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Manicure and Pedicure today

Well I have always wanted to get a pedicure and today worked out to fit right in. I needed to redo the nail polish on my toes and I had the day off so I made an appointment at Glamorous Nails. I first went here two years ago when I got back from Diva Las Vegas to have my acrylic nails removed and they did a fabulous job and treated me wonderful. This was the third time I have gone there because it is a bit of a drive as they are way out in Beaverton.

I left a little early because I wasn’t sure how traffic would be that time of morning and it wasn’t bad so I was over there by 9:20 and they didn’t open till 10 when my appointment was. So what is a girl to do, I stopped at Walgreen’s as I needed some Concealer and mineral makeup (use this for contouring). Well they had a buy one get one 50% off so I also picked up a couple eye shadows in more earth tone colors suitable for daytime.

I got to the salon just before 10 and they were open so I went in. there were already 2 other woman there but they have 5 woman working there so there was no wait. I picked out a pretty red color for my toes, and planed on a clear coat on my figures. They filled the foot tub with warm water and I had a seat. The chairs give you a back massage. The lady doing my nails today is the same one who has done them the last 2 time, her name is Thuy (pronounced Twee), I had to ask her.

The pedicure was awesome; they soak your feet, put oils on your feet and lower leg and then massage your feet and leg, so relaxing and felt wonderful. It took about 45 minutes to do my feet and finished off with a pretty red nail polish. My feet and legs have never looked better. The whole time customers were coming in and soon 4 of their 6 pedicure chairs were being used and a couple more ladies waiting guess they didn’t call for an appointment.

Well it was now time to do my manicure so we moved over to another table and she started on my finger nails. This also includes lotion and an arm and hand massage. The manicure only took 20 minutes and time for nails to dry so the whole thing start to finish about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The cost was $40 plus a tip; I guess a little spendy but really worth it. I can see why woman love going there. I think even men would enjoy this just get a clear coat polish. I think I will try to make this a somewhat regular thing as so much easier and relaxing then trimming and painting my own toe nails.

Well after I left there I stopped at Fred Meyers and looked around at their clothes but didn’t find anything I wanted. So I headed back home and stopped at a Starbuck’s for an apple fritter and a hot chocolate as I was a little hungry. The one I stopped at I have been to before as a matter of fact it was the first Starbucks Susan went to a few years back. It is a couple miles away from the one I regularly go to. I picked this one for two reasons; first I was at the other Starbucks last night and didn’t want to go there two days in a row. The second reason is this is the one Katie came to to be the Assistant manager, Katie worked at the one I go to all the time and was always so nice to me so I was kind of hoping she still worked here. I haven’t seen her yet so will ask on my way out about her.

Well from here I think I will stop at one more store on my way home as I am not quite ready for my day to end. I am planning at this point at least to go out to the P-Club for a couple hours tonight to spend some time with my friends. Diane is in town from North Carolina and as she gets to town so little I don’t want to miss the opportunity to see her plus I want to hear all about her trip to Southern Comfort this year, she posted some wonderful pictures and one has her and Maryanne who I met at the first Diva Las Vegas. She is also wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing her at the next Diva Las Vegas.

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Midweek outing to Starbuck’s

Well it has been a busy week and the next few will be even busier so I will find it hard to find time to be Susan. So tonight I had the time to get out for a few hours so here I am at Starbuck’s. They are busy tonight and there was only one table open but I was lucky as it is more in the middle then in the back so I can people watch. I had planned on being here at 7 but it was about 7:15 as I hit almost every red light on the way.

There is a new girl working tonight or may just be she hasn’t worked on the nights I am here but she seems nice. As I said with my work schedule all mixed up for the next several weeks I will miss most Friday’s with my friends. On the bright side having to work this weekend I am off tomorrow so I am doing something I have always wanted to do, I am getting a pedicure. I called and made an appointment to get a manicure and pedicure. Every time I have gone to a nail salon I have always wanted to get a pedicure but have just never been able to work it out but that will end in the morning. My toe nails are looking bad and the nail polish needs to be changed and so this time I will have someone else paint my toes. I am really looking forward to it. Not sure what color I will get on my toes but it will be a shade of red and my fingers will be a clear coat.

