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Friday out shopping

Well I had the chance to go shopping today as I was off work and what better way to spend the day. Now I had thought about where I would go and had pretty much decided to go to Clackamas Town Center as I have been there before to shop as Susan and I was at Lloyd Center last night. Well as things come up and change I was on my computer this morning and I got a Facebook message from another T-Girl who reads my blog and she was in town today and she was going to be at Washington Square shopping in boy mode of course and wondered if that was where I was going to be, she thought it would be fun to meet and talk. Well as my plans were not set in stone I figured why not Washington Square so I messaged her back I would be there around 12:30.

I got ready in a cute skirt and top, my new boots and wig I bought the other day and I was off. Now I have only been to the Nordstrom’s store here once and never in the mall as Susan, I actually know a lot of people who go to this mall. I got there and found a parking spot outside Nordstrom’s and went in and of course my first stop was the cosmetic counter. All the ladies working there asked if I needed any help and I just told them I was browsing which is always fun.

The girl I was going to meet said she would meet me by JC Pennies which is the other end of the mall so I started making my way down there window shopping as I went. The mall was pretty busy I thought for the middle of the day but in made it good for people watching. I was almost there and stopped to look at the mall directory when this man came up and asked if I was Susan, yes I do look a little different in y new wig but I think I like it. Any way it was my Facebook friend and she introduced herself. Well we walked a little way down the mall to some tall tables and there we stood and talked for a while. She has been dressing for a while but really doesn’t go out although she would like to. It was fun to talk with her and get to know her even if she was in boy mode. She is a lot like me, a crossdresser, she doesn’t want to transition but she love pretty clothes and makeup and just spending time as a girl. We talked maybe 45 minutes to an hour not sure, she lives close to the emerald City t-girl group so I told her I knew a few members of that group also as they are also members of our group here in Portland. Now normally when I go shopping it is by myself so having someone else there I couldn’t pass up the opportunity so I had her take a picture of me at the mall. This is my new wig, kind of cute I think.

Well it was time to get back to shopping so we said goodbye and went our separate ways. I went into JC Pennies to look at clothes and found some really cute things but didn’t buy anything. It is funny how as Susan I love just shopping and browsing the stores but my male self shops with a purpose, no lingering. Well as I was walking through the shoe department I saw these really cute high heel leather boots, turns out they were the same ones I bought the other day for $45 and was wearing today and they were on sale for $19.99 but before I got upset I noticed that they didn’t have them in my size so that made it a little easier.

After leaving here I went up to the food court to get a little something to eat and wound up at the Taco Bell. After that it was back into the mall and I must have walked the mall several times making I hit all the good stores, I did buy a belt and one top but it was more about just being out.

Now I did stop into Victoria’s Secret and look around, this is one of those stores I very rarely have ever been in as my male self but so much fun as Susan. It is truly a store designed for woman. I looked at all the pretty things and realized that probably very little if any would fit me. well I was way in the back looking at bra’s when I saw a lady I work with towards the front, now I would never have guessed she shopped here but she had several bra’s in her hand and was standing in line to buy them so I just kept looking around till she left. Now how much fun would it be to mention I saw her there at work Monday but then again I would have to explain what I was doing there and why I didn’t say hi so I guess it will be a secret.

Now my last stop was Sears and I bought a gift card for a present and the lady who helped me asked to see my ID when I used my credit card, now I had used my Susan credit card so I pulled out my male credit card which has the same account number and my ID and handed it to her. I think this confused her as she said she would have to check with her supervisor but was sure there would be no problem. She was on the phone waiting for a few minutes and didn’t get a hold of anyone and then said she would just run it as she was sure it would be fine. The funny thing is after I showed her my ID she either started or ended every sentence with miss and kept apologizing for the delay, it was kind of cute. I think I was the first t-girl she had ever waited on, I kept telling her it was fine but I could tell she was worried she might offend me which is sad, we so often hear about those who do not treat us with respect and here this poor girl was bending over backwards trying not to do that and all she really needed to do was treat me like everyone else. When I was done she thanked me and I told her it was fine and thanked her and wished her a nice day. Maybe next time she will be a little more relaxed when she meets a t-girl.

I left the mall and made a quick stop at Kohl’s but didn’t see anything I liked so I left. Now it was almost 5 and I knew with traffic it would take a while to get to Sweethome so that is where I headed. I got close and it was only about 5:30 and as I went by Fred Meyers I saw they had a Starbuck’s so I stopped for a drink and to write my blog and check my e-mails before meeting up with my friends for the night.

