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Thursday Susan time and some shopping

Well it is Thursday and it turns out I have today off as I have to work this weekend so I figured I would get some Susan time in. now there are some things I needed to do and I figured why not do them as Susan. now I need to go to Costco as I am running out of some things so that was on my list as well as a stop at Walmart to get some Susan stuff, makeup, I need some mascara, face powder, lipstick and a few other things. I got up at 7:30 to get ready and take my time preparing for the day. I did my makeup pretty light as I wanted to blend in the best I could although I did do the false eye lashes. I am getting better at them but I need to have time when I do them in case I mess up, at least till I get better. I was ready by 9 am and yes, I think I did my best job on my false eye lashed today. It is only the 3rd of 4th time I have done them but they look great and I really can’t even tell I have them on so I must have got them on right.

The plan today is Costco, Walmart and a visit to the Cemetery to put flowers on my Dads grave. Now this means going down towards the south east side of Portland so I figured I would go to the Costco on Airport way and as it was still before 10, I decided the Walmart I would go to is the one by Troutdale so that was where I headed for first. I got to Walmart and it was still cold out so I wore my coat and went in. Now as I said I needed several things for Susan, some Q-tips, Baby Oil as I am used the last of mine last night to remove my lip stick, I use Maybelline Lip Ink and you have to have baby oil to get it off. So, as I put it on this morning, I knew I had to come home with baby oil today. Also needed some face powder, more of the lip ink as I am just about out of my favorite color, and also some perfume as I am almost out of that. The perfume I like is called Fantasy by Brittny Spears. I originally bought this one because it was pink and cute but I really like the scent. Last was some mascara, I try to replace mine every 6 months at the most as I don’t like putting things that are old that close to my eyes the problem is, I never really run out of mascara as I don’t use it that fast. It was just before 10 when I left here and headed back to Costco.

I got to Costco about 10:15 and went in. I have a Susan Costco card as they let me ad my female self to my account. I grabbed a cart and started shopping. Mostly just stuff I needed for the house, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry soap, fabric softener, batteries, dove bar soap, and I think there were a couple other things I picked up oh and some flowers for the Cemetery. Then it was up to stand in line. now this Costco has a self-checkout and the lines are way shorter there so that is where I went. As busy as they were no one seemed to pay any attention to me. I loaded my stuff in the car and then went to get some gas as long as I was here of course the line for gas took longer then the line in the store. I did get a quick selfie in the car as I waited. After I got gas it was off to the Cemetery.

I got to the Cemetery a little after 11 and there was a big funeral today so lost of traffic so it took me a little while to get to where my Dad is. Now this is where they seemed to be working, there was 5 men in this section prepping a whole, a couple working on replacing the temporary markers with head stones and probably 5 men weeding and trimming the bushes around the edge. They were all at least 30 feet from where I was but I did wonder if they noticed me, I don’t think from that distance they would have figured it out that I was not female. I placed the flowers and stayed there probably 20 minutes. I can’t explain it but I just feel better about going here as Susan even though my Dad never knew about this side of my life.

From the Cemetery I headed back for home, as I got close, I realized it was almost moon so I stopped at Wendy’s for lunch, they were actually pretty busy but mostly woman here, some with children but a couple groups of 4 or 5 woman out for lunch. I got my food and sat where I could watch the news on TV as I ate. Now I have till about 3 today before I have to be home so I still had a few hours so I left and went to the Starbucks I go to near my house. I got there about 12:40 so I still had 2 ½ hours.

I went in and they were pretty busy, I couldn’t get one of the tables along the window as a matter of fact the only table open was in the front corner so that is where I set up my computer to relax and write my blogs and catch up on e-mails and some work. I wrote my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner and started on this blog also while it was fresh in my mind. I stayed here till 3 before heading for home as I have to be someplace by 4 and I need time to get home and wash away all traces of Susan.

It was a really fun and relaxing day and I got a lot of stuff I had to done and the best part I did them as Susan. it is funny as 15 years ago I would go out as my male self to get things for Susan and now I go out as Susan to get things my male self needs. Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Wednesday night dinner at Le Bistro Montage

Well it is Wednesday and our group is going to Le Bistro Montage for dinner. Now the week kind of got away from us so we didn’t get it posted to our group till Tuesday night so I figured with such short notice it would be a small turnout and by Wednesday afternoon it looked like it would just be Barb, Melissa and me for dinner. Now I had hoped to get home early but traffic was bad so it was 5:40 when I got home from work so it would be a rush job to get ready as it takes me 30 to 45 minutes to get there depending on traffic. It is not as much fun getting ready when I have such a short time but having dinner with my friends would make up for it. I was ready and out the door by 6:15. I got to Le Bistro Montage about 6:50 and I normally park right around the corner as there is always parking spots and tonight was no exceptions as I could only see 1 car in the angle parking spots on the street. Now as I got on the block, I figured out why. The whole block on the sidewalk was tent after tent of people camping. You really couldn’t even walk down the sidewalk but worse then that the camps had 3 open fires burning to keep warm or cook I am not sure but either way I did not want to park there so oi drove around the corner and there happened to be a spot almost right in front of the door that I was just able to get my car into, I have a small car which is good at times like this.

