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Day out as Susan

Well it turns out I had the day off today. Now I had no plans as it was a last minute thing so what to do, yes be Susan for the day and go shopping. I got up early and by early 8 am and got dressed. I really had no plans so I decided to start off at Starbucks and chose the one at Cascade station by the airport. I have been here once before the day of our hearing and it is a big one. I got there at 10 am and they were a little busy which surprised me for a week day. I got my drink and found a table and sat down to play on my computer. I thought about it and sent a text to Stefia as she goes out during the day a lot and hoped that she might be out and able to get together for lunch. She texted me back she could do lunch but had to be home by 1 pm and also her car was in the shop and would need a ride so I would have to pick her up which was fine as it turns out she was not that far from where I was, now if I had gone to my normal Starbucks the one I was at last night I would have only been about 5 minutes from her house. I agreed to pick her up at 11:30 so I still had time to catch up on things and finish my drink.

I left Starbuck’s and headed for her house and got there right at 11:30. She walked out like it was the most natural thing in the world to my car. Now I am not so sure I would have been able to do that if I was being picked up even with the fact two of my neighbors know about Susan. Well we decided to go to McMenamins on the Columbia River for lunch. Now I have been here several times as my male self but didn’t think anyone would remember me.

We got there and they weren’t really busy so we got a table inside and talked for a bit before ordering. It was nice to be out and have someone to have lunch with. The food was good and it was just a good time. After lunch Stefia had our waiter take our picture which she e-mailed me so I have it for my blog. It is nice to have a new picture every now and then. Seems I don’t take as many pictures anymore which is a shame. After lunch I drove her back to her house and then I was off on my own again.

I decided to drive down to Clackamas Town Center and do a little shopping; well it was more about being out than buying anything. I started at JC Pennies and then out into the mall and down to Macy’s and then down to Nordstrom’s. This is the biggest mall in the area so there is always a chance of running into someone you know but being the day time I figured the risk was low. It was an enjoyable time and I spent a little over an hour here. Now what to do next.

I went from here to Lloyd Center for a little more shopping, this mall is the oldest in the area and usually not that busy. I checked out some of the stores and spent a little time in Barns & Noble which if you are out just to spend some time this is a great place to go as you can browse and read and just have a good time. Kind of like going to the Library.

Now I got done here at 4:30 and wondered what to do, should I go home as I really can’t stay out late tonight which is the reason I am out today. I realized that it is now rush hour on a Friday night and it would take me at least an hour or more to get home with traffic, which means I would not get home till 5:30 or 6. My other option is stay out and meet up with my friends at Sweet Home for an hour or so. Now they really don’t show up there till 7 well maybe 6:30 so either way I have some time to kill so what better than finding a Starbuck’s to update my blog and catch up on e-mails. Besides there is always a Starbuck’s near. Well you guessed it I am now at Starbuck’s updating my blog. It is the one by Fred Meyers off Broadway in Portland. I picked a table right in the front corner with 2 big windows so I can watch people walk by; it is fun to people watch from time to time. I figure I will stay here till 6 and then make my way over to Sweet Home, have a little dinner than home.

It has been a fun day and the sun is shining which after two weeks of rain and darkness is nice. I guess things just worked out.

Thanks for reading.

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Back at my favorite Starbucks

Well it has been a long time since I have been out to my favorite Starbuck’s, almost 2 months. Wow how time flies. It is just I have been so busy between Diva Las Vegas and the Hearing I was involved in about the P-Club it just seems I have had so little time. It is nice to have a nice relaxing night out here and just play on my computer. I got there right at 7 and they were not that busy and the girls who normally work here are not here tonight. Actually the man and woman working I have never seen before but they seemed not to be bothered by me and treated me like any other customer. Now there are only 8 people here tonight and all but one are men. None seem to care I am here either.

