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Susan’s thoughts on crossdressing on her weekly outing.

Well it is Tuesday evening and this week my night for Susan to go out. Actually it had to be tonight as my next chance for Susan time will be two weeks from tonight which seems so far away. It is strange when I think just a few years ago it was no big thing to go weeks even months without a chance to be Susan. Now it is such a normal part of my life to have a couple nights a week it seems strange. I will miss the next two Friday nights out with my friends and of course the first Saturday of the month Cassandra and Peggy are hosting a get together at their home and the second Saturday of the month is our Harvey’s Comedy club night and I will also miss these so really I am missing 4 nights out with my friends. Now I know I will survive.

It makes one wonder why I or any crossdresser feels this way. What is it about dressing up as the opposite sex that can have such a strong effect on someone? I mean I even feel relaxed and happy just thinking about my time out as Susan. I guess it is like when you are looking forward to a vacation and even though you haven’t gone the thought of it and the fun you will have can make you feel happy and relaxed. Emotions are a complicated thing. I think one of the big things for me is the different looks I can have. As a guy I am pretty normal, short hair and actually my hair style looks the same as it did in High school well there is a little grey now. Woman change their hair styles and color all the time but generally speaking men don’t. Women really do have so many more options in how they look.

I love long nails but in my male life I can’t have them for several reasons. As Susan I get to have long nails in an array of different colors, tonight is Pompeii Purple, Last Friday a bright red and last week here at Starbucks a dark red. Even if only for a few hours having my long pretty nails is wonderful. It is so much fun to try different looks and so amazing how simple little things can change your look. Different style or length of a wig, color of lipstick or eye shadow, shoes, clothes they all can change your look and I find this really fun. For me I kind of look at it as being an artist and instead of painting a picture I create Susan. It is amazing how much it has grown from just putting on some makeup when I was small to trying to look and act as a woman. I guess that makes me an actress, I have a friend who has a blog which she calls crossacting which is really what I do. Think of when you were a little kid and you would play cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers, it is the same thing except I am playing dress up and being a lady. I get just as much fun as I did as a little kid playing and I think that is a big reason why a feel and people tell me I look young and I have no stress in my life, well maybe just a little as some times it is hard to figure out what I should wear or how I should do my makeup. I really believe everyone should have a little play time in their lives as we tend to be so busy and worry about everything that comes along. We all need a way to take a break from our daily lives and that is what I get from my crossdressing, that and it is just so much fun.

Well as I said tonight was my night out this week and I am at Starbuck’s. They were really busy when I got here, only on table open. It looks like they are also doing training on some new employees here tonight as they have 7 girls working and they are doing what looks like an orientation at the table next to me. The rest of the tables are full and they are almost all female, in the corner are two men and then the big table has 5 women and one guy, everyone else is female 3 at the table next to me 2 behind me and the other 3 tables have one woman each and most have computers. I guess this is the place for a single girl to go and work on her computer.

It really is nice that Starbuck’s has free Wi-Fi. It is so much better than sitting at home dressed as Susan on my computer. I know a lot of people wonder why I would come here by myself but it is fun and relaxing and as I said beats just sitting at home. for a $3.50 I can get a Hot Chocolate as I do have to go home and go to bed plus I am not a big fan of coffee. On a cold night like tonight I am having 2 and then just relax and play on my computer. Catch up on e-mails, update my blog, chat with friends and even find some time to do some actual work. If you are looking for a place to go by yourself I would recommend Starbucks.

Well must get some work done. Thanks for reading. This will be my last blog for a couple weeks but yes I will be back.

Have a great couple weeks.

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Out with my Friends on a Friday night.

Well another long and busy week has come and gone and Susan was ready for a night out with her friends. I got home from work late so quickly checked my e-, mails and then right into the shower to start my transformation to Susan. Now the funny thing is I hear the woman I work complain about how long it takes them to get ready and all the work that goes into looking good but for me I still really enjoy it. Now I realize I don’t do it every day or have to if I don’t want to but still I find it so fun and relaxing. Different eye shadows, different color lipstick, eye liner done just a little different. You can always change you look a little every time. How can that not be fun?

Well I was out the door and on my way a little before 7 which on a Friday night is good for me. I got to the P-Club about 7:15 and again no parking in front and the parking lot almost filled. Inside there were 7 from our group already there, Cassandra, Wilma, Amy, Sandy, Chris, Robyn, & Kristy so we already had 2 tables full and were off to a good start. I sat down next to Sandy and Amy and we started talking. Sandy lives North a ways but was in town for the evening so came out and joined us. I first met her at Cassandra & Peggy’s Super Bowl party. Really nice girl, she and some of her friends actually rent an apartment together to store their female clothes and dress at as their families do not know. What a cool idea. They share the rent and always have a place to go. Which I had done something like that years ago when I had roommates. Think about it, if you get 10 girls to go in on it the cost would not be that much and since you are really only using it to change and maybe hand out at it would work great. Well Wilma and I played Sandy and Amy a couple games of shuffle board. We had such a fun time and Wilma and I won both games of course Sandy had never played but by the second game she was getting the hang of it.

