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Saturday and some Susan time

Well it is a beautiful Saturday and I will spend the afternoon as Susan, I really have no plans for the day other than catching up on my blogs. Now I did need to run to Home Depot and get some fertilizer for my yard but my hope was to be home by noon and get ready for my day as Susan. I took my shower and as I stood there, I decided to do just a little eye shadow and some mascara, later today I would do my smokey eye look with the dark browns so I went light although I did do a goldish brown on the inside part of my eye and a light highlighter to my brow with a darker shade on the outside that would be easy to darken up later today. It was noticeable if you looked closely at my eyes, I also added some waterproof mascara and yes, I did go a little more heavily on this. I also tried something different instead of lining my eyes above my lash line I went under it but only on the top which made my lashes pop a little. a little more than I planned on but you had to be close to me and looking straight on to see it and with my eyes open it really wasn’t that noticeable and I figured with having to wear face masks again it would help hide me.

I got to Home Depot at Cascade station and parked and looked in the mirror and wow in natural light it was noticeable, I guess the lighting in my bathroom is not that good for makeup. I went in the garden center and got my fertilizer and was quickly out. now as I was putting it in my trunk, I noticed I had my computer in there as I got my oil changed last night and took my computer while I waited so I decided to stop at the Starbucks here and finish up my blog from Monday’s zoom meeting. Now they were really busy but I went in with my mask and ordered my drink but had a wait to get it from all the online orders. Well as I stood there a lady next to me struck up a conversation with me so we chatted as we waited and yes, we were only a few feet apart and she was looking me right in the face but never said a word about my eye makeup. now this was about 11:30am. I was here about 45 minutes before heading for home to start my day as Susan.

I got home and cleaned up and started on my makeup darkening my eye shadow, foundation, a little more mascara, doing my eyebrows and lips, blush, highlighter and a little shadow below my eyes and liner on my lower lashes. I was really happy with the look and thought it was a perfect daytime look, well the lips might be a little much. Now I had parked in the driveway so I walked out my front door to my car. It was about 2:30 so I figured I would go downtown Vancouver to the Starbuck’s there as I can get a drink and then walk around do as they do a farmers market on Saturday. I parked just down from Starbucks and went in to get a drink and as I go here so much, I had a free drink today so I got a large Kiwi Starfruit refresher which is really good and then walked down the street to the event. Now there were a lot of people here today as the weather was perfect right about 80 out. I spent about 45 minutes walking around and yes, I did see 3 different people I know but I just avoided them. It was about 3:45 when I got back to my car so I figured I would get my computer out and sit at an outside table art Starbucks and finish my drink and play on my computer. There was an older couple sitting at the next table outside and the lady looked at me and said wow that looks like a refreshing drink so I told her what it was and how good it is and she thanked me for the tip. The only bad thing about this drink is it is really sweet so I would go a smaller size. Now I couldn’t get connected to the internet and as I tried a few different times Cassandra texted me to see if I was going to the Escape tonight which I hadn’t planned on doing. I texted her back telling her that but also said I was out and if she wanted to go there, I would meet her. she is going with another girl so we are meeting there around 7. Now with no internet and my battery at 40% I decided to leave and go to the Starbucks at Cascade Station as it is only a few minutes from the Escape and I can plug my computer in and work on today’s blog.

I got there about 4:45 and went in and as I did, I was thinking about being here earlier. Now they were busy and as I stood in line, I noticed 3 of the girls working were also here earlier including the one who took my order, she was the same one who took my order this morning. She gave no indication she remembered me. I got my drink and sat down and worked on my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner and posted it and then just played on my computer. I sat inside till about 5:30 before moving outside as my computer was almost fully charged. I stayed here till about 6:30 before heading over to the Escape for the evening.

I got to the Escape about 6:40 and had to park on the street, probably because I got here later then I normally do. I went in and Cassandra, Jan and Lynn were already there so I ordered dinner and sat down and joined them. It was great to see them again and to see Cassandra out again. We talked for a little bit as we enjoyed dinner. Now Karaoke starts at 7:30 so it got a little loud so a little harder to talk. I did play a couple games of pool which I have not done in over 2 years. I lost the first and won the second, I won’t go into details but both games were bad.

Michelle from up north showed up and she brought a friend named Brianne who is a member of the Emerald City group in Seattle. It was nice to see her again and meet Brianne. We pulled another table over so they could join us as all the tables here are now just for 4 people. Just before 8 our last girl showed up so we had 7 of us here tonight. When we were at our table, we could take the mask off but if we got up, we had to put them on and that went for playing pool. It was a fun night and although I hadn’t planned on going here, I was glad I did. With the mask mandate I probably won’t go here every week but will try to stop in now and then. Cassandra left first around 10 followed by Jan & Lynn, I made it till about 10:40 before I called it a night. It was a great day out for Susan. now I am looking forward to Sunday and some Susan time again. This coming week we will have our Monday night Zoom meeting, Wednesday night dinner and next weekend is a 3-day weekend for me and although I usually spend Saturday, Sunday and Monday evening as Susan not having to work on Monday, I am really thinking about getting a manicure on my way home Friday night and getting red polish for the weekend.

Stay safe and be happy and please keep our service men and women in your prays along with any of our American citizens trapped in Afghanistan.

Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday Susan time and going to the Escape tonight

It is Saturday and I am so looking forward to some Susan time as I was out of town last weekend and missed my time. Now I did have some stuff to do this morning and if you read my blog from Friday, you know when I got my pedicure, I also got a manicure with red polish so I got thinking. I needed to stop by Home Depot and pick up some more white rock for my palm trees and as I was down that way I wanted to stop at Target and Best buy also by the airport. Well with red nails I figured why not do a subtle eye makeup with browns and mascara. I was all ready a little before 8 so still early so I decided to go to the Starbucks in Orchards and write my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner which was awesome. Now as I looked at myself with the eye makeup I decided a little lopstick and went with the new raisin color I bought, you can see the color in this blog. I also wore shorts and my sandals to show off my pretty toenails, pretty bold for my male self.

