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Saturday night at Escape a little quiet and an update about my vacation

It is Thursday evening and I finally get time to write my blog from last Saturday. I was able to go out and I was looking forward to it as this coming week I will be really busy so I started getting ready early to get a little more time. Now it is the Saturday before Halloween and I did think about wearing a costume but instead just went with a different color of hair. I was ready by a little after 5 and got there about 5:30 and got a couple pictures in the car before going in. I don’t wear this hair very often as I just not sure how it looks on me. I really need to do a darker foundation to make it look right. Now I also wore my tight short little black dress and yes, I had my corset on to give me all the right curves.

I walked in and Melissa one of the employees told me how nice I looked and she loved my hair and I got the same from Trixie. Now I always love to get compliments. Well I set up my computer and ordered some food, I had pancakes again this week. I sat down and was pleasantly surprise as Rachael came over and sat down to talk to me, she was in male mode tonight. Now I saw and talked to her briefly a few weeks ago as she was leaving when I got there, also in male mode but tonight we were able to talk for a while. I think I met her back in late 2006 or early 2007 when I was lucky to get out a couple times a year. She is hoping to get out as Rachel again maybe in the next few weeks. Well she finally had to leave and I was once again by myself at the table.

Now they had the Washington Cougars, Oregon Ducks football game on one TV and the world Series on the big screen which is more what I was watching. Now 2 ladies came over and asked if they could sit at the table and watch the football game so I said sure as it was nice to have someone else at the table as I worked on my blog and watched the game. Well we actually got talking, turns out one of them is a Cougars fan and the other a Ducks fan. It was nice to talk with them and I really do enjoy meeting new people. At 9 Karaoke started and they turned off the Football game so they moved to the bar to watch the game on the TV in the corner. Now it was getting busy and was after 9 and still no one from our group tonight. I listened to the singers and figured I would stay till at least 10 to see if Lauri showed up.

Soon it was 10 and still no one else made it out tonight so about 10:15 I called it a night and went up to the bar and paid my bill. 2 ladies at the bar started talking to me and told me how nice I looked, actually what they said was they had noticed my shape (curves) ad thought I had the perfect figure, hips, waist and shoulders. I thanked them and admitted I had a corset on and they said they were wondering but I looked wonderful. We talked for a while before I left, it was actually a fun night.

Now I was hoping to go to dinner Wednesday night but got home late and just couldn’t make it so I was a little disappointed especially since I won’t make it out this coming Saturday. I actually have next week off work and when I originally took it off my plan was to spend the whole week as Susan but now things have come up and I will get a lot of Susan time but I will have time I won’t be able to see Susan. my plan was to go to the nail salon and get a manicure and polish put on my nails for the week. For the last few weeks I have been using OPI nail envy hardener and letting my natural nails grow and they are looking great and a little long. Well on my way home Wednesday my low tire light came on and unfortunately you don’t know which tire so I had to check them all and make sure all were full which is not easy when it is dark and yes you guessed it; I broke 2 nails. I was devastated and I can only think it was because of the length. So today at work I was trying to decide what to do with my nails. Well today at work I yet broke another nail, my 3rd in two days. So tonight, I got home and filed all my nails down. Now they still look nice but they are only 1/8 of an inch maybe instead of the ¼ inch they were. They would still look nice with polish but now I am thinking about getting acrylics for the week. I can get them done on Sunday afternoon and could keep them till Friday night although during the week there are a couple things I have to do as my male self but my hands wouldn’t really be visible so I am thinking about it. After all years ago I would get them done on a Friday night and removed on Sunday afternoon. Either way I will be at the nail salon Sunday for either a manicure and red polish or Acrylic nails.

If I do Acrylics, I have narrowed it down to 2 options. What I am kind of thinking is the French fade and then red polish over it. That way I can have the red I love and later in the week when I have things I have to do as my male self I
could remove the red polish to just the French fade for the rest of the week. Yes, I am leaning to the Acrylics. So, I will put it out, if I do get them this Sunday which one do you my readers think I should get?

