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Friday after Thanksgiving

Well it is Friday night and time for Susan to go out and I have been looking forward to this all week as it has been a real busy week with the Thanksgiving Holiday so I thought what better way to start off than with Thanksgiving. I hope each of you if you celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful time. It is a time to get together with family, friends and loved ones and it is a shame it is just once a year, but it is a day to give and show thanks for the things in your life you are truly blessed with. For me it is family and friends and that includes all of you that have either read or follow my blog, have friended me on Facebook, Flickr or where ever you are all part of my life and have helped make Susan the happy person she is today. I am truly blessed but I also know that in our community, the Transgender community that there is not always the support and some have a hard time at this time of year. This is where having the support of a group is so important.

Our group the Rose City T-Girls is really more like a family and I think that is what has made it so wonderful and grow so much. Our group was formed in November of 2007 so it has been around for 6 years now and we have 271 members and most are active in the group. Now this year for the third year in a row Cassandra and Peggy have opened there home on Thanksgiving for any of the members to come over for dinner to make sure everyone has a place to go which is so awesome of them. I am not sure as I was with my family but I think they had about 20 there for dinner this year.

Well as I said it has been a long week with work, family and the holiday so I was really looking forward to tonight so when I got home from work at 3 I sat down and watched a little TV, well the next thing I knew it was dark outside, I had fallen asleep and it was now 5:45 and I was supposed to meet my friends at 7. Now as I was really tired I thought about skipping tonight but couldn’t as I really wanted to spend time with my friends plus we are losing another member, Michelle LV. She got laid off a couple weeks ago and just the same tie got a job offer that she had put in for 3 years ago in California so yes another one of our family is moving away which is so sad. So it was a rush to shower shave and yes as Susan there is more to shaving then for my male self and the makeup and getting dressed. Well I did pretty well as I was ready to leave in just over an hour so I was only a little late.

Some of the girls got there at 4 to watch football, today was the civil war game between the Oregon Duck’s and the Oregon Beavers and if you are from Oregon this is like the Super Bowl, I did manage to get there in time to see the end and it was a great and close game both teams should be proud of how well they played.

Cassandra, Chris, Cristine, Bobby, Stefia Laura, Jan, and Lynn were all there and Samantha and Cloe had just left so I missed them. Well it wasn’t long and Michelle LV and Christy showed up. Turns out Michelle LV has already moved she did that last weekend and this would be her last night out with us unless she is up here on vacation. I know this is a good move for her and something she needs to do but it is always sad to have part of your family move away. So we had to get some pictures, from left to right is Stefia, Susan, Christy, & Michelle LV. I stayed seated so I wouldn’t be the tallest as I had on my high heels tonight. Over the last 6 months we have had 4 of our family move away and 3 of those have been this month. Jennifer to California, Melissa to California, Amy to Washington and now Michelle LV to California but where ever they go they will still be part of our family here. The great thing about computers and the internet is it is easy to keep in touch with loved ones.

Well the night started off a little slower here tonight so till about 10 when Karaoke started. The Karaoke group had a party someplace else so only a hand full of them made it but still a very fun night. It was good to see Stefia out with the group, we had tried to get together for dinner but our schedules have just not matched up so it was nice to talk with her. It was a fun as always. Now I was really tired and figures I would be one of the first to leave but it turns out every one was tired as it must have been a long week for everyone, even Cassandra would leave before me. Of course some of them had been here since before 4.

Well I made it till about 11:45 and that was all I could do. Cristine, Bobby and Laura were still there so I paid my bill and said my good byes. On my way out two guys at the bar complimented me on my wrap and how nice I looked which is always wonderful to hear as what girl does not like hearing she looks nice and my wrap is really cute. I was going to post a picture but I don’t have one probably because I only wear it coming and going and have never thought to get a picture then. I will have to try to get a picture with it on as it really is a cute look.

