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Friday night going out to meet Jeny a Facebook friend visiting from the East coast.

It is Friday after a short week as I only had to work 3 days after my vacation which was awesome. On a side note after 12 days of living as Susan it was nice to have a short break and not have to do makeup and worry about how I look every minute but now I am already missing the Susan time and all that goes with her. Aldo my nails look awesome with just a thin coat of acrylic the only thing that might give them away is the length, yes, I left them longer than I should have but when you go from long nails to shorter ones it can be hard to judge. So on to tonight’s story.

I have a friend on Facebook Jeny who is in town for work and she wants to go out tonight, this is one of the wonderful things about Facebook as you can meet people from all over the world, people you would never get a chance to meet and connect with them in in some cases like tonight actually meet them in person how awesome is that. She was going to Over the Rainbow Transformations here in the Portland area for a makeover. I know the Victoria the lady who runs it and she is wonderful, I have never used her service as by the time I found out about it I was already going out and pretty good with being Susan but if I had known about her when I first started going out it would have made it a lot easier. Any way Jeny was going to meet me at Sweet home at 6:30 which I was looking forward to.

I started getting ready early as I wanted to be out by 5 or so but that didn’t happen as I took longer getting ready. I think it must be a female thing as I knew I was meeting someone for the first time and I really wanted to look my best, to be as pretty as I could. It was about 5:45 when I left home and I got there a little after 6

Chris was the only one there but I knew Roxy would be there and one of his friends was also at the table so I took the next table behind him so Jeny would have a place to sit plus we were sitting right next to each other so we could still talk. I ordered dinner and did some work on my computer while I waited. It wasn’t long and Roxy showed up and so did Kim so we had a small group tonight, I was kind of hoping others might show up so Jeny could meet more but Friday nights out are just not what they use to be. It was good to see Kim again as I think the last time I saw her was Halloween. We talked a little which was nice, she changed her hair and it really looked cute on her. She has long blonde hair but on the ends now is dark brown maybe black (hard to tell as it is not well lighted here) and on the underside, it goes up higher. It really is a cute style. I guess that is one advantage for having your own hair.

Jeny sent me a message she would be late as it was taking longer than she planned, yes part of her transformation package is getting pictures in a few different dresses, kind of like being a model for a few hours. Jeny showed up about 7:30 and she looked fabulous, here is a picture of us from later in the evening. Jeny is really passable as she is probably the average size for a woman in case you can’t tell from the picture I am seated and Jeny is standing behind me but slightly bending forward. The hardest part for someone who is transgender is size and height which is not a problem for her. By the way if you notice her cleavage in some small way I helped as she used my technique for creating cleavage although I must say it looks better on her then me.

Jeny sat down and we started talking and getting to know a little more about each other. I really do enjoy meeting new people and getting different perspectives on things as I think that is how we grow as people and most of the time we find out we have more in common than we thought. She told me this was only her 2nd tome going out, wow she seemed so relaxed and comfortable like it was something she did everyday of course her nonstop smile was probably the only give away. I really like meeting people when they are first going out as I think back to my first few times and the excitement and yes fear I had. It was such an incredible feeling. On this note my funny story, When Jeny got here she had already lost 2 of her nails as she used the ones with the stick-on tabs. It was funny as we talked she kept looking at her finger nails and fussing with them. I could tell she is a nail girl as it was maybe 30 minutes and she asked if I thought there would be any problem with her going into Walgreens across the street as a girl and I told her no Portland is accepting place. So, without hesitation on only her 2nd night out she walked across the street in her heels and dress and bought more nails and came back and fixed her fingernails. Throughout the night, she lost a few more and each time brought out the nails she bought and quickly fixed them, yes Jeny is a nail girl like me.

Lori also showed up and joined us and the 3 of us talked, Lori mostly comes out at the Escape on Saturdays so it was a delightful surprise to see her and also another person for Jeny to meet. It was a little after 1 and Lori asked if we wanted to go to the Escape for a while. It was a little loud in here now with Karaoke so we decided to go, I think Jeny liked the idea of going to another place, a new experience. I will have to think about that for the next time I meet some new on their first few times out. Maybe going to several places to so they can experience being out more. WE all drove out there Jeny followed me.

We got there and they really were not busy for a Friday night so we had no trouble finding a table. Now they had a DJ playing music so it was a little loud but not as loud as when you have Karaoke so we were still able to talk. Now one of the ladies here at the Escape came over to talk with us. I have met her before and she is nice so it was us girls sitting and talking. Well she wanted to buy us all drinks which was nice, although I am not a drinker. I drink Sprite when I am out, yes, I am a cheap date, turns out Lori also drinks Pepsi. Any way she bought all 3 of us drinks which I guess is the ultimate female experience. I can’t remember her name but we all thanked her for the drinks.

