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Susan update

It has been a while since I posted and yes since I have had a chance to be Susan. Life has gotten complicated with my parent’s health and as such I am not able to go out right now, keep hoping for a couple hours here or there but so far not happening. I had to remove my acrylic nails I have had for 16 months as I was unable to get the time to go in and have them done and after 4 weeks growth they were looking bad. I really do miss them and my fingers feel so different. I also had to cancel my Mexican cruise which was so sad as I was so looking forward to it. I really hope our group does it again in the future.

I still do check my e-mail, our group and my Facebook page although not as often so I do keep up with friends. I am not sure when I will get out again but I think about it often. I am sure one of the first things will be to get my nails done again. I may not post much for the foreseeable future but trust me I am still here in spirit.

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Thursday and Susan is out again!

Okay it is Thursday and I am once again going out after the gym of course. I got hoe from the gym a little after 9 and started getting ready. Still not sure what I will do but it will probably be shopping and a Starbucks at some point. I was done with my makeup and ready to dress. I decided to go with my yoga pants and my cute top I bought the other day. Now when I was all dressed I really liked the Susans cute new look (2)look. So much so I had to get a couple pictures which is not easy if you want the whole outfit in the pictures. Now it was time to head out for the day. My first stop was to get gas as I forgot to do that yesterday. I went to the station right by my house. Now it was time to figure out what to do. it is raining pretty good so it is going to be another mall day.

Now there was a lot of standing water on the roads and freeway so it must have rained really hard over night and traffic was crawling every where. I decided to go to Lloyd Center as they have a lot of covered parking and you can walk into the mall without leaving the garage now it normally takes me about 20 minutes to get there but today was an hour trip. Now as I got close the rain seemed to almost stop so I figured I would go to Wigland first before the mall.

I got there and there were a couple spots right outside the door which was nice. I went in and looked around for a bit. I didn’t see anything, there selection wasn’t that good. I left after maybe 10 minutes and headed over to the mall. Now I was thirsty so I figured what better way to start then going to Starbucks and writing my blog for last night. There is one in Barnes and Noble and they have an entrance from the garage so I don’t have to pack my computer through the mall. I got inside and ordered my drink only to find out it wasn’t a Starbucks. It is funny as I have gone here several times before and always thought it was. it was only because I tried to pay with a Starbucks card. I still think at some point it was a Starbucks but it doesn’t matter. They were really busy and there was only 1 small table open so I took it.

Susans cute new look (1)I got out my computer and moved the picture off my phone and got a good look at my outfit and I really like it, I wish I hadn’t worn it today and saved it for tomorrow when I go shopping with Mikaela. I think the color of the top goes so well with the black pants. I have the same top in grey which I was looking for and bought this one as an after thought. I may do something I try not t do and wear this again tomorrow. I will see what the grey top looks like first before I decide. I finished my blog for last night and walked back out to my car to put my computer in the trunk,  also moved my car just to be safe incase someone saw me put it in my trunk as this is not the best area of town.

It was now into the mall for some shopping. Now I walked around this mall on Monday and did my shopping so I really don’t think I will find anything I want but again it is more about being out. There seemed to be a lot more people here today then Monday. Although it was raining pretty good it really wasn’t cold so I didn’t need a sweater so I could show off my cute outfit. I hit all the usual stores I go to and even went down to Sears to see what other colors of this top they have. They had a black one but I didn’t get it. I thought about getting another one this color just so I will have a backup but didn’t. I may regret that. Now as Susan I usually look at cloths and makeup but I decided to go look at the exercise equipment they have here as I am debating about buying an elliptical. that is what I use the most at the gym and I am wondering if it is more cost effective and easier to own one and cancel my gym membership.

