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New night out at Starbuck’s

Well I made it out this week on a Tuesday night. My work schedule for at least the rest of the year will be unpredictable and as such my normal Wednesday night out will change but that is good as I like not being so predictable. As they say change is good. It is a little different here tonight only 5 other people and not many coming in, not sure if it is because of the day, weather or maybe there business is just down.

Last week I had to miss Friday Night out as I got sick and just couldn’t make it out which really was hard as I so enjoy going out with my friends. I so look forward to being out with my friends all week long.

Well still slow here but the one couple that came in every Wednesday night also came in tonight so I guess they come here more than I do. Next week I will have to work late every night except Thursday so that will be my Starbuck’s night next week. It is going to take some getting used to different nights every week. I may even try going other places. I like my time here at this Starbuck’s but want to expand my outing as I have become so comfortable here. I think new experiences keep things fresh and also help keep you young. Some place I remember reading that the reason time moves so slow when you are young and seem s so fast the older we get is because when you are young everything seems new. We constantly meet new people and go to new places, but as we get older we work the same job with the same co-workers and same group of friends. I really believe this and think if we all tried new things, met new people went to new places I think we would all feel and look younger. I think living both male and female has helped me stay feeling and looking younger of course moisturizer and makeup helps a lot.

I really think that is why woman always look so much younger than men as they tend to really take the time to take care of their skin. I know as I have gotten older I am more aware of my skin and take better care of it and now I wish I had started at a younger age.

Wow tonight went by so fast I have to finish this at home as the time got away from me and 9 pm came and Starbuck’s closed before I finished. I was chatting with two friends online while doing my blog and was having so much fun chatting I lost track of time. This was really a fun night.

Well I will be out again Friday night and then again next Thursday night probably at Starbuck’s unless I can think of someplace new to go. Check back this weekend to find out about my Friday night out with my friends. Not sure where we will go but it is the friends that matter to me not where we are.

Have a great week.

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Wednesday night at fox & hound and CC’s

Well it was not my usual Wednesday night as I have Thursday off I decided to go downtown Portland and meet my friends for dinner at Fox & hound and then some pool at C.C. Slaughters. It was really cold out and when I left I had freezing rain where I live so I almost went back home but I wanted to spend time with friends so even the weather was not going to stop me.

I got to Fox & hound and being a Wednesday evening parking was easy and I found a spot only a half block away which was nice as it was 31 degrees outside. Cass and Wilma got there the same time I did so we all walked in together. There were already some of our group there and by the time we ordered I think we had 10 or 12 of us there all in one big long table. It was a lot of fun and the food was good and so was the service. The waiters were telling us about a benefit drag show they are putting on December 16; they will all be dressing in Drag and performing. Some of the girls from the group are planning on going but being a Thursday night I probably won’t make it. After dinner we all walked around the corner to CC Slaughters.

CC Slaughters was not really busy when we got there which I expected as it was a Wednesday evening. We went back by the pool table and put our names on the board to play. I was amazed how many girls from our group came out. As a matter of fact I lost count but would guess it was close to 25 maybe more. We all talked and played pool and some even danced. By 9:30 they were pretty crowded.

When it was my turn to play pool I got to play Veronica. I had a really good game and made some really good shots and won the game. The funny and scary part was about half way through the game as I walked around the table I almost walked right into someone I use to work with about 2 years ago. I quickly looked back at the pool table and the fact it was not real bright inside he didn’t get a good look at me but it really startled me. I have seen people I know when I have been out as Susan but this is as close as I have come to them, we literally almost bumped into each other face to face. My second game of pool was against Cass. Cass won but I did make a good game of it.

For a little while I was nervous after seeing him but soon relaxed and had a great time. It really was a fun night out with friends. I stayed out till almost 1:30.

My work schedule has changed some and I probably won’t make it out on Wednesday nights till after the first of the year. I really like my night out at Starbucks so I am thinking of trying Tuesday or Thursday nights or may even mix them. That way I have a little variety in my nights out. Problem is my Susan time is dependent on free time from my male side.

I would like to wish you all A Happy Thanksgiving.