Well it is 6:40 so it is time to go to Sweethome for dinner with my friends. Thanks for reading and it was great meeting you today.

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Out on a Thursday night

Well I had the chance to go out tonight as Susan and I took it. I actually needed to do some shopping and it actually wasn’t for Susan but I figured why not go shopping as Susan anyway, after all years back I did all my shopping for Susan in my male mode. Don’t get me wrong I have gone shopping a lot as Susan but tonight was one of those nights that had nothing to do with Susan other than that was who I was. I guess that brings me full circle.

I was going to Lloyd Center as I had some gifts to get for family birthdays and Anniversaries. Now none of my family knows about Susan or my crossdressing so I have to wonder what they would think if they knew I bought their gifts as Susan. It is kind of funny to think about it. I got to Lloyd Center and parked by Nordstrom’s, even though this was not a shopping trip about Susan you know I have to stop by the cosmetic counter here but that would be after I took care of the things I had to do. So I went right out into the mall and found a Hallmark card store and went in and got the 3 cards I needed. It was so much more fun looking at the cards this way. It took me about 15 minutes to find the cards I liked.

After this I went out into the mall and walked down to the food court as I was hungry, I got ready and left early so I didn’t have time to eat first plus I wanted to grab something here at the mall. I walked around and checked out all the places to eat before picking the one I wanted, I can’t remember the name but I got rice, vegetables and Teriyaki chicken, yes something I could eat with a fork. I am so worried about my lipstick.

After I was done eating I went back out into the mall to get the gifts I needed. It was fun just walking through the mall and you know for the most part I really didn’t think about the fact I was Susan, it was not even a thought as to how I was dressed, female or male didn’t matter it was just me out shopping.

Well I had 2 of the gifts bought and the last one is a gift card I need at another store not at the mall and as I had time I decided to look for some stuff for Susan. I went to Clair’s to look at jewelry, I want to find a nice necklace for my trip to Diva Las Vegas. Which is only 4 weeks away that is right 4 weeks from tonight I will get my nails done, acrylic nails for the trip and then I will be Susan for 12 days straight. I am so looking forward to this trip. Anyway I did not find a necklace I liked so I moved on and went back to Nordstrom’s.

Now at Nordstrom’s I went right to the cosmetic counter as I love looking at all the makeup. Actually I went to the MAC counter. Now I would live to buy all my makeup here as it is really good makeup but I find the drug store makeup is pretty much just as good and a lot cheaper with the exception of my foundation. I just haven’t found a drug store brand that covers well after all I just don’t need to even out my skin tone I need to cover up the dark from my beard which is a problem woman don’t have so I do spend the extra money for foundation. I like the MAC Studio Fix but I have noticed the shade I wear which looks good at night or when inside still looks a little washed out in the sunlight. Anyway I talked with the lady at the counter about maybe going a shade darker next time to see how it looks. She put it on the back of her hand and showed me the difference between the one I use and the next darker shade and to tell you the truth I couldn’t see a difference well I guess on the edges there was maybe a difference. Now tonight I put on a concealer and that seemed to work well as it covered better and made the makeup just a little darker. I am going to try this tomorrow as I have the day off and plan to spend the day as Susan and do some shopping for her for Diva Las Vegas. Well I spent maybe 15 minutes here talking makeup with the girl at the counter before I left. I wonder if the concealer with a drugstore foundation would work just as good. Maybe I will try that also. So many possibilities for a girl to think about.

Well from here I drove back to the Starbucks’s I normally go to well for some reason not as much anymore. I was looking at my blog and I have not been here since December 12, wow 2 ½ months, I use to come here every week, just been busy I guess. Well one of the girls working tonight was here before when I was here. They weren’t really busy just a hand full of people, all men. I guess tonight is not ladies night as I am the only female here at least that is not getting something to go. For some reason tonight I had all kinds of trouble connecting to their Wi-Fi, it either wouldn’t fully connect or would drop me. It was almost 8:30 before I got a good connection. Did chat with a friend named Carla for a bit and caught up on my e-mail finally but didn’t get to do some of the work I needed to do but it was still a fun night.

