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Cristine celebration of life

Tonight Saturday February  11, 2017 our group is having a celebration of life for our dear friend Cristine who passed away on February 2 2017. She has been one of our groups longest and supportive members over the last 10 years. It will be hard but we want tonight to be a celebration for her. Cassandra and Peggy are hosting it at their home which so wonderful of them, thanks so much.

Now the celebration is from 7 to 11 but I was going to get there early to see if I can help Peggy and Cassandra set up. Now I started getting ready early so I could be on my way by 5. I got there just about 6 Peggy was finishing up getting everything out and Cassandra and Veronica were all ready. Now I am not even going to try and name everyone here tonight as we had over 30 show up to remember and celebrate Cristine life. NO I did walk around and 20170211_190449take pictures as I wanted to make sure and get a picture of everyone who was there, I did miss several people though so hopefully Cassandra got the as she was also taking pictures. I set my phone on a shelf in the dining room so I could get it easy when I saw new people come in. Now I did manage to get one selfie of myself.

Now by 7 there were a lot of people who had showed up but people would be coming all evening long, some came early and left and others later it was really wonderful to see so many friends here and even some of Bobbie’s family showed up t support him which was wonderful.

Now the food that Peggy and Cassandra had was wonderful, all finger type food, chips, dips, meat balls and of course wonderful cupcakes and brownies. It was awesome and of course I did eat more than I should have especially the desserts. Yes I have a weakness for sweets.

Now Cassandra had a bunch of pictures of Cristine on her TV, 100’s of pictures of her and of course pictures of her with us her family. In a way it was like she was with us all night long. I kept finding myself watching the pictures of her and there were a few time I got a little choked up but we didn’t want this to be a sad event.

I did get to talk with everyone here at one point or another so it was a good night. Even got to meet a few new girls that Victoria brought out. One of them Michelle will be going to Diva Las Vegas, her first time so I will see her again there. By the way we booked our rooms for Diva Las Vegas, we will be staying at the California Hotel Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, it is one of the Boyd Gaming casinos. They have 3 hotel casinos downtown. One of the things if you go to Las Vegas get a players card if you gamble as you do get some good comps. There were lots of Pictures of Cristine when we were in Las Vegas in years past for Diva Las Vegas. We really did share some wonderful times over the years, so many wonderful memories. Even though she is gone from this world she will always be with us in our hears and memories.

By 11 people were leaving and we were down to a smaller group about 15 and we were standing in the kitchen talking about all the wonderful times we had with her. I had planed on leaving at 11 but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave. I really wanted to be with my friends tonight. It will make for a short night but it is worth it. We talked for over an hour. I was looking through the pictures from last night and decided to try and list everyone I can that was there, Veronica, Bambi, Kris, Cassie, Kim, Peggy, Cassandra, Cindy and her wife Alice, Teresa, Laura M, Laura H, Lisa, Bobbie, his Sister and Partner, brother and his wife, A couple of his friends, Chris, Roxy, Melissa, Sophie and her wife Lorna, Barb, Kate, Michelle, Jan, Lynn, Marla and her girlfriend, Jamie and her girlfriend, Amber, Shadow, Victoria and a couple of t-girls she brought out for the night, and I am sure I have missed some. Thanks to all who showed up tonight, Cristine would have loved it.

It was 12:15 when I called it a night, I have a 45 minute drive home so it will be about 1 am when I get home which is the latest I have been up in a long time. On the drive home I had a chance to reflect on the evening, I was thinking about the times I had been out with Cristine and even though it would be late when I got home I was going to post the pictures of the night on our groups Facebook page. it is funny as I was about half way home when I was thinking about the pictures when I realized I had left my phone with all the pictures on the shelf at the party so I had to turn around and head back and hope Cassandra was still up. That is the one bad thing about cell phones as if you lose the or just leave them someplace you are really cut off. I couldn’t even call and let them know I was on my way back.

It was about 12:50 when I got back and luckily Cassandra and Veronica were still up cleaning the kitchen of course Cassandra had cleaned up and was back to her male self. I didn’t stay long just enough to get my phone. I was so glad they were still up and I didn’t have to wake them up to get my phone. This is the first time I have left my phone someplace, not a good feeling. Needless to say it was after 1:30 am when I got home so it really was a late night. The pictures will have to wait till Sunday now as I needed to get to bed.

Thanks to Cassandra and Peggy for hosting such a wonderful event and opening their home to us all. and also for all those who showed up for Cristine.

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Holiday party 2014


Well tonight is our Holiday party that Julie and Trixie are hosting for the second year at Trixie’s house. They are such wonderful people and I am lucky to count them as friend or should I say family as that is more how I feel about them and the friend I have in the group. Well I wore my red and black dress tonight as I wanted to look my best as I knew the other girls would also have on beautiful dresses. It is funny how I can get so excited about how I look and what I wear as Susan, I can see why woman can get caught up in a completion to look the best and that can be okay as long as you keep it all in friendly completion which we all do. And I was right there were so many pretty dresses tonight and it is always so fun to see all the girls dressed up.