I went in and Melissa was already there, she had told them we had 4 as Joan posted late, she might make it. Now the one bad thing about Le Bistro Montage is they don’t take reservations and you have to have more then half your group here before they will seat you and as we had 4 we needed at least 3 of us, so Melissa and I stood and talked as we waited for Barb which was only a few minutes. We were shown to our table well part of a table as they have a few really long tables that they put people at so we were kind of next to the group next to us. We have come here several times and every time I have been here; we get basically the same seats. Our waiter came over and got our drink orders as we waited to see if Joan would make it. I did get a quick selfie as we waited.

Now as we waited, we talked with Melissa as we wanted to here all about what is going on in her life. I will give you a quick rundown. Her new years resolution in 2019 was to come out to her Mom which she did right before Christmas, took her almost the whole year but she did it and we are so proud of her. Anyway, to this year, in the end of January she talked with her Human Resources about her being Transgender and it went well so she came out at work a little over a week ago right before she went on Vacation to go visit Julie & Trixie. Well while she was on vacation, she got acrylic nails, square natural and a very modest length but they look awesome. So, she worked Monday and Tuesday as her boy self and everyone seemed very supportive of her and now, she is off or working from home the rest of the week and this coming Monday she will go to work as Melissa. So awesome for her, I really am jealous of her nails. I don’t want to transition but I would love to have pretty nails like hers all the time. Any way this was most of the conversation for the night, we even saw pictures from her trip with Julie and Trixie. I am so looking forward to Diva Las Vegas so I can see Julie again as she winters down south.

We ordered our food and of course I had my normal. I am not real adventurous on my food; I know what I like and a tend to stay with it. Our food came and just after that Joan showed up so there were 4 of us tonight. Now we had to catch Joan up on Melissa and what is going on with her life. Joan transitioned several years back and what is interesting is Joan knows one of Melissa’s co-workers who is also transgender and transitioned a year ago. We had a wonderful dinner and, in a way, it was nice that it was such a small group as it really did give us a chance to really talk between us. After dinner we did order desert kind of, Barb and Joan split a dessert and I talked Melissa into splitting one with me. It really was a wonderful evening and after we ate our dessert we sat and talked some more. It was just a fun night and I was in no hurry to see it end. I have to work this weekend so won’t be able to get out on Saturday night but because of it I have tomorrow off so I can sleep in and I plan on having some Susan time early in the day. Now Le Bistro Montage is actually open till 2am so we could have stayed really late if we wanted but it was a little after 9:30 when we called it a night. now next week I am not sure if I will get out as I have family coming to town and I am not sure how long they will stay so I really have to enjoy Thursday this week as it may be over a week till I get my next chance to get out as Susan.

We said our goodbyes and we were on our way home. It really was a fun night. Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday night at the Escape

It is Saturday and once again I get to go out to the Escape and see my friends. Now I posted in the group I would be there in hopes others show up. I started getting ready early so I could get there between 5 and 5:30. I took my time to enjoy getting ready and even did false eyelashes again tonight. I was ready and on my way by 5 and got to the Escape at 5:30. I had to park on the street but as it gets dark later so it is still light enough to get a quick selfie in the car. I got inside and ordered my dinner and then wrote my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner at Who song & Larry’s. it was about 6:30 and Dawnie and April showed up. It was good to see them, they usually do the Wednesday night dinners, this is the first time I have seen them at the Escape. About 7 Michele showed up so there were 4 of us tonight.

We sat and talked and of course part of it was about Diva Las Vegas which is only 5 weeks away. Dawnie and April have not been to Las Vegas in over 25 years so really, they have not been to Las Vegas as it looks nothing like it did back then. They are not big on gambling but I told them they really should go and just look around as it really is amazing what they have built, most of the resorts on the Strip are like mini cities. Even if you don’t gamble it still worth a trip.

Soon it was 9 and Karaoke started and it still was not busy, a lot of the regulars go to a big dance I think it is every other month and it goes till 10 so they really won’t get busy tonight till late. there were still a few people here who sang and I was thinking tonight would have been a good night for me to sing by myself but I didn’t. It was about 9:30 when Dawnie and April left, they have about an hour drive home so that left just Michele and me at our big table but as I said it was not busy. It was about 9:45 and Lauri showed up, it was good to see her also. I really do like spending time with my friends. It was about 10:15 when Michele left and by 10:30 I could see it was starting to get busy so I went up and paid my bill as I know what it is like when a lot of people show up late and I planned on leaving by 11 and didn’t want to have to wait in line later.

Now it was getting busy and tables were filling up and of course it was loud now and hard to hear or talk. Well a lady from another table came over and sat down with Lauri and I and started talking to us, she told us her name but I really didn’t hear it over the music, it really is hard to have a conversation with Karaoke going on. We I sat and talked with her for a while, so I didn’t leave at 11 like I planned. She told me all about her and some of the woman she had dated and her age, asked if she could buy me a drink, I said no as it was getting close to when I would leave. She asked about me and where I live and how often I come here and if I was seeing anyone. Yes, I am a little slow as it took me a while to figure out, she was hitting on me. It was after 11:30 now and I really did need to get going as I do have to be up somewhat early Sunday morning. I said it was time for me to leave and she gave me a hug. Now as I was getting my coat on two of her friends came over and sat down and she quickly introduced me to them also. It was kind of an interesting event. I was deeply flattered but also caught off guard.

