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Saturday and some Susan time and a BBQ

It is Saturday and I awoke to my beautiful nails this morning. I s love them. Now if you read my blog from Friday when I got them done I also included my going out this morning as my male self with my nails so if you are interested in that please read yesterday’s blog. I will however talk about getting my nails done, I have gone to many Nail salons over the years and really have never had a bad experience but I will admit I do have 2 favorites. One I only go to as Susan (Dream Nails) so that is the only way they know me and the other I only go as my male self (Julie’s nail & spa) so that is the only way they know me. Both do an incredible job and make a personal connection with you and make you feel not just welcome but wanted as a guest, I would highly recommend both. Now today I will be going over to Julie’s later for a BBQ, she texted me yesterday to see if I could make it. her and Trixie made a last-minute decision to host a BBQ today and invite a few of the girls from our group.

Now as I said I was out this morning and didn’t get home till a little after 12, and of course I started getting ready right away. Now I cleaned up a little and started, well finished my makeup. I had done a light makeup this morning as my male self, full mascara, eyeliner under my upper lash line and some medium browns and gold eye shadow. I started with my brows and got them done and then darkened my eye shadow for a more dramatic look and added eye liner on the lower water line and some shadow below my lower lashes. Now it was time for foundation, contour, blush, highlighter, some concealer and finally my red lipstick. I was really happy with my eye makeup today as I was able to blend it into a nice smokey eye look. I finished it off with my black and white summer dress, yes, I wear this one a lot as I really don’t have summer dresses something I need to buy before next summer. I was all ready by a about 1:30. Now I need to be to Julie’s at 5 for the BBQ so I had about 3 hours as yes, I do want to go home first and change and check my makeup before going to Julies. I decided to go to the Starbucks right by my house as it is close and they are open till 3. I figured I could sit outside and stay there till about 4 before going home to change, my battery on my computer should last that long.

I got my computer and walked out my front door to my car and drove the 2 minutes to Starbucks, yes, a few years ago I never would have gone someplace so close to home. I parked and went in, there were 6 people sitting inside and a couple ordering and 4 waiting for drinks but no one sitting outside which surprised me. The great thing about this Starbucks is the outside tables get the morning sun and the afternoon shade. I ordered my drink and waited with the other ladies for our drinks. I went and sat outside and got my computer out, as it started, I texted Julie again to see if I could bring anything she texted back she had everything so I just texted back that I would be relaxing at Starbucks then. Well she texted back she was getting ready and come early. Now I really did need to finish my blog so I texted her I would be there about 4 I wrote and posted my blog and about 3:15 I left and went home to change into my red dress and check my makeup before heading for Julie’s. I like this dress as it is just a little tight and a little low cut and I can get a little nice cleavage with it. I got to Julies just before 4, Julie was finishing getting ready and Trixie was getting food prepped, Trixie does a lot of parties and she does a wonderful job, everything is perfect. I did help a little with getting stuff ready for the table.

Now there would be 8 of us tonight, Julie, Trixie, me, Cassandra, Melissa and her wife and Claire and her wife. Julie, Trixie and I talked as we got things ready. just before 5 Melissa and her wife and Cassandra showed up so we all went out on the deck and sat down and had chis and dip and crackers and cheese, it was so good. we had a wonderful time talking and just socializing. It was about 5:30 when Claire and ger wife showed up so they joined in. it was really enjoyable.

Soon it was time for our master chef to start the BBQ, Julie is really good with the grill, tonight was salad, Baked potato, and either steak or salmon, I had the steak. The food came off the grill and it was perfect, Thanks so much Julie and Trixie. We sat and had an incredible dinner with wonderful friends. It was the perfect start to the Holiday weekend and yes, I had to show off my cute nails. Of course I got thinking about them as I did do gel polish which is not easy to remove. Now normally I would just go to the Nail salon the evening before I go back to work which would be Monday evening but there are 2 problems with this. Monday night is our zoom meeting so I need to be home and not at the nail salon. The other thing is Monday is Labor Day, a holiday so I am not sure nails salons will be open. I may have to try to remove them myself as I can not show up at work Tuesday with these nails.