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Friday at Easy Street

Well it was another fun night out for Susan and her friends. It started off a little iffy as the Yahoo group Rose_City_T-Girls was having some issues and most of the posts were delayed so we weren’t sure where we were going till early Friday when like 50 posts all came through. We had settled on Easy Street for the night which is a really nice friendly neighborhood bar on Powell (6618 SE Powell BLVD). All the employees there are so great just a really fun place to be. I got there about 7:45 and Wilma, Cass, Amber, Michele and Melissa were already there. We added a table to the booth they were in and as more girls showed up we just kept adding tables. Jan, Lynn, Barb, Cristine, Bob and Christine all showed up and we had an awesome time, lots of girl talk with some pool mixed in and yes this girl won 3 games in a row but then lost to Cass but came close to winning that game too.

I got a chance to talk with Melissa for a good part of the night. She is a GG that belongs to our group and she is just so much fun and I really enjoyed talking to her and getting to know her. I think that is the best part of this group meeting new people and making new friends. It is great that our group includes people who are support us even though they are non transgender themselves. It really does give our group a well rounded mix and makes it more like a family.

Christine also made it out tonight; it was her first time other than parties or fetish balls. For just going out for a fun night on the town it was her first. With the big group sand taking up one long table I didn’t get a good chance to really talk to her which was sad. We have chatted a few times on line and I was looking forward to talking face to face and getting to know her better. We did get a chance just before she left to talk a bit and she seems really nice. I am sure she will be out again and we will have lots of time to talk.

There was a fairly good crowd there and several people were playing ping pong so we never really got a chance to play Jenga as with the crowd someone might have bumped the table and caused it to fall. Too bad maybe next time as it is so fun with a big group.

The group that was playing ping pong did give us a couple funny looks but they seemed okay with us being there. One girl came in and looked so cute in a blue dress with her right arm and shoulder bare, really sparkly tights and the cutest boots. As she walked by she told me how cute my dress was and of course I also told her how great she looked. We ended up talking for a few minutes as we were leaving we talked with her and the two guys she was with for about 10 minutes. They were really nice.

It was a really fun and enjoyable night. I think we left about 2:15. It was a really late night. By the time we left it was really cold and rainy outside and of course we were all parked about a block away so got just a little wet and cold but what is a girl to do.

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Small group at the P-Club

Well it was another fun night out for Susan. Our group the Rose_City_T-Girls was pretty quiet about where they wanted to go Friday night, Cassandra and Peggy are out of town so would not be out Friday night and that always seems mean that less girls will be out. Cass has way of getting people out. I posted asking where people wanted to go and only got three replies, 1 for easy street and 2 for P-Club so I posted we would be at the P-club by 8 pm. The only ones I knew were planning on showing up beside myself was Barb and Jennifer. I got there a little before 8 and found a table, I only had to wait about 10 minutes and then Barb and Jennifer walked in. We ordered some food and drinks and started talking.

We got a chance to get to know Jennifer as this was only her third time out and the other two were costume parties one being the Halloween party at Cassandra’s house. She was so thrilled to be out, I don’t think she ever quit smiling the whole night. Made me think back just a couple years when I would go out and my pulse would race and the fear I would feel as I would get out of my car and walk in some place but now I just go in without thinking about it calm and pretty much a normal everyday thing. Don’t get me wrong I still love and enjoy my time as Susan but that adrenaline rush is gone. This is okay though as I go out way more and go to so many different places, shopping, movies, dinner or lunch and Starbuck that I would never have gone to just a few years back. I guess Susan has really grown.

Any way the three of us enjoyed some girl talk and got to know Jennifer. She went to Victoria Sinclair’s who owns Over the Rainbow Transformations. I have never used her service but know girls who have and they all say how great Victoria is. And yes Jennifer looked great. We talked mostly about makeup and beauty tricks. It was like having a little Sister to teach about makeup, how fun is that.

A little after 9 Cristine showed up and we had 4 of us there and that would be all there would be from our group. We talked some more and then started playing pool. Barb won the first couple games beating Jennifer and I but lost to Cristine. I played a second game against Cristine. I came close to winning but ended up losing. While we were playing a man came up and put money on the table and told Cristine and I we should play together as he was going to whoop our butts. Cristine played well and won the game, he was pretty unhappy he lost. The four of us went back to talking.

It was a really fun night and I so enjoyed our girl chat, funny as a guy I hate just sitting around talking, need to be doing something but Susan loves to sit and chat. Any way we stayed till about 12:30 before calling it a night. What a fun night, sorry more girls could not make it out.

