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Saturday night at Harvey’s

It is a really hot Saturday upper 90’s and after being outside all day I was really looking forward to tonight. Our group is making its monthly night out to Harvey’s Comedy club. This really is one of our most fun outings. It would be so nice to be in an air-conditioned place on a hot evening watching really good comedy. I started getting ready with the hope of being downtown Portland by 6. Portland has Rose Festival going on now and tonight is the Starlight Parade which starts at 8:30 so I figured by 7 parking would be hard to find.

It took a little longer getting ready as I wanted to take my time and look my best, I really do enjoy the whole process of transforming into Susan. It is such a relaxing feeling. I actually got downtown at 6:15 and found a parking spot a half block from Fox & Hounds. Now we only had 7 going tonight and I figures 4 would go straight to Harvey’s. I had my computer to keep me busy till others showed up. I got out of my car and the heat hit me, wow it was hot out. As Susan I am not a fan of really hot weather as I hate sweating as a girl as I am worried about my makeup. I did use a water proof mascara just incase.

Now I just had to wait for others to show up. The only one I new for sure would meet me at Fox & Hounds was Melissa, she is one of our new members and this would be her first time going out. Melissa e-mailed me she was on her way so I knew she would show up. It was about 7:30 when she got there. Melissa looked really nice and if she was nervous or scared you couldn’t tell it. I remember how I was the first few times I went out.

It was nice to meet her and she seems really nice. We spent the next 45 minutes talking and getting to know each other. She has been dressing for years and now wants to start going out. It is funny how so many of us progress this way. I use to love dressing at home and now when I am Susan I want to go out, I can’t remember the last time I was Susan and just stayed home. Turns out her wife also knows and is supportive, hopefully she will coke out with her and meet a couple of the other wives and girlfriends. No one else showed up so at 8:20 we left and walked over to Harvey’s. It was still hot out guessing close to 90 but it was a nice walk and we talked more as we walked. By the time we got to Harvey’s we were both warm so it was nice to get back inside where they had A/C.

We were the first t arrive at Harvey’s so we got a table to wait. Cristine texted me her bus had over heated and she was waiting for another, turns out the another bus didn’t get there till almost 10 so she just went back home. Jan, Lynn and Sophia showed up and I introduced them to Melissa. Michelle and her friend also showed up so we did have 7 tonight. Not as big of a turnout as I had hoped but still good. Star our favorite bar tender got us all drinks and it was good to see her and we sat and talked as we waited for the late show.

It started to get busy and soon it was time to go in. it was a smaller crowd tonight but I think with the parade and the heat it may have kept people away. Kim came over and talked with us, I always look forward to seeing her. We all ordered food and soon the show started. It was really good tonight. All 3 of the comedians were really good. What better way to spend an evening then laughing and having fun. It was a great night.

After the show we got to talk with Kim a little before we left and of course she had hugs for all of us. It was a wonderful night. It was still in the low 80’s out so it was a warn nice evening outside. Melissa and I walked back to where we had parked. I think Melissa had a good time and I am sure she will be going out with the group again.

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