Well I said goodbye to Lauri and as I was walking by the bar a man at the bar stopped me and said he had seen me in here many times and just wanted to say hi, his name is John, so I stopped and talked to him for a couple minutes. We chatted for a bit and then he told me I had beautiful cheekbones which made me feel good but uncomfortable, and he hoped he would see me again. I thanked him for the compliment and then I was on my way. It was an interesting night and by now it was almost midnight when I finally left for home.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Wednesday night dinner at Who Song & Larry’s

Well another Wednesday night and that means dinner with my friends, tonight we are going to Who Song & Larry’s in Vancouver. Now I thought we had been here recently but looking back in my blog it was actually early December when we last had dinner here. Well I posted in the group and we had 8 of us say we would be there so Wednesday afternoon I called and made reservations just in case. Now I got home a little early so I had time to enjoy my getting ready which makes the night even better. I even did the false eye lashes again and they went on pretty easy and looked good. I was ready by 6 and on my way. I figured I could get there early and check in and then sit at the bar and wait for others and have some of their wonderful bean dip. It was about 6:25 when I got there and parking was easy so I knew they were not that busy. I went in and checked in and they said they could have our table ready in a few minutes but I told them I would wait in the bar till a few more of our girls showed up. I sat at the bar and ordered a sprite and their bean dip as I waited. I didn’t have to wait long as Jenifer showed up about 6:35 so we went to the table to wait for others.

It wasn’t long and Cassandra showed up and then Kimberly and her wife and also Barb. 1 of our girls’ shad to cancel so we were just waiting for one more, Alison. Well about 7:15 we all ordered and I think most of us got what we always order here. Well about 5 minutes later Alison showed up. now I think I have met her once before maybe a year ago but it was nice to talk to her again and get to know her a little better. We all sat and talked as we waited for our dinner. Now our waiter who we have had several times before was just as awesome as last time and again I think the manager came over to check on us and see if we needed anything. Now of course I had to get my nightly selfie.

We all sat and talked and as I sat to the middle, I was able to talk a little with everyone which is always nice. Cassandra and I talked a little about Diva Las Vegas which is on 5 weeks away, wow it as coming up fast. Right now, going for sure from Portland are Cassandra, Julie, Veronica, Michele, Brenda, me of course and one other girl and we are all booked at the Flamingo on the Strip. It is going to be fun again. Looking at the information they have sent out there are 163 right now signed up which I think is more then last year and we are still 5 weeks away so that number should rise but what is interesting is besides the normal USA, Mexico and Canada they also have someone from Europe and also Australia registered.

Our food came and it was wonderful as always. It was a wonderful dinner out with my friends, I really do enjoy these types of outings. It just makes our lives seem so normal and I know that may not sound right as we are normal but for years it was something I did only in my house and then only at LGBT places. The fact we are just going to pretty much any place we want and being treated like everyone else is really wonderful. We really are just like everyone else and for the mot part that is how the people around us see us.

We finished out dinners and then just sat there talking as they really were not busy tonight and I am sure they were glad tohave our group there. We stayed till after 9 actually almost 9:30 before we called it a night and I think we might have been the last to leave. It was just such a fun night we hated to see it come to an end but I did get a good chance to talk to Alison and get to know her better. She really is nice and I hoe she does come out more with the group. We all walked out to the parking lot and said our goodbyes before going our separate ways home. Now I am looking forward to Saturday night at the Escape.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life as Susan.

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Wednesday night dinner and Saturday at the Escape

It is Saturday and I am finally feeling better after being sick all week and Susan needed to get out but before I get to tonight’s dinner, I thought I would bring you a blog from one of my friends who coordinated our groups last Wednesday night dinner. Now I track my going out by my blog numbers so I thought I would merge the two to keep my numbers correct, Thanks Jennifer for coordinating and writing this up. This is my first guest blog. My Saturday night blog will be at the end.

Wednesday Night Dinner at Verde Cocina

Hi, Jennifer Thomas here, doing a guest post on Susan Miller’s blog. The Rose City T-Girls enjoyed another Wednesday night dinner on February 12. With Susan under the weather and others of the usual organizers busy, I decided to step in and organize the dinner this week.  We went to Verde Cocina, a new restaurant for the group, which is located at the top of the Sylvan hill.  They serve Mexican food, but it’s not your traditional rice and beans Mexican restaurant.  They use lots of farm fresh veggies and put their own twist on things.  In addition, there is plenty of free parking and the menu prices are pretty moderate, with most entrées under $25, and several under $20.

In attendance this evening were Jennifer, Barb, Kimberly, Melissa, Danika and Bobbi. This was Bobbi’s very first time going out, and we were all so glad that she found the courage to come.  We can all remember how hard it was to make that very first trip out in public. I happened to be at Victoria Sinclair’s Over the Rainbow Facility, using her dressing room to do my own male to female transformation, when Bobbi arrived (in male mode, of course).  So, we had a chance to chat for a few minutes before I needed to head out to do some shopping en femme.