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Out at Starbuck’s

Well it is another Wednesday night and Susan is out at Starbuck’s. It is now a little harder for me to get out, I have been lucky for the last year in a half as there have been three houses on my street that have been vacant so sliding out as Susan has been very easy as the house across from me and the two houses next to me the ones I have to drive by have been empty so I have not really had to worry about my neighbors seeing me leave my garage but now the two houses next to me have new tenants and tonight when I was getting ready the next door neighbor was standing out by the street right on our property line smoking a cigarette. She would have a good view of me as I leave and drive right by her on my way out so I had to wait for her to finish her smoke before I could leave. As I left I was looking to see if she was still outside which she wasn’t but now I have to be a little more careful when I leave. Oh well such is the secret life of Susan.

Well you can tell winter is here as the high today was only 55 and it is already down into the mid 40’s. It is a shame to see the winter come and have to dress in warmer clothes. Of course that will give me an excuse to go shopping as my winter selection of clothes is really small.

Well I got to Starbuck’s just a little after 7 and they were not real busy so I got a really good table right up front, but as usual by 7:30 there were about 15 people here and most of the tables were full. It is really so much nicer when they are busy as I like to people watch. There is one couple here who come almost every Wednesday night also, not sure if they come other nights or not as I only come here once a week. They left early tonight which is different as they usually stay till closing. One of the newer girls is working tonight but she still remembered what I order and then there is also a guy working tonight. I am not sure I have ever seen a guy working here at night so that is a little different but just the same he treated me like any other customer.

Well I have a lot of e-mails to get to so I think I will keep it short tonight. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week. Next week I will have to work late so will not make my Wednesday night out but should be out every Friday this month. Oh one last plug Diva Las Vegas is April 3 – 8 in Las Vegas. Last year they had 179 attend and hopefully this year more. If you have ever wanted to be out in public in mainstream what could be more fun than a week in Las Vegas. If you are a crossdresser, transgender, transsexual or T-girl this is the most fun you can have. Check out their web page at for more information or read some of my blogs from last April when Cassandra, Peggy and I went. We are all going again this year and hope to get a few more from our group (Rose_City_T-Girls) here in Portland which now has 176 members. So funny as a year in a half ago I remember Cass telling me how great it would be if we could get to 100, wow who knew.

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Friday night at the P-Club

Well it was another fun night out. I went to the P-Club on Lombard in Portland to meet up with my friends something I look forward to all week. I started getting ready a little earlier as I didn’t want to have to rush as I enjoy the whole Susan experience including getting ready and doing my makeup something most guy’s will never experience which is a shame. It is so much fun to try different looks with the makeup, I went for a little more dramatic look with my eyes as I think this is one of the areas my makeup skills lack and you know what they say practice make perfect or in my case better. I wore my grey sweater dress and put on my black knee high boots as it is such a cute look but at the last minute I changed from my boots to my 4″ heels as they show my pretty painted toes and usually we sit a lot at the P-club so I wanted the look.

I got to the P-club right at 7:30 and Cassandra pulled in right behind me so we all walked in as a group. Cassandra, Peggy, Wilma and me, this was Peggy’s first time here. They were not very busy yet so we got a couple tables and pulled them together and ordered some drinks and some food. It wasn’t long and others girls started to show up and our group out grew the two tables we had. Maya and Mindy (Mindy is her daughter and so accepting and friendly of us); Roxy, Cristine, Jan, Lynn, Brook and Diane who is in town from back east. I know I am missing someone sorry.

Diane had on this cute grey sweater dress with black knee high boots so had I wore my boots we would have looked almost the same other than her dress was just a little different style and a little shorter. It was so funny so of course we took some pictures with Diane’s camera; my batteries were dead as I forgot to change them after Halloween when I took way to many pictures.

Brook was there again and in girl mode for the second week in a row which is nice as she works so much it is really hard for her to get out and she really likes to spend time as her female self. We had a chance to talk for a while which is fun as I think being able to share a little girl talk is one of my favorite things as Susan.

Well next up was shuffle board (they have a table version) so Cassandra and Diane challenged Peggy and me. Cassandra and I had played before but Diane and Peggy had not so we explained how it works and then we started playing. The first game Peggy and I won, we led the whole game. It was so fun. The second game Diane and Cassandra won so you guessed it we had to play another game, Peggy and I took an early lead but Cassandra had some good shots and got a couple with high scores so in the end they won but it was way too much fun. We went back to the table to sit and rest as 4″ heels are not what you want to spend your whole evening standing on but they look cute and that is what is important.