We had a wonderful dinner and wonderful conversation and even a wonderful dessert, I ate way more then I should have which is nothing new although I did have a small piece of the cake and skipped the ice cream which was really hard to do. Julie and Trixie do these BBQ every so often and they have so much food and it is all so good. Julie also has a really beautiful house with a beautiful deck that overlooks the Columbia River, the perfect home for a BBQ. After dinner we sat and just talked. It was such a magical evening. It was about 10 when Cassandra called it a night and as much as I hated it, I knew the night was coming to an end. The rest of us talked a little more and about 10:30 it was so we all helped Julie and Trixie bring stuff back into the house before we all said our goodbye for the night. it is always hard when the evening comes to an end but I will see Julie, Cassandra and Claire again on Wednesday as we go to dinner at Southland Whiskey kitchen, yes it has only been a couple weeks since we were there but one of our newest members wants to make her first trip out as her female self and she is familiar with this place as the last time we came here she had dinner here as her male self and afterwards came over and met a few of us.

I want to thank Julie and Trixie for such a wonderful evening and the incredible food, you two are awesome, thanks so much. I am truly blessed to have friends like you.

Stay safe and be happy and thanks for sharing this part of my life with me. Be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Susan update

It has been a while since I posted and yes since I have had a chance to be Susan. Life has gotten complicated with my parent’s health and as such I am not able to go out right now, keep hoping for a couple hours here or there but so far not happening. I had to remove my acrylic nails I have had for 16 months as I was unable to get the time to go in and have them done and after 4 weeks growth they were looking bad. I really do miss them and my fingers feel so different. I also had to cancel my Mexican cruise which was so sad as I was so looking forward to it. I really hope our group does it again in the future.

I still do check my e-mail, our group and my Facebook page although not as often so I do keep up with friends. I am not sure when I will get out again but I think about it often. I am sure one of the first things will be to get my nails done again. I may not post much for the foreseeable future but trust me I am still here in spirit.

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Wednesday night dinner at the Rock Bottom.

Okay it is Wednesday and our group is having dinner at the Rock Bottom in downtown Portland. It is another Brew pub in Portland, yes Portland has a lot of Brew Pubs, some say the microbrew really started here. We have gone here many times and the food is wonderful and we are always treated well but that is the case where ever we go here in Portland. Now I am not sure who all will show up as Cassandra is taking the summer of and she really has been the driving force behind our group. I did post in our group that I would be there for sure. Well before I get to far Just a quick note, there is still time to sign up to go on our Mexican Cruise, October 13 to 20 2018. We have 28 signed up right now let’s see if we can get 30. . For more information check out our web page or contact me.

I got home from work and had time tonight to enjoy the getting ready and take my time which always makes the night better. I was all ready and, on my way, a little before 5. I got downtown Portland and this area seems a lot busier as I never seem to be able to find a parking spot on the street. I drove around a couple blocks and nothing so I went right to the parking garage which is only 1 block away and even that was kind of full, I found a parking spot on the 5th floor right by the elevator. It still amazes me how far I have come as Susan. A few years ago, I would park right by the door or where I could see it and wait till I saw no one around before getting out of my car and going straight in. tonight it was no big deal. I parked, got out of my car got on the elevator and down to the street and walked the block to the Rock Bottom as though it was the most natural thing to do, not once did I think about how I was dressed or if people were looking at me. It really is a wonderful feeling.

I went inside and I was the first one there, Kate texted me she was almost there so I checked our group to see who all posted, Kate, Barb and Melissa all said they would be here so I knew we had at least 4. Kate got there and she got us a table for 4 although we could squeeze 2 more in we would just be cozy. As it turned out it would be just the 4 of us. Melissa showed up and we all sat at the table and talked as we waited. Barb showed up right at 7 and so we all ordered dinner. They really do have good food here but I really like their Chicken fried Chicken so that is what I ordered. They were a little busy which is always nice as you can people watch which really has become one of the fun things I like to do.

