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Out at the Escape

Saturday is here and it will be the 4th night in a row I will be out as Susan. But first a quick update on the go fund me account for Cristine, we were hoping that on January 28 we could get 28 people to donate $10. We actually got 35 and many donated more than $10. Thanks to all of you.

I started getting ready early as I wanted to be to the Escape by 6. I decided to wear my blue dress as I haven’t worn it in a while, here is a link to an old blog that has a good picture of the dress I wore. This is one of the fun things of a blog as I can go back and see what I did and pictures from my outings when I remember to take them.

I got to the Escape just before 6 and as luck would have it as I pulled into the lot someone pulled out so I got a parking spot right in front of the door. They were a little busy tonight and there was a group at the big table we try to get so I took one of the small ones. Well I turns out Brittany was already there and she was at the other big table and came over to get me. I am so use to being the first one here didn’t even notice her. I went and joined her and we had a chance to talk as we waited for other to show up. Laura M was the next to get her followed by Cassandra.

Brittany couldn’t stay long but it was great she made it out and we got to talk. Elaine also showed up and joined us. We met her a while ago and she has been coming out more with pour group on Saturdays. Kate and Melissa also showed up, It was good to see them. We talked a little about Diva Las Vegas both are thinking of going. We actually have a lot of girls thinking of going this year. Jamie also showed up, she is one of our newest members and this was her first time out with the group. It was nice to meet her and get to talk with her. Bambi, Kris and Lorie also showed up so we had a really big group tonight. It really is fun to get together and go out with your friends.

Now by the time Karaoke started it was really crowded seems tonight was the night everyone wanted to go out. It was an awesome night out with my friends as always. it was about 11:30 when I called it a night.

This week I hope to go to Wednesday night dinner, out on Friday and of course Harvey’s on Saturday

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Friday night out the 3rd night in a row

It is Friday night and I will be going out for the third night in a row, guess I am making up for earlier in the month when I couldn’t get out. Now a quick update on my friend Cristine, She is still in ICU but has been breathing on her own for a day now but with difficulty. Our group started a go fund me account for her to help with medical expenses and on January 28 we are trying to get 28 of her friends to each donate $10 as she has been in ICU for 10 days now. We really miss seeing her out with the group.

I started to get ready by 4 as I was looking forward to getting out as early as I could. I always enjoy my time getting ready, so relaxing. I was on my way and got to sweet Home just before 6. Chris and Robyn were already there, Robyn had been here since 5. She actually got here before Chris tonight. I ordered dinner as I was hungry and then Robyn and I talked a while about Cristine. It is good to talk with other friends about this as it helps us all process it.

It was good to be out with friends for a while. Roxy showed up a little later as did Laura H. and Lisa so we had 6 of us out tonight. Now there was a good crowd here tonight for Karaoke, Craig is sick so Betty is filling in as the KJ for Karaoke. It was nice to see her again. Don’t get me wrong I really like Craig and he does a great job but the only time I get to see Betty is when she fills in.

karaoke started and there was a long list of people to sing, a lot of the regulars here on Friday but also some new people. It is fun to listen to the singing but what makes it special is being out with my friends, out with people. It got later and soon it was just Robyn and me left of our group and I was getting ready to leave when Robyn said Diane called and was on her way. I decided to wait with her till Diane showed up. It was about a half hour till Diane showed up. It was good to see her again. I stayed for just a little while longer before calling it a night. Now I am looking forward to Saturday night and seeing more of my friends at the Escape.

Susan Miller at Clackamas Town CenterThanks for reading.

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