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Day 12 Diva Las Vegas vacation comes to and end

Well this is the day I have not been looking forward to as I have to get my pretty nails removed and my vacation comes to an end. I have an appointment at Glamorous Nails (17475 SW Farmington Rd
Ste B Beaverton, OR 97007
(503) 848-8259
) to have them removed. I have gone here to remove my nails after Diva Las Vegas the last few years and also to get pedicures and have always been treated wonderful here and they have always done a great job. My appointment is for noon so I have a little time.

I got up and got Susan ready for her last day before going back to being a part time girl. I was all ready by 8 am and on my way. I drove out to Beaverton and found a Starbuck’s to get a drink and a Danish while I waited for Kohl’s to open as I wanted to do a little shopping. This also gave me time to start uploading some of my pictures to Flickr from my Diva Las Vegas vacation. I got here at 8:40 and just new this day would go by way to fast and I was right. I had posted some of my pictures and before I knew it the time on my computer said 11:10 so I left and drove over to Kohl’s. As I was parking my car I noticed the clock said 10:15 turns out my clock on my computer was wrong and I still had time left. I looked around for about 30 minutes and then left and as I still had an hour there is another Starbuck’s not far away that is a lot bigger and busier so I stopped here. They were really busy so I ordered my drink and then had to wait as there was about 7 people in front of me and only one barista making drinks.

Well while I waited I found myself in a conversation with two other ladies and I am not even sure how that happened but we were talking about another Starbucks the one lady went to that is now selling beer and wine. We had a nice conversation which was nice. Well as I knew it would happen soon it was 11:45 and it was time to head to the Nail Salon.

I got to the nail salon and went in and of course the ladies there greeted me by name which always makes me feel good. Now they were not busy at all as there was only one other lady there. Well they started soaking off my nails and then asked if I wanted a pedicure also. I had only planned on having my nails removed and a manicure but I went ahead and got the pedicure too as it has been a long time since I got a pedicure and they are so relaxing. I spent almost 2 hours here and enjoyed every minute and in the end I left with short nails and I did get a clear coat on them.

Now I had the drive home and then it would be back to my male self. I got home and cleaned off all my makeup and put my first male clothes on in 12 days. Now I am on my computer and it feels strange not to have long nails, it is funny as when I got the nails it didn’t feel strange to go from short nails to long but it does going from long to short. I will miss the nails. Now I have to wash all my Susan clothes and put them away and then the vacation is over.

It really has been an awesome vacation and I will remember it always and that is the great thing about my blog as years from now I can go back and read about the fun I had and see the pictures. I hope you have all enjoyed reading about my time in Las Vegas. Now I to look forward to next year’s Diva Las Vegas. I hope you all can make it to Diva Las Vegas next year and see how much fun it really is in person.

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Day 11 the final drive home after an awesome week

Well it is the last day as we drive home from San Francisco after a super fun but really fast week. It is hard to believe it is almost over and that we have been gone for 10 days now. Time went by so fast but we did do a lot ad have a lot of fun. We got to bed last night by 11:30 probably the earliest we have been to bed since we left so we got a good night’s sleep and got up at 7:45. Cassandra went and did her morning run to allow me time to get Susan ready for the drive home. Cassandra really did good this trip she ran every day but 1 but the day before she did run twice as much to make up for that and she went the whole trip without any alcohol so she stuck to her goals for training which must have been had in a place like Las Vegas.

Well we were all ready and on the road by 9:30 for the last 600 miles home. The drive was easy and beautiful as we had bright sun shine the whole way home. Now I have been using lipstick Maybelline 14 hour and I must say I like it and it does hold up. I put it on when we left and on the way home we did stop and I got a hamburger and fries a milk shake and when we got home we stopped and picked up a pepperoni pizza an tonight I just ate it normal to see how it would look. When I got home to my house at 8:30 pm 11 hours after putting it on it still looked okay it wasn’t the bright color it was when I put it on this morning but I still could see color on most of my lips and. I did eat carefully but I would say it holds up well. My little plug here.

On the drive home this morning I did call and set up an appointment for noon tomorrow to have my pretty acrylic nails removed, that will be the saddest part of the trip. I am actually ready for a break from Susan as it has been a lot of work to always look pretty, doing the makeup every day and to try to keep it always looking perfect, it is hard being a lady but the nails I will miss. I so wish men could have pretty nails.

