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Saturday night at the Escape, first outing of March

Well it is Saturday and I get to go to the Escape; this will be my first time out this month as I had to work last weekend and had family in town this past week so Susan had to hide. I was really looking forward to getting out as I said it has been over a week and that may not seem that long but when you go out 2 to 3 times a week 1 ½ weeks is a long time. I started getting ready early as I wanted to get there by 5 as with tonight being the switch to daylight savings time and we jump a head I will lose an hour of sleep tonight so I plan on only being out till 10 or so. I took my time and enjoyed getting ready which is always nice. I can’t explain it but there is something so relaxing about transforming myself. I think it is in my mind I am becoming Susan for a few hours and my male side disappears. Well it took longer than I planned to get ready so it was about 5:10 when I left home, I got to the Escape at 5:30 so not that much later then I planned. A quick selfie in the car and I went in.

They were not real busy so I got my normal table and ordered dinner and set up my computer. Now I posted in the group I would be there but no one posted back Dan had texted me he would be here but that would be later. I caught up on e-mails and other things I needed to do as I waited. My food came and the lady set it down and I thought she said here you are Sir but when she came back with my ketchup, she said is there anything else I can get you Sue. Funny as I had just miss herd her and it is, I think the first time I have been called Sue which I don’t mind as it is short for Susan. I ordered a hamburger tonight and it was good as always. I had just finished eating and got all my e-mails caught up and was just killing time surfing the internet when Michele showed up. I can pretty much count on here t be here on Saturday nights just like Laurie around 10pm. I put my computer away and actually walked it out to my car as I was pretty much right in front.

I really like going out but always more fun with other friends. Well we sat and talked a little about Michele’s trip to Laughlin a she took one of those gambling flights down for w few nights. She had fun but didn’t do to well gambling. I get those offers every once in a while, and will have to try it one day. we then moved on to talking about Diva Las Vegas which starts in 3 weeks. Cassandra and I are actually getting there on March 26th and I am still planning my Acrylic nails for the trip. Now every year I get my nails done as Susan actually all the times I have ever gotten acrylic nails has been as Susan but this year I am thinking of getting them as my male self for 2 reasons. One it would be an interesting experience but the second reason is I am thinking of getting them Tuesday night just so I can have them a little longer the problem is I get home so late there would not have time to become Susan and make it before they close. Now up to last year I have always gotten square which I love and last year I got a coffin shape which I actually liked although they were a little narrower at the point then I wanted.

This year I am thinking about somewhere in the middle. Well any way last November when I got them for my vacation for a week something came up and I had too get them off quickly and I didn’t have time to get ready as Susan and I went to a nail salon called Julie’s Nails and they were really nice and did a great job. They though nothing of it and I have actually gone back there for a couple manicures and a pedicure as my male self. There in is the dilemma, I like going to the nail salon both as Susan and as my male self. If I do go to Julie’s nails for my nails it will be as my male self, if I go someplace else it will be as Susan. The salon I use to go to Dream Nails I still really like and they do a wonderful job and treated me wonderful but I had gone there pretty much every 2 to 3 weeks for a couple years and I would feel a little strange just going in once in a great while but both places are wonderful and I would recommend. The ladies at Dream Nails only now me as Susan and the ladies at Julie’s Nails only know me as my male self so that is the difference. Any way here is a picture of what I want my nails to look like this year, (above pictures are of my nails) but this is one I stole from online to show them what I want, just a slight coffin shape.

They started the signups for events and Cassandra and I signed up for pretty much the same things although she did sign up for the bar crawl and as I am not a drinker I am not sure I want to do that as going to 4 or 5 different bars or clubs for an hour is not high on my list of things to do. I did it a couple years back and by the 3 one Julie and I left. I will have to decide shortly though. Well about 8 Dan showed up and we all sat and talked. it is good to see Dan getting out again. His Mom passed away a couple months ago and for the last several years he was taking care of her and I know how that is, I went through it with my Dad till he passed away and at some point, I will go through it again with my Mom. It is not an easy thing and it is good to have friends to count on.

Karaoke started at 9 and it started to get busy and harder to talk as it got loud. We listened to the singers and had a good time. Laurie showed up about 9:45 so we had 4 of us here tonight. It really was a fun night and I stayed till about 10:15 before I paid my bill and called it a night. I will be out at Starbucks Sunday afternoon for a while to write this blog as I want to keep up on them better. Here is my last picture from tonight, it is funny how light changes things from natural light outside to artifactual inside. The inside picture my dress is not as purple and my lipstick looks less red.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog and be sure to look for my blogs to come from this years Diva Las Vegas. Plus, if you have an opinion on if I should get my acrylic nails as Susan or my male self be sure and let me know as I am still on the fence.