They will close at 9 which is not far off and then before I go home I need to stop by Target and get a gift card on my way home. I also need gas so I will stop and do that also. It has been a fun night even though it has only been a few hours. Tomorrow I will spend the day as Susan and do some girl shopping. I have tomorrow off as I have to work Saturday so I will not be out late Friday night but will go out at least long enough to eat with my friends and see them for a little while. Again I have missed the last 3 weeks at Sweethome and the first week we had so much snow and I didn’t want to risk driving in it plus I really don’t have any Susan shoes that are good for snow, we just don’t get enough here and then the last two weeks I had family things going on so I have really missed my Friday nights out ut that will be fixed tomorrow.

Any way thanks for reading and have a great night.

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More shopping Saturday afternoon

Well after I got done at Starbucks. I decided to go to Lloyd center shopping mall to do a little shopping. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to this mall but I like it. I Parked down by Sears at the far end and went in. I started off in a shoe section and looked at their shoes. From here I went over to their close out racks and looked at their clothes. I found a couple cute tops but they weren’t in my size. From here I went next door to Marshall’s and looked around, I didn’t see anything I liked so I left.

I went out into the mall and started walking down the mall mostly window shopping. I did stop in torrid and looked around for a bit. This store caters to the plus size so I fit in most of their small sizes. They had a few cute tops but I didn’t buy anything. It was mostly about being out shopping. I wandered around the mall for a while just looking, the mall was busy lots of people so it was fun to people watch.

I wound up at Ross dress for less and went in to look at dresses, they had a couple cute dresses but they weren’t in my size. I found one really pretty dress that was in my size but it was marked $105 which I thought was spendy for Ross dress for less. From here I went to Barnes and noble, if you are ever looking for a fun place to go for while this is it. You can browse around and look at books they even have seating areas where you can sit and read for a while. Just kind of a nice place to be out with other people. I spent about an hour here.

I went back into the mall and worked my way down to Sears again, I spent a little more time looking at their clothes. I even went over to their intimate apparel section and browsed for a while, it is so much easier shopping this action as Susan then my male self. I spent a couple hours at the mall just having fun before I left.

It was after five now and I was getting hungry so I went to Cascade station by the airport as I wasn’t ready to go home yet. I was looking for someplace to eat but I wanted something I could eat with a fork as I did want to mess up my lipstick. I found a panda express down by the far and so I decided to eat here. I went in and there was only two people in front of me and a couple that were sitting down eating. The young man serving me ask me how my day was going while he was dishing up my food. It was nice to have a conversation with him. I sat by the counter to eat so I could watch to people coming in, as I really like people watching when I’m out as Susan. I must’ve got here just before their rush because once I sat down it was a steady line of people coming in ordering, most were taken out but several families did sit-down to eat so it wasn’t long before all the tables were taken. No one really seem to pay any attention to me.

After I was done eating I drove over to DSW which is in the shopping center here and looked at shoes, yes I admit I like looking at shoe. Women’s shoes are so cute I just loved the styles and colors, they are so much better than men’s shoes. I found some cute ones but didn’t buy any as I thought I had spent enough already today. I walked over to Ross dress for less which is also in this shopping center and looked around. It has been a real fun day and I thought about stopping at Starbucks to write my blog but decided to go home.

Normally I would have written my blog at Starbucks but I’ve discovered that I have a voice recognition software on my laptop and I wanted to try it. So I went home and I am dictating this blog by voice recognition so if there are any mistakes that is why I. It actually works pretty well if you speak slow and clearly but some words it has a tough time getting right. I did find some mistakes and I corrected the ones I found so hopefully I didn’t miss any. Not sure if using voice recognition is easier than typing but it was fun to try.

One last thing a friend of mine online named Carollyn Olson who wrote a book called tricks of the trade of cross-dressers guide has a new book out called more tricks of the trade. I mention this because she contacted me and wanted to use my tips on creating cleavage and how I do my nails. I told her she could and I sent her how I do them, and she used them in her new book. So I guess that makes me are contributing author. She even sent me a signed copy of the book, thanks Carollyn. You can buy them online at Amazon .Com for electronic version for kindle, or at for paperback.

Thanks for reading.

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Saturday Shopping trip, needed some Susan time

Well it has been a while since Susan has been out, I have actually missed the last two Friday nights which is sad but what is a girl to do. Well I will tell you what go shopping and that is what I am doing today, an all day Saturday shopping trip. My goal was to be up and on my way before 10 well that didn’t work as it took me a little longer getting ready today after not being Susan for that long. I was on my way by 10:45 though.