Well we got back to Cassandra’s at 7 pm tonight and we had stopped and picked up a pizza for dinner so Cassandra, Peggy and I ate before we unloaded the car for the last time this trip. Then I loaded my car and we said our goodbyes for now, it was hard after spending 12 days with Cassandra but I will see her and all my friends this Friday night as I am sure by Friday I will be ready to do Susan again as she is part of who I am. I really think I am lucky to have two sides to who I am and can express them when I want. I really do have the best of both worlds.

Well it is time for bed, I will get up early tomorrow and go do a little shopping and maybe stop at a Starbucks’s or get breakfast so I can enjoy my nails till I have them removed at noon and them go home and become my male self again

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Day 10 going to San Francisco after Diva Las Vegas

Well our trip is coming to an end way to fast, today we leave Long Beach and head for San Francisco before heading home on Monday. It was a really short night last night as we didn’t get to bed till 3 am after going to Hamburger Mary’s and then we got up at 7:45 today as Cassandra wanted to go run for an hour while I got Susan ready for the drive to San Francisco and after 10 days of being Susan and doing makeup every day I was able to be ready when Cassandra got back an hour later so we were on the road by 9:40. Cassandra drove for a couple hours before the lack of sleep caught up with her so she let me drive, yes Susan got to drive for 3 hours all the way to our hotel just a little north of Oakland as we wanted to avoid traffic Monday Morning when we leave.

We got to our hotel at 3:30 and checked in and we were in our room by 4 pm and Cassandra took a shower and started getting ready and she was ready by 5 pm so she can do it in an hour also if she needs to. Now we were going into San Francisco to eat on the water front at Fisherman’s Wharf and also wanted to go get pictures by the Golden Gate Bridge. For a Sunday afternoon we did get caught in traffic and it took us an hour to get our first stop was a park where you could see Alcatraz Island which we are not going to be able to do this trip as we didn’t get tickets early enough but we did stand in the wind and take a few pictures.

From here we drove towards the Golden Gate Bridge and just before you go across the bridge there is a little park you can stop at and you get a beautiful view of the bridge so of course there were more pictures taken. The wind wasn’t as bad here and there were so many people around taking pictures of the bridge just like us, well maybe not just like us but still taking pictures. Several years back I was here in San Francisco and got a picture of me on the other side of the bridge so I guess this completes my pictures of the bridge. If you notice I am wearing my cute tennis shoes I bought for the trip. Don’t quite go with the dress but as we were going to be doing a lot of walking I went for comfort plus I had forgot about them so I have to wear them at least once on the trip and they are really comfortable too.

From here we drove back downtown and went down to the water front to Fisherman’s Wharf. We were driving around looking for a parking garage to park in and we found a spot on the street about 4 blocks from the water front and as it was after 7 pm it was free to park there, how lucky was hat. This is why we both wore tennis shoes as we figured we would have to walk a lot down here. It was still nice out and almost no wind so off we went walking to the water front. Now the funny thing about tennis shoes is other than the color there really is no difference between men’s and women’s so it was really easy to forget about the fact we were dressed as girls and as I have said Susan has become as much a part of me as my male self it just seems so natural and normal that we didn’t really think about it at all.

We went to the Fish Grotto on the Wharf which is a really nice restaurant and we had a great table with an awesome view. This is me at the table with the view out the window behind me. We talked for a while before we ordered our dinner. The food was awesome and we were treated really well but being San Francisco I am sure we are not the first t-girls that have come in here. We even had our waiter take a couple pictures of both of us, what a good picture of us. We could look out the far window and watch the sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was after 9 when we left the restaurant to walk back to the car which was 3 block over and 4 block up. Cassandra and I were talking about the candy M&M’s as I guess they have an M&M store someplace here in town and as we walked up the street 2 girls were selling candy to raise money to get the one girls dog out of the pound, not sure if the store was true but they had M&M’s so Cassandra and I both bought a bag. Well I was good and got just one even though I wanted more. Cassandra on the other hand bought a couple more (10) but she only ate 2 of them tonight as she s saving the rest.

It was just a short fun night out and just a little on the cool side but no wind so I was happy. We had a great time including walking the few blocks through the city which is something a few years back would have been scary especially in a city you are not familiar with. We got to the car and it took us about 45 minutes to get back to our motel but in the morning we should have no traffic when we leave as we are outside the city and will be heading away from San Francisco.