Now I have been asked why I like to come to Starbucks by myself and the best I can answer is it is way better than just sitting at home. Years ago I would dress up and just spend time at home watching TV or playing on my computer and don’t get me wrong it was great but Susan has grown. If I take the time to get dressed up I don’t want to just sit at home I want to go someplace. Being Susan has become a part of who I am and as such she needs to be out. That being said Starbucks is a very comfortable place to go, I have gone to many different ones and the worst I have gotten were a few strange looks but generally once people figure out I am transgender they go on with what they were doing.

Now I know what people are thinking and that is, am I going down the rode6 to transitioning and the answer is no. yes Susan is growing and changing in who she is and that will never change but the key for me is Susan is only part of who I am. She does play a bigger part in my life and that will continue but she is not all of who I am, just as when I was younger and Susan was hidden and only got to come out for a couple hours a few times a year and never leave the house she was still part of who I was and I knew she would never go away. Now she is out and plays a big part in my life but the same way my male side also is part of who I am and I cannot deny him any more than I could Susan years ago. To me it makes perfect sense and that is because I am the one feeling this way. Now I will admit it took me a long time to understand this about myself. I think once I accepted Susan as part of who I am is when I really became a complete person. Everyone has their own path in life and what is right for me may not be right or how others feel and that is okay that is what makes us all special. So I guess what I am trying to say is if you want to be happy in life you have to accept yourself for who you are and be happy with that.

Well I spent my time here catching up on e-mails and doing a little work and it is so much more fun than sitting at home doing this. It was a fun night even though it was only a couple hours.

Thanks for reading.

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Out on a Sunday night

Wow I don’t normally get a chance to go out as Susan on a Sunday night but being a holiday weekend and no work on Monday the thought was there. while I was thinking about this I got a text from Cassandra, her and her wife Peggy were thinking of going to CC Slaughters for the drag show at 8 and wanted to know if anyone was interested. Well you can imagine how long it to me to text her back I was in. I was trying to think how long it has been since I have gone to CC’s on a Sunday night for their Drag Show, the best I can find is two years ago so I am way over do.

Cassandra and Peggy were going to be there at 7 to get us a table, so that was my goal even though I knew I wouldn’t make it. I did pretty well as I was parking my car downtown at 7:20 helps getting there earlier as parking is easier. I only have to walk about a block in a half. I got inside and they were nit that busy yet. Cassandra and Peggy actually had two tables as we had more girls that said they were coming. Amy, Teresa, Jan, Lynn & Cristine were also there so we had a good little group already considering it was a Sunday of a Holiday weekend and we had only decided to do this a few hours ago.

The show didn’t start till 8 so it gave us a chance to talk which is always fun. It is funny as my male side is not a big conversationalist but Susan loves to sit around and talk. It was great to see Peggy out again and we had a good chance to talk. We both need pedicures for the summer so we talked about going together and decided on Saturday June 8 if something doesn’t come up between now and then. Now I love going and getting a pedicure and if you have never had the experience you really should but going with someone else just masks it that much more fun and special so I have that to look forward to.

As it got closer to show time CC’s got busier and of course more of our group showed up. Bob, Cassie, Petra, & Phaedra all showed up. It is so great that Petra is getting out more with the group. She actually made it to Diva Las Vegas this year for a couple day. It was also wonderful to see Phaedra, I can’t think the last time I saw her but it has been a while. Our group has grown so big so fast which is awesome but the one down side is with so many in the group it is easy to lose track of people until they show up and you start thinking how long it has been. Any way it was great she was there and that I got a chance to talk with her.

Well the show started about 8:15 and by that time the place was packed, it really was good we got here early and got seats as it was standing room only. It was so crowded it was hard just to move around. I guess people really do love a good Drag Show and this one is awesome. They only do it one night a week but it is by far the best in Portland. So if you are ever in Portland on a Sunday night and like Drag Shows you really need to go to CC Slaughters, no cover for the show but even if there was it would be worth it.

