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Vacation begins and I am looking forward to a fun week.

It is Friday and I got off work at 5 to start my vacation. I have time I have to use and I really don’t have any plans other than some Susan time and yes pretty nails for a week. I got home about 5:15 and went right into the shower to start getting ready. After my shower I decided to call Dream Nails and see if I could get in tonight for a manicure. Annie said she could fit me in at 6:45 which was perfect as it gave me a little over an hour to get ready. I liked this as I didn’t have to rush as much. I was all ready by about 6:20 so I had a little time. I looked at my phone and Annie had called seems her earlier appointment canceled. It really is a stormy day and will be through the weekend. Any way I decided to go early.

I got there just before 6:30 and there were 3 younger girls getting their nails done and Annie was waiting so I didn’t have to wait. Anny started on my nails and I told her I wanted a color called Ferrari Red which I have gotten before and 14731229_10210537563459560_2933429262646320014_nhappens to be the color on my toes. it is a really bright red and so pretty, but then I love red. I think Annie liked the fact I was getting red as much as I did.

She soaked off the od gel polish and then filed my nails down just a little to even them out. Then came the polish and it is so pretty. I really do wish I could have nails like this all the time. Then came the lotion and forearm massage. Annie was wonderful and asked me if I would like my eyebrows done which is something I have thought about but cant bring myself to do. Over the years I have kind of thinned tem a little and gave them a little shape. She said she would just clean them up so now I am thinking about it. Maybe when I go to Diva Las Vegas next spring, by the way the dates are final it will be March 26 through March 21 2017. It was about 7:15 when I walked out of the salon with my pretty nails which I can keep till next Saturday.

It was later then normal but I headed for Sweet Home getting there about 7:40. Cassandra texted me who was there so I texted her back and she said she was going to come down. It has been a long time since she has been here. Chris, Roxy, Robyn and her friend, Laura H. and Lisa  were all here so we had a pretty good turnout for a Friday. With so many of us we were spread across 2 tables. It was good to be out and I had a nice dinner. Cassandra showed up finally and everyone was surprised and happy to see her.

now tonight I got to really talk with people as with getting my nails done I knew I would be late and didn’t bring my computer. It was nice, of course we talked about Harvey’s Comedy Club as we are going to the show tomorrow night to see Julie Scoggins. we met her several years ago and she is so awesome we always look forward to when she comes to Portland. She loves it when our group comes to her show. I think we will have one of our bigger groups probably 20 to 25. Okay so her is my pitch, If you are in Portland you really have to go to Harvey’s and if you get a chance to see Julie Scoggins you must. What better way to spend an evening than with laughter.

Now I really hadn’t planned on staying out late as I want to spend Saturday as Susan but with so many friends out I stated out later than I planned. it was almost 11:30 when I left and headed home. It was a good night.

Now the challenge as I got up Saturday morning at 7:30. As those who have followed my blog I joined a gym almost 4 months ago and have been really good about going almost every day. Now I skipped Friday night as getting my nails done was more important but I can’t go the whole week without going. So I made sure all my makeup was off and with my pretty nails I headed to the gym. I was hoping being early 8 am there would not be many people there. Well I got there and there were only 2 people there on the elliptical. This is the first time I have come and not been able to get one of the elliptical. So I started off with 25 minutes on the treed mill at speed 3.7. by the time  finished that both elliptical were open but there was also about 12 people here now. Seems Saturday morning is a popular time. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical going forward on level 12 and 15 minutes going backwards on level 4. Most of the people were using the weights or the workout room so I don’t think anyone saw my pretty nails. it was about 9:30 when I got home and started getting ready for my day out as Susan.

It was almost :30 before I was ready and on my way. My first stop was to get lunch, I went to Panda Express at Cascade Station by the Airport. I have eaten 14721761_10210536794360333_8477477951554689342_nhere many times as it is a good place for shopping and also a Starbucks I like to go to. I had to snap a quick selfie, before I ate. After lunch I drove over to Target and they were busy, I had to park a ways out and walk in. I looked around for a while but didn’t see anything I wanted. As I left is was raining not real hard but was really windy. I no more than got in my car and it started to rain really hard and my hair was a mess from the wind. Turns out today is going to be really stormy. I Left wondering what to do for the rest of the day.

I decided to go to a Starbucks. As I was going driving the rain stopped so I got off at the Mill Plain Exit and went to the Starbucks on the corner of Mill Plain and Chkalov dr. I have been here several times both as Susan and my male self. I think this is the only place I have gone as both selves. I parked and went in with my computer. I kid you not I no more than got in the door and it started dumping rain again. I got a drink and found the one open table. Seems a lot of people like to go to Starbucks on Saturdays.

I sat here and caught up on some e-mails and my blog of course. o was by the window so I could watch the wind and rain. It is a good place to people watch and also storm watch. There was a group of 4 woman several table over, any way as they were getting ready to leave they tried to get a group selfie. and then were going to try and prop their phone up for a group picture so I offered to take a picture of them. They all thanked me, it was nice to have interaction with others.

Now I have some work I need to do and I might as well sit here as Susan doing it. Starbucks really is a good place to work on a computer and I get to be Susan at the same time. Not sure how late I will stay but I need time to go home and change for Harvey’s tonight. I also got a hold of Mikaela and we are going to meet up next Friday for some shopping which will be fun. She will have her baby with her so that will be fun as I will get to meet her. It will be a fun week as I also hope to get together with Peggy during the week. I really do love my Susan time.

Thanks for reading

One last thing I saw this video and just had to post it. If you are over 40 you will love this. It is called the Millennial Song.


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  1. Susan love your nails and thanks for the video. You really should try having your eyebrows waxed. You will love it!!
    Have a wonderful week off.

    Comment by Charlene Peterson | October 15, 2016 | Reply

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  3. […] sometime late like when I have a nail appointment on a Friday usually before a vacation to get my nails painted red. Any way I ordered dinner as I was hungry. They have wonderful food here and looking back over the […]

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