Bobbie had previously been befriended by Danika, who also uses Victoria’s place on a regular basis, and Danika had finally convinced Bobbi that this was the week for her first foray out presenting as a woman. Bobbi had scheduled a makeup lesson from Victoria, so she was expecting to be looking fabulous for this first time out.  Unfortunately, Victoria was under the weather and not able to do Bobbi’s makeup as planned.  To Bobbi’s credit, she did not let this setback deter her, but soldiered on doing her own makeup as best she could.  She did a pretty decent job for a newbie, and we are so glad that she didn’t back out as others might have done.

I made sure to arrive at the restaurant about 15 minutes early to greet the girls as they arrived, but I found Barb, Danika and Bobbi already there.  A few minutes later Melissa arrived, and then shortly after that Kimberly came.  We were initially seated at an oversized booth kind of in the back, near the kitchen door.  But it was also a straight shot from the entrance door to our booth, so every time the door opened, we felt a blast of cold air.  The hostess was very willing to relocate our group, and we ended up at a large table in the middle of the restaurant.  We got a few curious glances as our group of very tall ladies was seated, but after that we were just like everyone else: enjoying a combination of good food and good friends.

Bobbi had questions about makeup, wigs, clothes, etc., and she got a boatload of tips, suggestions and advice from the rest of us.  It probably all came in much faster than she could absorb it, but we assured her we are happy to communicate with her via email and messages, so hopefully she can get the info she needs when she needs it.

The food was good, and the quantities were generous.  I think the consensus was that we would definitely come back sometime in the future. We lingered talking and visiting until about 8:30 when the restaurant was mostly cleared out, then we called it a night.

Thanks to Susan for sharing her blog space this week.  And I hope to see many of you at our next Wednesday dinner.

Hugs, Jennifer Thomas

 Saturday at the Escape

I started getting ready a little before 4 as I figured it would take me longer but the funny thing is as I did my makeup I felt better. It might just have been all in my mind but it did make a difference and I was ready and on my way by 4:45. I had posted in the group I would be there by 6 and only stay till 9 or so as I do need more rest but I really wanted something to eat other than soup and sandwiches which I have lived on this past week I got there a little after 5 but the two big tables were not available, one had a big group at it and the other reserved but as I don’t plan on staying to late the bar stools will be fine tonight. I ordered Pancakes for dinner and started this blog including Jennifer’s guest post above, it is kind of fun to get someone else’s perspective on our groups outings.

Now I did get a quick selfie although being sick all week not my best photo but the makeup really did hide a lot this week. My food came and I had a nice dinner and it was just nice to be out again and be Susan. Now it is just waiting to see if anyone else shows up while I watch a little college basketball. About 7 Jan and Lynn showed up and shortly after Michele so there was 4 of us here tonight. We had a nice time talking as we waited for Karaoke to start.

Now it never really got busy here tonight at least as late as I stayed. When Karaoke started at 9 there was probably only about 20 people here would have been a good night to sing Karaoke by myself but after being sick all week that wouldn’t have been a good idea. It was about 9:15 when I paid my bill but I stayed a little longer to listen to a few more people sing. It was about 9:30 when I said goodbye and left for home. it was good to be out again.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Friday lunch and shopping with Peggy

It is Friday and I am meeting Peggy for lunch and some shopping at Clackamas Town Center and I have been looking forward to this as it has been a long while since Peggy and I have gotten together. But let’s back up a little. Yesterday I bought some false eye lashes and I tried them last night and I actually did pretty good getting them on and they are way better then the ones given to me several years ago. The one I put on my right eye lid I really couldn’t even tell it was there but the one I my left eye lid was a little bothersome. Not sure what went wrong, any way I decided today was going to try them for my day out with Peggy. I was meeting Peggy at 10:30 so I got up at 7:30 to get ready. Yes, Susan does take longer especially when I want to enjoy it or try something new like the false eye lashes just incase something goes wrong. I got my makeup all done and started on my false eye lashes and the right one went on perfectly and just like last night I really could not tell I had it on but I had trouble with the left and had to take it off and try again. I got it on finally although I did notice it was on. I think I just had it to low on the outside corner. I am right-handed so it is easy to see and do the right eye but the left eye is more difficult as I have to reach across my face partially blocking my view. But I felt it was good enough and I must say they looked awesome and kind of make it look like you have eye liner on. I got dressed and was on my way by 9:30.

I got to Clackamas at 10 so I was early so I took a couple selfies in the car. We had decided to meet at Barns & Noble as I figure I could brows the books as I waited for Peggy. Well as I was taking my selfie’s Peggy texted me, she was at Barns & Noble so I texted he I just parked and was on my way in. it was great to see her again, I am not sure but the last time I saw her might have been after Diva Las Vegas last year. Peggy really is awesome she is the first non-trans person and we hit it off. She really does look at me as a friend just like any of her other friends which is awesome. We looked around Barns & Noble for a little while as she was looking for some books for her granddaughter. She bought a few books for her and we took them out to her car before hitting the mall. We walked around the mall just talking till Peggy got caught by one of the salesman selling the wrinkle cream and soon he was giving her a sample on her eyes and wanted me to tell if it looked better and all I could think about was in Las Vegas last year when this happened to Cassandra. The key is never sitting down as once you have a seat, they really put the pressure on to sell you something. It was probably 20 minutes here and I had a hard time not laughing as I could tell Peggy was trying to get away politely. Well we finally got away without buying anything and we were back just walking around. We did go into bath & Body works and Peggy picked up a few air fresheners refills and I just looked around but I did spray a tester of perfume in my hand, wow it was really strong and florally. Not something I would buy or wear.