I know more then got to the equipment and Sears actually has a pretty good selection of NordicTrack when one of the salesmen came over and asked if he could help me. I told him I was debating if I should continue with my gym membership or buy one. He explained all the differences between the one they had and they had a wide range from about $500 to $2400. They had a really nice one for $799 and it would do what I wanted. Now it would take about 2 years of my gym membership to pay for it after that I would save money. I told him I had a few more months on my membership a small lie and at that point I would make a decision. He treated me great though and and seemed really interested in helping me even though I would not be buying today, of course he may get a commission on what he self but I still felt welcomed. Seas has always been a good place for Susan to shop as I have never had a problem there. Now I got to the mall about 12:30 and it was almost 3:30 now so I was ready to take a break from walking.

I am meeting Julie for dinner at Jansen Beach so I figured I would drive there and go to the Starbucks there for a couple hours till we meet for dinner. Now traffic is just as bad now as it is rush hour so it took me 45 minutes to get there. This is the same Starbucks I was at yesterday for a little while. Now the girls here remembered me and made me feel welcome which is always a good experience. One of them told me how much she liked my color of my top and how good I looked which made me feel good. The one who took my order agreed and told me I looked great in this color and she loved the way it matched my lipstick. Wow I really like compliments like that. I am really thinking of wearing this again tomorrow and I am going to buy another top like this if I see one.

Now I am just working n my blog and taking care of e-mails and other things I need to do. Having a laptop that I can take work and other things I need to do with me and go places like Starbucks’s is wonderful. It is funny as before I started coming here as Susan I couldn’t understand why anyone would go to a coffee shop. I guess till you try something you never fully understand it. I have about 45 minutes till I meet Julie for dinner so just going to relax here and surf the internet.

Thanks for reading

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Friday night at Sweethome to meet a new friend.

Well it has been a long week and I was looking forward to going out Friday night even though I couldn’t stay out late. One of our new members was going to come out for the first time with the group, her name is Lilly and she was going to bring her wife. I got all ready and was on my way, I got to Sweethome a little before 7. Chris was already there with his computer and I had also brought mine as I figured it would be a slow night as many of the girls were going out on Saturday night to try a new place.

I ordered dinner and played on my computer for a while Chris played a couple games of pool. It wasn’t long and Cristine showed up. My dinner arrived so I put away my computer so I could eat. Now I wasn’t sure if any other girls would show up but I was hoping we would have a good turnout. Petra and Michelle also showed up so I felt better that we had several of our group out tonight so hopefully Lilly and her wife would feel comfortable.

It was about 8:40 when Lilly and her wife (chrissie) showed up. I always love the nights new girls come out as it is nice to meet new people and make new friends. I met them and introduced myself and the other girls here tonight as I wanted them to feel welcome.

Lilly and her wife were really nice and I had a good chance to talk with them for a while, Lilly’s wife seams really understanding of Lilly and her need to express this side of herself. I had been hoping one of the wives from our group would come out and I was not disappointed and it wasn’t long and Jan and Lynn showed up. I thought it would be nice if Chrissie had a chance to talk to another wife about this and how they deal with it. Roxy also was able to show up tonight so we 10 of us in all including our newest member.

OMG I forgot Teresa as she also made it out tonight, How could I have done that. She doesn’t get out that often so it is always a treat when she does. she has promise me she will be going to Harvey’s Comedy club this weekend so I will get a chance to talk with her more which will be nice. 

Well it was time for Karaoke to start and Chris had a list of songs he was going to sing. Chris and Lynn both sang tonight and we had a great time. Jan, Lynn Lilly, Chrissie and I all sat at one table and had a great time talking and getting to know each other. We told them about the group and some of the things our group does including Harvey’s Comedy club which I am hopping they will go to as I think they would have a great time.

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Friday night with friends.