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Saturday night and yes, I am going to the Escape

It once again is Saturday and I will be going to the Escape. I pretty much go here every week as I know someone from our group almost always shows up. I have said it many times as much as I enjoy going out as Susan what makes it all the more special is being able to meet up with my friends. Now I do have my alone time when I go to Starbucks for a couple hours but that is more to get caught up on my blogs and e-mails. Now I was able to get home early so I went a head and started getting ready and just figured I would get to the Escape early. I took my time to enjoy my transformation to Susan and now with my makeup done it was time to get dressed. Now I have been wearing warmer dresses but tonight I really wanted to wear my grey dress with sparkles, the problem is it is sleeveless and if they have the air conditioner on, I will be cold but I figured I would take the chance. I was all dressed and, on my way, and got to the Escape about 5:30 and still had to park out on the street. I did bring my coat tonight as it has been raining hard all day. now I did get my selfie in the car before I went in.

I got inside and they were actually pretty busy for as early as it was but I did get 1 of the two big tables and I was happy it was warm inside. I ordered food, I would call it dinner but I had eggs bacon and pancakes. Now I started on my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner at Who Song & Larry’s. this is one of the advantages of getting here early as most of the girls who do come early don’t get here till 6:30 or so with the exception of Nicole when she is in town. She also likes to get here early before it gets loud. With my blog done I moved on to catching up on some e-mails. I am trying harder to keep in touch with girls I don’t see as often and on the top of my lost was Sindee. She came out a few times a year ago but hasn’t made it out since last winter. I know she is busy as we all get that way but I also know how hard it is to figure out what being trans means and how it fits in your life.

For me I knew at about 5 or 6 I was different then most boys as a matter of fact at that time I thought I was the only boy who felt as I did. I loved how girls and woman looked and dressed and the cloths and makeup they got to wear. At that age I didn’t understand why I felt that way and I don’t want to date myself but this was way before the internet was even a thought. I kind of looked in Libraries for information on how I felt and even there it was very limited information. What if could find were a couple books on being a transsexual and also being Gay. Now I wasn’t at all attracted to boys so that ruled out being Gay and I really didn’t look at my body as being wrong, I just wanted to look pretty and wear makeup and especially nail polish. It wasn’t till I was in high school I herd the term crossdresser and that seemed to be what best fit how I felt so I at least knew who I was. But I would fight it for many years stopping dressing and purging things only to go back to it. It really wasn’t till my mid 40’s that I came to terms with who I was and accepted it and that was impart because of some wonderful friends I made. Now in my mid 50’s I view myself as transgender but not transsexual and by that I mean I do have a definite feminine side and if truth be told I am most comfortable in my female side but I don’t think there is anything wrong with my body and have no desire to have surgery. Yes, if I won a bunch of money tomorrow and never had to worry about money or work, I would spend most of my time as Susan. I would pierce my ears and have acrylic nails, probably long ones and probably red at least most of the time. I might grow my hair out and I might have electrolysis. But there would still be time I would want and need to be my male self. It took me 50 years too get to this point and my life is so much better now as I am comfortable and know who I am.

Any way ii was just finishing that up and Jan & Lynn showed up, it was great to see them. Shortly after that Michele and Bobbie showed up so we had a nice small group and it was actually pretty busy in here still as they har the Portland Timbers game on and they are in the playoff so there were a loot of people here watching that. Yes, I watched some Soccer on TV. Now this is the funny part, I will watch Baseball at home on my TV as I do like Baseball but that is pretty much it and I never went to a bar as my male self to watch sports well maybe a couple times in Reno I would sit in one of the casino sports bar with friends. As Susan though I have gone to bars to watch Football, Basketball and yes now soccer. Who would have thought I needed to be female to enjoy watching sports?

Soon it was 9 and time for Karaoke, they did leave the game on the big screen as it was under 10 minutes left and it was tied and being a playoff game, the winner goes on and the loser’s season is over. Kris also showed up, she will be moving for a year next week and this will be her last Saturday night here for a while. I think she will make this coming Wednesday night dinner though. Well with 5 minutes left Salt Lake scored and took the lead and the Portland Timbers could not score and lost 2 to 1 so their season is over. Now it was after 9 and it was still warm inside so I was really happy I wore this dress. I don’t wear it that often as it has on bad point. It is grey but all the silver you see is little silver specks and they fall off everywhere. I got up to get a drink and my seat was all sparkly as were my ankle boots and purse and I imagine my drivers’ seat in my car. Last time I wore this dress I had to vacuum my car seat to get it all off.

