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Saturday night at the Escape

It is once again Saturday and that means I get to go to the Escape for some Susan time and see my friends and hang out with people. I look forward to my Susan time and this week even more as I was not able to make it out on Wednesday night. now I posted in our group I would be there between 6 & 7 but I always try to get there early. Well I started getting ready a little late and it took a little longer as I was taking my time and enjoying my transformation from my male side to female so it was just after 5:30 when I was ready and on my way. I got to the Escape right at 6 and the parking lot was full so I had to park out on the street which really is not that far, a quick selfie before I got out of my car. I got inside and there were a lot of people there but most at the bar so I got my normal table. I ordered dinner and started on my blog from last Saturday, yes I am a week behind again. I was just finishing up when Amber arrive, she had posted she would be here but was a little earlier than she said. She likes to play poker and was in a tournament today but got knocked out a little earlier than she hoped. I was glad as it was nice to see her. I posted my blog from last week and put away my computer so we could talk as it has been a while since I have seen her out. My dinner came and we sat and talked while we ate.

Michelle showed up so we were up to 3 of us and it wasn’t even 7 yet, we really do like to get here early and socialize. Robin and Bobbie showed up at 7 so we were up to 5 and later on we would have 1 more from our group show up. A small group but still fun. Robin lives up near Seattle but gets down here every so often and it seems she was in town this weekend with her daughter to go to Comic con which is in Portland this weekend, I didn’t know. Robins daughter is really accepting and the two of them go out all the time and she is always posting pictures of them together so I asked where her daughter was, she was back at the hotel. Turns out her daughter is a lot younger than I thought. I just assumed she was over 21. We sat and talked as we watched the Oregon Ducks football game. I have said many times I watch way more sports as Susan as everything just seems better and more fun as Susan. it really was great to sit and talk with everyone but especially Amber and Robin as I don’t get to see them as often. Robin is just so fun as she always has a smile on her face.

As it got closer to 9 it got busier and the next big table was reserved for a birthday party and 3 people sat down. They had a huge cake and about 9:30 they lit the candles and everyone sang happy birthday to the birthday girl. Karaoke was going and of course it got loud so it was hard to talk as always but it was also cold in here tonight as they had the air conditioner going. They do this a lot and I always bring my sweater and I hardly ever wear open toed heels as if my feet get cold, I am done. My dress was also thicker and quarter sleeves more of a winter dress and I was glad I wore it tonight. I really don’t know why they keep it so cold here. All of us commented to each other about how cold it was and there were a few girls in outfits that I figured they had to be cold in. one of the draw backs of being female as the cloths are made more for how they look not so much keeping you warm.

Now again the music sang tonight a lot of it I didn’t know but it was still fun and there were a lot of good singers. Amber was the first to leave around 11 and it wouldn’t be long before the rest of us would call it a night. Now Robin and I had to get pictures together and she said it was okay to post, actually she had them posted on her Facebook page as soon as we took them. It was such a fun night with Robin. She left and I went up and paid my bill and then I also called it a night, it was about 11:30 when I left and it felt good to go outside as it was warmer than inside and felt good. Now I don’t know how cold it was inside tonight but, in my car, it said it was 67 outside and it was noticeably warmer outside then inside.

It was just before midnight when I got home, later than I planed but it was such a fun night it will be worth being tired tomorrow. My hope, plan for tomorrow is to get time in the afternoon and evening so I will get this blog posted quicker. I also have to pick a few things up for work so I will probably do a little shopping depending on how late I am at Starbucks and how late the places I have to go as it will be a Sunday evening.

Thanks for reading and be sure and checkout my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.


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Saturday night September 7th at the Escape

Okay once again I find myself writing my blog a week later as it has been a really busy week. Last Saturday I did get out to the Escape to enjoy some Susan time and hopefully meet up with some friends. Now I was able to get there early, a little before 6 which was nice as it gave me some time to write my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner. I did take a quick selfie in the car. Now they were a little busier than normal at this time but I was able to get my normal table as most people sit at the bar. I set up my computer and wrote my blog before I went up to order food as I ate a late lunch. Tonight, I did a breakfast including pancakes instead of my normal burger. Just as I finished my blog Michelle showed up, she has been getting out pretty regular although she doesn’t stay late.