My first stop was ULTA which is a store that sells makeup and they have opened one not far from where I live. It is actually a little closer then I like to go out but I still went. I have been looking for some eye shadow in the brown colors and have been having trouble finding a nice pallet which either means they are really popular or they don’t sell. Well I found nice one with a good mix of browns by NYX so I thought I would give it a try as I have never bought their brand before. I also picked up a couple new lipsticks in a more neutral color for my trip to Diva Las Vegas most of my lipsticks are a bit much for daytime wear.

My next stop was Wigland to look at wigs. I actually want to get a new one for Diva Las Vegas plus it is fun to go in and look at wigs and try on different looks. Well it turns out they were out of the wig I have been wearing but should have more in a couple weeks, at least it wasn’t discontinued like my last 3 wigs I liked. They did have one similar but a little shorter on sale so I bought it.

My next stop was Burlington Coat Factory out by Washington Square. I really like this store and I really need a pair of cute ladies tennis shows for Diva Las Vegas. I got inside and kind of browsed the woman’s clothes on my way back to the shoe section. I found this really cute pair of tennis shoes white with pink on them and they were in my size so I tried them on and they fit and were on sale so I decided to get them. As I walked further down the rack I saw a really cute pair of leather boots with 3′ heels and they were a half size bigger then I normally wear but then again depending on the shoe I can fit a range of sizes depending on the toe, width so I decided to try them on and they fit and they were also on sale so I took both up to the cashier ad bought both.

Now there is a Best Buy next door to Burlington so I put my bag in my car and decided to walk over to Best Buy and look around, I really didn’t need anything but just wanted to do a little shopping. I spent about 30 minutes looking at computers and other stuff. Several employees came over and asked if they could help me and they either addressed me as Miss or just asked if they could help. It was a lot of fun.

Now I had completed what I wanted to do today and it was only a little after 1, I had my tennis shoes, makeup and wig but I didn’t want to go home so I drove towards Tigard looking for a Starbucks to relax at for a bit and catch up on e-mails. Funny normally you see a Starbucks every place but I actually had to drive a ways to find one and it was in Tigard. Now their parking lot is behind the store and it was full so I had to park way out back and walk in so I was not sure how busy they would be. To my surprise there was only 2 woman n there talking at a table and one man in line so I got in line and ordered my drink and that is where I am now.

I have been here about 45 minutes and more people have come in maybe 10 so it is busier now. I have updated my blog for now and now I just need to figure out what I want to do for the rest of the day as I am not ready to go home, probably more shopping. I did put my new boots on though and I love them already.

Thanks for reading and I will post again what I do the rest of the day.

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Wednesday night dinner with friends

It is Wednesday night and even though I have to get up early tomorrow I wanted to go out to dinner with my friends. After missing last Friday and Saturday night because of the snow we had I really needed some Susan time out. I started getting ready a little early so I could get out a little early.

I got downtown Portland and usually I can find all kinds of parking within a block of Fox & Hound but not tonight, I am not sure what is going on so I had to park about two blocks away and walk. Now several years ago this would have been intimidating but it doesn’t bother me anymore, my only worry was if it would be raining on the walk back to my car and so I took my umbrella. I got inside and Cassandra, Chris and Cristine were there.

We got a table and talked for a while, it was nice to just be out. It wasn’t long and Julie showed up so it was just the 5 of us tonight so we enjoyed our dinner and good conversation. We talked about Diva Las Vegas which is less than 2 months away. Cristine Cassandra and I are driving down and Julie will meet us there. It will be so much fun and we are all looking forward to it. It is amazing how fast the night went by but it was good to be out. Well it was after 9 when I had to leave and the others went over to CC Slaughters to play pool. On the walk back to my car I passed a lady walking the other way and she told me how nice I looked which made me feel good. It was a short night but really fun.

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A snowy weekend at home

Well it has been an interesting weekend, we have had a really big snow storm here in Portland, and it started on Thursday and is still snowing now. By Friday I had about 9 inches on the ground and for here that is a lot. As such I was not able to go out Friday with my friends, actually I think they all stayed home too. My biggest worry was driving in weather like this as Susan, I didn’t think it was worth the risk plus I really don’t have winter clothes well really shoes. Now I have missed Friday nights before but it was strange to just be at home on a Friday night.

