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Friday out shopping

It is Friday and I am going shopping once again. Mikaela can’t make it today as her baby is sick so I will be out on my own. I am still going to Clackamas Town center as I have not been there yet this week. Now I did a easy workout at the gym this morning as my legs were sore from the last 2 days. I started getting ready about 8:30. I was already to go by a little after 10.

I got to Clackamas Town Center a little after 11 so I decided my first stop would be for lunch. I parked near the food court and took my computer in with me so I could work on my blog from last nights dinner with Julie while I ate lunch. I spent 20161021_133135about an hour eating, doing my blog and people watching. After lunch I took my computer back out to my car and drove down by Nordstrom’s, I don’t like to put stuff in my trunk and then leave my car incase someone saw it. It still amazes me how easily I get out of the car almost without thinking about it. a few years back I would have to work up the courage and make sure no one was around. Life for Susan has gotten easier and more fun.

I went in through Nordstrom’s and right out into the mall. This has been the busiest so far this week but than it also is the biggest mall in the area. Again it amazed me how many kids were here, maybe close to 20% of the people seemed to be of school age. Maybe I am just getting older and everyone looks younger. My first stop was Sears to see if they had any of the Jeggins Tee-shirts. They did but not the same ones. it is funny as all 3 Sears stores have them and on sale for the same price but not the same styles. Yes I did by 3 of them as they were really cute. Now I have a lot of tops I have bought over the years that were really cute but ones I have never seen other woman wear these are cute but also more everyday casual. They are called tee-shirts but they look way nicer then any tee-shirt I have bought. So now I had a shopping bag and I was back out wandering around the mall like all the other woman.

My next stop was the Avon store as I am almost out of lip conditioner. Avon sells an awesome lip conditioner called beyond color lip conditioner, they also have lipsticks by the same name. This is the best conditioner and I have used it for years. I think I stared using it maybe 2008 or so. It is the best for your lip. I never have chapped lips any more and I put the conditioner on every morning and really looks no different then having chapstick on. I will also admit that I think over the years it has maybe plumped up my lips a little. I went into the store and asked if they had it and she said yes and it was on sale for 3 for $15 so I got two of them and one lipstick for fun. I do love lipstick. Any way  chatted with her for a few minutes before leaving. I walked through Macy’s and pretty much every store that sold clothes even the ones I had never heard of before.

I went into JC Pennies to look around and they had some really cute dresses and some were on a really good sale but they all went up to size 16 and as they were not stretchy I knew they wouldn’t fit. I walked around some more and spotted this really cute dress on a rack, It looked like it would fit me and was half off. I held it up to myself and looked in the mirror and it was just so cute, I wanted it. I had to try it on so off I went to the dressing room. Didn’t eve hesitate just went in and tried it on. It fit a little tight but if I lose a little more weight in the middle it will look awesome. After I put it back on the hanger I realized it might not have been good to just walk in there with my big bag from Sears. Well I came out and went to the checkout and bought the dress, it was not bad as I had an old gift card. That was one of the funny things as I found a couple gift cards last night going through an old purse. they are probably 3 to 4 years old so I wasn’t sure they had anything on them or would even work but they did. The pennies one had $24 dollars on it so the dress really only cost me $15 and the Sears card had $30 on it. I also have a coupe Nordstrom’s gift cards to use at a later date. Should have gone through that purse sooner. I can’t wait to wear this dress, I was thinking it would be perfect for Harvey’s but we are not gong again till December and I am not sure I can wait that long. Funny I never get this excited about my male clothes.

I walked through the Sephora store here and looked at all the makeup. It still amazes me that most of the woman shopping here were buying or looking at lipstick and yet none of them were wearing it. Yu don’t see many woman wear lipstick but they sure do seem to sell a lot of it. I also went to Victoria’s Secret as I wanted to get another bra from there. I really do love the one I bought last spring, it is a padded bra so I really don’t need any inserts with they for a natural look and it really is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. t is called So obsessed. I have the wine colored on but wanted a pink one. The girl went in the back to see if they had any because they didn’t in the drawer and she came back with one so I went and bought it. Well it was half the price I thought it would be which was good but it is also not the So Obsessed brand it is just there push up bra. I think it is a different material but it is still cute so I am keeping it. I wandered around the mall for probably 3 hours as it was a little after 3 when I left. 