Now it was a really busy night and a couple girls here came over and talked to us, one told me how pretty I looked and she loved my dress and that made me feel so nice. Rose and her boyfriend showed up a little before 10 it was great to see her again and I got too talk with her a little but as it was so busy, they had to sit at another table. Lauri also showed up at 10 so we actually had a good size group tonight. It was about 11:30 when I paid my bill and called it a night. as I was getting ready to leave Diane showed up. I kid Lauri all the time about being our late-night girl but really that honor goes to Diane. Most of the time when she comes out it is 11 to 11:30 before she gets here. I talked with her briefly before I left.

Now on the drive home which I normally don’t talk about but tonight I will. I was on the freeway going across the bridge which has 5 lanes on it. I was in the 3rd lane from the right almost ready to pass the car in the second lane when a car came by me and he must have been doing 80 or more and cut between us forcing me to hit my breaks. I still don’t know how he got through there without hitting either me or the car just ahead of me to the right. Now there were no cars in the left two lanes and that is where I thought he was going but instead he pulled right Infront of the car to my right now forcing him to hit his breaks and before he could hit the car in front of him he went to the far right lade and slammed into the side of another car almost pushing him into the jersey barrier. That car slowed down to stop but the other car kept going so the car that got hit went after him. I don’t know what happened after this as about 2 miles down the road both cars took the off ramp. I am guessing the driver of the one car was drunk and instead of stopping fled which is hit and run. It was a close call though.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is knew in my life.

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Saturday night at the Escape they had a drag show

It is Saturday and yes that means going to the Escape tonight. I have said many times Susan is a big part of who I am but she is not all of who I am. I need both my male and female side to feel complete. Now my male side is never a problem fitting in but Susan can be sometimes and when I have to go for a time without letting her out it does have an impact on me and how I feel and so I try to express that side of me on a regular basis. I try to go out every Saturday night and for Wednesday dinners and I am trying to get back into my Sunday afternoon at Starbucks. I really need at least once a week of Susan time but twice is better. There really is something calming and relaxing about being able to express part of who you are when you for the most part have to hide it especially when you hid it completely for most of your younger life. That being said I was looking forward to tonight. I actually got done with my stuff early and so I got to start getting ready early which gave me time to enjoy my transformation to Susan. I was actually ready and, on my way, by a little after 5 and got to the Escape about 5:30. Being early I did find 1 spot open in front so I took it. I got a quick selfie in the car before going in.

They had the two big tables reserved for a birthday party so I took one of the smaller tables and set up my computer and then ordered dinner, well tonight I had their breakfast, eggs, bacon ad pancakes. I worked on my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner till my food came. The table I was at was small so I had to put my computer away while I ate. Once I finished eating, I went back and finished my blog and posted it. Just as I was posting it Michele showed up so once I was done, I took my computer out to my car as I really had no place for it with other people at the table. I sat and talked with Michele a little till Bobbie showed up. Well I am not sure what happened but Trixie said one of the big tables was open and took down the reserve signs so we moved over there, way pore comfortable sitting in a chair with a back at a big table then on a hi bar stool where your feet don’t touch the ground. Now we noticed a Drag Queen on the other side and soon a few more showed up. Well it turns out this weekend the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Oregon was electing their 61 Rose Empress, yes Portland I think is the oldest event like this. Well one of the girls running for Rose Empress got some of her friends and they are here tonight to do a drag show and yes campaign for her. She was really nice and came around and met everyone. I wish I could remember her name, any way she was encouraging everyone to go to Darcelle’s on Sunday and vote. I probably would have but I don’t live in the right counties. Any way the show went from a little after 7:30 till about 8:30 and it was pretty good. I think they had 10 or 12 performers. It was pretty busy at this point as there were a lot of people who came in for this.

Kris also showed up as di Lee and her sister. It was early summer the last time I saw Lee out so it was good to see her again and tall with her and so wonderful her sister is supportive of her got a good chance to talk with them and got to know her sister a little, they are both wonderful people. I really like this part of going out. A little later 3 of Lee friends showed up all female and young. For someone who doesn’t get out much she sure has some supportive friends. Karaoke started and it got loud, yes, the table we were at was right under one of the speakers so it was hard to talk but it was still fun. As it got close to 10 Lauri showed up as did another girl from our group so we had a pretty good turnout tonight. We had a fun night and as always it went by way to fast. Before I knew it, it was 11:30. It was sad to see the night come to an end so I paid my bill and said my goodbyes. Now Lee, her sister and friends were also leaving but they were going someplace else. I remember the days when I stayed out late, I just can’t do it anymore. So, as they prepared to go somewhere else, I got in my car and headed home for a date with my bed. I don’t think of it as being old I just call it prioritizing my lifes needs.

