and has passed all her state tests so she is good to go and now just has to find a place to work, way to go Roxy we are all so proud of you.

Now the inside of the Florida Room is also pretty dated, it does look like your neighborhood bar from the 60’s or 70’s but does have a friendly atmosphere. Their menu is pretty much your typical bar food but their prices are really good. I was looking in the menu and saw they had a corn dog basket, wow I can’t remember the last time I had a corn dog so that is what I ordered and it was pretty good.

Now we were sure how many would show up tonight being a new place and all but soon a few more girls showed up, I think in all we had 14 of us. Victoria was the next to show up so we now needed more seats so we moved from the bar back by the pool table. This is in a back room area and yes looks almost like an add on at one point many years ago. A square room with no windows but did have a few sky lights. The pool table was in good condition though.

Maya and Darla were the next to show up. It was so wonderful to see them out again. They have been so busy with work and of course they are engaged now so they have all that stuff going on. They met while Maya was dressed and Darla was totally fine with her, how wonderful is that. Just goes to show there are GG’s out there that are okay with crossdressers so there is how for the rest of us. Any way I got a good chance to talk with them which was awesome as they really are wonderful friends. Cristine and Bobby also showed up.

Michelle was the next to show up. She has been getting out a lot more lately which is really nice as she is fun to talk with. She went and got the same nails and tape Cassandra and I use on our nails. We had told her about them and how well they work. She was so excited about her nails and thanked us for the advice, if you want to know more about how I do my nails here is a link “great idea for fast beautiful nails“. Any way we talked for a bit about nails just like 2 school girls would.

Katie also showed up in boymode. It was nice to see her again although I think I have seen her more in boymode then as Katie but still wonderful to see her out. I talked with her a little but not as much as I would have liked. She is also a very nice person, we really do have some really wonderful members in our group and for the most part we all get along well.

Jan and Lynn also made it out tonight. It was funny as they are usually the ones who wear matching outfits but tonight they didn’t but Maya and Darla did. It really is pretty cute when you think about it, there really are so many fun things a couple can do if the husband crossdresses. It was nice to sit and talk with them as they really have a lot going on in their lives but I know it will all work out for them as they are such wonderful people.

Well as I said the pool room was off by itself so we were really not in contact with the other customers that much accept when we would go out to the bar and order drinks or food, but even when we did this there seemed to be no issues. No one gave us strange looks or made comments and they were really pretty busy for the size of the place. The few times I went out to order I had to stand in line for 5 to 10 minutes. I think that is the real difference between the P-Club and the Florida Room, the P-club asked us to come at the start because they were really slow and wanted the business on Friday nights and then later said we were the cause of their business being slow. The Florida Room is seem really busy on Friday nights so it was not that they just needed us to came and spend money.

Well 3 guys came back and played pool and Cassandra of course being who she is got in and played pool with one of them and won. They were totally okay with us and on our way out as we left all 3 came over and thanked Cassandra for the good game which also made us feel welcome.

It was a fun night and although not a fancy place it was a nice friendly comfortable place to go. They have a pool table but really nothing else so it is a place to sit and talk and enjoy friends, your typical neighbor hood hangout for a few hours. Not sure it is an every week place but could be a place we put in a rotation once a month or so which I am more leaning towards now. I like the idea of several places we can rotate through. One last thing is the staff here was wonderful and treated us great which always makes one feel welcome.

Well thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend.

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Nice Thursday night at Starbuck’s

Well it has been a long time since I have been to Starbuck’s but tonight I had the chance to go and better yet Peggy was going to meet me there. It would be nice to have someone to talk with. Now I did feel bad as it is a long drive for Peggy and during rush hour. I was ready and on my way by 5:45 as Peggy got off work early.

Well as I pulled into the parking lot Peggy was right in front of me, we both arrived at the same time 6:15 which is earlier than I normally get there. They were not very busy so we had our choice of tables. We ordered our drink and as it is summer I tried their new Starbuck’s refreshers, the lime one and it was pretty good and very refreshing but had a bit of an aftertaste but I liked it and a lot healthier and way lower in calories then the hot chocolate I normally get.