I am not totally sure what I will do afterwards but I hope to do a little shopping and maybe lunch also. Should be a fun day and different then what I have been doing as Susan. I will of course blog about it may even take my computer with me and find a place.

Now I may be able to go out for dinner tomorrow night with my friends but will have to be home early for bed so still deciding about it but I probably will. As the following 3 Fridays there will be no way to go out with them. Plus I would still have a couple hours out which is as much as I have going to Starbuck’s, I will just be a little tired on Saturday at work.

Now back to tomorrow, what I will wear. I think it will need to be Capri’s and a cute top. The drawback is I will have to skip the nylons for the pedicure and my legs look so much better with nylons, it is amazing what that thin little material will hide and cover. I think that is why I have never got a pedicure. I also will have to wear sandals which are not my favorite foot wear by a long shot, as a matter of fact I didn’t even own a pair so had to buy them. But I need something that will not mess up my toe nails after they are painted. I also have no idea how long it will take, I know a manicure is 20 to 30 minutes.

I started wondering why I like being Susan so much, is it being someone else, kind of living a secret or double life. Is it the clothes and makeup or something else. I mean to spend an hour in a half to get all dressed up to come to Starbuck’s for 2 hours. I could just as easy sit at home or for that matter I could be in male mode and do the same thing. I really think it is the calming relaxing feeling I get from transforming into someone else, someone cuter, softer and separate from my normal male life. But it is also more than that, I totally enjoy all it takes to be Susan. The time I spend in the shower or bath. The time I spend doing my makeup and nails. Picking out my outfit to wear and which shoes to wear. For that time I am Susan and my male side goes away. Now I know there are woman out there who will disagree with me on this and the time it takes but you have to remember for many years I was lucky to dress a few times a year. It has only been the last 3 or 4 years I have been getting out as much as I do. So I look at it this way if I dress 2 times every year for the last 6 years it would only be the same time as dressing every day for 2 years so it really is still new and wonderful to me. I ask all you females out there to think back to when you were young and just starting to wear makeup. How much did you enjoy it and how many years did it take till the fun of doing your makeup stopped. I have a niece that started wearing makeup when she was 13, she is now 19 and still loves to put on makeup and try different looks. So I figure I have a good 10 more years of loving doing my makeup and I intend to enjoy every minute. I really hope I never get tired of this and I don’t think I will as I only do it a couple times a week it is still fun and not a routine. I think that is the way to always stay happy is to have fun things in your life that you can do and look forward to that is why I am so happy with my secret double life. After all how many people can say that?

Well I have to do a little grocery shopping when I leave here and then I have my fun day tomorrow. Thanks for reading and have a fabulous weekend.

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P-Club on the first day of Fall.

Well today was the first day of Fall but still a nice day here. We were in the upper 80’s and so I decided to wear my little black dress out tonight and yes I took pictures tonight. It is probably my favorite dress I have but maybe a little too much for the P-club but I figured what the heck. I took extra time tonight to get ready as I wanted to enjoy every minute as I will miss 3 of the next 4 Friday nights but after that I will hopefully be out every Friday night through the winter months. I got to the P-Club about 7:20 and it was already getting dark outside which is both good and bad. With it getting dark earlier it is so much easier to get out at night without being seen but also I really like the sun shine and warm weather which I know will go away hence the dress I wore as it is not a good winter time dress as I can get cold very easy in this dress. There was no street parking which I always like as I can park right outside the door and also keep an eye on my car. Even the parking lot was full except for 1 spot which I took.

Again this week there was a pretty good crowd there, they had a group of ladies that meet there and play Bunco every once in a while and tonight was there night. Chris, Cristine and Bobby were already there so I joined them. We chatted for a bit and then ordered dinner. Cassandra and Wilma showed up next which was really nice as it has been awhile since Wilma has been able to make it out.

