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Last Friday of July and time for Susan to go out

Wow it is the last Friday of July, summer seems to be going by so fast but then again life on my male side has been really busy so I was looking forward to tonight and some relaxing time as Susan. Now I knew it would be a slow night for our group as a few of our regular Friday night group, Chris and Cassandra were not going to be able to make it. I got all ready and was out the door by 6:30 and of course I had my laptop with me.

I got to Sweethome a little before 7 and there were only a few people there now and I was the only one from our group which I kind of expected so I got out table and broke out my computer. Kelsey was at the bar so I went over and talked with her. I met her one of the first times we came here and I always like talking to her. She introduced me to her friend Steve and we all talked for a few minutes. Kelsey is actually the first person I sang Karaoke with here, as I have said before I am willing to sing with someone else just not by myself.

I went back to my table and turned on my computer and Paul the owner brought me a drink, Paul is really great as he remembers all our names and pretty much what we all like to drink. Well I sat at the table playing on my computer, you know e-mails, Facebook and so on.

It was probably about 7:45 when Cristine showed up, I kind of figured Cristine would be here as she also comes every week. We sat and talked for a bit of course I still had my computer out as there were things I needed to get done. Now tonight it seemed like the music was louder than normal which made it hard to have a conversation. With just us 2 we figured it would be an early night, so we both ordered dinner.

A few of the other group came in so it looked as though they would also have a slow night, I think people are just busier during the summer time. Cristine and I talked about the movie the other night we went to. Cassandra and I have been talking about adding some new things for our group to do in hopes of getting more girls out like the movie night. We are planning on having a dinner night out where we go to dinner at new and different places. We want to expand our places we go.

About 8:45 Cassie showed up, she only gets up here about once a month so it was good to see her out too. I finished up on my computer and put it away and Cassie, Cristine and I talked the best we could over the loud music. Cassie and I went to the bar to get another drink and started talking with Kelsey and Steve some more. Kelsey always sings Karaoke and she still remembers us singing together. Any way Cassie talked her into singing “hooked on a feeling” and told Kelsey that she and I would sing backup doing the uga chakas well you really need to know the song to understand so check out the link to the song.

Now a funny little story, this guy came over to our table and introduced himself as Jeff and of course Cassie and I introduced ourselves to him and he stood there and talked to us for a few minutes. Now he had been drinking as this is a bar. He was playing pool also. Well after a few minutes he went back to his pool game. About 10 minutes later this same guy Jeff came back over to our table and again introduced himself to us and talked for a little bit with us before going back to his pool game. Well after a little while more he came back over and introduced himself yet a 3rd time and asked if he could sit at one of the empty chairs at our table (next to me) and we said fine so he sat and talked with me for a few minutes before going back to his pool game. Well a little later Cassie and I were once again at the bar talking with Kelsey and Jeff was standing just a few feet away near the pool table. Anyways Kelsey told us how awesome we looked as we always dress so nice and our makeup is always pretty and what girl doesn’t like to hear that. Well Cassie made the comment that as crossdresser we always go a little above on trying to look our best and of course I followed this with when you only get to be a girl a day or 2 a week you want to do your best plus we need more makeup to hide things that she and other girls don’t. Well I saw Jeff’s head turn around and he looked at us and I think up to this point he thought we were GG’s. Now he did say hi to us a couple more times during the night as he passed by but he didn’t stop at our table to talk.

Well it was time for Karaoke and when it was Kelsey’s turn Cassie and I went up and we did the Uga Chaka’s for the song and a couple time I caught myself sing along with part of the song. I really did have a fun time so I am going to have to do this more often as long as I have someone else up there with me. Who knows maybe someday I will be able to sing by myself.

Kelsey and Steve joined us at our table and we all talked for a while and of course Kelsey and Steve both sang Karaoke again and did great. Also by Karaoke time the other group had pretty much all shown up so it was pretty busy in here. I talked with a couple of the girls from the other group, Jessica, Michelle and Blue. It is so nice that we are all accepted here for who we are.