It was nice to sit and talk with her, I actually really enjoy the social aspect of a good conversation. A little after 7 Bobbie showed up so we had 3 of us tonight. We had a nice dinner and a wonderful time. Around 8 it started getting busy as another big group came in and sat at the next table. I really like it when it is a little busier as it is fun to people watch as there is a good diverse group that comes here. There were people looking for places to sit and a young man came over and asked if they could share our table and as we only had of us at a table that had 8 chairs I said yes and we moved to one end of the table. This was nice as I did get a chance to talk with them some over them evening. Just before Karaoke started Michelle left and it was just Bobbie and me.

At 9 Karaoke started and as always it gets a little loud so Bobbie moved to the next small table back just to my right but I stayed at the end of the table I was at as my chair had a back instead of a bar stool. Besides the dress I wore tonight was a little short so I wanted to be sitting closer to the floor plus it is really tight so I also had my corset on tonight and a chair is just more comfortable. To the right is an older picture of me in the dress.

Well as I sat there one of the ladies at the next table introduced herself to me and engaged me in conversation, her name was Emily and she was really nice. She also introduced me to her wife Venessa and they were just such a nice couple and I talked with them on and off between songs. Emily asked if I was going to sing and I told her no. I won’t go up and sing by myself, I only sing with other people. Any way she asked if I would sing with her so I said yes. She asked what song I wanted to do and yes you guessed it if you have read previous blogs, “I’ve had the time of my life” as it is one song I know well and is pretty even tone and slow, so she went up and put our names in.

Now the songs tonight was about half ones I knew and half that I wasn’t familiar with at least not enough to sing along with. I talked on and off with Emily and some with her wife and had a great time. Finally, it was our turn to sing and we went up and had a good time. I did notice it is way harder to sing in a corset as you can’t get as deep a breath and by the end of the song, I knew it. Emily thanked me for singing with her and I did the same and she said we will have to do it again and I agreed.

Soon it was after 10 and no Lauri again this week and she is pretty reliable as far as being here every week. Makes me wonder if she is okay. That is one of the problems with the gender community as some of us we only know one side of people and it can make it hard to get in touch with them. Hopefully she will be out next week. I stayed till after 11 before I was ready to call it a night. I paid my bill and said goodbye to Bobbie and also Emily and her wife Venessa. I do hope I see them again. I have met some wonderful people here. It was sad to see the night come to an end but I knew it must. I wont get out this week so my next time out will be next Saturday when I once again come to the Escape.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what I am doing now.

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Saturday night at the Escape and the end of August.

It is the last Saturday of August, actually the last day of August and yes, I am going to the Escape tonight for some Susan time and hopefully, more important to spend time with my friends. It really is amazing how fast this summer is going; it is hard to believe it is Labor Day weekend already. I posted in the group I would be there between 6 & 7 but no one posted back and being a Holiday weekend, it could be slow but I am still going. I started getting ready about 4:30 as I got home late, things my male self-had to do today. I was on my way by 5:30 and got to the Escape right at 6. Of course, I had to get a selfie in the car before going in. Now I like getting here early as it does give me a chance to play on my computer and catch up on my blogs as I am behind on two of them, Last Saturday night here at the Escape and also our Wednesday night dinner at Mothers Bistro this past week. Now I decided to wait to order dinner as I ate late in the afternoon so I sat down and started on last weeks blog. There were a few people here mostly at the bar but a couple at the next table watching the Oregon ducks football game and I must admit I kind of watched it as I wrote my blog.

I was just finishing my blog when Michelle showed up plus, I knew Bobbie would be here a little after 7. With my blog posted I went up and ordered dinner, my normal hamburger. It was just after 7 when Jan & Lynn showed up and shortly after Bobbie so we had 5 of us here. It was great to see Jan and Lynn again as it has been awhile. As I have said I have made some wonderful friends and when I don’t see them, I miss them. It is really amazing as when I first started going out, I never could imagine the friends I would make as Susan would not let people get close to her. now I would guess maybe 20 of the girls in the group has seen me as my male self. Now with my blog done I put away my computer to talk with my friends and yes watch the end of the Oregon Ducks football game. It really is funny the things Susan does. As for sports I am a baseball person, don’t follow or watch Basket Ball or Football yes, I have watched it a little with my dad growing up but really wasn’t interested but Susan can have fun watching it at a bar. I always tell people that my closest friends on my male side if you told them you saw me in a bar dressed as a woman I think they would be more shocked I was in a bar as they all know I don’t drink, just never cared for it, but the same would go for watching football. The game was good and Oregon dominated the first half but fell apart in the second half and right in the final seconds lost the game. It was sad as most people here are big Duck fans.