Wilma is starting a new job so it will be hard for her to get out for awhile so any time we can chat is always great. It was nice to catch up with her and find out about her new job. Victoria showed up next, she is going full time in a week or so, today they just told everyone she works with so she is all set to start her life. She is so excited. She has to buy a bunch of cloths how lucky is she?

Barb showed up also and joined us for some girl talk; it has been awhile for her also to be out on a Friday night. Barb wanted some pictures of her new outfit which was really cute, Yah I know she reminded me to take out my camera so the reason I have pictures is because of her, she took the one above, thanks Barb. It was turning into a wonderful night as what is important to me is the friends I am with. Two girls came over and asked if they could get pictures with us which you know I never turn down a chance to have my picture taken. They were so funny though, they didn’t have a camera and didn’t want a copy; they just wanted to be in a picture with us. So we took some pictures with Wilma’s camera and that was it. I would have thought they would want to have the picture.

Cindy was also here, she is a GG we met the first or second time we came to the P-club and she is wonderful. Whenever she is there she always comes and talks with us and spends time with us. She was there with her mom and brought her over to meet us, how sweet is that. She is such an awesome person.

Cassandra was down sitting at one of the tables with the Bunco ladies and having a good time. Cassandra has this ability to just walk up to any one and start a conversation, I so wish I was more like her in this way. Anyway I went to get another drink and walked by the tables and started to chat with them also. One of the ladies, Darcy I have met there before and she remembered me from a couple months ago. We had chatted for a while. I stayed and talked with her and another lady named Melissa for awhile. They were both really nice and of course Melissa had some questions which I actually enjoy answering as I really think that is what helps people understand who we are. We are not all alike just like not every female or male is alike. I would rather have people ask me the same questions over and over again then have them not ask and not understand or think something wrong. It is through communication that we come to understanding of one another. Well their break from Bunco was over and they had to get back to their game so I went and got my drink and went back to the group.

It was time for Shuffle board so Wilma and I played Victoria and Cristine. The shuffle board table was very slow which made the game hard to play. The first game Wilma and I won 27 to 6 (winner is first to get to 21), the second game Victoria and Cristine won 21 to 0 ouch. Because the table was so slow very few fell off the end and it was easy to get high points. Normally 3 to 5 is a good turn but we were having 8 to 12 per turn. The last and deciding game was a lot closer but in the end Victoria and Cristine won 21 to 17 but we all had a fun time.

The ladies playing Bunco were done and Darcy came up and wanted a picture with us so cameras came out again, Melissa saw and came running up to get in the picture with us, she was so sweet. In the picture is (left to right) Cassandra, Melissa, Susan, Darcy, Victoria & Cristine. It was a really fun night.

By midnight people started leaving and the crowd thinned. Barb, Victoria and I sat and talked for the next hour mostly about Victoria’s transition and what all I s involved. How she is doing and how she thinks it will go. Like always she is sure some will be totally supportive and some wont but in the end she needs to do what is right for her and her life. Anyway the 3 of us stayed till a little bit after 1 am before calling it a night, It was an awesome night again with my friends.

Hope to get to Starbuck’s this week but won’t make it out next Friday night because of work. Have a great week and thanks for reading.

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A little relaxing time at Starbuck’s

Well it has been another long week and getting busier. We are now shorthanded and it will stay that way for awhile so my Friday nights at least for the next month will be hard for me to get out. Not complaining as I still have a job which I am thankful for in this economy as there are so many people who have lost their jobs.

Well tonight worked out for a relaxing evening at Starbuck’s. I was able to get out just a little earlier tonight so I was at Starbuck’s before 7 so a little extra time tonight for Susan. Starbucks is really quiet tonight; just two other people here and very few coming in. the lady at the counter asked me my name tonight. She has worked here for about 4 months and thought she should know my name. Of course I told her and found out hers too, Trudy which I hope to remember. It is always so much nicer when you can call someone by their name. We chatted for a few minutes. When my drink was ready she called me by name instead of just calling out my drink.