Well about 11 Cristine left and shortly after that Kelsey and Steve left so it was just Cassie and me and we talked some more and listened to the Karaoke. It was a really fun night and it was a little after midnight when we both decided it was time to call it a night. What a great way to unwind and relax after a busy week.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend.

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Movie night out with the girls.

Well Tuesday night was movie night but before I get into that I have another update on the P-Club. It turns out the appellate court reversed their decision and is going to let Chris Penner file his appeal late so it is not over yet which I and many of the girls think is good as it is not about the money but getting a ruling. Now the first judge was an administrative judge so we are excited about having an appellate court and judge’s rule on this. Now I am not sure how this goes forward but I am guessing over the next several months the BOLI attorney and Chris Penner’s attorney will present their sides on the case and then it will probably be another 6 months to a year for them to release their decision. This really has nothing to do with us in the group as it is all based on procedures so all we can do is sit back and wait but I am sure it will be worth the wait.

Well as I said it was movie night and there were 8 of us going to see the movie “Dawn of the planet of the Apes” at the Regal Cinema in Hillsboro. We were meeting in the lobby at 7 for the 7:30 show so I left home at 5:40 as I had to deal with rush hour traffic all the way. Actually the traffic wasn’t that bad and I got there about 6:40 and parked.

Now there was a really long line of people buying tickets as Tuesday is $5 movie night. I was just getting out of the car when Sophia walked by turns out she had parked right behind me so we walked together through the parking lot. We were almost to the front of the parking lot when we ran into Cassandra. Now Cristine got there early and had already got through the line and got hers and Cassandra’s tickets so Sophia and I got in line behind maybe 50 other people, they have 16 movie screens here. We stood in line for about 15 minutes before we got up to the window to get our tickets. Sophie bought tickets for her and her son who was joining us and I got tickets for Kim and me. I had just got through the line when Kim showed up and we went in. Sophia and her son walked across the street to get something to eat.

Now I had eaten but Kim hadn’t so she got in line to get some food while I went and found Cassandra and Cristine on the far end of the snack area at a table. I went back to find Kim and she had gotten popcorn and drinks for us, how sweet of her. We went back and joined Cassandra and Cristine and waited for others to show up. We waited till about 7:15 and then the 4 of us went into the theater and got seats. Cassandra and Cristine took 2 seats and Kim and got 2 seats with 4 seats in between for the other girls showing up. Besides Sophia and her son Victoria and Joan were also coming.

Just before the movie started the rest of the group showed up so we had a total of 8 people here. Now the movie finally stared and it was really good and it was just fun to be out as Susan. The movie got over a little after 10, now I had to get going as I still had an hour drive home and had to be up by 4 am for work and also Kim and Victoria needed to get going so the 3 of us left while the other girls waited for the lights to come on. It was a really fun night. Once outside I said goodnight to Victoria and Kim and walked out to my car and left. What a great evening, I think we should do this more often.

Thanks for reading.

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Friday and an end to a busy week

Well it has been a long and busy week for my male side so I was really looking forward to Friday night and some Susan time with my friends. Now I got home about 5:30 so it was going to be another rush to get ready. I really lie to be able to spend my time getting ready so I can enjoy the relaxing feeling get but I wanted to have as much time out with my friends so rush I did. I was ready by 6:30 and I thought looked pretty good for as fast as I did it.

I got to Sweethome just before 7 and went in, Chris was there on his computer and Danielle and a couple of her friends were at the bar. Now I have known Danielle and her wife Kelly for several years and they are both awesome but they are moving up to Seattle area the end of the month so they are having a little going away party tonight with their friends so I stopped and talked with Danielle. Turns out Kelly is on her way back from Seattle and got caught in traffic so she will be late to her own party, I am going to miss them both.