It is sad though to know the trip is almost over and so is my full time Susan time. Tomorrow I will call and set up an appointment to have my nails removed on Tuesday morning and then it will be back to my male self mostly except for my nights out with my friends. To tell you the truth it will be nice to not have to do makeup every day, really think about what I am wearing and how it looks and being careful not to mess up my makeup when I eat, yes Friday night when we had pizza I ate it with a knife and fork as not to mess up my lipstick. Now I will be sad to see my nails go that is the one thing I really wish I could do all the time. If men could have long pretty nails I would do it in a heartbeat but that’s not to be. I will have to look forward to the next time and next year’s Diva Las Vegas.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Day 9 we leave Las Vegas after wonderful week

Our week in Las Vegas for Diva Las Vegas comes to an end, well this year’s Diva Las Vegas is all over and it went by so fast but was so much fun. Now Petra and Laura flew out last night and today Julie, Brenda, Cristine and Kim will fly out. Veronica will leave in her truck and Cassandra and I will make the drive back to Long Beach to go out Saturday night before we head home.

I got up at 4 as I was taking Kim and Cristne to the airport and we needed to leave the hotel by 4:45, it will be sad to see her go as we have had so much fun. Anyway last night I did not take my makeup off and just slept in it so this morning I could just use a little powder and fix it up instead of doing the whole makeup thing as I was just driving them to the airport so it would just be walking through the hotel lobby to and from the car and I figures anyone still up at this time wouldn’t notice how pretty my makeup was thy would just think I had been up all night. As I was walking back into the hotel some of the dealers from the night shift were leaving and they all told me goodbye and how much fun we were and they looked forward to next year when we come back.

Cristine was already downstairs waiting for us so Kim and I went down and I drove them to the airport and dropped them off and then went back to my room and since it was only 5:15 I decided to go back to bed till 7 before getting up and ready for the drive to Long Beach California. We got all our stuff down and loaded into the car, thank god for bell hops and we were leaving the hotel by 11:30. Now the good thing about Diva Las Vegas is we arrive on Sunday from LA while everyone else is going back to LA and today being Saturday we really hit no Traffic till we got close to LA so the drive was not that bad, of course Cassandra did all the driving while I sat like a princess looking out the window.

We got to Long Beach and found our hotel and then drove down to Hamburger Mary’s to check it out and see what parking looks like. It is only about 4 miles from our hotel so should be easy to get back and forth tonight. After this we went and checked into our hotel and while Cassandra took a nap I caught up on e-mails, posted some pictures to Facebook and updated my blog as I had been so busy I had fallen behind. It was about 5 when Cassandra started her transformation from her male self to her female self.

It was funny as on the drive we were talking about how much easier this DLV trip was compared to our first one and how much more at ease we were. I was thinking about it and for the most part I very rarely even thought about the fact I was dressed as a girl as Susan has become just as much a part of me as my male self and both feel so natural and right that most of the time when I was out I just thought about what we were doing and who I was with and how I was dressed never even entered my mind. We tried to think back over all the last 5 DLV’s and we could not think of one time someone left a table we were at because we were there. I think people just accepted us as who we were a person.

We really met some wonderful people here at the tables and had so much fun with them, some of them even came back on following nights and played at the same tables we were at as they had so much fun with us and we really are a fun group to be around. This has just been such a wonderful week and now that we are leaving Las Vegas I am starting to think about it coming to an end.

We will be home late Monday night and Tuesday I will have to have my beautiful nails removed and then back to being my male self. Now I love being Susan but after 12 days living this way, makeup every day, always worrying about how I look, how my makeup is being careful of what and how I eat not to mention having to get that close shave on my face every day (my face needs a break from shaving) it will be good to be my male self again although I really wish I could keep my nails. Too bad men can’t have long pretty red nails so unfair.

We are going to Hamburger Mary’s tonight for T-girl Saturday which is always the first Saturday of the month at the Hamburger May’s in Long Beach California and is probably the biggest T-girl night out in the area. It was about 7:20 when we left our hotel and it only took us 10 minutes to get there and they have a huge parking garage right behind which was nice and well worth the $12 to park there. Now we were meeting Melissa tonight and we were really looking forward to seeing here again as she moved down here back in November, she is still about an 1 ½ had a little bit of a drive but we were glad she did as it was great to see her again. We got a table not far from the dance floor and had a chance to talk and catch up, we were so busy talking we didn’t order for maybe 30 minutes even though we were all hungry.

We finally ordered and we each ordered a personal pizza well maybe just a little bigger than a personal size. Now people didn’t really start to show up till about 9. The lady that host this does a wonderful job, she even has a photographer there and you can get your picture taken for free and she will post it on her web site and of course Cassandra, Melissa and I had to get our pictures taken both together and by ourselves.