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Saturday night at the Escape

It is Saturday and once again I get to go out to the Escape and see my friends. Now I posted in the group I would be there in hopes others show up. I started getting ready early so I could get there between 5 and 5:30. I took my time to enjoy getting ready and even did false eyelashes again tonight. I was ready and on my way by 5 and got to the Escape at 5:30. I had to park on the street but as it gets dark later so it is still light enough to get a quick selfie in the car. I got inside and ordered my dinner and then wrote my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner at Who song & Larry’s. it was about 6:30 and Dawnie and April showed up. It was good to see them, they usually do the Wednesday night dinners, this is the first time I have seen them at the Escape. About 7 Michele showed up so there were 4 of us tonight.

We sat and talked and of course part of it was about Diva Las Vegas which is only 5 weeks away. Dawnie and April have not been to Las Vegas in over 25 years so really, they have not been to Las Vegas as it looks nothing like it did back then. They are not big on gambling but I told them they really should go and just look around as it really is amazing what they have built, most of the resorts on the Strip are like mini cities. Even if you don’t gamble it still worth a trip.

Soon it was 9 and Karaoke started and it still was not busy, a lot of the regulars go to a big dance I think it is every other month and it goes till 10 so they really won’t get busy tonight till late. there were still a few people here who sang and I was thinking tonight would have been a good night for me to sing by myself but I didn’t. It was about 9:30 when Dawnie and April left, they have about an hour drive home so that left just Michele and me at our big table but as I said it was not busy. It was about 9:45 and Lauri showed up, it was good to see her also. I really do like spending time with my friends. It was about 10:15 when Michele left and by 10:30 I could see it was starting to get busy so I went up and paid my bill as I know what it is like when a lot of people show up late and I planned on leaving by 11 and didn’t want to have to wait in line later.

Now it was getting busy and tables were filling up and of course it was loud now and hard to hear or talk. Well a lady from another table came over and sat down with Lauri and I and started talking to us, she told us her name but I really didn’t hear it over the music, it really is hard to have a conversation with Karaoke going on. We I sat and talked with her for a while, so I didn’t leave at 11 like I planned. She told me all about her and some of the woman she had dated and her age, asked if she could buy me a drink, I said no as it was getting close to when I would leave. She asked about me and where I live and how often I come here and if I was seeing anyone. Yes, I am a little slow as it took me a while to figure out, she was hitting on me. It was after 11:30 now and I really did need to get going as I do have to be up somewhat early Sunday morning. I said it was time for me to leave and she gave me a hug. Now as I was getting my coat on two of her friends came over and sat down and she quickly introduced me to them also. It was kind of an interesting event. I was deeply flattered but also caught off guard.

Well I said goodbye to Lauri and as I was walking by the bar a man at the bar stopped me and said he had seen me in here many times and just wanted to say hi, his name is John, so I stopped and talked to him for a couple minutes. We chatted for a bit and then he told me I had beautiful cheekbones which made me feel good but uncomfortable, and he hoped he would see me again. I thanked him for the compliment and then I was on my way. It was an interesting night and by now it was almost midnight when I finally left for home.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Wednesday night dinner and Saturday at the Escape

It is Saturday and I am finally feeling better after being sick all week and Susan needed to get out but before I get to tonight’s dinner, I thought I would bring you a blog from one of my friends who coordinated our groups last Wednesday night dinner. Now I track my going out by my blog numbers so I thought I would merge the two to keep my numbers correct, Thanks Jennifer for coordinating and writing this up. This is my first guest blog. My Saturday night blog will be at the end.

Wednesday Night Dinner at Verde Cocina

Hi, Jennifer Thomas here, doing a guest post on Susan Miller’s blog. The Rose City T-Girls enjoyed another Wednesday night dinner on February 12. With Susan under the weather and others of the usual organizers busy, I decided to step in and organize the dinner this week.  We went to Verde Cocina, a new restaurant for the group, which is located at the top of the Sylvan hill.  They serve Mexican food, but it’s not your traditional rice and beans Mexican restaurant.  They use lots of farm fresh veggies and put their own twist on things.  In addition, there is plenty of free parking and the menu prices are pretty moderate, with most entrées under $25, and several under $20.

In attendance this evening were Jennifer, Barb, Kimberly, Melissa, Danika and Bobbi. This was Bobbi’s very first time going out, and we were all so glad that she found the courage to come.  We can all remember how hard it was to make that very first trip out in public. I happened to be at Victoria Sinclair’s Over the Rainbow Facility, using her dressing room to do my own male to female transformation, when Bobbi arrived (in male mode, of course).  So, we had a chance to chat for a few minutes before I needed to head out to do some shopping en femme.