We walked around a little more and then decided to get lunch. It was a little before noon so we walked across the parking lot to a restaurant called the Ram; Peggy had eaten there before but this was my first time there. It wasn’t really busy but then again neither was the mall. We got a booth and ordered lunch; our waitress was awesome. I had a burger and Peggy a Rubin sandwich. The food was really good, I would recommend them. We had a nice lunch and just sat and talked and caught up. after lunch I ordered a dessert, a chocolate peanut butter pie and Peggy and I split it, it was incredible. Then we just sat there and talked. It was just so much fun and we lost track of time. It was after 1:30 before we left and walked back to the mall.

We looked around a little more and then Peggy wanted to go into a store called Children’s place to look for more things for her granddaughter who is almost 5. Now I have never been in a store like this but there were so many cute little girls’ clothes her, I really missed out when I was young. We had fun looking around and Peggy found some really cute things for her granddaughter. We then walked over to Macy’s and looked around a little. It really was fun and having someone to share it with made it all the more fun. 15 years ago, I couldn’t imagine getting out of a car as Susan and now I am walking through the mall shopping with a friend as Susan it is a wonderful feeling. We even sat down a couple time and just talked. it was 3 pm now and Peggy had a nail appointment downtown Portland at 4 and I of course had to go all the way back to Vancouver and at this time of day traffic could be bad so we called it a day. I really do have to make more of an effort to get together with Peggy more. We said goodbye and went our separate ways.

Well I got on the freeway and expected traffic but there really was non. I was almost home by 3:35 so I decided to stop at the Starbucks right by my house. I use to go to this one till they started closing early but as it is the middle of the day it was perfect as I am only a couple minutes from home so I have a little more time as I don’t need to be home till 4:30, I have to be someplace at 5:30 and I need time to clean up and remove all traces of Susan.

I went in and got a large hot chocolate and set up my computer and started writing my blog from today. Now the funny thing is I had forgotten about my false eye lashes and really, I couldn’t even tell they were on including the left eye, I guess I just got use to it. It was a little after 4:30 when I drove the last ½ mile home to end my day but it was such a fun day and has been such a fun week. I am not sure if I will get out tomorrow to the Escape as I have someone coming to my house between 3 & 5 to do a little work and it will depend on if they get there closer to the 3 or the 5. But I am hopeful to get to Starbucks on Sunday for a little Susan time and to catch up on some work as I have been off work all week. I had a wonderful day.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life

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Thursday shopping and lunch with Barb

It is Thursday and today I am going shopping with Barb, I am picking her up at 11 and then we will be off. I got up and got dressed taking my time. It was about 10:15 when I left and headed for Barb. She had texted me her address and of course I was using my GPS to find it. I got to where she lives and texted her, I was there and she came right up and we were off. Our first stop was Jantzen Beech and we went to the TJ Max, I am not sure I have ever been there before. We went in and started off in the shoe section, they had some cute shoes but not in our size, once you get to a size 10 the selection was really small. It is hard when you have feet and I am luckier than most as I wear a size 10 to 11 depending on the toe width. Some of our girls in the group need size 13 or more. Unfortunately, the average size for a woman is a 7 to 8. We moved into the clothes section and again their selection of clothes here was more for the average size woman, in other words smaller of course Barb is that size so she found several things she wanted to try on so as she did that I walked around and went and looked at the purses. I really don’t need one as I like my purse and can’t get that excited about having a bunch of purses for different outfits or event, I guess I am not as female on that part. On the other hand, my lady’s wallet I have had for probably 15 years and I found a couple cute ones and on actually has a wrist strap so I could use it as a clutch purse also and it was only $7.99 so I decided to get it.

Barb was still trying on clothes so I walked around a little more and found their cosmetic section or at least that’s what they called it. They really didn’t have much but they did have some false Eye lashes. Now I have some someone gave me years ago and I have tried them but I the ones oi have, have a really thick band and don’t fit right and feel heavy so I have never worn them out. the ones they have here have a really narrow band and actually look pretty nice and they are 6 pairs for $5.99 so I decided to get them also and try them again. I really do like Mascara and it gives my thick full lashes but I can’t find a mascara that lengthens them. I will probably try them tonight and if they look good and I can get them on I may try then tomorrow when I go shopping with Peggy. Barb couldn’t find anything that fit so we went and I bought my items and then we left and headed for Lloyd Center.

We got there about 12:30 and parked, Barb had to make a call so while she was doing that, I took the opportunity to get a quick selfie before we went in as the sun was actually out. we went in and walked around a little talking and then headed for the food court to get some lunch. I can’t think of the name of the place we went but we both got Teriyaki Chicken on rice and vegetables. We then found a table where we could watch people and had a nice lunch, Barb used the chopsticks but as I wanted to eat my food and not throw it on my lap, I used a fork. We had a wonderful lunch and must have sat there for a good hour just talking. I really do like going out shopping with someone else, just 2 girls out for a day of shopping.