The show was awesome as always and the 3 main Drag Queens, Bolivia Carmichales, Honey Bee Hart, & Ginger Lee are just wonderful and do a great show. It is amazing how fast the night went. It was soon after 10 and Peggy and Cassandra had to leave, I figured I would stay just a little longer and before I knew it the show was over and it was after midnight. Jan, Lynn, Crsitine and I were the last of our group and the place was still packed. It was such a fun night out. Well we all walked out and said our goodbyes. It is good I don’t have to work tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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Fun Friday night out with my friends 5-24-13

Well it has been a long week and I was so looking forward to getting out with my friends for a little Susan time, it has been over a week since Susan has had a chance to be out and she was ready. I got home late from work so I had to hurry to get ready which is never good as I really enjoy the whole getting ready part too, but the need to be out with my friends was more important. The good thing is with all my practice I can get ready in a hurry if needed and still look presentable. It was about 5:45 when I stepped into the shower to start my transformation and I was driving away from my house at 6:40 which for a lady is good when you think about all that goes into my transformation.

I got to Sweet Home just as Cassandra was getting out of her car so I knew others were there which really is not a concern for me anymore. It is funny as just a few years ago I would park where I could see the door and would not think about getting out of my car till I saw another t-girl go in, wow have I grown as Susan. Any way inside Laura, Amy and Cassandra were there. Now they were pretty busy inside as there was a group having a birthday party. Turns out one of them were turning 50 and they had a big party for her. Cassandra went over and talked with them and wished her a happy birthday and in her usual fashion she was soon getting pictures with them and having fun. The rest of the night we had really good interaction with them which was cool.

It wasn’t long and more of our group started to show up, Melissa, Cristine, Bobbie, Rose, Michelle, Diane, Victoria, Bob, Carol, Jan, Lynn and I am sure I missed someone. It is so fun to have so many wonderful friends out on a Friday night as it just makes it so much more special. We ordered dinner and this week I did not have the special which was a Hawaiian burgers which I love but instead order their chicken basket. I just couldn’t see a way I could eat the burger with teriyaki sauce and pineapple on it without totally messing up my lipstick and possibly my makeup, yes how I look comes before the food I will eat.

Now we did play pool tonight and it was Melissa’s night for pool, she must have played for over 2 hours straight and won game after game. I played her once and did okay actually she was way ahead but I had a little run and at least made it a respectable loss as I only had 1 ball on the table when she sunk the 8 ball to win. Carol was talking to Cassandra and she wanted to walk across the street to Walgreens as she needed a new lipstick and didn’t want to go alone so Cassandra asked if I would go with her which I was only too happy to do as I was almost out of my red lipstick and had planned I stopping there tonight but as I was late getting there I skipped it. Any way we walked across the street and they were actually pretty busy. We spent a little time looking at the makeup which is always fun. They had my color in and it was a buy 1 get 1 half price so I was debating about buying two of which they only had 2 in the red color I like. Well Carol was looking for a red color and I told her this was the color I was wearing which she liked so she decided to buy one so now I didn’t have to buy both to get the sale price which worked out great. We only had to stand in line for a few minutes and then we were back across the street again.

Well it got to be time for Karaoke and the other group normally there on Friday nights had not shown up so Cassandra asked Levi the bar tender and found out they had a private party to go to and wouldn’t be there which was sad as they are so much fun but then again it was still pretty crowded so had they been there it would have been hard to move around. Well Karaoke got started and Lynn and Laura both sang several times as there were not as many people singing. Well it was about 11 and some of the Karaoke group did show up after their party so that was fun as several of them came over and talked with us.

Well it was a fun night and as always goes by way to fast. Girls started leaving and soon it was down to just Jan, Lynn, Cassandra and me. It was after 1 am and we were all getting tired as it really had been a long week. We talked with some more of the customers and finally at 1:40 Cassandra and I were the last of our group to leave. What a fun night.