Well Friday night I made it out with my friends again to the P-Club here in Portland. It was so nice to spend time with them as it has been 3 weeks, 2 weeks ago I was in Reno on my way to Diva Las Vegas and last week I was in Las Vegas for the last night of Diva Las Vegas. It was such a fun trip. Anyway I got to the P-club at 7:30 and only Cassandra and Cristine were there and the club was really empty. This was both good and bad, good as I got a parking spot on the street just a few feet from the door and as it was raining (what new here in Portland) it was a short walk in so I didn’t get my hair and makeup ruined by the rain, boy Susan is such a girl when it comes to things like this. The bad is the club was so slow they sent one of the girls home early from work and there was not a lot of people watching we could do.

Well as our group started small and we figured it might be a low turnout for the night it wasn’t long before others from our group started showing up. I think in the end we had 15 to 20 there, and we all had a great time. We had a nice dinner as they really do have good food and also had a chance to talk. Everyone asked about my trip to Diva Las Vegas and several of the girls are already planning on next year as they said it sounded like I had such a great time which I did. It would be so much fun to have 5 or 10 of us from Portland all going to Diva Las Vegas next year.

This lady coming out of the bathroom stopped long enough to tell me how cute my dress was. I wore my black one that has sleeves that are slit to show my shoulders and arms a little. It really is a cute dress and one of my favorites. Later when I was at the bar getting a drink I ran into her again and thanked her for the comment. We ended up talking for maybe 20 minutes, her name was Michelle and she was so awesome. She told me we all looked so good that she felt under dressed as she was in a cute top and jeans. She also said she looks forward to us coming to the club but at first thought we might be cutting into her action. I told her she didn’t have to worry about that as I was not interested in any of the men there I was more interested in her and the other woman, seems she thought we were all gay. We had a nice talk and I explained that most of us were just straight guys who liked to dress. She thought that was so cool especially the fact a couple of the girls wives were there with them last night. It was really nice to meet her and talk with her.

Angie brought her good camera and we all had pictures taken and even a few group shots. I am looking forward to seeing those pictures. Plus everyone else had their cameras out taking pictures. It is so amazing that you a camera or two in a group of T-Girls and everyone starts to pose for the camera, you can mid in the deepest conversation and in mid sentence and when the camera points at you everything stops and you turn to the camera and smile. I can’t understand why but I do it every time. You would think with all the pictures I have of myself (Susan) I would not need anymore. I probably have 1,500 pictures of Susan on my computer plus more on discs, and yet I can only find 5 pictures of my male self. As a guy I avoid the camera how strange is that.

Later on Michelle the girl I met earlier came over to our group and started talking to us again. We talked about why we dress and then got onto clothes, hair, makeup and all the girly things. I had to get a picture with her as she was so nice. She probably spent 30 minutes talking to us and it was so much fun. She then called her boyfriend over (Josh) to meet us. He was just as nice as she was and we all talked some more. It was kind of funny as Michelle told him most of us were straight and were not attracted to men but instead attracted to women and from that point on Josh stayed close to Michelle. So of course I also had to get a picture of the three of us.

Later on Angie and I played Cassandra and Robin in a game of shuffle board, Cassandra is so competitive in everything she does. Well we scored first and then after that we trailed the whole game till the end. We play to 21 and we were down 18 to 16 when Angie finally came alive and on the last shots scored a 6 to come from behind and win. Way to go Angie. Well they were closing up and I think we finally left at 1:45. It was such a fun night and great to see all my good friends again.

This week I hope to make Starbucks on Wednesday night (might have to do Tuesday Night) and then I will not be out this Friday as I have to work late that night so Susan will have just one night this week.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Friday night at the candle light

Well Susan was out again of Friday night. The weather was just perfect. I got all dressed up in my white skirt I had bought for the Las Vegas trip; it is so cute and perfect for summer. I got to the candle light room about 7:30 and a couple of the other girls were just getting out of their cars, what great timing. We all met at the front door and walked in together. Cassandra, Roxy, Cristine and I talked for a bit trying to decide if we should sit inside or outside as it was so nice. We settled on going inside as there was a little bit of a wind and we didn’t want to mess up our hair, we are such girls. We found a table over by the pool tables and sat down. It wasn’t long and we all ordered some food, I skipped dinner as I really wanted their fish & chips. They are so good.