It was now time to do a little more shopping but before we left, I got 1 more selfie in the food court. We walked around a little more and found ourselves at H&M looking at clothes, Barb was looking for a nice pair of skinny jeans and I was just looking at everything. I found a sweater dress but it looked really short but I thought maybe I could use it as a top with my leggings so I tried it on. They were a little tight and really to long for a top but not long enough for a dress at least on me. Barb found a few pants to try on and I wondered around and all their dresses were really short. Finally, I did find a couple dresses that were longer so I held them up and they came almost to my knees. I started going through the sizes and they ranged from 0 to size 4. Just not my lucky day. Barb did find a couple pairs of pants so she bought them.

It was about 3 and I still had to drive Barb home and then get home myself and it would mean rush hour traffic so we called it a day. Barb’s place is on my way home but it would mean getting off the freeway in rush hour and then getting back on so it would take a while but so worth it. It was a really wonderful day, Thanks Barb we will have to do it again. It was after 4:30 when I got close to home and I thought about going to Starbucks but there just wasn’t time as I have to be someplace by 5:30 and I still have to clean up and remove all traces of Susan so I went straight home.

Now I am looking forward to shopping with Peggy tomorrow. I will meet her at 10:30. Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Wednesday and a little shopping and dinner at Amaro’s table

Well today is Wednesday and I actually have the whole day to be Susan. my plan was to do a little shopping and I was going to Washington Square. Now I got up today and got ready, taking my time as I plan on being out all day and then going to Dinner tonight. The perfect test for the Setting spray bought yesterday. I have never used one so it will be a good test. My goal was to leave home by 9:30 but I was a little late as at the last minute I decided to wear my corset to give me a good figure, I also decided to wear my darker hair. If I can get my makeup just right, I think it looks good on me. It was about 9:45 when I left home and for some reason it was still like rush hour traffic. I didn’t get to Washington Square till about 10:30. I parked by Nordstrom’s and went in, of course I got a quick selfie. Now Washington Square is smaller than Clackamas Town Center but you don’t realize till you go to one right after the other. I went down to Macy’s and looked at some of their clothes I found a dress I liked but it was too small. I also looked at Shoes here.

I then walked down to JC Penny’s and looked around; they also had a huge closeout section up to 60% off. Also checked out their shoe department but didn’t find anything. I walked through the mall and checked out a few other stores including Victoria’s Secret, I love looking around this store and it was actually one of the busier stores in the mall. I walked through the food court as it was lunch time but I really wasn’t hungry, could be because of the corset I am wearing. So back down to the mall and walked around a little more and then I went into Dick’s Sporting Good. I looked around a little before going back into the mall and back to my car it was a little after 1 when I left and headed for home well at least closer to home. This mall is the farthest from where I live and I have to go on 3 different freeways and all can back up during rush hour so I didn’t want to chance it. It took me about 45 minutes to get back close to home so I decided to go to a Starbucks by Vancouver Mall as I didn’t want to go to the one, I normally go to as I had different hair on today and they have only seen my in one hair style.

It was just about 2 pm when I got to the Starbucks I picked and went in. they were a little busy mostly to go orders as this one does not have a drive through. I got a table by the window and ordered a drink and a cookie. I checked my e-mails and answered some and then just caught up on some news and pretty much just killing some time and people watching. Starbucks is a wonderful place to go for a couple hours and just relax. Now as I said I was people watching and I noticed a man probably in his 40’s on a cell phone waiting for his drink. He had slightly greying hair and a mustache but he also had a beautiful set of acrylic nails and they alternated between green and red and each one had a design on them and they were probably ¼ inch long. Now I know a couple of the girls in our group have acrylic nails, Jan and Kimberly and they are keeping them even in their male modes but the fact this man had a mustache I don’t think he dresses so I found that interesting. He got his drink and was gone. I stayed here till a little after 4 before heading for home to get cleaned up and go meet my friends for dinner. It was about 4:30 when I got home.

Now I thought about taking the corset off but really it is pretty comfortable other than limiting how you move so I decided to keep it on and see how I feel tonight as by the time I get home from dinner I will have had it on for about 12 hours. Now I wanted to change my shoes to heels, put a skirt on and pantyhose instead of the leggings I wore today so that was a little work. It is a lot harder to do these things when you really can’t bend over much and when you bend as much as you can you can’t breathe so it took a little time and effort. Once that was done, I touched up my makeup which held up pretty well, maybe that setting spray does work, Thanks Karen for the tip. Next came my normal hair well at least the one I wear to Starbucks as it was only 5:15 now and I had 2 choices. Sit at home till 6:30 before going to dinner or going to my Starbucks for about an hour and you guess which one won out. it was about 5:300 when I got to Starbucks and went in. I got my table along the window and something to drink and started on my blog from today. I stayed here till 6:30 before heading to meet my friends for dinner.

