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Last day of my vacation and back to my male life, hard work being a girl.

Well I got up at 8 am this morning for my last day as Susan, by 7 tonight I will be back to being my male self and in a way it will be a nice break as it is hard work being a girl and always looking good or at least trying to look good. I crashed at Cassandra and Peggy’s house last night and it was so wonderful of them to let me stay. it will be strange after basically living with them for the last 12 days to not have them around as they really are like family. I got all dressed up and said my goodbyes and was on my way a little before 10 so I had a little time till my nail appointment at 2. It is funny as in a way I am looking forward to being my male self again for a while as it has been a lot of work to live full time as a lady but I will really miss my nails.

I was trying to think what I could do other then just go to Starbucks for a couple hours so I decided to stop at Burlington Coat at Janzen Beech as I was going right by there. I usually go to the one by Hwy 217 in Beaverton but the last few times I have been there they have not had much of a shoe selection in my size and after 12 days as Susan some of my shoes are really looking bad especially my wedges which are really comfortable and I am embarrassed to say I have super glued them back together a couple time.

I went inside and they were not busy as it was still early so I went back to the shoe section. they actually had a good selection of size 10’s and even 11’s and I fall somewhere in between depending on how wide the toe is. Well I found a cute wedge that is a slip on with a stretch material over the toes so they fit really easy and are really comfortable. they had them in 3 colors, brown, navy and tan so I had to decide as to what would go better. I went with the tan but as they were only $15.99 I thought about buying another pair till I saw these really cute open toe spiked heels with ankle straps and a zipper heel in the same size so I tried them on and they fit perfectly. seems there size 10’s here are all wide toe’s and they were on sale for $18.99. I decided on the heels I should try both on so I leaned on the rack on the other side and tried the other one on and it fit so I had 2 pairs I was going to buy. as I looked where I put my hand there was another  pair of spiked heels, open toe with all kinds if straps across the ankle and foot and a zipper back so I tried them on. with all the straps took a little more work getting my foot in but they fit to and were only $19.99 so ho could I pass them up. I bought all 3 and it was just a little over $50 what a deal. Wish I had had these in Las Vegas.

I got in the car and put the wedges on and they are so comfortable to ware. I drove to a Starbucks across from Dream Nails and figured I would spend a couple hours here till my nail appointment catching up on my blog, e-mails and maybe some work. now as I said before Dream Nails the nail salon I have been going to is only a couple blocks from my house and yes this Starbuck’s is between my house and the nail salon so I am really going out closer to home and yes I have even been in this Starbucks a couple times as my male self. I guess I am really starting to push the line between Susan and my male self.

I got to the nail salon just before 2 as it was pretty much right across the street. Anna asked if I wanted a pedicure too and I said yes as I hoped it would take my mind off of having my pretty nails removed. Now I really think this is the way to go as she trimmed my nails down and then I soaked them while she gave me a pedicure which made it a lot easier to remove the acrylic. Now Anna asked what color I wanted so I told her a nice bright pink or purple so she picked out Flashbulb Fuchsia fro OPI and then started my pedicure. We pretty much talked the whole time as she asked how my vacation was and then we talked about Las Vegas and when she was there 5 years ago. It was really nice.

Once she was done with my pedicure she asked if I wanted the same color on my fingers which I really did but I couldn’t go to work that way tomorrow so I told her just a clear coat. I moved over to the manicure table and she started on my fingers and gave me a full manicure. it really is a fun experience and so enjoyable. When she was done I decided to go with gel polish as it stays on better and will make my nails a little thicker which the need now after the acrylic’s. that is the only thing bad about getting acrylics, when they are removed your nails are thinner and damaged. Now they have a high gloss shine and look great but I also have a mat clear polish at home I can put on to cut the shine down so they don’t stand out so much. This was really enjoyable and I was there till 3:30. Anna did a great job and if you go to Dream nails I would recommend you ask for Anna.

After this I didn’t want to go straight home and I was hungry so I drove out by my favorite Starbucks’s and there is a Panda Express not far away so I went there and got something to eat. Now I no more than got inside and it started to thunder and lightning and then the hail came down so hard you could hear it hitting the cars outside so I guess I timed that just right. I sat there and ate and watched it hail and pour down rain. After I ate it was time to go to Starbuck’s which is where I am now having a warm drink and catching up on my blog and work. I will probably head home about 6:30 or so as I have to park outside tonight as my garage door broke right before I left. leaving home was not that bad as I could look out before I left. going home tonight there is nothing I can do. I will drive down my street and park in my drive and get out and walk in as once I get to my house there really is no way to back out even if people are out on the street so it is kind of good it is rainy today as hopefully they will all be inside.

This is the last post from my vacation and trip to Diva Las Vegas. Thanks for reading.


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Day 12 of Diva Las Vegas, we leave for home.

Wow it is hard to believe my vacation is almost over but what a fun time I have had and the memories that will last a life time. Just a note looking back over my log it turns out I miss numbered them so this is really day 11  as for some reason I skipped over day 6 and made it day 7 and I am to lazy to go back and fix.

We have a 16 hour drive today and Cassandra wanted to be on the road by 6 am which means I had to be up by 4:30 to get ready, I seem to be slowing down getting ready, being a girl every day is hard work. My male self can roll out of bed sower and be out the door in 15 minutes and days like this it would be nice. Cassandra is traveling as her male self so she was hauling stuff down to the car and loading it while I and Peggy got ready one of the benefits of being a girl. I was all ready by 5:45 and all that was left to take down were a couple of bags so we all grabbed what was left and headed for the elevator. Now remember these hotel casinos are huge and we are actually in one of the smaller ones. Once we got down to the casino floor we had to walk through a small mall area and down a hall to the elevators for the garage and then up to the car so glad Cassandra did most of the work, I think she made 4 trips already. Yes  we do not travel lite as it takes a lot of work to be a girl.