Any way when I got home a little after midnight I realized I had not got my mail so I walked across the street to get it and it really wasn’t till I was at the mail box that I realized I was still Susan, I had done this without thinking. Now it was late and I doubt if any of my neighbors were still up but it made me think how comfortable I have become as Susan and how much she has become an integrated part of my life. Susan is just as much a part of who I am as my male side and I would be lost without both side of me.

Anyway thanks for reading and remember I am thankful for each of you and how you have touched my life. Here is to the friends I have made and the ones I have yet to make.

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Great Friday night with friends

Well another cold long week and I was so looking forward to tonight and some time out with my friends. Now tonight was also a little special, as you who have read my blog know we were kicked out of the P-Club in June of 2012 and we had talked to an attorney, originally Beth Allen who took our case and later when she was appoint a judge turned our Case over to Sue-Del McCulloch both exceptional Attorney’s and just awesome ladies. Well they had contacted BOLI the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries which is the state agency that investigates not only labor rights but also civil liberty and discrimination claims and they not only wanted to but did file a discrimination claim against not only the P-Club but Chris Penner in person. Well last May we had a 3 day hearing and in the end of August the judge ruled in our favor. Well any way at the Hearing we had talked to Brad Avakian the Commissioner of BOLI whose name was on the complaint for us, Jen and Chet who prosecuted the case and our attorney Sue-Dell and they had all said they would come out one night and meet us and have a drink with us to celebrate in a social setting, well tonight was that night, they were all going to show up tonight.

Well I was really looking forward to this and planned on being there by 6:30 but as always Susan took a little more time getting ready, 3 outfit changes and extra time on my makeup so it was right at 7 I showed up. We already had a small group there, Amy, Cassandra, Chris, Victoria and Cristine and it wasn’t long before Roxy, Jan, Lynn and Kelly showed up now with myself that was 10 of us who all testified at the hearing. Missing were Peggy (Cassandra’s wife), Wilma and Jennifer. These were the brave ladies who were all able and willing to take a stand which was probably the hardest decision of our lives but one I am sure we are all glad now we were able to. Now Samantha, Cloe, and Silver also showed up so we had a good turnout. We talked for a bit and I ordered dinner as I wanted to be done eating by the time they showed up.

Well about 6:45 Braun showed up he is Sue-Del assistant and it wasn’t long and Brad Avakian and Jen showed up, Chet was not able to make it, Sue-Del McCulloch was just a little behind them. Unfortunately Beth Allen was also unable to make it tonight either, it would have been great to see her also as she also was so supportive of our group as were all these wonderful people. It was so wonderful to be able to just talk with them and get to know them better in a personal setting and not be about our case. We all tried really hard to not ask questions or talk about the case as that was not what tonight was about although try as we did it still came up occasionally and we had to get back off that topic. It also gave us a chance to learn a little about everyone on a personal note, a little about their family and things they like and I think when you do that you not only grow as a person but it helps bridge the gaps between people. It was a wonderful night but they had worked all day and Jen had a long drive home so they only stayed about an hour and a half but it was still so awesome of them to come out and join us in our ne Friday night hang out Sweet home which by the ay has been awesome to us. The Owner Paul and his staff and really all his customers have been great to us and accepted our being there so I really think the P-Club and Chris Penner is more the exception than the norm of how people treat transgender people here in Portland.

Well before they left we had to get a group picture and wouldn’t you know it my camera was not in my purse, luckily I had my cell phone so I was able to get a picture but just a little darker then I would have liked.

In the Picture from left to right, Cassandra, Brad Avakian, Braun, Chris, Jen, Cristine, Roxy, Sue-Del McCulloch, Jan, Me, Kelly, Lynn, Cloe, Samantha, Amy and in front Victoria and Silver, a little dark so you may have to look close to see everyone. What a wonderful night and a great memory.

Well Brad, Jen and Braun had to leave and of course we all thanked them for all they have done for us and for coming out tonight. Well Sue-Del stayed a little longer with us which was awesome and we were really working on having her stay for Karaoke. By know it was starting to get busy and it wasn’t long and they started to set up for Karaoke. It turns out Sue-Del studied music in school and she also sings with a local Choir so now we all wanted to hear her sing. She also gave us information on the winter concert her Choir is doing in December and invited us all to come so hopefully we can do that as it would be so much fun.