I got to Amaro’s table about 6:45, parked and went in, Melissa and Karen were already there so I joined them and waited for the others to show up. we had 6 say they would be here tonight. I did get another quick selfie. By the way this is my makeup I put on at 9 am this morning, the only thing I did was a little face powder to cut the shine down. My makeup held up really well. By 7 Kimberly had shown up with her wife and Barb also made it so all 6 of us were here tonight. It was good to see everyone. We talked for a little bit before we ordered dinner. Now our waiter was awesome tonight but every time we have come here the staff has been wonderful. I ordered my normal classic fried chicken which is wonderful.

We had a wonderful dinner and great conversation, we sat and talked for a good 30 minutes after we finished eating. It was a wonderful night. it was about 9:15 when we called it a night. Karen wanted a few pictures so I took a couple of her outside on the side walk and she looked awesome. She also took a few pictures of me. Now Barb has an electric car so she parked over at the PUD to charge her car and walked the 12 blocks to Amaro’s so I gave her a ride back to her car so we could plan tomorrow. Barb and I are going shopping and to lunch. She gave me her address and I am going to pick her up so we can ride together, it will be a fun day. I got home just before 10 so I have worn my corset for over 12 hours and I will admit I was ready to take it off, the last hour was ruff. I think 10 hours is about the max I can wear it comfortably.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my newest blog to see what is new in my life.

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Tuesday and some shopping with Karen

Well it is Tuesday and I am going shopping with Karen, as you can tell from my blog I didn’t make it out Sunday to Starbucks but I did go and get a pedicure and manicure at Julie’s Nails. I was in the area as my male self and stopped in. I have only gone here as my male self so they don’t know about Susan and by the time I got done it was after 5 so there wasn’t time to go home and get ready and go out. now back to today. I don’t have the day free till about 5:30 so I was going out to do a little shopping and posted to the group and Karen wanted to go so we planned on meeting at Clackamas Town Center at 10 am for a little shopping and lunch. Traffic was a little more than I thought so I texted Karen I might be late and she was also running a little behind so we were good. Well shortly after I texted her traffic opened up and I got there right before 10 so I parked by JC Pennies and went into Barns & Nobble right next door to kill some time till Keren got there, I did get a selfie to start the day. It was only about 10 minutes and Keren called me and said she was parking also by JC Pennies so I told her I would meet her by their main door.

I got down to meet Karen and we were off on our shopping adventure. It really would be a fun day as I have known Karen for several years but this is our first-time shopping together so being just the two of us it would give us a good chance to talk and really get to know each other. Now being as we were in Pennies we started there as they have a nice discount section. Karen found a couple items she liked and I found 2 dresses a back one and a red one both really pretty but they are size 16 but stretchy. Now I wear between a size 16 & 18 depending on how they size them so we both went in to try our items on. Now both mine have zippers up the back which I try to avoid as well let’s face it I am not as flexible as woman and I can’t do zippers by myself. Now they were a little tight but I was able to get them on and the pull them up high enough I could reach over my shoulder and zip them up little by little, not really graceful or sexy but then I dress at home by myself so no one will see the trouble I have. As I said they are just a little tight but I am working on dropping some weight, I am down 10 LB since December 1st . I decided to buy mines as did Karen, My Dresses were only $28 each which I was happy about. A lot of time I go out and never buy anything as it really is just about being out as Susan.

Well we headed out into the mall and walked down to Nordstrom’s as Karen was looking for some makeup from Clinique, she likes but Nordstrom’s didn’t have it so we headed for Macy’s as they also have a big cosmetic section. Really, we were just having a fun time walking along and talking. On the way we pasted Torrid, Karen had never been in one so I said we had to go in and look. Well we looked around and Karen found the clearance section actually the lady working here pointed it out ass they had just put things in that section on sale, buy 1 get 2 free. Well Karen found a really cute sweater and a coat, not really a winter coat but a nice warm coat but couldn’t find a 3rd item and the sales lady sensing a sale said she could probably work something out. well I was looking at the coat Karen was trying on and it really was cute and heavier than anything I have. Yes, I really don’t have outside Susan stuff so I went and looked and they had one in my size also. Buy the way the reason Torrid is nice is I am a size 1 there. So, I asked Karen if she had found a 3rd item and she said no so I suggested I get the coat so Karen would have 3 items for the sale and I would give her a 1/3rd of the price which she liked. Of course, now Karen and I both have the same coat so we look like twin sisters if we both wear them. Back into the mall and down to Macy’s where Karen found what she was looking for and then on the way out she stopped at the Urban Decay counter to pick up a setting spray. Now I have never used one but talking to the lady there I decided to get one and try it. Mostly my makeup does fine as it is usually for only a few hours but for days like today where I will be out all day or when I go to Diva Las Vegas my makeup does show some wear by the end of the day so this will be something new for me to try. Yes, it is a more expensive day then my normal trips out as I have now bought things at 3 different stores and usually if I buy anything it is just one. Really does feel like a girl’s day out shopping.

