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Big group for Friday night at the P-Club.

Well it was another awesome night out for Susan after missing last week with my friends I was so ready for Friday night. I had looked forward to it all week. I was running late from work so didn’t hit the shower till 5:45 but that was okay, even if I was late getting out I was still going out. Turns out things went so smooth getting ready I was out the door by 7 pm, I didn’t feel rushed like normal when I am running late so I guess all the practice I have got over the last few years doing my makeup has just made me a little faster.

I got to the P-Club about 7:20 and found a spot to park. Inside I found Cassandra, Jenifer and Norma were already there so I joined them. Cassandra didn’t think we would have a very big group so we didn’t grab the tables next to us which turned out was a mistake because about 15 minutes later a big group of woman came in and took the other 3 tables by where we were. More of our group started to show up so we had to take some of the tables down by the bar which split up the group a little as the P-Club was really busy, busier than I have seen them in a long time which was good. Good for them and their business and also us as we had more of a chance to interact with the customers.

Cassandra and I played partners in Shuffle board against Jan & Lynn. We jumped off to a huge lead but then Jan & Lynn came back to challenge us. In the end we won but not by as big a margin as we thought we would.

After the game we went over to eat and as we were short on tables I asked a couple of the ladies at the next table if I could share their table while I ate. They said sure but I had to share my food with them which I offered to do as I really didn’t need that much. They were of course joking but I was not as I tend to clean my plate even if I am full. I guess I did listen to my parents growing up when they said clean your plate. Well I did leave some of the tater tots as I really am trying to eat healthier and not as much. Cassandra joined me and we started talking to a couple of the women. They were pretty cool with us and we had a good time.

Some of the group played pool and some played shuffle board and some were dancing but most just sat and talked. We had such a big turnout and as we were so spread out it was impossible to get a count but would guess 25 of us there maybe a few more. There were a couple girls there I have never met before and several I have only met once or twice so it was great to meet and see them again. It would be so cool to get some of the girls who never come out or rarely come out to start coming out more regular.

Later on several girls came up and talked with us and wanted to get pictures with us and you know me (and most T-girls) we love our pictures being taken. There were so many cameras and picture being taken it was so much fun. This was the best one I had on my camera so I thought I would include it in my post.

Well I must go but hope to make it to Starbucks either Wednesday or Thursday this week and of course next Friday with my friends.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Tuesday night finally out again at Starbuck’s.

Well it has been over a week since Susan has been out and even longer since I have been to Starbuck’s. Last week was so busy and then family came into town for the Easter weekend that there was just no time for Susan. But hopefully for the next few weeks I will be able to make it out twice a week which makes Susan a happy girl.

I was actually ready a little earlier this week as I think I wanted as much time for Susan as possible. I pulled out of my garage and onto the street right in front of my neighbor and then she followed me for about a mile before we went different directions. 2 stop signs and one traffic light. Now I know she only saw me from behind so I am not worried about that and I really don’t know her that well other then chatting every once in a great while at the mail box but she does know I live alone so she may be wondering who the lady driving my car was but I doubt if anything will come of it.

I got to Starbucks a little before 7 and there were only 2 other people inside so I got my choice of tables. It has been really slow as only 2 more came into stay and maybe 4 others to get something to go so not a really good night for people watching. It is still nice just to be out again and as I have some shopping I need to do Susan will stop at the store tonight on her way home.

Diva Las Vegas is now calling for those who attended to send any pictures in and what is cool they put them on a page only those who attended can see that way you can look through and if there is a picture of you that you don’t like or just don’t want posted you can ask to have it removed that way when they do make it to the web page there will be no surprises to anyone. They will accept pictures till June 1 2011 and then you have till August 1 to request any be removed. Their goal is to have the pictures posted for anyone to see by August 15 so if you want to see all the pictures check out their web page after that date. They have the unofficial head count this year of 168 which was a good turnout but just a little smaller than last year.

