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Cold wintery night at Starbucks

Okay it is Sunday and I am going to venture out for a little Starbucks time. Now we had a few inches of snow Friday night and they were forecasting more Saturday so I stayed home instead of going to the Escape. So now on Sunday I am wishing I had gone last night as we never really got any more snow. That being said I still have about 10 to 12 hours of online class to finish and I decided to go to Starbucks today as it is close to home and I can watch out the window to keep an eye out for snow although the forecast has changed now and it looks like we may not get any more for a while. Now I got a later start today so I didn’t get to Starbucks till a little after 4:30. Now they were about normal for the number of people here so the weather didn’t affect them. Now I did get my customary selfie in the car before I went in.

I set up my computer and started working before I went to get my hot chocolate. Now it is amazing how cold it can get by the windows but that is where the power outlets are to plug your computer in and my computer lasts about 2 ½ to 3 hours so I need to plug it in or I won’t be able to stay till they close at 8:30. Now as I said it was about normal here, 5 others with computers and maybe 6 to 8 others chatting. But even with the drive through there was a steady stream of people walking in to get drinks to go. Now as I sat doing my class there were a couple times it snowed pretty good but just not cold enough to stick to the ground but it looks pretty out the window as it comes down.

I sat and went through another class and it took just about 3 hours as I finished just a little after 7:30 so I had some time to relax and just be Susan. By the way the girls at the counter tonight asked if I wanted my Hot Chocolate and as it was cold I did, it is a 2 hot chocolate night tonight. Any way when I was up getting my second hot chocolate one of the young girls who works here that I have not seen before came over to me and asked if I worked at the college. I told her no but it got me thinking again as the other girl who comes here who I think they are mistaking me for does work at the college.

It really was an uneventful night. I finished another part of my online course, caught up on some e-mails and other online stuff. It was my normal Sunday night out at Starbucks which I really needed as this week with Valentines day we are not doing Wednesday night dinner and with not going out last night if I didn’t go out tonight it would be almost 2 weeks in between Susan time. I was going to stay till they closed at 8:30 but instead I left at 8 and stopped at Subway to get something to eat. I got it to go instead of eating there.

It was a good night out, now I am looking forward to next weekend although we could once again have snow but we will see.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to keep up with what I am doing.


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Wednesday night dinner at Rock Bottom

It is Wednesday and once again the Rose City T-girls are going out to dinner, tonight we are going to Rock Bottom. We have gone here many times over the years and always treated wonderful, last time we were here was December 6th. Now our dinners start at 7 but I always try to get there a little early, to get a table and also incase one of our newer members show up early as it is sometimes hard to be the first one if you are new to going out. As always I started getting ready as soon as I got home about 4:45. Now I know some may wonder why I so enjoy getting ready and doing my makeup and I always use to say it was because I was still new to doing this but that is not so much the case any more as this is my 1,135th blog and that mean I have gone out that many times and there were times early on when I would dress mostly at home or late night drives and not blog about it. It really is hard to believe how many times I have gone out, as 20 years ago I could not even imagine going out at Susan. Any way I took my time and it was a little after 6 when I was ready to leave.

I got downtown Portland and in all the time I have come here I have never found a spot on the street so I was heading straight to the parking garage just a block away. I was at the red light, first car and when the light turned green several people stepped out in front of me going against the light, now as a driver this is frustrating so you can only imagine what I was thinking as I waited wondering if the light would turn before they cleared and I could go. Well as I turned my head watching them, I saw a car just 4 spots up on the street pull out so now I am thinking what luck. I was finally able to go and turned and parked on the street. Turned out this worked out better for me as it was a little closer and would only cost me .60 to park tonight. I walked the block to the Rock Bottom and yes it was cold about 36 out and will be freezing by the time we leave tonight.