It was a really fun night and we just sat there and talked. It is funny as my male self is not that big on just talking but as Susan I really enjoy it. We talked about everything and it was so enjoyable. We even talked about things we could do as a group. We even talked about getting together for dinner one of these evenings. Actually before we knew it, it was after 9 and we had to leave.

Well it was dark by the time I got home so I wasn’t too worried about anyone seeing me but as I drove down my street I saw that my neighbor had just got home and was taking bags out of her car. There really wasn’t anything I could do at this point so I just hoped it was dark enough out and pulled into my drive and right into the garage. It was a really fun night.

Friday night our group is trying another place called the Florida Room. I have never heard of it and looking at some pictures online of the outside it looks old and if I was driving by I probably wouldn’t stop but it seems to have some good reviews online so I am ready to give it a try. After all it really is about being out with my friends

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Question I have gotten a lot about telling people about my crossdressing.

Well I seem to get asked this question a lot so I figured why not do a blog on it. The question is have you told anyone about your crossdressing? Well first people who know my male self I have never told about this part of my life however there are some people I have met as Susan that I feel comfortable enough and trust enough to let them meet my male self.

There is a lot to consider when thinking about telling people, first remember once you tell just one person you no longer have control of who finds out. Now these are just my thoughts. I think if it does not affect someone then there is no reason to tell them unless you want to. This is just part of my life and therefore I don’t feel the need to tell people. Now I have dated woman before and never told them as I always believed I could or would stop my crossdressing and when I was with them I did but at this point in my life I have learned that Susan is just as much a part of my life and who I am that I would not stop. That being said when I meet that special lady, yes still hopeful I will find an accepting GG. I would feel I would have to tell her of course it would not be when we first started dating but once I felt that we had something long term. This is what is right for me and may not be right for everyone. Some crossdresser are very private and some are very public and open to everyone which just goes to show we are all different in some ways.

No I have had several conversations with the girls in my group about this and it is interesting to hear the differences and similarities. Now I don’t think I could aver just walk up to one of my neighbors, coworkers or friends and say, gee guess what, I like to crossdress. Sometimes I just like to dress up in a pretty dress, heels and makeup and go out and act like a lady. As you can see this is kind of hard to work into a conversation. Now a few years back I would never leave the house dressed up or leave the house during the day light, actually it was always late at night and dark out. I was so afraid someone, anyone would find out about my little hobby. I am not as worried about this anymore as my crossdressing has become more a part of my life so now I go out during the day. I still check to make sure none of my neighbors are out front as I won’t just drive off right in front of them.

Now I know that at least one of my neighbors has seen me and is probably wondering and it is probably just a matter of time before she gets a close enough look especially now as it is summer and stays light and they are outside more but still just can’t walk up to her and say guess what. It is funny as a couple other girls in the group feel the same way. We have talked about it and we all in a way wish our neighbors would just come up and ask us or tell us they saw us and ask us what’s up, but I guess it is just as hard for them to bring it up in a conversation too. It would really make life easier if they knew as I wouldn’t have to hide it anymore. Now people finding out still scares me but not nearly as much as it did just a couple years ago as I know it is just a matter of time.

The one thing we all have to remember is we all have our own paths to follow and what is right for me may not be what is right for you. We all have to live our lives the way we want. Now I have some friends that have awesome wives and girlfriends so I know there are woman out there that are okay with crossdressers.

So one last thought, if you know me, are a neighbor, friend or co-worker of mine and you have seen me out as Susan or have found my blog, facebook page please come and talk to me about it. I would be happy to answer question I am just not going to bring it up unless I know that you already know.

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Out with the girls on Saturday nigfht at Harvey’s Comedy Club.