They called for volunteers to help with next year’s Diva Las Vegas and I thought about volunteering but as I live so far away I thought it would be too hard for me to coordinate event, I may volunteer to help if someone else needs an assistant. We will have to see plus there is always the off chance that far away and not knowing the dates yet I could not go but I think that is slim because this girl will do everything she can to be there.

Well I have got to get to my e-mails so that is all for tonight plus a few more people have trickled in so it is not as empty here now. Take care and have a great week.

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Friday night with friends.

Well Friday night I made it out with my friends again to the P-Club here in Portland. It was so nice to spend time with them as it has been 3 weeks, 2 weeks ago I was in Reno on my way to Diva Las Vegas and last week I was in Las Vegas for the last night of Diva Las Vegas. It was such a fun trip. Anyway I got to the P-club at 7:30 and only Cassandra and Cristine were there and the club was really empty. This was both good and bad, good as I got a parking spot on the street just a few feet from the door and as it was raining (what new here in Portland) it was a short walk in so I didn’t get my hair and makeup ruined by the rain, boy Susan is such a girl when it comes to things like this. The bad is the club was so slow they sent one of the girls home early from work and there was not a lot of people watching we could do.

Well as our group started small and we figured it might be a low turnout for the night it wasn’t long before others from our group started showing up. I think in the end we had 15 to 20 there, and we all had a great time. We had a nice dinner as they really do have good food and also had a chance to talk. Everyone asked about my trip to Diva Las Vegas and several of the girls are already planning on next year as they said it sounded like I had such a great time which I did. It would be so much fun to have 5 or 10 of us from Portland all going to Diva Las Vegas next year.

This lady coming out of the bathroom stopped long enough to tell me how cute my dress was. I wore my black one that has sleeves that are slit to show my shoulders and arms a little. It really is a cute dress and one of my favorites. Later when I was at the bar getting a drink I ran into her again and thanked her for the comment. We ended up talking for maybe 20 minutes, her name was Michelle and she was so awesome. She told me we all looked so good that she felt under dressed as she was in a cute top and jeans. She also said she looks forward to us coming to the club but at first thought we might be cutting into her action. I told her she didn’t have to worry about that as I was not interested in any of the men there I was more interested in her and the other woman, seems she thought we were all gay. We had a nice talk and I explained that most of us were just straight guys who liked to dress. She thought that was so cool especially the fact a couple of the girls wives were there with them last night. It was really nice to meet her and talk with her.

Angie brought her good camera and we all had pictures taken and even a few group shots. I am looking forward to seeing those pictures. Plus everyone else had their cameras out taking pictures. It is so amazing that you a camera or two in a group of T-Girls and everyone starts to pose for the camera, you can mid in the deepest conversation and in mid sentence and when the camera points at you everything stops and you turn to the camera and smile. I can’t understand why but I do it every time. You would think with all the pictures I have of myself (Susan) I would not need anymore. I probably have 1,500 pictures of Susan on my computer plus more on discs, and yet I can only find 5 pictures of my male self. As a guy I avoid the camera how strange is that.

Later on Michelle the girl I met earlier came over to our group and started talking to us again. We talked about why we dress and then got onto clothes, hair, makeup and all the girly things. I had to get a picture with her as she was so nice. She probably spent 30 minutes talking to us and it was so much fun. She then called her boyfriend over (Josh) to meet us. He was just as nice as she was and we all talked some more. It was kind of funny as Michelle told him most of us were straight and were not attracted to men but instead attracted to women and from that point on Josh stayed close to Michelle. So of course I also had to get a picture of the three of us.

Later on Angie and I played Cassandra and Robin in a game of shuffle board, Cassandra is so competitive in everything she does. Well we scored first and then after that we trailed the whole game till the end. We play to 21 and we were down 18 to 16 when Angie finally came alive and on the last shots scored a 6 to come from behind and win. Way to go Angie. Well they were closing up and I think we finally left at 1:45. It was such a fun night and great to see all my good friends again.