Well somehow someone thought we should get some pictures not sure who but we all brought out our cameras and so many pictures were taken, some with two of us, three of us, four of us and so on. We probably took 30 or 40 pictures so I was going to put a bunch in my blog. The funny thing is with all the different cameras and pictures I only had one picture on my camera so that will have to do. This is me, Sandy and Amy and I think it was one of the first ones taken. Hopefully the other girls will either post them to our group or send me copies and I will post later.

Well not that we had the important things done, pictures I good go and order some food to eat. I chatted with Nicole the Bar tender for a bit, she is really nice and treats all us ladies wonderful. I had the chicken tenders this week and they were really good.

After we ate Wilma and I played Robyn and Kristy a game of shuffle board. We kept out undefeated status the whole night never losing a game.

Jennifer showed up later after her meeting at the Q-Center. I first started talking to her back before Halloween and first met her at the Halloween party. She had never been out in public before and now she is going out more and more. She actually started Hormones now and is in the process of telling people about her. I think that would be so hard to do. She is super nice and I just know it will all work out for her.

Later on Jennifer wanted to learn how to play shuffle board so we went over and I explained it to her and we played a couple games. The first game I was way out in front before she finally got a feel for how hard to puck the puck down the table but I won pretty easily, the second game was a lot closer and she almost won. Turns out she learns pretty quickly as I only won by 4. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to our next game.

I am not sure how many were there as some came and left before others got there so it is always hard to get a good count, but I am thinking 15 maybe 20. It is so cool that we have such an active group. I think what makes this group so great and successful is it is a social group and not a place to pick others up. All of our group postings are clean and respectful and if not the moderators take action which luckily does not happen very often. But beyond that even the members help as they will let the moderators know when things are getting out of control. There are many other groups if that is what you are looking for and so it is nice to have a group like this where we can be ourselves. Well done Cassandra on the group, you have brought us together as one big family.

Well I hope to get out Tuesday night to Starbucks as that will be my last chance for almost two weeks. It is sad as I will miss the next two Fridays and as hard as it is to go that long without being Susan I think it will be harder to not see my friends for that time.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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Relaxing night at Starbucks.

Well it has been another long week for Susan’s male side. Just seems that my life is busier than normal for some reason. I wasn’t even sure I would make it to Starbuck’s tonight as I got home so late. It was 7 when I left home so didn’t even get here till 20 after so it will be a shorter night out.

They are not very busy tonight, when I got here there were only 7 people here and now we are down to just 3 plus myself. It makes for a really quiet night but give me a good chance to catch up on e-mails I have needed to get done. It really is funny how even the simple things like answering e-mails is more enjoyable when out as Susan. I never answer e-mails to my male self when Susan though as I always worry about signing it “Hugs Susan” which is how I sign all of Susan’s e-mails. I have never made that mistake but a couple years ago before I was going out so much as Susan and really not doing much e-mail as Susan I did send an e-mail to a T-girl I knew and signed it with my male name. Now it is funny as I do way more e-mails as Susan. Things have reversed for me on that.

Tomorrow night our group the Rose City T-Girls will be out at the P-Club again. We always have a fun time but what really makes it special are the people. The members in the group, the staff at the P-Club and even some of the regulars that accept us for who we are. Lately in our group there has been a lot of talk about Ember which is where we went for years. There were some issues there which I won’t go into but needless to say we stopped going there and that is how we found the P-Club. Even with the problems I still have good memories from there as that is where I met some of my best friends now. I kind of look at it as a failed marriage, it didn’t work out and you don’t want to be with that person but you still remember some of the good time and how it changed your life. Our group has grown and moved on but that is life. I think going to the P-Club is so much better as it gives us more contact with people outside of the transgender community which is a wonderful thing.

Well next week my only chance to go out will be Tuesday night and then Susan will be shut away for a almost 2 weeks so I must really enjoy tomorrow at the P0-Club as I will miss the next two Friday nights which is sad but can’t be helped. As hard as it will be not to be Susan it will be even harder to not see my friends for that long.

Well I just got a chance to talk with another lady here at Starbuck’s. she was trying to get on the free wireless network here on her phone I think and couldn’t figure it out so she came over and asked for my help. I showed her how to do it although had a hard time putting a little check in that small box with my nails. She even commented on my long nails. I finally did get her online and she thanked me.

Well it is getting late and I have as few more e-mails Susan needs to attend to before they close here and then of course I need to stop at the store on my way home and pick a few things up which I haven’t done for several weeks as Susan.

Thanks for reading and I will post again soon.