With the game over some of the people left and it was kind of quiet for a little while till it got close to 9 when Karaoke starts. Now they had some reserved signs on several tables as there is a big group coming in later so I knew it would be real busy tonight. At 9 Karaoke started and people started singing including Lynn as she always sings. Now it was good but tonight most of the songs I didn’t know, I like to think the people picking the songs were just picking obscure songs instead of believing that they were just newer songs I didn’t know as I listen to 106.9 the classic hits station here in Portland, 70’s 80’s & 90’s. Wow I remember growing up and my parents would listen to the oldies and I thought that was so strange and now I do it, I guess my age shows a little. Any way I didn’t sing along with many tonight but it was fun to listen. The big group came in around 10 and then it was really busy and of course there were a lot of new singers but the mix stayed the same songs I didn’t know.

I went up to the bar to get another drink, Sprite and one of the ladies at the bar complimented me on my bracelets and we talked for a little bit. I love having interaction with other people this way. I also had another lady come over to our table and compliment me on my lipstick. I told her I loved red and it turns out she does too but didn’t think she could wear red lipstick as it is so bright. I told her she would look great in it as in my mind everyone looks good in red, did I mention I love the color red. Now I know the lipstick I wear here on Saturday night is really red and bright but it is a bar on a Saturday night. I would not wear this color during the day or going someplace casual but it is Saturday night.

We ended up with 6 of us here tonight so a good turnout for a Holiday weekend. It was after 11 when Jan & Lynn left and I finally I went up and paid my bill, what a fun night. now I hope to get caught up on my blogs this weekend as I am planning on going to Starbucks Sunday afternoon and then on Monday I don’t have to work and don’t have anyplace to be till the late afternoon for a BBQ and I am just letting people think I am working so I can go out in the morning and early afternoon. I want to do a little shopping and stop by and put some flowers on my Dads grave. My male self takes my mom there every so often but I also want to go there as Susan. although he never met me this way, the daughter he never knew he had I like to think he knows now and I hope he would be happy with her.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my newest blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday night at the Escape

I am once again a week behind in my blogs but I will catch up as over the Holiday weekend I will get ore Susan time but I am writing about last Saturday at the Escape. Now I pretty much go here every week and some ask why. The answer is simple. I really think it is good to have a place we go all the time this way it is easier for those trying to get out the first time or can only get out every once in a great while. They know there is a place they can go and others will be there. I have said it many times, for me it is not about where I go but that I can go out and be with friends and other people

I got ready early with the hopes of being to the Escape by 6, I knew Nicole would be there as she is in town this weekend and like me, she likes to show up early before it gets busy and loud so we can talk. I was on my way and got to the Escape just before 6 and went in. I went up and ordered my drink and something to eat and Nicole walked in just as I finished ordering. Now being so far behind in my blogs makes it hard to remember things and in last week’s blog I forgot to mention Rachel, she was at the bar last week when I was ordering in male mode so it took me a few moments to recognized her and had she not said something to me I probably wouldn’t have. I met her back in 2005 or 2006 when I would get out a couple times a year and we have kept in touch on and off. It has been a couple years since I have seen her so it really was a nice surprise. I invited her to join us but she couldn’t stay long but I hope she will come out again. Well back to tonight’s blog.

Nicole and I got our normal table and started talking. It is still strange to me in my male ode I don’t talk much but when I am Susan I love to sit and chat about almost anything, it is just a fun way to spend time. Our food came and it was good as always and we had a nice dinner as we talked. It was a little after 7 when Bobbie showed up so there were 3 of us. We all sat and talked and listened to music and just had a fun time.