I went in and they were not really busy. The young man at the desk asked if I had reservations and I said no but we would have 6 to 8 as I had 5 post they would be here and 1 maybe. He said not a problem they could set a table up for us. I told him that was great but it would be about 7 when everyone was here. I sat down in the waiting area for others to show up and for him to get our table ready. It was only about 5 minutes and Melissa showed up so we talked a few minutes till our table was ready. In some ways it still amazes me how comfortable I am now when I go out although I do miss the excitement I use to feel when I went out. The young man came and showed up to our table. It wasn’t long and Robin showed up and shortly after Lauri and Barb so we had 5 of us here by 7. We waited just a little before ordering just in case the one girl who posted as a maybe showed up.

We all talked as we waited. It was about 7:20 when we decided to order. Our waitress took our orders, I of course ordered the Chicken Fried Chicken. It is really good, if you like chicken you must try this if you come here. Now it was nice to talk with all my friends and I got to talk with Robin a little more as she was sitting right next to me. She had been out all day as Robin and actually just got back in town. She did a professionally photo shoot as Robin on her trip and she had some awesome pictures of her. We of course got a picture of us also tonight.

Our dinner came and we had a nice dinner and wonderful conversations. I really do like these dinners as they are easier to talk and get to know each other. 6 to 8 is a good number as it is a small enough group where you can really interact with everyone easily. I am torn on this as it is such a great event to socialize that I wish more girls would come but then again you would loose that intimate group feeling but either way this really is a wonderful event.

After dinner we sat and talked for a while. I just enjoy being out so much with my friends I really don’t want it to end even though I know it has to as I get up really early for work. It was after 9 when we called it a night and we were one of the last groups there other then some people sitting at the bar. Now we talked about dinner next week and decided not to do one as Valentines day is on Thursday but in two weeks we will once again get together for dinner. We said our goodbyes out side and Barb went one way, Robin another and Melissa, Lauri and I walked together for a block before we all went our own way. It really is a wonderful feeling to be able to be out like this.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what is new on my newest blog.

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Super Bowl Sunday at Starbucks doing my online class.

Well it is Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday and that really doesn’t hold anything special for me as I am not a big football fan, well really not a fan. I am not even sure who is playing. Now in the years past I have gone to Super Bowl parties, as Susan or out with my friends to watch the game as Susan but it was really about being Susan with my friends. This year we had no group plans so I am doing my normal Sunday Starbucks outing and wondering how busy they will be. Now I looked at my next module in my online class and it looks like a long one so my goal is to be to Starbucks early as I am thinking it will take about 5 hours.

I got to Starbucks about3:30 and went in and there were actually a few people inside, both men and woman so I guess I am not the only one not interested in football. I set up my computer and went up to get a drink and the young lady at the counter remembered me by name and asked what I wanted. I ordered a sweetened green ice tea to start as it is not really cold out yet but I am sure by later I will have moved on to the hot chocolate. I went back to my computer and took time to answer an e-mail. We had a new girl out last night at the Escape named Marty, Teri met her at Victoria’s over the rainbow and it was her first time ever dressing and got her to come out, how awesome is that. Any way I gave her my e-mail address and she e-mailed me this morning so I wanted to reply. It was about 3:45 when I logged into my class and started. now I come here for Susan time but also because there are less distractions, yes at home I can get distracted really easy, it called a TV. Here I don’t have that problem. Now I was settled in and going through my class and it was taking a long time. Now I sit next to the window as they have plug ins for the computer and I wanted to keep my computer charged as I am figuring from past times here on cold nights I will have to move away from the window, yes, they are not well insulated.