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Harvey’s Comedy club 2-18-2012

Well our group the Rose City T-girls had plans to go to Harvey’s Comedy club Saturday night. Actually we are planning on going there once a month on the second Saturday of the month. This actually makes 3 nights in a row for Susan to be out but it is just so much fun I couldn’t pass it up. The plan was to meet at Fox & Hound at 7 and then walk over to Harvey’s a little before 9 which is about 9 blocks away.

Well I got ready a little early so I could be at Fox & Hound by 7. Now I had it narrowed down to two dresses, my grey sweater dress and my new Purple dress that I wore out last week and I had to make a decision as one does her makeup to match her outfit. Well I went with the Purple dress even though I had just worn it not long ago as I felt like color tonight. I also wore 2″ heels as I knew how far we would be walking.

I arrived downtown Portland right at 7 pm and found a parking spot 2 blocks from Fox & Hound. It was nice not to have to drive around looking for a spot and as it was on the street I didn’t have to pay for parking. Walking to Fox & Hound I ran into Diane so we walked together. Inside Fox & hound Kristy was sitting at the bar, she was the first one there. Diane had on these really cute high heels and I mentioned that we had 9 blocks to walk to Harvey’s, turns out she brought some flats for the walk which she did change into. We sat down at a big table as we knew more would show up soon.

It wasn’t long before the rest of our group showed up, Cassandra, Peggy, Teresa, Brooke, Kim, Wilma, Victoria, Jan & Lynn. We all sat there and talked and some of us ate dinner. I had their Chicken fried steak which is really good. It was a fun relaxing time.

About 8:30 we all left and made the walk to Harvey’s. It was a little cold out but this time Kristy had a coat, guess she learned from the last time. Funny as I remember when I was the same way and didn’t have a coat as I never thought about being outside that much. We got there before the ticket window was open so we went into the lounge to wait where it was warm. We were early enough that we were the only ones in there so we got tables right by the door. We also took this chance to take some pictures. I really need to work on my posing as I still look a little stiff. Left to right is Cassandra, Diane and Susan.

It wasn’t long before others started to show up and the lounge got crowded. As many times as we have been there it is funny that no one really pays any attention to us. It was nice to just hang out there with all the other people. Peggy, Kim, Jan, Lynn and I were all at the same table. We had to wait about an hour for the early show to get over.

Diane was telling a story about one of her T-girl friends and how she got outed which is the biggest fear most of us have. Seems she was out dressed when she was in a car wreck. No one was hurt but it turns out the lady who hit her was her bosses wife and of course they had to exchange information. Wow what a way for your boss to find out.

We finally got to go in and this time we did not get a table up close but still had good seats. We all ordered drinks and some got some food. Our waitress was just awesome. I had my usual Sprite. My table had Peggy, Kim, Diane and me. The show was good, the first comedian was a local and turns out he is a Portland police officer. He was really good but it was the headliner that was awesome.

The headliner was Susan Rice and you just new she had to be good with such a pretty name. Turns out she grew up in Longview Washington just a short distance from Portland and was the second comedian to ever perform at Harvey’s after they opened in the early 80’s. She was really good and if you get a chance to see her you should.

Well the show got over about midnight and we all paid our bills. I so love my credit card with Susan’s name on it. Our waitress stopped and talked to us for a bit. She told us the staff just loved us there and hoped we would keep coming back, how great is that. We told her we planned on coming once a month as we really enjoy the shows.

Well we left Harvey’s and made the walk back to Fox & hound, just 12 girls walking down the street talking and enjoying an evening out. Once back at Fox & hound some of the girls went in to play a little pool. I had to get up early Sunday Morning so I chose to leave which is always hard as I so love spending time with my friends. It was a super fun night, big thanks to Jan & Lynn for getting the tickets for us all. I made the 2 block walk to my car and made the drive home. I look forward to the next time out with my awesome friends.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Spending a fun evening with my friends.

Well the weekend is here and I am ready for it, I so look forward all week to seeing my friends on Friday nights and enjoying their company. Well last night Thursday I made my weekly trip to Starbuck’s and when I got home my neighbor was just pulling out of their drive and since I back into my garage I had to stop and let them pull out as I go a little past their drive. Now it was dark out but with the street light they probably saw a female driving, hopefully not enough to know it was me but will be interesting if they say anything next time we run into each other.

I once again had hopes of getting to the P-Club by 7 but for some reason on Friday nights Susan just can’t seem to do this. I even started getting ready earlier but it just didn’t help. I arrived at the P-Club about 7:15 and again there was no parking in front on the street and only one spot in the parking lot and of course the reason was a big water puddle. Having a small car I went ahead and took it and parked close to the diver’s side line so the puddle was mostly under my car. Funny as a guy this would have been no big deal, just get out and walk through the puddle but not Susan. Besides wearing open toed heel you don’t want to walk through any puddles. Well I managed to swing my legs out far enough and push myself out and stand up without getting my feet wet but trust me it was not very lady like but luckily it was dark and no one was watching I hope.