Bobbie had previously been befriended by Danika, who also uses Victoria’s place on a regular basis, and Danika had finally convinced Bobbi that this was the week for her first foray out presenting as a woman. Bobbi had scheduled a makeup lesson from Victoria, so she was expecting to be looking fabulous for this first time out.  Unfortunately, Victoria was under the weather and not able to do Bobbi’s makeup as planned.  To Bobbi’s credit, she did not let this setback deter her, but soldiered on doing her own makeup as best she could.  She did a pretty decent job for a newbie, and we are so glad that she didn’t back out as others might have done.

I made sure to arrive at the restaurant about 15 minutes early to greet the girls as they arrived, but I found Barb, Danika and Bobbi already there.  A few minutes later Melissa arrived, and then shortly after that Kimberly came.  We were initially seated at an oversized booth kind of in the back, near the kitchen door.  But it was also a straight shot from the entrance door to our booth, so every time the door opened, we felt a blast of cold air.  The hostess was very willing to relocate our group, and we ended up at a large table in the middle of the restaurant.  We got a few curious glances as our group of very tall ladies was seated, but after that we were just like everyone else: enjoying a combination of good food and good friends.

Bobbi had questions about makeup, wigs, clothes, etc., and she got a boatload of tips, suggestions and advice from the rest of us.  It probably all came in much faster than she could absorb it, but we assured her we are happy to communicate with her via email and messages, so hopefully she can get the info she needs when she needs it.

The food was good, and the quantities were generous.  I think the consensus was that we would definitely come back sometime in the future. We lingered talking and visiting until about 8:30 when the restaurant was mostly cleared out, then we called it a night.

Thanks to Susan for sharing her blog space this week.  And I hope to see many of you at our next Wednesday dinner.

Hugs, Jennifer Thomas

 Saturday at the Escape

I started getting ready a little before 4 as I figured it would take me longer but the funny thing is as I did my makeup I felt better. It might just have been all in my mind but it did make a difference and I was ready and on my way by 4:45. I had posted in the group I would be there by 6 and only stay till 9 or so as I do need more rest but I really wanted something to eat other than soup and sandwiches which I have lived on this past week I got there a little after 5 but the two big tables were not available, one had a big group at it and the other reserved but as I don’t plan on staying to late the bar stools will be fine tonight. I ordered Pancakes for dinner and started this blog including Jennifer’s guest post above, it is kind of fun to get someone else’s perspective on our groups outings.

Now I did get a quick selfie although being sick all week not my best photo but the makeup really did hide a lot this week. My food came and I had a nice dinner and it was just nice to be out again and be Susan. Now it is just waiting to see if anyone else shows up while I watch a little college basketball. About 7 Jan and Lynn showed up and shortly after Michele so there was 4 of us here tonight. We had a nice time talking as we waited for Karaoke to start.

Now it never really got busy here tonight at least as late as I stayed. When Karaoke started at 9 there was probably only about 20 people here would have been a good night to sing Karaoke by myself but after being sick all week that wouldn’t have been a good idea. It was about 9:15 when I paid my bill but I stayed a little longer to listen to a few more people sing. It was about 9:30 when I said goodbye and left for home. it was good to be out again.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday night at the Escape

Well it is the first Saturday of February already and I was not sure I was going to make it out tonight as I had to work today. Well things went well at work and I was home by 3 so I quickly posted in the group I would be out and started getting ready. Yes, it was a little early but I wanted to be able to take my time and enjoy my transformation. Now I know some woman hate doing makeup and I can understand that and they wonder why I still like it; the answer is easy as it is still new to me, I guess in a way. This is how I look at it, for woman they started at an early age. Probably some where around 10 give or take a few years and they did makeup every day and most of them tell me it wasn’t till they got into their mid to late 20’s when they got tired of doing their makeup. Now for me yes, I have blogged or gone out over 1200 times but if you look at it on an everyday thing that is not even 4 years for me if I was doing my makeup every day. So in comparison if I had started at age 12 doing it every day I would really only be 16 or 17 now back when they still loved it plus it is not something I do have to do every day other than when I go to Diva Las Vegas, it is a few times a week and I think that makes all the difference. Just one of my observations. The other thing is a few women have told me I shouldn’t wear panty hose as most woman don’t. Now I am not saying woman have to wear them but I like them. I like the way they feel, the way they make my legs feel and mostly the way they make my legs look. Personal choice. Well I got a little off track there so back to tonight.