This week I hope to make Starbucks on Wednesday night (might have to do Tuesday Night) and then I will not be out this Friday as I have to work late that night so Susan will have just one night this week.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Wet and cold night at Starbuck’s

Well I can tell I am back in the Pacific Northwest as it is a cold and wet night. I am out at my local Starbuck’s and although it is fun and relaxing it is sure nothing like the time I spent in Las Vegas last week. It is strange to think how fast that week went. Two weeks ago tonight I got my nails done before coming here the night before I left for Diva Las Vegas. The excitement that I felt that night knowing I would spend the next 10 days living as Susan was amazing. Looking back on the trip it was such a good time, some brief stats from the trip. I drove a little over 2,300 miles as Susan, Spent almost 11 full days & nights as Susan, Had acrylic nails for the same length of time, Checked into 3 different hotels on the trip as Susan. It truly was an amazing vacation.

When I changed back to my male self on Monday it was strange the way it felt. First were not having the nails. It actually took me a little getting used to not having nails which I guess is normal as it took me a day or so to get use to having them. Not having the jewelry and long hair around my face but probably the biggest thing was the shoes. All of Susan’s shoes are so light and all open as my male shoes are much heavier. It is really amazing the differences between the sexes. Although the trip is over the memories will last a life time and I have next year to look forward to.

Well back to the here and now, Starbuck’s is not really that busy tonight as I think the heavy rain kept people home tonight. But even with that there are still some people coming in so I can do a little people watching which is always fun. I will probably stop on my way home and do a little shopping as there are things I need and I put off shopping so I could do it tonight as Susan really likes to shop even if only for groceries. Tomorrow our group will be out at the P-Club so I of course will be out. It will be good to see all my friends and have a fun night out.

Well I guess it is a short blog tonight. All my pictures from the trip are on both my Facebook and Yahoo page.

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Vacation to Diva Las Vegas comes to an end.

Well it is Monday morning and I got up a little early as I needed to be at my nail appointment by 10 am, I made an appointment at the same nail salon that I used last year to have my nails removed as they did such a great job and anyone who has had acrylic nails removed knows the importance of having them removed properly. The salon is Glamorous nails on Farmington rd. I drove over early as I didn’t want to get caught in traffic with the morning rush hour traffic plus I wanted just a little more Susan time.

I found a Starbuck’s in Beaverton about 3 miles from the salon and went in to get something warm to drink and an apple fritter for Breakfast. This Starbuck’s is bigger than the one I go to normally and a lot busier as I had to stand in line to be waited on. Now it is also possible that being the morning is just a busier time then in the evenings when I normally go but either way lots of people. I spent about an hour and a half there catching up on e-mails, not Susan’s as I checked hers all the time on the trip. These were my male e-mails which I have not looked at since I left on my trip as I really did put my male side behind me for the whole time I was gone it was just Susan.

I got to the nail salon just before 10 as that is when they open and my appointment was. I was amazed at how busy they were for a Monday Morning, it was a good thing I had an appointment. There were two ladies there getting their nails done, one guy getting a pedicure and then two ladies came in without appointments and wanted manicures and pedicures. They had 4 nail techs there so I guess they are doing okay.

It took about an hour for her to remove my nails and give me a manicure. I of course went with clear when they asked me what color I wanted even though I would have loved to get red again but that would not work for me in male mode. The clear coat they put on is a hardener and very very glossy. On the drive home as the sun hit my nails I noticed just how shiny they are, wow I will have to take this off before work as it is very noticeable, so I will have to find a clear coat that is a little less shiny. My nails look so short and plain now compared to how they were.

Now I am at home and updating my blog. It is so different typing without my nails, seems I had gotten use to them and now I am having a little trouble typing but I guess in a day or two I will once again be use to short nails. Well I need to go take a shower and make sure all traces of Susan are washed away before I got to work. I know my male clothes will feel strange especially my shoes as they are so much heavier than any of the shoes Susan has. All things I will have to get use to again.