We had a wonderful time and talked a little about our group and what we want to do mainly about our dinners. We all really want to keep them going but we want to find a way to get more of the group going out. Cassandra use to send text messages which is a big undertaking but it got it to the members directly instead of them having to go to the group web page. It really made it to easy and people got to use to it and t may get hard to break that and get them back to checking the web page. Melissa has done so much with our web page she has even put forums in it where we can have group talks it really is a wonderful web page with lots of information. We talked if we should try to find a way to do group tests again but I would really like to try and get people to go back to checking the web page. It really only does take a few seconds and you can do it right on your cell phone. Well that is something we as the administrators will have to figure out. The one thing I do know is we need members to reply and let us know if they are coming out just so we can plan for it, it would not be good if we had a table for 6 and 7 or 8 showed up and had to sit by themselves. Well I guess I got off topic again as that really had nothing to do with our dinner out. We also talked a little about our Mexican cruise, still time to sign up so check the link above.

The night went by so fast as always and soon it was after 9. We all paid our bills; our waitress was awesome by the way. Now it was time to leave so we said our goodbyes and left. Melissa and I had both parked in the parking garage so we walked together and talked. It really was a wonderful evening out with friends.

Thanks for reading and be sure and see what’s new on my most recent blog.

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Friday and a chance to go out with my friends


Well it is Friday and I have had a fun week already but I am really looking forward to tonight as I can wear one of my new dresses. This is a not so good picture of me but it is a really cute dress. I have discovered that tight dresses get really short when you sit, my tip for the day. Well I was ready to get in the shower at 5 so I could get out early but got a phone call from a family member and ended up talking for about 30 minutes so now I was going to have to rush just to make it by 7.

Well I was out the door and on my way by 6:45. I got to Sweethome just a little after 7 and the parking lot was full and so was the street. I actually had to park about 12 car lengths up the street which is the farthest I have ever had to park here plus being a tree lined residential street there is really no street lights so it was pretty dark which I guess as it is close to Halloween is fitting but it also made me more aware of my surrounding which is something we should always do anyway.

Well Chris was there playing pool as usual as he always gets here by 6. Jan and Lynn were also here and this is early for them but I was happy as it is good to see them. Lynn is the one I had take my picture. I sat with them for a bit and we talked which is always nice. Well their diner came so I moved over and sat next to Chris and ordered my dinner.

Chris had won his game of pool and was playing another one, seems to be his night for pool. Cassandra showed up which was nice as she has been working a lot lately, it has been several Fridays since she has been out. It was nice to talk to her and we got to hear about her and her wife’s recent trip to Reno, even saw a picture of them of course she was in male mode as Cassandra had to stay home. We also talked about the upcoming Halloween party we are all looking forward to. Cassandra and Peggy open their home and put on the best Halloween party. Peggy spends the whole month of October and many hours decorating their home so it looks just perfect and it always does. We also talked about Diva Las Vegas next year as we are all looking forward to it.

Roxy and Cristine both showed up so we had a pretty good turnout tonight. Craig from the other group came over and showed us his hair cut I am assuming for Halloween. He shaved the top part of his head and just left the hair around the side. Can’t remember who he said he was supposed to look like but it kind of reminds me of the lollipop kids in the Wizard of Oz without the curls on top. It was a really interesting look to say the least.

It was actually pretty busy here tonight, they had a good crowd which always makes it more fun. Well Karaoke started and of course Chris and Lynn both sang from our group and did great as did all the people.

Diane also showed up and she looked a little different than she did when I saw her yesterday while I was shopping at Sears. It is still funny that I ran into Rose and her in her male mode while out shopping. Much better then running into someone who only knows my male side. It was just a fun night out with friends and it really wasn’t what we did but the fact we were together that makes it such a fun night

Well girls left and by 11:30 it was just Diane and me left from our group. We sat and talked for a while and got to know each other better which is always nice and of course we listened to some more Karaoke. It was just a fun night. It was after midnight when we called it a night. What a great way to start the weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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A smaller group out on Friday.