While I was getting ready Dan texted me to see if I was going out. he has been a member of our group almost as long as I have, he is what we call an admirer, he likes trans girls. Well a few years back his mom health got bad and he took her into his home and took care of her. yes, he is retired but that has taken most of his time and he has not been out with the group. Well his Mom passed away a few weeks ago and I think he just wanted to be around some friendly faces. I know how that feels as my Dad passed away a little over a year ago and my Mom is in her 90’s so I know it is just a matter of time. Something we all face in life. Well I texted him back I would be there by 6. He was the only one I knew might be there although Michele and Lauri I can usually count on also.

I was ready by 5 and on my way. I got to the Escape and all the parking spots were taken but there was one last spot by the curb so I took it and went in. they were a little busy but most were at the bar so I got my normal table and ordered dinner. I got out my computer and just played around on the internet as I waited to see who else would show up. It was about 6:30 when Michele showed up. I put my computer away so we could talk. Michele is all booked for Diva Las Vegas and is staying at the Flamingo; I am really looking forward to it this year. Cassandra also showed up, it is so wonderful she is getting out a little more. The 3 of us talked a little about Diva Las Vegas. Now I did get a couple selfies.

Jan and Lynn also showed up so it looked like we would have a good turnout tonight. It really is fun to get together with my friends. For years it was just dressing at home and then being able to go out, now it really is about being out with my friends. Now it started to get busy about 8:30 as a big party came in for the other big table. Dan also showed up and it was nice to see him again. I think the last time I saw him was at Cassandra’s last Halloween party in 2017. It was nice to sit and talk with him, hopefully he will come out more as I think it would be good for him. Soon it was 9 and Karaoke started and of course it got loud and was hard to talk.

Now we did have a nice time and Cassandra did stay later then normal, usually as soon as Karaoke starts, she leaves as it gets loud. Yes, years ago we stayed out late till closing and we didn’t mind the loud music but now we just can’t do it. I like to think it is because we are wiser and we get out earlier and not because we are getting older. Cassandra left about 9:45 just before Lauri showed up. Lauri is our late-night girls and unfortunately, I know when she gets there it is getting close to time for me to leave. Dan was next to leave about 10:15, I think he had a nice time tonight and I hope it got his mind off of all he has been going through. I stayed till a little after 11 before I called it an evening. This coming week I am hoping to get out on Sunday for a little Susan time at Starbucks, but for sure on Tuesday to go shopping with Karen and Maybe Victoria, hopefully some on Wednesday, Thursday with Barb and Friday with Peggy, it will be a fun week. I have things I have to do in the evenings but will have my days free.

Thanks for reading and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is going on in my life.

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Saturday night and out at the Escape again

Well it is another Saturday night and yes, I am going to the Escape. I posted in our group I would be there but no one posted back so the only one I know of will be Kris and she told me at Wednesday night dinner she would be there. Well I started getting ready early so I could take my time. I was watching another YouTube video on highlighting and I wanted to try it. Always a little nervous when I try something new but also fun. The goal was to make the area around my eyes a little lighter. Well of course this also takes longer but it was a lot of fun and I was really happy with the look. It was a little after 5 when I left so I would still get there early. It was raining but being early I was able to get a parking spot right in front of the door. I went in and got my normal table and ordered some dinner, I broke down tonight and had the hamburger.

I got my computer out and wrote my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner at Old Town Pizza. It is a couple days late but I really do like writing my blog about my time as Susan when I am out as Susan. my food came and I had a nice dinner and finished up my blog. I was just finishing when Michele showed up. we talked for a while she is planning on going to Diva Las Vegas although she has not booked a room yet. She is thinking of staying off the strip as it is a little cheaper and yes, the gambling will be cheaper. My room rate this year at the Flamingo is about the same as I would pay at the Four Queens which I like by the way. The problem is the Four Queens would have $5 black jack tables, at the Flamingo I am figuring they will be at least $10 and, on the weekends, and maybe the evening probably $15 so it will cost more to gamble. Of course, if I am winning it is good but if you are not having good luck your money goes faster.

Well about 8 Kris and her friend Ed showed up, Kris is in town for a few days. Now by this time it was really busy so we had another group at the end of our table as it seats 10 and there were just 4 of us. It was nice though as I did chat a couple times with the lady next to me. At 9 Karaoke started and there were a lot of people here who wanted to sing, of course Kris went up and put her name on the list. It took about 30 minutes for her to be called up.

Another girl showed up and I talked with her also about Diva Las Vegas, she is also going but also has not booked her room. She is thinking of staying at the LINQ which is next to the Flamingo as she really likes it there. She has gone with us many times and she really like the pool they have there. Several years back when we all stayed there her and her girlfriend rented a pool bungalow almost every day so they could hang out at the pool. I don’t think her girlfriend is going this year though.