I will be out tomorrow on Sunday for some Starbucks time and Susan time and then I will be looking forward to Wednesday nights dinner. I really think going out Wednesday and Saturday is the perfect balance as the most I have to go is 3 days without being Susan and that keeps both my male and female sides happy and healthy.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life. Have a wonderful Columbus Day Monday especially if you have it off work.


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Saturday night at the Escape first Saturday in October

Well it is the 1st Saturday in October and a nice fall day, mostly sunny and temps in the mid 60’s which is nice and yes I get some Susan time tonight. Now I got home late so it would be rush if I wanted to get there by 6. I was actually hoping for earlier as I am behind in my blog writing and I still need to do my blog for last Wednesday night’s dinner at Rock Bottom. I posted my blog from last Sunday at Starbucks this morning. It is hard to find the time to do these as I have just been busy the last few months but I also think there is the wanting to write about my time as Susan when I am Susan. it is silly but I feel I am truly writing about myself when I am Susan. I think that is why I like my time at Starbucks so much as it gives me time to sit and do my blogs about my time as Susan while I am Susan. I wore my red dress as it is warmer and my ankle boots as the Escape has been really cold the last few times I have been there, the last time I left early because I was so cold.

well I got to the Escape right at 6 and the parking lot was full so I went and parked on the street and got a quick selfie, as I was walking in someone pulled out and I briefly thought about moving my car but figured by the time I could go get it the spot might be gone so I just went in. I put my computer on a table and went and ordered dinner, my normal hamburger, I think next week I will do their breakfast if I remember. I got out my computer so I could write my blog from Wednesday night but I looked up and Nicole was at the bar ordering dinner, she must have come in right behind me and yes, she got the parking spot right in front. Well I will have to put writing my blog off till Sunday but that is okay as it will give me a reason to go to Starbucks as Susan. it is funny as I think I have only gone to Starbucks once or twice as my male self well other than to go in and get gift cards for people so it really is a part of Susan. looking at my blog I have gone there over 200 times as Susan. Nicole said I could do my blog but I would much rather talk with her. I did keep my computer open though as there is a girl in our group who wants to come out and has been trying for a while and just can’t get past that initial fear of the first step out which we have all gone through, and I wrote a blog about my first time going out a while back. She has drove here a couple times but ends up leaving without getting out of her car. I gave her my cell number and told her to text me when she got here and I would walk out and meet her so she didn’t have to walk in alone. I am hoping that will help.

Nicole and I talked as we waited for our dinners which didn’t take to long. Michele arrived just as our dinner and Bobbie shortly after so we had 4 of us here tonight and it wasn’t even 7. I saw Sasha one of the girls who bartends here and asked her if they could turn the air conditioner up as it was already getting cold. Any way Mike the other Bartender went and turned it up, seems they have line dancing here on Friday nights so they turn it way down so they dancers don’t get to hot. It was nice though as we all started to get warmer. It was still a little on the cool side but not bad. It was so nice to be able to sit and talk for a while before it got to loud. Of course, we talked a lot about our first times going out probably because I was waiting and hoping the girl trying to make it out for her first time would.

It started to get busy at 9 as Karaoke starts and that brings people in and tonight was no exception, it was pretty packed tonight. Laura M and her girlfriend also showed up and I am pretty sure one of her daughters. I have met her a few times but it has been a while since I have seen her. she actually knows me both as my male and female self from her work, enough said on that. Now it is fun to listen to people sing and some are really good and we were still able to talk between songs. Jennifer also showed up late as she had been out shopping and as she was in the area she stopped in for a while. Lauri also showed up a little before 10 so we had a good turnout tonight.

Now Nicole stayed late as she usually leaves when Karaoke starts but tonight, she stayed as late as I did. It was after 11:30 when we called it a night and Nicole and I walked out together of course I had a little further to walk as I was parked out on the street. Nicole thinks she may make it down in a few weeks for a Wednesday night dinner and that would be fun. We said our good byes and I was on my way home. now I have 2 blogs to write tomorrow when I go to Starbucks, Wednesday dinner and now tonight and of course if I go to Starbucks that will be another blog also. Wow it is hard to get caught up. My hope is by this coming Wednesday dinner I will have all my blogs caught up.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life. Have a wonderful week.