It started to get busy as it got close to 9 as that is when Karaoke starts and tonight was no exception. Now once Karaoke starts it is a little harder to talk as you have to talk between songs but it is still fun. Now usually Nicole leaves not long after Karaoke starts but tonight, she stayed late. For a while I thought she might still be here when I left.

Now once again tonight a lot of the songs they sang were good ones, probably a bad choice of words as all the songs are good but these were songs, I knew well enough to sing along with at the table which always makes it more fun. It was a little before 10 and Lauri showed up so we had 4 of us here tonight. A smaller group but still fun as it gave us a good chance to talk.

It was after 11 and I was getting tired and I was thinking about leaving when Nicole said she was going to leave so I did out last her but not by long. It was really great Nicole stayed so late. Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday August 17th at the Escape

Yes, I am still trying to catch up on my blogs as it has been a busy few weeks. I got home a little late and started getting ready as I hoped to be to the Escape by 6 that way I could catch up on my blog from Julie’s BBQ before others showed up. I was just finishing my makeup and Veronica texted me to see if I would be at the Escape which was a nice surprise so I texted back I would and I would be leaving in a few minutes. It seems Veronica, Melissa, Cassandra and another girl went golfing today.

I git to the Escape a little before 6 and Veronica and another girl were already there so I left my computer in my car and joined them. We went inside but went to the back room where we could sit and talk. Michelle also showed up early so the 4 of us sat and talked for a while. Now it turns out Cassandra went home to clean up after golf but she is going to come out tonight also. When I heard she had gone golfing I kind of thought she would as her wife Peggy is out of town this weekend.

It was a little after 7 and Bobbie showed up and shorty after Cassandra, it has probably been a 1 ½ years since Cassandra has been to the Escape. It was nice to see her out again although I did see her and Peggy at the BBQ last Wednesday. We all moved out to the main room and got our normal table and ordered some food. It was a fun night. It started getting busy as it got close to 9 and Karaoke. Once Karaoke started Veronica and Cassandra called it a night but I stayed as I wanted to listen to some of the singing.

Just before 10 Lauri showed up as normal so we had a good turnout tonight. Now Cynthia also was here she is a lady we met a few weeks back and she comes for Karaoke. Anyway, she stopped by and talked with us for a while and wanted to know if we were going to sing tonight. I told her I don’t sing on my own but last week I did sing with Kris. So, she asked if I would sing with her and I agreed so she asked what I wanted to sing. I told her I could sing I’ve had the time of my life so she went up and put our names in. it took about an hour for our turn to come up and we went up and sang. It was pretty fun and makes the second week in a row I have sang with someone.

It was almost midnight when I paid my bill and called it a night. Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life

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Saturday August 10th at the Escape

Okay I am once again a week behind on my blog, Last Saturday I did make it out to the Escape for my normal Saturday night out. I had posted in group but got no response so I figured it could be a quiet night for our group. Now I got home a little later than normal so it was a rush as I do like to get there early. It is nice to eat and play on my computer before others start to show up and also it is a little quieter so you can talk before Karaoke starts. Well I got there right at 6 and went in. there were a few people there almost all sitting at the bar so I set up my computer at my normal table and went up to order dinner. Now I know a lot of the people who come here but not all by name. there is one lady who is always here when I get here and her name is Melissa and she always says hi to me and tells me how nice I look which I love and we always talk a little. She actually works here earlier in the day and then hangs out a little after she gets off work. Any way as we were talking. she said a couple times she was sorry and when I asked why she said I would figure it out. I really didn’t think anything of it. I got a couple selfies in the car before going in.

Well I got back to my table and a couple that also comes here early was also here and they came over and talked to me they were getting ready to leave and they are partiers and they had been drinking so it probably was a good idea for them to stop drinking but they are really nice. They left and a few minutes later this other guy came over and I could tell he had been drinking and he was okay to start, his name I think was Dave. He was playing a lot of music on the juke box and dancing around the bar and he kept stopping at my table to talk to me, it was kind of getting annoying but I was polite. Finally, he wanted me to get up and dance with him and I declined as I don’t dance but he would not take no for an answer and kept asking. Now every time he did come to my table, I could see the guy at the bar watching close to make sure nothing happened but this guy would not let up, he even offered me money if I would dance with him. Not sure what he was really looking for but I said no and he went back to the bar and then he left. Now I don’t know if the bar staff asked him to leave or they just refused to serve him any more drinks but I was glad he was gone. The whole thing only lasted about or minutes but it seemed longer. I guess I now know what some woman goes through with drunk men. I went up and got another drink (Sprite) and I told Melissa I finally realized why she had told me sorry, she apologized again as she had been the one serving him earlier. Any way no harm no foul and I could go back to my table in peace and quiet.