I started getting read early something my male side would not do and spent extra time on my makeup to look my best. I was ready and on my way by 6:15 as the party started at 7 and my timing was perfect as I was walking in the door of Trixie’s right at 7. There were already about 10 girls there and I was right all had on beautiful dresses and looked great so I guess we all won the contest to look the best. The first thing I did was to get out my camera and start taking pictures as I wanted to do my best to get a picture of everyone who came to the party.

Well right from the start I had to get a picture of Julie and me, she also had on a really pretty dress as you can see and yes turns out my dress was shorter which I had to remember all night long. Isn’t our hostess just lovely?

The house was lovely inside, so beautifully decorated and there was so much delicious food out. I got a little to eat and then with my camera in hand set out to get pictures. In all I took almost 50 pictures and I hope I got everyone. This also gave me a chance to walk around and talk with the girls.

Now these types of home parties are wonderful for that as you can get a chance to talk and get to know each other better. It is funny as Julie and I were talking in the kitchen for a long time about that. So many of these girls I consider my closest friends and yet I don’t really know a lot about them. Some, most I have never even seen in male mode.

Julie and I wondered what each would be like in our male side, would we be different, act different and what about all the other girls here, how would they be? Now we both agreed we would like each other and everyone else, either way and most likely we would talk about the same things we do now. I can just see a bunch of guys sitting around talking about makeup tips, nails and nail polish color and dresses.

Now this got me thinking about myself and the differences and there are differences but not the way most would think. Probably the biggest difference I jewelry, as a man I hate jewelry, I don’t even like wearing a watch, but as Susan I don’t feel right without bracelets and a ring and sometimes a necklace and if they didn’t leave marks on my ears earrings. Yes I want to get my ears pierced but not sure how I would handle it when I am not Susan, as I said in my male life earrings don’t interest me. Now this may not seem like the biggest difference to everyone but I classify it that way because there is really no explanation for this one. The other differences I can explain.

Now as Susan I am way more relaxed and yes more comfortable as Susan and I am more outgoing as Susan. As my male self I have an introvert personality, I keep to myself and I don’t let people get real close to me and although I wouldn’t call Susan an extrovert but she is a lot more social and loves going out with friends and meeting people. Now these may seem like a really big difference but in fact it is because of the way I live. In my male life I am always worried people will figure out about my crossdressing and how they would react. As Susan I don’t really worry about this as I know people realize I am a crossdresser. I wonder if others feel the same way.

Okay one more picture, this is Victoria and me, she had on a pretty long green dress. I got a chance to talk with Brenda for a while about Diva Las Vegas. She is not sure she will be able to go this year which is a shame. I still haven’t heard for sure I can go but as of now I am planning on it, I figure at the very least I can go for most of it.

Kim also was able to make it for a little while, she had on this beautiful blue skirt with a black top and chain belt, she looked beautiful as always. It was such a fun night and it went by so fast. I had planned on leaving at midnight but before I knew it, it was 12:30 I thanked Julie and Trixie for a lovely time and for all they did.

Now I was giving Rose, Cloe and her boyfriend Michael rides home as they are not that far out of my way. It is nice to have others in the car to talk with for those late night drives home. What a wonderful way to end a wonderful year. Thanks again Julie and Trixie

May you all have a Happy and safe New Year!

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Super Bowl 2014 party how fun