I decided to go to the Starbucks at Jansen Beach again for a little while before I head to Sweet Home with my friends for the evening. I got there about 3:45 as traffic was not bad which surprised me being a Friday night. Now I am just relaxing and having fun writing my blog and checking out the internet. I will probably go to Sweet Home a little early tonight. It has been a fun day but hard to believe the week is almost over. Tomorrow is the last of my vacation and I will have to remove the pretty red polish and go back to clear, how sad. My nails just look so good this way.

Okay one last thing, last spring when I went and got fitted for a bra at Victoria’s Secret, that was probably one of the most fun things I have done as Susan, Right up with getting a makeover at the MAC counter and getting Acrylic nails. If you have never done these things you should at least once. You will remember it it always.

Thanks for reading

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Shopping trip with Laura Michaels

Well today I am going shopping with Laura Michaels. I have gone shopping many times as Susan but almost always alone so I am really looking forward to today. I got up and got all ready took extra care with my makeup, eyes didn’t turn out as I had hoped was going for a little less, New wigguess I still need work on my daytime look. I also decided to wear my new wig. I am still not sure of it but maybe just because it is a new style. Laura and I were meeting at Barns & Noble at 11 and as I was ready early I figured I would just get there early and go to the Starbucks and do my blog for last night.

I got there just before 10 and went in and got my drink and then sat down to do my blog. the lady at the next table told me how cute my shoes were. I had worn my pink and white tennis shoes today. Well I did my blog and soon it was almost 11 so  took my computer out t my car and then went in to meet Laura.

Laura was already there so we headed out into the mall. Shopping with someone else is way more fun several times we just stopped walking to talk a little. As we walked down the mall this man at a kiosk selling face creams called us over, he remembers me every time I am at the mall. Well he tried to sell Laura some of his creams and I was kind of funny as he did the same thing to me a couple years ago and talk about a hard sell. He started off at $400 and then started throwing in all these free gifts if she would buy it. by the end he was down to $189. The tip is never take their first offer. any way Laura finally convinced him she would think about while we shopped. I felt bad about it but was just glad it was her and not me.

We continued down the mall talking as we walked. now coming here today I really wanted to go into Victoria’s Secret and see if Erika the young lady who helped me yesterday was there. Well I wasn’t paying attention as we walked as I was really enjoying talking with Laura and soon we found ourselves in front of Victoria’s Secret and Laura wanted to go in. Erika was there and asked if we needed any help. I asked if she remembered me which she said she did and asked if I liked my bra. I told her I did, I really do by the way. It is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. I have had it on now for 8 hours now and still feels like I am not wearing it, the material is so soft and the straps don’t dig in. I know it was expensive but I am seriously thinking about buying a couple more in different colors. I guess sometime it is worth the extra money.

Well Laura asked her a couple questions about bra’s and Erika offered to fit her also and soon Laura was off getting fitted and I was left to wonder around the store. Now as I was waiting I had a chance to just look around at all the styles and colors. This really is a wonderful store and it would be easy to spend a lot of money here. This kind of store is one reason I am glad I was not born a girl as I would have spent a lot of money here. I am not sure how long it took Laura I am guessing about 30 minutes. It did seem longer today than yesterday but then yesterday it was me having all the fun. Well It was worth it as Laura also made a purchase here today. So today it was Laura walking around with her Victoria’s Secret bag.

We continued down the mall talking the whole way. It is funny, being here with someone else you really don’t notice other people, or even how you are dressed you are just two friends out shopping. We got down by Nordstrom’s and stood there talking for a couple minutes before walking in.