Well I have caught up on all my e-mail and now just a quick update on my blog before doing some work. I am looking forward to Friday night as I so love going out with my friends. I think spending time with ones friends is one of the best things can do to stay happy and healthy. My work schedule for the next month will be messed up and I know I will miss several Friday nights because of it which makes Susan sad.

It looks like my mid week outing to Starbuck’s may be my best chance for Susan time for awhile, which is okay because any time is better than no time plus I have started to do my Grocery shopping on my way home. So much more fun that way.

Still waiting for the Diva Las Vegas web page to put up the pictures from this last year’s vacation, they should have them up by the end of the month. They had a lot of picture submitted so took a while to go through all of them.

Well must get back to work, thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of the week.

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Fun night with friends.

Well it was another awesome Friday night, I so look forward to them as I get to spend time with some of my best friends. I have said it before but to me it is not really where we are or what we are doing as long as I am with friends. Well I started getting ready at 5 pm as I wanted a little extra time to get ready and enjoy myself. I really enjoy the whole art of being Susan and that includes the getting ready as well as the getting undone at the end of the night although that part is always a little sad. I don’t want to be Susan all the time but I do wish I could be her a little more than I do at times especially when I have to miss one of my chances. Well I left my house a little after 7 and was to the P-Club before 7:30.

Well there were no parking spots in their lot and I found one on the street at the end of the block. I went in and they were packed, it turns out one of their regulars was having her 50th birthday party. Now I was a little over dressed compared to the other woman there as I worn one of my favorite black dresses, 4″ heels and my red lipstick. Well I walked through the club up to our normal tables which 2 were still open and sat down; I was the first one there. I was also very careful to walk as feminine as I could in my heels as I am sure people were watching. I waited about 10 minutes and still no one else had arrived so I walked back through the crowd and stood in line at the bar to order a drink and food again very careful of my walk. Now what I means about my walk is you can walk in heels but woman can do that walk where they place one foot in front of the other with a little swing to their hips which does take practice in 4″ heels and I can do it but I have to be thinking about it as it does not come naturally to me. While standing in line Michelle a GG I met here a while back came over and gave me a hug and said how nice I looked tonight. We chatted while I got my drink and then I was back to my table.

Soon other started showing up, Cassandra, Bobby, Cristine, Robin, Amy, Samantha, Sophie and her wife Lorna, and even Monica, sorry if I missed someone. We all ate dinner and had a great time. The lady celebrating her 50 birthday brought over some cake she had left over for us which was very nice, we all wished her a happy birthday and chatted for a bit.

Amy and I played a game of shuffle board and this week I won which made up for her winning last week. Some of the girls would dance and a few played pool but I was just having fun sitting and talking with my friends which is funny as my male self is not that big on just sitting and having a conversation. Veronica and I talked for a bit and I got to hear about her job as a truck driver and what she has been doing.

Robin and I also talked and got to find out about her transitioning to full time. She has told a few key people where she works and will go full time the end of the month. She is also changing her name and she has chosen Victoria which is very lovely but will take time to get use to calling her Victoria.

Soon I was at the table with Victoria, Monica, Sophie and Lorna and we were all talking. Lorna and I are not dancers so we really got a chance to talk as the other 3 kept going out to dance. Lorna has some great stories and so wonderful that she is supportive of Sophie.

This lady came over and wanted to compare heels as she was worried w3e may have hotter heels then she did. She was really fun and really had these bluish 5″ heels with platforms, they were really cute. We talked a bit before she left to join her friends.

A young girl came over and started talking, she thought I was so beautiful which again made me feel great, what girl does not love hearing that. We chatted for a bit and I could tell she thought we were all gay so I worked it into the conversation that we weren’t and that for me I just like to be Susan sometime but most times I am my male self. She thought that was great and I even got a picture with her. I really loved he eyes as she has the little wings that give that cat eye look that I just can’t seem to get the hang of.

