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Sunday and my drive to Reno

Okay it is Sunday and I am driving to Reno today. I got up about 4:30 am and started getting ready with the hope of being on the road by 6am. I took my time getting ready as I wanted to look good especially my eyes as that is what people will see with the mask on so yes, I did false eye lashes today, yes most of it will be in my car. I was all reedy and had my car loaded and was pulling out of my driveway at 6:07. Now I decided to break it up into to days for 2 reasons, first to go all the way to Las Vegas is a 15-to-16-hour drive which means I would need to leave at lest by 2am which means starting to get ready by 12:30am so I would get little sleep and with the weather being bad the next 2 days just didn’t want to chance it. The second is I got a pretty good rate at Silver Legacy in Reno, $56 for Sunday night. I set my GPS and I was off.

The drive down was bad weather all the way, I had rain all the way to Klamath Falls sometimes hard but when I got there it was also really windy. I stopped and got gas and got some snacks and a drink for the 2nd half of my trip. As I crossed into Northern California the rain really started coming down hard and between there and Reno, I got 3 warnings on my phone for severe weather warnings. Now normally I go down through Alturas and down to Reno but my phone had me take another route south to Susanville so I tried it, won’t do that again. I checked it when I got to Reno and it saved me 19 miles but the road was narrower and a lot more ruff and the speed limit was only 55 all the way. The road through Alturas has a speed limit of 65 and more of a main road and better kept, I really don’t think it saved me any time just miles.

Now as I said when I left home, I set my GPS and it told me it was 565 miles and I would arrive at 3:04pm just under 9 hours, I pulled into Silver Legacy’s parking garage at 3:11 only 7 minutes later and I did make 3 quick stops on the way down. Amazing it can be that close on a trip that long. I parked and only took my small suitcase, computer and my makeup bag and went into the lobby to check in. I only had 2 people in front of me so it was a short wait. I got up to the counter and gave the lady my name, she pulled up my reservation and then said I see you are on one of the lower floors I can upgrade you to a deluxe room on a higher floor for the same price if that is okay. I said sure and thanked her. once she had me all checked in, she pointed to the elevators to the upper floors. As she handed me my packet she said, “I just have to tell you that you make a beautiful woman.” I thanked her again and was off to my room. My room is on the 29th floor has a beautiful view of downtown Reno. It was 4pm now almost 11 hours after I did my makeup and it still looked good, I tried the Maybelline 36-hour full coverage active wear foundation and I am liking it. these pictures were taken at 4:30 pm with no touchup. Now I did put a little powder on for the shine and then it was time to go get some dinner.

I went downstairs to the little café and went in. now they have some tables inside and some on a little patio by where everyone walks by and the young man sat me down at one of the outside tables so I could watch the people go by and of course anyone walking by could see me so I guess they were not worried about me being there. I had a nice dinner and then I wanted to check out the casinos. Now the other reason I picked this casino is there are actually 3 casinos connected by a walkway so I don’t have to go outside in the rain and all are owned by Caesars.

I wanted to gamble a little at each one to get players points. I started as Circus Circus and it was sad, this use to be a big casino but now only has 7 tables games and tonight none of them were open. I walked over to Silver Legacy and they had more tables but again as far as Blackjack only 4 were open, 1 $15 table and the other 3 were $25 and all were full. I walked over to the other tables and they were other games so I walked back and there was now 1 seat open at a $25 table so I sat down and bought in with $200 and started playing. I was up and down, I played about an hour and walked away with $230 up $30. I walked next door to Eldorado and they also had a lot of tables but only 3 open blackjack tables all $25, wow this is Reno on a Sunday night, I wonder what Las Vegas will be. Now their tables were not busy so I sat down at one and again bought in with $200 and started playing. There were 2 other people at the table a man next to me and a lady at the end and the dealer. The dealer was awesome by the way and I don’t remember her name but she is from China and I am guessing the other 2 were also as she was talking to them in, I am guessing Chinese. And me in English. I saw the man look at me a couple times and wondered what he was thinking. Finally the dealer told me he loved my nails, turns out he does nails for a living and we all kind of talked about nails. The dealer didn’t think she could shuffle the cards with long nails and I told her she would get use to them. She laughed a little and I am guessing told him what I said and then he said something to her and I got part of it, as I herd gel and she said yes, they would have to be shorter. It was kind of fun. Well I was doing well and then she had to shuffle the decks and it changed, she got hot so we all quit and I walled away witb$255 up $55 so my little stop in Reno cost me $56 and I won $85 so I am up for the trip. Now I headed up to my room for the night.