Well tonight was our groups monthly night out to Harvey’s Comedy Club and I was really looking forward to it as I missed last month and will most likely miss next month. This is always such a fun night out. We had 10 of us going but most were going to just meet us at Harvey’s at 9. Cassandra, Victoria and I were still going to meet at Fox & hound for drinks around 7:30 and then walk to Harvey’s. Actually parking is way better by Fox & Hound and it is only a 7 block walk to Harvey’s and such a nice walk on a on a warm summer evening.

Well I got to Fox & Hound about 7:20 and my lucky streak is still good as I found a parking spot right on the corner just a ½ block away. Inside Cassandra, Cristine and Bobby were already there. Well it turned out almost everyone showed up at Fox & Hound first which always makes it fun. Victoria, Michelle, Jan, Lynn, Teresa and Peggy. Yes Peggy and Teresa also were able to come out tonight with the group. It has been a while since they have been out and really a great surprise to see them. Turns out everyone but one made it to Fox & Hound for drinks first.

The walk to Harvey’s was nice, we got there about 8:45 and got our tickets and went into the bar to wait for the early show to get over. Turns out our favorite bar tender Amy no longer works there. She was so awesome and we will miss her. Jan and Lynn’s son who has come out with us before also came and he brought a date and a couple friends so it was interesting to see how they reacted to our group. Yes he did tell them before they met us but I am still sure they were trying to figure us out. one of the waitresses came out and Cassandra got to talk to her and asked her about a getting us tables where we could all sit together and she actually put some reserved signs on 4 tables for us.

Well the early show got over and we got to go in. we had good tables and yes the waitress we talked to out front had us in her section. Her name is Kim and she has been our waitress many times before and always treats us awesome. Anyway Victoria, Michelle, Peggy and I were all at the same table which was a lot of fun.

The opening comedian was not that good but the headliner was Susan Rice who we have seen before and she is awesome. She is really funny, if you get the chance to see her you really should. We all laughed so hard and had a fun night. The featured comedian was also pretty good but Susan Rice was the best. It was a really fun night.

After the show we all walked back to Fox & Hound and hung out there for a while and talked. It was nice to get a chance to talk more with Peggy as she has been so busy lately and not able to get out much. We even talked about doing dinner Thursday night. Such a fun night and I stayed out way too late. It was after 1 when I finally left.

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Manicure & Pedicure

Well it is Saturday morning and yesterday I called and made an appointment for a manicure and pedicure Glamorous Nails in Beaverton (17475 SW Farmington Rd Beaverton Or (503)848-8259). My toes were really looking un-lady like and needed help and I figured why not get my finger nails in shape to. Now this is a bit of a drive for me, about 45 minutes but I really like the salon and am always treated wonderful there plus being a Saturday morning less chance of running into someone I know. My appointment was for 10:15 am which after being out till almost 1 am last night with my friends made for a short night. Yes my male self could have been up and out of the house in 20 minutes but Susan takes more time so I got up at 7:30 as I wanted to leave no later than 9:15 as they have road work on I-5 and part of it is shut down for the weekend. Well I was actually out the door by 9.

Traffic wasn’t as bad going so as I had time I stopped at Fred Meyer in Beaverton to see if I could find a cute dress for Harvey’s tonight. Well they were pretty busy already and I did fit in pretty well as I was wearing my flip flops for my pedicure, which by the way I am not a fan of flip flops. Strangely enough almost every woman there had on flip flops or sandals. I looked around for about a half hour and found some really cute dresses but all were size 6 to 12, yes just a little small for me so no new dress but still had fun shopping.

I got to Glamorous Nails at 10:13, yes cut it really close. I guess I spent just a little longer than I thought at Fred Meyers. I walked in and one of the ladies said hi to me by name, yes I did give Susan’s name when I made the appointment but still makes you feel welcome. Now they were already busy, 4 ladies getting pedicures, 3 getting their nails done and two drying their nails. I think this is the busiest I have seen them. Well I picked out my nail color for my toes, a pretty bright red color and sat down. They got one of the pedicure chairs going and called me over to soak my feet. It was about 10 minutes till one of the nail techs were done and came over to help me. Her name was Tweety, and she has helped me before and remembered me. By this time they had all 6 pedicure chairs full and still 4 woman at tables getting their nails done and woman kept walking in to see if they could fit them in. I bet at one point there were 14 woman in there reason I always call and make an appointment as some of the woman they had to ask to come back later. Now the good thing is with this many woman there you are bound to talk to each other. The lady next to me had picked out 2 colors of polish and was trying to decide and asked which I liked better, one a brownish red and one a pinkish red so of course I picked the pinkish red which was the one she was also thin king about.