Now by 10 this place was packed, it holds 700 people and I would bet they had at least 500 and probably 200 were t-girls. Now this is a dance club and if you like to dance it is the place to go. The one drawback is the music was so loud it was impossible to talk, you had to almost scream in the person’s ear and even then they may not hear you.

It was after 12 and Cassandra went up to get another drink and she ran into Laura a girl that was at Diva Las Vegas that lives down here even though she doesn’t get to go out much so she came over and joined us at our table for the rest of the night. It was so much fun. Now the show got over at 1:45 and they immediately started pushing people out the door and it only took them 15 minutes to get everyone outside. Now how safe is that as there were about 400 outside and all walking to park to the parking garage so it was really a safe way to leave the club. What a fun night but sad to say goodbye to Melissa but we hope she comes to Portland in May for a visit.

What a fun night. Tomorrow we will leave and go up by San Francisco and we hope to go to dinner on the Warf and look around down there. Thank for reading

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Day 8 the last full day of Diva Las Vegas

Today is the last full day of Diva Las Vegas and again we all slept in. The ear plugs we bought yesterday worked great last night so we got good rest. Kim and I went down to get breakfast while Petra and Cassandra were going golfing again, this will be there 4th tome golfing this week.

Kim and I went next door to the flamingo to their buffet again. They have a really good buffet and the price was basically the same as just going and getting breakfast in their restaurant and you get a much better selection. We had an awesome breakfast and it was just so much fun.

After breakfast we decided to go downtown Las Vegas to the Freemont Experience, Kim has not been to Las Vegas in a long time and most of the strip has changes since she was here last but the downtown casinos are pretty much the same and we both wanted to go down there as it really is a pretty cool place and reminds you a lot of the old Vegas. We had a blast down here walking around, we even went into one casino and the pit bosses were all dressed up in black suits with hats on and looked like a gangster from the movies.

We went into Bensons casino and were walking through and they were just opening a blackjack table and it was a $3 table which is really cheap for Las Vegas, normally you have a hard time even finding a $5 table and for me I enjoy playing but look at it as entertainment and not a way to win a lot of money so the cheaper the better. Any way we sat down while she was shuffling the cards. A couple others sat down also. Well as the dealer was dealing the second hand they changed the table amount to $5 but let us stay betting $3 because we were there before which was cool. Any way we played for about 10 more minutes and yet another pit boss came over and changed it to $10a hand but again said we could stay with our bets as we were there already, now that is inflation. We played here maybe 45 minutes to an hour before we cashed our chips in and went back out to the pedestrian mall and walked around some more.

Now one thing they have a lot of down here and even on the strip they have people dressed up as different people like Michael Jackson, Show girls I even saw transformers walking around and they do this as a way to make money. They will take pictures with you for tips. They can’t actually charge you but they do expect a tip. Last year I got pictures with the show girls so this year I didn’t need to get a picture. We spent a couple hours down here before we caught a cab back to our hotel to clean up for dinner tonight.

We were having our final Diva Las Vegas dinner tonight at a place I think was called Carmin’s which was across the street from our hotel at Caesar Palace in the forum shops. We all met at 6 and walked across together. The dinner was really good. Julie, Kim, Brenda and I all sat together for dinner and of course we had to get a final picture. It was a fun night.

It was after 9 when we got our bill, Km and I were the first to leave as Kim flies out early tomorrow, her and Cristine are on the same flight at 7 am so they need to be to the airport by 5 am. We got back to the casino and stopped at a blackjack table to play for a while.

The table we sat at had a guy who had been drinking and he was playing between $200 and $500 a hand and he was actually winning. We played maybe an hour and had fun and I won a little money. I am not sure as I have spent a lot more cash this year but I think I am ahead on the gambling a little. It was probably 11 pm when we got back to the room to go to bed and will get up at 4 am. I am driving Kim and Cristine to the airport and hopefully be able to get a couple more hours of sleep in the morning. It has been such a fun and fast week and having Kim here made it so much more fun and special as I got to share it with her and spend time with her.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Day 7 just a day for us to do what eve we want

Well today we did not sign up for any of the Diva Las Vegas activities as we wanted one day to just do what we wanted. some of the girls Cassandra, Julie, Petra and Veronica were going golfing again and I wanted to spend the day with Kim which I was really looking forward to. Now we slept in as we got to bed late last night and the outside club between our hotel and Harrah’s was going late ad were loud so we didn’t get to sleep till after 2 am.