Well I joined Chris and got out my computer as I figured it would be slow tonight. The other group that comes here had another event this weekend so they won’t be here. Well Cristine showed up and so did Petra, Michelle and Robin, Robin is Michelle’s sister and she came out to meet the group. So I am sitting with Chris on one side and Robin on the other when my dinner comes. Well it turns out Robin is a huge NASCAR fan just like Chris and soon they were talking about NASCAR with me in between. I probably should have switched seats with one of them.

Roxy, Lauran, Veronica and Joan showed up next so we had a nice group for the night. It was nice to see them out again. Now Robin is a really good pool player and she controlled the pool table most of the night, I actually think she might be better than Cassandra but she wasn’t there tonight so they could play. Either way I think it would be a good game between the two of them. I got to talk with Robin and she is really nice, hopefully she will be able to come out with the group again. Veronica will be in town again to play golf in August. We are playing 18 holes during the day and then doing a BBQ and then glow ball golf once it gets dark, which will be so much fun.

I got to talk with Lauren for a little while, she is on break for the summer from school which is nice. She can do pretty much what she wants, boy I miss the days when I didn’t have to work and got the summers off, I guess I really need to buy a lottery ticket and win. I also talked with Joan for a while, it was great to see here out as she is always so much fun to talk with as she always has a joke or two. I think she is going to our groups first movie night next week so I should see her then.

Megan also showed up, we met her about a month ago and she is really nice, I have a picture of me with her in another blog. It was cool to see her again and she had on this really cute skirt and high heels, I should have gotten a picture with her as in her heels I really am not that much taller than her. She hung out with us for a while which was nice as we got to talk. She just got a new job and hast to work on Saturdays so she couldn’t stay out late but we still had a nice time.

Well Kelly finally made it around 8:30 or so and by this time there were maybe 10 of Danielle and Kelly’s friends there to celebrate with them before they leave for their new adventure. It was a fun time and I got to talk with several new people which is something I like to do. I think meeting new people is a fun way to spend a night.

It was finally time for Karaoke to start and as I said it was not really busy and a lot of the regulars that come for Karaoke were not here so those who did sing got to sing more often. I think tonight was kind of an Elton John night as there were probably 10 Elton John songs sang and 4 of them were in a row which was fine by me as I really like Elton John songs, I have probably 10 of his CD’s. For those who are young CD are what music came on before we could just download them.

It really was a fun and relaxing night as it was about the people I was with and not where we were or what we were doing. Well as it got later some of our girls left and the crowd thinned out so I got to talk with Danielle and Kelly for a while which was nice. It is funny now as I have several friends now up in the Seattle area, Amy, Sandy and now Danielle and Kelly so I guess I will have to try to make it up there some weekend if I can ever get the time off, back to winning the lottery I guess.

Soon it was down to just Chris and me from our group which is funny as we were the first to arrive tonight. There was a couple in the corner that was here celebrating a birthday. I think she said her name was Debbie and her husband was Carlos but it was late and I am blonde so I may be wrong. Anyway it was her 55 birthday and they were having a fun time. They played pool with our group, sang Karaoke and just had a lot of fun. Debbie came over several times and talked with us which was nice. I think they will probably come back again as they did have a really fun time here as we all do.

I was shocked when I looked at the clock and saw it was almost 1:30 wow how fast the night went by. I wonder why work never goes by this fast. Chris and I paid our bills and it was time to leave. What a great night out. My next night out will be our groups movie night. We are going to see “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. We will meet at the movie theater at 7 and see the 7:30 show so this will be a late night out for me during the week but it will be worth it.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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Wednesday night out with the girls for dinner

Well I had the chance to go out to dinner tonight with my friends. Now I got off work late so it was almost 5:30 before I got home so I had to rush to get Susan ready. It was straight into the shower and then getting ready and I did it in less than an hour. Well I did it and was in my car on my way by 6:20.