Now when you are busy time passes and it really wasn’t till, I started getting cold that I noticed the time. It was 6:35 and my green tea was long gone and I was ready for something warm. I went up and ordered a hot chocolate and then as I was up, I moved my stuff to a table in the middle away from the windows. There are still about 8 people here. Now it was back to my course now for a funny story. A couple times I have come here and one of the girls have made the comment about me going through the drive through earlier which I have never done as the point of coming to Starbucks is to sit inside and work or play on my computer. But it is funny to think there is a woman out there they confuse with me. Well again one of the ladies here came over, not the one I ordered my drink from and said your name is Susan, right? And I answered yes. She smiled and she thought so but there was another tall pretty blonde that comes her that she was confusing me with named Catherine. Of course, the main thing I heard was tall pretty blonde. Then I realized what she said, the other ladies name was Catherine and I got thinking. We had another girl in our yahoo group named Catherine, she is not a current member of our new group and I have lost touch with her but she transitioned a while back and is tall and blonde and she worked not far from here and now I am wondering if it is her. How cool would it be to run into her here one Sunday?

Well it was about 7:30 when this happened and I figured a deserved a break in my class so I had to stop and write this blog so I remembered to put this in it. It is a little strange to write tonight’s blog before I have done Saturdays but that is the magic of computers. I can write this first but post it after the Saturday blog so they are still in order. Usually I finish my class and then write Saturdays blog but I am guessing I will still be doing my class when they close here so if I do get to Saturdays blog tonight it will be from home while I eat as I will stop at Burger King on the way home. Now I did get a quick selfie in the car when I first got here tonight.

Thanks for reading and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday night at the Escape.

It is Saturday and you know what that means, yes, an evening out at the Escape with friends. I look forward all week to my Susan time and spending it with friends. Now a few posted in the group they would be there so that is always nice. As always, I post I will be there by 6 with the hope of getting there earlier but that hasn’t worked the last several weeks and I have been lucky to be there by 6 and tonight would be no different. I took my time getting ready and it seemed I was ahead of schedule and soon I was rushing to finish getting ready. I was on my way and pulled in the parking lot right at 6. Now I did take a selfie in the car before I went in. Now this picture is in the car and the only light is a little coming from the window of the escape and it turned out good, Samsung phones take awesome pictures in low light.

I went in and got my normal table but this week I sat in the middle so I could talk with everyone at the table if we had a big group. I ordered dinner and got out my computer to start my blog from Wednesday. It wasn’t long and Robyn showed up. She has been coming earlier and shortly after Michele showed up. I was almost done with my blog so I finished it up really quick so I could post it. I always use to post my blog the next day at the latest and now it seems it can be several days later. Once it was posted I put away my computer so we could all talk. Michele and I talked a little about Diva Las Vegas which is less then 2 months away now, wow it is coming so fast.

Brenda showed up which was a nice surprise, I think the last time I saw her was at Diva Las Vegas last year. Anyway, Robin from up north is also coming tonight and they have been messaging back and forth and she wanted to meet her. Well we talked for a little while, she can’t make it to Diva Las Vegas this year but we do have 5 of us who have booked rooms and are going so that is good. Robin showed up and it was good to see her again. She is traveling and flying out of Portland, I think she did that so she could come down and go out with the group. I think she will be back on Wednesday and hopefully can go to dinner with us before she heads home. Any way I did get a picture with her again tonight. She loves to get pictures as I do, I just don’t think of it as much anymore. It really is amazing how good of pictures cell phones take. It wasn’t long and Teri showed up, she was also down from up north and she brought a new girl out. Teri had gone to Victoria’s Over the Rainbow for a make over and Marty was there getting her first ever makeover, more than that this was her first-time dressing and she came out with Teri. I really like it when girls come out for the first time as I think back to my first times and how I felt. I met a couple wonderful girls back then who helped me and I can’t thank them enough and I want to do the same for others.

I talked with Teri and Marty for a while and got to know her a little. It really is hard when you first go out, you don’t know what to expect, how you will be treated and you are still trying to figure out how this all fits in your life and how you feel. It is so much easier when you have others around. We all share something in common but we are all a little different also and by that what I mean is the reasons I dress may not be the same as yours as there is a wide range on the gender spectrum from part time crossdressers to Drag Queens to those who fully transitions. How I present and live my life is what is right for me and it may be the same for others or it may not and that is okay as we are still the same in the big picture.

