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Saturday night out at South Side Speakeasy in Salem

Saturday is here and tonight our group is going to Salem to the South Side Speakeasy. Now our group has been going here once a month for a while but I have never made it on one of these nights, the last time I was at South Side Speakeasy was probably 8 to 10 years ago, I was really looking forward to tonight. I started getting ready early as I wanted to get down there earlier. I was ready and on my way by 5:15. It is a little over an hour drive to get there. It was a nice drive and I got to Speakeasy at 6:30. No I had to get a Selfie in the car before going in.

I went in and Jan and Lynn were already there. I sat and joined them to wait for others to show up. Now here is the funny part. I was just sitting there and had not ordered anything when the bartender came over and told me he needed to see my ID. Wow I have not been carded in years, I was so flattered. Of course, when he said “Wow and stated my age” I was still flattered that I looked good enough to be carded but in the back of my mind was the thought he was shocked how old I was. I guess I will look on the positive side that he thought I was a lot younger then I am.

Cassandra showed up about 7:15, now they were not busy as it was still early. It was good to be out with my friends before we go to Diva Las Vegas next Friday. Karen was the next to show up, she lives here in Salem also Kelly another girl from Salem. I have not met them before so it was wonderful to finally meet them. I really do like meeting new people when I am out. They both seem really nice and I look forward to seeing them again. Jessica also showed up, she is from Portland and came down for the night at least for a little while. I met her when we had the clothing exchange last year. It was good to talk with her. She is also going to Diva Las Vegas this year. She will have a lot of fun with us.

We talked about Diva Las Vegas for a while. We have 9 going for sure and a few others that are still trying to work it out. Even Kim our favorite waitress from Harvey’s, I always refer to her as our favorite waitress just to distinguish her from the other Kim’s in our group but she is really a friend to all of us and sense she no longer works at Harvey’s I guess it should our friend Kim. She is also going for a few days. It will be so fun to have her there. It really is going to be a fun week.

Samantha from Eugene also showed up tonight. Funny as I was driving down I thought I should have e-mailed her we would be there. Well it turns out she read my blog that we would be there and showed up. It was great to see her again as it has been a while. We talked for a while she is thinking of going to Diva Las Vegas next year. It was turning out to be a wonderful night.

Laura M. and her friend showed up also so we had 9 of us here tonight. All that was missing was Mikaela, I had really hoped she would make it out, I was looking forward to see her again and talking with her. We actually had more girls from Portland area here tonight than from the Salem area.

As it got later it got really busy and they started the music for dancing. It was a good crowd but it was loud so we moved into the other room where it was not as loud so we could talk. Cassandra and I firmed up our plans, I will get my nails done Thursday afternoon and then go over to her place for the night. That way we can get up early and be on our way. Wow it is hard to believe that in less than a week we will be in Las Vegas.

It was amazing how fast the night went, I had planned on leaving by 10 pm but it was almost 11 when I left. It is funny as I think this is the first time I have been out and left before Samantha. By now it was really busy and I was sad to leave. It took me a little over and hour to get home. It was a fun night out. Now all my effort and thought will be about Diva Las Vegas as I doubt I will get a chance to be Susan again till Thursday. It will be so much fun, 12 days living as Susan. The only thing I will have from my male life on the trip is my driver’s license and one credit card, other than that it will be all Susan.

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