Bobbie showed up so I wasn’t alone which was nice so we talked for a little bit and then Michelle showed up so we had of us tonight. We sat and talked and had a good time. As it got close to 9 more people started coming in and it got busy. One lady came in and strangely enough her name is also Melissa and she comes in every once in a while, for karaoke and she is a really good singer and tonight she brought her husband in, she got married a couple months ago. Any way they came over and sat with us at our table and talked with us. She really is nice and her husband seems really nice also, he didn’t seem the least bit bothered sitting with us and even talked with me on and off through the evening. I even got a picture with her, and Melissa said we kind of look like sisters although she has a much prettier smile.

Karaoke started and of course it got loud so it was kind of hard to talk but it was still a fun night. Another girl from our group showed up and of course Lauri came in right before 10 so we had 5 of us tonight. Karaoke was fun and I sang along with some of the songs as again tonight a lot of them I knew and liked.

It was after 11 when I paid my bill and called it a night. it was fun though as I really do love going out with my friends and just people in general as Susan. it really helps me make Susan a normal part of my life and that is so important. I really think if you can accept yourself and all the parts of your life is so much better.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Small group for Saturday night at the Escape

It is Saturday and yes that means I get to go out to the Escape but before I get into today’s blog, I have a brief political statement so if you don’t want to read my thoughts skip to the next paragraph. There have been 2 mass shooting in the last 2 days and one last week and everyone is politicizing it for their point of view. My 2 cents, first it is not the gun that committed these crimes it is the person, they are to blame. It is not the parent’s fault, societies fault, not his gender, sex, races fault, the fault is solely the person doing the shooting. Blaming anyone else or anything else is. Second, we need to get away from calling them white racist, blacks, whites or what ever else you can throw in as all this does is give them what they want, fame. The one in Texas has his name and picture all over the internet with all the stuff he was posting and looking at and that just gives others ideas. All that should have been said was a criminal (or terrorist if you like) killed people. Anything more just impowers them and people like them. Call him the suspect, killer, terrorist but not his name or what group he belongs to or supports. Now back to my regularly scheduled blog

I got home a little later today so it will be closer to 6 when I get to the Escape but that is okay. Now a few people have asked why I like going here so much as I pretty much go here every week and it really is not about the Escape although it is a wonderful, friendly place, it I about having something that is consistent for our members. Our Wednesday night dinners rotate so you really must be following the post to know where we will be plus for some of the newer girls it can be intimidating to go into some place they have never been. The girls all know that on a Saturday night there will almost always be someone here at the Escape from our group. Now I started getting ready and I was ready by 5:30 and on my way. I got to the Escape just before 6 and went in and it was really quiet. About 6 people sitting at the bar and that was it, so I got my normal table and ordered dinner.

I got out my computer and wrote my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner at Rock Bottom as I ate. After that I caught up on e-mails and just played on my computer. Kris was the only one who posted she would be here although one other girl said she might try, and I am pretty sure Lauri will be here around 10. Now it was almost 8 when Kris showed up which was nice as the battery on my laptop was just about done and now, I had someone to talk with, it was a lot of fun. Soon it was 9 and time for Karaoke and the crowd was still small. Kris asked if I wanted to sing with her and as the crowd was small, I figured why not so she showed me her play list on her phone and as she was scrolling I saw the song To Sir with Love and this song had 3 things I liked, first I new it, second it is a slow song so you don’t have to sing fast, and last it is only 2:35 long so I told her I would do that one so she went up and put our names in.