I got to Starbucks and went in and to my surprise not one comment on how I looked. I got my drink and sat here till almost 10 doing my blog, it was so awesome to see my pretty red nails as I typed. I left here and my next stop was Target by the airport as I needed a few things and also wanted to try a new foundation, I saw a commercial for Cover Girl outlast full coverage foundation and wanted to give it a try tonight. Now they were busy and this store is brightly lit and real busy so I did wear my mask partly because of how busy they were but also to cover up my lipstick. I got what I needed and yes even found a 3 pack of gold hoop earrings on sale so I did pick that up also. From here it was over to best buy and yes, they were busy so I wore a mask again but my eye makeup and nails were in plain view. I left here and it was about 11:30 so I made a quick stop at Panda Express for lunch, I have gone here before as Susan, they were not busy and as I would be eating, I left the mask in my car. I sat outside and ate and no one really paid any attention to me. I left here and made my final stop at Home Depot to get my rock and then back home. I got home and spread the 5 bags of rock and then went inside to start getting ready for my day as Susan.

I took my time getting ready tonight and went with my casual summer dress, it really is the only dress I have casual enough for daytime but still nice enough for an evening out. I tried the new foundation and I actually liked the way it went on and the coverage I got so now it will be seeing how well it holds up through the evening. I was already just before 4. Now my plan was to get to the Escape around 6 so I had a couple hours so you guessed it I went to the Starbucks at Cascade Station by the airport right by where I was this morning.

I got there about 4:30 and went in, now the last several times I have been here they have been really busy but not today, there were 3 ladies sitting at a table outside and no one inside I almost thought they were closed. I went to the counter to order and the lady there greeted me and said she remembered me from a couple weeks ago and then added she had worked at the Starbucks in Salmon Creek and thought she saw me there and was going to say hi but wasn’t sure. I smiled at her and told her that was me as that is the one right by my house that I go to but was meeting some friends over here in a couple hours so came to this one. She told me her name was Shannon and it was nice to meet me and that she will say hi the next time. I ordered my drink and set up my computer on a table inside as we might have some rain this evening. Now as I said they were not busy at least when I first came in, within about 20 minutes they filled up, most of the tables were taken and there was a line both to order and pick up drinks so I must have timed it just perfect. I finished up my blog from Friday night’s trip to the nail salon and started working on todays blog. I will post it tomorrow as I try not to post blogs to close together for those who get them in their e-mails. I sat here till about 6 before leaving to go to the Escape as it is only about 5 minutes from here.

I got to the Escape at 6:15 and they were not busy at all, only 3 cars in the parking lot so I had my choice. I parked and went in and there were only 4 people sitting at the bar. I went up to order my dinner and my drink. I ordered a hot chicken sandwich as I have had them before and they were really good, and she said she could probably do that which seemed strange but I just figured it wasn’t something they were doing any more. I went to my table and got out my computer to work on my blog from today as I waited. Now as you noticed earlier, I tried a new foundation tonight and it will be fully tested tonight. I also noticed that words matter, the word you use are important. Well I got my food and took my first bite and wow it was hot. I guess what I should have said was the grilled chicken sandwich as this tasted more like hot, hot wings. Well as I ate it seemed to get hotter and I was eating more fries with ketchup between each bite and yes before I started the second half I had to go and get another sprite. Well about this time Jan and Lynn arrived. I only managed to eat ½ of the second half and I could feel the perspiration on my forehead and face so I stopped. Now I am not a hot spicy food person as I like to task the flavor of the food I eat and not just the heat but it was not that bad and had I not had makeup on and had 3 to 5 more drinks I would have finished it. But the point here is my makeup and yes, my lipstick still looked good as it did when I got home at almost midnight, but next time I will choose my words more carefully.

It was nice to see Jan and Lynn again and talk with them. I like this time before karaoke starts as you can talk easily as it is still somewhat quiet. A little latter Michelle from Castle Rock showed up, I have met her a few times but she doesn’t get out much here as she lives little more than an hour north. She is really nice though and we seem to have a lot in common so it was nice to talk with her. a little later Michelle from Gresham, yes, we do have a few girls with the name Michelle so to help me keep them straight in my blog I list where they are from. Karaoke started and it got loud so it was kind of hard to talk but still nit real busy. About 8:30 Lauri so we were up to 6 of us and we had pulled 2 of the small tables together which was not an issue as I said they were not busy. It was after 9 and a few more people showed up, there was another table that did the same as us pulled 2 tables together as they had 6 also, there was a couple along the window and maybe 7 people at the bar of course if you were singing the rotation went fast as there were only about 6 different people singing.

It was about 10 when one of the ladies from the other table by us came over and talked to me briefly. Now it was loud and she spoke softly a very quickly so I didn’t get a lot of what she said and just agreed a lot but what I got was she liked my makeup; she has a lor of makeup herself especially red lipstick. I will admit when it is loud, I do have an issue with background noise and also hearing high frequencies, in other words females with high voices. I guess it is my age or more likely being around loud noises when I was younger. We only talked well I listened mostly for about 5 minutes before she went back to her friends.

It was a few minutes later a man walked by with 2 ladies and looked at me and smiled I just smiled back, then he said hi so I said hi back and he finished with you don’t recognize me do you so I took a good look. It was Lee who I have not seen in 2 years or more and yes never in ale mode, I think it was the full beard and mustache that through me. Well with covid he hasn’t dressed much but he wants to get back into it. well we talked for a while and caught up. Now I had only planned on staying till 9 or 10 at the latest but we all know how that goes. It was a little after 11:30 when I paid my bill and said my goodbyes and still not many people here, maybe 25 at most. It was a fun night though and now I am looking forward to Sunday and some more Susan time and yes, the big thing for Sunday will be going to put flowers on my parent’s grave as Nonday would have been my mom’s 93 birthday and it will be hard as Sunday, we would have celebrated her birthday and I would have gone over and seen her on Monday night. It is times like these that are the hardest.

Stay safe and be happy and let the people in your life know how you feel. Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life. Sorry this blog went a little long.

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Saturday Susan time and then to the escape

Well it is Saturday and I get some Susan time in the afternoon and evening. I still had some work in my yard to finish this morning so it wasn’t till about 12:30 that I started getting ready. Now I had put some thought into my look today and what I would wear as I want it to be casual enough for the day but also look good for tonight as I plan on going to the Escape so I need that daytime to evening look. I settled on a deep brown to a coppery gold blend of eye shadow which I was really happy with the outcome and then for my close it was black leggings and a maroon top, it was a cute look and finished off with a brick red lipstick. I was all ready by a little after 2pm.