We were in the car and pulling out of the parking garage right at 6 so we were right on time. We did make one stop at a Starbucks on the way out of town as Cassandra wanted a coffee drink to wake her up as even with the best plans last night to be in bed early it didn’t work it was after 10 when we got to bed which I guess is early for Las Vegas.

Now some may think it is silly to spend over an hour getting all dressed up just to spend 16 hours in a car traveling and I guess it is except for the fact that one of the points of the trip is to live completely as Susan for 12 days. The only thing I take on these trips that are male is my drivers license and of course a credit card with my male name on just incase I have issues with my Susan credit card. now most woman would put a lot of time into makeup for trip like this but they still look good without makeup where I have to have the makeup to at least look somewhat female.

We did make several stops on the way home and I really never even thought about how I was dressed. It is funny how easily I slip into being Susan. Most of the time here I wasn’t really aware of the fact I was crossdressing I was just being me. Susan is as much a part of me as my male side. I think they are really intertwined together to make me who I am and without both of them I would not be the person I am today. I think once you figure this out and accept yourself and all that goes with that then you are truly complete.

It has been a wonderful 12 days and I have had a chance to reconnect with some friends I met at the first Diva Las Vegas I went to in 2010 and meet a few new people. It is amazing how you can meet someone briefly but yet the impact they have on your life, thank god for the internet and Facebook as I can keep track of them so they really are like part of my extended family. I would try to mention them all but I know I would over look someone and that would make me feel bad but you can look at my friends on Facebook and see them all there.

The best part of the trip though was traveling with Cassandra and Peggy. They are so awesome and I consider them as part of my family. It is amazing how close you get to someone when you spend so much time with them. Thanks for sharing my trip to Las Vegas with me and all my friends both near and far it is your friendship, encouragement, and love that has helped me become who I am and I thank you all.

We got back to Portland at 11 pm and Cassandra and Peggy let me crash the night at their house, thanks. tomorrow I will get up and dress as Susan for my last full day as Susan before changing back to my male self, in a way it will be nice to be my male self again for a while less work. I could never do this full time everyday. I have a nail appointment at 2 pm at Dream Nails with Anna to have my beautiful nails removed and I am sad about that as I really would love to keep them all the time as that is one thing I would do full time. I think I am going to get a pedicure to brighten my day while I am there. This is a wonderful nail salon and I would highly recommend them I you are in the area, everyone here is great especially Anna.

Thanks for reading and sharing my vacation with me.

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Day 11, Sunday our last day in Las Vegas

Well it is Sunday, our last day in Las Vegas before we head home. It is hard to believe we have been here for 8 days already. We got up a little earlier today as we wanted to spend the day downtown and also go next door to the Flamingo Fountain area and get some pictures. we were all ready and out the door before noon so we were doing well. Peggy, Cassandra and I walked over to the Flamingo and to the fountain area and the sun was really bright so it turns out the pictures Susan by the fountains at Flamingo (2)in the shade were better as you can see.

There were lots of people here doing the same thing we were doing as it really is a beautiful place to take pictures. I almost didn’t include this picture because I am not happy with it but it had the pink Flamingo’s in the background so I had to put it in. Right after this a lady walked up and took a couple of pictures of the flamingo’s so I offered to take her picture if she wanted one and she didn’t even hesitate and handed me her phone. I think I took about 6 or 7 pictures of her and she thanked me for doing that. trust meSusan by the fountains at Flamingo (3) the rest of the pictures are better.

We walked a little further down and found a shady area to get a picture, see how much better it looks. Peggy had her good camera with her and took a lot of pictures which she will send me but these I have on my phone and ready for my blog now.

Just around the corner were the waterfalls in and a Susan by the fountains at Flamingo (1)perfect place for pictures. You can see the waterfalls behind me and it is a beautiful spot. If you are ever in Las Vegas you really should check this out as it is open to everyone for free.

we spent about an hour here before heading back to the LINQ to meet Veronica to go downtown. As we were walking through the casino there was a group of 9 girls taking pictures by the slot machine so I again offered to take their picture so they could all be in it and they were thrilled and handed me 3 camera’s. I think I found the easiest way to walk up to people. I took several pictures and they thanked me and then I caught back up with Peggy and Cassandra. Veronica caught up with us and we went to the car and drove downtown.

We found some parking a couple blocks off Freemont so we had a little way to walk in the hot sun but it was fun. Our first stop was the Buffet at the Golden Nugget, we ate here 2 years ago and it was good. We got to the buffet and went in, they had all kinds of wonderful food from Breakfast, lunch and dinner so we had our choice which was nice as we got here about 2. Our table overlooked the pool area which was nice.

After lunch of course we stopped at a blackjack table to play. it was fun and what we found out all the casino’s downtown have double deck Blackjack and the pay 3 to 2 on blackjacks still so the odds are a little better. We actually gambled here for an hour and a half and we did really well. I was up over $200 at one point and then they brought a new dealer in and things changed so we quit while we were all still ahead. I finished up a little over $100 so I was happy. After we cached in our winnings we walked back out to the Freemont experience.

Peggy really wanted to go on the zip line so Peggy Cassandra and I decided we would do it. I have actually never done one so I was looking forward to it. We walked down and bought our tickets all the time wondering if our hair would stay Susan before riding a zip lineon as we zipped down the line above everyone. The tickets were only $20 so it was worth it. We got our tickets and then went out by the entrance and I had to get a picture to prove it.