Well it is here again, Super Bowl Sunday. Now I am not much into football but Susan loves a party so this was a great opportunity to have some Susan time with friends. I wore my cute white skirt and this beautiful Salmon color top and sensible heels 3″ as I figured I would be on my feet more today. Now I was ready to leave by 1 pm and wouldn’t you know it a couple of the neighbor kids were out playing basketball in the street. Now I now their parents know about Susan so that wouldn’t be an issue but I am not sure if the kids know and for some reason I am still nervous about having the neighborhood kids find out so I waited for a few minutes in hopes they would go inside but they didn’t so what is a girl to do. Well I took my wig off and placed it in the front seat and put my sunglasses on visors down and opened the garage door and pulled out and hoped they wouldn’t notice my lipstick as I went by. I wonder if they noticed anything. I got to the end of the street and put my wig back on and then I was off to the party, I had about a 45 minute drive. The party was at Cassandra & Peggy’s house as they have hosted one the last 4r years for our group. How awesome is that. You have to wonder what their neighbors think about all these tall woman that come over to watch Super Bowl with them. I got to their home about 2 pm and there were already some girls there but not as many as I thought since the part actually started at noon. Cristine, Teresa, Chris, Diane, Brenda, Phaedra, Laura, and Sandy were there. It was so great to see Sandy, she live up by Seattle and only gets down here a few times a year so it was cool she could make it to the party and of course I had to get a picture with her, she had on this really pretty blue dress. Yes today I was going to get pictures. It was great to see her again and chat with her. Cassandra finally came down stairs as she was up working on the Super Bowl boards. It is a way of gambling on the game and what is cool is there is no skill involved. You pick squares on a board and then the numbers are put in on the sides and if the scores at the end of the quarter or gam match your number you win. Wouldn’t you know it I won $10 right off the bat as I drew the worse numbers you could get on a board so for my $40 I put in I got $10 back before the game even started. Now a few of the girls wore football jerseys, Cassandra in her Broncos Jersey and Diane in her Seahawks Jersey the rest of us had cute little outfits on because after all it wasn’t really who won the game but how cute we looked while we were there, such a girly attitude but then again I did spend an hour getting ready and doing my makeup just perfect to go watch a football game. A few more girls showed up including Julie (Little Julie as we have several Julies now) she was able to get out and join us so of course there had to be another picture. She had on a really cute blonde wig which looked good on her but she needed higher heels as even with my lower heels I towered over her. It was great to talk with her for a bit and catch up. We were still waiting for the game to start and snacking on all the wonderful food that was set out mostly chips and dip which I love, probably one of the reasons I can’t lose weight. Well to keep it simple this year we all chipped in some money and ordered pizza to be delivered. This was going to be an awesome party. The pizza finally arrived and I have to wonder what the delivery guy thought when he arrived with 6 pizzas for a Super Bowl party and it was all woman some a little taller and bigger than normal. I am sure he had a good story when he got back to the shop. Well more girls showed up, Petra, Michelle, Samantha, Gigi, Bianca, Peggy, Dan Julie and Trixie and of course more food. It was now almost kick off time and the girls who were really interested in the game were now in the living room with their seats all picked out while the rest of us talked in the kitchen. Well the kitchen is right there also so we could kind of see the TV if we wanted to but for us it was more about the social activities then what was on the TV. The game started off with a bad play by the Bronco’s and the Hawks got a touch back and so that bad number I had won on earlier before the game started now became a good number. I was talking with Julie, Sandy and Brenda in the Kitchen and yes we were talking about Diva Las Vegas. Brenda has signed up and made hotel reservations at the Quad also so she will be there so now we for sure have Cassandra, Cristine, Julie, Veronica, Melissa, Brenda, Petra and myself going for sure how much fun will this be and of course we needed a picture of us in our cute little outfit and heels. Isn’t this what football is all about looking cute. Cassie, Dana also showed up just before game time. Brenda is really excited, well we are all excited about going to Diva Las Vegas which is only two months away now, and there is still time to sign up if you want to go. Brenda has gone to Esprit before and spent a few days living as Brenda but this will be a whole week in Las Vegas. I tried to talk Sandy into going and she really wants to but just can’t figure out how to work out the details. I know how that goes but maybe next year. Well the first quarter was over and we were still talking in the kitchen when Cassandra started handing out the money for the first quarters scores and I was right that touchback at the beginning had turned my bad number into a good one and I won twice on two different boards, $20 and $40 so my $40 dollar investment was now worth $70. This was a great party. We were eating pizza I was using a fork as I didn’t want to get my fingers greasy or mess up my lipstick like I said this is what football is all about. I am sure every Super Bowl party was like this right. It was now time to have some cake. Peggy had made this beautiful cake in the shape of a football and no one wanted to cut it so she finally did so I had to have a piece well maybe more than a piece as it was really good. The second quarter was under way and we were still talking in the kitchen and of course taking pictures, Me, Julie and Sandy. Soon it was half time so we all wondered over so we could see the half time show and then we kind of watched the rest of the game. It is amazing how fast the game and day went by. I didn’t win any more money but I had a great time. I know it was hard for the girls who wanted the Broncos to win but at least they did score so that is something. After the game we all talked for a while and helped clean up yes a woman’s work is never done. It was a really fun day and a big thanks to Cassandra and Peggy for hosting another wonderful party. I am already looking forward to next year’s party. Thanks for reading

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Going away get together for Jennifer Carr

Well it is Saturday and Guin was hosting a small get together for Jennifer Carr as she is moving to Southern California. It is hard for me to get out during the day on Saturdays but this was important so I made sure I could go. I first met Jennifer at the 2011 Halloween Party although we had e-mailed back and forth some before that. She is an awesome person and one of the wonderful friends I have made as Susan so it will be hard to see her move away. She has come a long way since that first time we met which was her first time out to now living full time as Jennifer. This is me and Jennifer.

The party was from 4 to 8 and so I had to leave by a little after 3 to get there. Thank god for my GPS because I would have never found Guin’s house without it. Guin defiantly does not have to worry about her neighbors seeing her but then again she is also full time now so that is not a worry. Well I finally got there; Guin has a beautiful house that she is remolding plus adding on to it. Well it wasn’t long and others showed up Asia, Dahlia, Brenna, Michelle, Kara, Cassandra, Victoria, Stephia & Jennifer.

Some of these girls it has been a long time since I have seen them. Dahlia use to come out occasionally to the P-Club but since we were kicked out of there I have not seen her so it was nice to talk with her again. Brenna I think came out to Sweet Home once a while back as has Kara but still nice to get a chance to talk with them

Asia is a newer member of our group and the couple times she has come out I wasn’t able to so this was the first time I have met her. She seems really nice, she is a GG and very supportive of transgender people. I had to get a picture with her because her dress was just so cute, what an awesome color.