Well it has been another long week for my male self, things keep coming up that interfere with my Susan time so I was really looking forward to tonight and getting all dressed up. It is funny how something as simple as doing my makeup and getting ready can be so much fun and enjoyable, I know lots of woman that think otherwise and maybe if I had been doing makeup since I was a teenager and doing it every day maybe and that is a big maybe I would feel different, but when you only get to do it part of the time and it is something you are looking forward to it becomes special. Any way I started getting ready a little before 5 so I could take my time and enjoy myself plus maybe I could get out a little early which of course didn’t happen.

I was already about 6:45, the only issue was the neighbor boy was outside shooting baskets in the street. Well a few years ago this would have terrified me and I would have sat in the house till it was dark and he went inside or at least taken my wig off and put a coat on over my dress and did the best to not let him see my face but tonight I just got in the car and drove off. Now I will say as he saw me pull out he walked to the curb so part of the time he was facing away from me so he may not have gotten a good look but the important thing was I was out and on my way.

I got there just a little after 7 and it looked really busy, the parking lot was full and I had to park about a half block upon the street, it has been a long time since I have had to park that far away. I got inside and they really weren’t that busy for all the cars outside. Anyway Samantha and Chris were both there, Samantha had e-mailed me as she was in town for the day and wanted to know if we would be out tonight. Which we are every Friday but still I good to check, if I was driving 2 hours to go out I would also want to make sure where and if the group would be out.

It was good to see Samantha again and she will be back in a couple more weeks also as she has to come back to Portland to get her fishing reel she is having some work done on. Yes she brought it up a couple weeks ago and dropped it off as Samantha so she will pick it up that way also. Funny how the more we go out the more confident we get and the more natural we feel. It was nice to get to talk with her though.

It wasn’t long and Lilly showed up, I knew she was coming tonight as she messaged me on Facebook as she was getting ready, we were both doing are nails at the same time. She has a farther drive though. It was nice she could make it out again, she is our group’s newest member. Her wife is supportive of her dressing which makes it easier for her to get out, her wife has actually came out with her a couple times also.

Cristine also showed up a little later than normal, she got caught in traffic tonight so we had a smaller group than normal even Roxy was able to come out for a while after she got off work so there were 6 of us but still fun. Chris played a few games of pool and won most. The bar was a little slower tonight as the other group that comes for Karaoke had another event going on out of town so only a few of them made it.

We talked for a while and had a great time, even talked about Halloween and our Halloween party which is fast approaching. I need to really start thinking of a costume for this year. I am trying to figure out if I should just buy on or try to create one on my own, but either way I am running out of time. I guess in a way it was easier a few years back when being Susan was my costume but as Susan has become such a normal part of my life now I need a female costume and yes I prefer the cute ones.

Well one of the ladies we met last week was here again tonight and came over and talked with us, and of course we couldn’t remember her name nor could she remember ours so we reintroduced ourselves, her name is Peggy so hopefully I will remember it.

Well about 9:45 they set up the Karaoke and a few of the other group showed up so we had several people who sang including Chris who did a good job as always. One of the girls in the bar got Mark the Karaoke host to sing Achy breaky heart and he did a great job and most of the bar was singing with him.

It was a fun night and as always it had to come to an end, by 11:30 it was just Chris and I so Chris played one more game of pool and then we paid our bills and called it a night. It was a little after midnight when I got home, what a great way to start a weekend.

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Saturday night out with friends

Well I was going to go out tonight with my friends, Cassandra, Cristine and I decided last night to go out to the Escape Bar & Grill Saturday night for pool, Karaoke and to watch the Oregon State Beaver football game. Now I have only been here once before with Julie so I figured it was a good chance to try my new wig, well not really new as I bought t a while ago but have never worn it as I am not sure how it looks on me. We were meeting at 7:30 but I had really hoped to be there earlier.