Now luckily I wore my low heels as you see the stairs I am standing on, well there were 6 more of those we had to walk up. We got to the top and I watched Cassandra step into her harness in her dress and realized it wasn’t just the hair I had to worry about as I had on a skirt. We did our best and I think we were successful at getting into it with the least amount of exposer. Once we were all strapped in we walked to the edge and sat in the harness and the guy opened the clamp and we were on our way. I don’t think the hair would have come off as it wasn’t that fast but I was taking any chances as I did not want to be walking around downtown as you see me in the picture except with my short boy hair. It was really fun if you have never done it before.

After this we went to Binion’s casino and found a blackjack table and the 4 of us sat down to play. the first table was bad as the dealer was hot and I dropped $100 in know time so we moved to another table and played for a while and I got managed to get my money back. We walked next door to the Freemont casino to play some more. I really like the double deck blackjack downtown. I lost the $100 I won at the Golden Nugget here so I was I think $5 up for the day. Our last casino we stopped at was the Four Queens.

We weren’t really looking to play here but they had a game called Blackjack switch. You have to play 2 hands and the last 2 cards you get you can switch. So if you are dealt a 5 on your first hand and a 10 on your second hand and then the next cards are an 10 on the 5 and a 6 on the 10 you would have a 15 and a 16. You could switch the 10 and 6 and have an 11 you could double down on and a 20. now the draw back is blackjacks pay even money and if the dealer hits 22 all hands are a push which sucks as I had a bad hand with a 13 and a 15 and managed to get lucky draws and get both to 21 and the dealer hit 22 and we pushed. I dropped $ 50 playing this and then got back up to $50 so I bet 2 $25 dollar hands and 3 hands in a row I won one and lost one breaking even. the 4th hand I got lucky by switching a card to get one hand to 20 against a dealers 8 and the other to a 10 and doubled down and got a 5 so I figured I would win one and lose one again but the dealer busted and I won both  so I got almost all my money back. I only lost $15 dollars here so for the whole day downtown gambling I lost $10, not bad and we had fun.

It was getting late and Peggy and Veronica wanted to go to a show at the Flamingo, Cassandra wanted to get some things packed so we can leave in the morning at 6 am for home and I wanted to be in bed earlier tonight as I will have to be up by 4:30 so I can be ready to leave by 6 as it takes Susan longer to get ready as Cassandra will be in male node for the drive home.

Thanks for reading and sharing my Las Vegas vacation.

It is hard to believe we will be back in Portland tomorrow night and then Tuesday I will have to get my nails removed, how sad is that. I will miss them I really wish I cold keep them, men should be able to have long nails I think.

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Day 10 the Saturday after Diva Las Vegas, Still in Vegas

Well se slept in again this morning, to many late nights out but than it is Las Vegas. I was actually up by 9:30 getting ready while Cassandra went to the workout room and ran. she has done really well this trip as she has ran at least 7 miles every day except on while she has been here on vacation. this of course gives me an hour and a half to get ready.

I was pretty much read when she got back to the room yes when I am not rushed I take my time. Peggy, Cassandra and I were trying to figure out what we should today. We all wanted to see a show while we were here and haven’t had the chance yet so Cassandra started checking shows and times. We decided to go to 2 shows today. An afternoon show and an evening show.

Mac King who Cassandra and Peggy has seen before was playing at Harrah’s next door at 3 and and Jeff Dunham at 7. Now the Mac King tickets were only $35 and the Jeff Dunham were $95. Cassandra started getting ready as we wanted to leave here by 2 to get to the show as Harrah’s is right next door to our hotel the LINQ and only takes maybe 10 minutes to walk from our room there.

It was about 1:45 when we left the room to walk over to Harrah’s for the show, Now one of the coolest things about the LINQ is they have these informational signs that all have a camera in them and you can get your picture taken and then e-mail it to yourself or post to Facebook, and they have them inside the casino and Susan at the LINQout side too. To bad we didn’t notice these when we first got here but it is a great way to get a picture of yourself.

We got to Harrah’s about 3 and went up to the show area and got our tickets and got in line for the show it was funny as we got talking to this couple in front of us. Once we go our tickets we got in line and again were right behind the same couple so we ended up talking with them while we waited to go into the show. They were really awesome and had no problem with us and they even had their Daughter with them who was probably 10. It was time for the show to start and as you went in they took a picture of you, yes they would try to sell it to you later so we were going to skip the picture but the couple in front of us after they had their picture taken wanted one with us so the 6 of us, how awesome is that. We got into the show and you guessed it we sat right next to the same couple and kept talking.

The show started and Mac King came out in these plaid suit which he is famous for wearing and the show started. Now he is a magician and also does comedy so you really get 2 shows in one. the show was so awesome and worth the money. Of course at the end o the show he was telling us that he just signed for 4 more years here at Harrah’s so you have time to see him if you come to Las Vegas and it would be well worth it, so if you are here you really should check out Mac King. After the show we walked back to the LINQ to get the car and drive to Planet Hollywood. We were going to drive over there and eat there before the show. It really isn’t that far but easier to drive.

We got there about 5:15 and walked into the Miracle mile mall at Planet Hollywood and found a place to eat called Ketchup Burger bar, they had really good food but a little expensive but you have to expect that here in Las Vegas. After we ate we walked through the mall to the Casino and found the Show rooms. We got there early enough that there were not many people there so we got our tickets and then waited to go into the show.

It was about 6:20 when they opened the doors and we went in. we got our seats which were way up at the top but in the center so we had a pretty good view. These 2 ladies sat next to me and we got talking about Jeff Dunham as they are big fans. It was fun to talk to them as I really do like meeting new people.

The show started and it was awesome. We have never laughed so hard in our lives. Jeff Dunham is a ventriloquist and his show is awesome. This is a must see if you are in Las Vegas, worth every penny. The show went 2 hours but seamed like only 30 minutes, it went by so fast. The show room was full and I bet it held 1,500 to 2,000 people. After the show we walked back through the mall to the parking Susan at Planet Hollywoodgarage and back to our hotel. Of course I had to get a picture in my cute outfit, this is one of my favorite casual looks.