We were also supposed to go to Harvey’s today but with the weather I didn’t want to risk it as we I got another 4 inches of snow overnight so now I have well over a foot, usually we get a dusting and it is gone in a few hours, this is probably the most snow we have had at one time in many years and it is interfering with Susan’s fun. Well I canceled going to Harvey’s tonight which turned out to be a good choice as we later found out Harvey’s closed for the weekend as did Fox & Hound where we usually go first.

Now I really needed some Susan time this weekend so I did something I haven’t done in a long time I dressed and just stayed home. Now normally when I am Susan I want to go out and have fun but the snow stopped that so what should I do today. Well I decided to do a video for YouTube. Now I have never done a video before so I was a little nervous and not sure what to do. Not I am not much of an actress and I can’t sing or dance so I just did a video of me explaining my thoughts on crossdressing. It is kind of silly but I still went ahead and up loaded it here is the link to it. I actually did 4 videos and still thinking about posting the others but I may just keep them for myself.

It was a relaxing day at home and I did have fun but still wish I could have been out someplace. It is still snowing and I am getting cabin fever so much that I did drive down and get takeout at Wendy’s which was probably a bad idea as I was worried I might get stuck which would be bad as I went as Susan. Here is what it looked like when I left. The roads were bad and all I could think about was getting stuck going up into my drive. Well I got back okay and into my garage so everything was good. I spent the rest of the night watching TV and playing on my computer.

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Super Bowl 2014 party how fun

Well it is here again, Super Bowl Sunday. Now I am not much into football but Susan loves a party so this was a great opportunity to have some Susan time with friends. I wore my cute white skirt and this beautiful Salmon color top and sensible heels 3″ as I figured I would be on my feet more today. Now I was ready to leave by 1 pm and wouldn’t you know it a couple of the neighbor kids were out playing basketball in the street. Now I now their parents know about Susan so that wouldn’t be an issue but I am not sure if the kids know and for some reason I am still nervous about having the neighborhood kids find out so I waited for a few minutes in hopes they would go inside but they didn’t so what is a girl to do. Well I took my wig off and placed it in the front seat and put my sunglasses on visors down and opened the garage door and pulled out and hoped they wouldn’t notice my lipstick as I went by. I wonder if they noticed anything. I got to the end of the street and put my wig back on and then I was off to the party, I had about a 45 minute drive. The party was at Cassandra & Peggy’s house as they have hosted one the last 4r years for our group. How awesome is that. You have to wonder what their neighbors think about all these tall woman that come over to watch Super Bowl with them. I got to their home about 2 pm and there were already some girls there but not as many as I thought since the part actually started at noon. Cristine, Teresa, Chris, Diane, Brenda, Phaedra, Laura, and Sandy were there. It was so great to see Sandy, she live up by Seattle and only gets down here a few times a year so it was cool she could make it to the party and of course I had to get a picture with her, she had on this really pretty blue dress. Yes today I was going to get pictures. It was great to see her again and chat with her. Cassandra finally came down stairs as she was up working on the Super Bowl boards. It is a way of gambling on the game and what is cool is there is no skill involved. You pick squares on a board and then the numbers are put in on the sides and if the scores at the end of the quarter or gam match your number you win. Wouldn’t you know it I won $10 right off the bat as I drew the worse numbers you could get on a board so for my $40 I put in I got $10 back before the game even started. Now a few of the girls wore football jerseys, Cassandra in her Broncos Jersey and Diane in her Seahawks Jersey the rest of us had cute little outfits on because after all it wasn’t really who won the game but how cute we looked while we were there, such a girly attitude but then again I did spend an hour getting ready and doing my makeup just perfect to go watch a football game. A few more girls showed up including Julie (Little Julie as we have several Julies now) she was able to get out and join us so of course there had to be another picture. She had on a really cute blonde wig which looked good on her but she needed higher heels as even with my lower heels I towered over her. It was great to talk with her for a bit and catch up. We were still waiting for the game to start and snacking on all the wonderful food that was set out mostly chips and dip which I love, probably one of the reasons I can’t lose weight. Well to keep it simple this year we all chipped in some money and ordered pizza to be delivered. This was going to be an awesome party. The pizza finally arrived and I have to wonder what the delivery guy thought when he arrived with 6 pizzas for a Super Bowl party and it was all woman some a little taller and bigger than normal. I am sure he had a good story when he got back to the shop. Well more girls showed up, Petra, Michelle, Samantha, Gigi, Bianca, Peggy, Dan Julie and Trixie and of course more food. It was now almost kick off time and the girls who were really interested in the game were now in the living room with their seats all picked out while the rest of us talked in the kitchen. Well the kitchen is right there also so we could kind of see the TV if we wanted to but for us it was more about the social activities then what was on the TV. The game started off with a bad play by the Bronco’s and the Hawks got a touch back and so that bad number I had won on earlier before the game started now became a good number. I was talking with Julie, Sandy and Brenda in the Kitchen and yes we were talking about Diva Las Vegas. Brenda has signed up and made hotel reservations at the Quad also so she will be there so now we for sure have Cassandra, Cristine, Julie, Veronica, Melissa, Brenda, Petra and myself going for sure how much fun will this be and of course we needed a picture of us in our cute little outfit and heels. Isn’t this what football is all about looking cute. Cassie, Dana also showed up just before game time. Brenda is really excited, well we are all excited about going to Diva Las Vegas which is only two months away now, and there is still time to sign up if you want to go. Brenda has gone to Esprit before and spent a few days living as Brenda but this will be a whole week in Las Vegas. I tried to talk Sandy into going and she really wants to but just can’t figure out how to work out the details. I know how that goes but maybe next year. Well the first quarter was over and we were still talking in the kitchen when Cassandra started handing out the money for the first quarters scores and I was right that touchback at the beginning had turned my bad number into a good one and I won twice on two different boards, $20 and $40 so my $40 dollar investment was now worth $70. This was a great party. We were eating pizza I was using a fork as I didn’t want to get my fingers greasy or mess up my lipstick like I said this is what football is all about. I am sure every Super Bowl party was like this right. It was now time to have some cake. Peggy had made this beautiful cake in the shape of a football and no one wanted to cut it so she finally did so I had to have a piece well maybe more than a piece as it was really good. The second quarter was under way and we were still talking in the kitchen and of course taking pictures, Me, Julie and Sandy. Soon it was half time so we all wondered over so we could see the half time show and then we kind of watched the rest of the game. It is amazing how fast the game and day went by. I didn’t win any more money but I had a great time. I know it was hard for the girls who wanted the Broncos to win but at least they did score so that is something. After the game we all talked for a while and helped clean up yes a woman’s work is never done. It was a really fun day and a big thanks to Cassandra and Peggy for hosting another wonderful party. I am already looking forward to next year’s party. Thanks for reading

