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Entry for March 27, 2009

Tonight was Susan’s night out again. Got to Embers at 7:30 and they were already a little busy so there was only one table open. Bev and Maya showed up first and we sat and talked. By 8; 30 we had now taken up two tables as our group had grown. It is so nice to be able to talk and catch up with everyone. By the time the show started we had 3 tables and still didn’t have enough rom. We had about 20 people in our group. It was so crowded that it was hot inside. Even Victoria Sinclair with some t-girl, She is so much fun. Tonight was Sable’s last night as host which is sad. She is so good and puts on a really good show. It is sad as she has been there for 4 years and has hosted the Friday night show for two years. The show was good and they had a couple guest performers and they were really good. Being there ever Friday night some of it gets old as you see it so much that when there is something new it makes it better. It also made the show longer as it went till almost 1:45. They had a nice presentation at the end for Sable which was really great.

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Entry for March 20, 2009

Susan Miller, Peggy & Heather

Susan Miller, Peggy & Heather

Tonight I went out and met my friends at Embers. It was nice to get a chance to talk with them before the show. We had a smaller group this week but there was a really good crowed and it was very loud during the show which was good as always. We even met a couple new people; one was Heather a GG with her husband. They sat with us for a while and were very nice and accepting. I also did my nails and tried Cassandra’s trick and it worked great, Thanks Cassandra. She came up with an idea that works great. She went to Michaels and got an item called tack (in the glue section) for $1.99. It looks like putty and can be reused over and over again. She used this to stick her nails on and they stay on pretty well but you can pull them off at the end of the night. Once off you pull the tack off roll up into a small ball again and put back on the nail so the next time you just stick them back on. You can do your nails in less than 5 minutes and the look great. What a great idea, Thanks Cassandra.

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Entry for March 18, 2009

Tonight I got dressed up and went downtown to meet some friends. We were going to Darcelle’s to see the show. One of the performers invited us as guests so we got in for free. It was a good show although it was very short. It was supposed to start at 8:30n and go to 10:30 but they started late I guess because they were hoping more people would show up. There were only maybe 20 people there including the 8 from our group. The show didn’t start till almost 9 and was over by a little after 10. It was still fun to be out though with friends.

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Some fun time for Susan


Sunday night I got dressed up and went down to CC Slaughters. I got there about 8:45 thinking the show started at 9 but it was already going. There were several other t-girls already there watching the show. I was surprised to see almost all the performers from Embers here. It was great and a really good show. The show lasted till midnight and we all had a great time.

Tuesday I got up and got all dressed up, I had a nail appointment t 10:30 to get my nails done. I look forward to this all year. The salon I go to is called French nails and they do an awesome job and are really friendly and have always treated me really well. The lady that always does my nails was there but no one else. She said her business was way off and she may end up closing which would be a real shame. I picked out a red color this time and it really looks good. After my nail appointment I went over to Lloyd Center. I found a parking spot right in front of Sears and went in. I spent about an hour in there looking through all there discount racks. They had one really cute black and white dress for under $20 but I could not find one in my size. After this I drove around and went out to Washington Square and went to Barnes and Noble. I like this one because they have lots of places to sit and read. I spent about two hours here reading. On my way home I stopped at a Subway and got something to eat. It was a fun day.

Wednesday Tonight I went back to CC Slaughters to play some pool with the other t-girls. I got there a little before 9. They were all surprised to see me there on a Wednesday. It was really nice as it was not real crowded and the music was not that loud so we could talk as we played pool. I won a few which was really fun. I even got to play Bolivia one of the performers and won, actually she missed a shot that allowed me to win. It was another fun night out

Thursday I didn’t dress this morning but drove up to Tacoma mall to look around plus I needed to give my car a good drive for once. The mall is not that big but it has both a Nordstrom’s and Macys, two stores I like because of the cosmetic counters. I started with lunch and then hit the stores. Again I found several cute dresses but not in my size. Seems the ones that fit me I don’t seem to like. I guess I really need to drop a dress size or two. I finally went to the cosmetic counter at Nordstrom’s and talked to one of the girls at the MAC counter. We talked for a few minute and she even offered to set me up an appointment for a makeover. Seems they are popular so they schedule appointment. I didn’t want to drive back up so I thanked her but declined. I walked over to Macy’s and again struck up a conversatio0n with a young lady at the Lancôme counter. She was really friendly and helpful and also offered to do a makeover, she said it would only take about 30 minutes. It was a dream comes true so I said yes and sat down. It was so much fun and she explained everything she was doing. It was so much fun and if you ever get the chance, do it. She did my eyes in a Smokey look and chose a bright red lipstick which I was unsure of at first but I liked it once I got use to it. When she was all done she gave me her card and invited me back any time. Too bad it is so far. I was having so much fun I forgot a couple things. First I had to walk out of the mall as a guy with my face all made up. I was a little nervous and got a couple looks but no one said anything. When I got to my car a realized I had forgot to fill up with gas so I would have to stop on the way home. There were no problems with this as no one really pays attention. About 8 pm I decided it was a shame to just sit at home so I got dressed up and drove to Clackamas Town Center. They were closed but Kohl’s across the street was open till 10 so I went there and looked around for about 30 minutes and then went back across to the movie theater at the mall. They had a 9:45 showing of Mall Cop and sense it had been out for a while I figured it would not be too crowded so I went in and bought a ticket. The lady at the counter was friendly and told me to enjoy the movie. It was in the back theater so I had to walk all the way through but at that time of night it was not busy. I got in just as the movie started and I was the only one in the theater. It was a letdown as I was hoping there would be some others there. The movie was good but it was odd being in an empty theater. On the way home I stopped at Safeway and picked up a few things I needed.

Friday I stopped at the Ross Dress for less by the airport and they had a blue dress that was pretty cute and surprise it was my size so I bought it. It is a little brighter then I normally wear so not sure about it. I dressed up tonight in my new blue dress and went to Embers. We had a big group of T-girls there; I think we are what keeps them in business. I had a great time as usual; it is so much fun to be out with others. We stayed till after the show so it was a really late night

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