We went up to the room to freshen up before going to the casino. on the ride back down the elevator a group of about 10 girls got on with us. They were all early 20’s, skinny and had on short dresses and spiked heels and looked great. We joked around with them and even walked with them through the casino talking to a couple of the. I should have gotten a picture with them but didn’t think of it.

Peggy, Cassandra and I went into the casino and found Veronica and started playing Blackjack. It was not a good night for Blackjack at least for me. I did play about 3 hours and gave back most of what I won yesterday but I had fun. the dealers were all fun and the people at the table were great. It has been a great week and coming to an end way to fast. We have one more day here in Las Vegas and then the dive home. It was about 1 am when I got to bed again.

Thanks for reading and sharing my vacation with me.

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Day 9 the last day of Diva Las Vegas

Well it is here the last official day of Diva Las Vegas, wow this week has gone by so fast. We are staying here in Las Vegas till Monday so our fun is not over yet but I know the end is coming. We slept in again today so we got another late start. it was about 2:30 when Peggy, Cassandra and I were all ready and left the room. we walked down to the LINQ Pedestrian mall between the LINQ and the Flamingo and waited for the 2 Renee’s to get here. It was a nice warm sunny day again and we had fun people watching for a while as so many people walk by.

The Renee’s got there about 3:20 and we walked up to a Chayo Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar to have a drink and so Cassandra could watch part of the NCAA game. we ended up having snacks here and stayed here till 5 talking. I know what you are thinking me in a Tequila bar but they did have a really good lemonade. Veronica finally got there as she had things she needed to do.

At 5 Cassandra had to take a couple girls to the airport that were flying home tonight as their vacation is over. Peggy, Veronica and I walked across the street to Caesars and into the Forum shops to look around as we were having at Trevi. it is amazing how many people you see walking through the mall but not that many in the shops, of course most are high end shops. I always wonder how many people actually buy something at these shops, I guess they must or they couldn’t stay in business.

Susan at the Forum shops Las VegasWe took a break and sat down for a while and of course had to get a picture inside the Form mall. While we were sitting there I saw 3 girls by the fountain trying to take a picture of themselves so I walked over and asked them if they would like me to take their picture. They all said yes and handed me all their phones. It is funny as a few years back I would never have thought I would be walking around the Forum shops in Las Vegas and walking up to strangers but it really is fun.

We sat here maybe 10  minutes and then continued down the mall to the moving Statues and watched a little of that.Susan in the Forum shops Las Vegas it was pretty cool. there must have been 400 people in there watching this and taking pictures. we walked back down and found the restaurant but we still had time so we were only a short way from the casino so we walked down and sat at a penny slot machine and I put $5 in to say I Gambled at Caesars Palace, I lost my $5 but had fun.

We walked back to Trevi and Cassandra was just walking in. she got here faster then we thought so the 4 of us walked in together. we had the upstairs reserved for our farewell dinner. There were already about 25 girls there so we got a table and ordered drinks. this gave us a chance to sit and talk and of course talk to the other girls and get some Susan & Valorie at Caesasrsmore pictures. This is me with Valorie, I met her back in 2011 on her first trip to Diva Las Vegas.

It was well after 7 when we ordered diner. I ordered a Caesar salad as I had steak fries earlier and wasn’t really hungry plus I wanted to save room for desert. We had a wonderful dinner and it went by so fast. For desert I ordered a chocolate gooey cake and it was so good and so big that I shared with Peggy and we still couldn’t finish it. Cassandra ordered a Banana split and I bet it was close to a 1/2 gallon of ice cream, she was only able to eat about half of it so the tip of the day if you eat at Trevi’s split a desert.

After dinner there was more socializing and pictures. this is Cassandra, Cami, Me and Sue. it is funny the friendships you make and even though you may only see them once a year you can keep up with them on Facebook and Cassandra, Cami, Susan and Sueknow what’s going on in their lives and they really do become like your extended family.

Now the only bad part of the dinner was the check, they would only do one check per table so we had to sit down and divide it up ourselves. We only had 5 at our table so it was easier but still took us a little while and of course they has a banquet fee on the bill and a 16% tip which we had to divide out. I just don’t see why they couldn’t do separate checks, what ever happened to customer service, you shouldn’t make you customer have to work just to pay their bill. the other thing I don’t like is when they ad the tip for you, first you may miss it and double tip. The other reason is most of our group tips at least 20% but my feelings are if they add the tip in that is what I am going to tip so they only got the 16% they put on the bill. okay that’s enough complaining about the bill.

After dinner we walked back to the LINQ, Peggy went up to the room and Cassandra, Veronica and I found a Blackjack table. Now it is Friday night and the casino was busy so the tables were $15. I bought in with $100 and we started playing. I was the big winner of our group. Cassandra played for a little while before going to the room up just a little. I was actually up about $500 when the table got cold and at $15 to $25 a hand with doubling down and splitting it doesn’t take long to loose money. I had put a few chips in my purse but I finally wanted to take a break so Veronica and I walked over to the Flamingo and found another table.

I took out 4 $25 chips and got and we started again. I was up and down for a while but I just couldn’t get going. I have my $100 buy in and $20 so I bet the $20 and was not going to spend any more if I lost it was was done. Somehow the gambling gods knew that as I got a 6 & 5 for an 11 against the dealers 6 and you have to double. I put another $20 out and the dealer drew to 20 and I lost so I was done for the night but it was a good night. when I cashed in my chips I had $455 dollars of which $100 was what I started with so it was my best night gambling and probably got me back to even for the trip give or take $100 so for a full week in Las Vegas that is pretty good.