As normal on Friday others started to show up and our group grew. Amy and Mia, Peggy, Barb, Marla, Jan & Lyn, Buffy, Siobhan, & Kelly, what a fun group. We played some pool; I only played 1 game and lost but came close to winning. We were both on the 8 ball but I missed my shot and they didn’t. The Candle Light is a really friendly place and the people there are just great. I even got to meet the owner and his girlfriend. They are awesome; his girlfriend kept bringing people she knew over to introduce them to us. I met so many new people last night I wouldn’t even be able to come close to remembering their names.

Some of the girls were out dancing and having a great time while some were playing pool and the rest of us talking. Being a small place it keeps you all together as the dance floor is on 20 feet or so from the pool table. This one older lady at the table next to us kept looking at me and finally came over and told me how much she liked my top and we talked for a few minutes. She was at the table next to us with some of her family and they were all so nice. Cassandra was the first to go and talk to them, she is really good about starting up conversations with people she doesn’t know anyway soon they had us all come over so they could meet us all. They were totally cool with us. Let me see I think their names were Joel and his wife Vicki and Elisea. We talked with them on and off the whole night.

Being a smaller place it does get warm inside, there was a breeze though so with the front and back door open it wasn’t as hot as last week but I still needed to get some fresh air so Peggy and I went out back to cool off and there were all kinds of people outside and they were so nice. Several GG’s came over and talked to us and they all said how beautiful I was which made me feel great as a girl always like to be told she is beautiful. A couple were pretty hammered and I doubt they will even remember talking to me but it was still so much fun. Back inside Cassandra had found her game and had now won several games of pool in a row.

They had a different jazz group from last week; they have different ones each night so you get a good mix of music which is also nice. I still like Embers but you see pretty much the same show every time you are there so after a while you get a little board. Got a little of track there as I said they had good music but just a little louder than last week so talking was a little harder. Also being crowded several drinks got spilled as the tables are really narrow and with all our purses piled up like a mountain well those things happen. One of the girls knocked over Siobhan’s cosmopolitan and some of it went on my white skirt. As a guy this would not have fazed me but as Susan I was up and off to clean it right away. I am sure Alice knows how this is as I knocked over a wine once when I was out with her and she got some on her. Anyway It looks like I got it all out and everything is fine. She was so sorry for knocking it over I really felt bad for her as it really was no big thing as these things happen.

Well as the night wound down and people started to leave I was amazed at how many came by and said goodnight to us. I just can’t get over how friendly the people are there. Elisea the girl from the next table asked us if we would be back next week and we all said yes. It turns out this was her first time there and she said she wants to come back next week if we will be there. How cool is that. I want to thank the owner and his girlfriend for being so great; they have done a great job making the Candle Light a fun friendly place to go. A lot of the people there were the same as last week so you get to know people. I guess it kind of reminds me of the bar Cheers in then TV show, a place where everyone knows your name as several people I met last week remembered me and even my name. I am going to have to really make an effort to learn their names which will be hard as I am terrible at remembering names. Any way we are already planning on being there again next Friday night, can’t wait.

Saturday I have some things I have to take care of in the early afternoon but may try to get out for a little shopping or something Saturday night. I would go to Embers but several of the girls are going up to Seattle Saturday afternoon so they can be there Sunday for their Pride parade so I don’t think anyone will be out tonight. Oh well will see what I can do. It is strange to have a Saturday evening free and with the holiday next week I should also have next Saturday free also.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week, bye. J

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Starbuck’s on a Tuesday night

Well it is Tuesday and Susan is out tonight. My schedule for the next few weeks will be a little messed up, working some evening shifts so I was not able to go out tomorrow for my normal Wednesday so not wanting to miss my Susan time this week I came out tonight. It is a little different because they are really slow here. When I got here there was only two people inside and even now only two more have come in and stayed. They still have a steady stream of people who get something to go but nowhere near what Wednesday nights. Katie and Shavonie the two girls I have gotten to know over the last few weeks are off tonight and there are two other women working here. Both were really pleasant when I came in and asked how my night was going. They treated me like any other customer which is what I am going for, just one of the girls out.