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Saturday night at the Escape Sept 21st 2019

It is once again a week later when I write my blog from Saturday night, I always look forward to Saturday and my time to get out as Susan but it is more than that. I get a chance to meet up with some of my friends and interact with other people and just be out as any one else does. Now I started getting ready early as I wanted to get to the Escape early so I could write my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner. Now it was a somewhat nice day out and in the mid 70’s but I decided to wear my blue dress with long sleeves as it was cold in the Escape last week. I got to the Escape about 5:30 and got a quick picture in then car before I went in. I went in and they had changed the tables around and I kind of liked the way they did it. I ordered my dinner and wrote my blog from Wednesday dinner at the southland whiskey kitchen.

I was just finishing my blog when Lynn and Jan showed up, it was great to see them, Bobbie also showed up early so we had 4 of us out and it was just after 6. It wasn’t long and Michele showed up yes it looks like tonight we are all getting out early. It really is nice though as it gives us time to talk before it gets loud later. Everyone had dinner and we had a good time.

People came in and ate and stayed a while and then left. It never really got busy and soon it was 9 and time for Karaoke to start, it was also really cold in here again this week as they really had the air conditioner going. I actually went outside for a while to get warm. I went back in and listened to the people sing. I noticed there really wasn’t that many people here tonight as some had left. I actually had to put mt sweater on and it didn’t help. Patty also showed up tonight and its was good to see her again.

Soon it was 10 and Lauri showed up, it was nice to see her again, she has missed the last 3 weeks. We talked for a few minutes and caught up and then I was done. I just couldn’t take it anymore as I have been cold all night long and just wanted to get warm so I paid me bill and said my goodbyes. It was just a few minutes after 10 and it was probably the earliest, I have gone home in a long time but I just wanted to be warm. I walked to may car and it felt good as it was warmer outside then inside. I started going home and was shocked to see my car said it was 63 degrees outside and yet it was warmer then it was inside. It was a fun night with friends.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday night at the Escape

It is once again Saturday and that means I get to go to the Escape for some Susan time and see my friends and hang out with people. I look forward to my Susan time and this week even more as I was not able to make it out on Wednesday night. now I posted in our group I would be there between 6 & 7 but I always try to get there early. Well I started getting ready a little late and it took a little longer as I was taking my time and enjoying my transformation from my male side to female so it was just after 5:30 when I was ready and on my way. I got to the Escape right at 6 and the parking lot was full so I had to park out on the street which really is not that far, a quick selfie before I got out of my car. I got inside and there were a lot of people there but most at the bar so I got my normal table. I ordered dinner and started on my blog from last Saturday, yes I am a week behind again. I was just finishing up when Amber arrive, she had posted she would be here but was a little earlier than she said. She likes to play poker and was in a tournament today but got knocked out a little earlier than she hoped. I was glad as it was nice to see her. I posted my blog from last week and put away my computer so we could talk as it has been a while since I have seen her out. My dinner came and we sat and talked while we ate.

Michelle showed up so we were up to 3 of us and it wasn’t even 7 yet, we really do like to get here early and socialize. Robin and Bobbie showed up at 7 so we were up to 5 and later on we would have 1 more from our group show up. A small group but still fun. Robin lives up near Seattle but gets down here every so often and it seems she was in town this weekend with her daughter to go to Comic con which is in Portland this weekend, I didn’t know. Robins daughter is really accepting and the two of them go out all the time and she is always posting pictures of them together so I asked where her daughter was, she was back at the hotel. Turns out her daughter is a lot younger than I thought. I just assumed she was over 21. We sat and talked as we watched the Oregon Ducks football game. I have said many times I watch way more sports as Susan as everything just seems better and more fun as Susan. it really was great to sit and talk with everyone but especially Amber and Robin as I don’t get to see them as often. Robin is just so fun as she always has a smile on her face.