Now if you have never had a pedicure you are really missing out on something wonderful. Yes I can paint my own toe nails and for a lot less money but it is the whole experience that you get from the soaking your feet in the jetted tub to the foot and calf massage, the oils and lotions. It is truly so awesome and relaxing and well worth the money. After I was done my legs felt so soft and silky.

After I was done with the pedicure and had pretty feet with red toe nails I moved over to get my manicure. This is also very relaxing and almost as good as the pedicure. Now for my fingers I just got a clear coat. The lady next to me struck up a conversation with me and we talked almost the whole time. She did compliment me on how nice my nails and hands looked which was nice as I didn’t think they looked that good hence the reason for the manicure. It was a real enjoyable time and I felt like one of the girls there. I know they all knew I was a guy or maybe they thought I had transitioned but they were all pleasant and accepting which with that many there was wonderful. When I was done I paid my bill and of course a nice tip. Tweety thanked me and told me to come back soon, how cool is that.

Well on my way home I noticed it was noon and I was a little hungry so I stopped at Panda Express and went in to get lunch. There was maybe 8 other people eating inside. I got my food and sat down at a table. Yes I brought my laptop so I figured this was a good chance to do my blog about last night as usually I do that first thing Saturday morning. I spent about an hour here eating and doing my blog not really paying any attention to the lunch crowd. When I finished I looked around and almost every table was full, there must have been 30 people there eating lunch and really none of them looking at me. It was a fun morning for Susan.

Now the bad part would be when I got home about 1:30, being Saturday afternoon and a nice warm day I wondered if any of my neighbors would be out working in their yards. I live towards the end of a dead end street so once I head down it I really can’t change anything. If they were out the only thing I could do would be take off the wig and hope they didn’t notice the cute top, ring, bracelets and makeup. Turns out none of my neighbors were outside and I was able to back into my garage as Susan with no trouble.

Here is a picture of my cute toes.

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McMenamins Kennedy School

Well it was Friday night and I was so looking forward to going out with my friends. We had planned on meeting at McMenamins Kennedy School in Portland. It is an old school that they bought and converted into several bars/restaurants and a small hotel, they even have a movie theater. Now what was really cool about this is it is a mainstream place and I have never been there before which is always fun going someplace new. I chose my white skirt and black top to wear as it is still cute but a little more casual as I wanted to blend in. turns out some of the GG’s that were there had on really cute, sexy dresses and some really cute high heels, yes I tend to notice those things.

I got there about 7:20 and went in not really knowing where to go as I said they have I think 5 bars in the school and we were meeting at the one called Boiler room, turns out it is the old furnace room of the school. I found a parking spot almost right in front of the door and went in. now this is a big place and yes lots of people some were sitting at tables outside the door. Well it turns out I picked the right door as the Boiler room was just inside the door I went in. Chris had just showed up and I ran into him right away which always makes it easier on a lady at bar if she is not alone. This room is really cool as it is 2 stories and open in the middle so you can look down. We went downstairs to check it out. Now they have 2 pool tables one upstairs and one down stairs and also a shuffle board table. We got the one big table that seats 10 as we were not sure how many would be there as all that posted was Victoria, Cassandra, Chris and I. Almost as soon as we sat down Victoria and Cassandra showed up.