I got downtown Portland a little before 7 and had to park about a block away. Kim, Chris and Cassandra were already at Fox & Hound. Now we didn’t know how many girls would be out but I knew Stefia would be out as she was bringing a girl named Tina who is in town for a few days from Ohio so I was looking forward to seeing her and meeting Tina.

Roxy showed up so we moved from the bar to a table so we could order some dinner. The 5 of us sat and talked, we are trying to come up with some new ideas for our group to do to try and generate more interest in the members. We want to go to some new places and one of the plans is a dinner night out. We are planning on doing this on a Saturday night and going to different restaurants in hopes that we can start getting more girls out. We are also planning a movie night next week, we want to go see the new movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I am looking forward to this as I liked the first one.

Stefia and Tina showed up and joined us for dinner. It was nice to meet Tina and she seems really nice. We had a good time talking and getting to know a little about her. It is always nice to meet new people this way. It was amazing how fast time went and soon it was 9 pm and time to go over to CC Slaughters but before we left Fox & Hound we had to get some pictures. This is Stefia, Tine and me and I was wearing my 4″ heels so I really am not as tall as I appear in the picture. These were taken on Stefia’s camera, I was going to get mine out but both Stefia and Tina had theirs out so I just had them send them to me.

Well it was a little after 9 and Stefia, Tina, Chris and I walked next door to CC Slaughters as the rest of the girls went home. Now the one good thing about getting off late today is I also don’t have to go in as early in the morning so I could stay out a little later.

Rachel and Dee were there so we joined them and talked for a while and of course more pictures. Stefia has an app on her phone that lets her control her camera through Wi-Fi, she can actually see what her camera sees and take the picture so she can set her camera across the room and still take pictures how cool is that. Chris and Tina played pool and Stefia took some pictures, I was in this one when Chris was shooting and I just thought it was a cute picture so I had to ad it.

We had a good night and stayed out till about 10:30 before we called it a night. Tina had flown in today so she was pretty tired. It was a really fun night and I hope Tina will be able to come back to Portland again.

Thanks for reading.

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Update on P-Club

Well it is over!

I wanted to give an update on our P-Club issue. Now Cassandra got a call from our Attorney the other day, now we are still waiting on official word on this but what we have heard is this. After Chris Penner lost he planned on appealing to the Oregon Court of appeals. Now he had not done anything as far as appealing so in May the state seized his bank accounts which caused him to have to close the P-Club. Well it turns out he has asked for 3 extensions on filing his appeal so it has been almost a year now. Now what we are hearing is the other day his Attorney finally filed the paperwork with the appeals court but it was after the his last extension had run out and he had not asked for another extension or contacted the court saying he needed more time so the court ruled that because he had not done anything during all that time nor notified the court or asked for yet another extension that the case is closed. In other words if this holds true the case is all over and we won and there is nothing he can do, he can no longer appeal so the judgment stands. We may never see any money but the ruling is worth way more. We are a little disappointed that it ends without an appellate judge ruling but still a big victory.

Here is a little history of this event.

In June 2012 Chris Penner left two voice mails on Cassandra cell phone informing us he did not want us to come to his bar because people thought it was either a gay or transgender bar and that was not what he wanted.

In July 2012 we met with an Attorney and investigators from BOLI (Bureau of Labor and Industries) thinking we would be filing a suit against Chris Penner. The attorney Beth Allen wanted to take our case on and the People from BOLI informed us that the commissioner Brad Avakian wanted to file the complaint in his name and use us as witnesses so we agreed.

In October 2012 BOLI found that we were discriminated against in violation of law.

In May 2013 we had two days of hearing in front of a judge on this case.

In August 2013 we found out the judge ruled in our favor and we were once again interviewed.

In July 2014 informed Chris Penner failed to file an appeal on time after several extensions. He can no longer appeal and the judgment stands.