Now my plan for the day was to go out to the cemetery and put flowers on my mom and dad’s graves, now I have been there plenty of times as Susan but this will be my first trip there since my mom was laid to rest beside my dad. I left home and my usual trip is to Fred Meyers at Johnson creek to pick up flowers and then up to the cemetery. I got to Fred Meyers about 2:40 and went in, they were really busy but I was just here for flowers. I picked out 2 bouquets and was on my way to the cemetery, it is only about 10 minutes from here so I was there right about 3pm. Now there were some other people here and a couple of groups in the section I was in but still a ways away.

I got out and walked out to where my parents are and placed the flowers on the grave. It is different from the last times as they are now side by side and I am dealing with the fact they are both gone from my life. I know that they are at peace together in heaven but it is the selfish part of the fact they are gone from my life for now. I spent about 30 minutes here and thought about the fact as far as I know they did not know about this side of me the daughter they never knew that is visiting them and wondered what they think about that. I did get a couple pictures here as it somehow makes me feel closer to them to have the pictures here. I walked back to my car; it was about 3:45 now so I thought about what to do next. It is about 30 minutes to get back home and as I want to be to the Escape between 5:30 and 6 I decided to go to Starbucks at Cascade station and catch up on my blogs, its only about 20 minutes away and only about 5 minutes from the Escape.

I got to the Starbucks a little after 4 and parked right out front, now this Starbucks has 2 tables right in front of the door and 11 on the patio to the east and all but 3 were empty so I had my choice of tables. I got my computer and went in and wow were they busy, there were 7 people online to order and at least 10 waiting for their order. I went and got in line and waited my turn as I watched the tables outside, they were slowly filling up. By the time I ordered there were only 2 open tables and they were in the sunshine. I placed my order and the young lady who helped me told me she loved my eye makeup which made me feel good so I thanked her. I went to stand in line to wait for it wondering if I would get a table. Well as I waited standing right by the door, I saw the 3 ladies at the table right outside the door get up and leave, and I know it is probably cheating but I stepped out really quick and put my computer on the table as this one was in the shade.

I got my drink and went out and set up my computer and started on my blog from Wednesday night dinner. Now there was no breeze and even in the shade it was hot actually really hot. I looked around and yes tables were turning over pretty fast so I looked at my phone and it is 90 out right now, it is going to be upper 80’s to mid-90’s for the next 10 days. Well this week I was watching for an open table inside where it was cooler and I only had to wait about 15 minutes till one opened so I moved back inside. Before I knew it, it was 5:40 so I packed up and was off to the Escape.

I got to the Escape and it seemed a little quiet and there was a table with flowers and balloons on it. I went ton placed my order for dinner and was talking to the bar tender, one f the part time cooks who had worked here for many years passed away the other day, he was 64 and his heart just stopped. Now I didn’t know him well but still sad and it got me thinking. Maybe it does come in 3’s as one of my parent’s longtime friends who was at my mom’s funeral fell last week and also passed away this week so I have that funeral to go to in a couple weeks.

Well as I waited for my food, I finished my blog from Wednesday nights dinner and posted it and yes there was a different feeling here tonight as the staff was all sad as were a lot of the regulars and as the night went on more flowers were placed on the table for him. It was a really nice tribute that the Escape did for him. Now I knew Lauri would be here later and also Jan and Lynn, today is Lynn’s birthday, happy birthday sweetie, but other then then no one else had posted.

It was a little after 7 when Jan and Lynn showed up and yes, they were in matching outfits tonight mad looked so cute. I think it is awesome that they do this a lot, dress a like almost like twins. It was great to see them and of course I had to wish Lynn a happy birthday, James the KJ also knew about her birthday so when he would call her up to sing, he would call her by Lynn the birthday girl and yes, he had everyone sing happy birthday to her also. It was a fun night even though a little sad.

It was a little before 9 when Lauri showed up and that would be it for our group tonight, just the 4 of us but we had a fun time. I stayed till almost 11 before I called it a night as I was getting tired. I said my goodbyes and yes gave Lynn a birthday hug. It was sad to see the night come to an end but there will be more times out with my friends. Tomorrow I will get to spend the afternoon and evening as Susan again and Monday we will have our zoom meeting and our Wednesday night dinner. The one piece of advice I will leave you with is to cherish those around you as you never know. Let them know how much they mean to you. To all my friends you mean the world to me and I love you all.

Stay safe and be happy and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday and going to the Escape

Well it is Saturday and I am going to the Escape tonight, now I don’t normally include my male side in my blogs but today is an exception. As I said in my last blog, I had some stuff to do today well actually it is working in my yard, something I have wanted to do for a few years and just didn’t have time. before my dad passed away, I would take my parents to Laughlin every spring and on one of the trips I had been talking about planning a palm tree in my front yard and both my parents thought it was a great idea. Well I decided to do it so today I got up before 6am before it got to hot to start my yard work, removing a 3 foot by 25-foot strip of grass on the very front of my yard by the sidewalk and planting 3 palm trees, 1 for my dad, 1 for my mom and 1 for me. Took longer than I thought and I didn’t finish till about 3pm. Now I bring this up as I kind of keep to myself with my neighbors but as I was working right by the sidewalk on the street a couple of them stopped by as I was working and talked to me and the new neighbor across the street to the right came over and introduced himself to me and we talked for a little while. Nothing was said about my dressing so still don’t know if they know but I suspect they do, but this is the most interaction I have had with my neighbors at one time. will include a picture of my project at the bottom.

Well it was 3pm when I finished and I was hot and sweaty but time to start getting ready to go out as I had posted I would be at the Escape around 5pm as Nicole was in town tonight and wanted to meat early before karaoke starts and it gets loud and a couple others said they would be early. I took a nice long shower and started getting ready. Now I was a little slower getting ready as I am a little sore as I don’t normally do work like this. I was all ready by 4:45. I grabbed my purse and was out my front door to my car in the driveway and was on my way.

