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Wednesday night dinner at Who Song & Larry

It is Wednesday night and our group is having dinner at Who Song & Larry’s on the Columbia river. Last time we were here was back in December so it has been a while. Now we had 8 post they would be there and 2maybes so it should be a good turnout tonight. I got home from work late so it would be another fast transformation, I really like it more when I can take my time and enjoy getting ready. I talk to some of my female friends and a lot of them don’t like the time it takes to do full makeup and I keep wondering if I will get to that point someday. After all some of them have been doing makeup every day for 40 years so I can understand why they may not find it as fun as when they were teenagers. I just hope I never lose the enjoyment of doing my makeup and I don’t think I will. This is my 1,187th blog post so that means I have gone out as Susan that many times plus all the times early on when I just dressed or did my makeup at home and it is just as much fun today as back then. Wow it is hard to believe I have written that many blogs. Well I started getting ready at 5:30 and was ready and on my way by 6:15. Now as I was leaving it looked like it might rain so I took my coat and I was right. I got about a block from my house and the bottom fell out, it was raining so hard for a few miles that cars on the freeway were only going about 30 and there was thunder and lighting also something we don’t see around here very often. As I got close the rain slowed down which was nice and by the time, I got to the parking lot it had stopped.

I took advantage of the break in the rain and went right in. they didn’t look that busy so I went to see if we could get a table for 8 to 10 and the lady at the counter said she would go see what they had. While I was waiting Melissa and her wife walked in, I thought that was them behind me when I pulled into the parking lot. They had a table ready wo the of us went and sat down and waited for the rest to show up. It wasn’t long and Barb showed up followed by Jan & Lynn and then Kimberly and her wife so we actually had wives here tonight which was awesome. Our waiter came and took our orders, we have always had wonderful service here and tonight was just the same. Now I know some girls get caught up in how well they pass and that can be a driving force and can keep some girls from ever going out. Tonight, we all passed, not because they really believed we were female but because they accepted us as females and treated us that way. I am sure we got some looks but we were able to enjoy a dinner out as friends like everyone else and that is what it is all about.

Now Kimberly’s wife has gone out with her before I think but this was the first time meeting the group so I think it was great we had 2 other wives here tonight. Melissia’s wife was seated right across from Kimberly’s wife so they talked most of the night. of course, we all got to talk with her and learn a little about her, these dinners are great for that as they are smaller groups and, in a setting, where it is easy to talk. Of course, we also could look out the windows on the Columbia river and see the rain and lightning although it was tapering off now. Our food came and we had a wonderful dinner, the food here is really good by the way. It was nice to talk with everyone, and have a wonderful night out with my friends. Barb is getting ready for her yearly trip for the summer so it maybe a few months before she is out with the group again. I really do have some wonderful friends as Susan.

After we ate, we sat and talked some more, Kimberly’s wife is really nice and I hope she comes out more with the group. We actually have quiet a few wives or significant others that are supportive of their spouse and even come out with them which is so awesome. It was after 9 when we all called it a night, as we walked out it was a little cool for the end of June but at least it wasn’t raining. We said our goodbyes and made our way to our cars. It is always sad when these evening end but I know Susan will be out again and I will get to see and spend time with my friends.

I got home and got ready for bed and removed my makeup and that is when I know my evening is over, when I see my male self-looking back at me. Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is knew in my life as Susan.

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Saturday night at the Escape

Saturday and I get to go to the Escape with my friends and I am looking forward to it. I got home late so I had to rush to get ready as I wanted to be there by 6. I was on my way by 5:30 and got to the Escape right at 6 and went in. not what is funny is last week at the Trans March I ran into a lady I haven’t seen I in 5 years, well tonight I saw her again as she and her friends were sitting at the tables out front. Funny how that works. I got inside and got our normal table and set up my computer as I like to get here a little early so I always bring it so I have something to do. Well I had just sat down and Nicole showed up and what a surprise. It turns out Nicole and her daughter are doing a father daughter vacation and yes Nicole is part of that trip as her daughter came with her tonight, how awesome is that. Yes, not only tonight but at least one other night in their trip it will be Nicole. It turns out her wife and daughters know all about Nicole and they are supportive of her which is so awesome. It was so nice to talk to them both and get to talk to her daughter and get her impression of how she feels. Now we did get some pictures, Nicole wanted one of her and I took one of her with her daughter it really was a nice picture and memory. I also got a picture of me. I wore one of my newer dresses with my corset so I have nice curves.