Tomorrow most of the girls will be gone and it will be Just Peggy, Cassandra, Veronica and me till we leave Monday Morning for home. Tomorrow we are going downtown to the Fremont Experience and going to spend time down there and we are planning on a dinner buffet, can you believe it we have been in Las Vegas for a week and not one buffet yet. The weather this year has been the best we have had, Sunny every day and 75 to 80 and no wind. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. Now I am already thinking about Tuesday and having to get rid of my nails, so sad.

Thanks for reading

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Day 8, golfing and the High Roller observation wheel

Wow that was a short night, Cassandra actually got up at 5:30 to go run and I went back to sleep till 6:30 after all it was 2 am when I went to bed. I will be tired tonight. I drug my self out of bed at 6:30 and went and took a nice long shower to wake up as we were not meeting till 8:45 to leave. I finished my shower and was ready to start my makeup when Cassandra got back to the room. I have been trying all week to be all ready so she could have total use of the bathroom to get ready but that would not happen today so we had to share the bathroom doing our makeup.

Now sleeping in a little more meant we were rushed more so I only had time to write part of my blog from yesterday so I will finish it when we get back from golfing. We were on our way by 8 am to the golf course, we are playing Badlands today. This is a really hard course as they actually have three nine hole courses that go from what they call easy to hard. the 4 of us got there about 9:30 and the other 3 girls from Diva Las Vegas that were golfing with us were already there.

We were able to go off right away so we paid and went right out on the golf course so we had the easy and medium courses which really weren’t what I would call easy. This is a link style course  with narrow fairways and rocky desert all around and on some of the holes the desert split the fairway so you really had to hit the ball right where you wanted if you were long, shirt, right or left if you didn’t lose your ball it was still a drop and penalty.

It was funny the one guy from the course still has pictures on his cell phone from 20150326_094347last year with the girls. as we were teeing off a lady came by and took our pictures which she would be selling us later but I had to get  a picture with her.

We teed of and the weather was awesome, a little on the ho side as there really is no shade but no wind so it was good. I played much better than I did on Tuesday too, my shots were straight which I really needed to do here. After the first 9 I was in the lead by 1 in our foursome and the only one to break 50 barely as I shot a 49.

The second 9 was even harder but it was a fun day. I had some really good shots one I put 2 feet from the flag from abut 140 yards out. on the second 9 though I finished 2nd 3 strokes behind Cassandra but I was good with that as she can out drive me on every hole, I am not a long ball hitter. For the 18 holes we played I got second with a 103 2 strokes behind Cassandra. now this is not a great score but I must have had at least 10 penalty strokes from balls that had there been wider fairways I could have played so I was happy.

On our way back to the club house we ran into the girl who took our picture and I broke down and bought one for $20. It is a good picture but after I bought it I realized I can’t really set it out in my house or show friends that don’t know so I guess I shouldn’t have bought it. After golf we met up with the other 3 ladies and had a nice lunch.

We got back to the hotel about 4 and Cassandra was going to take a nap which I probably should have but I still had my blog to finish from yesterday so that was my plan but of course that plan didn’t work out as Peggy was getting ready to meet Teresa and walk down to the Bellagio Hotel casino and asked if I wanted to go and of course I did as I love walking down the strip and checking out the hotels. so I took about 15 minutes to freshen up and we were on our way.

We met Teresa at the bar downstairs and then we were off. Now walking around Las Vegas is fun as there are thousands of people out walking and it is fun to people watch and I am sure I got many strange looks but who cares. We walked through the casino and then into there little garden area which was so beautiful. they really spend a lot of money here making this hotel look nice. We then decided 20150326_174159to walk to the City Center Hotel casino which is a massive hotel casino complex. as we were leaving we all got pictures out font by some flowers. This is the best of the 3 o me and n all of them my necklace is messed up.

We walked over to City Center and went into the Aria Hotel which is just one of the hotels that is at this casino and checked out some of their shops. we also walked through the casino before making the long walk back, you would think walking 3 casinos down would not be that far but these are all huge Hotel casino complexes and I bet it was a good mile. We walked the other side of the strip on our way back past Planet Hollywood, The Paris, Bally’s and of course the Flamingo to get to our hotel.

We sat at the Bar and played a little poker slot to get a free drink which really didn’t turn out to be free as I lost $20 in the slots. By now Cassandra was up and getting ready for the evening so Peggy, Teresa and I walked out into the LINQ 20150326_205049pedestrian mall between the 2 casino’s to get something to eat and found this nice place that sold pizza by the slice so we each got one and stood at a table out side talking and watching the people walk by. we are actually riding the High Roller (the worlds largest observation wheel at this time) to get a view of the city at night.

Once we had our group ready we got our tickets and headed for the wheel, we had 7 of us going. Cassandra, Peggy, Michele, Veronica, Keri, Teresa and me. It takes20150326_210227 about 40 minutes for the wheel to make one full rotation and you really do get a great view of the city. we took so many pictures from the wheel of the city and of course we had to get some of us with the city in the background. If you are in Las Vegas and want a good view of the city it is worth the price.

After the wheel Cassandra, Veronica me and a couple others walked over to the Flamingo to check out their black 20150326_210811jack tables but they were all full so we walked back to our casino the LINQ and found a table. I did okay and I was still betting bigger tonight, $10 to $30 a hand and had some good wins and some bad losses but I was having fun. I played about 2 hours maybe a little more and at one point was down over $100 and up over $100 and in the end I I had only lost $75 playing but had fun.

It was a little after midnight when Cassandra and I got back to the room and I was really tired. Peggy had just started watching a movie so I broke out my computer and finished my blog from Wednesday and then was going to go to bed but as I was doing my blog I got interested in the movie Peggy was watching so I stayed up till almost 1:30 watching it with her. I am sleeping in tomorrow though as e have nothing planed early in the day.