Well it will be back to my short outings for an evening here and there till next year when I will once again go to Diva Las Vegas as I am already looking forward to it. Thanks for reading.

I have posted all my pictures from Diva Las Vegas on both my Facebook page and my Yahoo Profile page if you would like to check them out.


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Sunday drive home from Reno after Diva Las Vegas

Well let’s start back on Saturday night as after I got back to my hotel I went across to the casino and they have about 6 Blackjack tables so I found a $3 table as the $2 tables was full. I sat and played for about 2 hours yes I know I said I would be in bed by 10 but I just didn’t want this trip to end. Any way I broke even, now as this is a small casino the casher is also the front desk for hotel where I checked in. When I got up there it was the same lady I had checked in to the hotel with 5 hours earlier. She asked how I did and we chatted for a moment and she was very pleasant. Then she Said “Have a good night Susan” she actually remembered my name. Now I realize I was probably the only crossdresser that checked in so I probably stood out but it was still nice and made me feel good.

Sunday morning I got up and got all dressed up and did my makeup then loaded my car and checked out. I went into the coffee shop and sat at the counter as I didn’t want to wait for a table. It was sad to think it was almost all over. I was on the road by 10:30 for the final 9 hour drive home.

On the way home I thought back over the week and all the wonderful friends I made and ones I got to see again from last year. It really was a great week and a big thanks to all the volunteers that put this together. Something this big takes a lot of work and I hope they all know how much all of us appreciate what they do.

It is hard to believe that I have spent 10 days straight living as Susan, hair and makeup every day and of course my beautiful Acrylic nails which I will sadly have removed Monday morning. It will seem so strange to go back to my male clothes as I remember last year how strange they felt. The shoes are heavier and the clothes not as soft and it will take me some time to get use to not having my nails. Well I guess there is next year to look forward to.

On the way home I got to Portland about 7:30 and I knew the group I belong to here would be out at a club tonight so I stopped and joined them for a couple hours. It was good to see them as there were about 7 of them there. We talked about my trip and a couple of them are planning on going to Diva Las Vegas next year. Well by 10 I was done and went home to go to bed.

Monday I think I will get up early and maybe go get breakfast or maybe find a Starbucks to go to before my nail appointment. As much as I enjoy going to the nail salon it is always sad when I have to remove my nails as that is the official end of my trip. Then it is back home and get cleaned up and make sure all traces of makeup are gone and Susan goes back to her place of going out on Friday nights and maybe a midweek Starbuck’s trip.

All my pictures are posted on my Facebook and also My yahoo page as it turns out if you are not on Facebook you can’t view the pictures even if they are public.

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Saturday trip back to Reno after Diva Ls Vegas 2011

Well I stayed out way to late last night so had a hard time getting going this morning. The first thing I had to do was figure out which way I was going home and find a hotel for tonight. I had planned on Reno but for some reason when I looked last week and the weeks before I left they were all $100 a night or more. Well I used expedia which is how I booked my room on the way down and there was a hotel casino in Sparks not far from the Nugget where I stayed on my way to Diva Las Vegas that had rooms for $85, just for fun I called them direct to see what they had and by calling I got it for $79 so I went ahead and booked the room so I knew I would have a place to stay when I got here. I had hoped to be on the road by 9 but as I didn’t get up till almost 8 it was 10 when I pulled out of the hotel parking garage.

I drove to Beatty and got gas at the nice candy store. I also picked up some snacks for the drive back. I nice man let me go first in line. The lady at the counter was very pleasant and asked where I was headed and when I told her home from Las Vegas she asked if I had a good time there which I did. I only needed one more stop for me otherwise it was a straight drive. I made the trip in 7 hours and 15 minutes and really did not drive that hard. It is a really nice drive and very pretty down through the desert. I also had snow showers, I hit the first one about an hour out of Las Vegas but the big one was just after I left Beatty, it snowed hard for about 30 miles and at one point there was about an inch on the side of the road but the pavement was just wet.