Well we ordered dinner and sat and talked as we waited for others to show up. Kimberly was the first to show up, it was good to see her again. She comes out more to the Wednesday night dinners but has come to the Escape before. The 4 of us sat and talked for a while. It wasn’t long and others showed up. Now once again it is a week later before I got a chance to write this blog so I may miss some. Kris, Stacy, Jennifer & her wife, Laura M and her girlfriend showed up so we had a good turnout tonight and we filled our table. It was so nice to get a chance to sit and talk with all of them. Now in my male life I am not big on just sitting around and talking but when I am out as Susan, I really do like talking with friends and people.

As always it started to get busy the closer it got to 9 when Karaoke starts and I really do like it when it is busy as it gives us a good chance to interact or at least be seen by others and yes it is a lot of the same people who come here but there are also some new people who also come here. Well Karaoke started and of course some of our members got up and sang. Kimberly got up and sang and she did the song Love Shack which is actually a duet so she was looking for someone to help her, Kris went up and sang it with her and they did a good job. Now it does get hard to talk once karaoke starts but it is fun to listen. It is just a fun night out.

Nicole and her daughter were the first to leave but it was so nice to see Nicole again and get to meet her daughter, I really hope they have a wonderful vacation together, I look forward to the next time I see her so I can hear all about her vacation. Well we sat and listened to singing and talked in between the songs. Now I stayed till a little after 11 before I called it a night, I paid my bill and said my goodbyes before heading home. it really was a wonderful night out.

Thanks for reading and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is new.

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Saturday June 15th Portland’s Trans March

It is Saturday June 15th and today is Portland’s Trans march, this is Pride weekend in Portland and so several of us are going to the Trans march downtown today. I have never gone to Pride so this will be a first for me. The march starts at 3:30 in the park block and goes down to the waterfront. Melissa and several of the girls did this last year and said it was fun. The plan is to meet downtown at 2:30 and walk in the march. Now Julie is also going to do the march so I am going to pick her up at 1:30 so I will have to get ready early today. I started getting ready a little after 11 am with the hope of being ready by 1 yes I planned on hours to get ready, I wanted to take my time and enjoy it but also new I needed a little more care on my makeup as it not only has to last all day but I wanted something that could go from day to evening. Julie head texted me last night to see what I was going to wear and I told her my black and whit summer dress, she was going to wear a skirt and top. Well I was done with my makeup by about 12:30 and started to get dressed but I just didn’t like it for the day and went with my black skirt and maroon top. Funny how I put so much thought into what Susan wears. I was out the door a little before 1 and got to Julies about 1:15.

Julie was ready but we talked for a little bit before we left. The plan was we would go to the march and Trixie would meet the group for dinner as she had things she had to do today. It was about 1:40 when we left. It is always more fun to have Julie with me on the drive, two girlfriends out for the day and it gave us a chance to talk. We were both so excited to do this and we talked about it. 10 years ago, if you had said we would be downtown Portland on a Saturday afternoon to march in the street as woman we both would have thought you were crazy but here, we are. Now we went straight for a parking garage which was close to where we planned on eating after and parked. It was about 10 blocks from where we were meeting so we took an UBER over. We got to the park blocks and there were a lot of people. I had figured a couple hundred at best but I would bet there were a couple thousand and most were not transgender but were out to support us and walk with us which was awesome. Julie and I talked as we waited for others to show up.

It wasn’t long and others showed up, Kimberly, Melissa and her wife, Barb, and Dana. We stood in the sea of people as we waited for the march to start. Now there were a group of people not far from us that all had their faces mostly covered which made me a little nervous as the only reason you cover your face is so know one knows who you are and I didn’t know why they didn’t want to be recognized. Hopefully they weren’t planning anything bad. That was the case as they didn’t do anything but march.