Well Karaoke started and Victoria, Chris, Samantha, Cloe and Kelly all got up one at a time and sang, this may have been our best turnout of our group singing Karaoke so far, turns out we have a lot of talent in our group and yes sue-Del also got up and sang and did awesome. Well as it got later it was time for sue-Del to leave and we all thanked her for coming out and all she did and told her to be sure and Thank Beth Allen also when she sees her. These really are exceptional people and I want to thank them all, Brad Avakian, Jen, Braun, Chet, Sue-Dell McCulloch and Beth Allen, I hope they all know how much of an impact they have had on our live.

Well by 12:30 our group had thinned out and we were down to just Cassandra, Kelly, Samantha, Cloe and me but we were still having fun. Samantha had played so many games of pool as she kept winning, I played on and came close to winning but had fun anyway. Now I did have one guy come up to me and he told me he didn’t know if I would take it as a compliment but that I looked like Taylor Swift. Now not sure what he meant about it being a compliment as being compared or told you look like a woman is really what I am going for and I will always take that as a compliment. Anyway I had to google Taylor Swift to see some pictures of her yes my age is showing her as I have heard this a couple times before. What I noticed is she tends to wear red lipstick a lot and her hair is about the same color and curly like mine so there is a resemblance but she is also half my age and has beautiful flawless skin, how could this be anything but a compliment, now she may not feel the same knowing she looks like me but I am happy.

Well it was after 2 when the last of us left, Samantha and Cloe had taken the MAX line to get here and as it was shut down I offered to give them a ride home as it is really not that far out of my way and I wanted to make sure they got home safe, one of the great things about our group we all care and look out for one another plus it was nice to have someone else in the car for part of the ride. Well I dropped them off and then went home and it was almost 3 am when I got there. I think this is the latest I have been up in a long time bit what an incredible night.

Oh one last thing we did learn that Chris Penner did file the paperwork for an appeal which we all figured and in a way hoped he would do as the ruling we got came from and administrative judge and we would all love to have a ruling from an appeals court as we think that just think that carries more weight plus we really don’t think he has any grounds for an appeal or would win, the worst thing is the amount of the judgment for damages might be reduced but then we were never really interested in the money it was the ruling and judgment that the laws Oregon has about decimation against transgender people is valid and enforceable so we are all looking forward to this next step in the legal process.

Okay one more picture, Thanks for reading and may you all find great friends and awesome support.

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Can you believe it I made it out to Starbuck’s after almost 6 months

Well I got home tonight and things just worked out so I decided to go to Starbuck’s. Now the cool thing about doing a blog is I can look back on my time as Susan and see what I did and when and it turns out the last time I was here at my favorite Starbucks was the end of May, wow does not seem like it was that long ago. Well I got all ready and was on my way. Now it is funny the things that go through your mind while driving. It wasn’t so much being worried or scared about going back here after so long a time away but it more would any of the ladies who worked here still be here or would everyone be knew, what about some of the regulars that I saw here all the time would they be here.

Well I got here about 6:45 and they were packed inside, turns out the theater across the street was doing the premiere of the movie the Hunger Game and as it was cold outside a lot of them came over here to wait for the move to start so I had to stand in line to order and also stand in line for my drink. Now both of the ladies here tonight were here before and remembered me which is nice.

Now as I said they were really bust and the only seat was one of the big chairs in the corner so I had to almost step over a couple people to get back to it and of course this meant sitting right next to several people and sharing a little table for drinks. Now these are actually really comfortable chairs and would be great to sit in if you were reading a book or talking with someone but if you want to work on your computer not as easy but I made do. Well about 7:30 several groups of people left and a couple tables opened so I moved over to one as did the lady across from me, she also had a computer balancing on her lap.