Well Karaoke started and it turns out we were the first to sing. Now there were a few more people here so it was a little intimidating, but I just looked at the words on the screen and didn’t look around and it was kind of fun. W sat back down and talked some more as we listened to others sing. Now Kris asked me again to sing with her so as there was not a big crowd, yet I said I would, so she gave me her phone to see what I knew of her songs. Now this is where I felt old as I didn’t recognize a lot of the songs from their titles, I mainly listen to 80’s & 90’s on the radio. The ones I did know and felt I knew well enough to sing were all duets. Well I picked the song I’ve had the time of my life from the movie Dirty Dancing as it is still a slower song. Now Kris wanted to listen to it, so she went outside to play it on her phone.

Now this is where it falls apart as while she was outside for maybe 5 minutes listening to it a bunch of people came in. well Kris came in and went up and put our names in but there was now a long list in front of us to sing which cause 2 problems, first it gave me time to think about it as I waited and 2 there would be more people coming in before we got to sing. Well Lauri showed up just before 10 so there were 3 of us. Kris and Lauri played a game of pool a we listened to people sing and we had a great time. Michelle and her wife showed up. I have met Michelle a couple times, but she was in male mode tonight, I don’t think she is in our group I think I just met her here one night. She lives up north and they were down for the weekend and she talked her wife into coming in for a little while to meet us, wish we had a bigger group tonight. Her wife is having a hard time with it but trying which I a start. I got to talk with them a little, but they didn’t stay long.

It was getting late and soon it was 11pm so I went up and paid my bill. I came back to the table and was getting ready to say my goodbyes when the guy running Karaoke called out Kris and my names, I had forgot Kris put our names in and I was so close to missing it. Well the 2 of us went up and sang and it went okay, and I had fun, but it is way different when I sing 1 part and Kris sings another. I just looked straight at the TV screen and the words and didn’t look around. Now this song is twice as long as the earlier one and there were a lot more people here bow. I made it through though and soon we were back to our table. While we sang Wendy came in, so we had 4 from our group tonight. I said my goodbyes and it was time to leave but it was a fun night.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life. By the way just noticed this is blog 1201, never thought I would have that many blog posts.

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Saturday night and Susan gets out again

It is Saturday and yes once again I get to go out and be female self for a few hours. Now being Susan, being female is very important to me and something I need in my life but as I have said before it is not all of who I am or all of what I need. My male side is also important to me and I need that part also in my life. It took me years to figure out who I am and I need both sides of who I am to be complete, it is both sides of me that make me who I am and I would not change that for anything.

I started getting ready early with the hope of getting to the Escape early but with the extra time I was able to slow down and enjoy my getting ready. There is just something I find so enjoyable and relaxing about doing my makeup and getting ready and transforming myself to Susan. it really is a wonderful feeling and I was ready a little later than I planned but I was still able to get to the Escape by 6. I went in and they were not busy at all, there were 2 women at a table and that was it. I got my normal table and set up my computer and then ordered dinner, yes, my normal Hamburger. I worked on my blog from Wednesday night dinner at Hobo’s. my food came and it was good as always. I had been there about 15 minutes when the other 2 ladies left and yes, I was the only one there other than the staff. I think this is the first time I have been the only one here. It was only 15 or 20 minutes and then a few others came in but it was a little weird. I did take a couple selfies as I sat here.

It wasn’t long and Michelle and another girl showed up so I put my computer away so we could talk. It really is nice to have friends out with you and I have some wonderful friends. It was about 7:30 when Bobbie showed up so our group was getting a little bigger and shortly after that Jan & Lynn showed up so we had 6 now and I knew that around 10 Lauri would show up.

As it got closer to 9 more people started showing up for Karaoke which is the big draw here on Saturday nights. It gets loud and hard to talk but still fun to listen to the people sing. Now normally a lot of the songs that are sung I don’t know, yes I am older then the average person here but even the songs I know are usually not what I would call my favorites, you know the ones you know the words to and want to sing along with. Well tonight was awesome as I knew pretty much all the songs, and most were ones I knew and could sing along with. It really was a fun night here.

By 9:30 it was so busy 3 girls came over and asked if they could sit at the end of our table and as we only had 7 of us and seats for 11, I said sure and they sat down. Now they turned the hairs to watch the people singing so I really couldn’t talk to them, but it was nice to have a full table. Cynthia the lady we met last week was also here with a friend and they sat at the next table, so I did get to talk with her a little again. I must say the people here are awesome and friendly it really is a wonderful place to go.