Soon it was 3;30 and the march started and the whole group started moving. It was tight for the first few blocks but then things opened up a little. We tried to stay as a group but some we weren’t all walking the same speed but we stayed pretty close. A few blocks into the march I ran into Alicia, I haven’t seen her for a year or two as she lives south or Portland. She was there marching with her wife and kid which was so awesome. I got a chance to talk with her briefly as we walked it was so wonderful. I have made some awesome friends as Susan and even though I may not see them very often they are still awesome people. A little later I also ran into Laura and her girlfriend who were also there. Now there was one thing I didn’t like about the march some of the people were chanting different things as we march and a couple of them were about police. Now I am not saying all police are good but in the same way not all are bad and I believe for the most part police are good and do a good job that is difficult. I don’t think this made the group as a whole look good as what a few people thought or changed could be taken as how the whole group is just as some were grouping all police together. Everyone on all sides needs to stop these divisive actions and we all need to learn to love one another. If we can’t treat other with respect and fairly how can we expect then to treat us that way. I don’t care who you are or what your beliefs or political views are as long as you treat me nice, I will do the same for you and here ends my little sermon, back to the march.

We got to the end which was at the pride festival on the water front, I am guessing the march was about 15 blocks long give or take a couple. We went into the festival area to look around and we ran into Betty, Summer and Shay and her wife. It was good to see them again also. So, we had a big turnout today for this march even if we didn’t all march together. Now we did get some pictures including a group picture but as I didn’t ask everyone in the picture if I could post I will have to leave that picture out of my blog but I did get Julie to take a picture of me. We walked around a little and one of Barbs friends joined us her name was Mindy and also a nice young man named Holden, he is a trans man. It was almost 5 so our attention turned to dinner and we thought about going to Mama Mia for dinner but it turned out being Saturday, Pride weekend and also Prom weekend they were booked up so Melissa called Rock Bottom and they also were booked up she then tried Hennery’s and they could get us in at 5:30 so Melissa gave them her name and said there would be 10 of us. Trixie was on her way so Julie, Kimberly and I left for Hennery’s while the rest of the girls looked around a little longer, a couple of them wanted to buy some things. It is about 14 blocks up and 3 blocks over from where we were but we decided to walk it.

On the way we ran into some people going down to the festival and one of the girls recognized me and there is always that panic of how she knows me (male or female) but it only took me a few seconds to remember her. I met her years ago at the P-Club and we played shuffle board together so it was Susan she recognized. We talked briefly and then we were on our way. It took us about 20 minutes to walk to Hennery’s about a mile. They were not busy and they had our table ready so we sat down and got some drinks as it was a warm day. it wasn’t long and the others showed up. Our timing was perfect as by 6 lots of people had come in and they were really busy. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversations and I got to talk to Holden as he sat next to me and he was such an awesome young man. He has only been in Portland for a few months. Soon it was almost 8 pm, where did the day go. We paid our bills and our waiter was so awesome. We always seem to get wonderful service but every once in a while, it is just over the top and that was the case tonight.

Now we had planned on eating down by the waterfront and that was where we parked about 13 blocks so Julie Trixie and I took an UBER back to where we had park. I drove us all back to Julies and dropped them off. It was such a wonderful day and so nice to spend so much time with Julie. Now it was a choice of what to do well really not. I briefly thought about going to the Escape but it was a little after 9 so by the time I would get there I would only have an hour plus I had been out since 1 pm and wasn’t sure my makeup was up to par for going out so I went home after a wonderful day.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Wednesday night dinner at Southland Whiskey Kitchen again

It is Wednesday night and the group is going to the Southland Whiskey Kitchen, we have gone here several times before the last time was last July. Now I didn’t think I was going to be able to go tonight as I had family things but they fell through and that allowed me to go tonight so I was happy. Of course, this would mean rushing to get ready and get there by 7. Now I didn’t get home till 5:40 so I started getting ready as soon as I got in the door, on the way home I decided what I would wear and that always makes it easier. It took me 40 minutes to get ready and I was out the door and on my way by 6:20.

I got downtown where Southland Whiskey Kitchen is and found a parking spot about 2 blocks. Now there are several places we in this area we have gone to and all are good but parking can be hard to find as it is all street parking. It was a nice day a little on the hot side but still a nice day for a walk down the street. I got to the restaurant and they were a little busy but Julie had made reservations and was already there so I joined her as we waited for others to show up.

It was nice to sit and talk with Julie, I really like the Wednesday night dinners as we get a chance to talk and get to catch up on what’s new in our lives. It wasn’t long and others started showing up. Christie, Dana and Stacylee showed up so there were 5 of us tonight. We all talked for a while before we ordered just in case as we thought we might have one more. It was about 7:15 when we ordered.