Inside the P-Club was busy and even our group was fairly big for so early, I think I was the 6th to show up. Seems the girls are getting out earlier as last year I could get there by 7:30 and be the first one there. We sat and chatted for a few minutes and then it was time to get something to eat. I was good and got the Salad which is probably healthier to eat but as for calories not sure as it has bacon, cheese and avocados on it plus of course the dressing but still I think a good choice.

Wilma was able to make it out tonight which is great as it is always nice to see her and chat awhile. Wilma, Kristy and I had a good conversation as we ate and talked about a wide range of topics including politics which can be a tricky topic. I think the key to this topic is to realize everyone has different view and accept that. We also didn’t stay on this topic to long as we are all smart girls and got back to more important things like clothes and makeup.

Kim (a GG) was also there which was awesome, she is Peggy’s hairdresser. I think the last time I saw her was at Halloween, she had a great costume. It is the third picture in my Halloween blog if you want to check it out. She had on a really cute dress and awesome boots. We talked for about 20 minutes which was nice and I got to know a little more about her. She is really nice and I hope she comes out more with the group so we can talk more.

Diane was also in town and made it out. She lives in North Carolina and comes to Portland on business. It is always great to see her and she looked really good as she had on this really cute white dress and awesome boot. I should have gotten a picture with her but somehow never thought to take my camera out of my purse. Another funny thing is just a couple years ago every time I was out I had to get a picture and although pictures are still very important to me the most important is spending time with my friends and just being Susan. I didn’t get to talk with her as much as I would have liked but she will be at Harvey’s with the group Saturday night so hopefully we can talk more.

I did play several games of shuffle board, Victoria and I played against Diane and Kim. It was a close game but Victoria and I won. I think Victoria won every game she played no matter who her partner was, way to go Victoria. Later on Victoria and I played two guys a couple game and won both pretty easy but in their defense they had had a lot to drink but it was still fun.

The P-Club was busy most of the night and we had another good turnout maybe 20 to 25 from our group. They even had a different DJ playing music and although I don’t dance the music was good and the girls who do dance said it was really good tonight. A few of them spent a lot of time on the dance floor. As a matter of fact I think it was the busiest I have seen the dance floor in a long time and not just our girls.

Wilma had her chess board so we played a couple games. The first was close but Wilma won, the second well it wasn’t pretty as I made a bad move early on and well it was a pretty short game. I use to be pretty good at chess but just haven’t played much over the last 10 years or so but still fun.

Well as usual it got late and the evening had to come to an end. It was about 1:30 when we left and I think we still had 8 or 9 of us there which for that late is good.

Saturday night there is about 12 of us going to Harvey’s comedy club which is always so much fun. I am still deciding what to wear as I have it narrowed down to two, my grey sweater dress and my new purple dress. I really want to wear the purple dress but I just wore it last weekend so a few of the girls saw it then and not sure about wearing it so soon again. This is probably the biggest difference between my male and female side my male side would not care. I will have to give it some thought.

Well thanks for reading and will blog again tomorrow. Have a great week.

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Out at Starbucks again.

Well it has been a couple weeks since I have been out at Starbucks and I was so ready for it. Stefia e-mailed me that she would be out and in the area of the Starbucks I go to around 6:30 so I told her I would do my best to get here by then. She is the T-girl I met for dinner last week and is very nice. So I got home from work and ate really quick and started getting ready. Again it helped that I knew what I was going to wear tonight. I actually have it all planed out for the weekend also. Tomorrow at the P-club I will wear the other dress I bought last week and Saturday night I know what I will wear when I go out with my friends to Harvey’s Comedy club. Jan and Lynn got tickets again for the group; it is such a fun night out.

Well I was ready and out the door by 6:15 and got to Starbucks just a little after 6:30 and actually walked in right after Stefia. Stefia was at the counter getting her drink and actually bought mine for me which was very nice, Thanks Stefia for that. Next time it is on me.

Starbucks was a little crowded but still a couple tables open so we sat down and started chatting. It is really nice to have a friend out with you. Stefia commented on how busy it was here which it does seem to be a little busier than normal. Which is good as it means they won’t close down plus it makes good people watching. The funny thing is most of the people who come here are female. There are about 10 woman here and only 2 men and most weeks it is the same. I guess woman just like to relax here more than men.

I still haven’t heard about my vacation for Diva Las Vegas but I am beginning to think that this year I will not make it which is sad. I have had such a fun time the last two years and was so looking forward to it. If I don’t make it this year I will definitely go next year. They already have over 130 signed up so I am guessing they will have around 170 again this year. If you are looking for a fun place to go out dressed Diva Las Vegas is great.