Next Maya asked me to play ping pong so I did even though she is really really good and I knew I would lose. There was a table up by the ping pong table with about 7 people at it (4 girls 3 guys) and they were watching us play so I tried my bet and did have a few good shots and scored some points. We played 2 games and I can tell you playing ping pong in heels is not easy as you do have to move around a lot as you chase that ball. Also a sweater dress is a little warm for physical activity. I really needed to sit down and cool off and have another drink but it was so fun.

Later on it was so funny as Maya and a couple of the other girls were teaching Mindy how to walk in her heels and dress. She is so cute but she is more of a cowgirl type. This was her first time she said wearing a dress and heels so these T-girls were teaching her. So funny to see T-girls teaching a GG how to be walk in heels. She also does not usually wear makeup but Maya got her to put on some eye makeup and a really pretty shade of red lipstick which looked great on her.

Once again it was time for shuffle board so Diane and Brook challenged Mindy and me to a game so I was back up on my feet that were already killing me to play another game. This one guy who was really pretty drunk kept coming up to us he really liked Mindy as she really did look good but he was following her like a puppy dog. And of course was hitting on the rest of us also. At one point he set a pitcher of beer right in the middle of the shuffle board game and got beer on the table and the salt on the top so we had to stop the game and clean that part of the table. Mindy kept telling him to sit and he would for a few minutes and then he was right back by us and once again Mindy would tell him to sit, just like training a puppy. Well Mindy and I won 2 games and I really needed to sit now and rest my feet and for the first time I took my heels off while still out such a girl thing to do. I have seen other woman do this but till this point have never been willing to do. So I sat at the table resting my feet and they did feel better.

A couple woman came up to us a couple different times and told us how nice we all looked and they were glad we were there. They were so nice and we chatted with them for a while. It is nice when we are out to have people tell you that you are welcome in a place and they even like us to be there.

The rest of the evening Peggy, Roxy, Jan, Lynn and I sat and talked. It was so nice and relaxing. Peggy and Cassandra are planning on going to Diva Las Vegas in April 2011 and so am I so we talked a little about that. We want to do the same thing we did last year, leave Friday and drive to LA, spend Saturday in LA maybe go to Universal again and have lunch outside and then go to the Oxwood Saturday night and then Sunday on to Las Vegas for the week. It was so fun last year and we are all looking forward to this year. I once again plan on doing the whole trip as Susan again and yes that defiantly means having Acrylic nails as I love them and could never pass up a chance to have them. I talked a little with Diane to see if she could meet us there and also hope more from our group the Rose_City_T-girls can go. We may even try a different hotel this year.

Well it was about 1 AM when I left, it had been a long day as I get up really early during the week. Some of the girls stayed but this girls feet were dead. May have to wear shorter heels next time we go here.

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Wednesday night at Starbuck

Well I did make it out on Wednesday to Starbuck’s even though I did not update my blog from there so I am doing it now on Thursday evening. I got to Starbucks right at 7 and there were only 2 other cars there so I got to park right in front. The funny thing is by the time I checked my cell phone, put my keys in my purse and got my computer there were about 10 other cars there and probably 12 people headed inside. I was worried I would not find a seat any way I went in and there was a group standing just inside the door talking so I walked around them and got in line which was good because as soon as I ordered my drink I went and got a table before going back for my drink. It was so amazing how fast they filled up.

Peggy had told me she would come over and join me at Starbucks and about 7:10 she showed up which was nice. It was so fun to just sit there and chat. Nothing real important just your everyday girl chat so although I had my computer on I never really used it, well at the end we did check out some of the pictures from the Halloween party. It was truly an enjoyable evening, Thanks Peggy for making the long drive. It was amazing how fast the time went, it seemed like we were only there 45 minutes to an hour but soon they were telling us they were closing and when I looked it was almost 10 after 9 so I guess it is a shorter blog than normal.

Div Las Vegas will be April 3 through April 8 2011. It was so much fun last year I am planning on going this year. If you are looking for a fun vacation you should really think about attending you can check out their web page at I am pretty sure Cassandra and Peggy are planning on going again and I hope a few more girls from our group Rose_City_T-Girls here will go. It would be so fun to have a big group from Portland there.

Have a great week and I will be out again Friday so check back Saturday to read about it.

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