Now they are a little more expensive than the P-Club but a much better atmosphere. We started off by ordering some food, well Victoria and I did as we were hungry and Cassandra and Chris were still deciding what they wanted. The staff didn’t seem to be the least bit bothered by us and treated us wonderful referring to us as ladies well except for Chris as he is always male. Roxy showed up for a little while but she didn’t stay long as she had to be up early Saturday as she is taking her state test for Beauty School and wanted to be awake for that.

Jenn and Kelly also showed up which was wonderful and we even had another girl Michelle who was in boy mode. Now I think I have only met Michelle once at the P-Club and for the life of me I could not see remember what she looked like as her female self. To be honest till she brought up Cassandra and me explaining how we do our nails I was at a total loss. Cristine was the last to show up so in all we had 9 of us there which was pretty good.

Now I had a small pizza for dinner and then Victoria ordered dessert, a Marion berry crumble. Now normally the places we go don’t have dessert and it looked so good I ordered one also even knowing that would not help the diet I am suppose to be on. Well the girl gods were looking down on me and they had just ran out, Victoria most have gotten the last one but they did have samplers of them which were a 1/3 the size and cost which was nice. Now they did keep the whole them of the school so yes the bathrooms were still just as you remember from your school days but a little nicer and cleaner and none of the writings on the wall, well at least I think as when I was in school I never went into the girls room and of course out as Susan I would never go in the boys room but you get my point.

After we finished eating we went upstairs to play pool. Now they have really nice full size pool tables and instead of paying per game you rent the balls for $5 per hour. Now I will admit we did get a few looks form some of the customers but it was more of a double take to make sure that we were really T-Girls but that was it. Once they figured it out they went about what they were doing and forgot about us. It was a really fun night.

I did take some pictures as did Cassandra, Chris, Jenn and Kelly so I guess going someplace new means everyone wants some pictures. It was a fun night but a little more expensive. They have pool and shuffle board but no dancing. We talked about coming back again and everyone liked the idea. Some wanted to come here more often and others every couple months, but at least we all liked it and had a good time. Me I am thinking maybe once a month. We could find like 4 places to go and that way we could rotate through them. Well it turns out it was 12:30 when we left, boy the night went fast as I was thinking it was like 11.

Well Saturday morning I am getting a pedicure as my toes really need help and I am thinking red this time. And then Saturday night we will be out at Harvey’s Comedy club so a busy weekend for this girl but you will be able to read about that in my next blogs.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

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Midweek outing

Well it was Wednesday night and I was going out. The plan was to meet up with some of my friend’s downtown Portland for dinner. I was meeting up with a couple of the girls from the group at the Rainbow Room at 7 first. Cassandra, Cristine, Chris, Roxy, Victoria and I wanted to get together in a small group and talk about what we want to do as far as Friday nights. We talked about the P-club and where we go from here. Do we look for a place we can go every week or do we try to find different places we can go on alternating Friday’s. Both ideas have advantages and disadvantages and I am good with either choice but would lean more to having several places as I think that might be more fun. In the end we decided to try McMenamins Kennedy School, McMenamin’s has turned an old School into a bar and hotel, actually they have a few different bars there.

About 7:45 we walked around the corner to Fox & hound for dinner. There was already a bunch of our group there so we just pulled 2 more tables over and had one big group. In all there were 11 of us there Morgan, Julie, Wilma, Sandy, & Amy which was nice to have bigger group for a change.

It was so wonderful to see Wilma, Sandy and Amy out again, it has been several months since I have seen them. I only got to talk to them briefly as I was at the other end of the table. We all ordered dinner and had a good time talking while we ate. We talked more about Friday night and going to Kennedy School, it sounds like Victoria, Chris, Cassandra and I will all be there around 7:30. It was a fun night and great to be out with my friends.

Well as I had to get up early for work Thursday I left at 9 pm so it really was a short night for me. I said my goodbye’s wishing I could have stayed longer. Really wanted to talk with Wilma, sandy and Amy more but hopefully they will be out again soon.

I will of course post to my Blog about Friday night and what we think of McMenamin’s which I hope will be fun. Also Saturday night our group including me will be going to Harvey’s Comedy club so I have 2 more nights out this week.

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