It was still a busy night here more so than I remember as it was a steady stream of people coming in and as tables opened people took them. I think it was the cold weather as it is about 35 out right now. I It really is a great place to go and people watch. It is a nice relaxing way to spend an evening and catch up on e-mails and work while spending time as Susan. Plus work is just more fun as Susan.

Well as always the night went by really fast and soon it was 9 pm and time for them to close. It was a fun night and I will have to try to make it here a little more often.

Thanks for reading and have a great night.

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Sunday evening and some time for Susan

Well I debated about tonight’s blog you see I got to spend some time with my girlfriend Kim as Susan and I have tried not to blog about this part of my life so parts of this blog will be brief. I was going over for dinner with Kim and Chris and Roxy were also coming over so it was kind of a couple’s thing. Now I had debated about how I should go, Susan or my male self and both had pros and cons. Chris and Roxy have never met or seen my male self but they have become close friends and I would be fine with them meeting my male counterpart, now on the other hand I have not been to Kim’s as Susan other than to pick her up outside so either way would be a new experience. Now being undecided I asked Kim who she would prefer and she said either was fine but she hadn’t seen Susan for a while so that would be nice, did I hit the jackpot or what, but let’s start earlier.

I was supposed to be there at 6 and as I got out of the house early I decided to do a little shopping as I needed some foundation and a few other makeup items and wouldn’t you know it I had to go right by Washington square. Now the foundation I use is MAC Studio Fix as it is a full coverage which I really need as it is the only foundation I have found that will cover up what needs to be covered, of course it comes with a price as it is $27 a bottle but as I only dress a couple times a week it will last about 6 to 7 months.

Well I got to Washington Square about 5:15 and found a parking spot not far out from Nordstrom’s and in I went to the cosmetic section. Now this is something that is really fun shopping the cosmetic counters and a really nice store, if you have never had the chance you must try it. It is like finding the pot of gold and all the ladies who work here are only too happy to help you as I think they all get a commission on what they sell, just walking around I think at least one lady at every counter asked if she could help me of course I knew what I wanted and where the MAC counter was but little time browsing. Well I finally made my way over to the MAC counter and a really nice lady was only too happy to help me. I told her what I needed and she got it for me and asked if there was anything else I needed. Now there are lots I would love to have, but I have found that the drugstore brands, Cover Girl, L’Oreal, and Maybelline are just as good and a lot less expensive so I told her I was good just the foundation was all I needed. So I paid and was on my way.

I also needed some face powder and lipstick so I stopped at a Walgreens on my way and went in and again browsed the makeup aisle, not quit as fun as Nordstrom’s but way easier on my budget. It can get expensive when you are supporting yourself and your other self. Well they didn’t have the lipstick I wanted but I did find a lip liner I needed and the face powder so all was good.

Well I got to Kim’s just before 6 and Chris and Roxy were already there. We had a nice dinner that Kim cooked and was really good and we watched the movie Flight with Denzel Washington and it was really good. T was an awesome night.

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Friday night going away party for Mellissa

Well it is Friday again and as always it is time for Susan to go out and have some fun, although this week is a little different. Don’t get me wrong I am really looking forward to tonight but at the same time there is a little sadness as Melissa one of our members is moving to California next week and this will be her last night out with us of course she promises to come back and visit but when you are used to seeing someone every week it is hard. I have made so many wonderful friend here in the group and we are really more than that we are more like a family and I look at her and many of the members more as sisters than just friends and that always makes it hard. This is a picture of Melissa and me.

Melissa joined our little family in May of 2012 and has been out for almost every event we have done and has become a big part of our family here. It is amazing the people who come into our lives and the impact they have on you and even after they have gone there is still a little part that stays with you. Luckily with the internet and Facebook it is easy to stay in touch and keep up with what they are doing.

This s our group’s second member to move away this year as Jennifer moved to California also last spring and in a few more weeks Amy anther member will be moving north to Seattle which at least is closer and she should be back here once a month for her work. All these wonderful ladies and really everyone in the group have touch not only my life but all the members of our family here. This is a picture of Amy and me and of course Chris in the background.