Well it will be another fun busy weekend for Susan as I will be out both Friday and Saturday nights. Friday will be at the P-Club again with my friends. So much fun and always great to spend the evening with them. Saturday will be Harvey’s Comedy club. This is really a fun outing as we are really out with the general public. There are usually a couple hundred people there and we are right there enjoying the show with them. The staff there is great and we have never had an issue there. I really think this is a great way to let people see and meet us and see that we are no different other than the way we dress.

Our group is going to try to get events going on Saturday nights again. Cassandra and Peggy are planning on having a dinner party at their home once a month on Saturday evenings which is nice. So wonderful of them to open their home like this makes you wonder what their neighbors think when they see all these tall woman in heels walking up the street to their home. We are also planning on doing Harvey’s once a month on Saturday nights. With both events we have a safe private place for those girls who are not ready to go out to a mainstream place and also Harvey’s which is as public and mainstream as you can get. I will of course be blogging about both and hope to have pictures.

Well Stefia could only stay here till about 7:45 before she had to leave so now I am on my own. It has really quieted down here and only 5 other people here now. It gave me a chance to catch up on all my e-mails and even some work. Funny thing about computers is you can do so much. Even now I am writing my b log while chatting online with a friend. I guess Susan is good at multi tasking. Must be the female part of me.

At the Super bowl party I got to talk with Roxy, the T-girl who did my pedicure which by the way still looks great. She was telling me some of the girls at the school thought I looked great and wanted to talk to me but was worried about what to say or if they would make me feel uncomfortable or offend me. Now here is my disclaimer, the view here after are mine and mine alone.

I wish they had come and talked to me. As long as you don’t call me a freak or some other name you won’t offend me or make me feel uncomfortable. I know that I am not totally passable and given enough time or probably a little time people will know I am male dressed female. I am always open to conversation and willing to answer questions to people who are interested in me, in why I dress or what I want in life. The only questions I will not answer are about my male identity as that is separate from Susan. I look at it this way; if you would ask a female bout her outfit or compliment her on how she looks you should feel free to do the same for me. We live in a world that has gone way too far to be politically correct for fear of offending someone. We have to be able to talk and ask questions as that is how we learn and find out things. Just my thoughts, if you see me out some place don’t hesitate to talk to me, as long as it is pleasant I am willing to talk with you. Even if you disagree with me and my way of life as long as you accept my right to live this way. I don’t want to tell anyone they have to dress this way any more than I want them to tell me I can’t. Again just my views.

Well thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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The P-Club with my friends

Well it was Friday night and you all know what that means, Susan was going out with her friends and she had a new dress to wear. I started getting ready at 5:15 with hopes to be out the door by 6:30 as I knew some of the girls get there earlier but Susan takes longer to get ready and that is okay as I really enjoy the whole experience of getting ready. I know I hear woman complain about how long it takes to get ready and men complain even more about how long their wives or girlfriends take but I really enjoy it. Now that being said I don’t have to do it every day of my life so it is still special to me, one of the advantages of being a part time girl. Anyway the dress is cute and I like Purple plus it is nice to wear something other than my normal black.

Well I was out the door about 6:45 just a little later than I hoped but still got me to the P-Club by 7:15. Again this week there was no parking in front and only two spots in the parking lot way at the back but that was okay. Inside they had a pretty good crowd for how early it was. Cassandra, Chris, Kristy, Amy, Ronda (in male mode) and one other girl I can’t remember her name was there so we were off to a good start.

About 7:30 Samantha showed up, she is a T-Girl from Eugene area that had e-mailed me earlier in the week. She had read my blog and wanted to know if she could join us. The answer is always yes, as anyone is welcome to join us. Anyway I introduced her around to the group. Turns out she has not dressed for a couple years so she came up to Portland and spent the day out as Samantha. What a fun day she must have had. Well we sat and talked for awhile and got to know a little about each other, well I think we learned more about her than she did about us as there were more of us asking her questions. She is really nice and I hope she comes up to Portland more and joins us.

Well we ordered something to eat, this week I had their Chicken tender basket, yes it includes French fries but I was hungry as I skipped lunch. It was a nice time just eating and chatting. It was more about being social than anything. The funny thing I realized is for the most part when I am out I don’t think about how I am dressed. Yes I am careful how I eat, smaller bites and napkin in my lap so I don’t spill on my cute dress. Smoothing my dress when I sit and keeping my legs together but I really don’t have to think about this as I just seem to do it. I guess I am truly comfortable out as Susan. Most of the time I am not really paying any attention to what I am wearing, I am just Susan which is so cool.

Well Amy got the shuffle board pucks and wanted to play so what is a girl to do. Victoria and I played as partners against Amy and Kristy. It is always fun plus I am pretty good at this game unlike pool. The first game Victoria and I won pretty easy but the second game was a lot closer, we actually came from behind right at the end to win. Well we took a break and got something to drink.