Another couple came over Lisa and Frank, Lisa had been dancing with Robin, and Amy and sat and talked with us. Frank wanted to play some pool so Robin played him first and he won than Cassandra played him and won 3 games in as row. They were both really nice but Lisa had had a lot to drink so I think she may not even remember us being there last night.

A little later this guy came up and wanted to know if we would take a picture with him and well you all know how I and most T-girls feel about our pictures being taken. We could not get out of are chairs fast enough and pose with him. His girlfriend took a couple pictures and he thanked us and they left.

It was getting late and Tawny came back to say goodbye and gave me a hug and asked if we could get a group picture so again out came my camera and several of us posed with her, Veronica, Susan, Tawny, Robin and Cristine. This was great as it gave me a chance to take a couple pictures which I have not done for a while. It was a really fun night and We left the P-club about 1:30.

Veronica had taken a cab to the club as she had planned on drinking and didn’t want to drive which is very responsible. I think all the girls in our group are very good about not drinking and driving which is awesome and I have always told them I would drive them home if they needed as I don’t drink. Anyway I gave Veronica a ride back to her hotel and we stopped at Shari’s as Veronica was hungry plus I thought it would be fun to stop there and it gave us a chance to chat some more. It was also fun for us to walk into Shari’s in our short dresses and high heels. We did get some looks but no one said anything. I had a piece of pie and Veronica had breakfast and we sat and talked for maybe 40 minutes before leaving. Veronica’s hotel was just the other side of the parking lot so I dropped her off and then went home.

It was a really fun night and all because of my awesome friends. I am one blessed girl that way. Any way have a wonderful week and I am sure I will make it to Starbuck’s this week but probably Wednesday or Thursday night.

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Relaxing night at Starbuck’s

Well it has been a busy summer but now it is starting to slow down which should allow me to get back to going out twice a week. It is amazing when I think back a few years when I was lucky to get out a couple times a year and I was fine with that thinking wow how great is this. Now if I miss one week I feel the stress start to build. There is nothing worse than planning on going out and then at the last minute something comes up and you have to cancel your plans. This seems to have happened more this summer for me.

Well the weather today was just perfect as it got to about 73 and for me that is awesome. Warm enough to go out without a coat in my summer cloths and not hot enough to melt my face off. That is probably the hardest thing for me as I really do have to use a lot more makeup than I would like to cover my male face and as such when it is hot I sweat more and that makes my makeup look patchy at best and may even run and leave streaks.

Well I started getting ready earlier as I wanted to enjoy every minute tonight. I got to Starbuck’s right at 7 which is when I was meeting Melissa there. We text and e-mail each other but the last time I saw her I think was the last Friday of July. She was already there and she has a new hair cut. It looks cute but I liked her better with longer hair. That is the one thing both Susan and my male self have in common we like long hair. It was nice to sit and chat for a while and catch up.

Starbucks was not that crowded tonight which is nice in some ways. The fact Melissa was here to talk with I really didn’t do a lot of people watching. On busy nights it is fun to check out the people coming in and leaving. I can check out what the other girls are wearing and get ideas for what I could wear.

Melissa only could stay till about 8:30 before she had to leave, but still nice she came out for a while. Now I have 30 minutes to update my blog so it will be a short one tonight. I will be out Friday again with my friends at the P-Club so I have that to look forward to. I also need to go grocery shopping so on my way home tonight I will stop at the store which will allow me a little more time out as Susan.

Diva Las Vegas has set the tentative dates for 2012, March 25 thru March 30, April 22 thru April 30 and April 29 thru May 4. I really want to go again this year and am going to plan on it but my work may be a problem but I am going to stay positive. If you have never gone you should think about it as it is so much fun, check out their web page.

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Susan time again.