Well anyway back to tonight’s adventures. I was doing my best to get to the club by 7 but as always Susan took longer getting ready then normal guess I just wanted to look extra pretty as I figured we would have a good turnout tonight, actually I always want to look pretty. I was finally satisfied with how I looked after changing my outfits twice something my male self would never do but one of the fun things females and Susa gets to do. There is something fun about finding just the right outfit and look for a night out. Well I left my house at 6:55 and luckily for me it only takes 15 minutes for me to get there. Some of the girls drive an hour or more to get here.

When I got there Cassandra, Melissa, Chris, Amy, Kelli, Sam, Coria, and Sarah were already there and we already had two tables as we expected more. We all ordered dinner as we wanted to eat before it got busy as with so many showing up the table would be full yes one thing we have to think about is every one of us brings a purse that winds up on the table and tonight we had a pile of purses that was a few feet high. Well as you can see I got some pictures tonight to remember the evening by. This is Sarah and me, she joined the group several months back and has been coming out more mostly on Wednesday night. What wonderful friends I have, I am so lucky to have met them all.

Well it wasn’t long and more of our group showed up. Now we will see how good of a memory I have and if I miss your name I apologized but remember I am blonde. Cristne, Bobby, Jan, Lynn, Tanya, Samantha, Barb, Lauren, Roxy, Petra, Victoria, Julie, Trixie, and I am sure I am missing someone else as we had to have more purses than that on our table. Carrying a purse is one of the things that was hard for me to get used to, there is always that fear you will forget it, lose it or of course leave it sit someplace and have someone take it. One of the great things about being a male is all you really need is a wallet, keys and phone and all fit in your pocket but woman can’t do that especially when they are in a dress as most dresses do not have pockets plus no lady wants the look of her dress ruined buy bumps in pockets. Not a cute look so a purse is a necessity,

This is a picture of me and Kelli wow I feel so tall in this picture. I really need to get her to wear some heels. Well we all brought cards and little gifts for Melissa for her going away party and she took time to open them. It was really nice and a fun way to spend some time and to let her know how much she means to us.

Well some of the girls played pool and as Melissa loves to dance as so many of the girls do in the group Paul the owner who loves us moved some of the tables from the center of the room and made room for dancing. Now of course he dancing was down to the Karaoke singing so not the greatest dance music but still some of the girls had a great time and yes at one point Amy did get me out on the dance floor. Now I am no dancer and feel very awkward but I did manage to stand out there and sway my hips some and at least look like I was. It was kind of fun but I still feel so self-conscious like everyone is staring at me which I know makes no sense as I go out all the time as Susan and I know people are looking at me but yet that doesn’t seem to bother me.

Well the Karaoke got going and there were lot of people here not just from our group so it was a fun night. Chris and Lynn got up and sang as always and did a fantastic job. Julie, Trixie and I were talking and well somehow none of us wanted to sing at least alone but we agreed to sing together so Julie went and put our name in Trixie wanted the song “Can I have this dance” by Anne Murray as she knows it and can sing it, well it also turns out I know the song so I felt a little bit better about getting up and singing. We only had to wait about 15 minutes till it was our turn to sing. Thankfully Amy took a picture so there is proof I was p and singing. I don’t think that American Idols have anything to worry about. I look so stiff and not relaxed singing. Thanks to Julie and Trixie for singing with me or did I sing with them, I think that is more likely as Trixie looks so at ease, think she is the star of this group.

It was a really fun night and we had such a great turnout. By 12 people had started to leave as always but we were still having a fun time. It really is amazing how fast this night goes by. Soon it was after 1:30 and we had been there for over 6 ½ hours and it seems like we had just got there.

We talked with some of the people from the Karaoke group as we have become friends with many of them as they have been so excepting of us and welcomed us there. It is funny as most of the time when I am out especially here I really don’t think about the fact I am dressed as a lady. I am just Susan. It really does seem so natural and normal and I guess that is the way it should as Susan is a natural and normal part of who I am.