It was after 10 when we were ready and out the door so the first stop was to get some breakfast. We walked next door to the Flamingo and wen to their café as we wanted something simple today. We had a great meal but in the end it was only $2 less then we paid for the buffet yesterday so not a good deal money wise. Yes food is not cheap on the Las Vegas strip at the major hotels but then I knew this before we came, it is part of what you pay for I guess. We did have a great breakfast and it was about 11:30 when we left and we were going to explore the Las Vegas strip today sightseeing and check out the casinos as Kim has not been in Las Vegas for 30 years and a lot has changed.

We walked down by the Venetian again and on the way the hotel has a Walgreens in it so we stopped to get ear plugs so we could sleep. Now this is not your normal Walgreens as it has 12 checkout lanes and was huge but we did find earplugs.

Our next stop was the Wynn and we walked around the outside looking at the waterfall, yes this casino has a huge mountain in front with trees and a big water fall, probably 150 feet tall and very beautiful. All these casinos are built to attract people so they spare no expense.

Now we walked over the strip to the Treasure Island, yes they have built big sky walks as there are so many people and the Las Vegas strip has so many cars on it they don’t want people walking through the traffic. We went inside this casino and checked out some of the decorating they did inside and again just beautiful. Then we walked out on the dock out front, yes this casino has a big bay in front with a wood walkway across peers to get inside and they have two ships out front that they do pirate battles at night.

We then walked up by Mirage and checked out their fountains, this is really cool at night as they have flame that shoots out and it looks like a volcano erupting but they only do this at night. He next casino was Caesars which is huge as they have the forum shops there which is a full mall and like the others it looks like you are walking outside on the streets, we didn’t go in here as the restaurant we are going to Friday night is inside the forum shops.

We then walked down and checked out the fountains at the Bellagio, these are really beautiful also but again I think during the day they only do them every hour or so. We waited a while and then walked back over the street to the Paris as we were going to go up in the Eiffel tower. Yes the have a half replica of the Eiffel tower. We got inside abut 2 and it turns out during the week they don’t open it till 4 so we missed this too. We walked around inside and checked out things.

We had walked quite a bit so we decided to go back to our casino and see what others were doing. The 4 that went golfing were still gone and the others weren’t ready yet so Kim and I played some blackjack and had a great time. Finally the other girls came down and we all played blackjack for a while. Kim and I were hungry so we asked to see what the other girls wanted to do and you know what happens when you ask 9 woman what they want to do, everyone had their own thoughts and most weren’t ready to eat so Kim and I went up stairs to the restaurant to get dinner. We had only been at our table for maybe 5 minutes and here comes the rest of our group. Evidently they had finally decided to get something to eat.

After dinner we all went back downstairs and played some blackjack. We had a great time and today was made special by being able to spend the whole day with Kim and show her around. It was late when we all went up to our rooms and the music was loud again so Kim and I were glad we had our ear plugs. Just an awesome day today.

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Day 6 Kim arrives for a few days as we hit the halfway point.

Well I got up early to get all ready to go to the airport and pick up Kim as I wanted to look extra pretty for her. I have really been looking forward to today even though it means my vacation is half over. I got to the airport and got Kim and we went back and put her stuff in the room and then we went to get breakfast. The Quad no longer has a buffet so we walked next door to the Flamingo and went to their buffet. We had a table right by the window that looks out on a courtyard where they have duck’s, pink Flamingo’s very lovely. We had a great breakfast and talked about blackjack as Kim has not played blackjack in a casino before.

After breakfast we walked back to the Quad and stopped at blackjack tables where they have the Dealertainers and they were not busy at all so we sat down to play so she could practice and I and could help her. We played for maybe a couple hours and she walked away with more than started with which was good.

It was now time to meet up with the other girls so we went and found Cristine, Cassandra and Petra by the bar and we decided to walk up to the Venetian as Petra wanted to see it with all it canals yes take a gondola ride around the outside and actually they have one inside the shopping area you can take gondola rides through the shopping area which looks like city streets inside.

Veronica came with the car to pick Cassandra and Cristine up as the walk here was to long for Cristine and she was going to drive them to PF Chang where we will have dinner tonight and then take the car back to the Quad where Petra, Kim, Julie and I will drive over to meet them after we walk back and get cleaned up.