Cassandra came up with a new way of putting on fake nails sand told me about them on Friday night so I thought I would give it a try. I have not been doing the fake nails because of time and they would come off on me and I hate having all nice nails except one or two. So far I like the new way the nails seem to stay on better and I can even type with them. Way to go Cassandra, thanks for the tip. The idea is to use two sided tape (the kind you use for sticking up house addresses). It is really strong and holds them on really well. You can buy it at Home Depot for about $6 for a roll. Only takes a small piece so the roll should last for quite a long while. My little beauty tip for the night.

I have been watching a lot of the Olympics and almost stayed home tonight to watch but I decided to tape them instead and go out. I find my time here at Starbuck’s relaxing and a great way to wind down after a busy day. It is amazing how just a few hours as Susan can relieve so much stress and make of calm and relaxed. I think if more men cross-dressed the world would be a better place or at least less stressful. I know several people I work with that are so wound up; they need to find a way to relax. Too bad I can’t tell them the secret.

Diva Las Vegas is getting closer and I still need to lose so weight and get some more clothes. Weight must come first. We still have 5 planning on going from the group I belong to here in Portland Oregon. I had hoped we would have more but the other 6 that wanted to go, well just didn’t work out for them. It will still be a blast to be out in public in Las Vegas as Susan. 11 days of nothing but Susan, makeup every day, dresses and skirts and my acrylic nails. It will be so much fun. I still need to figure out the shoes I need. I really like heels but know I can’t wear them all the time, for one I would look out of place and my feet would be dead by the end of the trip.

Well while I have been writing it has gotten a little busier here and there are about 10 people here now. It seems Starbuck’s is a good place to go and hang out either with friends or to work on your computer. It is so much better than sitting at home. I find the more I am out the more calm I am as Susan when I go out. I really think that is the key to passing, not that people believe I am female but the fact I am calm and confident I think they except me more and are less likely to confront me or make a comment. The last couple years that I have been going out have been wonderful and allowed Susan to really grow. All my friends have been so wonderful and really helped me but I have to mention the ones who have had the biggest impact. So I want to thank Teresa, Cassandra, Peggy, Alice, Maya and Bev. Your help and support has helped shape Susan into the woman she is today. I wish all cross-dressers could have such wonderful friends. Wow a little mushy there but really if you are a cross-dresser the best thing you can do for yourself is find some friends who support you. The internet is great for that. So many of the t-girls in our group have really grown over the last couple years. Two years ago I was afraid just to go to a drag cub or gay bar that I knew was accepting. Now I love going out and prefer the mainstream places like shopping, movies, and of course Starbuck’s.

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Friday Pool night at Embers

Well Friday night at Embers was all about pool. I wore one of my new dresses I bought, more of a casual look but a really cute dress I think. I have two and had a hard time choosing but I made the right choice as when I got to Embers Cassandra was wearing the one I didn’t pick. It looks like we bought the same dress. I guess we both thought it was cute. Anyway when I got there Cass, Candy and Lisa were already their up playing pool. It didn’t take long and others started to show up and soon we took up the whole area by the pool table.

It was so nice to see Candy again. It has been a while sense she has been out on a Friday night and it gave us a chance to talk and catch up on things. She is a lot of fun to hang out with. Candy Cassandra and Jamie dominated the pool table. I played twice and lost both games but still had a lot of fun. Even Barb showed up and played pool. Even Diane and Cheri showed up. Cheri was in boy mode (the first time I have ever met her this way). And Diane I have not seen sense the summer as she does not live here but comes here for business. It was great to see her again.