Well by 1:30 it was just Melissa, Cassandra and me left from our group and as much as we did not want the night to end we knew it had to. We paid our bills and then we said our goodbyes which was hard as we knew we would not see Melissa every Friday night, just whenever she could come up and visit us. I think we all got a little misty eyed which is okay for females to do, one of the benefits ladies have.

Well one more picture of me and Melissa, we should have gotten a group picture with her in the front, another blonde moment on my part. We all love you and will miss you Melissa but we all wish you the best as you move and grow. Hugs

Thanks for reading.

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Saturday night at Harvey’s Comedy Club with Julie Scoggins

Well it is Saturday night and the Rose City T-Girls are going to Harvey’s comedy Club. Now I have not been able to make the last couple times the group has gone so I was really looking forward to tonight. Harvey’s really is an awesome place to go and see great comedians so if you are ever in Portland you should check them out.

Well as always most of us meet at Fox & Hound around 7 as parking is so much better there and it is only a short 7 block walk to Harvey’s. I got downtown Portland at 7 and there was already a big group there, Cassandra, Sarah, Jan, Lynn, Laura and her friend Jen, and Petra and girls kept showing up. We had to put 5 tables together. Sam and 2 of her friends, Michelle, Kimberly, Melissa and Char and I am sure I am missing someone. Now usually we have 8 to 10 that meat at Fox & Hound and the rest meet us at Harvey’s so to have 15 of us there we knew we would have a good night. I think we had 27 sign up which would be one of our biggest groups.

Well we had some drinks and snacks and talked for a while which is always fun. It was nice to get a chance to talk with Melissa and Char. Melissa was at the Halloween party but this is the first time that Char has been out with the group in a long time. Well we hung out here till about 8 and then we walked over to Harvey’s. We wanted to get there a little early as we had such a big group and wanted to make sure we could get some tables in the lounge while we waited for the show.

We got there and Cristine was already there waiting for us. Now there were a lot of people in the lounge waiting and more showing up all the time and as always we get a chance to interact with them which is fun and I think it helps bridge the gap between us and show them we are really no different than them. Now Cassandra was talking to a couple men and they wanted to get some pictures with us well the one was a little more excited about it than his friend, their names were David and Gregory. This is a picture of Gregory with Cassandra and me. David posted this on his Facebook page. I think we made there night.

Well more of our group showed up including Lauren, Sophia, Lorna, Lorraine, Tonya, Amy and her friend, Cassie and a couple of her friends in all I think we had 26 there for the show. Kim our waitress came out and talked with us to find out how many we had so she could get our tables all set up in her area.

Now by 9 there were so many people in the lounge you could hardly move and we still had 30 minutes till they would start seating for the 10 pm show. It gave me a chance to talk with Kimberly as it has been a while since she has been out with the group. It was also great to see Sophia and Lorna and chat with them. We were all having such a fun time. This is a picture that was actually taken after the show of Amy and her friend with me. Yes I still love getting pictures when I can think of them.

Well it was finally time to go in for the show and it was just a wall of people moving through the doorway so we kind of stood back as we had our tables set. As we could some of us would slip in with the crowd and work our way into the show room. We finally got inside and had great tables right in the center not far from the stage.

Now we had been looking forward to tonight as the headliner is Julie Scoggins who is awesome, we saw her once before I think last spring and we had such a great time with her. So while we were waiting for the show to starts she came out and talked with us. Turns out she had heard we would be there again tonight and was really looking forward to it.

Well the show finally started and as always it was awesome, all the comedians were great and Julie was awesome, we were all laughing so hard. It was such a wonderful night. After the show we went out to the lounge and Julie was out there and we spent about 45 minutes talking with her and of course we got some more pictures with her. This is our group with her she is the second one from the right.

It was amazing how fast the night went by but it was so much fun.

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Out with my friends what a great way to start the weekend

Well it has been another long week, I had hoped to get out one night during the week to Starbuck’s as it has been so long since I last did that but it just didn’t work out so I was really looking forward to Friday and some Susan time. Now I am and consider myself a crossdresser as I do not plan nor want to live full time as Susan but I also consider myself transgender as my emotional state and outlook is more feminine then masculine and I do feel more comfortable and fit in better in the feminine roll. It really is hard to explain. All I know is Susan is a big part of my life and I would not be complete without her.