It was a little after 8 so I wrote this blog and watch a little TV. My plan for tomorrow is to be on the road between 8 & 8:30 with hopes of being in Las Vegas by 4pm to check in.

Be happy with who you are and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Friday Susan time and I went out for a while

It is Friday morning and I have the whole day to be Susan. now as I have family in town this weekend I really wanted to get as much Susan time as possible so I started getting ready by 10am. Now I took my time doing my makeup and I once again did my eye makeup first and yes it was a little more dramatic with the purple eye shadow which I am really liking and yes, I did false eye lashes today. I also used my MAC Studio Fix foundation as it will be an all-day as Susan and of course red lipstick. I really liked the look for the day. I was already a little before noon. Now this week I had 2 things I had hoped to do, 1 was go to the coast but we never really had good weather, the other was to go to the Ilani casino near where I live. Now this casino is only 10 minutes from where I live but I have only been there a few times. I think 3 times as my male self and maybe 5 times as Susan yes, I go here more as Susan. Now the other thing is every time I have gone here, I have seen someone I know maybe not well but still a lot of people go here and it is close to where I live. As a matter of fact, I know several people who work here, 3 who work in the restaurants, 1 who does security, 1 for medical and yes even 1 who works as a dealer and I am sure there are others I just don’t know about. Actually, once when I was here as Susan before the masks, I actually played at a table with the dealer I know although I don’t know her really well and it was a few years ago so I doubt very much she would figure it out.

Well, I got a few pictures and then grabbed my purse and I was off to the casino. I got there about 12:15 and parked and went in and yes there were a lot of cars here. Now as I walked in, I had to pull my mask down so they could scan me I think it is to check my temperature and make sure I am not sick which is good. Now they were really busy, lots of people which surprised me being Friday during the day and yes most of the people were younger. Well, I did walk around and check things out to see what things looked like and then it was over to the table games and they were also busy. They had 1 $5 blackjack table which was full and about 15 $10 tables full and then some $15 and $25 tables which had seats at. I walked around and was going to sit at one of the $15 tables when someone left on of the $10 tables so I sat down between 2 men and at the far end were 2 women so there were 5 of us at the table but there were clear plastic dividers between all the players and even between the players and dealer with just about 6 inches at the bottom for placing your bets. Life has really changed.

I bought in for $50 and started playing now at $10 per hand this really is only 5 hands if you are unlucky and yes that has happened before. I started off good and wone the first 3 hand but overall, I would win then lose and just went up and down. Now they did change dealers twice so I had 3 different dealers all female and yes one was named Susan. last time I was here was last August and that time I had 2 dealers named Susan. I played for a while and I think my high was around $200 and my low was $20. The 4 people I was playing with the 2 women lost their money and stopped playing the 2 men played a while longer, they each left with a few hundred dollars of course I have no idea how much they started with. Well, when they left the one man wished me luck. Now as soon as a seat opens someone else sat down pretty quick so now, I was at the table with 4 men and I was doing okay but the last man to sit down really wasn’t playing correctly taking cards when he shouldn’t as a matter of fact in about a 15-minute period of time he bought chips 4 times at $200 each time. they brought in a new dealer and I decided to call it a day. I checked my phone and it was almost 3pm, I had been at the table over 2 hours. I colored my chips in and had $145 so I had done well. I went and cashed my chips in for money and then was on my way home. It was a nice little outing.

I got home and parked in the driveway and went into my house and watched some TV till about 5:30 and then it was time for Dinner. I decided to go to Panda Express and get something to eat. I git there and they were a little busy, they only allow 10 people inside and they had that plus 2 people waiting outside in front of me so it took a little while but I waited my turn to order. Now I always get the same thing when I come here and yes when I ordered the young lady taking my order asked if I wanted the sauce on the rice also which is how I get my order so I am guessing she remembered me. I paid for my order and was on my way home to eat.

I watched TV the rest of the evening till about 11pm and then it was time to clean up and put all traces of Susan away as my brother will be here for the weekend and staying with me. Now really, I have so much stuff that if he does really look around, he will find stuff but I made sure nothing was laying out in plain sight. It was a fun day and sad to see it end. Now I am looking forward to next Wednesday night when I get to spend some time with my friend on our weekly zoom meeting.