Jennifer also made it. She had another support group meeting downtown and stopped in afterwards. This is only her second time out in public and she was doing great. She really did look relaxed and like she has been going out all her life. We had a good chance to talk and turns out she is going to start hormones this week as she is looking into transitioning. So for her it will be a little different as she will be going full time which means telling everyone, which she has already started with a few people. I think that would be the hardest part. She spent a lot of time talking with Victoria as she went full time last fall and came out to her work when she did. I give them a lot of credit as that hast to be hard to do.

Sophie and Lorna also made it out again, always nice to see them. Lorna has so many great stories always enjoy chatting with her. The 3 of us sat at the table with Samantha, Kristy and Amy and all talked for about 40 minutes. It really is funny as my male side likes to be active and doing things not just sitting around talking but Susan can sit and talk with people for hours and enjoys every minute. There really are so many differences between my male and female side.

There was another new girl there and I think her name was Kim. We chatted for awhile; she is really skinny and looks good. If only I could be half as skinny as she is. I think her new Amy and that is how she found us but how ever she did what was great is she was there.

Dan also made it again this week, the second week in a row. His girl friend Kaylanii was there again. Last week’s blog I was way off on her name but this week it is right but still not sure of the spelling. She really looked good and had on 6″heels so she was really tall. We had a good chance to talk and get to know each other better. Turns out she also lives in Vancouver and not far from the Starbuck’s I go to.

Darla and Kelly were also there. They are both really nice and fun to hang around. Darla had on this really nice perfume it smelled really nice on her. I need some more perfume as mine is almost gone but it is hard as it never smell quite the same on everyone. We talked for a while and I did find out the name of the perfume so I may see if I can find it.

Later in the evening Darcy same in with her friends, her group sometimes plays Bunco at the P-club. Turns out tonight they played at someone’s home and then came to the P-Club for a drink. Darcy is really nice and always happy to see us there. She gave us all a hug and talked with us for a while before going back to her friends. It is so nice to have accepting people like that around as it really makes a girl or anyone feel special.

It was a fun night and we had probably 25 girls there. What a fun way to end a long bust week, out with your friends. It was about 1 am when we left but a really fun night.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Thursday night dinner

Well this week I was planning my normal night out bat Starbucks when I got an e-mail from Stefia, she was going to be out on Thursday night and wanted to know if I wanted to meet her for dinner. Now we have talked about getting together for a while so the idea sounded fun. The plan was to meet at Lloyd center in Portland at 6:30 in Ross and then go get something to eat. Now I knew this would be a rush as traffic this time of night can be bad so I hoped to be ready to leave by 5:45. Well Susan was doing good as she was ready by 5:40 and out the door. It turns out there was no traffic and I was at Lloyd center by 6 pm. I parked in the parking garage and walked into the mall and down to Ross Dress for less as that is where we were going to meet.

Now being early gave me a chance to walk around and look at some clothes. It was fun to be walking around shopping. I was looking at the dresses and found two I liked that were my size and only $15 so I was really thinking of buying them when I saw Stefia walking around shopping. We chatted a bit and talked about where we wanted to eat. Seems she spends a lot of time over here and knows the area really well. We decided on a little Italian place so we walked out of the mall and started walking we were about 2 blocks when we passed Newport Bay and decided to go there instead.

We went inside and the girl seating people greeted us with a “good evening ladies” which always makes you feel good. Now they were not very busy so we got a booth against the wall. Newport bay has some really good seafood and is a little more mid priced range $12 to $25 dollars but was a nice place to go. Our waiter, a young man came and took our order and always referred to us as ladies. I chose fish and chips as I like it plus it was something I could eat without messing up my lipstick. It was a nice relaxing dinner. We enjoyed a nice talk as we ate. The food was really good.

When our waiter brought our bills Stefia asked him to take our picture. Now my dinner was $12.99 and $3 for my drink, but with the happy hour discount my bill was only $9.95. What a great deal, I love Happy Hour. This might be a good place to go with some of the group. I may have to see if I can set this up. Any way we paid our bills and then just sat there and talked. It was a fun night.

Well about 8:30 we left and walked back over to Lloyd center and I went into Ross to see if the two dresses I liked were still there and they were so I decided to go ahead and buy them. One was purple color and the other was a blue top with a black bottom which I liked the best in the store. Any way we said our goodbyes as Stefia wanted to go down to Marshals really quick before they closed.

It was almost 9 when I left Ross and walked back through the mall to the parking garage and to my car. It was a really fun night and I hope to do it again. Stefia and I had a great time and I look forward to the next time.

Well when I got home I just had to try on my new dresses to see how they looked. The blue and black one I like so much in the store did look cute but the purple one I liked better on me. It is funny how that works, I guess you really must see it on to get a good idea how it looks. Any way I plan on wearing the purple on tonight when I go out with my friends to the P-Club. I will have to get a picture for my next blog.