Well anyway I was really looking forward to tonight so I started getting ready at 5, yes I so look forward and enjoy the time I take to transform into Susan, and it is so relaxing and peaceful. I was all ready and out the door by 6:40 and looking forward to seeing my friends. I got there and Cassandra, Chris and Laura were there and also a new girl named Sam. She seems really nice and has just moved to the Portland area about 2 months ago. We talked for a while and she told us a little about herself. It was great to get to know her and I am sure she will be out again with the group I hope. Seems she heard about our group from Rachel. Rachel ran into her at another bar and they started talking and told her about our group and our Friday night get together.

Rachel is really an awesome lady that I and our group met several years back at the P-Club, her and her friends shot pool there. Any way when she heard about the P-Club kicking us out her and her friends stopped going there and she knew Paul the owner of this bar and told him what had happened and that we were looking for a new place and he told her to tell us we were more than welcome to come here so really she is the reason we found this place for our Friday nights and it has been just an awesome place to come. Everyone from the owner, staff and customers have been awesome. It is funny the friends you make and the impact they have on your life without you even really knowing about it. I have met and made friends with so many wonderful people who I would never have met had Rachel not invited us here. Any way I just had to get a picture with her, this is Sam, Rachel and me, wow I really need to get all the girls to wear high heels so I don’t look so tall.

Well it was going to be a quiet night here tonight as the Karaoke group was not going to be here. They had another event to go to. It is a shame as I and the group always look forward to seeing them out on Friday nights. Well Roxy, Cristine, Lauren and Barb showed up and also Rachael and her wife, yes another Rachael and luckily they spell their names different. Well this is the third week in a row Rachael has been able to get out which is so awesome and it was nice to get a chance to meet her wife and talk with her, well actually this is the second time I have met her but the last time was at one of the Halloween parties a few years back and we were both in costume. Turns out we don’t live that far from each other so hopefully Rachael and I can get together for dinner or Starbuck’s and talk.

Laura Mims was also here tonight. We met her several months ago and she is really nice and always talks with us when she comes in. She is a really good singer and sings karaoke her but she is also the lead singer in a band here in Portland. One of these nights we are going to have to go see her and her bad perform. Any way they have entered a contest and the voting is being done through Facebook so as it is my blog I am going to give her a plug, if you are on Facebook you can vote for her group simple by going to the voting page and downloading her song which is free and really good by the way here is the link Laura Mims and the Tin Whiskers Just look for the bad with this name, thanks.

Well it was a fun night with some of the girls playing pool, Sam is really a good pool player and of course Chris, Laura and Sam all sang Karaoke and did awesome as always. It was just a fun night all the way around and as always goes by so fast. I even had a drink spilled on me so I have to wash my dress when I get home. There was this man named Brian who was hanging out with us at our table for a while and he accidently knocked over a glass and it spilled in my lap. It is funny as the more he drank the more shall we say attractive we got, by the end of the evening he was really hitting on me something I am still not comfortable with I mean it is flattering and all but men are not something I am the least bit interested in. I told him I had an awesome girlfriend and I was not interested and that seemed to do the trick.

Well soon it was after 1 am and it was time to call it a night, Cassandra, Cristine and I were the last of our group to leave. It was a fun night and now we are all looking forward to Saturday night and going to Harvey’s Comedy club.

Have a great weekend.

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Friday night with friends

Well it has been another long week so I was happy it was finally Friday and I could spend some time with my friends, always a great way to start a weekend. Well I started getting ready about 5 as I have said before I really enjoy the whole experience of transforming into Susan. I know that may sound weird and maybe if I was female and had to do the hair and makeup every day for the past well many years maybe just maybe I might feel different about it but as it is something I do once or twice a week it is still really special and fun and something I look forward to. Well after an hour and a half I was ready and looking pretty so off I went to meet my friends.