A little before 10 Kris and Ed left and shortly after Lauri showed up so we had of us out tonight. By this time, it was so packed it was hard to move around. But it is nice to people watch when it is so busy. Now I had not planned on staying out to late but I was having fun and soon it was after. I noticed there were only 3 people at the bar ordering drinks so I went up and stood in line to pay my bill so I could leave. While I was up there Melissa came in with her husband and a friend. I met her probably a little over a year ago here and she is really nice so we talked for a little while before I called it a night. It was about 11:30 when I left for home.

I got home and washed off my makeup and got into bed and then I realized I forgot to get a picture tonight. I was a little sad as I had done my makeup different. Well I will have to remember next time.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday night at the Escape

Well another Saturday is here and yes that means going to the Escape. I really do like my time out but it is not so much about where I go but the fact, I get to see my friends and interact with people. I will admit I am not a big bar or club person, I don’t like alcohol, the way it tastes or how it makes you feel. I honestly believe if you told some of my closest friends that don’t know about this side of me that you saw me in a bar dressed as a female hey would be more shocked, I was in a bar. Now our group does our weekly dinner but the location changes and I think it is good to have a regular place that everyone knows we will be at and feels comfortable especially for the newer girls in the group. Anyway, I posted this morning I would be there and the only response I got was from Cassandra which was awesome, it would be great to see her again.

I started getting ready early as Cassandra is not a fan of loud music so I figured she would be early and leave when Karaoke started so I wanted to get there a little earlier so I could write my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner. I started getting ready a little after 3 and was leaving home right at 5 pm. Now I have been leaving my car in the drive and walking out as Susan instead of parking in the garage but with leaving earlier it was still light outside but I just didn’t care. I didn’t see any of my neighbors out. I got to the Escape a little after 5 and was able to park right in front. I went in and set up my computer and ordered dinner. I started my log and worked on it till my food came, after I ate, I finished it up. just as I was finishing it Kimberly showed up. it was good to see her. she had planned on coming to our Wednesday night dinner but she had t cancel do to snow. While she was ordering I finished my blog and posted it and then put my computer away so we could talk.

Kimberly has a beautiful set of acrylic nails, she got them done about 2 weeks ago, they are a French style and look really cute on her. she works from home so she can get away with it, such a lucky girl. Any way we were talking and she was asking how long she should go before she gets a fill, yes, she is keeping them. Well looking at her nails they grow a little slower than mine and she only has a little grow out so I told her she could wait another week. Well we got on the topic of nails and of course I had to tell her about mine and how I have them for almost 2 weeks when I go to Diva Las Vegas and I was trying to talk he into going. Her big concern is her vacation time so I jokingly said as she works from home she could just as easily work from Las Vegas. Well it turns out that may not have been such a big joke as she is really thinking about it. That would be so cool if she could go, it would be her first time in Las Vegas as Kimberly and also, she could travel as Kimberly which she really wants to try.

It was about 6:30 and Cassandra showed up, it was great to see her again. She has come out a couple times in the last few weeks which is nice, she has more free time now so I am hoping we will see her more. I got a couple selfies for my blog which I am trying to do. I use my blog to record this part of my life and it is nice to have a picture to go with it. I try to encourage everyone to do a blog about events in their lives even if you keep it private as it is nice to be able to look back on things. Cassandra and I were talking about a karaoke bar we went to downtown years ago that has long since closed and neither one of us could remember the name it was easy to look back in my blog and find it, the Boiler room. Well Cassandra and I talked about Diva Las Vegas and she also encourage Kimberly to go. Right now, we have 6 for sure from our group going although 2 of the 6 don’t live in the Portland area. But from Portland we have Cassandra, Julie, Brenda and me for sure and Veronica, Kimberly and a couple others are thinking about it. It really would be fun to have 10 or more from Portland go.

Jan and Lynn also showed up a little after 7 so we had a nice little group here tonight. We all talked and had a good time. About 8 Stacy showed up it was her second week in a row. it is nice when you see girls that don’t get out much getting out more. Now they had a birthday party here tonight so the bar was crowded which is both good and bad. It is nice to interact with all the people but also hard to move around. While we were sitting there a young lady came over and talked to me, seems she met me here over a year ago and remembered me and wanted to say hi, that always makes me feel good. I kind of remembered her but she had to tell me her name again which was Stephani. A little later another woman came over and talked to me, I had also met her a while back. It is so nice to be accepted and treated like anyone else.