I started getting ready a little after 5, after my shower I did my makeup and did the Smokey Eye look and it actually turned out really good so I guess practice does help. As I was getting dressed I could hear my neighbors outside. The lady from across the street and the lady next door were standing in her driveway talking while her 4 kids were pulling weeds out of the driveway. Now I know both the ladies know about my dressing but not sure about the kids. They were standing right next to the street facing my driveway so they would have a good look at me as I left and it was still light out. Luckily the kids were facing away from my drive so I figured I might as well go so I got in my car and opened the garage door and drove out. The one neighbor looked right at me and waved so I waved back. Will be interesting the next time I talk with her as although they have known for almost 2 years now but they have never been right out front by the street when I have left so this was their best view of me leaving.

I got to the Escape Bar & grill right at 7:30 and went in, Cassandra, Cristine and Michelle were there already. It was great to see Michelle as she does not get out that often at least on the nights I do so I got a chance to talk with her a little. She ordered a large Nacho plate and we all snacked on it but I was hungry so I ordered some Taco’s and a side ordered of Tater tots to share. All the food was good and their prices were reasonable.

Now as I had a new wig I had to get pictures before I ate so I had Cassandra take a few. The first one the flash didn’t work but I like the picture even though it is a little dark as the low light I think softens my look. It was funny as Cassandra didn’t even notice my new hair style till I asked her to take my picture as I had a new wig, know I know how woman feel when they change their hair style and no one notices.

Now as this was a last minute decision to come here tonight as we didn’t post it in the group till late this morning I wasn’t sure how many would come out but we actually had a good turnout tonight. Laura was the next to show up and it was good to see her again.

Now it was my turn to play Cassandra in pool and I broke, I didn’t sink any balls on the break but I really spread them out so when it was Cassandra’s turn she sunk 5 balls in a row so I was way behind. Now I managed to make a good comeback and I got down to just 1 ball before she sunk the 8 ball and won. I did have fun playing though.

Petra and Michelle showed up next and they are always so much fun when they come out and Petra was the one who beat Cassandra at pool, well actually Cassandra had on ball left when she accidently scratched the 8 ball to lose. We sat and watched the Oregon State football and Oregon took the lead right from the start but that was all they managed to do, then ended up losing 35 to 10 but it was still fun to watch.

Laura also showed up, yes we had 2 Michelle’s and 2 Laura’s out tonight so we had a total of 8 of us. Laura and I talked for a while which was nice. She even asked me about Diva Las Vegas as she is thinking of going next year which would be great. Now the bar was slow early but by 10 it was really busy when they started Karaoke. Laura from our group sang a couple times and did a great job as always. This place has some really good singers also. It was a really fun night.

It was about 10:30 when I decided to leave so I went up to the bar and had to stand in line to pay. While I stood there the lady in front of me told me how beautiful I was which made me feel good as who does not like hearing that. I talked with her for a few minutes till she paid her bill. I paid my bill and then it was time to say goodnight to all my friends and head for home. It was a really fun night as how can dressing up really pretty and going to a bar to watch football not be fun.

Thanks for reading and hope your weekend was as awesome as mine.

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A day for a pedicure

Well I really didn’t think I would be out this week as I was supposed to be out of town but things changed and although I don’t have a lot of free time this week I had a few hours this morning and Susan decided she needed a pedicure. Now I have wanted to try a nail salon a little closer to where I live called Dream Nails. Now this is really close to where I live and I usually don’t go out as Susan to places within 5 miles of home for fear to running into someone I know. Anyway I was up by 7 this morning and got all ready and was ready to leave by 9, now as I said this was a last minute opportunity so I had not made an appointment so I did call at 9 when they opened to see if I could get in and the lady said they could get me in so I left home for the nail salon. I got there in less than 5 minutes as I said this is really close to where I live.