Well Guin had set out snacks so we all sat around and ate and talked. It was really a nice afternoon and I was happy to get to spend some time with Jennifer before she leaves. I also gave my best pitch about Diva Las Vegas and that Jennifer should go as she will be living only a few hours away and she said she would think about it.

Well after we ate we brought out the cameras and everyone was taking pictures so I will include some of them at the end of the blog. It really was great to get to talk with all the girls but as always the time went by so fast. It was almost 8 and Cassandra had to leave, seems one of the girls from the group was coming to Portland with a friend and wanted Cassandra to meet them at the Boiler room as they didn’t want to be out by themselves. I told Cassandra I would stop by for a half hour or so because it was kind of on my way home.

We got there about 8:15 and the girl from the group texted Cass saying they were running late and should be there about 9 or so. Anyway we went in and there must have been 20 young ladies there for a Bachelorette party and no men at this point. We talked to some of the ladies while we stood in line to get drinks. Well about 20 minutes later another big group of ladies came in, must have been at least 20 in their group also for another Bachelorette party. So at this point there are probably 40+ young ladies there, Cassandra and me and maybe 2 other men.

Well they started up the Karaoke and of course Cassandra and I played pool. Now the table was missing the 4 ball so we did the best we could. A few more couples came in so there was maybe 10 men here now when another group of about 12 young ladies came in and you guessed it, it was another Bachelorette party. Now Bachelorette parties are great as almost all of the woman had on dresses or skirts and heels, so many cute dresses and shoes all in one place.

Well I beet Cassandra at pool which is always a high point for me. Well it turns out tonight was my night for pool as I won 8 games in a row including 2 against Cassandra. My last game I played doubles with some of the ladies from the one Bachelorette party as they wanted to play and of course I and the one girl from their group won.

Now as I said I was only going to stay till 9 when the other girls showed up which they never did but it was such a fun night it was 11:30 before I knew it. We had such a wonderful time with the one group of ladies including seeing who had the cutest heels. Well some of the girls wanted pictures with us including the Bachelorette so her friends took a bunch of pictures with us and of course I had them take one with my camera. This is me and Cassandra with her. It was so hot in there with all the people I am surprised my makeup hadn’t melted off by this point. It really was a fun day and night.

Well as I said here are some more pictures from the party.

This is Guin and me.

This is Jennifer, Me and Stefia

This is Michelle and me with Cassandra in the background.

We will all miss Jennifer but we all wish her the best as she goes forward with her life.

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Prom Night 2013

Well tonight our group did a Prom Night, Kathy, Mandie and Danielle opened their home to host this party as we never got to go to Prom as a female and wear pretty dresses. I have been looking forward to tonight for weeks and spent a lot of time looking for a dress for tonight. Now I did not find a dress I liked so I did the next best thing. I changed my hair for the night and I think it looks good. I actually started getting ready early about 3:30 and spent over 2 hours getting ready making sure my makeup was perfect. I even did a Smokey eye makeup look and I think it turned out well and yes I will have lots of pictures in this blog as it was so much fun. I was ready to leave by 6 as I had a 45 minute drive to the party. The drive to the party was fun and easy and I got there the same time as Laura so we walked in together. The party started at 7 but there were already 15 girls there by the time I got there at 6:45 I guess we were all just a little excited.

The new hair worked as a couple girls didn’t recognize me from the back and everyone thought the hair was awesome and natural looking, I think the curls helped. Well the first thing I did was start taking pictures as I wanted to make sure everyone who came got their picture taken as we all know how much we all love having our pictures taken. There were so many awesome dresses I really should have looked harder for a Prom Dress.

Olivia was at the party, she does not get out much so always awesome to see her. She was so happy to be out, I remember the first time I met her at Embers she came in with Victoria Sinclair and she was so nervous just like I was the first time I went out. It was fun to talk with her again.

They also set up to take Prom pictures so all of us took turns it was just like being back in High School. They did such an awesome job setting this up and so much wonderful food. Kathy, Mandie, and Danielle did an awesome job; they even set up a dance floor. Now I can’t dance but I did have fun watching some of the girls dance.

It was so much fun just having a chance to talk with everyone and get to know some of the girl’s better we even had some girls that never come out or haven’t come out since we were excluded from the P-Club. Amy was there and she was our bartender and did an awesome job. She did get out from behind the bar a few times so of course I had to get a picture with her. Now I will admit in this picture I had her standing in the entry way and I was down one step in the living room, this way I was mot towering over her in my heels which by the way later I took off as my feet were hurting from standing all night. I was not the only one as several girl had their heels off including Cassandra and Cassandra does not take her heels off very often and yes Cassandra if you are reading this I do have a picture.

It was so much fun to see all the cute dresses and heels and the wonderful job everyone did on their hair and makeup. Everyone put so much effort into tonight as we all wanted to make our first Prom as girls special and I think we did it.

I also got to meet Melissa who just sent me a friend request on Facebook so it was fun to meet her. She was in the really cute silver dress and yes I had to get a picture with her. It was fun to talk to her and get to know her a little better. It was amazing all the pictures that were taken. Danielle and Cassandra and several others all had their cameras and I bet by the time they are all posted we will have several hundred to remember the wonderful night. Between all of us taking pictures I am sure that everyone there are in at least one picture.