Laura wanted to check out the cosmetic section well okay we both did but she also wanted to get color matched for foundation. we went to the MAC counter. I had told her about the Studio Fix foundation I wear as it has really good coverage which I need. One of the ladies was right out to see if we needed any help. This is so nice as we were treated like any other woman there both here and at Victoria’s Secret. I wish I could remember the young ladies name that helped us but she was wonderful. She tried maybe 9 different shades till she found the right one. I am sure Laura was enjoying it and actually so was I.

Once she found the right shade she asked if there was anything else she needed or any questions. Laura asked about eye makeup and before we knew it she was doing her eyes then blush, she actually by the time she was done had given Laura a complete makeover and redid all her makeup. now while this was going on the lady who had helped me on Monday saw me and came over and talked to me. as a matter of fact she came over several times to talk to me and see how we were doing. The ladies who work here at the MAC counter at Nordstrom’s are awesome. She did all this work and it was never a hard sale or even a push for her to buy anything.

when she was all done she asked if Laura was interested in any of the products she had used. She explained what each one was for and how to use it I even learned a few things just watching. Of course Laura did buy some of the makeup but the amount is between her and her MAC makeup artist. Now even I bought something also a primer to try as she said it would help the makeup look smoother. So we both left Nordstrom’s with a MAC bag. it was now about 2 pm we had been in Nordstrom’s for well over an hour, wow how time flies when you are having fun.

We went to the second floor and worked our way back till we got to the food court and decided to get something to eat. WE had a nice lunch and just sat there and talked. it was really nice to get to know her better. It is fun to go out with the group but these little one on one outings are awesome as they really let you get to know the other person. so much of our lives we keep secret but you really do find out who they are even without knowing everything. This really doesn’t make since unless you have gone through it. I may not know the details of who they are but I learn who the person is what makes them who they are if that makes sense. It was funny as we were talking about so many things but a lady at the next table heard part of our conversation and said she didn’t mean to be eavesdropping but she had heard part of what we said and agreed and for the next 5 minutes or so we had a nice conversation with her.

It was now after 3 when we finished and we decided we should leave as we were both going to get caught in traffic. We walked back to Barns & Shopping at Clackamas Town Center (1)Noble talking. We were almost there when I notice a girl taking a picture of her friend and I thought wow I need a picture so I had Laura take a couple pictures of me. and of course I took a couple of her and sent them to her. Of course you can see my MACShopping at Clackamas Town Center (2) bag in my hand. It really was a fun day and I so enjoyed having Laura to shop with. We said our goodbyes and were on our way.

Traffic wasn’t as bad as I thought and I was home by 4 well almost. I decided to stop once again at the Starbuck’s by my house for a warm drink and to write this blog. It has been such a fun day and I just don’t want to see it come to and end. it is hard to believe it is Thursday already and my vacation is almost over. I am not sure what I will do tomorrow but I will defiantly be out tomorrow night.

Thanks for reading and I hope you al have as good of a day as I did.

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Okay a little different post than normal

Okay I normally don’t write blogs about my male side but today I am making an exception. This is my vacation week and I planned on spending it all as Susan the reason I got my nails done. Well I had something I had to do today that I really didn’t think I could or should do as Susan since 2 of the people who work there I know in my male life, of course I was not about to remove the gel polish on my nails. I figured I could hide the nails most of the time. Well I got there at 10 and took care of what I needed and the only time my nails were visible was when I paid with my credit card. funny thing is the 2 people I know I never saw so I probably could have done it as Susan. well the only reason I mention this is I was down by Clackamas Town Center where I have spent the last 2 days as Susan. I decided to go there again not sure why.

Well I was walking down the mall and as I walked by Victoria’s Secret I thought about all the times I had gone in here as Susan and never as my male self so I decided today was the day. I don’t know why this store is so intimidating for my male side. I walked in and started to look around. I had only been in there a couple minutes and this nice young lady came up and asked if I needed any help. I turned and it was the same lady I had talked to briefly on Monday and I got that scared feeling and told her I was just looking and she said let her know if I needed anything and walked off, she must not have recognized me. I only looked for a couple minutes and then left.