It was shortly after 12 now so we decided to go get lunch, we settled on California Pizza and off we went. Now really the mall was not that busy and neither was California Pizza so we got a table right away. I did get another quick selfie here. We ordered lunch, yes, we both had a personal but it came with a salad so all is good. We just sat and talked and had a wonderful lunch. I really do like this going shopping with someone else as it just makes it more fun. Thursday I will go with Barb and Friday with Peggy if everything goes well. We sat here for over an hour before we got back to our shopping. We walked across into DSW to look at shoes. They have sone really cute ones but hard to find in my size. I do want to get another pair of casual sneaker type shoe’s for Diva Las Vegas this year so that will be on my to-do for this week also some casual outfits.

Well we left here and back into the mall, we got down to Macy’s home furnishings and they had some woman’s clothes in the front so we went in to look at them. While in here I took a few pictures of Karen and she got a couple of me which is nice. I can get selfies of my face but you can’t get a full body selfie, you need someone else to take those pictures. Thanks Karen these pictures look great. We spent a little more time walking around the mall just talking before heading for Pennies and the exit to where we had both parked. It was really fun and we walked out together and it turns out Karen parked right opposite my car; we could not have planned it any better. It was a really fun day out with her.

It was only 2:30 and I was able to beet traffic so when I got close to home it was only 3 and I have till 4:30 so I stopped at the Starbucks’s near my home for a warm drink and to right my blog from today. It has been a really wonderful day. I am not sure what I will do tomorrow as I really do have the whole day tomorrow, I will go out to dinner with my friends but I will also have the day free to be Susan.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what I am doing now.

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Saturday night at the Escape

Well it is the first Saturday of February already and I was not sure I was going to make it out tonight as I had to work today. Well things went well at work and I was home by 3 so I quickly posted in the group I would be out and started getting ready. Yes, it was a little early but I wanted to be able to take my time and enjoy my transformation. Now I know some woman hate doing makeup and I can understand that and they wonder why I still like it; the answer is easy as it is still new to me, I guess in a way. This is how I look at it, for woman they started at an early age. Probably some where around 10 give or take a few years and they did makeup every day and most of them tell me it wasn’t till they got into their mid to late 20’s when they got tired of doing their makeup. Now for me yes, I have blogged or gone out over 1200 times but if you look at it on an everyday thing that is not even 4 years for me if I was doing my makeup every day. So in comparison if I had started at age 12 doing it every day I would really only be 16 or 17 now back when they still loved it plus it is not something I do have to do every day other than when I go to Diva Las Vegas, it is a few times a week and I think that makes all the difference. Just one of my observations. The other thing is a few women have told me I shouldn’t wear panty hose as most woman don’t. Now I am not saying woman have to wear them but I like them. I like the way they feel, the way they make my legs feel and mostly the way they make my legs look. Personal choice. Well I got a little off track there so back to tonight.

While I was getting ready Dan texted me to see if I was going out. he has been a member of our group almost as long as I have, he is what we call an admirer, he likes trans girls. Well a few years back his mom health got bad and he took her into his home and took care of her. yes, he is retired but that has taken most of his time and he has not been out with the group. Well his Mom passed away a few weeks ago and I think he just wanted to be around some friendly faces. I know how that feels as my Dad passed away a little over a year ago and my Mom is in her 90’s so I know it is just a matter of time. Something we all face in life. Well I texted him back I would be there by 6. He was the only one I knew might be there although Michele and Lauri I can usually count on also.

I was ready by 5 and on my way. I got to the Escape and all the parking spots were taken but there was one last spot by the curb so I took it and went in. they were a little busy but most were at the bar so I got my normal table and ordered dinner. I got out my computer and just played around on the internet as I waited to see who else would show up. It was about 6:30 when Michele showed up. I put my computer away so we could talk. Michele is all booked for Diva Las Vegas and is staying at the Flamingo; I am really looking forward to it this year. Cassandra also showed up, it is so wonderful she is getting out a little more. The 3 of us talked a little about Diva Las Vegas. Now I did get a couple selfies.

Jan and Lynn also showed up so it looked like we would have a good turnout tonight. It really is fun to get together with my friends. For years it was just dressing at home and then being able to go out, now it really is about being out with my friends. Now it started to get busy about 8:30 as a big party came in for the other big table. Dan also showed up and it was nice to see him again. I think the last time I saw him was at Cassandra’s last Halloween party in 2017. It was nice to sit and talk with him, hopefully he will come out more as I think it would be good for him. Soon it was 9 and Karaoke started and of course it got loud and was hard to talk.

Now we did have a nice time and Cassandra did stay later then normal, usually as soon as Karaoke starts, she leaves as it gets loud. Yes, years ago we stayed out late till closing and we didn’t mind the loud music but now we just can’t do it. I like to think it is because we are wiser and we get out earlier and not because we are getting older. Cassandra left about 9:45 just before Lauri showed up. Lauri is our late-night girls and unfortunately, I know when she gets there it is getting close to time for me to leave. Dan was next to leave about 10:15, I think he had a nice time tonight and I hope it got his mind off of all he has been going through. I stayed till a little after 11 before I called it an evening. This coming week I am hoping to get out on Sunday for a little Susan time at Starbucks, but for sure on Tuesday to go shopping with Karen and Maybe Victoria, hopefully some on Wednesday, Thursday with Barb and Friday with Peggy, it will be a fun week. I have things I have to do in the evenings but will have my days free.

Thanks for reading and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is going on in my life.

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