The hotel I am at is a small one maybe 300 rooms with a small casino right off of I-80. Now when I pulled in it was probably the hardest one I have had to check in as this hotel is right next to a big truck stop and has truck parking of its own so there are trucker’s everywhere. I really think most of the people who stay here are truck drivers but it seems like a nice place.

When I checked in the lady at the counter asked for my ID and credit card which I gave her, she then asked if she should call me by my male name or if I had a preferred name, how cool is that so I told her Susan and that is how she addressed me while I checked in. that was the first time that has happened at the hotel, well the pit boss at the Imperial Palace did the same thing but I was gambling. In all so far it has been a good trip. I got to my room and it is very nice.

I went out to the Nugget where I stayed on the way down to get something simple for dinner as snacking while I drove I really wasn’t that hungry and I thought the Starbucks in the casino. Something to drink and a muffin would be perfect and I could catch up on my blog and e-mails. Plus as it is really busy Saturday night it would be great for people watching. I lucked out and got a parking spot right in front or the back entrance as someone pulled out just as I came in.

From here I will stop and get some gas so I don’t have to do that in the morning and then back to my hotel. I may play a little Blackjack but plan on being in bed by 10 at the latest as I have not gone to bed before 2 am all week. Well that is it for today, I think this is one of my shorter blogs this week.

Pictures also on my Yahoo profile

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Friday of Diva Las Vegas 2011, final day

Well I got up a little later today and got all ready. I really hadn’t planned on doing anything till I met some of the girls at the Paris for lunch. I was all ready to go by 11:30 and didn’t need to be to the Paris till 1 so instead of just sitting in my room I went down and checked out the casino, they were already getting busy being a Friday but I did find one blackjack table with an open seat that was only $5 so I sat down and played. At noon they changed it to $10 and the pit boss said that we would all have to play $10 even though we had sat down when it was $5. Well I was slightly up and didn’t want to play that much so I decided to go check out the Paris before lunch, actually everyone at the table left so I don’t think this helped them as they had other $10 tables with seats open so really they just chased off the 5 of us that were playing.

I drove to the Paris and with the traffic I probably could have walked it faster, since I have never been there before as far as parking I decided to do the Valet parking. This was really nice as I got out right in front and did not have a long walk in. it is a very pretty casino inside. I ran into Pam the wife of Tess and we chatted for a few minutes, while she waited for Tess to come down from the room. I was trying to locate the buffet as that was where we were meeting. Joan and Beverly showed up just a couple minutes later and the three of us headed for the Buffet.

There was really no line for the Buffet which was nice. I think we had 12 of us there for lunch. The buffet was really good, a lot better than the one at the Imperial Palace. We had a very enjoyable lunch filled with good conversation. It was nice to get a chance to talk with the other girls and learn a little about them.

After lunch most of us walked out together as we all valet parked. Out front it was so nice and the sun was shining I got a couple more pictures with some of the girls; the first is Julie, Valorie and me. They were such a nice couple and very friendly. The second picture is Joan, Valorie and me. I have met Joan at several other events but first time I got a picture with her. Joan lives here in Las Vegas and walked all the way to the Paris so I gave her a ride home.

I had a few hours to kill before the farewell dinner so I decided to drive down to the Sahara where we stayed last year as they are closing it down on May 16. It will be sad to see it close as it is one of the remaining old hotel casinos on the strip. I am sure it will get torn down and a new hotel casino will go in there once the economy gets better. They have close all there restaurants but one and even taken out some slot machines. It is really sad; I played a little blackjack and talked to the dealer about what was happening. When I lost $20 I figured that was enough. This has not been a good trip for gambling as the dealers have all been really hot but still fun.