Now we talked about a lot of things, one was passing. I get asked a lot about passing and how to do it. The thing is it is very hard to pass 100%. To me passing is being able to go out and be treated like any other woman. When I go out, I realize I don’t pass but when I go out and am treated with respect. Now I do get looks but for the most part I don’t even notice it anymore and I am always treated wonderful where ever I go. I guess the Portland area is good for this.

We had a wonderful dinner and conversation, we sat and talked after we ate till after 9. Stacylee was the first to leave, she lives 2 hours away and drives down to have dinner with us which is awesome.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what’s new.

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Saturday at the Escape

Another week over and I am going to the Escape for the evening. Now this week I was able to start getting ready earlier so I was able to take my time and enjoy getting ready. I was ready and on my way by 5 as I like getting there early as it gives me time to eat and play on my computer a little. Now I got there and parked right in front another benefit of going early.

Now normally I get one of the big tables in case others show up but tonight they had several big parties and all the tables were reserved except for the ones along the window so that is where I sat tonight. I went up and ordered dinner, I get a hamburger here almost every week but I wanted something a little healthier so I ordered breakfast, eggs, sausage and fries and of course pancakes. Well maybe not that much healthier but really good.

It wasn’t long and lee showed up with a couple of her friends, Britney and Sierra. Now I met lee a while ago and have seen her out a few times so it was nice to get a chance to talk with her while it was not busy yet. Lee doesn’t get out much but she has come out to several people she knows which is something I have not done. It really was n ice to talk with them.

A little later Jan, Lynn and Kris showed up so we had a good turnout but we were at 3 small tables by the window as by not the other groups had shown up and it was really busy. Karaoke started so it got a little loud but being over by the windows wasn’t as loud as where we usually sit so there was a benefit sitting here. It is fun listening to those who will get up and sing and the songs I know I can sing along with from my table.

Lauri also showed up which was nice but also lets me know it is getting close to when I go is funny as I use to not go out till 9 or later, now by 10 I am ready to go home. I think it is because Susan has become so much a part of me, I can leave my house anytime. Now I have talked to girls and I am not going to just go around and tell people about me but I am not going to hide in my house. If my neighbors see me, they see me.

It was about 11:30 when I called it a night. It was a fun night out with my friends. Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life

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Wednesday night dinner at Le Bistro Montage

Wednesday and dinner out at Le Bistro Montage but first a little side note. One of my neighbors knows about Susan and I wouldn’t be surprised if all my neighbors know, that being said. Tuesday I came home and I normally back into my garage, as I got to my house I say my neighbor across the street coming out of his garage in his electric wheelchair so I quickly pulled in to my drive forward and as my garage door was opening I saw my neighbor headed my way. By the time I was pulled in and started shutting the door he was half way up my drive so I just let it come down. Will be interesting the next time I talk with him.

Well back to Wednesday night, I got home about 5:20 and I started getting ready as soon as I got inside. Now I knew I had to get ready fast so Tuesday night I picked out my dress and had it setting out. I didn’t get to take my time with my makeup as it was more important to be to dinner on time. I was ready and on my way by 6:10. I got downtown about 6:30 and found a parking spot a block away and walled to Le Bistro Montage.

Barb was just parking out front so we walked in together. Now Melissa and her wife were waiting in the bar. It wasn’t long and Jennie, Julie, Rickie and Judy showed up so we went out and were seated at our table. Kris was there already so we had 9 of us tonight. Now the tables here are long tables so you can sit next to other people if they are busy but that was not the case tonight.

Now we sat and talked to give time incase any others showed up as we did have a couple others say they might make it but they didn’t so about 7 a few ordered appetizers, Julie got Frog Legs and Melissa’s wife got Alligator bites. The Appetizers came and I tried a frog legs and it was pretty good, tasted like chicken but maybe just a little more salty but good. I also tried the Alligator bites, in a way it also tasted like chicken but with a fishy taste, I wasn’t as keen on this probably wouldn’t order it but I can say I have tried it.

Well no one else showed up so we ordered dinner, our waiter was awesome, both times we have come here we have had awesome wait staff, actually pretty much every place we go we are treated wonderful. We kind of got talking and wonder if we maybe get a little bit better/extra service as they are trying too hard to accommodate us. Our food came and as always it was really good as always. We had a nice dinner and wonderful conversation, just an awesome night out with friends. Now the cool thing about Le Bistro Montage is they wrap your leftover if you have them in aluminum foil and make shaped out of them. One of our girls got a Seahorse, turtle, penguin, a butterfly and I can’t remember the last. I of course had no leftovers so I didn’t get one.