Well Susan found some time for herself Friday night. It always seems the summer is so busy and this year has been no exception. For a girl who gets out twice a week to go a month with only 3 times is hard. And it looks like the next several weeks will be just as hard for Susan to get out. I really like the summer as it is so nice and warm and one can wear all the cute summertime cloths but I will be glad to see fall come and things slow down so I can get back into my normal Susan time out.

Well as I said Susan has been out so little she was really looking forward to Friday night so I took extra time getting ready which is always so relaxing. It is strange how in normal life we rush through things like getting ready in the morning and I if we all slowed down and took the time to enjoy the little things how much happier we would all be. Now I admit for men there is not a lot of things we do to get ready and I think that is why I so enjoy being Susan.

I got to the P-club right at 7:30 and Chris, Amy and Norma were already there so I joined them. We all ordered something to eat and just enjoyed some quiet conversation for a while. Soon Cassandra, Cristine, Bobby and Robin showed up so we had a small little group. The P-Club really is a nice place to go because it has so much to offer. It has a dance floor, (not always the greatest music), ping pong, two pool tables, lots of TV’s if you want to watch one of the games and shuffle board plus it is big enough inside that even with the music you can still carry on a conversation without yelling. The staff that works here also is wonderful to us and really even the customers for the most part have been great and make us feel welcome.

Well a couple of us played pool and shuffle board, I played two games of shuffle board and lost both. Amy was really hot last night and was always knocking my puck off if I put it close to the end to score a point. Still a lot of fun though as it was all about being out with friends.

The P-club had a live band last night and once they started playing about 10:30 it did get a little loud inside. The music really wasn’t to my taste but it did bring a lot of people in which is good for the club. There were lots of girls there that were really dressed hot and we would check them out both for how cute they were but also what they were wearing and how we would look in the same outfit. It would be so cool if I could wear some of those outfits but I have to realize with my height and size some things just won’t work on me and that is okay.

Later on we started talking about different things we as a group have done and could do in the future, Cassandra is always looking for new ideas as our group has grown so much and not everyone likes or wants to do the same thing. We have 219 members now and I would say about 25% of them go out on a regular basis which really is amazing.

We also talked about Transgender people and who they are and the differences that make us such a diverse group. It is strange as some are so hung up on the term they are called such as transgender, t-girl, transsexual, crossdresser and these terms can be important as they define who we are but what I have found is those outside our community really do not understand or know the difference. Most people do not know the difference between the terms. In other words if your only exposure to our community is through a drag show then if you see a guy in a dress you will think they are a drag queen. Now for me I am a croddresser. I like to dress and present myself as female. I do not want to be female full time or change my body to be more feminine but if someone refers to me as a drag queen or transsexual I do not take offence. Now if I get the chance I will tell them and explain the differences but I cannot fault them for not knowing something but yet some T-girls get so upset over this. There are members in our own community that don’t fully understand everyone.

I had a transsexual woman e-mail me who could not understand how I could want to dress and look so pretty and not want to be female. The best I could do is say it was what I wanted and how I felt. Even I don’t fully understand transsexuals, and what I mean by this is I can understand the belief they are female in a man’s body or their desire to be female full time but the emotions they go through.

T-girls as a group all share a common bond, we love femininity and being female in some way be it one piece of cloths to fully dressed but we are all individual in why. The reasons I dress may not be the same for you, what is right for me is not for you and what is right for you may not be what I want. That does not mean one way is more right or better. I do what is right for me and I expect others to do what is right for them and as long as we all look at it this way and except the person for who they are then we really do have the best community around.

I have got a couple emails where people state they always wanted to ask but were afraid of offending someone. Now I believe there is no such thing as a stupid question. Now the only way you will learn something is to ask and as long as you ask in a respectful way (no name calling) then ask away. It is a shame that people have this fear about offending someone simply by asking a question, I guess we have become too politically correct. Yes we have the right to dress how we want and we expect others to respect that but that does not take away your right to ask us why. Who knows by talking to us you may find we are no different than you and we may become friends.

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