For dinner we had our farewell dinner at the Bahama Breeze. They opened up their gazebo room for our group. The staff was wonderful. Our waitress Autumn, what a cute name was just great. She said the staff that was working requested to work tonight for our dinner, as a matter of fact she was having a bad day and said if it was not for our group she would have called in sick but knew she would have a good night with us, how cool is that. So of course I just had to get a picture with her. There were so many pictures taken and I even took a bunch which I posted on my Facebook page.

After dinner most of the group was going to the Paris to a club for dancing. Now I don’t dance and had my 4″heel on but didn’t want the night to end. The girls said if I valet parked the club was just inside the door to the left so I went, well the main valet parking was full so I went to the back. So I had to walk down a long hall and down to the shopping promenade and then all the way through that and across the casino to the club in my short black dress and 4″ heel but since I was already there I did. There were probably 40 of us there. The music was good and I was glad to sit down for a while to rest my feet.

Well after a while and some arm twisting I was out on the dance floor for a little while. I had a good time but that did my feet in. I was almost tempted to take my heels off for the long walk back to my car but I knew I would never put them back on plus it was fun to walk through the casino and shopping area in heels even though the floor was smooth. I got to the escalator to the walkway to the garage and the up side was not working so I had to walk up two flights of stair. I got back to my hotel about 1:30 which is way later then I wanted as I have to be up early to start my drive home tomorrow. Well off to bed now. Thanks for reading and you can see all of my pictures on my Facebook page also on my yahoo profile.

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Thursday of Diva Las Vegas 2011

Well today I got up and realized Diva Las Vegas is almost over for the year. Tonight I have a dinner with the girls and the farewell dinner Friday night. It has been an incredible week and gone by so fast which I knew it would. As of 5 PM tonight I have had my beautiful acrylic nails for 7 day and loved every minute of they. Well enough dwelling on what is to come.

I got up this morning and got a quick bite to eat and then headed off for some shopping as I have yet to do that here in Las Vegas. Today the wind was really blowing just like last year on the day we had the golf tournament, I am sure glad this year it waited till today after this year’s golf tournament. I hit the usual places, Burlington Coat, Ross dress for less, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens (needed some face powder), and I even found a wig shop just to look. It was a fun morning and mid afternoon.

When I got back to the hotel I of course went through the casino and stopped at a blackjack table. I blew through $80 in a matter of a half hour before I started getting any kind of hands. I ended up playing about 3 hours and in the end was only down $40 so I guess I could say I won $40, Glass half full type of thing. About 4:45 I went up to my room to freshen up my makeup and get changed for dinner as I wore a cute purple top with my grey skirt during the day and I just couldn’t go out tonight in the same outfit. Plus I wanted to change wigs to my new long blonde one for the evening. For tonight I wore my Black dress.

Dinner is at McMullan’s Irish pub with the happy hour just before. It is out by the Orleans hotel casino. There were about 12 of us there and the food was good. Several of the girls go there pretty regular so they are known and the staff treated us great. Our waitress, Jennifer was so awesome; she came in a couple times and just sat down with us to talk. There were not many customers besides our group so I guess it was a slow night for them. Before I left I had to get a picture with her and she said it was fine as long as she could take one too and you know me I never pass up a photo opportunity.

After dinner there was a get together at the Orleans, they have a group called the Fab (Beatles tribute) that play in one of their bars, no cover so you can just go in and listen to them play and sing Beatles songs. Only 3 of us showed up. The lead singer came over and talked to us; as it turns out the two I was there with go there all the time. It was a fun time and they did a really good job.

It was after 10 pm when I left there and went back to my hotel. I made a really quick stop at the blackjack table, 6 hands $10 each, one push and 5 losses. The dealer drew 20 or 21 every hand, the one hand I did push on was a 21. So I called it a night as I have been up way to late every night. It will do me good to go to bed earlier.

Tomorrow (Friday) is the last day and then on Saturday I will start my trip home, wow this week has gone by so fast. I guess it will be time to start planning for next year. Thanks for reading.

I am putting all my pictures on my Facebook.