Now was time for desert and Julie was here tonight to help me eat it so I ordered an Oreo Cheesecake which is incredible, I would highly recommend it if you come here. It really was a fun night out. We stayed here till a little after 9 just talking and having a good time. It is always sad when the night is over and I have to say goodbye to my friends and go home and change back to my normal male self.

Thanks for reading and be sure and checkout my most recent blog to see what is new.

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Tuesday and a day of Susan

It is Tuesday and I have the day off, my reward for working on Saturday. Now I really have no set plans other than a few things I need to do and as luck has it, they are all things Susan can do. I got up about 7am to start my day, I took my time getting ready as I figured out what I would do. It was about 9 when I was ready, yes, I took extra time as today is a casual day. I am wearing my marron top, black leggings and sandals something a lot of woman wear so I should blend in nicely. The only problem is with this outfit I need more curves to my body and that means my hip pads to give me a little more width in the hips and of course my corset to pull my waist in. 1 final look in the mirror and I was ready to leave.

My first stop would be Home Depot as I need some stuff for my yard, now it was amazing how much traffic there still was, what should have been a 15-minute trip took me a little over a ½ hour but I got to Home Depot and parked and went in. I still remember my first time going out to Embers, and LGBT club that was very open and TG friendly and did Drag Shows several nights and how scared I was. Now I just parked and walked right into Home Depot where you would go to find other Transgender girls. I got a cart and walked around looking before heading over to the garden center area, I got my fertilized, moss killer, bug killer and some grass seed to patch a few bare spots in my yard and then it was up to the checkout. As far as I could tell there no one gave me a second look although I am sure they did and I just didn’t notice as I really don’t pay attention anymore.

After here I went over to Best Buy, I need to update my Quicken software as I can no longer download data but I am unhappy as you just can’t buy the program anymore. It is a subscription base now so you pay every year. I use to buy it for $59 and it was good for 3 years now it is $49 per year. I didn’t buy it at least not today but I know I will soon. I also looked at their Speaker bars for flat screen TV as I need to get one. I also looked at laptops and dash cams and just kind of walked around. I left here and my next stop was Clackamas Town Center.

This was just a sour of the moment as I really didn’t need anything here just wanted o look around. I parked and went in through JC Penny’s and looked at their dresses and heels. They had a couple cute dresses but nothing in my size so it was out into the mall. I spent about 1 ½ hours here looking around before leaving. My next stop was Fred Meyers on 82nd Ave and that was just to pick up some flowers as my next stop was the Cemetery to put flowers on my Dads grave. I will bring my Mom here in a couple weeks but I wanted to go as Susan. My Dad never met Susan or new about her but I just have a need to go there as Susan now. Now there were a lot of people here today but it is a big Cemetery so no one really close to where I was going except for some workers. There were 5 men digging a new grave site about 30 feet behind me and to the right but they were busy working and other then walking up to my Dads grave, my back was to them so I figured they would notice anything. I spent about 30 minutes here before leaving.

My last stop was Costco, I wanted to get some towels and look around. Now a little over a year ago I actually went into Costco as Susan to see if I could get a Costco card under Susan’s name and they did, they listed me as my males significant other so I have a Costco card with Susan name and picture but I have not used it till today. I got there and was amazed at home many cars were there so I parked in my normal place, way out but easy to get out of the parking lot but it left me with a long walk in butt that was okay. Now I haven’t eaten all day yet so my first stop was to get something to eat, yes, I love their hot dogs and drink, I get one most of the times I go here.

Now they were rally busy guess lots of people had today off. I got my food and there really was no open tables so I went and asked a lady at a table if anyone was sitting on the other side and she said no help yourself so I sat down to eat. She didn’t seem bothered by me and we even had a little conversation about the weather and how busy they were. Before she finished and left. I finished eating and then went in to look for some towels. I found them and they have a big selection and a really good price $7.99 for a big bath towel so I picked out a couple and then walked around looking. They also have a big selection of pillows and I really need some new ones as mine are well I won’t say how old they are but they need to be replaced. So now with my pillows and towels it was up to the front to stand in line and they were all at least 7 deep. I just got in the first line behind a lady to wait my turn. I ended up talking with her also about how nice it was outside today, mid 70’s and sunny and also about how busy they were. I got to the checkout and gave her my card and paid for my stuff and was on my way.