It was a wonderful social event and one of the girls Bobbie from Idaho brought stuff to make corsages so several of the girls went out on the pouch and they made beautiful corsages to wear. If I had thought of it I should have got one for the party as it really was a wonderful idea. That is one of the advantages of being female, they get flowers and men don’t.

I am not sure but I would guess we had at least 40 there last night so we had a great turnout and everyone had a wonderful time. I think I got a chance to talk with everyone at some point during the night. As always the night went by so fast and soon it was almost midnight and time for me to leave which is always hard when you are having so much fun. Now this is where it gets interesting. I left and was on my way home and almost to HWY 26 when I saw the blue lights behind me, yes I was getting pulled over and I had no idea why as I was not speeding and as far as I knew I had not done anything wrong. Now getting pulled over would make anyone nervous but for some reason I was very calm. The officer came up and asked for my driver’s license and asked if I knew why he pulled me over and I replied no as I really had no idea. Well it turns out one of my headlights was out. He gave me my license back and told me to be sure and get my light fixed. He was very professional and never gave me a strange look or comment. Now I had the long drive home knowing I had a headlight out and worried I would get pulled over again maybe closer to my house. Well I made it home with no more problems. I must be sure to get that headlight fixed quickly. Even with this it was an awesome night and one I will not forget.

Well as I said I have a bunch of pictures so here they are.

Danielle and me

Christy, Me and Victoria

Christy, Me and Victoria

Kathy & Me

Kathy and me yes she changed her dresses during the party. This was her first dress.

Me and Linda she had on a tux like outfit and her husband Jamie had on a beautiful dress.

Me and Christy

Me and Linda

Me and Christy

Med and Lynn

Me at the Prom

One more close up.

Thanks for reading and sharing my special night. I hope we will do this again.

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Super Bowl party 2013

Well it is Super Bowl Sunday and even though I am not much of a football fan I couldn’t pass up a chance to go to a party. Susan loves to get out. Again this would mean leaving my house early as the party started at noon but Susan would be fashionably late. I got all ready and chose my white skirt and black top. It really is a cute outfit and of course my heels. I even painted my toe nails Saturday night as they really needed it so now they are all pretty again. I was out the door and on m way, I got to Cassandra and Peggy’s home about 1:30. Cassandra and Peggy not only host our Halloween party but also Super Bowl, how awesome is that, that they open there home every year for us all to enjoy a fun day. Being a little later I had to park up the street and walk down, can’t help wondering what their neighbors think as they have to notice all these tall woman going to their home.

There were already about 20 people there when I got there, they were playing Jenga and eating food, so much food and it was all good. It was so much fun to see everyone and talk with them. With my plate full I had to find a place to sit as I knew I didn’t want to be standing all day in my heels or they would come off. I found Peggy at the table so I joined her as did Kimberly and another girl and we just sat there and talked which was a nice way to pass the time.

Well the game started and we just kept on talking, again I am not much of a football fan but we could hear them in the other room cheering and screaming so we knew when things were happening. Well time went fast and soon it was time for the half time show and of course we did not want to miss that so we all moved into the other room which meant we had to sit on the floor. Now there is no graceful way to get down and sit on the floor at least not for this girl especially in a short skirt and high heels but I managed to do it in some sort of lady like way. Here I am on the floor watching the half time show; Kim was nice enough to let me lean against her legs. Actually I only had to sit there for a short while as people would move around and soon a spot opened on the couch next to Kim which I took and I found out getting up from the floor was just as much of a challenge.

Well I actually watched the second half of the game and it was pretty good at least once they got the lights back on and could play again. Plus they had some really great commercials. It was fun and I got a chance to talk with Kim some more turns out she knows more about football than I do of course I think most people do.

It was a really fun time and what made it great were the awesome people there. I am not sure how many but I would guess we had 30 to 40 there, now I did make one little goof as I should have looked back at last year’s pictures. Turns out I wore the same outfit this year as I did last year, yes I had different heels and wig so I wasn’t totally the same but wow I hope no one else noticed this. Any way this is last year’s picture so just imagine me with my other heels and my shorter wing and well you got it. Oh I did have on a different color lipstick and nail polish also.

It was a really fun night. I want to thank Cassandra and Peggy for all they did and everyone who brought wonderful food. I ate too much and now I really need to cut back. I hope everyone had an awesome day.

Thanks for reading

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July 2012 Monthly social at Cassandra & Peggy’s home.

Well it was Saturday night and I was ready for a fun night at Cassandra and Peggy’s monthly social. I was already to leave and no one outside so as I pulled out of my drive the neighbors across the street opened their garage door and as I went by they were standing in their garage. I didn’t notice them looking at me but cannot tell if they saw me or not.

I got to Cassandra’s house just before 7, Cristine & bobby arrived at the same time. I had my veggie tray and some sprite for the party. The party was a red, white and blue as it was the 4th of July just a couple days ago so I wore my white skirt, aqua and blue and of course red nails and lipstick. I also tried something different and use different shades of blush on my eyes which actually turned out really well as it gave them a nice rosy pink color that I really liked, I may do this more. Kelly was the next to show up and for a while it was just the 5 of us.