I got to the Escape about 5:10 and had to park on the street about a ½ block down and walk back. I went in and Tina was already there sitting at the bar so I stood and talked to her for a bit. We went over and got one of the small tables before they got to busy, besides the chairs at these tables have backs which are way more comfortable. It wasn’t long and Nicole showed up. It was so great to see them in person, I haven’t seen Nicole in person in over a year and a half. Well Jan and Lynn also showed up early as did Michelle so we kind of pulled the next table over close to ours as these tables are really for 4 people and we now had 6. We ordered food and yes, I got the Chicken sandwich which is really good and probably healthier than a burger.

Michelle and Lynn both played the video poker machines for a little while and both won some money, 1 about $30 and the other $4 but still a win. When I play slot machines it is always the machine that wins. Renee also showed up which was nice but as we had a bigger group it was hard to talk with everyone as we were spread out a little. the zoom meetings are fun but just not the same as talking in person. Now it was pretty busy here for as early as it was and the group of ladies at the next table would cheer when ever someone new came in and after a couple times, they had the whole bar doing it, almost like in the old TV show Cheers where everyone yelled Norm when he came into the bar. It was pretty cool as I am sure it made people feel welcome when they came in.

We talked for a while and caught up, Nicole is in town for the weekend with her wife and was able to get out for a few hours tonight and will be back down on Wednesday night and hopes to make dinner so I am trying to figure something out on the east side of Portland to make it easier for her to get there. The Wednesday night dinners are taking some thought now as some of the places we went are closed, some have smaller table size and with more restaurants closed those that are open seem busier but then they may have less seating also. Any way I am trying to find a few new places but it is nice to be able to make reservations but it seems more restaurants are not doing reservations either. I really would like to get a bigger mix of places we go so we have a greater reach of interaction with people. We have talked about this in our zoom meetings and we all feel that the more interaction we can have with people the better as it lets them see we are no different then they are. I think that is why I like going to Starbucks so much.

It was a nice evening and soon it was 7:30 and karaoke started up and it got louder and it was hard to talk even with those right next to you. Tina and Nicole stuck it out for a little but bit by a little after 8 they were done. I figured I would stay till 9 and then go home as I am really tired not only from getting up so early today but the yard work I did. It is fun to listen to some of the singers well mainly the ones who sing songs I know. By 9 it was really busy in here almost like it was before the shutdowns. Well I was thinking of leaving but Patty showed up so I stayed to talk with her. yes, I can easily get distracted from leaving, I hardly ever leave when I planned to. It was almost 10 and just Jan, Lynn, Patty and I were left and I was ready to leave so I went and paid my bill and came back sat down to listen to one last song. Well as I sat there someone hugged me from behind, it turned out to be Dan. He had come out to see who all were here. Well I couldn’t leave now as I had to talk with him a little, it has been over 2 years since I have seen him. We talked for a little while but I was really feeling the long day. It was about 10:30 I just couldn’t take it and said my goodbyes and walked out to my car and

headed for home.

I got home and sat down on the couch for a minute to rest before going up to bed and the next thing I knew I woke up and it was after 1am, I had fallen asleep. I made my way upstairs and washed my makeup off and got into bed. Tomorrow is another day and yes some more Susan time.

Stay safe and be happy with who you are. Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday Susan time after a long, stressful and emotional week

Well it is Saturday and I am really looking forward to some Susan time after this past week. Wednesday was my mom’s funeral and it was a really emotional time. she was in the Navy so she was laid to rest right beside my dad with the full military honors. Now if you have never seen one you should as they do an awesome job, 6 members of the military from each branch bring the coffin out and place it in front. Then they do the 21-gun salute, play taps, very emotional and then the remove the flag from the coffin and do the folding of it and then the presentation of the flag to the family, in this case my brother and me. The other thing is this kind of made it final, she passed away almost a month ago but tis day it seemed so final as it leaves a hole in your life, I will miss her a lot. Well as I said it is Saturday and I had some yard work to do this morning before it got to hot so it wasn’t till after I ate lunch that I started getting ready.

I took my time as I wanted a look that could go from day to evening just in case I decided later to go to the Escape for dinner. My main plan was my weekly grocery shopping and then to Starbucks to work on last Monday’s blog, yes with the busy week I am way behind. I was all ready by a little after 2 pm so it was off to Fred Meyers for shopping. Now I have been parking my car in my driveway so I just walked out the front door and went to my car. I got to Fred Meyers and went in to shop. I only spent about 30 minutes here and then was on my way home again. I got home and just parked in my driveway and got my groceries out and walked into my house like anyone else would. Years ago I had to park in the garage and make sure no one was outside when I cam or went. Now I didn’t see any of my neighbors out but the I really wasn’t looking for them. I put my groceries away and then grabbed my computer and I was off to Starbucks.

It was about 3:30 when I got to the Starbuck’s by my house and went in. Now, they have 5 tables out front and 4 of them were taken and no one sitting inside so I had a decision to make on where to sit. I really wanted to sit outside with the other people but it was kind of windy out. Now it is not like I am going to be talking with them but just nice to be around the other people. I got my drink and the one table was still open outside so I went out and sat down. The far table had a lady reading a book at it, the next table had a young man and woman at, the next table had 2 ladies at it, then my table and the table behind me had a family at, man and woman and 2 kids.

I got out my computer and wrote my blog from Mondays Zoom meeting and posted it. now I had some e-mails to catch up on, both Susan and my male side. Yes, I have separate accounts and logins on my computer so I don’t cross my male self with my female self. Now it was going through pictures from this past week. I use OneDrive mostly for Susan but I also have a male account also and one of the wonderful things about OneDrive is you can share folders. I created a family folder and in that I put the folder with all my dad’s pictures in it, did the same for my mom and then general pictures folder that I have been scanning in family pictures into. Once I had all the pictures in there it was time to share them with my family. Most of my mom’s family is back in the Midwest and my dad’s family is in Florida and with the distance and their ages they didn’t make it out so this is a way they can see it. yes, I did wonder what they would think if they knew it was Susan doing this and e-mailing them.