Well Petra, Kim and I walked through the shopping area here at the Venetian for maybe 40 minutes before we headed back to the Quad to get ready for dinner. We all just wanted to freshen up a little and of course change my shoes to my low heels was about 5 when the 4 of us drove over to Planet Hollywood for dinner. Now these places are huge if you have never been to Las Vegas. We parked in a huge parking garage and then had to walk to their mall. Then you have to walk around the mall just to get to the casino, then you have to walk all the way through the casino to the other side to get to PF Chang. Needless to say it took us in traffic 15 minutes to drive the 4 blacks to get there and then another 20 minutes to walk to the restaurant. I think we could have walked from our hotel the 3 blocks down the Las Vegas strip and got there faster if it was not for the cool weather and the wind.

We did not have as good of turn out this year here but then last year some of us went to an afternoon show here and then dinner so that may have been part of the reason. I bet we only had about 20 here tonight which is a shame as they have really good food. We ordered dinner and then talked and of course took pictures. I had to get one of me and Kim as I think we make such a cute couple, both when I am Susan and also my male self but I will not post the male pictures as this is Susan’s blog and she would get jealous if I put my male pictures here also.

We had a great dinner and just an awesome time with my friends. Now it was time to go back to the hotel and instead of making two trips we did the clown car thing, how many T-girls can you fit in one car. We had a Ford Bronco with golf clubs in the back so all we had was the front bucket seats and the seat in the back. Well Cassandra drove and I sat in the front seat with Kim on my lap. In the back seat was Petra, Julie, Cristine and Brenda so you can fit 7 people in but wow you would not want to go more than a couple blocks.

We got back to the Quad and we all went into the casino for a little blackjack. The tables were a little busy tonight so Kim and I sat at one table while Petra, Julie and Cassandra were at another table. Well it looks like Kim and I picked the right table as it only took about 40 minutes and Julie ad Cassandra were over with us as the dealer at the other table cleaned them out.

Now as 4 of the girls were going golfing in the morning at 8 way too early for a girl to get ready to golf they went to bed earlier than the rest of us. By about 10 our table was now all from our group, Veronica, Cristine, Kim and me all playing together and having a fun time. Kim and I were doing pretty well and when the new dealer came in our luck changed. We had had so much fun tonight and we were still up from what we bought in with and we were both really tired we called it a night and went and cashed in our chips. Kim was happy as she had won money both times she had played. It has been such a fun day so far as I love having Kim here for a few days.

Tomorrow while Julie, Cassandra, Petra and Veronica go golfing again Kim and I are going to explore the Las Vegas strip and checkout some of the casinos. This will be so much fun.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Day 5 the Diva Las Vegas golf tournament

Well my wakeup call came at 6 am and boy am I tired, I should not have stayed out so late last night. I am meeting the girls downstairs at 7:45 so I am going to have to hurry as I am moving slow and it takes a lot of work to get pretty to go out golfing in the sun and wind. Today I put on extra sun screen as I got a little red yesterday, must not have put enough on the. I was ready at 8:40 he same time Cassandra was ready so we went down in the elevator together. There was already a big group there waiting for people as several were carpooling together.

We were a little late getting going as one girl forgot what time we were meeting but we still golf course in plenty of time. Now today I forgot my coat as I probably wasn’t thinking of it as I didn’t need it yesterday but today there was a strong wind that started early and it was really chilly when it was blowing. And my cute little golf outfit was not designed for warmth.

Well it was finally time to tee off and we were the second group off. Now I know I am not going to win or have the best score or the worst and for that matter but today is all about being Susan and playing golf as a lady. Now my nails are at the longest they can be and still grip the club and it is funny as when I was in the nail salon getting them put on I thought they were a little too short. I could just grip the club tight enough to hit the ball good.

Now we all had a good time and of course in our group of 4 I was last but I still shot a 95 which is good as my male self without nails and boobs normally shoots between 92 and 100. When we got back to the club house they had lunch for us and of course some prizes.

Here is a picture of us after playing 18 holes of golf in the wind and sun, I think we look pretty god for 5 hours on the golf course.

Now the staff here at Wildwood treated us so awesome, not one time did I hear any of them slip and not call us ladies. They even took some group photos of us all but somehow I didn’t get one on my camera. We all took a picture with the bar tender as she was really awesome, her name is Kapri

We had a great time and an awesome lunch before we headed back to our hotel to get ready to go out to dinner tonight of course eating this late I the day none of us were really hungry.