Karaoke started at 9 and yes it got loud, James did Karaoke again, his 3rd week in a row and he likes the music loud so it was hard to talk now. Well you guessed it about 9:15 Cassandra and Stacy called it a night and it was down to just Kimberly, Jan, Lynna and me. We sang along with some of the songs and tried to talk between. Lynn got up and sang and did a good job. It was around 10 and Lauri showed up so we had a total of 7 her tonight. Now as I said it was busy and as we had a big table some other people joined us and they did seem bothered by us, actually they even talked with us some which was nice. Now I had only planned on staying till 10 or so but you know how that goes. It was almost 11:30 when I called it a night. it was a fun night out and right now I am planning on a little Starbucks time tomorrow to write my blog and I also have some work to do. Now I don’t really work from home but there are things I need to do on the computer that is kind of work related and it is just so nice to do it as Susan.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most current blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday night at the Escape

Well it once again is Saturday and I get to go out to the Escape. I posted in our group earlier today I would be there but no one has posted back so it may be just me. Usually someone shows up but there has been 1 time I was there by myself. Now on my male side I never go to bars and would never think of going by myself but I do know some of the regulars here so it is not that bad but I do hope others show up. I got home late after 4 so I was starting getting ready later then I like. I really do like getting there early and having a little time by myself.

I got to the Escape a little before 6 and the parking lot was full as were the first 5 spots on the street, I think this might be the farthest away I have had to park. I got inside and they were busy a couple big groups and both big tables were taken so I had to get one of the small tables with the high bar stools. I got out my computer and went up and ordered my drink. Now my funny side note, because of laws they no longer have straws and that is not the point here. I keep straws in my cars glove box as I just like to drink with straws as to not mess up my lipstick. Well I forgot to bring one and didn’t want to walk all the way out to my car in the rain for a straw. The funny part of this story is I have never forgot a straw when I park in the parking lot, right outside the door but it seems every time I park on the street, I forget the straw.

Well I sat down with my drink and wrote my blog from Wednesday night dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory as I waited for my dinner. I ordered a couple pancakes but as I didn’t get lunch today so I am sure I will have something else also. My food came and it was good as always. I finished my blog and was also watching the NFL playoffs on the big screen. It is funny as I watch way more sports as Susan then my male self. It was about 7 when the big groups left and so I moved down to one of the big tables, I did sit at the far end though so I wasn’t taking up the whole table incase no one else shows up. the chairs are just more comfortable to sit in.

It was about 7 and Michele showed up and shortly after Stacy also showed up. it has been a while since Stacy has been out, she only comes out once every great while. It was nice to see her again. We all sat and talked and had a nice time. Before we knew it, it was 9 pm and Karaoke started, James was the KJ again tonight and he turns up the volume a little more so it was a lot louder tonight and very hard to talk. We sat and listened to people sing and it was fun but a little loud. It was almost 10 when Lauri showed up. It has been a while since she has been out, it was good to see her out again. Now I was thinking of leaving as I was getting tired but Robyn showed up and she also has not been out in almost a year. It was good to see her also so I stayed a little longer so I could talk with her plus she said Diane was going to show up and she is always a late-night girl but I wanted to stay long enough to say hi to her also.

Diane showed up just before 11 so I talked with her briefly before I paid my bill and called it a night. It really was a fun night. I got home about 11:30. Now this week will be interesting as I have things to do Sunday so won’t make it out tomorrow and the middle of the week, they are calling for snow so we may not be able to do Wednesday night dinner which will be sad.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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First Saturday of 2020, first outing for Susan this year

It is the First Saturday of 2020; I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New years and that this year bring you all the joy and happiness you deserve. Well, being Saturday I am of course going to the Escape tonight and I am looking forward to it. I have set a few goals for this year, New Years resolutions if you will. 1 to try to average at least 2 times a week out as Susan, yes I hope to get back to going to Starbucks more, it has been almost 2 months since I last went to a Starbucks and I do enjoy my quiet time there as Susan writing my blogs and catching up on work. The second goal is to lose weight, now this has been on my list the last 2 years but this year actually the last month or so of 2019 I actually lost about 8 pounds and have kept them off. Well back to today’s outing to the Escape. My plan was to start getting ready about 3:30 with the hopes of being to the Escape by 5 or shortly after. Well it has been a long and busy week and it turns out I fell asleep on the couch and didn’t wake up till almost 4:30 so it was a rush getting ready. I got to the Escape a little before 6 which was still before what I posted in the group. The lot was full so I had to park on the street but still a short walk.