Now it was nice out today about 85 but, in the shade, it was perfect except for the wind, I did sit facing the wind so it wouldn’t mess up my hair as bad. I did have to push the hair out of my face a few times. It was a very relaxing day and just what I needed. By about 5:30 I was the only one sitting outside as the rest had left but I didn’t feel like moving all my stuff inside and the wind had died down a little. I checked my e-mail and saw Lauri posted she was going to the Escape tonight and a few others posted they would be there also so I decided I would go for a little while as I needed to get dinner anyway. It was about 6pm when I saw Lynn post her and Jan were getting ready and going to be there. Now I thought about it and decided I needed to go home and change as I was pretty casual today so a little after 6, I left for home to freshen up.

I got home and freshened up my makeup, just a little darker on the eye shadow and a little more eye liner. Now it was time to change, black panty hose, black skirt and a maroon top and of course my 3″ ankle boots. Brushed out my hair and I was ready to go by 6:30. I walked out my front door and walked t my car in the driveway. My next-door neighbor was working in his yard, not sure if he noticed me but we have talked several times the last few days as I have also been doing some work in my front yard. I know his wife knows so pretty sure he does also as probably most if not all of my neighbors.

I got to the Escape just before 7 and this week I did not luck out so I had to park on the street about a half block away and walk back. As I walked down the street a man passed by me on a bike and said hi so I said hi back. I got inside and ordered my dinner and sat down at a table closer to the bar well more accurately a little farther from the speakers as it gets loud in here when they start karaoke which now starts at 7:30 instead of 9:30. Well Michelle from Gresham came over and joined me looks like she got here before me this week and saw me come in. she had already eaten so we talked a little as I ate. It was about 7:45 when Jan & Lynn showed up so we had 4 at our table, yes, they got rid of the big, long tables that sat 10 and put small tables in with 4 chairs for Covid. It was a little after 8 when Lauri showed up so she pulled another chair over and we got cozy. Now you may ask why I listed Michelle from Gresham and that is because we had another Michelle from Long View show up tonight a few minutes later. I met her once before at least 1 ½ years ago but good to see her again. Yes, we use to list the Michelle’s from where they were as at 1 time, we had 7 girls in our group named Michelle and there were times we could have 5 of them out at an event. I think Michelle was our most popular name in the group at one time.

A little after 9 Renee showed up, she is one of our newer members, well she has been a member for a little while but Monday was her first Zoom meeting where she met people and she came out tonight to meet us. It was great to meet her in person and get to know her a little which was hard as I said with karaoke it was loud and hard to hear unless you were right next to the person. About 9:30 Laura M showed up with her girlfriend, it was great to see her again also. It is still hard to think some of these girls I have not seen for more than 1 ½ years because of the Covid shutdowns, it is so wonderful we are getting back to normal. Now again I had planned on just getting dinner and staying long enough to see who came but in the end again this week it was after 11:30 when I said my goodbyes and left. It was a fun evening. Now I am looking forward to some Susan time Sunday and our zoom meeting on Monday, yes right now I am getting 4 days a week and 3 right in a row.

Stay safe and be happy and thanks for reading my blog, a little longer then normal and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday and some Susan time and yes I made it to the Escape again.

Happy 4th of July

Well it is Saturday July 3rd and I did get some Susan time. I had some things to take care of early in the day so it wasn’t till about 2 when I started getting ready. Now my plan for the day was pretty simple, go to Starbucks and write my blog from Wednesday nights dinner at Outback Steak house and get something to eat. No grocery shopping today as I did it the other day as I didn’t want to have to go to the store today as they will ne busy with people shopping for the 4th of July. I was all ready by 3:30 and really liked the way my eyes turned out as I used browns including a coppery/goldish brown which looked really good, and I was on my way. I got to Starbucks and it was beautiful out low 80’s so I thought about sitting outside but it was pretty windy. I went in and ordered my drink, my kiwi starfruit refresher but they were out of kiwi so the lady recommended a Strawberry Acai berry refresher so I tried that one.

I sat down at a table inside and got my computer out to work on my blog from our Wednesday night dinner. I got my drink and it was also really good although I think I like the kiwi starfruit better. Now I checked my e-mails and Lauri posted she was planning on going to the Escape tonight and it got me thinking. I haven’t been there I probably 1 ½ years so I posted back I might stop by and asked what time she would be there. She hopes to be there by 8:30 so I still need something for dinner as I don’t want to eat that late. I finished my blog and just played on my computer for a while, figured it was better then sitting at home watching TV. I stayed here till 6:45 before leaving.

Now my plan was to stop at IHOP at cascade station for dinner and then get to the Escape between 8 and 8:30. Well as I drove, I started thinking, I know that is dangerous, but why not just go and have dinner at the Escape, so I called them to make sure they still did dinner and they do. I got to the Escape at 7:15 and got lucky as someone was leaving as I pulled I so I was able to park in the lot. I got out of my car and grabbed my computer and started in, as I walked in a young man greeted me and said it was good to see me again which was nice and I paused for a moment as I tried to figure out who he was. Well it was James the KJ, he has lost some weight and looked good. they had no one sitting outside but there was probably 20 people inside mostly sitting at the bar. It did seem a little strange as I have not been here for 16 months and I was pretty much going here every Saturday night. I did recognize a few of the people at the bar but none of the bar staff. I stood in line to place my order, when it was my turn the young man behind the counter asked to see my ID, yes, I was carded in a bar, it has been a long time and I thanked him as it made me feel good. I was looking forward to pancakes but they don’t do breakfast in the evenings so I was going to get a burger but the lady sitting at the counter recommended the grilled chicken sandwich so I tried that.

I sat down with my drink and got my computer out as I waited for my dinner. I started on todays bog but my food came in about 10 minutes so I didn’t get much done. The grilled chicken sandwich was really good and yes this may surprise you but this is the first time I have had a chicken sandwich. Now things have changed here they now start karaoke at 7:30 instead of 9 so it started to get loud. I had seen Michelle come in but she went to play video poker, I think she didn’t see me as she was probably expecting me to get here later. Well after I finished my food, I took it to the bus station and went over to where she was and said hi so she would know I was here and then went back to my table. It was only about 5 minutes and Michelle joined me evidently the video poker machines were not friendly tonight.