Stay safe and healthy and look forward to things getting back too normal. Thanks for reading my blog and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Tuesday and a day of Susan

Well it is Tuesday and I have the day off work and that means a Susan day. now I can only stay out till about 4 so I got up earlier today at 7 am to get my day going. I really do like when I can start my day as Susan, it is just such a wonderful way to start the day off. I took my time getting ready today as I really wanted a more casual look so I would blend in more. I toned my eye makeup down and went with more of a rose red lipstick which I think goes well for the daytime. I was all ready by 9 to start my day. now I thought about going and getting breakfast at IHOP but figured I would save tat for this Saturday so I just had a bowl of cereal and got a few pictures and watched just a little Tv but I really didn’t want to spend the day just sitting at home. I decided to do something I haven’t done in a long time. There is a Casino called Ilani which is only about 15 minutes away from where I live and I have not been there in well over a year, actually I think I have only been there 6 times since they opened 3 ½ years ago and interestingly it was 3 times as Susan and 3 times as my male self so that was my plan. I was going to go walk around it and see what it looks like as far as social distancing.

I got there right at 10 and parked and I was a way out as it seems a lot of people still come her. I put my mask on in the car as it as easier and then I got out of the car and headed for the main door. Now you can only enter through one of the many doors as you have to walk through a thermal scanner and yes you have to pull down your mask as you do. I am always worried what the face mask does to my makeup, so I like not having to put it on and off a lot. I was fine and was welcomed in. I walked around looking to see what they have done, they have hand sanitizer stations well marked around the casino and in some areas they have every other slot machine turned off but you can tell the popular machines as they have plastic between them so they can keep them open. It looks like they are doing everything they can to stay open, so I headed over to the table games, on the Blackjack tables they have a plastic wall between you and the dealer that gores up several feet above the table with just about 8 to 10 inches at table level to place your bets and get your chips and also plastic barriers that come out between people and they only have 5 chars at the table so if you like to play 2hands at a time you are in luck as they still have all 7 betting spots to play.

I found a $5 table that only had 3 men at it so I sat down at the other end and bought in with $40, I didn’t really plan to play that long it was more I just wanted to be out. The dealers name was John and seemed really nice of course with everyone wearing masks it is hard to see facial expressions. I played for a while but could tell I would not be here long as my chips were slowly going down, the only thing that helped me was a got a couple lucky hits on hands I doubled down on. I got down to my last $10 and we got a new dealer a young lady so I was hoping my luck would change and I wone the next two hands and then it was time to shuffle the decks so I had a brief pause, I had $20 of my $40 I started with. Now I got to cut the deck and I think it helped as I was winning and soon I was up to $60 and then I got stuck there I would lose a few and then win a few but just floated between $50 and $70 for a while. Buy the way I forgot to mention the name of the young lady dealing now is Susan, so I figured that had to be a good sign. Well I kept playing and by a little after 11 I was up to almost $100 and then it was her time to take a break and another young lady came over to take her place so I figured I would play one hand and see how I did but I figured having a dealer with the same name as me was why I was winning. Well the new dealer dealt the first hand and I actually got a blackjack my first of the day so maybe it had nothing to do with the dealers name but then I noticed the name of our new dealer and yes you will not believe it her name is also Susan, yes I had 2 dealers in a row named Susan what are the odds so I decided to keep playing and yes I was up and down but always seemed to go a little higher up and my chip stacks got bigger slowly so I kept playing now this dealer about every 10 hands or so would have everyone put there hands out and give us all a little hand sanitizer to be safe also the pit boss gave everyone a little ½ oz bottle to use. I played till a little after noon and then it way time for a new dealer and I figured playing against 2 Susan’s and wining was good enough so I cashed in my chip and I had $187.50, not bad off of a $40 start and a couple hours of fun. Now it was time for lunch and I just didn’t want to do the typical fast food. Yesterday I noticed some people sitting outside Starbucks at the tables so I drove by the Starbucks I had been going to and they had 5 tables outside and it even looked like they had a couple inside so I decided to stop at Subway and get a sandwich. There were only a couple people there and of course with my mask on who would know me. I got my sandwich and made a quick trip home to get my computer and then it was off to Starbucks.