I parked and went in, the lady there asked if she could help me and I told her I had just called about getting a pedicure so she told me to pick out my color and showed me to a pedicure seat. The color I picked out was a really bright pinkish red color by China Glaze, I normally always do OPI but today I picked by the color alone. She asked me if I wanted the regular pedicure or the deluxe well as it has been awhile I went for the deluxe. She started on my feet and a couple other ladies came in that work here. This is actually a big nail salon as they have 9 pedicure chairs and 8 manicure tables and according to Yelp they are always busy.

Now if you have never gotten a pedicure it really is a must to put on your list of things to do. It is so relaxing as they massage your feet and lower legs. She trimmed my toenails and trimmed back the cuticles. One thing I really liked is on the back counter they had several machines for sterilizing the tools they use, this is the first salon I have gone to that did this. Once this was done she rubbed oil on my legs and feet and used a pumice stone to remove any rough skin on my heels and foot. Then she put a green past on my legs and wrapped them with a hot towel. She let this sit for a few minutes while she got a couple plastic bags with a liquid in them and then came back and wiped away the green paste. She then had me put my feet in each of the bags which turned out to be paraffin wax. This was really warm on my feet.

While my feet were in the bags she started to massage my lower legs with oil and creams. Really relaxing. She also complimented me on how my legs and feet looked which made me feel good. After about 15 minutes of massaging both legs she took the wax off my feet and did the same oil and cream massage on my feet. When she was done with this she went over and came back with 2 hot stones and then used those to rub my feet and legs. This part was nice but not something I would go out of my way for.

While she was doing this another lady came in and asked one of the other girls if she could get a pedicure and also told them there were 5 of her friends on the way and they all wanted pedicures so the other 2 ladies started getting things ready for the group coming in, I was surprised that with that many all coming at once together they didn’t make an appointment.

As she was finishing up on my foot massage 2 other ladies came in, part of the group. The lady, I wish I had gotten her name started to paint my toes and the color was awesome, a really bright pink with a touch or red in it. She did a great job and it took about an hour. She then took me over to a chair so I could put my feet under a fan to dry while they started on the other group which by now was 5. The cost was only $40 which really was not bad at all, plus a tip of course. It was about 10:30 when I left the salon.

Now as I said I didn’t think I would be out this week and I only have a few hours this morning and early afternoon so I didn’t want to go right home. I needed a lip liner so I figured a quick shopping trip to ULTA which is only about 10 minutes away. I got there and went in and looked around a bit before getting the lip liner and going to the check out. On my way home I stopped to get something to eat, went to a Panda Express as this is a fast food I can eat with a fork. I was here maybe 20 minutes or so.

I was on my way home and it was a little before noon and I still had an hour or so, so again I pushed my comfort level and stopped a t Starbucks I have never gone to before, one that is only a block and a half from my house. Now i parked and went inside and to my surprise it was really busy, they had 5 people working and I had to stand in line to get my drink although most people were getting their drinks to go.

I got my drink and sat down at a table by the door as it was the only one of 10 tables open. So now I am on my computer catching up on things. I have been here about an hour and it is a steady stream of people coming in so I keep wondering if one of my neighbors will walk through the door.

Well I must be going as I have things my male self needs to do in a couple hours so I need time to get home and clean up all traces of Susan. To my surprise I didn’t see anyone I knew while I was here but there were a lot of people who came in and went out.

It has been a fun day and my toes look great.

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A snowy weekend at home

Well it has been an interesting weekend, we have had a really big snow storm here in Portland, and it started on Thursday and is still snowing now. By Friday I had about 9 inches on the ground and for here that is a lot. As such I was not able to go out Friday with my friends, actually I think they all stayed home too. My biggest worry was driving in weather like this as Susan, I didn’t think it was worth the risk plus I really don’t have winter clothes well really shoes. Now I have missed Friday nights before but it was strange to just be at home on a Friday night.