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Saturday BBQ party hosted by Julie and Trixie

Well Saturday afternoon Julie and Trixie were having a BBQ for our group at 3 pm and I was really looking forward to it. I had planned on leaving home by 2 or shortly after but I ended up taking longer to get ready, spent a little more time on my eye makeup so it was about 2:40 when I left so I knew I would be fashionably late. Now it was going to be a hot day upper 90’s and we would be outside so I wore my short white skirt and a cute little top to try to stay cool.

It took me about 45 minutes to get there so I wasn’t as late as I thought I would be. Trixie has a beautiful house and yard and it was set up so nice with several tables and all kinds of snacks and drinks. There were already about 10 girls, Blair, Shadow, Amber, Julie, Trixie, Sandy, Brenda, Victoria S., Victoria N., and Carolyn. They were all crowded under one of the umbrella’s over by the trees in the shade. We sat and talked trying not to expend too much energy in the heat.

More girls showed up, Cassandra, Jan, Lynn, Barb, Petra, Michelle, Cristine, Bobbie, Kim, Joan, Sophia, & Lorna. We talked more and then it was time to play some games. Julie and I played Petra and Victoria in a game of Bocci. Actually Victoria S. started the game and Victoria N. finished it. Julie and I started off great and we were up by 7 before Petra and Victoria scored and we ended up winning 11 to 1 scoring 4 points on our last throw. Now Bocci ball is not a real physical game but when it is in the mid 90’s and you are in the sun shine it doesn’t take much to start getting hot and of course I was worried about my makeup.

Next Julie and I played Michelle and Kim and we got off to a good start again but that was all. Kim and Michelle seemed to have the touch this game and soon they were ahead. Now none of us were really in any hurry as it was so hot out but we had a wonderful time playing and in the end Kim and Michelle won 11 to 7. In a way Julie and I were glad we lost as it let us go back and sit in the shade and have something cold. Kim and Michelle finished as the undefeated champions of course as hot as it was no one else wanted to play so these were the only 2 games played.

Now Julie and I both had our cameras out getting pictures to post in our group. I must have taken 25 pictures and in all those only 2 with me in the picture. This is me with our beautiful Host Julie. Now this was after I had been here for a couple hours in the heat so I am amazed my makeup looks as good as it does.

Well Julie and Trixie started cooking the meat on the grill and it smelled so good and we were all getting hungry. It was time to eat so we all got around the tables and we had to move some of them into the shade as it was still really hot out.

The food was so awesome and we all ate way too much. Kim, Cassandra, Joan, and I sat at one table in the corner between the garage and house. We were in the shade but we got no breeze being in the corner but we had a great time. After we ate Trixie brought out this huge chocolate cake that was so good. I am so glad I had seconds on the other food as I was just too full to have a second piece of cake.

Robyn finally showed up and it was great she could make it. We sat around talking for a while more and as it was finally cooling off which was nice. It was a wonderful afternoon and evening and so nice to see so many girls out. It went by so fast and soon it was after 9 and I had to be leaving which is always sad.

I want to thank Julie and Trixie for such a fun day and for everything they did to make it such a wonderful day, you two rock.


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A hot Friday night out with friends

Well the week is over and time to spend a fun night with friends. Now our weather has been in the mid and upper 80’s the last few days and today we broke 90 and we will have mid to upper 90’s for the next week or so. Now this may not seem hot to some but for this area we normally only have a few days a year that break 90 and Susan does not like to be hot as it masses up her makeup. Even so I was still going out, thank god for air conditioning.

I got all ready and opened the door to my garage and it was a blast of hot air so I was quick to get in the car and get the air conditioning on so the drive was not bad and I only had a short walk from my car into Sweethome which was nice as it was 91 outside. Chris and Cristine were inside already so I joined them but no Cassandra yet. Turns out she came out later than normal so she didn’t have to fight traffic. I guess it takes her twice as long if she comes earlier because of rush hour traffic and no one wants to sit in a car on a hot day. She arrived about 7:30.