A few more showed up around 8, Jim and Victoria so we were wondering if it was going to be a slow night. About 8:30 finally more started to show up and we had a good turnout. There was so much good food and Cassandra cooked up some Taquitos which were really good. Well I had my camera and wanted to make sure I got pictures of everyone who showed up for our group and I think I did. I even got some picture of myself as that is really important. This is me with Victoria she really did have on a red, white and blue outfit, all she needed were some stars.

Well as you can see in the picture the giant Jenga game so it was time to play a game. Several of us decide to play a game and it really is a lot of fun. If you have never played giant Jenga you should. We first played it when we went to Easy Street a couple years ago and had so much fun Cassandra bought her own set for parties.

Well we all sat around more and of course ate a little more. I did try to eat more of the fruit and vegetables along with my chips and dip. I really am trying to eat better just hard as cooking for one is never easy. Jan, Lynn, Jackie and Rose showed up. Jan and Lynn had matching outfits which is so cute. It was great to see them as they have not been out as much lately as they have a lot going on right now. Rose is really nice and it turns out she not only helps T-girls with hair and makeup but she has also done hair and makeup on I think movies and I know some TV shows. She actually did hair for some of the actors on one of the episodes on Grimm last year. Of course I had to get a picture with her also. She had on these really cute heels; they were a red color almost like the ruby shoes in the Wizard of Oz.

Well it was time to play Jenga again and this was the first time rose had ever played which is always fun when you have new players. Cassandra was bragging about never having knocked it over and lost. Well as you can guess one should never make comments like that. We were only on the second round with 5 players when Cassandra tried to pull on out close to the top, she didn’t knock the stack over but did knock a few off the top which is just the same so she has finally lost a game of Jenga.

Well as that game went so fast we played another on with the same group and we were all really trying hard. We were all pulling blocks from the bottom as that really makes the game interesting and hard. Oh the other thing we do on Jenga is each block has a number on it that gives a rule you have to follow like you have to pull the first block you touch or you only have 30 seconds to complete your turn. Well we were doing really well and the stack was getting really high and wobbly and it was my turn. I gentle pulled out a block and placed it on the top without knocking it over and then it was Cassandra’s turn and yes you guessed it. She pulled out a block that she says came out really easy and the whole thing collapsed. Now just so there is proof I did get a picture just a little late but you can see the blocks falling and the agony of defeat. Now I normally don’t put picture in my blog that I am not in but this was just such a good picture I had to include it. Plus this way Cassandra can never claim she didn’t knock it over as I have the photo to prove it.

Well it was a really fun night and I so enjoyed spending the evening with all my friends, a big thanks for Cassandra and Peggy for opening their home for our group to have a get together. Well after the last game of Jenga it was time for me to leave as it was almost midnight and this girl had to get up early the next morning.

This next week I am planning on going out Wednesday night for dinner with the group, also Friday and I hope I can get some of the girls to go out that night also. Next Saturday is our monthly outing to Harvey’s Comedy club and I am planning on going to that also so if all goes right I will have 3 nights out this week. I am also thinking it is time for a pedicure again as it has been over 2 months and my toes need some work to be pretty again. Any way I will of course blog about these outing too.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Saturday night social

Well it has been another long week and no time for Susan so I was really looking forward to Saturday night as Cassandra and Peggy have started having a monthly social. The social started at 7 which would mean leaving my house by 6, now today was a beautiful day out nice and sunny and warm so no need for a coat. I so love the sun shine as it just makes you feel so much better but then there are also problems as more people are out when it is nice. I was already to leave and looked out, my neighbor was mowing his yard and there were kids were out front playing in the street. Now a few years ago I would never have left hope completely dressed on such s sunny day with people outside for fear they would see me. Now I am not saying I still don’t have that same fear but I realize at some point no matter how cautious I am one of them is going to see me. So I am still cautious but I am unwilling to let it stop me from being who I am. With that I took a quick look outside and the kids had moved up the street a little in the opposite direction of how I would go so all I had to worry about was my neighbor mowing his lawn and I hoped that he was busy enough that he would not notice so I drove off.

I got to Cassandra & Peggy’s house about 6:45; Teresa was already there so I parked right behind her and went in. Cassandra was already but Peggy was finishing up her hair, I guess wigs are a little easier and faster than doing your own hair. We stood around and talked for a while, it was great to See Teresa again as she does not get out on Fridays very much.

Cassandra and I talked about Diva Las Vegas, she is defiantly going and Cristine is going with her. They will have such a fun time. I am still so sad I can’t go this year. It starts in 14 days so if you are interested in going not much time to sign up. It is strange though as I have no desire to transition or live full time as Susan but I do love spending the 10 days living full time. I also will not be able to get Acrylic nails for the trip which is something I really love. I will have to take a week off at some point before the end of the year and get them done. I really need a pedicure something else I was going to do before I went, I was talking to Peggy and we may try to go together and get pedicures in the next few weeks so that will be a lot of fun.