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A quick Friday night out with friends

It is the last Friday of the month and as it has been a really busy week I was looking forward to some Susan time and fun out with my friends. Well this week I have to work Saturday so I wouldn’t be able to stay out late but that was not going to stop Susan from going out at least for a little while. Since I would be able to stay out late I figured I would try to get out a little early so I started getting ready at 5 pm with the hopes of being ready by 6 and I came close. I was on my way by 6:10.

I got to Sweet Home at 6:30 and went in to find Chris and Silver there. It wasn’t long and Cristine, Laura and Cassie (in boy mode) showed up. Cassie sat at the bar and ordered dinner so I got a chance to talk with her for a while which was nice. It is funny as I have met her many times as her male self and she has told me her male name which this poor blonde can’t remember so I still call her Cassie. In a way it is strange as we can get so mad when people refer to us as he, him or our male selves as we often think they are doing it on purpose and I am sure that does happen but I think more often than not it is done by accident as we get use to how we know people and that can be a hard thing to overcome. I think that is one of the reasons I work hard to keep both sides of me separate. It could cause a problem if someone who knew me as Susan accidently called me Susan when I was my male self even more so then calling me my male name when I am Susan. Having two identities can be complicated at times but then again Susan is worth it.

A little later Jan and Lynn showed up and they had on Seattle Sea Hawks shirts as they are getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday and yes we are once again having our Super Bowl Party that Cassandra and Peggy host every year, they open their home to all of us which is so awesome of them. I am not much of a football fan but it is a great chance to spend Susan time with friends. If I had thought a head I should have found a cute little cheerleader outfit to wear. Maybe I can do that for next year.

Rachel Webber was here tonight and it was great to see her as she is the one who told me about this place and talked with Paul the owner who invited us to come here after we were kicked out of the P-Club. I had a chance to talk with her for a while which was fun. Heather was also there and of course she came over and talked with us. We have met so many awesome people here that it really does feel like home. Well it was now after 9 and I knew I had to be going so I paid my bill. It was strange and a little sad to be leaving so early but it was still a fun night out and any Susan time is better than none. Thanks for reading.

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