It has been a wonderful trip so far but we are more then half done now and I keep thinking it will come to an end soon and I will have to remove my beautiful nails. But still a memory I will have forever.

Thanks for reading


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Day 7 of Diva Las Vegas a relaxing day

Well we got up late today as we really had nothing special planned today except dinner at PF Chang and going to the Diva’s show tonight, so it was about 11 when we all got going. Peggy had gone downstairs to see about the tickets for the Diva’s show tonight while Cassandra and I was finishing dressing. Actually I was done and Cassandra was doing her makeup so I was deciding on going down and finding Peggy or waiting for Cassandra. Well I was going casual today, Salmon Capri’s and a black top with my pink tennis shoes when it happened. The first time I have ever had this happen, as I pulled on my shoe it slipped as I didn’t have a good grip on it and shot off my foot and as I picked it back up there was something red in it. I looked at my figure and the horror, I had broken one of my nails. I have never had that happen with an acrylic nail and it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would but my day was now in a shambles. I got my shoe on and told Cassandra I had to go get it fixed as nothing else at this point was important.

I headed down to the 6 floor where the hotel salon was but as they still haven’t finished remolding it was closed so down to the lobby where I ran into Peggy and showed her my poor nail. We went over it the concierge desk and I explained my issue and the young man there told me that the Flamingo next door had a salon and called over and got me an appointment for 1:30. I told Peggy I would catch up with her and Cassandra later as nothing was more important than getting my nail fixed and I was on my way to the Flamingo.

I got to the Flamingo and started looking for the salon and it took me a little while to find it but I got there just before my appointment. Now the nail techs were busy so I did have to wait a little but they were fitting me in on short notice so I was okay with it. I actually talked with the Hair stylist who’s chair was next to where I was sitting as she had no customers. She told me how nice I looked and how well I did on my eyes which is always nice to hear. Now one of the other ladies came over and wanted to show me something, turns out she does the facials. She showed me some products and put some stuff around my eyes to help them look better and they did and she was willing to make me a deal only $249 for the products but I just couldn’t spend that much on eye cream.

The nail tech was finally done and it was my turn and luckily they had the same color polish I had put on my nails. I have never had to do a repair to a nail so it was a new experience and she was very nice. We talked as she worked and it turns out she has a friend who’s son is transgender plus she has had transgender people come in before for nails. I told her all about Diva Las Vegas and how we have been coming down here for several years. It was a really nice time and once my nails was fixed and the trauma was gone I had actually had fun.

I got back to the LINQ and Cassandra and Peggy were at the same concierge desk getting the tickets for the Diva’s show tonight as we have 10 going and we all wanted to sit together. Cassandra went and played some Blackjack and Peggy and I went out by the pool to spend some time with a couple other girls till it was time for dinner.

Cassandra, Peggy and I left at 4:45 for PF Chang at Planet Hollywood. We got there and we parked and walked through the mall to the casino and through the casino to the restaurant and got there right at 5:30 and there were already a lot 20150325_191307of girls there. It was fun to socialize for a while and then we sat down to dinner, Both Renee’s were there, Keri and also Teresa made it. I took some pictures including this one with Teresa. This is one of my newer dresses, only the second time I have worn it. We had a wonderful dinner, this is really a fun event here at Diva Las Vegas.

After dinner we went back to the LINQ for the diva’s show. We have seen the show before and it really is a good show, If you come to Las Vegas you really should take a night and go see it.

This is a picture of me in the casino in my dress. After the show Veronica and I 20150325_195617went over to the Flamingo to play a little Blackjack. We found a $10 dollar table and started playing. I bought in with $100 I decided tonight I would try betting a little bigger and actually most of the time  was betting $15 and $20 and a few times more. It is a little different when you have the opportunity to double down or split pairs when you have

more money on the table but I was having a good time and winning.

We had a couple guys sit down and play with us and soon we were all having a fun time and as everyone was doing well, we played several hours and of course all things must come to an end and the table got cold so Veronica and I called it a night. I cashed in $225 dollars so it was a good night. Veronica did even better than I did,

It was almost 2 am when I got to the room to go to bed, wow didn’t realize I stayed out so late. It will be a short night as we are golfing in the morning so I have to be up by 6:30 am to get ready as I need more time to get ready in the morning as Susan.

Thanks for reading

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Day 5 the Diva Las Vegas golf tournament

Well today is our annually Diva Las Vegas golf tournament and I have been looking forward to this. The weather today is supposed to be perfect. We were all dressed and on our way downstairs by 7:45 and I was wearing my new cute pink skirt and white top.

We got to the Wild Horse golf course and there were already most of the girls there as our tee time is 9 am. We are playing a 4 person scramble which I think is Susan ready for golfingmore fun for our group as it evens it out between the really good golfers and bad as you play best ball. I hope maybe in a few years we can have a lot more girls play. Well of curse I had to get a picture before we left while I still look good.

we had 5 teams of 4 playing so it would be a fun day. Cassandra and I were in on cart and our foursome was all from Portland.  We had a great day golfing and it was sunny and warm and for the first time here golfing there was no wind.

Now we played pretty good and our team finished 1 under par but with a scramble format we new that wasn’t good enough to win but we did have one hole wear we used all 4 of my shots and got a par on the hole. I had some really good shots and I will admit that playing golf as a female is a little more challenging as certain body parts get in the way and of course the long nails. my nails weren’t as long as the first year but I could tell they were a little longer than last year as I did have a little trouble gripping the club and by the end of the day one of my fingers were a little sore but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

After we finished we went back to the club house for our lunch which was included in our cost and was awesome and of course the awards. Our group finished in 3rd place which was fine for me as I was more about being out and golfing as Susan. Cassandra did win the closest to the pin on one of the holes. it was a good day and I was glad we started a little earlier this year as we are going to Ruth Chris for dinner tonight at Harrah’s and I want to be hungry for that.