Jamie who is a newer member was out and I got to meet her. She came out last Saturday for the first time and her wife (who is supportive of her) was there on Saturday but tonight it was just her. We spent a good amount of time talking and getting to know each other. She is really nice and looks really good and passable. It is always nice to expand your group of friends and I hope she continues to come out more. Maya and Bev were also there, Maya had on a really cute skirt and pink top. She is so skinny she looks can wear anything. Got to talk with them both mostly Bev which I really like, there is nothing like a little girl talk. It is strange Susan so enjoys talking and being social just the opposite of my boy mode.

The show was good again tonight but being up by the pool table made it a little harder to watch but it was also a little less noisy allowing us to talk the whole night. By midnight the crowd had thinned enough that there really weren’t very many people watching the show. All in all it was a good night with friends and for me, that is the most important part of going out.

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Starbuck’s for another Wednesday night

Well as usual I went to Starbuck’s tonight. The difference is I wore a dress. I bought some new outfits on line last week and a couple were dresses. Both are of a more casual look that would be something you could wear to work so I really wanted to wear one. It is a little more dressy then most of the other people here but I did see a few ladies come in wearing dresses so I don’t feel out of place. Again they were really busy when I got here and the only table open was way in the back corner which is still okay but I like being more out in the middle of the room in amongst the other people, as it slows down I will feel like I am sitting in the corner.

Any way when I got here Shavonie greeted me and told me how nice I looked which made me feel good. Even Katie noticed I had a new dress so we talked for a few minutes before I went and sat down way in the back. There were probably 25 people here tonight again seems they are getting busier on Wednesday nights but that is okay with me as long as I can find a seat. I like being out with other people around and every week I am getting more comfortable and confident. This will really help me when we go to Diva Las Vegas and I spend 11 days as Susan.

Well the t-girl group I belong to is starting to get really big, I think we are up to 147 members now and the group is always active. Cassandra started something new this week she picked one t-girl (me Susan) and asked everyone to post one thing you really like about or one thing the person is really good at. There were so many posts that I was blushing all week. I have so many great friends and it was nice to hear some of the things they liked about me. I really owe them all big thanks and hug. Now comes the hard part, I have to pick the next t-girl for the post. We have so many great t-girls in this group I don’t know who to pick. I have till tomorrow to make my pick but wow it is like trying to choose between best friends.

Anyway the crowd here is thinning out and there are only 6 of us left here but still a pretty steady stream of people who come in, get something and leave. I have even talked with Katie and Shavonie a few times tonight and learned a little about them. I even told them about going to Las Vegas in April. They have both worked for Starbuck’s for several years (Katie a little longer) and Shavonie likes to play golf and went golfing today to enjoy the sunshine. By the way today was so sunny and nice almost like summer. Susan is so ready for the summer.

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Super Bowl Sunday party

Well this was a busy weekend for Susan. After going out Friday night I set my sights on Sunday and Super Bowl. Peggy and Cassandra were throwing a party, they are so great as they have held several parties now at their house and they always have lots of food. Thanks for all you two do for our group. Well anyway as they no longer sell the makeup I have used (max Factor pan stick) for several years I needed to find a new makeup that would give me the coverage I need to cover my beard shadow. Now I have heard from lots of woman (both TG and GG) that Mac is the best so I decided that was what I wanted to try. I also knew this was a lot more money than the drug store brand I have been using so I wanted to get the right color the first time so you all know what that means. I would have to go in without makeup on which for me was boy mode.