Now normally I stay till 10 or some sometimes later and tonight I was ready to leave by 10:30 but it was so busy and I didn’t want to stand in line to pay my bill I kept waiting in hopes the line would die off but it never really did. It was about 11:15 when I decided I was going to have to stand in the line to pay my bill or I would be here all night. It was about 11:40 by the time I paid my bills and said my goodbyes for the night, so it was a late night for Susan but so worth it.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new with Susan.

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Yes, another Saturday night at the Escape

It is Saturday and once again I get to go out as Susan, yes, I will be going to the Escape tonight. Now I pretty much go here every Saturday night and that may seem boring to some but there is a good reason. Now on our Wednesday night dinners we go to a bunch of different places to eat and it can sometimes be 4 to 6 months before we go to the same place twice which really is fun and nice but it is also good to have a regular place where some just know wee will be there and can get use to and feel really comfortable especially if they are new to going out. I remember when I first started going out, we went to Embers every Friday night and really most Saturday night. it didn’t matter which week it was I just knew I could go there and find friends and it became a real comfortable place to go. So, I really like the idea of having a night that everyone just knows they can go there and have others there. Now my plan was to get there between 6 & 7 as I had some things I needed to do, yes I needed to do some work in my yard but it was a hot day upper 80’s and so I didn’t last long outside, I like my air conditioned house better so I went in early and started getting ready so I was on my way by 5.

I got to the Escape at 5:30 and actually had to park on the street. Now they were a little busy but most were sitting at the bar so I got my normal table and set up my computer and then ordered dinner, my normal hamburger. I wrote my blog from Wednesday’s night dinner and then caught up on e-mails as I waited for others to show up. Bobbie was the first to show up about 6:30 and Michele wasn’t far behind her so we had 3 of us here early. It is nice to get there early as you can talk before it gets to loud. I really do like this time just sitting around and talking, one of the big differences between my male and female sides.

Audri was the next to arrive, she has come out briefly with us a couple times before but she got her tonight early so was able to spend more time with us. It was really great to talk with her and get to know her better. I even got a picture with her that she said I could post, very important as I won’t post someone else’s picture without their permission. I think Audri had fun tonight as she was always smiling, I remember when I first went out, I always had a smile on my face as I was just so happy to be able to be out as Susan.

Now we had a lady sitting at the next table named Cynthia and she came over to talk to us. She is not trans but really was interested in us and I think she liked trans woman. So, we all talked with her and she must have sat at our table talking with us for an hour or so. It was really nice as I always enjoy getting to know new people. The funny thing is in talking to her I found out where she lives and it is only a mile or so from where I live. Be interesting if I run into her sometime when I am not Susan.

Laura M also showed up as she was picking her girlfriend up at the airport a little later so she joined us for a little while. It was great to see her again. Jennie also showed up tonight which was a surprise as it is always on a Wednesday night dinner when she shows up. I got to talk to them a little which was nice. Wendy and another girl also showed up so we had a really good group tonight. Lauri also showed up about 10, I always know it is close to the time for me to leave as I am not the late-night girl I use to be.

Now it was hard to talk now with Karaoke going so we would talk between the songs and we just had a wonderful evening. It was finally time for Audri to leave I think she had a fun night and I hope she will come out with the group again, maybe a Wednesday night dinner. I stayed a little later as it was a little after 11 when I paid my bill and called it a night. here is a picture I took in my car when I got here tonight. It really was a wonderful night out.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what I am up to as Susan

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Saturday evening at the Escape

It is Saturday and that means I get to go out tonight to the Escape and see my friends. I posted in the group I would be there by 6 but it looks like I may make it a little earlier as I got home a little earlier. I know Kris and Bobbie will be there but not sure who else will show up. Okay I have to give a funny story; I got an e-mail last week and didn’t recognize the e-mail address so I let it go for a few hours before I took the time to read it. I opened the e-mail and it started off I Susan and then there was some writing but before I could read it my eyes were drawn down further because in a huge font that stood out was my male name and address. My heart jumped in my throat for a moment till I read the e-mail. Turns out it was from my attorney and they had collected some money from our P-club case years ago and were going to send out small checks again, seems to come about every 12 to 18 months and is out 3rd such payment. They are small and I don’t think it even covers the interest that is being charged to him so he probably owes us more than when this started. Well back to tonight.

