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Entry for October 27, 2007


HI All

I love this time of year. I dressed up Saturday night and went out. I had bought a new dress and shoes just for Halloween. I started by going out for dinner. My next stop was Nordstrom’s at Loyd Center. I had gone in early in the day and bought some makeup remover and talked to one of the sales lady. She was really helpful but I did tell her it was just for a Halloween party. Any way I stopped and went in and looked around then went to the cosmetic counter. she was still there so I showed her my outfit (costume). She thought I looked good and even gave me some advice on walking in heels. She was so nice and helpful.
From here I went to Embers and spent about an hour there. I watched some of the show. After that I went to Safeway and did some shopping and then home again. I plan to go out again on Halloween night again.

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Entry for October 24, 2007

HI All,

It’s been a while sense my last blog but with Halloween coming up I went out and bought a new dress. It’s a little on the tight side (I hope it will motivate me to loose a little weight). I am so looking forward to Halloween so I can wear my new dress.

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