We talked for a little while and got caught up, I have not seen or talked with her in 1 ½ years so it was really nice. It was almost 8 and Tina showed up, I met her once before the shutdowns and she did join some of our zoom meetings early on but it has been a while for her also. Now several of the people singing karaoke I knew as they use to come here before so it was kind of like it use to be. It was about 8:15 when Lauri showed up and a little later Laura W. also showed up so there were 3 of us tonight which was a good turnout considering this was just a couple e-mails late this afternoon about going.

We tried to talk mostly between songs but it was hard as it was loud. Now by 9 they had a pretty good crowd here and the tables were not 6 feet apart but people did try to space themselves out the best they could. It was fun to listen to the music again and some of the songs were good well all were good but songs I knew and liked. Michelle was the first to leave around 10 and Tina not to long after but it was great to see them both and talk with them. Soon it was down to just Lauri and me when this young man came over named John, I think I met him before well he said it was good to see me again and sat down at our table and started talking to me. He seemed nice and it didn’t take long to figure out he was interested in me which did make me feel uncomfortable as I am not at all attracted to men. I did get lots of compliments on how I looked, you know pretty face, pretty eye and yes, I do like the compliments but still strange coming from a man. He talked to me for probably 30 to 40 minutes before asking for my phone number which caught me off guard and I just said not know, I probably should have been straight forward and told him I was not interested but I was trying to be polite which may come back on me next time I am here. Well he left and it was just down to Lauri and me again for a bit, Mama K who has worked in the kitchen ever since have been coming here got off work about 11 and she came out and joined Lauri and me at our table, she is really awesome so the 3 of us talked for a while and before I knew it I looked at phone and it was after 11:30, I had only planned to be here till 9:30 or 10. The night went by so fast and it was fun to just be out again.

I went up and paid my bill and said my goodbyes to Lauri and Mom K and then I was on my way. As I was walking out to my car 2 ladies outside who had been at the next table to us said bye to me and wished me a good night, one of them looked familiar so it is possible they remembered me from before but either way it felt good and I wished them a good night also. It was a little after midnight when I got home but it was a fun night out.

Now I am looking forward to Sunday and spending the afternoon and evening as Susan. stay safe and be happy with who you are. Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

Happy 4th of July

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Saturday night at the Escape, first outing of March

Well it is Saturday and I get to go to the Escape; this will be my first time out this month as I had to work last weekend and had family in town this past week so Susan had to hide. I was really looking forward to getting out as I said it has been over a week and that may not seem that long but when you go out 2 to 3 times a week 1 ½ weeks is a long time. I started getting ready early as I wanted to get there by 5 as with tonight being the switch to daylight savings time and we jump a head I will lose an hour of sleep tonight so I plan on only being out till 10 or so. I took my time and enjoyed getting ready which is always nice. I can’t explain it but there is something so relaxing about transforming myself. I think it is in my mind I am becoming Susan for a few hours and my male side disappears. Well it took longer than I planned to get ready so it was about 5:10 when I left home, I got to the Escape at 5:30 so not that much later then I planned. A quick selfie in the car and I went in.

They were not real busy so I got my normal table and ordered dinner and set up my computer. Now I posted in the group I would be there but no one posted back Dan had texted me he would be here but that would be later. I caught up on e-mails and other things I needed to do as I waited. My food came and the lady set it down and I thought she said here you are Sir but when she came back with my ketchup, she said is there anything else I can get you Sue. Funny as I had just miss herd her and it is, I think the first time I have been called Sue which I don’t mind as it is short for Susan. I ordered a hamburger tonight and it was good as always. I had just finished eating and got all my e-mails caught up and was just killing time surfing the internet when Michele showed up. I can pretty much count on here t be here on Saturday nights just like Laurie around 10pm. I put my computer away and actually walked it out to my car as I was pretty much right in front.

I really like going out but always more fun with other friends. Well we sat and talked a little about Michele’s trip to Laughlin a she took one of those gambling flights down for w few nights. She had fun but didn’t do to well gambling. I get those offers every once in a while, and will have to try it one day. we then moved on to talking about Diva Las Vegas which starts in 3 weeks. Cassandra and I are actually getting there on March 26th and I am still planning my Acrylic nails for the trip. Now every year I get my nails done as Susan actually all the times I have ever gotten acrylic nails has been as Susan but this year I am thinking of getting them as my male self for 2 reasons. One it would be an interesting experience but the second reason is I am thinking of getting them Tuesday night just so I can have them a little longer the problem is I get home so late there would not have time to become Susan and make it before they close. Now up to last year I have always gotten square which I love and last year I got a coffin shape which I actually liked although they were a little narrower at the point then I wanted.

This year I am thinking about somewhere in the middle. Well any way last November when I got them for my vacation for a week something came up and I had too get them off quickly and I didn’t have time to get ready as Susan and I went to a nail salon called Julie’s Nails and they were really nice and did a great job. They though nothing of it and I have actually gone back there for a couple manicures and a pedicure as my male self. There in is the dilemma, I like going to the nail salon both as Susan and as my male self. If I do go to Julie’s nails for my nails it will be as my male self, if I go someplace else it will be as Susan. The salon I use to go to Dream Nails I still really like and they do a wonderful job and treated me wonderful but I had gone there pretty much every 2 to 3 weeks for a couple years and I would feel a little strange just going in once in a great while but both places are wonderful and I would recommend. The ladies at Dream Nails only now me as Susan and the ladies at Julie’s Nails only know me as my male self so that is the difference. Any way here is a picture of what I want my nails to look like this year, (above pictures are of my nails) but this is one I stole from online to show them what I want, just a slight coffin shape.

They started the signups for events and Cassandra and I signed up for pretty much the same things although she did sign up for the bar crawl and as I am not a drinker I am not sure I want to do that as going to 4 or 5 different bars or clubs for an hour is not high on my list of things to do. I did it a couple years back and by the 3 one Julie and I left. I will have to decide shortly though. Well about 8 Dan showed up and we all sat and talked. it is good to see Dan getting out again. His Mom passed away a couple months ago and for the last several years he was taking care of her and I know how that is, I went through it with my Dad till he passed away and at some point, I will go through it again with my Mom. It is not an easy thing and it is good to have friends to count on.