I got my normal table and set up my computer and then went up to order some food, yes Pancakes again. As I was ordering Nicole showed up. she also ordered some food and we sat down at the table to talk so I put away my computer. I only bring it to have something to do till others show up. I am not a big fan of sitting in a bar by myself and I figure at least this way I have something to do. It wasn’t long and Laura M showed up, this is her third week in a row. it was just a little past 6 and we had 3 of us here already. Next to arrive was Michele and then Melissa so we had 5 of us here by 6:30. It was nice to just sit and talk. Of course, I brought up Diva Las Vegas as I am always hopeful of getting some of the other girls to go. Right now, Cassandra and I are going for sure and have booked our rooms, Brenda also contacted me on Facebook and she is going and I am hopeful Michele will go this year. I am looking forward to it as this will be my 9th time going. I went in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019. It seems like just yesterday I was all excited about going for the first time and now 10 years later here I am. It is still hard to believe I am taking vacations and traveling completely as Susan. now I did get my customary selfie again tonight.

It started getting busy early tonight, probably because James was the KJ for Karaoke. He used to do it every Saturday night and a lot of people know him and he promoted it on his Facebook page, plus there was a big group at the next table celebrating what turned out to be a final divorce and they even had a cake. Well it was about 9:15 when Karaoke started and it got loud, I think a little louder than normal as I think James turned the volume up so it was really hard to talk even to the person right next to you. About 9:30 Melissa called it a night and shortly after so did Michele so it was just Laura, Nicole and I now. It was just before 10 when Melissa and her husband showed up, I met her here over a year ago and we hit it off. Yes, it can get confusing as I have friends with the same names that sometimes show up on the same night. any way her and her husband sat down at our table and we tried to talk but really, we could only talk between songs.

It was about 10:15 when Nicole called it a night and I had actually planned on leaving about 10:30. Well I was talking with Melissa and she was trying to talk me into singing which I didn’t. but she asked me what song I wanted her to sing so since I picked it out, I felt I should stay till she sang. Besides I was having fun. I really do have wonderful friends in the group but it is also nice that I have friends outside of the group that accept me for who I am. I really have come a long way over the last 12 years. Well before I knew it, it was almost midnight way past this girl’s bedtime. I was getting ready to call it a night and another young girl came over and started talking to me. She said she had met me here before and I was the only face she knew here and she wasn’t sure if I would remember her but I did, well not by mime. I met her and her sister her right after she moved to Portland, her sister had helped her move up from California. I told her I did remember her but not her name which turns out is Petra. Here is a link to the blog from when I met her back in March of 2018. Now when I was writing this blog, I did look back to get the link and the night I met them I git her Sisters name but not hers. She is the last picture in this blog, lower right. This is why I really like keeping my blog.

Well I stayed a little longer so we could talk, she really is a nice young lady. It really was a fun night but I stayed out way later then I planned. It was about 12:15 when I went up and paid my bill. I will regret it in the morning when my alarm goes off but tonight was worth it. I said goodbye to Laura, Melissa and Petra and then headed for home. Now on the way I decided I was going to go to Starbucks Tomorrow, well actually later today as it really is Sunday already. I do have a little work I have to do and it is just so much more fun to do it at Starbucks as Susan then at home.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what I am doing now.

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Saturday night at the Escape, the last Saturday of 2019

It is the Last Saturday night of 2019 and it has been a good year. Tonight, I once again get to go out as Susan to the Escape and spend time with my friends. Not sure how many will be there but I know Nicole will be there. Tonight, will be my 128th post of 2019 which means I have been out that many times this year, that works out to a little more then twice a week. Now I did want to go out a little early so I hoped to start getting ready earlier but it was almost 4 when I got home so I rushed a little in hopes of being to the Escape by 5:30. Well I was ready and out the door before 5 and got to the Escape about 5:15. Now the table I normally get was taken so I had to sit at one of the high tables with the bar stools not as comfortable as a chair with a back on it. I ordered some food and set up my computer as I waited for Nicole and hopefully others to show up. I had pancakes again tonight and they were good.

It was just about 6 when Nicole showed up and her daughter Marisa was with her. They came down for the night so Nicole could go out as tonight is her 104th time out, she also has a blog that she keeps private but she records her times out. It really is fun to be able to keep track of your times out and what you did, I would encourage everyone to keep a blog or record. Nicole ordered dinner and we sat and talked. Little while later the people at the table I normally get left well except for two ladies at the end playing a game so we moved down there so we could have the more comfortable chairs. We had a nice time and even talked with the two ladies at the end of the table, they were really nice, one of them had small candy canes and gave us each one.

About 7 Melissa showed up so there were 3 of us, 4 if you count Nicole’s daughter. We had a really nice time just sitting and talking. We talked about a lot of stuff including Diva Las Vegas. I was hoping to talk Nicole into going but it is Spring break and she is taking her Family on a vacation. By the way my vacation is confirmed, and my room is booked so I am set. We are staying at the Flamingo this year. Melissa can’t make it this year. Right now, we have Cassandra, Veronica and me going for sure, I am really looking forward to it. By 9 it was getting busy and karaoke started so it got a little loud.