Really Costco and Home Depot were the only things I needed to do today and it really was just everyday things I did that I could have just as easily done in male mode but it was just more fun as Susan. It was about 2pm now and I have till 4 or 4:30 before I have to be home and switch back to my male self so I figured I would end it by gong to the Starbucks I usually go to and write my blog from Saturday at the Escape. I use to write my blog the very next day if not the same day but lately it is taking me several days and in some cases a week to get time to write it, I really need to work on this.

I got to the Starbucks about 2:20 and went in, they were busy and all the tables were full but they had one outside and it was a nice day. I made a quick stop in the rest room before going up and ordering my drink. With my order in I was going to go set up my computer on the table outside but it was taken now so I waited in line for my drink and was looking at the counter by the window as there were 2 seats there. Now it really was my lucky day as with my drink in hand I stopped to grab a straw, yes, I use straws, don’t hate me. Any way a young man got up from the second table along the window and left leaving me a seat along the window at a table so I quickly grabbed it. Now this Starbucks has a drive through and it is 1 car after another and yet the inside is also really busy.

I sat here and wrote my blog from Saturday night and caught up on some e-mails and just played on the internet, again all things I could do from home or as my male self but just so much more fun and relaxing as Susan here at Starbucks. I think of all the times I have come to Starbucks as Susan over the years and it is hard to imagine I had never been in a Starbucks till I came as Susan and even now it is probably only 3 or 4 times I have gone to a Starbucks not as Susan and those were times to see if they would figure it out. I stayed her till 4:30 before going home to switch back to my male self as I have things, I have to do tonight that can’t be done as Susan.

I am now looking forward to Wednesday night dinner with my friends. Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what is new in my life on my most recent blog.

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Going to the Escape on Saturday

Its another Saturday and that means going to the Escape, now normally I try to get there between 5 & 6 so I can eat dinner and play on my computer a little before others start showing up but today I had to work and I didn’t get home from work till after 4 so I will be a little later tonight. I took my time getting ready tonight as I wanted to enjoy the transformation. It is hard to explain but there is something so relaxing and calming about transforming myself into Susan, I really do enjoy the time I spend doing my makeup. I was ready and on my way about 5:40 which was good as I really figured with working today it would be closer to 7 when I got to the Escape.

I got there right at 6 and the parking lot was full so I pulled out and parked on the street, I got the first spot on the street so it was still close. Now as I was walking into the parking lot 2 cars pulled out and I thought about moving my car but figured by the time I could pull around the block the spots might be gone and I might lose the spot I had, you know the old saying a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush, some of my younger readers may not understand. I went in and set my computer down on the table and went up to order, Nicole was already at the bar ordering, she got here just before I did. Nicole lives a couple hours north of here and only gets down every few months so it is always great to see here again and get a chance to talk with her.

Now I will give my pitch for Blogging. I would encourage everyone to do a Blog of your life, it can be an everyday thing like a diary, about specific things in your life or just a part of your life like my blog about my feminine side. It is awesome to be able to look back on things in your life, things you have done, places you have gone or people you have met or just pictures you have taken. The good thing about blogs is you can have them public, private, or share them with just certain people and you can even do a combination and just have certain blog posts private or public. Well back to my blog.

Nicole and I sat down and started talking and catching up from the last time she was in town. It was so much fun, just 2 ladies sitting and talking. Now we ordered pretty much at the same tome but her food came and she had finished by the time I got mine, I guess a burger takes longer than a grilled chicken sandwich. It was around 7 when Michele showed up, she has been coming out more which is nice. Now being Pride week, we wondered how busy it would be tonight as there is also the Starlight parade and run in downtown Portland tonight as well as a Portland Timbers game. It did get a little busy between 7:30 and 8:30 and then thinned out till about 9:30 when it got busy again, Karaoke started at 9and that usually brings in the people. Bobbie, Jan and Lynn also showed up. It was great to see them. Jan and Lynn are also wonderful friends and also know me as both my male and female sides. A few years back I was out at an event and I saw Jan and Lynn (Jan was in male mode) and without thinking I waved and said Hi Jan and Lynn and as soon as I said it, I realized I was not Susan. Any way there was nothing I could do as Lynn was looking around for Susan so I just kept waving till she saw me and realized I was my male self. It is still amazing how many of my friends I have met as Susan have seen or even know me as my male self. I never would have thought this possible.

