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out again at Embers November 28, 2008

Well Friday night I went out again and went down to Embers. Cassandra, Veronica, Maya and Bev were all there. I got there a little after 9 so we had a chance to talk till the show started at 10. I love the shows but it is hard to talk during the show because of how loud it is. We had a great time and again I stayed out later then I planed. It was after 1 am when I left. It was so much fun. This month I have been out more then I have in several months put together. Things just seemed to work out right this month.

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Happy Thanksgiving November 27, 2008

HI all,

Just wanted to post a blog and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. At this time of year we all reflect on what has happened in our live and what we have to be thankful for. For me it is simple, all of you. it is so great to have a place and other people that we can be ourselves with and will except us for who we are. you are all special and I thank you all.

Happy Thanksgiving


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Night out at Embers November 21, 2008

Last night I made it out again. I went down to Embers. Another t-girl Alice from Salem I know was coming up for the night and had emailed me about meeting her. I also got an email from Aubrey another T-girl I know online and she wanted to also get out for the night so we arranged to also meet at Embers. It turns out this was her first time out.

When I got to Embers there were several other T-girls Cassandra, Maya and her wife Bev and Veronica. I sat and joined them. It is always more fun when you know people there. About 30 minutes later Aubrey showed up and it was great to finally meet her and she is just as lovely as she is in her pictures. She would have no trouble passing. We sat with the other girls and talked for awhile and got to know a little about each other. She is really easy to talk to. We all reminisce about our first time out and had a great time out in public.

About 10 Alice showed up. It was good to see her again as it has been several months sense our schedules allowed us to get together. We all watched the show and talked and had a great time. Again I ended up staying out way later then I planed as it was after 2 am when I left but I was having such a great time.

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Embers November 14, 2008


I got the chance to go out again Friday night so I went down to Embers in Portland. I got there about 9:30 pm and Cassandra and some other t-girls were there. it is always nice to have others you know when you are out. there were so many I can\’t remember all of them but Veronica, Maya, Marla, Marsha, & Ronnie were all there plus two GG\’s Rachel & Penelope who are awesome and treated us all great. we had a great time watching the show and taking pictures.
The night flew by and soon the show ended and we sat there and talked and got to know each other better (it\’s hard to talk and hear when the show is on). it was a great night and I ended up staying at Embers till 1:45 am which I never expected. But I was having too much fun to leave.
Thanks to everyone that was there to make the night so fun and a special thanks to Rachel & Penelope for joining us.
The picture is one taken of use and I have put a couple more on my Flicker account. In the picture from left to right is Rachel, Susan, Penelope, & Cassandra

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Entry for November 11, 2008

Today we celebrate Veterans Day. It is a day to honor all our Veterans past and present that have served in the service of our great country. No matter if you support the current war or not, no matter if you support past wars or not these are our brothers and sisters, dad, uncles or grandparents that went out and fought for us and our beliefs. Some of them gave everything so we can live in this great nation. We owe everything to them and one day does not seem like enough to say thanks for all they have done.

Today if you know a Veteran give them a call and thank them for all of us, because they truly are special. It does not matter what you’re political, religious or any other beliefs are. Today we are all Americans and we should support our service men and women.

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Sunday night at CC Salughters November 02, 2008


Well I had a chance to go out on Sunday night and new a few other t-girls would be at CC Slaughters. They now put on a drag show on Sunday nights. so I got all dressed up and went down to check it out. I haven\’t been to CC Slaughters for several years and it was much nicer then I remember. I went over and found Cassandra, Veronica and a few other t-girls and sat down. we talked and watched the show. I had only planned on being there for an hour or two but ended up staying till almost 1 am. I had a great time and the show was great, even better then the shows at Embers which are still good.

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Halloween 2008

Halloween night I had a chance to go out as Susan. I got all dressed up in my little black dress and even put on my fake nails. I went to downtown Portland and went to Hobos to meet another T-girl named Rachael. I met her a year ago and we have kept in touch by e-mail and she was going to be able to get out also. We had agreed to meet around 8 pm. I got there a little before 8 and had to park two blocks away.

I got inside and ordered a drink as I watched all the other people in their costumes. Rachael showed up and we talked for a while. She is a really nice lady and it was so much fun to just spend time as Susan talking to her. We had a drink and then decided to head over to Embers. We took her car and she also parked a block away so we got to walk with all the other people. When we got over by Embers we saw a new restaurant on the corner acro0ss the street called Chez Joly so we decided to go inside and see what it was like. It was really nice inside and the owner and his wife came over and introduced themselves and even sat with us and talked for about 20 minutes. They made us feel welcome and right at home. They have only been open for three weeks.

Next we walked over to Embers and got another drink. Rachael played some slots as we talked some more. Embers was really busy and there were lots of T-girls there and all kinds of costumes. It was so fun to be out and talk with other people. It was a really fun night and I wish Halloween came around more often.

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