About 7:15 others started showing up, we were standing in the kitchen just talking and having a good time. I finally moved as I was standing right next to the chips and dip and as long as it was in reach I knew I would keep eating them. I guess that is why I am having trouble losing weight. A little while later we all chipped in some money and ordered some pizza from Dominos. Veronica and Teresa went and picked them up. Now I love Pizza but eating pizza without messing up your lipstick is a little difficult, in the end I had to put some more lipstick on which is okay and I managed not to smear it which is really what I was worried about. Being a girl is hard sometimes. After we ate the pizza I had piece of Peggy’s Chocolate cake, it was so good.

After we ate we started playing Jenga, Cassandra has a jumbo Jenga set which is always so much fun. We had so much fun, on the first game we got to 33 layers high before tipping it over, the next game was over on the 4 turn. It was just a really fun night. It is so awesome Cassandra and Peggy will open their home for us to all get together, You two are awesome and I want to thank you so much. I would guess we have 30 there and it was so nice to be able to visit with all my wonderful friends.

I had planned on staying till 12 as I had to get up early but we all know how that goes. I was having so much fun I just could leave, just one more game of Jenge which turned into 3 and before I knew it it was almost 1:30 so it was a short night. I said my goodbyes and left. Such a fun night.

This next week I really want to go out to Starbucks even though they are closing early because of their remodel, may try for Wednesday night if I can get there by 6 so I still have a couple hours. I aqlso will be out at the P-Club next Friday which is always fun and Saturday the group is going to Harvey’s comedy club so I also plan on doing that so hopefully will have 3 nights out this week.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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Super Bowl Party at Cassandra & Peggy’s

Well Super Bowl weekend is here and it is time for the big fun. Not so much the game but the Rose City T-Girls Super Bowl party. This is the 3rd year Cassandra and Peggy have hosted a Super Bowl party at their home. How wonderful is that they will open their home to our group, we love you two.

Well I was running late as normal so I had to rush to get ready. Yes again under an hour from start to finish of course I knew what I was wearing my white skirt and black top as I think it is so cute. I also knew how I was doing my makeup so that helps. I was ready to leave by 1 pm now the problem was it was a really sunny Sunday afternoon and would you believe it a couple of my neighbors were out mowing their yards, it’s winter grass does not grow, any way I was not about to wait so I just drove off. I kind of watched them and they never seemed to look towards my car so don’t think they saw me.

I got to Cassandra and Peggy’s house just before 2 and had to park just down the street and walk up. I really wonder what their neighbors think when they see all these tall girls in high heels going to their home. Well I went in and there were already about 20 people there. Well I went around and said hi to everyone, some it has been a long time since I have seen them and even a few new friends to meet. Well to start I got out my camera as what party would be complete without pictures so yes there will be several pictures in this blog.

I got to Meet Sandy as she came down from Olympia just for the Party. She is really nice and looks really good. It was nice to talk with her and get to know her better. I got a picture with her and Dana (Sandy left, Susan middle and Dana on the right). I have known Dana for awhile but she does not get out very often when I am out so it was great to see her again and talk with her. The three of us chatted for a bit and then it was time to play Jenga, if you have never played it is a blast and Cassandra bought the big blocks, they are the size of bricks. It was so much fun and I was not the one to knock it over even though I thought I would. The person right after me knocked it down. Just so you will understand the size of this game I will include a couple small pictures. These blocks could break a toe especially if you are wearing open toe heels. Maybe we should come up with steel toed heels for this, but then who would see are pretty toe nails.

There was so much food, Chris made his Clam Chowder which is awesome and also hot wings which I am sure were just as good but hey I am a girl I can’t eat messy food and risk messing up my lipstick or getting something under my long pretty figure nails, beauty first. Jan made a pot roast which was really good also. Peggy made this fantastic bread dish, it was a round loaf of bread cut in a checkerboard design and then had bacon, melted cheese and butter on it, so wonderful but I never asked about the calories as it is Super Bowl weekend and calories don’t count. There was so much food and it was all so good. I brought my normal Vegetable tray and some pop to drink. I really did eat more then I should have especially when they opened the apple pie. After that I did try to be good and stayed away from the chips and went to the apple slice tray as that is healthy, sliced apples dipped in caramel, yum.

When the game started you could tell who the football fans were as they were in the big room watching the game while the rest were in the other room talking about important things like makeup, clothes, wigs and the like. Yes I was in this group as I am not a real big football fan.

Once again the cameras came out and I got a picture with Kristy. Now she has crossdressed for many years but only been coming out in public for a little over a month now and boy has she gown in herself confidence. She actually came out to almost everyone she know which really took some guts, something I just cannot do. She also had on this really cute black and white dress. We had a good discussion about lipstick and how to keep it on. I told her how I do my lipstick which I posted in my last blog and it really does stay on really well. Even when I got home tonight my lipstick was still good. It is so much fun talking girly things.