Now I did get one more selfie inside in the light and it really looks just as bright as the one earlier from my car. Neither one used the flash and the light levels were way different. It was almost 10 when Lauri showed up and one other girl so we had 9 of us again tonight, another good turnout. Karaoke was going so it was a little loud inside but still fun and we could talk a little between songs. It was a really fun night and I got to spend it with my friends.

It was about 11:30 when I called it a night, yes, I was out later then what I planned but that also is becoming normal. It really is sad when I leave but I know I will see them again and of course Susan will also be out again. Tomorrow, Sunday I will once again be at Starbucks for my Susan time and to do another online class and I am planning on going out Wednesday night for dinner. I e-mailed Melissa, Barb and Julie to see what their thoughts are. I gave a couple ideas and will see if they like them or have otgher ideas but I would like to post in the group by Monday so our members can plan. A couple of the girls tonight asked me about it so I think we might have a good turnout for that too.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new.

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Wednesday night dinner at Amaros Table in Vancouver

Today is Wednesday and our group is once again doing its Wednesday night dinner at Amaros Table in Downtown Vancouver. Now we have done dinners at Who Song and Larry’s in Vancouver and I have met a few girls at McMenamins on the river but generally we do Dinners in Portland so this is a new place for our group. Now Julie picked the place and made the reservations for 7, Thanks Julie. Now we had 6 of us confirm through the mail group and 1 maybe so once again we should have a nice turnout. Now I have never been here before which is always fun and it gives us a chance to expand our world. When I fist started going out it was always the same place Embers (which has closed), we knew it was a safe accepting place to go and at that time it was awesome as I really never thought I could even go out. Now we go where ever we want and that is so awesome. Now don’t get me wrong as there is nothing wrong with having a place you go regular like the Escape as it does give girls who are newer to going out a comfortable place and one, they can count on others being there.

Now I started getting ready when I got home, I really look forward to these dinners out with my friends. I really like going out but for me where we go is not as important as being out with my friends. Now I was ready by 6:30 and on my way, it takes less than 15 minutes to get there so I had plenty of time. I got there about 6:45 and found a parking spot almost right in front. As I got out of my car, I heard Julie call my name she had just parked across the street so I waited for her and we walked in together. Melissa and her wife were already there and had our table. Now this is a smaller restaurant but very nice inside.

We sat down and talked as we waited for the rest of our group. It wasn’t long and Barb Karren and finally Kris showed up so we had 7 tonight. We have been doing really well on our Wednesday night dinners with 6 to 10 every week for the last 5 or 6 weeks. Our waitress came and took our order, she was really wonderful and treated us just like any other bunch of ladies. We all ordered, there menu is really nice but more of the mid-range ($10 to $25). We had a wonderful dinner and that sat and talked for a while. It was a wonderful evening out with friends and we got to try a new place although I think Julie has been here before as her male self.

Our waitress came over to see how we were ding and Julie asked her to take a picture of our group and she was only too happy to so we got a picture of all of us out which is a nice way to remember a fun evening out. It was about 9:30 when we left so it is an earlier night as I am only 15 minutes from home. We all said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. Now Julie is going out of town which is good for her but sad for us as it may be a few months till we see her again, probably Diva Las Vegas if she can go. Now I am looking forward to Saturday night out with my friends again.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new with Susan


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Susan class time at Starbucks

It is Sunday and once again I am going to Starbuck for a little Susan time. I really enjoy my time at Starbucks and right now I am taking an online course and they go about 2 ½ to 3 hours each and I just find doing them at Starbucks is easier as I have less distractions. Now the problem is the courses don’t really tell you how long they are but the one for today has about 30 more slides then the last few so I am thinking this one will be closer to 3 ½ hours so I wanted to get to Starbucks a little earlier. I got to the Starbucks right at 4 and as they are open till 8:30 I actually have 4 ½ hours.