Now I figured it would be a slow night for our group because of the heat and also we have a group BBQ tomorrow that Julie and Trixie are putting on for us, how awesome of them. We are all looking forward to it, I think we have about 24 going of course it is supposed to be in the mid 90’s tomorrow so I will have to wear something cute but light so I don’t get to warm. It will be so fun just a bunch of girls out playing games in the yard and the whole social aspect of it.

Petra showed up a little later which was nice. She is also going to the BBQ tomorrow but only after a Soccer game she is going to watch at 52nd street bar where the girls go for Monday night football. She is a huge Soccer fan and was disappointed when her team got knocked out of the World Cup. Roxy also showed up so we had 5 of us out tonight. It was fun to sit and talk and just have a great social night out with the girls.

The other main group that comes here also had a smaller number tonight so I guess it just wasn’t just our group the heat kept away. It was great to see them out though as we have become friends with them and I keep up with them on Face Book. They had maybe 15 in their group.

A couple of our group played pool and tonight was Chris night, he won almost every game he played. He was making some really good shots including banking the 8 ball off two rails and sinking it in the pocket he called to win, a really awesome shot.

Well it was time for Karaoke to start and of course Chris sang several songs and did great. Now the funny part with all the air conditioners going a couple times it tripped circuit breakers and when that happened we lost the music and one of the TV’s that have the words on but those who were singing didn’t give up they just kept on singing. The third time this happened they turned off about half the TV’s and this seemed to fix the issue but it seemed just a little darker inside tonight because of this it I amazing how much light you get from a TV.

Now by 10:30 it was down to just Chris, Cristne and me from our group but we were still having a good time as always. These Friday nights out our just so much fun and I look forward to them. It is really not about where we go or what we do it is about being with friends who accept me for who I am. It is about me being able to be me and not worry what others think and that is so awesome and I hope all my friends in the group and also who I have met here at Sweethome know how much they mean to me.

Now Cassandra also talked with Paul the owner and he may go golfing with us in August, we are signed up to golf at Wildwood again for their glow ball. Actually we are playing 18 holes during the day then a BBQ and then 9 holes of glow ball after it gets dark. So much fun and golf is so different when it is dark as you really can’t see things. They have glow sticks every 50 yards down the fairway and on the flag on the green and of course your golf ball glows but other than that you can’t see much else. It would be cool if he would come.

Well I made it till about 11:30 before I called it a night, I have to be up by 8 am as I have things I have to do before I get ready for the BBQ. It starts at 3 and goes to whenever so it will be so much fun. I hope to get some good pictures for my blog. It is funny as Cassandra and I were talking about pictures and we both have so many that we really don’t think about them unless we are doing something new or someplace different. I was kind of looking on my computer today and I bet I have over 2,000 pictures of Susan and maybe 2 of my male self. I wonder how many others t-girls are the same?

Well thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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Wednesday night dinner with friends

Well I had a chance to go to dinner Wednesday night with my friends and I was looking forward to it. Now it was a really warm day so I wore my little black dress, a little much for dinner out but I really wanted to wear it. I got home a little early so I got ready and was downtown by 6 pm, parked and walked over to Fox & Hound.

Julie, Roxy and Chris were all there so I joined them for a drink while we waited for others to show up. It was nice to see Roxy out so early for a change. Now Julie and I got a chance to sit and talk for a while which was so much fun. It is funny as Susan I love to sit and talk. We talked about all kinds of thing including Julie and Trixie BBQ and lawn party they are having for the group. I am really looking forward to this.

Cassandra showed up a little before 7 which is late for her turns out she got caught in traffic. Now we were going to walk a couple blocks over to House of Louie for Chinese tonight. Chris and Roxy had already started over. Cassandra, Julie and I walked over as we talked. It was a really nice evening out so it was a pleasant walk.

Roxy, Chris and Cristine were there so we all sat down and ordered dinner and started talking. Cassandra told us about her and Peggy’s cruise although she left her phone with the pictures on it in her car but it sounds like they had an awesome time.