We were also supposed to go to Harvey’s today but with the weather I didn’t want to risk it as we I got another 4 inches of snow overnight so now I have well over a foot, usually we get a dusting and it is gone in a few hours, this is probably the most snow we have had at one time in many years and it is interfering with Susan’s fun. Well I canceled going to Harvey’s tonight which turned out to be a good choice as we later found out Harvey’s closed for the weekend as did Fox & Hound where we usually go first.

Now I really needed some Susan time this weekend so I did something I haven’t done in a long time I dressed and just stayed home. Now normally when I am Susan I want to go out and have fun but the snow stopped that so what should I do today. Well I decided to do a video for YouTube. Now I have never done a video before so I was a little nervous and not sure what to do. Not I am not much of an actress and I can’t sing or dance so I just did a video of me explaining my thoughts on crossdressing. It is kind of silly but I still went ahead and up loaded it here is the link to it. I actually did 4 videos and still thinking about posting the others but I may just keep them for myself.

It was a relaxing day at home and I did have fun but still wish I could have been out someplace. It is still snowing and I am getting cabin fever so much that I did drive down and get takeout at Wendy’s which was probably a bad idea as I was worried I might get stuck which would be bad as I went as Susan. Here is what it looked like when I left. The roads were bad and all I could think about was getting stuck going up into my drive. Well I got back okay and into my garage so everything was good. I spent the rest of the night watching TV and playing on my computer.

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Starting the New Year off right with a Friday night out with friends

Well it has been a busy Holiday Season for both Susan and my male self, No I love the Holidays but in a way it is always nice when they are over and you can relax some. It is such a bust time of year especially when you are two persons living two lives. So I was really looking forward to tonight and a fun time with friends. I started getting ready at 5:15 so I would have time to enjoy my transformation, it is funny as soon as I start getting Susan ready I have this calm relaxing feeling. It is weird as the shower I take as my male self every morning is no different, I do the same things but somehow when it is Susan getting ready it relaxes me.

No doing my makeup I have really been working on the Smokey eye look and I think I am getting pretty good at it, I think it is just a wonderful look that looks good on everyone, plus you can tone it down for daytime or make it more dramatic for night time. Well it was so much fun and relaxing getting ready that it was almost 7 when I was ready to leave home. Now as I said di have become a lot more relaxed as Susan over the past few years. I use to carefully look outside to make sure it was clear, lately I have just been getting in my car and opening the garage door and going. Tonight without even thinking I opened the garage door first and then went out and got in the car while the door was open. Just like I do every time my male self leaves the house.

I got to Sweethome and Cassandra, Chris and Laura were already there and both Cassandra and Chris had their laptops out. Chris watching videos and Cassandra in a chat room. We chatted for a while and had something to eat it was just a really relaxing time. Now more girls showed up and yes we had a really good turnout tonight so I hope I don’t miss anyone. Jan, Lynn, Julie, Tessa, Lorna, Cristine, Bobby, Roxy and Rachael showed up. It was great to see Rachael out, she has actually been getting out more lately, and I think maybe 5 times in the last 3 months. Now Rachael is one of Susan’s oldest friend’s that I am still in contact with, I have known her for at least 10 years. Rachael and Alice who I have known for maybe 15 years were the ones who helped get Susan out of the closet so to speak. For me a night out was a late night drive but these two would e-mail me when they would be out in Portland so I had a place to go where I would know someone and not be alone. It was going out with them that led me to Embers where I met Cassandra and our friendship started and I joined the Rose City T-girl group. I owe so much to these 3 wonderful ladies as had I not met them I may never have come to accept Susan as part of who I am and met all my wonderful friends.

Well I got a good chance to talk with Rachael for a while and find out what is new with her and hopefully she will be able to keep getting out. I still think we need to try to get together for dinner one night. I took dome picture of Rachael as I said she hasn’t been out much so she needs some new pictures and of course I had to get one of me. She took the one above and I thought it turned out well for a close up.