We had a really good turnout; I would guess 40 to maybe 50 of us there. It is so nice to spend the afternoon and evening with such wonderful friends. The game was good and it was a close one from the yelling I could hear in the other room, Cassandra even had a couple football boards, you pick squares and then based on the points at the end of each quarter and game you can win money. No skill involved as the squares are picked before numbers are drawn so it really is blind luck to win. Not since I know nothing of football and being blonde this is my kind of bet so I put $20 in and sure enough in the 3rd quarter I won. Yep you guessed it I won $20 so I broke even which for me is a win.

After the game more pictures were taken and I got one with Amy. We both had on black tops which made us almost look like sisters. I just need to get her to wear high heels so I don’t tower over her so much, makes me look like a giant next to her. It was such a fun night I was sad to see it end but as I have to be up early for work it was time to leave. I said my goodbye’s about 8 and I left. Now as I said I parked just a couple houses down the street and what I left out is Cassandra and Peggy live on a hill. Now walking up the hill in 4″ heels was actually easy as the heels almost made it like walking flat but going down was another story. I bet the steepness of the hill made it feel like I was walking on 7″ heels I was almost falling forward and could only take very small dainty steps. It took what seemed like forever to walk to my car as I was doing my best to walk femininely and not fall on my face. Hope no one saw me.

Well I would like to Thank Cassandra and Peggy again for a wonderful party and opening their home. You two are awesome.

Well it is almost 10 and I have to be up for work in 6 hours so must be off to bed, thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Rose City T-girl Winter Gala

Well Saturday night was our 3rd annual Winter Gala, Kathy and Mandie open there home each year and host this wonderful party with the help of Danielle and I am sure others. I have been looking forward to this for weeks now. I wore my long black dress which I got for the T-Girl pageant 2 years ago. I really don’t have much of a chance to wear it as this is only the second time. Now the funny thing is when I wore it last at the pageant I had help and really never thought about it but being a tight dress I found it hard to zip up the back by myself. Took a little work but I did manage to get it on. Getting into the car and driving was also a challenge in a long dress. I guess I will just have to wear it more to get use to it.

I got to their home just before 6 pm and there were already people there. They had so much food set out and a friend making drinks at their bar, their friend who’s name escapes me I have met before as she has come out with them with the group a few time. She had on the cutes outfit, kind of a miss clause look so I had to get a picture with her. The first and only picture I got as my batteries went dead, I guess I really am blonde as I should have taken extra batteries but there were lots of other cameras there so I will have other pictures. The food they had was awesome, so delicious and so much they really out did themselves.

We had a good turn out; I would guess 40 made it to the party including Teresa who joined us on Skype from Thailand. She had SRS surgery a week ago and is not recovering over there for a few more weeks. It was good to see her even if only on the computer. It really is amazing what technology can do now days. There were a few girls that only come out to the parties so it was good to see them again.

Jessica and Trisha (Trisha was in male mode) also made it. I would never have recognized Trisha if it had not been for her wife with her. I give her a lot of credit for this as it is still something I can’t do. Now there are a few friends that have seen me as my male self and a few others I would be totally comfortable meeting that way but still don’t think I could just show up in front of so many as my male self. It was good to see them again and get time to talk to them. They are an awesome couple and Jessica is so supportive of Trisha. We only met a little while ago but we have become good friends as they have a way to make you feel so welcome and at ease.

Robyn a t-girl from Seattle was also there. I met her at the Halloween party and she joined our group so she came down for the party and I got a chance to talk with her also. She has also started to go to Starbucks up by her house.

Jenn also made it; I first met her at the Halloween party to. She also has an accepting wife which is awesome. She also has only been out a few times and never out in public. I hope she will come out more with the group to the P-Club, she also lives not far from the Starbucks I go to so maybe someday we can meet there.

Cassandra and her wife Peggy were there of course, Cassandra brought her laptop so we could Skype with Teresa that way we could see her and she could see all of us. Peggy and Jessica both had on the same cute black dress. Jessica had added some sparkle to hers so they did look a little different but Peggy was the one who realized it.

Wow so many wonderful friends were at the party and everyone looked so pretty. The dresses that were there were awesome. It was a perfect night. Jan won the contest for the highest heels at 4 ½ inches. We also had our T-Girl walk; we all one at a time descended the stairs, at the bottom we gave our name and curtsied then sat down in a chair. All the GG’s judged us on this and in the end Marla won. She really did come down the stairs well. It is funny as a guy you don’t think about such things but as a girl descending stairs in 4″ heel and a long dress is a challenge. I will have to work on this more for next year’s party.

Most of the night we just sat and chatted which I really do enjoy plus since I had on 4″ heels sitting was good as I went the whole night without removing them. The white room where they have their Christmas tree is where I spent most of the night, Peggy, Jessica, Trisha, Victoria, Jan, Lynn and Robyn were all there and we just chatted four hours. It really is funny how fast the night went. Soon it was midnight and we all wondered where the time went. People started to leave and the night was coming to an end. I didn’t want the night to end but knew it had to as I had to be up early Sunday morning. It was about 12:30 when I started saying goodnight to all my wonderful friends. It was truly a magical night and I lo0ok forward to the next party and the next time I get to see my friends.

A big thanks to Kathy and Mandie for opening their home for such a grand party. You two are awesome.

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