They were not as busy this week so I got a table by the window and went up and ordered my drink, today I did a sweetened green tea as it didn’t seem as cold and I figured it was healthier then the hot chocolate. The girl who made my drink told me I caught her off guard as when she saw me, she almost started a hot chocolate, the last several time I have been here that is what I got and I usually have two over the time I am here. Any way I got my drink and sat down and started my class. I have been doing the class first so I can make sure I get through it and then go on to my blog and whatever else I want to do. Now I don’t know what it is but sitting next to the window is always cold and it wasn’t long and I was thinking I should have got the hot chocolate. As I did my course people came and went and as far as I know no one really paid any attention to me but any more I really don’t notice. A few years back I kind of watch people to see their reaction to me but now I am not sure if it is, I just don’t care or I am just that comfortable as Susan here.

It was about 6:15 when I took a break and went up and ordered a hot chocolate, sitting next to a cold window and drinking a cold drink not a good idea. I guess till it gets warmer out it will have to be hot chocolates. It is amazing how fast the time went by. I finished this part of the class at 7:45 so a little over 3 ½ hours and I looked at the next one and it looks a little longer so next week I will probably have to start earlier yet. Mow it was time for me to do some of the things I wanted to do like catch up on a few e-mails and write my blog from Saturday night at the Escape. I was almost done with my blog when I looked at the time and it was 8:30. I probably needed about 5 minutes to finish and I am sure they wouldn’t have said anything if I stayed and finished as they were cleaning up but I feel bad staying past closing so I put my computer away and figured I would finish it up when I got home.

As I was leaving a couple of the girls working here wished me a good evening by name which always make me feel good. People ask me all the time about passing and this is it. I tell people this all the time, I know I don’t pass at least not close up but if I can go someplace and be treated with respect and like any other woman the I have passed. I was accepted for how I presented myself and to me that is passing.

On the way home, I made a quick stop at Burger kings drive through and then went home and ate as I finished my blog from Saturday. It wasn’t an exciting night out but it was relaxing and enjoyable and I got a lot accomplished.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what Susan is up to.

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Saturday night at the Escape, Last Saturday of January 2019

It is the last Saturday of January wow time is going by so fast. Diva Las Vegas is only a little over 2 months away, hard to believe. Well as of right now we have 5 of us from our group who have booked rooms at the Four Queens. Cassandra, Veronica, Michelle, Fran (one of our newer members from Eastern Washington) and of course me . I am so looking forward to it. They still have rooms and if you get a premium room for 5 nights (Sunday through Thursday) you are looking at about $400 or less for two people, they have no resorts fees. We also have about 8 others from our group still thinking about it so we could have another big turnout in Las Vegas from our group. If you are at all thinking about it check out their web page.

Any way tonight I am going to the Escape again, posted in the group and hoping others show up. I said I would be there by 6 but as always, my hope is closer to 5 although I haven’t made that the last few weeks and tonight was no different. Took longer to get ready and so it was just before 6 when I got there and went in. I got one of the big tables (seats 10) as my hope was, we would need it. I sat at the one end and set up my computer and then went up and ordered a drink, Sprite and dinner a burger and fries, a typical Friday. I started to write my blog from Wednesday as I have been slow at getting them done. I always use to do them the next day at the latest but that has not been the case lately as I am still busy but finding time for Susan. Well I hadn’t wrote much when Robin showed up followed shortly by Michelle o I put my computer away and figured I would finish it later.