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Wednesday of Diva Las Vegas 2011

Well I was up early today as I had to be at the golf course (Desert Rose) by 8 am. This is the same course we played last year. They treat us so well and the price is very good, $48 each and we even got lunch.

Well right from the start I knew it would be a better game than last year as the wind was not that bad but it was a little on the cool side till about noon as we had cloud cover all day. We all warmed up on the driving range also included in price and as my nails are a little shorter this year I could get a good grip on the club. Now I have not played sense last year so didn’t expect much. The foursome I was in was Karen, Cammie, Valorie and myself. We had a total of 21 this year.

I started off with a par and then a triple bogy as I lost a ball (the only one of the day) in the water on hole 2. On the third hole a par 3 I put but tee off shot about 2 feet from the cup, it turns out this was the hole with the closest to the pin flag which I ended up winning. I also got a birdie on this hole. Tonya the beverage cart lady came around and I bought some snacks as I did not get breakfast. She remembered me from last year and told me to tell Cassandra she checked out her YouTube golf video she did as we put Tonya in part of it. The day went well and we all had a good time. My score was very consistent as I shot a 44 on the front and a 44 on the back for a total of 88, now under the rules we were playing under if your ball went in the water if your foursome thought it was the water had an unfair advantage you could drop without the penalty stroke so I did use that on the one hole so really my score should have been a 89. This is still really good for me as I am happy if I can get on the low 90’s and playing with long nails, jewelry and my boobs which through my swing off a little I am very happy. The best thing is I played the whole round with one tee, never lost it or broke it till the very last tee shot when it snapped in too.

After wards we went in and had lunch and did prized, I got one for the closets to the pin and took lots of pictures. Which I have included here. It was such a fun day.

When I got back to the hotel I had about an hour and a half before I had to get ready for dinner so I went to the blackjack tables, the ones where the dealer’s impersonate celebrities as I these are the really fun tables to play at. I bought in and gave them my players card the one with my male name on. There was a different pit boss tonight and she looked at the card and then looked at me and then put me in and then came over to me and told me this was not my card. I smiled and said yes it was and she took a closer look at me and apologized for the mistake. I told her it was fin and I really didn’t mind.

Now I had the same outfit from golf my white skirt and pink top which I wore because I can use my trick to make it look like I have cleavage. The guy next to me looked at my face several time but was constantly looking down my top. I really think he was confused as my voice and face said male but my chest said female. Every time I caught him looking I just smiled and he quickly turned his eye back to the game. Well the first dealer Adam Lambert (all I know are the celebrities they impersonate) cleaned me out of my $40 down to my last chip when Shakira came over to deal so he could perform which was good for me as I played almost an hour more and walked away with $65. Pretty good and had a fun time. For dinner I went to Milano’s and there were about 15 girls there.

I got back to my hotel with just enough time to change. I brought my red dress that is low cut and I thought the Diva’s show would be a good place to wear it. It was a little different walking through the casino in a dress like this as it is an attention getter. We had about 30 of us going to the show and all had bought preferred seating which we found out late came with a free drink and a souvenir plastic cup. Before the show we took lots of pictures and some of the people waiting took our pictures. I think they thought we were part of the show. Once inside I had several women come up and want pictures with me, I guess the dress paid off. I was only too happy to have my picture taken of course I also wanted pictures with them and they all agreed. The show was great and afterwards I even got a picture with Frank Marino the star of the show plus he also took a group picture with us. You can see all the pictures from the golf tournament and the Frank Marino Diva’s show on my Face Book page or photos of Diva Las Vegas.

After the show I decided to do a play a little blackjack before going back to my room, mainly I just wanted to be in the casino in my dress a little while longer. All they had were $ 10 tables which is a little more than I like but I figured why not give it a try. I was up for a while then they changed dealers and things went down so when I got back to my buy in so I moved to a different table and lost 4 hands in a row so again moved to another table and pushed a couple before losing what I had started with so I called it a night and came upstairs. So now just a quick blog update and then off to bed. Thanks for reading.

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