As it got closer to 9 it got busier and the next big table was reserved for a birthday party and 3 people sat down. They had a huge cake and about 9:30 they lit the candles and everyone sang happy birthday to the birthday girl. Karaoke was going and of course it got loud so it was hard to talk as always but it was also cold in here tonight as they had the air conditioner going. They do this a lot and I always bring my sweater and I hardly ever wear open toed heels as if my feet get cold, I am done. My dress was also thicker and quarter sleeves more of a winter dress and I was glad I wore it tonight. I really don’t know why they keep it so cold here. All of us commented to each other about how cold it was and there were a few girls in outfits that I figured they had to be cold in. one of the draw backs of being female as the cloths are made more for how they look not so much keeping you warm.

Now again the music sang tonight a lot of it I didn’t know but it was still fun and there were a lot of good singers. Amber was the first to leave around 11 and it wouldn’t be long before the rest of us would call it a night. Now Robin and I had to get pictures together and she said it was okay to post, actually she had them posted on her Facebook page as soon as we took them. It was such a fun night with Robin. She left and I went up and paid my bill and then I also called it a night, it was about 11:30 when I left and it felt good to go outside as it was warmer than inside and felt good. Now I don’t know how cold it was inside tonight but, in my car, it said it was 67 outside and it was noticeably warmer outside then inside.

It was just before midnight when I got home, later than I planed but it was such a fun night it will be worth being tired tomorrow. My hope, plan for tomorrow is to get time in the afternoon and evening so I will get this blog posted quicker. I also have to pick a few things up for work so I will probably do a little shopping depending on how late I am at Starbucks and how late the places I have to go as it will be a Sunday evening.

Thanks for reading and be sure and checkout my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday night September 7th at the Escape

Okay once again I find myself writing my blog a week later as it has been a really busy week. Last Saturday I did get out to the Escape to enjoy some Susan time and hopefully meet up with some friends. Now I was able to get there early, a little before 6 which was nice as it gave me some time to write my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner. I did take a quick selfie in the car. Now they were a little busier than normal at this time but I was able to get my normal table as most people sit at the bar. I set up my computer and wrote my blog before I went up to order food as I ate a late lunch. Tonight, I did a breakfast including pancakes instead of my normal burger. Just as I finished my blog Michelle showed up, she has been getting out pretty regular although she doesn’t stay late.

It was nice to sit and talk with her, I actually really enjoy the social aspect of a good conversation. A little after 7 Bobbie showed up so we had 3 of us tonight. We had a nice dinner and a wonderful time. Around 8 it started getting busy as another big group came in and sat at the next table. I really like it when it is a little busier as it is fun to people watch as there is a good diverse group that comes here. There were people looking for places to sit and a young man came over and asked if they could share our table and as we only had of us at a table that had 8 chairs I said yes and we moved to one end of the table. This was nice as I did get a chance to talk with them some over them evening. Just before Karaoke started Michelle left and it was just Bobbie and me.

At 9 Karaoke started and as always it gets a little loud so Bobbie moved to the next small table back just to my right but I stayed at the end of the table I was at as my chair had a back instead of a bar stool. Besides the dress I wore tonight was a little short so I wanted to be sitting closer to the floor plus it is really tight so I also had my corset on tonight and a chair is just more comfortable. To the right is an older picture of me in the dress.

Well as I sat there one of the ladies at the next table introduced herself to me and engaged me in conversation, her name was Emily and she was really nice. She also introduced me to her wife Venessa and they were just such a nice couple and I talked with them on and off between songs. Emily asked if I was going to sing and I told her no. I won’t go up and sing by myself, I only sing with other people. Any way she asked if I would sing with her so I said yes. She asked what song I wanted to do and yes you guessed it if you have read previous blogs, “I’ve had the time of my life” as it is one song I know well and is pretty even tone and slow, so she went up and put our names in.

Now the songs tonight was about half ones I knew and half that I wasn’t familiar with at least not enough to sing along with. I talked on and off with Emily and some with her wife and had a great time. Finally, it was our turn to sing and we went up and had a good time. I did notice it is way harder to sing in a corset as you can’t get as deep a breath and by the end of the song, I knew it. Emily thanked me for singing with her and I did the same and she said we will have to do it again and I agreed.

Soon it was after 10 and no Lauri again this week and she is pretty reliable as far as being here every week. Makes me wonder if she is okay. That is one of the problems with the gender community as some of us we only know one side of people and it can make it hard to get in touch with them. Hopefully she will be out next week. I stayed till after 11 before I was ready to call it a night. I paid my bill and said goodbye to Bobbie and also Emily and her wife Venessa. I do hope I see them again. I have met some wonderful people here. It was sad to see the night come to an end but I knew it must. I wont get out this week so my next time out will be next Saturday when I once again come to the Escape.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what I am doing now.

