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Wednesday night dinner at Benihana in Beaverton

Benihana 9-30-2015 (6)Well it is Wednesday night and Susan was going out to dinner. Our group has been trying to pick new places to go to dinner on Wednesday nights to mix it up some. this is a picture of me at the Benihana. now we have never gone here before as a group although I think once many many years ago I had gone to Benihana, you actually sit at a table with a grill at it and they cook your dinner right at the table while you watch. each table sits 8 people and we had a good turnout of 16 so we filled 2 tables. we had Cassandra, Star, Cristine, Julie, Jan, Lynn, Rebecca, Veronica, Jennie, Amy, Chris, Roxy, Jamie, Christine, Michelle and of course me. it was going to be a really fun night.

I got there about 6:30 and went in and met the girls in the bar. turns out our reservations were not till 8 pm so we sat in the bar and talked. I got to talk with Veronica, Cass and of course Julie, Julie and I had a wonderful time talking, she is so much fun. more of the girls started showing up and soon all 16 of us were there. now what was cool is Star came tonight, she is the Bartender at the Lounge at Harvey’s. She wanted to join us tonight, she had on these really awesome false lashes. she had gone to Nordstrom’s and got them. I really have to try false lashes sometime. I talked with her for a while about them, so much Benihana 9-30-2015 (13)fun talking about things like this.

It is amazing how fast the time went by and soon it was 8 pm and time to go in to our tables for dinner. our 2 tables were next to each other separated by where the chief stood to cookBenihana 9-30-2015 (14) our dinner. now of course several of us had our camera’s out taking pictures. now of course I had to get a picture or 2 with Star. She was so much fun. of course we will see her again when we go to Harvey’s which we are planning twice in November as we are going our normal night and also when Julie Scoggins will be here as she is so awesome.

Well our waitress took our order and I ordered the Teriyaky Chicken. They had a really good menu and it all looks so wonderful. Well the chef’s came to our table with our food and started to cook what we ordered. now this is where it got really fun.

Benihana 9-30-2015 (12)Our chef was awesome, he actually made a show out of cooking our food on the grill. flipping the knives and seasoning, he made it look almost like art, it was awesome. you get dinner and a show right at your table. If you have never been to a Benihana you really need to go it is awesome. It is a little more expensive but so worth it for what all you get. most dinner options are between $19 and $35 but what is cool is you can order 1 thing and someone else ordered something else and you split them and the chef will cook it and give you each half. One tip if you want to go make reservations and it is more fun if you go as a group.

The food was awesome, the staff was awesome, and watching them cook right at the table was priceless. It was an incredible night out with my friends. we all talked and had a wonderful time.

After dinner we all got together and took a group picture, well it was actually the Benihana that took the picture and gave us several copies. This is our group scan0001out for dinner. It was after 10 when we left Benihana so it would be a late night for me as I still had a 45 minute drive home but it was so worth it. I think we will be back here for dinner again.

Thanks for reading.


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