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Wednesday night dinner with friends

Well I had the chance to go out tonight and I decided to meet up with our group at Fox & Hound for dinner. Now this was for two reasons, first it was Cassandra and Roxy’s birthday today so I really wanted to be out with them but also I will not be able to get out this weekend for my normal Friday night out. Oh there was one other thing we were all putting in $5 towards Powerball, we had 33 members in the pool for tonight’s drawing so I needed to get Cassandra the money as she put up the money to get the tickets. We all know the odds are against us winning it is fun to think about it and what we would do if we won. It really is cool that Cassandra does this and trusts that we will get her the money.

I got to Fox & Hound just before 7 and Cristine, Cassandra and Chris were already there at the bar. It was nice to be out with my friends. It wasn’t long and a few others showed up. We talked about dinner and decided to go to House of Louie which is a Chinese restaurant just up the street which is where we ate last week. They have good food so I was okay with it. Mikaela was also able to make it again this week which is cool as she only started coming out with the group last Wednesday and has been out 3 times now.

Victoria Sinclair also came out tonight and brought a new girl out for her first time. She was in town on vacation and went to Victoria for a makeover, Victoria runs Over the Rainbow Transformations which help transgender people get out. any way I think we had about 12 of us there for dinner it was a really fun night. Kim was also able to come for dinner which was awesome as she is so much fun and I always look forward to seeing her.

Well we stayed here till a little after 9 before the group went over to CC’s to play pool. Now I get up early so I only went in for a few minutes and to say hi to the girls that didn’t make it for dinner. It was a fun night even though I was only out for a couple hours. A short blog tonight bit it was a fast night out.

Oh and if you are interested we did win $15 in the Powerball so that went into more tickets for the next drawing plus most of us put another $5 in for the next drawing which Cassandra will buy again.


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Friday night with friends after a long week for our group the Rose City T-Girls

Well it has been a long and busy week for Susan and several of the members of the Rose City T-Girls as we finally had our hearing on the P-Club so now we have that behind us except for waiting for the outcome. With that I was so looking forward to a fun Friday night out with the group plus now that it is over we can talk about our testimony. I was looking forward so much to tonight and I was out the door and got to Sweet Home right at 7.

Chris and Laura were the first two there so I joined them. Now it wasn’t long and more of our group showed up as always we really do have a wonderful active group. Amy, Kelli, Cassandra, Jan, Lynn, Lorraine, Bob, Guinn, Kara and Cristine and I am sure I am leaving someone out.

Now tonight Jerri Lynn was able to join us. She had read my blog and contacted me almost a year ago about meeting up with our group as she comes to Portland every once in a while and it is kind of ironic as she was going to meet us at the P-Club when she was in town but it turns out we were kicked out the week before she came to town so we had to cancel so now she was in town and able to join us the Friday after we had our hearing. It was awesome to meet her finally and she seem really nice. I wish I could have spent more time talking with her but hopefully she will come again and we can talk more.

Lorraine also was there and it has been a while since she has been out it was good to talk with her. We only chatted for a little bit but had fun and of course we had to get a picture. I also got to talk with Amy and Kelli. There was a lot of talk about the hearing and what happens now. We are so happy to have been a part of this as we all feel it was important.

I also got to meet Erica, turns out she also reads my blog and came out to meet our group. This was her first time out so we got a chance to talk. I got a chance to talk to her about our group the Rose City T-Girls and I think she may join. She lives somewhat local so hopefully she can come out more often.

Mikaela also made it out tonight. She just joined our group and this is only her second time out with us. We got a chance to talk for a bit and of course we had to get a picture or 10. This is the one from my camera. It was funny as Jan had my camera and Lorraine had Mikaela’s camera so I was looking at one while she was looking at the other camera as both were taking pictures, to funny but still a good picture.

It really was a fun night out with friends, old and new. I had only planned on staying till 11 as I had to be up early on Saturday morning but as always I ended up staying later than I planned as it was almost midnight when I finally left. What a wonderful end to an incredible week for Susan.