I started getting ready about 3:45 so I was all ready by 5 and on my way. Now I know one of my neighbors knows and have to believe others do although no one has said a thing. I only say this as I opened my garage door to leave my older neighbor across the street, the one I know the best was out front in his wheel chair getting some sun. he wasn’t looking my way so I just pulled out. 2 houses down the lady living there was working on her front yard right by the street and as I drove by, she looked right at me. The next house down the man living there was in the street by his car as I drove by and the house at the end both the man and woman living there were out working in their front yard. The problem with summer and ice weather. A few years back I would not have left till they went in now I just don’t care. I got to the Escape about 5:20 and got a parking spot right in front and went in. I brought my computer and sweater as it tends to be cold inside on hot days as they have the air conditioner up, reason I wear my ankle boots instead of open toes heels. Now Bobbie was already here as it turns out his ride dropped him off about 3:45.

We got one of the big tables with hopes we would have a good turnout tonight. I ordered dinner, my usual hamburger which is awesome actually everything I have had here is good. Now Bobbie was watching the Basketball game so I took the time to write my blog from Wednesday night dinner which was awesome. We had been here about 45 minutes and Bobbie went outside to sit at one of the tables and when I finished my blog, I went out for about 15 minutes to get warm I did get a selfie of me while I was out side.

I went back in and sat down at our table and a few minutes later Betty showed up. It was great to see her again, she has been here a couple times but it was several months ago although I did see her at the Trans parade in Portland. Now it was early so it was still quiet and we had a good chance to catch up on what is new and get to know each other better which I really enjoy. There is just something I enjoy as Susan talking with others. I think I may have convinced her to go to Diva Las Vegas next year as she has not been to Las Vegas since the late 70’s, I think she would have a blast.

Bobbie came back in and Michele also showed up as did Kris so we had a nice small group tonight and was very easy to talk with everyone which make it awesome as I don’t feel like someone I getting left out. The other girls ordered food and we just sat and had a wonderful time. It was after 8 and Wendy showed up. I have met her a couple times before so it was nice to see her again also. Now I was talking with Betty and she asked me what kind of phone I have; it is a Samsung Galaxy 8 and I love it. It is my 3rd Samsung and I would highly recommend them. She has an Apple and I am not saying they are bad I just prefer the Samsung. Any way she was not happy with the pictures hers takes and it may be an old phone so I took a couple with my phone of us and she thought they were awesome. If you have a phone that does not take good pictures try a Samsung. Well I texted her the pictures but forgot to ask if I could post them but since she posted them on her Facebook, I feel safe in posting one in my blog. I love to have my picture taken and posted but I know some girls don’t so I always ask.

By 9 Karaoke started and it was getting busy as it always does but it also gets louder and harder to talk, so we would listen to the singing and talk between songs. Kris got up and sang a few times. Now there are some really good singers here and a few not so good but hey if you can get up and try you are good as I still haven’t mastered that at least not by myself. One of the ladies who works Trixie here got off early but she stayed and hung out with her friends and tonight she sang a song. She may have sung before but if she did, I must have missed it but any way she did great also.

It was about 9:45 and Lauri showed up and all of us were still here so we had 7 of us here tonight. Now I usually get here early try for 6 so by 10 I am ready to call it a night. I am just not the late-night girls I use to be. When I first started going out it was usually 8 or 9 when I went out maybe later during the summer when it was light later and it was usually 2 or 2:30 when I left for home, yes I use to close down the bars and sometimes I would go out for something to eat or dessert, only did this a couple times once with Veronica. Any way I was having so much fun I stayed later tonight. It was almost 11:30 when I called it a night. it really is sad when the night comes to an end and I know I have to go home and change back to my male self. Now don’t get the wrong ideas as I am not going to Transition and have no plans to go full time but Susan is so limited 2 to 3 nights a week that it really is sad when she goes away.

Anyway, it was a wonderful night made more special by my friends. Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what in going on now in my life.

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