Thanks for reading.

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Super Bowl Party at Cassandra & Peggy’s

Well Super Bowl weekend is here and it is time for the big fun. Not so much the game but the Rose City T-Girls Super Bowl party. This is the 3rd year Cassandra and Peggy have hosted a Super Bowl party at their home. How wonderful is that they will open their home to our group, we love you two.

Well I was running late as normal so I had to rush to get ready. Yes again under an hour from start to finish of course I knew what I was wearing my white skirt and black top as I think it is so cute. I also knew how I was doing my makeup so that helps. I was ready to leave by 1 pm now the problem was it was a really sunny Sunday afternoon and would you believe it a couple of my neighbors were out mowing their yards, it’s winter grass does not grow, any way I was not about to wait so I just drove off. I kind of watched them and they never seemed to look towards my car so don’t think they saw me.

I got to Cassandra and Peggy’s house just before 2 and had to park just down the street and walk up. I really wonder what their neighbors think when they see all these tall girls in high heels going to their home. Well I went in and there were already about 20 people there. Well I went around and said hi to everyone, some it has been a long time since I have seen them and even a few new friends to meet. Well to start I got out my camera as what party would be complete without pictures so yes there will be several pictures in this blog.

I got to Meet Sandy as she came down from Olympia just for the Party. She is really nice and looks really good. It was nice to talk with her and get to know her better. I got a picture with her and Dana (Sandy left, Susan middle and Dana on the right). I have known Dana for awhile but she does not get out very often when I am out so it was great to see her again and talk with her. The three of us chatted for a bit and then it was time to play Jenga, if you have never played it is a blast and Cassandra bought the big blocks, they are the size of bricks. It was so much fun and I was not the one to knock it over even though I thought I would. The person right after me knocked it down. Just so you will understand the size of this game I will include a couple small pictures. These blocks could break a toe especially if you are wearing open toe heels. Maybe we should come up with steel toed heels for this, but then who would see are pretty toe nails.

There was so much food, Chris made his Clam Chowder which is awesome and also hot wings which I am sure were just as good but hey I am a girl I can’t eat messy food and risk messing up my lipstick or getting something under my long pretty figure nails, beauty first. Jan made a pot roast which was really good also. Peggy made this fantastic bread dish, it was a round loaf of bread cut in a checkerboard design and then had bacon, melted cheese and butter on it, so wonderful but I never asked about the calories as it is Super Bowl weekend and calories don’t count. There was so much food and it was all so good. I brought my normal Vegetable tray and some pop to drink. I really did eat more then I should have especially when they opened the apple pie. After that I did try to be good and stayed away from the chips and went to the apple slice tray as that is healthy, sliced apples dipped in caramel, yum.

When the game started you could tell who the football fans were as they were in the big room watching the game while the rest were in the other room talking about important things like makeup, clothes, wigs and the like. Yes I was in this group as I am not a real big football fan.

Once again the cameras came out and I got a picture with Kristy. Now she has crossdressed for many years but only been coming out in public for a little over a month now and boy has she gown in herself confidence. She actually came out to almost everyone she know which really took some guts, something I just cannot do. She also had on this really cute black and white dress. We had a good discussion about lipstick and how to keep it on. I told her how I do my lipstick which I posted in my last blog and it really does stay on really well. Even when I got home tonight my lipstick was still good. It is so much fun talking girly things.

We had a really good turnout; I would guess 40 to maybe 50 of us there. It is so nice to spend the afternoon and evening with such wonderful friends. The game was good and it was a close one from the yelling I could hear in the other room, Cassandra even had a couple football boards, you pick squares and then based on the points at the end of each quarter and game you can win money. No skill involved as the squares are picked before numbers are drawn so it really is blind luck to win. Not since I know nothing of football and being blonde this is my kind of bet so I put $20 in and sure enough in the 3rd quarter I won. Yep you guessed it I won $20 so I broke even which for me is a win.

After the game more pictures were taken and I got one with Amy. We both had on black tops which made us almost look like sisters. I just need to get her to wear high heels so I don’t tower over her so much, makes me look like a giant next to her. It was such a fun night I was sad to see it end but as I have to be up early for work it was time to leave. I said my goodbye’s about 8 and I left. Now as I said I parked just a couple houses down the street and what I left out is Cassandra and Peggy live on a hill. Now walking up the hill in 4″ heels was actually easy as the heels almost made it like walking flat but going down was another story. I bet the steepness of the hill made it feel like I was walking on 7″ heels I was almost falling forward and could only take very small dainty steps. It took what seemed like forever to walk to my car as I was doing my best to walk femininely and not fall on my face. Hope no one saw me.

Well I would like to Thank Cassandra and Peggy again for a wonderful party and opening their home. You two are awesome.

Well it is almost 10 and I have to be up for work in 6 hours so must be off to bed, thanks for reading and have a great week.