Thanks for reading

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2 days of BOLI hearing on P-Club

Well the time has finally come for our hearing on the P-Club. It seems like it has been a long time in getting here but it really has been fast. Now I was scheduled to testify on Wednesday morning so today, Tuesday I had gone to Starbucks but I texted Peggy and Cassandra o see if they wanted to get together after they testified as they were at BOLI now. Well they were running late and still hadn’t testified so Peggy said I should come down to and meet them for lunch. Now I really wanted to be there so I jumped at the chance. By the way this is a picture of me in the waiting room where the witnesses waited.

I got there just before noon and found where they were, Amy was also there by now as she was testifying today also. Well they broke for lunch and we went to the little café in the building to get something to eat. Sue-Del our attorney and Chet who is handling the case for BOLI came down to talk to us. Now Chet was telling how the afternoon would go, Cassandra would be first, than Peggy followed by Amy and then he looked at me and had a confused look. I just smiled and said I was here for lunch and moral support and that I was testifying tomorrow morning. He thought for a moment and then said things were going faster than he thought and asked if I would be there the rest of the day as they might be able to get me in today. Now I had not thought about testifying today but I liked the idea as I knew I would be thinking about it tonight and have a hard time sleeping so if they could get me in today I was all for it.

After lunch we went to a different room to wait and Cassandra went into the hearing room. While we waited Roxy and Kelly showed up as they were also scheduled for today. There were 13 of us who were testifying and they had 5 today and 8 of us on Wednesday so it would make it more even if we did 6 and 7. It also turned out to be good to have several of us there as we talked about everything except for the hearing which kept our minds off it and helped keep us calm.

One by one we got called in. As this was filed as a Commissioners Complaint he was actually the plaintiff and we are all just witnesses so we can only be in the hearing room while we testify. It was really amazing how fast the time past as we had friends to talk with. I watched Peggy go in, Than Amy, Roxy and finally Kelly knowing I was next. It was almost 4:30 and I wasn’t sure if they would get to me as this was suppose to end at 5 but they did call me up. Sue-Del said that if they started with me they would finish instead of making me come back in the morning.

Well I got in the room and I was really pretty calm which kind of surprised me but then I knew Sue-Del and Chet and I knew this was so really important and I think that is what I focused on. Now this is about the experience and not what was asked and said so it will be more general as my blog is about the experience of being Susan so I will not get into the specifics of my testimony. I will say that the defense had 11 parts of my blog that I knew they would question me on, wow when I started my blog I never really thought people would read it and I never in a million years thought it would be used in a hearing but here I am. My blog is not part of a court record. I was in the hearing room about an hour although it didn’t seem that long and I would say my cross examination was longer than my direct testimony which I kind of expected because of my blog. I never really got nervous or scared while I was in there. When I was done I went back to the waiting room and Cassandra, Peggy and Kelly were still there. The day was all over as far as the hearing and now I had the next day all free. You can read more about the other parts of the day not dealing with the hearing in my blog from that day.

Now later that evening Cassandra and I went to the Boiler Room to unwind and got talking. Cassandra said she was glad I had shown up as having a group of us there made it a lot easier and helped her stay calm, which was funny as I felt the same way so we talked about going tomorrow and just sitting with the girl’s testifying to help keep their minds off the hearing and relaxed till it was their turn. We agreed to be there by 10 am. Now I knew Jenifer would be there at 9 so I was going to make every effort to be there by then.

I got up Wednesday morning and got ready as fast as I could and still look good. I got a test from Cassandra as to who was first that day. Turns out we were both going to be there well before 10 am. Even with traffic I got there just before 9 and got to see Jennifer before she went in and wish her luck and I got to meet Jen who is helping Chet with the BOLI case. She is really excited about this case also.