I also got a chance to talk with Julie who is awesome, she gets out mostly on Wednesday nights and we all know I am mostly a Friday night girl so it was great she made it. I think I am going to have to try to make it out at least once a month for dinner on Wednesday nights so I can keep in touch with everyone. Especially as Amy now that she has moved will be out mostly on Wednesday night when she is in town for work.

Later Jamie and Marla showed up which was awesome. They get out but not usually on Friday nights so it was great to see them both. Plus always fun to talk with them. I should have gotten a picture with them but I had another blonde moment. Both of them looked great and it was nice to talk with them. Dan and Bianca also showed up who I haven’t seen since the Halloween party. So many girls showing up tonight who I really only see a couple time a year which just made tonight something special and special was what it was.

A little later Victoria, Guinevere and Jennifer showed up. Now I haven’t seen Guinevere or Jennifer since at Jennifer’s going away party. She was moving to Southern California so it was so awesome to see her again. Well it turns out the reason she moved has changed and hopefully she will be back living here in maybe a year or so and we are all excited about that. Plus she will be traveling up here now on a more regular basis. Well I had to get a picture with Jennifer and Guinevere, (left to right Cassandra, Jennifer, Susan and Guinevere). It was so awesome to spend some time with them and talk, kind of like when you get together with Family you don’t see often and yes all these girls are more like family than friends, you could say Susan is blessed with many Sisters.

Lorraine also was able to make it, we met Lorraine who is a GG back when we went to the P-club before we were excluded from there for being Transgender. She has been so wonderful and supportive of our group and even comes to Sweethome to hang out with us now. It was great to see her and have time to talk with her. It is amazing the wonderful people I have met while out as Susan and each one has had an impact on my life some way and helped shape who I am and I am thankful for each and every one of them. Well Laura, Lorraine and I sat at the bar for a while and talked and I even told a couple jokes that were good and we just had a wonderful time and I can think of no better way to spend an evening.

Well Jan, Lynn, Laura, Lorraine and I were the last of our group to leave and it was about 1 am. What a fun night it was but how fast it went by. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out but with so many out and being blonde if I did please forgive me.

Thanks for reading

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Friday night at the Candlelight

Well Friday night Susan got all dressed up and went downtown Portland to try a new place called the Candlelight lounge. I got there about 7:30 and there was all kinds of parking right in front which is so nice. When I got inside Cassandra, Cristine, Veronica, Barb and Candy were already there having dinner. It was not very crowded yet so I sat joined them. Their food smelled so go even though I had already eaten I went ahead and ordered their 4 piece fish and chips, Barb said she would help me east it. The staff all seemed so nice and friendly they even came out and talked with us. The girls were right the fish was awesome and at a good price too. We played pool alas we ate and also had a chance to talk.

About 8:30 the band showed up and started to set up. They have a different Jazz group each night, tonight was Lisa Mann. About 9 people started to show up and as this place is small it didn’t take long to fill up and soon it was standing room only. There was a wide mix of people but mostly looked like college kids. Soon the list to play pool was 10 or more names. Everyone was so friendly and treated us great. My first game of pool I won without ever sinking a ball as Candy scratched the 8 ball, thanks Candy. I played 5 or 6 games throughout the night and won 3 which was not bad for me.

The only down side being so small it got pretty warm inside and I had to go outside a couple times to cool off. I talked with so many people way more than at Embers as they would come right up and start a conversation with you. Robin & Jackie a couple GG’s came over and talked to us a few times and were just so awesome. Jackie even dragged me out on the dance floor for a dance and then I danced with Robin. She was so nice and didn’t care how bad I danced. She even gave me some pointers on dancing not that my hips can move like hers. The music was really good and not to loud which makes for a nice atmosphere. In all it was a really fun night and I would recommend the Candlelight to everyone. It is a nice friendly neighborhood place.

I think we will be going back there more and next time I will not eat first, their fish is so good. I got home about 1:40 and went right to bed as I plan to get up and go shopping Saturday morning. Just want a little more time as Susan plus I need a few things. Have a great weekend all. J

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