After golf we got back to the hotel and Cassandra took a nap and as I knew Peggy and Michele were down sitting by the pool I went down for a while and sat with them and we all talked and for those wondering no I did not wear a bathing suit although I did bring one. Now the funny thing about our hotel is they close the pool at 5 pm which I think is silly, also you have to be 21 to go to the pool. we were talking to them and I guess the hotel is trying to get a younger single crowd to stay here and make it a more hip hotel. Not what I thought was a good idea. I guess the Hotel we have stayed at for the last 5 years is changing now that they have renamed it the LINQ. They have gotten rid of the Dealertainers which was the biggest reason we have been coming here. One last thing is house cleaning here. past years we would leave the room by 10 am and by 2 or 3 the room would be clean, well the last 2 days are room has not been cleaned and we have had to get towels from the maids. yesterday we were gone by 9 am with the sign to make up our room on the door before 9 am and we didn’t get back to the room till almost 4 and it was still not made up. I am actually really disappointed this year. I really think we will look at a new place to stay next year. We are talking about staying downtown next year.

it was about 5:30 when we all changed for dinner and I wore a really cute short dress, I actually let Peggy pick it out again tonight and the 4” heels I got from Renee yesterday. they are really high and by the end of the night my feet were sore, they are not made for walking which we did as all these casinos are big.

It was a little after 6 when Peggy, Cassandra, Teresa and I walked through our casino and over to Harrah’s to Ruth Chris for dinner. Now my dress is tight and short so I was very aware of that fact and kept pulling it down but where it was the most noticeable was when I sat, thank god for napkins. I don’t know how girls wear dresses like this all the time as it is a lot of work. Now I thought I got a picture of me in the dress but it must not have been on my phone so I have no picture to post but trust me it was cute. we had an awesome dinner and yes it is not a cheap place to eat but every once in a while you need to splurge as life is to short not to enjoy yourself.

after dinner we walked back to our hotel and my feet were done so when we got to the blackjack table I was glad to sit down of course making sure my dress w pulled down. now tonight they had some $5 tables which I was glad for. I actually sat here from about 9:30 till after 1 am playing blackjack and had a good time talking with the other people at my table which I really enjoy. I was actually doing really well and was up but it is amazing how fast things can change.

I started betting $10 a hand and I had two hands that really hurt. I got a pair of 8’s against the dealers 4 so I split them, the 1st 8 I drew a 3 so I doubled down to $20. the next 8 I drew a 3rd 8 and split again and got a king for 18. the 3rd 8 you guessed it I got a 4th 8 and split again drawing a 2 so I doubled down for $20 and the 4th 8 I got a 10 for 18 so I had $60 on the table and feeling pretty good till the dealer turned over her hand and had a 5 and drew a 10 for 19. in the end I pushed one of the 8 and lost the other 3 for a total loss of $40.

3 hands later I had a pair of 7’s against the dealers 6 and so I went for it again splitting the 7’s. the first I got a 4 and doubled down for $20. the second 7 I drew another 7 and split again. I drew a 3 so I doubled down again for $20 and the 3rd 7 I got a 4 and doubled down for $20 more. these were really great hands and I had an advantage. So with $60 on the table and feeling pretty good the dealers turned her down card which was an Ace and then drew a 10 for 17 but I had 3 hands doubled down on 11’s and a 10 so  I still felt pretty good. she turned the first card and it was an Ace for a 12 and loss, the second was a 3 for a 13 and a loss and the 3rd was another Ace and a loss. I couldn’t believe I lost all 3, that is beyond bad luck and I decided it was time to call it a  night. well I had played for about 4 hours and ended up winning $45. I wont get rich but I had fun and got some of my money I lost the last couple nights back.

I was the last of our group so I made the walk back through the casino to the elevator by myself. now as I said I really don’t think about being Susan as I feel so comfortable as Susan but I was aware of how short my dress was and how high my heels were. My feet were really feeling it and when I got off the elevator on my floor and as our room is at the far end of the hall I did stop and take the heels off for for the walk down the hall. I think this is the first time I have ever done that.

It was a great day and I had so much fun. Thanks for reading.

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Day 4 some shopping and our opening dinner at Bahama Breeze.

Well today Peggy, Michele, Teresa and I are going shopping so I had to get up early so I could drive the girls who were golfing today to the golf course so we would have the car. this meant getting up at 6:30 so it would be a long day for Susan. I was ready and we were off by 8:45 so I was back to the hotel by 9:30.

Susan at the Flamingo (1)Peggy called Michele and she was not ready yet so Peggy and I went down to meat Teresa who was at the Flamingo. I had to have a picture here so Peggy took one but it was pretty bright out so not a great picture. The 3 of us sat and talked for a while and watched the people walk by. Michele finally was ready so we went and met her about 11:15 and the we were off to the mall, this is an out door open air mall so you are walking streets and shopping so much more fun then just going into a big mall especially when it is in the 70’ and sunny. our first stop was Charming Charlie and we all looked at jewelry, yes I bought some, a couple necklaces and bracelets.

After here we were all hungry so we walked over to California Pizza for lunch. We had a nice lunch and of course I had a Caesar salad with chicken. We had a nice lunch and good conversation and spent about 45 minutes here. after lunch we had just a little time before I had to take the girls back to the hotel and g and pick the other girls up at the golf course. Teresa needed to run into Victoria’s Secret and Michele walked down to another store and so Peggy and I also went into Victoria’s Secret and looked around while we waited for Teresa. This is a fun store to shop at although  think I have only gone in there once when I was not Susan but when I am out as Susan shopping I always walk through and look.