I went down to the room they had for us to wait in and Jan & Lynn were already there so I got to talk to them. Cassandra showed up just a few minutes later so both of us were there way before 10 as I think we were both to excited about this case. Several of us had our laptops so we passed the time surfing the internet and watching videos. Wilma and Chris showed up so we had a good size group. Victoria and Cristine would arrive after lunch. At Lunch time I did leave to go have lunch with Stefia as I had planned this earlier in the week and it was great to see her again.

I got back about 2 and Cristine was in testifying so all that was left was Victoria. It really is amazing how fast the two days have gone by. BOLI actually wrapped up our side of the case by 3 so the other side went ahead and had some of their witnesses testify on Wednesday afternoon so the hearing was really going faster than we thought. Since we couldn’t go inside and listen and we were all done we left for the night and went to Fox & Hound which you can read in the blog from Wednesday.

On Thursday I had to go back to work but Cassandra went back down to the hearing even though she could not sit in when their side testified but she did get to sit in on the closing arguments and she said it was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to hear all about it. The whole case was done by about Thursday afternoon even though they had scheduled it to go through Friday. There are still some procedural things that both sides need to do and then the Judge will make a decision but with the case load we figure we will not hear anything till the end of August so now it is just a matter of waiting. This case really has gone faster than we all expected.

It really was a truly awesome experience and I am really happy I decided to be a part of it as it is something I will remember all my life as this is one of those moments in your life that you can really say you did something to make a difference. Sometime you have to take a stand for what you feel is right no matter what. We all did that and we had such wonderful support from those who were not able to be public. It is so wonderful to have the State of Oregon not only on our side but stand up with us. It will be a long 3 months waiting but then we have been dealing with this for almost a year now so what is a little more time.

Thanks for reading

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Meeting with our attorney Sue-Del on Friday night 5-3-13

Well our attorney Sue-Del wanted to meet with as many of us as possible on Friday night before we went out to go over what we can expect during the hearing and what order we will be testifying in as some have limitations on when they are available. The meeting was at 6 pm at her office downtown so that would mean dealing with Friday night rush hour traffic. Again I had to rush to get ready as I wanted to leave home by 5 to give me time to get there.

I was on my drive and yes I was using my GPS to get me there, love my GPS. Well it told me there was a traffic delay on my route and that I wouldn’t arrive till 6:25 but it also said there was another route that was faster so I took that way and it was. I got to her office at 5:45, you have to love technology.

Well for the meeting it was just Cassandra, Victoria, Chris, Cristine and me that could make it as this meeting was only put together last night. I think we actually have 13 of use listed in the complaint and testifying.

Sue-Del went over how the hearing would work and what order we would testify in. I will be Wednesday morning May 8 so I have to be there by 9 am. It is just now really sinking in that I will be testifying in this case in just a few dats and yet I am at this point really calm about it. The hearing actually starts on Tuesday May 7. They hope to present our side on those two days. And then the next two days will be for the other side to present their case. In reality I think the point of this meeting was to make sure we were calm and give us support and confidence for the hearing coming up.

Sue-Del has been awesome and we are lucky to have her. I think Beth Allen chose us a good attorney to replace her when she was appointed to be a judge. We are really lucky to have met both these wonderful attorney’s as they both believe so much in this case. Now it is just getting ready for my appearance in the hearing. I will probably be thinking a lot about it over the next few days.

We left her office a little after 7 and headed over to Sweet Home to have a fun Friday night out which you can read about in my blog from that night.

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Tuesday meeting with attorney 4-30-13

Well it was an interesting day for Susan; I had a meeting with Sue-del my attorney and also Chet the attorney from BOLI at the BOLI offices. Now these were individual interviews with them before our hearing which is set to start on May 7 2013. I am very nervous about this as I have only testified once before many years ago and then I was my male self. This time I will be testifying as Susan and for something so very important.