I got to Starbucks about 1 and 3 of the 5 tables were taken but it didn’t look like they had many people inside as this one has a drive through. I parked and went in and ordered my drink, I didn’t recognize any or the girls inside but then it has been over 5 months since I have been here. I waited for my drink and the went out and sat down at one of the tables to have lunch and play on my computer. Now none of the people sitting outside were wearing masks but then the tables are all about 10 feet apart so pretty safe. I took my mask off and broke out my sub sandwich and started eating. There was a gentle breeze and it was in the shade so a couple times when it got a little cool if the breeze got to strong, but it was a wonderful place to sit and enjoy some time. All the tables were fill by now and it seemed when one opened up it wasn’t long before someone else was sitting there. I worked on my blog for today to get a start on it in hopes I wouldn’t leave anything out. It is different sitting outside right by the front door where everyone walks right past you to go in, but it was a lot of fun and a relaxing afternoon. I actually sat there till about 3:30 when my battery on my computer started to die so I saved my work and headed for home till I need to change back to my male self for the rest of the evening. Life almost felt normal again today.

I got home and parked in my driveway, my neighbors were sitting in their car and I was not sure if they were just getting home or getting ready to leave but I just got out of the car and walked to the front door and went in like I do it every day. I watched TV till about 4:30 before going and cleaning up. I have to run over to the auto shop and then will be going over to see my mom at 6 tonight and spend a little time with her and those are things Susan can’t do. It was a good day though and I am looking forward to more like today. Stay safe and keep a positive attitude, life is way better then.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Monday and a full day of Susan

Monday is here and I plan a full day as Susan. I got up a little before 8 and started getting ready. I was really looking forward to getting ready and trying my new eye shadow. Now doing a daytime look is easier and doesn’t take as long so I was ready by a little after 9 and I thought my eyes came out great. Now I also am wearing my corset for 2 reasons today, one and most important is I like the shape I get from it and second, I want to see how long I can wear it comfortably so it is kind of a test. I was on my way by 9:30

I got to Lloyd Center and parked by Sears and went in, guess what this is one of the Sears stores they are closing everything is 10% to 50% off well everything I saw was marked 40% off. It is sad as I have loved shopping this store and I have a lot of outfits from here but I guess change happens. It is funny as the two stores I by the most from here are gone (Nordstrom’s) and soon Sears. Now I admit I don’t spend a lot at Nordstrom’s but I do like the MAC foundation Studio Fix, it’s a little spendy priced but it works so well covering up things that need covering.

I looked around Sears and they are somewhat picked over but they did have some purses but not the kind I was looking for. My purse I have is really your basic black purse but it is the perfect size and shape and fits so well on my shoulder. Of course, it maybe I am just use to it and please don’t laugh as it is the first purse I ever bought for going out, I have had it for probably 15 years and it is showing its age. Now I did find one that wasn’t bad and I was thinking of getting it so I decided to let fate decide. When I was done shopping here at the mall I would have to walk back through Sears and if it was still here I would get it. 40% off it would only be $32 for a leather purse, I will probably still look for one like mine this week but in case I don’t find one this will do. I know a lot of woman have a ton of purses for every outfit but I have always been that classic go with everything black purse. Besides that, way I don’t have to move things around. It is funny as everyone has the things they love and buy a lot of or maybe too much of, some buy heels for me it is lipstick. I really do have way too many lipsticks especially when you figure I only wear them a couple days a week.

Well I ventured out into the mall mostly just window shopping although I did go into Ulta Their prices are a little higher than the drug stores for the same items but they have such a wide selection and you can usually find things you can’t always find at the drug stores and yes the first thing I looked at were the lipsticks but I didn’t buy any. I also stopped in Torrid, Macy’s, Ross Dress for Less and spent a little time in Barnes & nobble which is a wonderful place to spend some time. I even watch some people ice skating for a while, it was just a relaxing time wondering the mall and of course people watching. This mall really wasn’t busy probably just because it was a Monday morning.

I went up to the food court and got something to eat at Sarku Japan, Chicken and Rice as I wanted something other than a burger. After I ate I finished walking the mall and stopped in Suncoast movies just to look and see what they had. Before heading back to Sears to see if fate had left my purse there. Sure, enough it was still there so I picked it up and as I was going to the register I saw some wallets and yes, the wallet in my purse is just as old. I found a small one that was kind of cute and what was cool is it has a detachable hand strap so I could use it as a small purse if I wanted. Wouldn’t hold much more then money, ID, keys, a lipstick and I think my cell phone would fit and it was only $5 so I couldn’t pass that up so those were my purchases for the day.