We all went up to our rooms to clean up, redo makeup and of course change into a nice dress for dinner. I wore my little black dress which is more for going to a club or fancy restaurant then walking through a casino and of course my 4″ heels. We met down in the bar area and there were some tables close by so I went and did a little gambling while we waited for everyone, lost maybe $20 but had fun.

We walked next door to Harrah’s as that is where Ruth Crips is which is where we are eating tonight. Very nice place but expensive but the view of the strip was awesome. We had 18 girls there so they set up 3 tables of 6 and we all had a great time.

After dinner walking back through the casino at Harrah’s this lady came up to us and wanted a picture with us and was even going to tip us $5. We all told her we didn’t want her money we just wanted a picture with her also so here we are in the middle of the casino taking pictures. She even wanted us to take a picture with her boyfriend, he was fine with it but I could tell he was not as excited about it as she was. Here are a couple pictures.

We had a blast and in the end she still insisted on giving us $5 so we all walked back to the Quad where we are staying and went to the blackjack table. Cassandra found a table with no other tables and we decided to play the money till we lost it well we got it up to $60 which gave each of us $10 split it up and all made a $10, 4 of us had 11 in our hand one had a 10 and Cassandra a 16 and the dealers up card was a 3 so things were looking good. We all doubled down accept for poor Cassandra with her 16 and you know what happened. The dealer turned over a 2 and then drew 4 more cards to 21 and took all our money but we had so much fun on that $5.

Now the rest of the night we sat and played blackjack, about 4 hours I sat there in my little black dress and heels. It was a lot of fun. About 11 pm this lady sat next to me her name was Valerie, turns out she is a flight works for the same airline the dealer use to work for. She had really played Blackjack before so she would ask me what she should do and I was helping her and explaining how to play the best way and we had a blast, I was winning she was winning and so was Julie. It was about 12:30 am when we called it a night and of course she wanted a picture with me and Julie and of course you know we can’t say no to a photo opt.

It was just such a fun night out. It is hard to believe that this is the 5th day of my vacation and that I have been living totally as Susan for 5 days now and really I haven’t really thought of it any different as Susan is just as much a part of me as my male self and both sides are so naturally a part of who I am.

Tomorrow Kim fly’s in for the rest of the week and I am really looking forward to that. I will pick her up at the airport about 9:30 am so I will have to get up early as I want to look really pretty for her. Than we get to spend a couple days as girlfriends together, it has been so much fun so far but being able to walk around with Kim and see the sights of Las Vegas as a couple is going to be so awesome J.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Day 4 first full day in Las Vegas

I got up at 7 so I could get Susan ready for golfing. Yes I know not many woman will take the time to do a full makeup just to go out and play golf but then again T-girls will as for us it is all about how cute you look playing golf and not so much about the score. Today Cassandra was actually ready before me but only by 5 minutes. We were all meeting by the little snack bar downstairs at 8:45. This is my outfit for today.

We went to Wild Horse golf course as this will be where we play the tournament tomorrow. We got there about 9:20 and everyone there was awesome to us. We started off on the driving range to warm up as it does take a little work to get your swing down with boobs and long nails, I did remove my ring and bracelets though as that was just t much. We all brought light coats which we never needed as it was warm and not much wind at last when we stared. Later on the wind picked up which makes a mess of your hair.

We had a great time and I played okay but don’t know what my score was as the card blew off the cart in the wind so we lost the scores to the front 9. It was a really fun time. We got back to the hotel about 4 and it was time to start getting ready for the opening dinner tonight which is at Bahama Breeze which is always fun. Again as a guy I could clean up and be ready in 15 minutes but Susan needed at least an hour as she needed a shower and t redo her makeup.

I was ready by 5 and went down to the blackjack tables to wait for the others. Soon Julie showed up and we played for about 30 minutes before we went and met the others and went over to Bahama Breeze. We got there just a little after 6 and there were already lots of girls there. This is Kate with Julie and me. Katie and I are friends on Flickr so it was cool to get a picture with her.

I got a chance to talk with some of the girls I only see here once a year and a coupe that I have only met online till now, one of the great things about Diva Las Vegas, the fact I get to be Susan for the whole week. Everyone was taking lots of pictures and so I had to get some too. Here are a few. Cassandra and me, Me with Julie, and Bev and me.

We had a great time and a wonderful dinner. This really is a nice place to go. This is a group picture of me with my friends, from left to right is Julie, Susan, Brenda, Katie and Laura. These are what memories are all about.

After dinner we all went back to our hotel and some of the girls called night because it had been a long and busy day but it was only 9:30 and I was not ready so I headed into the casino, yes still wearing my dress and 4″ heels, no something I would normally ware into a casino although there were woman dressed like me there.