Well my appointment was at 4:30 so I really had to rush, I got off work a little early but still with rush hour traffic I had no time to waist. I got to the BOLI office right on time and went in and checked in, again a little intimidating when you are by yourself. As I waited Brad Avakian the Commissioner of BOLI was leaving and stopped and talked with me. Now this case is so important to him and BOLI that he filed the case in his name so in effect he is the complainant and I am one of the witnesses. It was nice to meet him though and did make me feel a little less nervous.

Well I finally got my turn and went into the conference room with Sue-Del and Chet. This meeting was to go over when I would testify, what to expect and I also found out that the other side is going to use several of my blog entries which I am not sure for what. Wow I never thought my blog would be used for something like this. The meeting lasted about an hour or so.

Now it is all so real as I realize that the hearing is going forward and I will be testifying in something that is so huge and really important. I never imagined that I would be involved in something like this and if you had asked me just two years ago I would have said I would never be in front of a judge as Susan and even now I still can’t believe that this is happening. I did feel better after the meeting as I have a better idea of what to expect and how things will work. I am actually looking forward to it I think as it will really be a new experience for Susan.

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Wednesday May 8 2013 Day out as Susan

Well as I had today off I decided to meet Cassandra downtown along with Jennifer, Jan, and Lynn. I got ready and was on my way by 8:20. I got there right at 9 and went in. Jennifer Jan and Lynn were already there and Cassandra showed up just after I did. We spent the morning just sitting around and talking and having a good time. It has been a couple interesting days. Later on Chris, Wilma, Cristine and Victoria showed up. It was a fun time.

I had talked to Stefia a couple days ago about the fact I would be down by Lloyd Center and we had agreed to meet for lunch at 1 by Marshals so as we all went downstairs for Lunch I left to go meet Stefia. I got to Lloyd Center just a little early and went into Sears and also Marshals and looked at some dresses and of course shoes but didn’t find anything but had fun.

Stefia showed up and we walked over to Applebee’s for lunch and had a wonderful time. It was so nice to spend time with her and catch up with what was new with her. It has been several months since our schedules have worked out so we could get together. I have been so busy the last few months even as Susan and that should slow down after this week. We had a wonderful lunch and it went by so fast. After lunch I went back over and met up with the girls for the rest of the afternoon. It was another very interesting and fun afternoon. Well about 4 we were all done here and most of us decided to go to Fox & Hound for awhile as that is where the group meets on Wednesday evenings.

Wilma road with me to Fox & Hound and we were the first to get there. It wasn’t long before the others showed up, Jan, Lynn, Roxy, Chris, Cristine, & Cassandra. We were having an awesome day and none of us wanted it to end. Diane showed up she is still in town for tonight so it was great to see here again before she leaves. Julie also showed up so we had a really good group for as early as it was. The bad thing is parking around here is only 9 minutes so around 5:45 I had to make a trip out to pay more parking, actually we all had to.

About 7 Mikaela showed up, she is new to her group and the first time I think any of us has met Mikaela. She seemed really nice but a little nervous, turns out she has not been out much at all. She looked really good way better than I did my first times out. Well we were all hungry as it has been a long day for most of us so we decided to go for Chinese food yes two nights in a row for Cassandra and me. We went to House of Louie which is the same place we went last night and I couldn’t think of the name. It was a lot of fun. Mikaela sat next to me and Jan & Lynn were at the same table and it gave us a chance to talk with her and get to know her a little better and also for her to get to know us as we all know how intimidating it can be to be out for the first time on your own and then throw in meeting a big group of people. We had a really good dinner and a fun night. It was after 9 when the group decided to head back to CC’s Slaughters for pool. Now for me as I only took yesterday and today off work I had to leave and head home which is always hard and sad as I have so much fun with my friends and this has really been a special few day. We walked back to CC’s and I said my goodbye. Mikaela was going in with the group so I am hoping she feels welcome and will come out again maybe Friday night as she really seems nice.

It has been a special couple days and I hope to write more about it in later blogs.

Thanks for reading.

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