111 (4)I finally got the girls back to the hotel and went and picked up the other girls from golfing and we all got back to the hotel and of course we started getting ready for dinner tonight. Now I decided to wear my little black dress and my new sparkly heels as we all got dressed up.

When we were all ready I drove Cassandra and Peggy over to Bahama Breeze and then came back to pick up the other girls. we were all over there by 6:30 and there was already a good crowd there. I think I herd there would be about 80 girls here tonight.

It was nice to see some of the girls I have know for several years111 (11) from coming here, Sue, Cami, Valorie, Bev and so many others. I wish I had gotten pictures with all of them but didn’t think to. Of course I had to get my yearly photo with Bev. It really is amazing how many friends I have made here even though I maybe see them just once a year and some I keep up with on Facebook but still what wonderful friends they are.

Renee and Renee were both here and it was nice to see them again. The one Renee had some shoes she bought that didn’t fit her so later in the night I tried them on and one pair fit me. not the normal open toe shoes I love but very cute so I got them from her. the other 2 pair were just a 111 (7)little to big.

Teresa also showed up for dinner. she is here in town for the week and is hanging out with us which is so fun. she had on this awesome red dress so I had to get  picture with her also. Yes I do love being in pictures.

It was time to eat and we all ordered dinner and I had this awesome Chicken breast with Broccoli and Cinnamon sweet potato’s, it was so good.

Kari also showed up as she made it here for Diva Las Vegas this year. it was great to see her and get to talk with her111 (12) for a while and of course there had to be a picture. It was so much fun here tonight and Michele had on this beautiful sequin floor length dress. now I know I was in a picture with her but it must not have been on my phone.

The Bahama Breeze is such a wonderful place and they have always treated us wonderful, the wait staff that works the night we are here actually asks to work this night as they have so much fun when we are here. Know here is the funny part, one of the employees who works here. He has only been working here for about 6 months but it turns out several years ago he did Drag for a while so he showed up tonight in Drag and hung out with our group. She goes by the 111 (2)Name Cinnamon and she was so awesome. Of course I had to get a few pictures with her. She was so awesome and we all had a wonderful time tonight

It was almost 10 by the time we got back to the hotel. Some of the girls went up to bed as we have to be up by 6 for golf. We are meeting at 7:45 but Cassandra and I will both have to get ready at the same time with one bathroom. any way I was not ready for bed so even though I had on my short, tight, low cut black dress and my new 4” heel I decided to go into the casino and do a little gambling. I ran into the 2 Renee’s and we talked for a bit. They didn’t want to gamble so they went into the bar and I went into the111 (3) casino and found a blackjack table with a couple of the other girls at.

we played blackjack maybe an hour or so and it was no better than last night so you guessed it I lost some money so I quit. Now there were some guys that sat down and played with us and one of their friends who was standing behind us was really drunk was so funny. he stopped the cocktail waitress and wanted to buy all the lovely ladies at the table a drink and also wanted the cocktail waitresses phone number. She was so polite about it even though you could see she was irritated but I imagine she deals with this all the time. She told him he couldn’t get a drink if he wasn’t gambling but he wouldn’t let it go. I finally asked if I could get  bottle of water in hopes it would put an end to it but he just kept going and told her he wanted to buy a bottle of water for all of us. Well his friends finally lost their money and left and took him with them but the funny thing is about 5 minutes later here comes one of the cocktail waitresses with and arm full of bottled waters and everyone at the table got one.

it really was a fun night but about 11 I went up to bed to get rest for our big golf tournament tomorrow.

Thanks for reading

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Day 3 in Las Vegas

We got up late and got a late start again today. Our plan was to start off with a late lunch or early dinner at Margaritiville at 4 with all the girls that are here, even Teresa is here in Las Vegas and going to meet us. We all got ready and it was about 3:30 when we left to meet we got over to Margaritiville only to find out that the open air patio overlooking the strip is only open on Friday and Saturdays so we had to eat inside so we got a table and waited for the rest of our group to get here. Veronica, Teresa, Cassandra, Peggy, Renee, Renee yes we had 2 Renee’s and to prove it here is a picture Renee, Susan & Reneeof me between them and a couple other girls. We actually have 7 of us here this year from Portland. We all had our cameras out and took so many pictures that the waitress had to come back a couple times before we were ready to order.

we spent probably 2 hours here having a nice dinner and talking. the food here is really good and the atmosphere inside is awesome, it really is a must see in Las Vegas. after dinner we went out on Las Vegas Strip and a couple of the girls got pictures including Peggy who was so cute as she got her picture taken with Olaf from the Disney movie Frozen.

after dinner we went back to the LINQ and they did have a few $10 blackjack tables so we sat down and played some blackjack. I was up and down and at one point I was up over $100 but then the table turned cold and I should have quit but we had some really fun people at the table. 2 woman and their husbands and they were a blast to play with. it really is fun when you can interact with others people and have fun. well needless to say I lost my $100 dollars so I decided to take a break and maybe find a Pai Gow poker table which is a lot slower game and your money last longer.

Veronica and I walked around the LINQ and all their Pai Gow tables were full so we decided to walk over to the Flamingo and check out their tables. we found a table that only had one lady at it so I sat down to play $15 a hand prices have gone up for Gambling here. I did okay for a while but then started losing. Veronica even played a few hands and didn’t do well so we quit. It was almost midnight so we called it a night. a few of the girls are golfing tomorrow and Peggy, Michele, Teresa and I are going shopping and as we want the car I am getting up early to drive them to the golf course. they need to leave by 8:45 and so I need to be all ready and dressed by the time Cassandra gets back from running at 7:30 so she can have the bath room to get ready so I will be up at 6:30. I am really looking forward to shopping tomorrow, not sure I will buy anything but just fun to go and who knows maybe I will find a really cute pair of heels.

Thanks for reading..

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