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Saturday night at the Escape and the end of August.

It is the last Saturday of August, actually the last day of August and yes, I am going to the Escape tonight for some Susan time and hopefully, more important to spend time with my friends. It really is amazing how fast this summer is going; it is hard to believe it is Labor Day weekend already. I posted in the group I would be there between 6 & 7 but no one posted back and being a Holiday weekend, it could be slow but I am still going. I started getting ready about 4:30 as I got home late, things my male self-had to do today. I was on my way by 5:30 and got to the Escape right at 6. Of course, I had to get a selfie in the car before going in. Now I like getting here early as it does give me a chance to play on my computer and catch up on my blogs as I am behind on two of them, Last Saturday night here at the Escape and also our Wednesday night dinner at Mothers Bistro this past week. Now I decided to wait to order dinner as I ate late in the afternoon so I sat down and started on last weeks blog. There were a few people here mostly at the bar but a couple at the next table watching the Oregon ducks football game and I must admit I kind of watched it as I wrote my blog.

I was just finishing my blog when Michelle showed up plus, I knew Bobbie would be here a little after 7. With my blog posted I went up and ordered dinner, my normal hamburger. It was just after 7 when Jan & Lynn showed up and shortly after Bobbie so we had 5 of us here. It was great to see Jan and Lynn again as it has been awhile. As I have said I have made some wonderful friends and when I don’t see them, I miss them. It is really amazing as when I first started going out, I never could imagine the friends I would make as Susan would not let people get close to her. now I would guess maybe 20 of the girls in the group has seen me as my male self. Now with my blog done I put away my computer to talk with my friends and yes watch the end of the Oregon Ducks football game. It really is funny the things Susan does. As for sports I am a baseball person, don’t follow or watch Basket Ball or Football yes, I have watched it a little with my dad growing up but really wasn’t interested but Susan can have fun watching it at a bar. I always tell people that my closest friends on my male side if you told them you saw me in a bar dressed as a woman I think they would be more shocked I was in a bar as they all know I don’t drink, just never cared for it, but the same would go for watching football. The game was good and Oregon dominated the first half but fell apart in the second half and right in the final seconds lost the game. It was sad as most people here are big Duck fans.

With the game over some of the people left and it was kind of quiet for a little while till it got close to 9 when Karaoke starts. Now they had some reserved signs on several tables as there is a big group coming in later so I knew it would be real busy tonight. At 9 Karaoke started and people started singing including Lynn as she always sings. Now it was good but tonight most of the songs I didn’t know, I like to think the people picking the songs were just picking obscure songs instead of believing that they were just newer songs I didn’t know as I listen to 106.9 the classic hits station here in Portland, 70’s 80’s & 90’s. Wow I remember growing up and my parents would listen to the oldies and I thought that was so strange and now I do it, I guess my age shows a little. Any way I didn’t sing along with many tonight but it was fun to listen. The big group came in around 10 and then it was really busy and of course there were a lot of new singers but the mix stayed the same songs I didn’t know.

I went up to the bar to get another drink, Sprite and one of the ladies at the bar complimented me on my bracelets and we talked for a little bit. I love having interaction with other people this way. I also had another lady come over to our table and compliment me on my lipstick. I told her I loved red and it turns out she does too but didn’t think she could wear red lipstick as it is so bright. I told her she would look great in it as in my mind everyone looks good in red, did I mention I love the color red. Now I know the lipstick I wear here on Saturday night is really red and bright but it is a bar on a Saturday night. I would not wear this color during the day or going someplace casual but it is Saturday night.