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My Pedicure

Well it was a short night as I got to bed a little after 2 am and my alarm went off at 8 am. Now my appointment is at 10 am so I had 2w hours to get ready and downtown Portland to the Beauty School. Now I have been looking forward to this since I won the free pedicure at Cassandra & Peggy’s Halloween party, Thanks so much you two. Now getting ready would take a little time as when I got home last night all I did was wipe what makeup I could off and went right to bed so now I would have to remove all the makeup from last night, shave, shower and get ready. A lot to do and I really want to leave by 9:15 as it will take about 25 minutes to get there and I am not totally sure where it is or what the parking will be like so I have my work cut out for me.

Now one of the hardest to get off is my lipstick as I really like my lips to look good I have worked hard to find a way to keep it from coming off, so here is Susan’s tip of the day for long wearing lip color. I start with a good lip liner. I like Revlon color stay. Once I have my foundation on I outline my lips and then fill them in the whole lip with the lip liner. Now I work on the rest of my face, once my makeup is all done I put on my lip stick, I like L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge as it is a long wearing lip stick to start. Now I set out my clothes and jewelry as this gives the lipstick a little time to set. Then I blot on a tissue which dries it out. Now I get dressed, wig jewelry and a when I am already to leave I put on another coat of lipstick and I am done. The results are great and the lipstick stays. Even in the shower with soap and water it really takes a lot and lot of scrubbing to get off. Wow got a little side tracked there.

Anyway I jumped into the shower and what I have found for getting off makeup including my lipstick and eye makeup is just a little Olive oil, not too much as that can make your skin really oily plus this also helps soften your facial hair for shaving. Once the makeup is gone I wash of the olive oil but your face is still soft feeling. Any way I showered and shaved and was out of the shower by 8:20 and started doing my makeup. Now being the day time the makeup is not nearly as heavy as when I go out to a club which does make it easier plus I already knew what I was going to wear. Any way I was happy as I was all ready and dressed and out the door at 9 am. One hour which from start to finish is really good, I guess practice does make you better. The one drawback is going for a pedicure I had to wear my flip flops which I really hate. I have never liked the look or feel of them, hate things between my toes but for a pedicure flip flops are a must so for one morning I make do.

No today is a beautiful day all sunny and bright but luckily my neighbor is not home and I don’t see anyone outside. I am kind of glad my appointment is earlier as I can leave before my neighbor get outside. Well I had my GPS all programmed for the beauty school Beau Monde which is in South West Portland and off I went. I love GPS as it took me right to it and as it turns out parking is not bad, I found several spots right across the street. I walked across and inside and was there by 9:35 so I was a little early. Any way as I walked in Roxy was right there so I checked in and we went back to start my pedicure. Funny when you sign in they have you sign a paper saying you are a model think it has to do with the fact they are students doing the work but hay if they want to call me a model who am I to argue.

Now if you have never had a pedicure you are missing something wonderful. Yes I can do it at home for a fraction of the price but there is something about having someone else do it. They soak your feet, trim the nails, buff the feet, clean the cuticle and then massage your foot and lower leg. Then they put the nail polish on and you are done. In all about an hour. In my mind so worth the money, typically in a salon around where I live it is $20 to $25 plus tip but As I had a free one it was even better. You really should give it a try.

Well Roxy worked on my feet, I keep calling her Roxy even though she was in male mode. I asked her if the people at the school knew about Roxy and her dressing and she said yes so it was just so much easier to call her by the name I know her best by. Any way we chatted the whole time she worked on my feet and it gave us a good chance to talk and get to know each other better. We have talked many times while out but you are always in a group so hard to get that one on one time to really get to know someone. It was just as I knew she is a really nice down to earth person. I learned where she grew up and a lot about her which is nice. Also learned a lot about the beauty school and how it works. Turns out the students not only pay for the beauty school but have to buy most of their supplies which they use on the customers that pay the school for the service. Now that is a good business to get into.

I of course picked out a bright red nail polish for my toes, yes I love red. She did an awesome job and my toes look great. She was a little slower so it took a little more time then when I went to the salon last time but that was fine with me as I was having fun. It was such a relaxing fun morning. When she was all done she had one of the instructors come in and check her work and sign off on my paper work. If you ever go to a beauty school tips are important to them as they work for free and pay the school to be there.

Roxy and I went upfront to the desk and I gave Roxy my gift certificate and a tip for her work. She thanked me and I was on my way. It was a little after 11 when I walked out onto the street with my pretty red toe nails showing. I thought about going shopping but as pretty as my toe nails looked I just didn’t want to be walking around in flip flops. Maybe if it was a nice warm summer day so I went home. It was a short time out as Susan, kind of like going to Starbucks but still fun and my feet look pretty again.

Thanks Roxy, you did a great job.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the weekend.

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