So Saturday night I went to Nordstrom’s at Lloyd Center. Now I love going to the makeup counter but it is a little more intimidating in boy mode. Luckily it was late in the evening and they were not really busy. there was a young man and woman working there and I really hoped the young lady would get done with her customer first as I thought it would be easier but as luck would have it she took longer so the young man came over and asked if he could help me. I told him what I needed (coverage) and he started to explain about the different make up types. Then he said it would help him if he knew what I was using it for so I went ahead and told him I liked to dress up every once in a while. This seemed perfectly normal to him and he told me what I needed was Studio Fix fluid spf15. He then tested some different shades on my jaw till we found the right shade and he even showed me how to layer it till I got the coverage I needed. He was very helpful and very nice and even gave me his card and told me if I needed anything else or wanted more help on how to apply the different makeup to give him a call. In all it went very well so I will give him a plug his name is Christian Gatlin Mac counter at Nordstrom’s Lloyd Center.

Sunday I was so looking forward to the party and of course trying my new foundation. I figured it was a good time as if it didn’t look right I would be at a party at a house instead of out in public. As I got ready I found the foundation very easy to work with and it did a really good job. The coverage was as good if not better than the one I was using and it looked a lot more natural. The only down side was cost. $26 compared to the $9 for the Max Factor. I will jump ahead as I am talking about the foundation, when I got home some 10 hours later I still had great coverage and the makeup still looked fresh and clean where as the Max Factor usually looked a little old after I would get home from being out. So for that reason I have found a new foundation as it looks better longer.

Anyway I left for the party and as I was driving there I realized I forgot the stuff I bought to bring so I stopped at Albertsons (I love to shop as Susan) and went in to pick up some stuff. I only spent about 15 minutes inside and didn’t have any problems. I got to the party and there were already quite a few t-girls there. Cass made her tostacos which she has been bragging about for weeks and she has every right to brag, they were awesome. I lost track of how many people were there but I would guess 30 or more.

We had such a great time, we played Yahtzee, watched the game, took lots of pictures and Maya even tried on a few of Cassandra’s wigs. We took so many pictures and Maya looked awesome in the blonde wig. I posted one of the pictures of her and I on my flickr page as she looked so cute as a blonde. The party was so fun and everyone had a great time. A big thanks to Peggy and Cassandra for hosting it, you two are awesome.

It was a long day and as I said above when I got home I still looked good. The Studio Fix Foundation looked great about all that would have been needed was a little powder (shiny nose). I am sure all you ladies out there know this feeling but I am really happy with it and will buy it again.

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Friday night out 2-5-2010

Well as usual Susan went out on Friday to meet her friends. I left a little earlier than normal in hopes of getting to Embers around 6 to 6:15 but wouldn’t you know it there was a wreck on the freeway and my normal 25 minute drive turned into a 70 minute drive so it was almost 8 by the time I got there. On the bright side if I had left at my normal time it would have been 8:30 or later so there is always a bright side.

When I got to Embers there was a show going on, not sure what it was for but it was really busy so we were all up by the pool table. We had all our usual t-girls there, Cassandra, Peggy, Lisa, Samantha, Amy Cristine and even Bev & Maya showed up all that was missing was Teresa. Peggy and Cassandra both had on new dresses, they had gone shopping earlier in the day. They both looked so cute and it was really nice to see Peggy in a dress as she does not usually wear a dress. Peggy and I talked about some dresses Cassandra had just got online at One Peggy liked so she ordered the same in her size.

Shannon (a GG that likes t-girls) showed up with her date. He was a little uneasy as I don’t thinks she had told him where they were going and I don’t think he had ever met a t-girl before. Cassandra was the first to talk to him and you could tell this was new to him, a bunch of dudes in dresses but he was nice and willing to talk. I talked to him for briefly and I don’t know why but I asked him if he knew what we all had in common and he said no so I told him we all looked just like him before our first date with Shannon. You should have seen the look on his face till he realized I was joking.

 Finally the early show was over and one table cleared so a few of us moved down to watch the show and the rest stayed up and played pool. The show was good as always but our group was not as big as it has been in the past which was probably good as Embers was really crowded tonight. I can’t remember the last time I saw them this busy. Well must go as I want to check out and see if I can find a new dress.

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