Well we all sat and talked for a while, a little while later Melissa, Kris and another girl from our group showed up so it looked like we would have a good turnout tonight after all. Karaoke Started and of course Lynn went up and sang as did Kris, Kris and Lynn actually sang a duet. Now there is a diverse group of people who come here and sing, some sing old songs, rock songs, pop, country and even rap and they are all good. I look at it this way if you are willing to get up and sing you are good and deserve applause as that takes a lot of courage. Any way there is one young man probably in his mid to late 20’s who has been coming her and singing every Saturday for months now. He is tall probably 6’4″ and skinny and long brown hair and he does a really good job when he sings and usually the same songs. Any way tonight she was here again, yes, I said she as tonight she had done her makeup and had a nice deep red lipstick and a nice outfit, very casual but feminine and she looked amazing. Even with her height she looked very feminine. She was at the other side of the bar with a couple of her friends and they seemed like this was totally natural for her, how awesome is that.

About 10 Lauri showed up so we had 9 of us here tonight. Now with the Karaoke going it was hard to talk but we were still having fun but I was getting tired as I got up about 4am this morning to go to work but it was cold in here again tonight as they had the air conditioning going again and that was helping keep me awake. Normally not an issue for me in my male life but women’s clothes are not designed for warmth as you can see from my picture above, I had bare shoulders but I did wear my ankle boots tonight so my feet didn’t get cold, trust me open toes heels look awesome but do nothing to keep your feet warm.

Nicole was the first to leave but she will be b ack in town in a few weeks as she is taking a father daughter trip with one of her daughters and they will stop in Portland on the way. Now her wife and kids know about Nicole and our supportive but I am not sure her daughter will come out with her as it could be a little intimidating to come meet all of us at a bar. After Nicole left Melissa was the next to leave, I really thought I would be the first to leave tonight but I was just having so much fun. It was a little after 11 when I just couldn’t make it anymore so I went up and paid my bill and said my goodbyes.

On the way out I stopped at the other side of the bar and told the tall young lady how awesome she looked tonight and how well she sang. I wish I had got her name but I am hopeful she will be here again. With that I left and drove home. it was a long day but so worth going out tonight.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life as Susan.

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Wednesday night dinner at Old Town Pizza

It is the last Wednesday night of May and we are going to dinner at Old Town Pizza. We have gone here many times and always have a wonderful time and we usually get a good turnout here. Now I love the Wednesday night dinners as it gives us a good chance to talk and socialize. Now today I did get home earlier so I was able to take my time getting ready which I love. now a funny side note, as I got home early, I decided to text Julie and see if she wanted to ride with me as I would have time to pick her up. So, as I was doing my makeup, I was talking into my phone to text her, I love voice texting. Now for some reason my phone was not getting what I said correct, it looked like it was foreign language so after 6 tries I gave up and decided to go the old fashion way and type the message. I would type a word in and it would mix up the letters, I thought my phone was broke but then I looked at it and it looked like German. Some how my phone language for texting got changed, took me a little while to find the settings and change it back. Somehow, I must have hot the right combination of buttons putting the phone in my pocket. I did manage to text Julie and then finished getting ready. Julie texted me back she would love that so I told her I would pick her up a little after 6.

I picked Julie up about 6:15 it really is nice to go together, 2 attractive ladies going out for the night, I know that sounds kind of corny but 10 years ago I would never imagine being able to do this. Julie is such an awesome friend and we had a nice time talking as I drove downtown Portland. We got to Old Town Pizza about 6:45 and went in, we were the first there so we put a couple tables together as we had 8 of us post we would be here. It wasn’t long and others started to show up, Melissa, Kitty, Jeanie, Barb, Michele, & Dana and I think 1 more. I really need to get back to doing my blog right after the event as my memory is not as good several days later. Well we all sat and talked for a while before we went up and ordered. They have really good pizza here and just a nice place to go and have some social time.