We ended up with 6 of us here tonight so a good turnout for a Holiday weekend. It was after 11 when Jan & Lynn left and I finally I went up and paid my bill, what a fun night. now I hope to get caught up on my blogs this weekend as I am planning on going to Starbucks Sunday afternoon and then on Monday I don’t have to work and don’t have anyplace to be till the late afternoon for a BBQ and I am just letting people think I am working so I can go out in the morning and early afternoon. I want to do a little shopping and stop by and put some flowers on my Dads grave. My male self takes my mom there every so often but I also want to go there as Susan. although he never met me this way, the daughter he never knew he had I like to think he knows now and I hope he would be happy with her.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my newest blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday night at the Escape

I am once again a week behind in my blogs but I will catch up as over the Holiday weekend I will get ore Susan time but I am writing about last Saturday at the Escape. Now I pretty much go here every week and some ask why. The answer is simple. I really think it is good to have a place we go all the time this way it is easier for those trying to get out the first time or can only get out every once in a great while. They know there is a place they can go and others will be there. I have said it many times, for me it is not about where I go but that I can go out and be with friends and other people

I got ready early with the hopes of being to the Escape by 6, I knew Nicole would be there as she is in town this weekend and like me, she likes to show up early before it gets busy and loud so we can talk. I was on my way and got to the Escape just before 6 and went in. I went up and ordered my drink and something to eat and Nicole walked in just as I finished ordering. Now being so far behind in my blogs makes it hard to remember things and in last week’s blog I forgot to mention Rachel, she was at the bar last week when I was ordering in male mode so it took me a few moments to recognized her and had she not said something to me I probably wouldn’t have. I met her back in 2005 or 2006 when I would get out a couple times a year and we have kept in touch on and off. It has been a couple years since I have seen her so it really was a nice surprise. I invited her to join us but she couldn’t stay long but I hope she will come out again. Well back to tonight’s blog.

Nicole and I got our normal table and started talking. It is still strange to me in my male ode I don’t talk much but when I am Susan I love to sit and chat about almost anything, it is just a fun way to spend time. Our food came and it was good as always and we had a nice dinner as we talked. It was a little after 7 when Bobbie showed up so there were 3 of us. We all sat and talked and listened to music and just had a fun time.

It started to get busy as it got close to 9 as that is when Karaoke starts and tonight was no exception. Now once Karaoke starts it is a little harder to talk as you have to talk between songs but it is still fun. Now usually Nicole leaves not long after Karaoke starts but tonight, she stayed late. For a while I thought she might still be here when I left.

Now once again tonight a lot of the songs they sang were good ones, probably a bad choice of words as all the songs are good but these were songs, I knew well enough to sing along with at the table which always makes it more fun. It was a little before 10 and Lauri showed up so we had 4 of us here tonight. A smaller group but still fun as it gave us a good chance to talk.

It was after 11 and I was getting tired and I was thinking about leaving when Nicole said she was going to leave so I did out last her but not by long. It was really great Nicole stayed so late. Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday August 17th at the Escape

Yes, I am still trying to catch up on my blogs as it has been a busy few weeks. I got home a little late and started getting ready as I hoped to be to the Escape by 6 that way I could catch up on my blog from Julie’s BBQ before others showed up. I was just finishing my makeup and Veronica texted me to see if I would be at the Escape which was a nice surprise so I texted back I would and I would be leaving in a few minutes. It seems Veronica, Melissa, Cassandra and another girl went golfing today.

I git to the Escape a little before 6 and Veronica and another girl were already there so I left my computer in my car and joined them. We went inside but went to the back room where we could sit and talk. Michelle also showed up early so the 4 of us sat and talked for a while. Now it turns out Cassandra went home to clean up after golf but she is going to come out tonight also. When I heard she had gone golfing I kind of thought she would as her wife Peggy is out of town this weekend.

It was a little after 7 and Bobbie showed up and shorty after Cassandra, it has probably been a 1 ½ years since Cassandra has been to the Escape. It was nice to see her out again although I did see her and Peggy at the BBQ last Wednesday. We all moved out to the main room and got our normal table and ordered some food. It was a fun night. It started getting busy as it got close to 9 and Karaoke. Once Karaoke started Veronica and Cassandra called it a night but I stayed as I wanted to listen to some of the singing.

Just before 10 Lauri showed up as normal so we had a good turnout tonight. Now Cynthia also was here she is a lady we met a few weeks back and she comes for Karaoke. Anyway, she stopped by and talked with us for a while and wanted to know if we were going to sing tonight. I told her I don’t sing on my own but last week I did sing with Kris. So, she asked if I would sing with her and I agreed so she asked what I wanted to sing. I told her I could sing I’ve had the time of my life so she went up and put our names in. it took about an hour for our turn to come up and we went up and sang. It was pretty fun and makes the second week in a row I have sang with someone.

It was almost midnight when I paid my bill and called it a night. Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life

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