We took several more pictures here, the one above is one of them. It was a fun evening. Jeny and Lori played a game of pool which again was a new experience for Jeny as it is different doing things in heels, nails, long hair, tight dress and breast, but then everything is more fun doing as a female. Now the lady who bought us drinks hung out with us as I said it was not very busy tonight and yes, she bought us more drinks, 3 maybe 4 more, wow I am glad I don’t drink. I can see how girls can sometimes have a little too much when they are out as you really don’t think about it when someone else keeps buying them for you and you don’t have to make the decision or effort to get up and go get the drink. It was a wonderful evening and I have a new friend now that I have met in person.

It was about 1:30 when we called it a night, yes, another late night for Susan and I was feeling it as I got up for work this morning at 4 am. It was sad to see the evening come to an end though. It is always hard to say goodbye to friends especially when they live far away as you know it will be a long while till you see them again but I will be able to keep in touch with her through Facebook and see how she grows as a woman and goes out more. It really was nice meeting you Jeny and getting to know you. Thanks for letting me know you were in town and getting together in person and thanks to Lori for also being out tonight who I will probably see tomorrow night at the Escape again when I go out with my friends again.

Thanks for reading.


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Facebook and peoples views and ideas, My political statement.

I get e-mails form people asking me how I can live two separate lives or my favorite wouldn’t I just be happier if I transitioned and let my true feminine self free. The thing is we all take our lives and try to fit it on other people, be it transgender issues, gay issues, religion, politics, or anything else we feel or believe. I see it on Facebook all the time we have become a society of my way, my view is the only correct one. Just today a friend on Facebook posted a political idea on her page. now remember when you post on your page it goes to all your friends so I see it. but at the end she put if you disagree do not comment on this, so in other words I have free speech and you don’t. you have to see my ideas but I don’t want yours seems one sided. I have always believed that if I post something on my blog or Facebook page that you disagree with I not only expect you to reply on both sides but I encourage it. If I want you to respect and accept my views, the way I live my life than it is only fair I do the same for you.

so as for living two lives the way I do I wouldn’t change it as even when I am in my male roll in life Susan is still a part of me and make my male side who he is and shapes him just as when I am Susan my male side is with me and helps make her who she is. Both sides male and female make me the whole complete person I am. Now I know people tell me if my friends are truly friends then they would accept my female side and nothing would change and I should be proud of who I am, trust me I am proud of who I am. the funny thing is a few of these people who told me this are also people who unfriended me on Facebook because I disagreed with them on something. With that I will make my one and only political statement on my page. I am not a democrat and I am not a republican, I am an American. I am Liberal in some ways and conservative in some ways. I do not support any party just because of the name and I guess if someone told me they were voting for someone just because of the party they belonged to I would not accept that answer. I would need them to give me a reason other than that. There are people on both sides that call the other side nasty names, say they should die or be killed for their stand and are completely intolerant of each other and the funny thing is they will point this out in the other side but not see they are doing the same thing. I have my conservative or liberal view and that is okay but you can’t have your conservative or liberal view and that is why we have such a divide in our country. Those who say they will move to another country if one side or the other wins then you are not Americans as Americans believe in a free democracy, the will of the people. Trump won the Republican primary and weather you like him or not you need to resect him as the Republican candidate just as I expect Hillary to win the democrat primary and should be shown the same respect as her parties candidate. In the fall we will let the people decide. till we all learn to respect each other things will not change.

If you want to be treated well, fair and with respect then you need to give that to other people to weather they agree with you or not. Now that being said I will not allow people to post things I disagree with on my Facebook wall any more then I would expect you to allow me to post things on your wall you disagree with. After all my Facebook page is my home on the web just as it is yours. If I do post something on my Facebook page please feel free to comment on it, agree, disagree I don’t care but do it with respect. If you call me names or are disrespectful about it I will remove it. I think we need to have open, respectful discussions on things as that is how we learn and accept one another.

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Dinner with friends

Well Wednesday night I wanted to go out and as I knew some of the group would be at Fox & Hound I decided to join them for dinner. Actually the next two weeks my time out as Susan will be limited so this was a good reason as if I need one to spend a few hours with my friends.

Well I was ready and out the door by 6:30 and no neighbors in sight which is always good. I was downtown by 7 and again parked right in front of Fox & Hound. Roxy, Chris, Cassandra, Victoria and Cristine were already there at the bar so I joined them and we talked for a while waiting to see if anyone else would show up. I had a good chance to talk with Roxy; she has passed all her state test and now has her beauty license, now all she has to do is find a place to work.

Well we were all getting hungry so we moved over to a table and ordered some food; I went with the fish and chips. We talked about what we wanted to do Friday night and as we haven’t found a place to go we decided to go back to the Boiler Room as we have a good time there. The only issue is the fact they can get so crowded you can’t move around.

Liz showed up, I met her for the first time last Friday. She is Veronica’s daughter and we were talking to her about where Veronica was and when she would be back in town when Veronica arrived. It was awesome to see her as it has been months since she has been out on a night I was also out. I only got to talk a little with her but still nice.

Bobbie and Buff also showed up so we had a pretty good turnout for a Wednesday evening. We had a relaxing dinner and good conversation. About 9 the group headed over to CC’ Slaughters and as I had to get up early it was time for me to call it a night so I said my goodbyes and left for home. I am hoping to be out Friday night of course.

Thanks for reading

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