Now Dana is new to our group and came out to meet us, she is really nice and we had a great time getting to know her. She just moved to Portland not long ago. I really di like when we get knew girls out as I like meeting new friends. It really is hard to believe but I have more friends as Susan then in my male life even though my Susan time is a small part of my life and the friend I do have are some of my best friends, Casandra and Julie really are my best friends and I am not taking away from my other friends as they are all awesome but Julie and Cassandra probably no me better then anyone. We have done things together both in male and female rolls and I never would have thought that possible.

Our food came out and we all ate as we talked. There was a girl who worked here ad she thought we were awesome, she kept coming out and talking to us and making sure everything was good, she gave us her name and now a few days later I can’t remember it but she was so awesome. It really is nice when you meet someone like her. We had a nice dinner and wonderful conversation; these dinners really are a wonderful time to get to know each other better.

It was about 9:15 when we all called it a night so its not a real late bight out which is nice also as it is a weekday. Now again it was nice having Julie ride with me as we were able to talk more on the way back to her house. It really is wonderful to be able to share so much of my life with my friends. I dropped Julie off and then drove home, it was about 10:15 when I got home but it was such a fun night out.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog.

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Memorial Day and some Susan time

It is Memorial Day and I want to thank all of our brave service men and women who have made this country the wonderful free place we live. Now I have the day off and that means some Susan time. My plan was to get up early and go out but as with any plans it didn’t work to well. It was about 10:30 by the time I was up and ready. I really had no plans although I needed to go to Lowes and get a part for my toilet as it started leaking in the downstairs bathroom the other day. now of course I won’t fix it as Susan but I can certainly go and get the part as Susan. That was my first stop and yes, they were pretty busy probably as most people have today off work. It is still so cool I can go shopping here as Susan and really no one pad any attention to me.

My next stop was Walmart just down the street. I really didn’t need anything here but just wanted to do some shopping and it was close. I looked around mostly at the makeup section. I spent maybe 20 minutes here and, in the end, I just bought some chips and bread as I do need them. From here I thought I would stop at Janzen Beach as there is a Starbuck’s I have gene to before there and I figured I could spend an hour or so and write my blog from Saturday evening. They have a drive through so usually not busy inside but not today. There were no tables inside and even the tables outside were full so I passed on Starbuck’s and went over to Target.

Again, I really didn’t need anything but today is more about just being out. I spent a little time here looking at clothes, makeup and anything else I could think of. I just kind of wondered around. I didn’t buy anything here and I feel bad when I do that as I am sure they wonder why I came in and didn’t buy anything. I also went to the Best buy nearby and looked around. I like to look at the computers as mine is at least 5 maybe 6 years old, I think. Also looked at the software, I am going to need to buy a new Quickens software soon as it only gives you 3 years of downloads when you buy it. I think they are going to a Subscription base now which I am not sure on. I would be fine with the subscription if I could put it on more then 1 computer. Microsoft office lets you install on all your devices.

It was now about one so I headed for home and my thought was to stop at the Starbucks by my house. I use to go to this one all the time till they started closing at 7pm but since it is during the day it would work. I got there and again they were packed; all the tables outside were taken and it looked like all the tables inside were taken and still people standing around both inside and out with drinks in their hand. I guess today is a Starbucks day. I drove to the next one, the one I usually go to and they also looked really busy but it is a bigger one so I figured I would go in and see. They were just as busy but they did have a table outside that was open so I stood in line to order my drink. The one girl behind the counter asked how my day was going and called me by name which made me feel good so I chatted with her as she made drinks and I waited for my turn to order.

I got my drink and the table outside was taken so I looked around and there was one seat at the far counter so I went and sat up my computer there. I had a fully charged battery so I was good for a couple hours. I worked on my blog from Saturday as I waited to see if a table opened by the window. About an hour later a small table opened in the middle but I stayed where I was as I really wanted a table along the window where I could plug my computer in and I only wanted to move 1 time. It was about another 15 minutes and finally a table along the window opened so I moved over and plugged in my computer.

I had finished my blog form Saturday night and was working on my blog from Sunday when we had our Admin meeting for our website. I ended up staying here for a few hours catching up on my blog and e-mails. It really was just a relaxing day. I left about 4:30pm and stopped at Subway on my way home for something to eat. Now the Subway is the only place I go both as Susan and my male self but they tend to have a high turnover in employees so it is really not an issue as it is only every couple weeks I go here. I got home about 5:15 before cleaning up and going back to my male self. It was a fun day out.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what I am doing now.

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