It was a little after 9 and Nicole and her daughter called it a night but I think she will be back in town next Saturday again. Melissa left shortly after that and I stayed till about 9:30 before I left. It was an early night but a lot of fun. This will be my last time out this year. My New year’s resolution for next year is to try to get back to going to Starbucks more often.

I would like to wish you all a Happy, Healthy and safe New Year and may all your dreams come true. Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what Susan is doing now.

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Twas the Saturday before Christmas at the Escape

Twas the Saturday before Christmas and I am once again going to the Escape. I posted in the group in hopes that others would be there. I started getting ready early, my makeup was done with great care as so I would look my best. I was on my way early and got to the Escape about 5:45 and went in. I set up my computer and then up to the counter to order dinner. They were not very busy as it was still early. I settled down at the table to write my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner. I had just finished it when what to my wondering eyes should appear but Jan and Lynn in their cute Holiday outfits. It was great to see them again. I put my computer away so we could talk. A few minutes later Michele also arrived. They all went up and ordered dinner and as I had just finished, I took my computer out to my car.

We talked a little while and Jan asked if I had heard from Cassandra lately and I said no as this is her busy time of year. Well it could not have been more then a minute and in walks Cassandra, what a surprise. Well Cassandra and I got talking about Diva Las Vegas, we are both planning on going although I still have not got the final okay on my vacation yet. But here is the big issue this year. We use to stay at hotels on the strip but they got so expensive as we usually go for 7 to 9 nights and it always includes at least 1 weekend. Last year we stayed downtown at the Four Queens which does not charge resorts fees and for the 9 nights we were there it was a little over $500, the same hotel on the strip would have been between $1200 and $1500. Well Diva Las Vegas is recommending the Flamingo this year and well Cassandra has gone there several times over the year and because of that she is getting her room free so she booked at the Flamingo so now I am wondering how it will work for me. I can book the Sunday through Thursday night there with the group rate Diva worked out but with resort fees and taxes it would be about $550 but Cassandra is getting there the Thursday before so I would also need 3 more nights including a Friday and Saturday so it will be a little more expensive this year.

Well a little later another girl showed up and her and Cassandra played some pool. Now it is funny as in one of my previous blogs I also put another girl showed up and one of our members e-mailed me her name thinking I forgot which was nice but I write this blog for me and my outings. I only put pictures in it of me or of people who say they don’t mind if I use their picture and the same goes for their name. I do have a friend who has asked me not to use her name or pictures and I have to respect that. Her and her girlfriend use to come out with us all the time, she still comes out pretty regular but her girlfriend only comes out rarely now as they moved outside Portland so it is a little farther. She just does not like her picture or name on the internet and that is fine.

As it got close to 9 it got busier and a party bus pulled up and about 20 people got off all in Christmas outfits, I think they are part of the Santa Con that is going on. They go from bar to bar on a bar crawl and they all dress up in Christmas outfits, it really is cute. Well at 9 karaoke started and it got loud and that was it for Cassandra so she called it a night but it was great to see her again. I really do hope she starts coming out more. Now one of the ladies I met her named Cynthia came over and sat with us for a while and talked with us. She is really nice, as I said I have met some really nice people here. Lynn went up and sang a couple times and even got Jan to go up and sing a duet with her, the song Baby it’s cold outside and they did great. There were actually several Christmas songs tonight which was nice as I love Christmas music.

Just before 10 Lauri showed up and it was good to see her as she has missed the last several, she is usually one I can always count on to be here, so we had 7 of us here tonight. It was fun to sing along with the songs. Now as with all thing it must come to an end, I stayed till about 11:30 before paying my bill and calling it a night.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what I am doing now.

Just a quick update, Sunday night I decided to check rates at the Flamingo and they had a 20% off sale on rooms so I put in the dates Cassandra booked for March 26th to April 3rd and it was a little over $1188 for those 8 nights. Now I have players cards at all the casinos and I always encourage people who go to Las Vegas to get them as you usually get some discounts, usually discount meals or such. Anyway, I decided to login with my card and check the same dates and using my card I was able to book the same 8 nights for $600.98 taxes and fees included, the funny thing is the rooms charge are $250, Resort fees are $280 and the rest are taxes. I really hate the resort fees as I look at it as a way to hide your total cost, how cane fees be more than the rooms. I also checked Four Queens just to compare and I really do like the Four Queens, but it was little over $550 to stay there also for the same 8 days so it really is not that much more at the Flamingo with my players card. If you go to Las Vegas get the players cards. I am looking forward to Diva Las Vegas and hope to see some of you there.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone

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