Karaoke started at 9 and it started to get busy and harder to talk as it got loud. We listened to the singers and had a good time. Laurie showed up about 9:45 so we had 4 of us here tonight. It really was a fun night and I stayed till about 10:15 before I paid my bill and called it a night. I will be out at Starbucks Sunday afternoon for a while to write this blog as I want to keep up on them better. Here is my last picture from tonight, it is funny how light changes things from natural light outside to artifactual inside. The inside picture my dress is not as purple and my lipstick looks less red.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog and be sure to look for my blogs to come from this years Diva Las Vegas. Plus, if you have an opinion on if I should get my acrylic nails as Susan or my male self be sure and let me know as I am still on the fence.

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Saturday night at the Escape

It is Saturday and once again I get to go out to the Escape and see my friends. Now I posted in the group I would be there in hopes others show up. I started getting ready early so I could get there between 5 and 5:30. I took my time to enjoy getting ready and even did false eyelashes again tonight. I was ready and on my way by 5 and got to the Escape at 5:30. I had to park on the street but as it gets dark later so it is still light enough to get a quick selfie in the car. I got inside and ordered my dinner and then wrote my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner at Who song & Larry’s. it was about 6:30 and Dawnie and April showed up. It was good to see them, they usually do the Wednesday night dinners, this is the first time I have seen them at the Escape. About 7 Michele showed up so there were 4 of us tonight.

We sat and talked and of course part of it was about Diva Las Vegas which is only 5 weeks away. Dawnie and April have not been to Las Vegas in over 25 years so really, they have not been to Las Vegas as it looks nothing like it did back then. They are not big on gambling but I told them they really should go and just look around as it really is amazing what they have built, most of the resorts on the Strip are like mini cities. Even if you don’t gamble it still worth a trip.

Soon it was 9 and Karaoke started and it still was not busy, a lot of the regulars go to a big dance I think it is every other month and it goes till 10 so they really won’t get busy tonight till late. there were still a few people here who sang and I was thinking tonight would have been a good night for me to sing by myself but I didn’t. It was about 9:30 when Dawnie and April left, they have about an hour drive home so that left just Michele and me at our big table but as I said it was not busy. It was about 9:45 and Lauri showed up, it was good to see her also. I really do like spending time with my friends. It was about 10:15 when Michele left and by 10:30 I could see it was starting to get busy so I went up and paid my bill as I know what it is like when a lot of people show up late and I planned on leaving by 11 and didn’t want to have to wait in line later.

Now it was getting busy and tables were filling up and of course it was loud now and hard to hear or talk. Well a lady from another table came over and sat down with Lauri and I and started talking to us, she told us her name but I really didn’t hear it over the music, it really is hard to have a conversation with Karaoke going on. We I sat and talked with her for a while, so I didn’t leave at 11 like I planned. She told me all about her and some of the woman she had dated and her age, asked if she could buy me a drink, I said no as it was getting close to when I would leave. She asked about me and where I live and how often I come here and if I was seeing anyone. Yes, I am a little slow as it took me a while to figure out, she was hitting on me. It was after 11:30 now and I really did need to get going as I do have to be up somewhat early Sunday morning. I said it was time for me to leave and she gave me a hug. Now as I was getting my coat on two of her friends came over and sat down and she quickly introduced me to them also. It was kind of an interesting event. I was deeply flattered but also caught off guard.

Well I said goodbye to Lauri and as I was walking by the bar a man at the bar stopped me and said he had seen me in here many times and just wanted to say hi, his name is John, so I stopped and talked to him for a couple minutes. We chatted for a bit and then he told me I had beautiful cheekbones which made me feel good but uncomfortable, and he hoped he would see me again. I thanked him for the compliment and then I was on my way. It was an interesting night and by now it was almost midnight when I finally left for home.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Wednesday night dinner and Saturday at the Escape

It is Saturday and I am finally feeling better after being sick all week and Susan needed to get out but before I get to tonight’s dinner, I thought I would bring you a blog from one of my friends who coordinated our groups last Wednesday night dinner. Now I track my going out by my blog numbers so I thought I would merge the two to keep my numbers correct, Thanks Jennifer for coordinating and writing this up. This is my first guest blog. My Saturday night blog will be at the end.

Wednesday Night Dinner at Verde Cocina

Hi, Jennifer Thomas here, doing a guest post on Susan Miller’s blog. The Rose City T-Girls enjoyed another Wednesday night dinner on February 12. With Susan under the weather and others of the usual organizers busy, I decided to step in and organize the dinner this week.  We went to Verde Cocina, a new restaurant for the group, which is located at the top of the Sylvan hill.  They serve Mexican food, but it’s not your traditional rice and beans Mexican restaurant.  They use lots of farm fresh veggies and put their own twist on things.  In addition, there is plenty of free parking and the menu prices are pretty moderate, with most entrées under $25, and several under $20.

In attendance this evening were Jennifer, Barb, Kimberly, Melissa, Danika and Bobbi. This was Bobbi’s very first time going out, and we were all so glad that she found the courage to come.  We can all remember how hard it was to make that very first trip out in public. I happened to be at Victoria Sinclair’s Over the Rainbow Facility, using her dressing room to do my own male to female transformation, when Bobbi arrived (in male mode, of course).  So, we had a chance to chat for a few minutes before I needed to head out to do some shopping en femme.

Bobbie had previously been befriended by Danika, who also uses Victoria’s place on a regular basis, and Danika had finally convinced Bobbi that this was the week for her first foray out presenting as a woman. Bobbi had scheduled a makeup lesson from Victoria, so she was expecting to be looking fabulous for this first time out.  Unfortunately, Victoria was under the weather and not able to do Bobbi’s makeup as planned.  To Bobbi’s credit, she did not let this setback deter her, but soldiered on doing her own makeup as best she could.  She did a pretty decent job for a newbie, and we are so glad that she didn’t back out as others might have done.