We talked for a little bit and that was when Michell told me she had booked her room for Diva Las Vegas. It was before 7 when Kris showed up so we were up to 4 of us and it wasn’t even 7 yet which is good although I think a lot of us like to get here early before karaoke so we can talk. Another girl showed up and then Audrey and her girlfriend. She is not a member yet but I am hopeful she will join as she has come here a couple times as her male self but I think this was her first time as her female self. I talked with them briefly and invited them to join us. They went and sat at the other end of the table so I wasn’t able to really talk with them. Now I do feel a little bad as they had dinner and then left, I talked with them as they were leaving and they felt left out which was not intentional. I think I will start sitting in the middle of the table so I can talk with everyone. I usually do this at Wednesday night dinners but then we all tend to arrive at the same time. But here with a long table that sits 10 unless you are in the middle you really can’t talk with everyone and even then, once karaoke starts it is hard to talk to the person next to you.

Well Summer showed up also one of our newer members and she had one of her friends with her who is visiting her from Southern California. It was good to see her out again with the group. We also had another new girl named Marci show up. She had gone to Victoria’s Over the Rainbow today for a clothing swap social and herd about our group being here tonight so she came down to meet us with a friend she recently came out to named Craig. Now she is new to our group and hasn’t been out for a while but she used to be involved with the NWGA here in Portland. Now I learned from earlier and had her sit next to me so I could talk with her. She is really nice and I think she is going to start going out more as she has retired now. I gave her one of my business cards with my e-mail address on it, yes Susan got Business cards years ago from Vista Print to hand out. I think at the time it cost me like $15 for 500 basic cards, First time order. I am hoping she will join our group. Her and Craig were awesome.

We also had another girl her named Jessica who is not a member but Robin knew her so she joined us think I may have met her once at CC Slaughters but it would have been 12 to 15 years ago when I was first going out. So, we had a good turnout again. Now Karaoke started and yes, I did kind of get op to sing in a way. Kris was going to sing so I told her she should do Bohemian Rhapsody and to my surprise she didn’t know it. I told her to go have the KJ play it for her to see if she recognized it. Well to my surprise she just put the song in. now it is a hard song to do and any song is hard if you don’t know it so I felt bad so I went out and helped her sing, well not sure how much help is was.

We really had a great night and it was almost 11:30 when I left and headed home. When I got home, I was determined to finish my blog from Wednesday night dinner as I don’t like getting so far behind for two reasons. Those who follow my blog by now know when I go out and I didn’t want you to feel you missed something but also when I look back it is easier to find blogs if they are posted the day of or the next day. Well needles to say it was almost 1 am when I finally got to bed. I will be feeling it in the morning when I get up.

Sunday I am planning on going to Starbucks to study again and enjoy a little more Susan time and yes, I will be out for Wednesday night dinner again this week. Susan has been pretty regular with 3 nights a week now. Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Wednesday night dinner

It is Wednesday and our group is doing its Wednesday night dinner again, the last few weeks we have had good turnouts so I am hoping it will continue. Tonight, we are going to Beau Thai in Portland. I am not a big fan of Thai food but I have had it before and some of it is good, besides the reason for going out is to spend time with my friends. I got home about 4:30 so it would be a rush as I need to leave by 5:30 as I am picking Julie up at 6 so we can ride together. I really like this as it is nice to chat as we go. I can get ready in an hour if I have to although I do like more time to enjoy the experience. I was ready and, on my way, right on time and got to Julies right at 6.

Julie was all ready when I got there but we talked for just a few minutes before we left. The drive was nice and the good thing is Julie knew right where to go so I didn’t need my GPS. We got downtown about 6:40 and luck was with me as parking in this area is bad but a car pulled out right in front of me and we were only a ½ block away. As we crossed the street there was Melissa, she had to park about 3 blocks north, yes, I was a lot luckier then her or at least I thought. The three of us walk into the restaurant Beau Thai and there was no one inside at the tables. As we looked around a lady came out of the back. Seems in the evening they really only do takeout she said we could eat there but with all there orders it would be 1 ½ hours till they caught up. Sounds kind of funny but there was a steady stream of people coming in and getting things to go.

