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Wednesday night dinner at Henry’s in Portland

Well today I didn’t do much as I had a few things I needed to do so I figured I would wait till tonight for Susan to come out. I did run to a couple of stores and no one said a word about my nails. I also had some work I had to catch up on so I went to a Starbuck’s one I have only been to a few times aver the last few weeks and I sat there for a couple hours on my computer with people all around and no one paid any attention to my nails here either. Maybe nails on a guy is not that big a deal.

Well I got home about 4 and started to get ready for my night out. we had dinner reservations at Henry’s Tavern at 7:30 and we would be meeting here between 6:30 and 7:30 in the lounge. Now my plan was to be ready by 5:30, with no traffic it is an easy 30 minute drive but if there was traffic it could take an hour or more and this would be the end of rush hour so I wanted to leave by 5:45 at the latest. I was all ready by 5:30 so off I went figuring worst case I would be early. Traffic was not real bad but it did take some extra time so it was about 6:15 when I got there. There were several cars in front of me so I figured not much chance of finding a spot on the street so I went for the parking garage a block away. It actually worked out really well as I only had a block to walk.

I was the first one there as far as I could tell so I went into the lounge to wait. There was only one small table open so I took it and texted Cassandra I was there an where I was. It was maybe 5 minutes later Cassandra and her wife Peggy got there. It was great to see Peggy she is really special as she is totally accepting of all us T-Girls. We ordered some drinks and Cassandra got a couple appetizers

Julie showed up next and it was great to see her again as it has been a while. We were waiting for 3 more. we had a smaller group tonight but that was okay as it would give us a chance to talk. A little before 7 Cassandra went to check in and it turns out Cristine had gotten here and instead of coming to the lounge had checked in and they gave her a table in the dinning room so we all moved from the lounge at this point.

Now we had a big booth so we all had to slide in which is not something you can do gracefully in a dress and heels but it did make for a nice table as we were in a U shape around the table and could talk with everyone at the table. I got to sit between Julie and Peggy which was awesome as we really got a chance to talk and of course the big topic was nails. Julie has had her nails a little long and with Gel polish on them for a couple years now and she says no one cares and very few people even notice. I really want to keep my nails but mine are a little longer than hers and also have a square shape which I think might draw a little more attention to them. Most men have rounded nails not many have square. This is something I have a few days to think about. it was fun though for Julie, Peggy and me to sit there and compare nails.

Laura M, and Karen showed up so all our group was here now. The waitress who was awesome by the way came by several times to check on us and see if we were ready to order. Took us a little while as we were really busy talking. Sweet Home and the Escape are really nice places and fun to go but once they start Karaoke it gets loud ad you really can’t talk any more accept maybe to the person right next to you and even that can be difficult. Tonight gave us a good chance to just talk. I think that is why I enjoyed shopping with Laura so much a few weeks ago as we really didn’t do much shopping but we wondered around the mall and talked. Same when I use to meet Peggy at Starbucks we could talk. I like the social interaction of these type of outings.

Well we finally ordered and the food was really good, a little on the higher end but it was a really fun evening and so worth it. We had a wonderful dinner but what made it special were the people I was with, my family.

It was about 9:30 when we left but it was a great night

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