I met up with Petra, Veronica and Breda and we played for a while. Now I was planning on going to bed about 10:30 as we have to be up early again tomorrow for golf but we had this really great husband and wife also playing at the table and they were so much fun. We got caught up in the game and talking with them and before I knew it it was after midnight. They finally left but not before they asked how long we were here and if we would be playing again tomorrow as they wanted to play again with us and we assured them we were here till Saturday and would be back down again Tuesday night to play. It was a fun night but I will be tired tomorrow. As it was almost 12:30 before I got back to my room and I need to be up by 6 to get Susan ready for golf.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Day 3 we arrive in Las Vegas for Diva Las Vegas

Well today we leave LA and go to Las Vegas for the first day of Diva Las Vegas. We got up at 7:30 and again while Cassandra went and ran for an hour I got Susan ready to face the day. I was all ready when Cassandra got back to the motel and of course it only took her a few minutes to get her male self ready for the trip. Now we had to re-pack the car, yes the only thing bad about stopping in LA is we have to unload and reload the car of everything for just a day. It actually went pretty easy as we knew how things needed to go. We were on our way by 10:15 which was our goal. Now being as we stayed on the south side of LA we avoided a good hour in and a half of traffic.

The drive to Las Vegas was nice and easy although we did have wind and drive through a few dust storms. We got to Las Vegas and decided to drive down the Strip to get to our hotel so we could see what was new. It was interesting but the traffic was horrible on the strip, it actually took us over 35 minutes to go just a couple miles we could have walked it faster but still fun especially as Cassandra was driving so I just got to look around and see all the people and hotels.

We got to our hotel by 2 and we were able to get checked in which was nice. It did take two bell hops to get all our stuff from the car to our rooms yes as girls we do not travel lite. Our rooms are on the 17 floor and we do have a view of the Las Vegas Strip. These are looking out from our balcony.

Now as I had traveled as Susan it was easier for me as all I had to do was freshen up my makeup and put on my low heels yes I wanted my red toes to show while we were out for the night. Cassandra had to start from male mode and get ready and as it was after 4 by the time we got all our stuff unpacked for the week there was no way we would make our dinner tonight with the Diva Las Vegas group so we decided we would go to Margaretville which is right next door to our hotel. I went down to the casino while Cristine and Cassandra got ready and met up with the rest of our group, Julie, Veronica, Petra, Laura and Brenda, this is Brenda’s first time to Las Vegas and her first time out in such a public place for an extended period of time.

Julie and Veronica were at the black jack table so I watch for a while the Julie and I walked around the casino to see where things were and how they are coming on their remodel which they started before we came last year. They have a lot more of the casino open and most of the work done. Well all of our group was now together and we walked next door to Margaretville only to find they had their balcony closed so we had to wait about 20 minutes to get a table inside so here we all our standing out on the Las Vegas Strip waiting to go in with hundreds of people around which was a lot of fun.

We got inside and it turns out the do kind of a show which was really entertaining, this is me with one of the entertainers, she came over to our table and I think we all got pictures with her. You just have to love being in a picture with a really tall girl, should have worn my high heels for this picture. It really was a fun time inside so we were not disappointed we could not sit out on the balcony.

Our waitress came and took our order and of course we all had separate check as we couldn’t make it too easy on her and she did a great job. Now we sat and talked and caught up one what was new with everyone and what we wanted to do this week. Cassandra, Petra, Veronica and I are golfing in the morning to warm up for our golf tournament on Tuesday.

Now while we were talking and waiting for our dinner these two ladies came over a mother and daughter and tapped me on the shoulder. The mother told me how they both thought I was so beautiful and would I mind if the daughter got her picture taken with me and I know all of you know what my answer was. I was only too happy to get a picture with her of course I also wanted one so the mother took our pictures. These is such an ego boost and I love when it happens as it makes you feel good.

Well after dinner we went back to the hotel casino and we found our deelertainers to play black jack. They are so much fun to play with and they all remembered us from last year how col is that. Now this year they can’t perform as they relocated their pit to close to the bar so the city wants them to pay an entertainment tax for the bar now. They are going to move the pit about 30 feet to fix this but not sure if this will happen before we leave.

We gambled till about 11 maybe 3 hours and had a fun time before calling it a night as I have to be up by 6:30 to do my blog and have Susan ready for golf by 8:45 when meet the other girls.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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