It was almost 1 now and I was trying to think what to do now. If I stay much longer in Portland I will get caught in traffic so I decided to head back closer to home. As I was going down the freeway thinking if I should just go to Starbucks it hit me. I could go to the new Casino Ilani, I have been her 5 times so far since they opened, 4 times as my male self and only once as Susan. Now of the 4 times I went as my male self I won about $50 the first time the other 3 tgimes I lost $60 the last time I was there as my male self I kid you not, $60 I played 13 hands, I pushed once and lost the other 12 and the sad thing is I only went bust once. The dealer never went bust one time, that trip I was only there about 10 minutes. Now the one time I went as Susan I also won so I was hoping Susan would be lucky.

I got there about 1:20 and parked and of course had to get a selfie before going in. I am not sure if you can take pictures inside, I may try if I get the chance. Now this is a really busy place and not far from where I live so that does make me a little nervous, last time I was here I did see a couple people I knew but thy were not people I knew well and had not seen in years. I walked through the casino to the Black Jack tables and looked around. Now for a Monday afternoon they were kind of busy, they had probably 25 tables going but only about 10 or 12 were black jack. There was one table with an open seat between a young man and a woman and there were 3 other men at the table. I stood there and watched for a few minutes and the young man asked if I wanted to play as there was an open spot. I did so I started to get my money out before sitting down as not to slow the game down and to my surprise as I was getting my money out this young man pulled the seat out for me, wow how awesome is that. Now not one person at the table gave me a second look and they we re all very nice and talkative and I was just another woman at the table.

Well as I said I have not had much luck here so I only took out $40 to see how I would do. Now it was n ever a really hot table I think the most I got up to was maybe $70 and the lowest I got down to was maybe $15 I was just up and down but having fun and talking with the people around me. Our dealer was wonderful and she was very friendly, she told us stories about some of the players she had and some of the big wins and losses and of course everyone at the table had their own stories. She went on break a few times and the replacement dealer was just as nice. A couple of the people left and others came in and again I was just another player at the table. The last time our dealer went on break the replacement got hot and people were dropping at the table was down to $25 and got a couple hands of 11 against a dealer 5 and 6 and doubled down both times and wow I lost both so I was down to my last $5, I won the next hand and then lost 2 in a row and my $40 was gone but I had a fun time. I got out my phone and looked at the time and it was almost 5:30. I had been sitting at the table for almost 4 hours straight which brings me back to my corset. Now sitting at the table, it was a little uncomfortable with the corset on now but I have been wearing it for over 8 hours so I kind of expected that. I got up and left the table and walked back through the casino and out the door to my car. The funny thing is by the time I got to the car I was not uncomfortable any more, I think if I had got up and moved some I would have been fine.

I left and drove to the Starbucks by my house and went in. They were a little busy 5 people waiting to order and a few waiting to get their drinks but there were a few tables open and I figured most would get their drinks and go. I got to the counter and the young lady said Hi Susan, right? And I said yes. She asked if I wanted my sweetened green ice tea or a hot chocolate, how is that for remembering me. I got the green ice tea as it was actually nice outside. I sat down and started this blog about today and also caught up on some e-mails. I spent about 2 hours here before leaving a little after 8.

I got in my car and notice I needed gas if I was going out tomorrow again so I drove down to Costco as they are open till 8:30 and the fuel station till 9. I pulled in the parking lot about 8:20 and as the store was still open I decided I would go in and talk to the membership people. I actually joined Costco last November and I was wondering about going there as Susan. The lady at the counter was very nice and I just explained that I live part of my life as Susan and was wondering about getting a card with my female picture on it. She talked with what I assume was her manager and then she said she could and asked for my ID and membership card to pull up my account. Then she gave me a piece of paper and asked me what name I wanted to use so I wrote down Susan Miller and from then on, she called me Susan. She put information in the computer and then took my picture and that was it. I now have a Costco card with Susan’s picture and name on it. It has been a fun day.

I got home a little after 9 and I was ready to remove my corset which I have now worn for a little over 12 hours straight. Wow another long blog, thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what I am doing on my most recent blog.

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