A little later Petra and Michele showed up so we had 8 of us. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversation. It was a fun time and as always the time went by way to fast and soon it was 9 pm and time to go over to CC Slaughters. Now I had only planned on staying for dinner but I was having fun so I decided to go in for a little while.

Dee and Rachel were inside already playing pool. Julie and I sat and talked some more what a wonderful night. I stayed till about 9:45 before calling it a night.

Thanks for reading

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Awesome night at Harvey’s

Well Saturday night was here and I was really looking forward to going to Harvey’s with my friends. We had 14 that said they were going so it was a little smaller group then in the past but it was a Holiday weekend and I figured a lot of the group would be off celebrating the 4th of July. Now I chose my pinkish Salmon color dress as I just wanted something bright tonight.

I was ready to leave by a little after 6, it was a nice sunny drive downtown Portland. I parked and walked the block to Fox & Hound to meet my friends. Cassandra, Petra, Cristine, Melissa and Shawna were there and Cassandra was on her computer as she got there really early. I joined them and we all started talking. It wasn’t long and Jan, Lyn and Joan showed up so we put a couple tables together so we could all talk. Some of us ordered food, really a snack as we planned on eating at Harvey’s. They have been so wonderful to us and I think we should support that by spending some money there.

About 8:15 we all paid our bills and then we headed for Harvey’s, Melissa and Shawna drove over and the rest of us walked including Cristine. Now I really love the walk to Harvey’s, there is something about just walking around the downtown area as Susan especially on a nice sunny warm day. We got to Harvey’s about 8:30 and went into the lounge to wait. There were only a few other people in there so we were able to find a table. The Bar tender came over and talked with us and got our drink orders. I don’t know her name but she was really awesome so I had to get a picture with her, what a cute picture.

Kim our favorite waitress even came out and talked with us for a bit which was nice as she was working the early show inside also. It was a little before 9 when Sophia showed up, her wife couldn’t make it which was a shame. We were waiting for 4 more to show up as we sat and talked. A little after 9 Cassandra and I went out and got our tickets as we waited for the show to start. Robyn finally showed up so we were up to 10 of us. By now it was getting crowded inside the Lounge and people were lining up by the door. We just sat at our tables as Kim already had our table reserved.

Well the early show got out and it was time for everyone to go in for the 10 pm show, it is so nice not to have to fight in a line. Cristine was the first to go in the rest of us waited. We got inside and Kim had our table read and greeted us with hugs, how wonderful is that, she is really awesome. She took our orders and we sat and talked as we waited for the show to start. Now Harvey’s has an MC that does some jokes and then an opening comedian and a headliner so you really get 2 shows in one.

The MC was pretty funny but her really only had maybe 5 minutes. The opening Comedian was really good, his name was Mark and I can’t remember his last name but he was really good. We were all laughing really hard. Now there were some men upfront and they would say things when he would tell a joke and of course this made the comedian pick on them. In the many times we have come here I have learned that if you sit right in front or say things to the comedian they will pick on you and make you part of the show and the comedian usually comes out better but it is all in good fun. It was really good.

The Head Liner was Susan Rice who we have seen several times and she is always awesome. If you get a chance to see her you should as you will have an awesome time. Comedy really is the best medicine as you just feel so much better when you are happy and laughing. She was so funny we laughed the whole time. It really was a great show and everyone in the crowd was laughing. The same men in the front started commenting to her and again Susan started using them in her show so I guess they didn’t learn after the first comedian. It was amazing how fast the night went by.

After the show Barry the owner came over and talked with us and wanted to know if we wanted a picture of our group on the stage. A lade at the next table said we should and I talked her into going up on stage with our group which really didn’t take much persuading. She even had one of her friends come up with us. They are the two right in front by the mic next to me in my cute dress. Kim came over and I gave her my camera so I could also get a picture of our group for my blog. I think some of the other people were also taking pictures.