Cassandra, Amy, Chris, Melissa and Petra were already there as they went early to watch a football game. There was actually a pretty good crowd here already watching football and basketball probably why I had to park on the street tonight. So here we sat, eating dinner, talking and watching not only college football but also basketball just a typical girl’s night out. Well it wasn’t long and more of our group started to show up, Cristine, Bobby, Michelle, Roxy, Alicia, Rachael, Julie, Qeeny and her friend Amy. We were going to have a good night.

It was great to see Rachael out again, this makes twice in one week and as it was a smaller group I got a chance to talk with her and catch up. I met Rachael probably 8 or 10 years ago and we have kept in touch. It was great to spend time with her and luckily she thought about getting some pictures. It is funny as when I first started to go out I could not get enough pictures and yes I have thousands of Susan pictures but as I have become more comfortable going out Susan has become more of a normal everyday part of my life. Now don’t get me wrong I still love getting my picture taken what Girl doesn’t but I seem to not think about it as much. I always have my camera with me in my purse but I just get so caught up in the I guess normal routine of being Susan that most of the time I am not even thinking I am a crossdresser or a guy in a dress, I am just Susan your average female out for a nice evening. And it really is because of my wonderful friends I have made over the years like Rachael, Alice, Cassandra, well everyone in our group has had an impact on me and my life and I love them all for that. Wow looks like I got off track again must be the blonde in me showing. Anyway this is Rachael and me, it was so much fun and I hope she can come out more with the group or maybe we could get together for dinner and talk.

Julie also showed up tonight, she also only gets out very rarely so it was great to see her also. Turns out she has a birthday in a couple days so she came out to celebrate with us. She is so much fun s always great when she can come out, Happy Birthday girl. Well some of the girls played pool, I didn’t get a chance as I was having so much fun just talking with everyone and catching up on what was new.

Well I got a chance to talk with Alicia and of course we had to get a picture after all I had my camera out. I have known Alicia for several years also, it is funny to look back and realize how much a part of my life Susan has become and the friend I have made. Looking back through my blog, one of the benefits of having a blog. I have been going out now on a regular basis at least once a week now for over 5 years. It was in mid-2008 that I really started to embrace Susan and my female side and I am so happy I did as it has made my life so much better and I have made so many awesome friends that I would have never met had it not been for this side of me. It is still funny though as even though I have known some of these friends for years and consider them my best friends I am still learning new things about them as I am sure they are learning new things about me as the transgender community tends to be a very private group and does not open up much about the other parts of our lives. Maybe one day we will not have to hide any parts of our lives from people and we can just live and be who we are. Any way I had a great time talking with Alicia and did learn a few new things about her.

Well it was time for Karaoke and of course Chris and Queeny sang and did a great job, even Julie got up and sang and did great we have some real talent in the group. Karaoke is fun and it really isn’t about how well you can sing even though I am scared to sing by myself. I figure if you have the guts to get up and sing in front of people then you are a winner.

Well I got a chance to talk with Amy, Qeeny’s friend. She came to the Halloween party and that was her first time meeting the group. Seems Qeeny didn’t tell her ahead of time about the group but she had a blast and wanted to come out tonight and hang out with us again. Well you know what that means yes one more picture, this is me with Amy. We talked about the Halloween party and she was trying to figure out who we were at the party.

It was such a fun night and as always goes by so fast. Soon it was down to just Cassandra and me from our group. So we talked for a while but finally about 1:45 we called it a night and went up to pay our bills. Yes I had another blonde moment as my credit card had expired. Yes as it was after midnight and now November my card was no longer good and I had forgot to put my new Susan credit card in my purse. How embracing. Well luckily I did have cash as I think it is always smart to have some cash on you when you are out. Now the cool thing is the man behind me had heard and offered to pay which was really nice of him. He has talked to me and Cassandra before so he knows about us and our group and is fine with us. I thanked him but paid myself with my money but it did make me feel good.

Thanks for reading and have a great week

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