Well across the mall is a place called PINK which turns out is also part of Victoria’s Secret. Well I walked in there to look around. I was looking at a table of Bra’s when a young lady came up and asked if I needed help finding a bra. I told her I was just looking and she asked if I knew what size I was looking for. I told her not really and then she asked that age old question is this for you or someone else, my mind raced but she continued right on by saying if it is for you I would be happy to fit you for a bra. Now I will admit this is something I have always wanted to do but as Susan I figured with my breast forms and hair and everything it would be way to difficult and as my male self I never had the courage to go in and ask. Now I did tell her it was for me and was about to accept her offer to fit me and she spoke right up and told me to follow her and she would take some measurements and then get me fitted. She asked me my name which I gave her my first name and she acted like it was the most normal thing for me to be buying a bra.

we went into one of the dressing rooms and she took her measurement and said I was a 38b but there bra’s here only went to 36. I was a little disappointed but she said she wanted to try me in a 36 just to see and she would be right back. A couple minutes later she was back with 4 different styles of bra’s for me to try. She told me to try each one and when I found one I liked push the button and she would come back and check the fit. I tried on 3 of them as one I just didn’t like the look or feel. I was just about to push the button when she knocked on the door to see how I was doing. I opened it and she checked out the fit. now this was a little intimidating to say the least but she was very professional about it. She told me it was just a little to tight and I may need a C cup. I put my shirt back on and came out of the little dressing room. She handed me a card with my name on it and below it, it said bra size 38c. it was fun and I was happy as I had done something I had always wanted to do. She then told me that Victoria’s Secret across the mall had sizes up to 40 and she had radioed over about me and they were expecting me. I thanked her and left.

Now what to do, I figured I had come this far so I walked over and started to walk in and the same lady I saw earlier said hi I see you are back. I was getting ready to say something when another lady came over and said hi you must be and called me by my name. I said yes. She said they just called from across the mall and I was looking for a bra. The first lady whom I have already talked to twice now said she could help me and introduced herself as Erika. She asked me by name to follow her to the fitting room, I gave her the card the other lady gave me so she got me what she called a fitting bra in 38C and I tried it on and she checked the fit. She agreed that a 38C was my size and then she said she would be back with a couple bras for me to try.

It was only a few minutes and she came back wit 7 different bra’s for me to try. she said when  found the ones I liked  to push the button. Now 1 of the 7 I didn’t like just from the look and feel but I tried on the other 6, twice she came back and asked how I was doing and I said fine. There were 3 I really liked but one the straps were just to thin and not comfortable so I tried on the same 2 again and picked the one I liked. I pushed the button and soon Erika was there and she checked the fit to make sure it was right. She said it was a perfect fit. I took it off and got dressed and went out. she handed me a card with my name on it, her name on it, my size and the style of the bra. Then she asked it I would like to look at the different colors. She led me over to where they were and showed me all the colors still really no pressure for me to buy one. I asked about red and she said they had sold out of them for Valentines day. Well they had a really pretty maroon one so I picked that one to buy. Erika thanked me and told me to come back anytime. I went and paid for the bra $50 a little more than I would normally spend but than with all the help they gave me and the fun I had it was worth it. So now I had my little Victoria’s Secret bag and I was on my way.

As I walked by the first place I saw the first lady that helped me so I stepped in to thank her. She saw I had a bag and told me she was happy they could help me. Then she asked if she could see what I got. I pulled the bra out and she told me how pretty it was and she was sure I would be happy with it. I will say these ladies here were awesome and very professional about the whole thing. Didn’t matter I was male just that I got the proper size and fit. It was a fun time.

now the funny thing is all these years wondering about my bra size and if it was right. turns out it was as the bras I have always bought are 38C, I guess I had it right all the time.

So this was my little adventure as my male self.

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