There were lots of people still there watching us including a bachelorette party with about 8 young woman right in front. Well we got done with the pictures on the stage and as we were walking down a couple of the girls from the Bachelorette party were smiling at us as we walked by so I did what Cassandra usually does and I walked up to one of them and said Hi ladies I need a picture with a really cute girl. Well the girl I said this to pointed out the bachelorette so I called her over to get a picture with her. As we were posing the girl I originally went up to came over and said she wanted to be in the picture also so I got a picture with both of them. The girl in the cowboy hat is the one getting married. Her friends took several pictures so I am sure they will remember tonight.

After the show we talked with Kim a little more and again we got hug’s Kim is so awesome and we are all looking forward to next month when we come back again. Kim, Barry the owner and really all the staff her are wonderful and make this such a special night for us. If you are in Portland and really want a fun night out go to Harvey’s Comedy Club.

Well after the show we walked back to Fox & Hound where we had parked. One car went by with several people in it and they waved at us and one guy stuck his head out the window and said “Looking good ladies” which always makes one feel good. Well I got to my car and said good bye to the others and headed home. What a wonderful evening out.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend and enjoyed my blog which if you didn’t notice I color coated blue and red. Thanks

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Happy 4th of July

Well Happy 4th of July to everyone. This year July 4th fell on a Friday night so I had a decision to make. I had several options of things to do today but it was Friday night and Susan’s time to go out with my friends. Now I worked early today so in the afternoon I did some things with my male sides friends but I was sure I was home by 5 so Susan could get ready. It was a really nice warm day and I figured not many would be out tonight but still I wanted to go.

I wore my little black dress tonight which I don’t wear that often but it just seemed to be the right choice for July 4th. I got to Sweethome about 6:30 and Chris and Cristine were there and maybe 2 other people as I said it would be slow tonight. Chris was on his computer so I got mine out and we sat there and played on our computers for a while waiting for more people to show up.

Craig and Shyrl from the other group also showed up so it looked like their group would be small also. Chris, Cristine and I were having a good time just talking, watching sports on TV and of course still on our computers somewhat. Well Lauren and Jim showed up so now our table was a little crowded to have computers out so we put them away. I was amazed that it was already 8:30 the night was going by so fast.

Chris and I played a game of pool and it was a good one, we got off to a slow start but then we both played good and made some good shots but in the end I won with a really good 8 ball shot. Well by now Petra and Roxy were here so we had 7 of us crowded around a table that was probably meant for 4. It was a lot later now and I realized I had not had dinner yet so I ordered some food. Normally I eat between 7:30 and 8 but tonight t would be 9:30 as time got away from me. Petra and I played a game of pool while we waited for the food and again another really good game, we both played well but again I won so that was 2 in a row so I was feeling good.

Now a few more people did come into the bar for a little while but it was still really slow, I guess a lot of people were out celebrating the 4th and enjoying fireworks. By the time Karaoke started the other group had 5 people there but really there were only 3 people here tonight that would sing Karaoke which must be hard for Mark the guy who runs the Karaoke. Still even with so few people there Chris got up and sang and did great. Now tonight I actually thought about going up and singing as there were so few people there, I figured it would be a good chance to sing without the fear of embarrassment but in the end I chickened out.

It was a fun night but by 11 Petra, Jim and Lauren left and the rest of us were thinking about leaving but Robyn showed up, it has been a long while since she has been out so we hung around some more. It was nice to talk with her and find out what was new in her life. She is also going to Harvey’s with us so that is cool. We have 14 of us going to Harvey’s tomorrow and I am really looking forward to that as it is always a fun night out.

Chris and Cristine finally called it a night so Robyn and I sat and talked for a little while more. It was almost midnight when I just had to call it a night, I have been up for over 21 hours now and I was starting to feel tiered and with the extra police out tonight I didn’t want to take a chance so I paid my bill and left.

It was a really fun night and for being a holiday night we had a good turnout, 9 of us there. I hope you all had a fun and safe holiday and thanks for reading.

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