I made sure to arrive at the restaurant about 15 minutes early to greet the girls as they arrived, but I found Barb, Danika and Bobbi already there.  A few minutes later Melissa arrived, and then shortly after that Kimberly came.  We were initially seated at an oversized booth kind of in the back, near the kitchen door.  But it was also a straight shot from the entrance door to our booth, so every time the door opened, we felt a blast of cold air.  The hostess was very willing to relocate our group, and we ended up at a large table in the middle of the restaurant.  We got a few curious glances as our group of very tall ladies was seated, but after that we were just like everyone else: enjoying a combination of good food and good friends.

Bobbi had questions about makeup, wigs, clothes, etc., and she got a boatload of tips, suggestions and advice from the rest of us.  It probably all came in much faster than she could absorb it, but we assured her we are happy to communicate with her via email and messages, so hopefully she can get the info she needs when she needs it.

The food was good, and the quantities were generous.  I think the consensus was that we would definitely come back sometime in the future. We lingered talking and visiting until about 8:30 when the restaurant was mostly cleared out, then we called it a night.

Thanks to Susan for sharing her blog space this week.  And I hope to see many of you at our next Wednesday dinner.

Hugs, Jennifer Thomas

 Saturday at the Escape

I started getting ready a little before 4 as I figured it would take me longer but the funny thing is as I did my makeup I felt better. It might just have been all in my mind but it did make a difference and I was ready and on my way by 4:45. I had posted in the group I would be there by 6 and only stay till 9 or so as I do need more rest but I really wanted something to eat other than soup and sandwiches which I have lived on this past week I got there a little after 5 but the two big tables were not available, one had a big group at it and the other reserved but as I don’t plan on staying to late the bar stools will be fine tonight. I ordered Pancakes for dinner and started this blog including Jennifer’s guest post above, it is kind of fun to get someone else’s perspective on our groups outings.

Now I did get a quick selfie although being sick all week not my best photo but the makeup really did hide a lot this week. My food came and I had a nice dinner and it was just nice to be out again and be Susan. Now it is just waiting to see if anyone else shows up while I watch a little college basketball. About 7 Jan and Lynn showed up and shortly after Michele so there was 4 of us here tonight. We had a nice time talking as we waited for Karaoke to start.

Now it never really got busy here tonight at least as late as I stayed. When Karaoke started at 9 there was probably only about 20 people here would have been a good night to sing Karaoke by myself but after being sick all week that wouldn’t have been a good idea. It was about 9:15 when I paid my bill but I stayed a little longer to listen to a few more people sing. It was about 9:30 when I said goodbye and left for home. it was good to be out again.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday night at the Escape

Well it is the first Saturday of February already and I was not sure I was going to make it out tonight as I had to work today. Well things went well at work and I was home by 3 so I quickly posted in the group I would be out and started getting ready. Yes, it was a little early but I wanted to be able to take my time and enjoy my transformation. Now I know some woman hate doing makeup and I can understand that and they wonder why I still like it; the answer is easy as it is still new to me, I guess in a way. This is how I look at it, for woman they started at an early age. Probably some where around 10 give or take a few years and they did makeup every day and most of them tell me it wasn’t till they got into their mid to late 20’s when they got tired of doing their makeup. Now for me yes, I have blogged or gone out over 1200 times but if you look at it on an everyday thing that is not even 4 years for me if I was doing my makeup every day. So in comparison if I had started at age 12 doing it every day I would really only be 16 or 17 now back when they still loved it plus it is not something I do have to do every day other than when I go to Diva Las Vegas, it is a few times a week and I think that makes all the difference. Just one of my observations. The other thing is a few women have told me I shouldn’t wear panty hose as most woman don’t. Now I am not saying woman have to wear them but I like them. I like the way they feel, the way they make my legs feel and mostly the way they make my legs look. Personal choice. Well I got a little off track there so back to tonight.

While I was getting ready Dan texted me to see if I was going out. he has been a member of our group almost as long as I have, he is what we call an admirer, he likes trans girls. Well a few years back his mom health got bad and he took her into his home and took care of her. yes, he is retired but that has taken most of his time and he has not been out with the group. Well his Mom passed away a few weeks ago and I think he just wanted to be around some friendly faces. I know how that feels as my Dad passed away a little over a year ago and my Mom is in her 90’s so I know it is just a matter of time. Something we all face in life. Well I texted him back I would be there by 6. He was the only one I knew might be there although Michele and Lauri I can usually count on also.

I was ready by 5 and on my way. I got to the Escape and all the parking spots were taken but there was one last spot by the curb so I took it and went in. they were a little busy but most were at the bar so I got my normal table and ordered dinner. I got out my computer and just played around on the internet as I waited to see who else would show up. It was about 6:30 when Michele showed up. I put my computer away so we could talk. Michele is all booked for Diva Las Vegas and is staying at the Flamingo; I am really looking forward to it this year. Cassandra also showed up, it is so wonderful she is getting out a little more. The 3 of us talked a little about Diva Las Vegas. Now I did get a couple selfies.

Jan and Lynn also showed up so it looked like we would have a good turnout tonight. It really is fun to get together with my friends. For years it was just dressing at home and then being able to go out, now it really is about being out with my friends. Now it started to get busy about 8:30 as a big party came in for the other big table. Dan also showed up and it was nice to see him again. I think the last time I saw him was at Cassandra’s last Halloween party in 2017. It was nice to sit and talk with him, hopefully he will come out more as I think it would be good for him. Soon it was 9 and Karaoke started and of course it got loud and was hard to talk.

Now we did have a nice time and Cassandra did stay later then normal, usually as soon as Karaoke starts, she leaves as it gets loud. Yes, years ago we stayed out late till closing and we didn’t mind the loud music but now we just can’t do it. I like to think it is because we are wiser and we get out earlier and not because we are getting older. Cassandra left about 9:45 just before Lauri showed up. Lauri is our late-night girls and unfortunately, I know when she gets there it is getting close to time for me to leave. Dan was next to leave about 10:15, I think he had a nice time tonight and I hope it got his mind off of all he has been going through. I stayed till a little after 11 before I called it an evening. This coming week I am hoping to get out on Sunday for a little Susan time at Starbucks, but for sure on Tuesday to go shopping with Karen and Maybe Victoria, hopefully some on Wednesday, Thursday with Barb and Friday with Peggy, it will be a fun week. I have things I have to do in the evenings but will have my days free.

Thanks for reading and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is going on in my life.

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