Now we did have several girls coming so we quickly got our phones out and started looking for another restaurant close by. Well there was an Indian food restaurant 2 blocks north called Swagat, yes right by where Melissa parked. Now with what happened Julie called them too see if they could seat us and they could but now we needed to communicate with those coming. Mellissa sent out a quick e-mail to our group in hopes everyone had e-mail on their phone. Julie and I walked down to Swagat to get a table and Mellissa waited to see if anyone showed up as it was still not 7. The bad thing about this is not everyone post to the group they are coming and occasionally we have some that show up late and there is nothing we can do about that.

Julie and I got there and they were not real bust probably 10 to 12 other people so they had several tables open and we got one with 10 seats so we were good as we only had 6 say they were coming. Julie and I sat and talked as we waited for others. Kimberly and Barb showed up so I texted Mellissa to let her know and Kris had shown up there so all were accounted for so Mellissa and Kris walked down to join us. Now Mellissa did ask the lady at Beau Thai to let any girls that might show up late know where we were but one can never know. This is one of the reasons I really like when people post they are coming as showing up only to find we are not there would be uncomfortable for some and strongly enough over the years this has happened at least 3 other times that I know of where the place we picked was closed or something and we had to change last minute. Now with all of us here we talked for a little bit before ordering.

Now I am a more traditional food eater, yes finicky some would say (meat and potatoes kind of lady). I have gone out with the group to a Sushi place once and found stuff I liked and the same for Thai so I was hopeful the same would be the case here. I looked over the menu and really didn’t know what things were but there was a chicken in a butter sauce with rice which sounded pretty good (normal) to me so that was what I was planning on. When our waitress came Julie asked her what was good and to my surprise, she pointed to the one I was going to get and said she thought that was the best. Well we all ordered and yes, I got the one I planned on. Now I must say our waitress was awesome and treated us wonderful which was nice. We talked more till our food came and what I ordered was really good. The group is not only helping me grow as Susan but also in the food I eat. Now that being said I would not seek out places like this to eat as I really am a meat and potatoes (hamburger) type girl but I will go with them if they go to these place as they do have things I like and more important is being out with my friends

We had a really nice dinner and a wonderful time just talking, yes after we finished eating, we just sat and talked. It was closer to 10 when we left which was later then I planned as I have to get up early for work but it was just so much fun. We finally left and yes Mellissa was parked really close and the rest of us were a block or two down the road as we all had got lucky and found something closer to the original restaurant we were going to. I drove back to Julies and dropped her of before going home myself. It was such a wonderful evening out with my friends and I am already looking forward to Saturday night at the Escape and dinner next Wednesday. We picked the restaurant tonight and Julie is going to check on it and if it works post in the group. The one we picked we have not gone to before so it will be a new place which really is fun and gives us a chance to expand our places we go just like tonight. What a wonderful experience.

Thanks for reading and be sure to read my most recent blog to find out what is new in my life.

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Sunday at Starbucks

It is Sunday and I once again am going to Starbucks to study and spend a little Susan time. I git ready and was on my way early, I git to Starbucks a little before 4 and went in. I set up my computer and got my drink before sitting down to start my class. While I was up getting my drink 2 of the ladies commented on my nails and how nice they looked. I am back to wearing my fake ones I use tape to hold on and tonight’s were a bright red. Now I got thinking and it has been 4 months since my Dad passed away, September 20th. It is hard to believe it has been that long. There are still times it is hard and I still go back and forth about if I should have told him about this part of my life, Susan his daughter.

Well I decided to start my class first as the one today should take about 3 ½ hours and I wanted to get it out of the way. It really still amazes me that I can do this as Susan. Go to Starbucks and take an online class as Susan, I really have come a long way as Susan. I sat here with others around me some of them looked like they were doing school work so I fit right in. I finished my class about 7:45. I still had till 8:30 so I worked on my blog from Saturday night. I finished my blog just before they closed and went home. A pretty normal (boring) outing but it was fun for me.

Thanks for reading and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Saturday night at the Escape, awesome

Okay it is Saturday and I am going to the Escape tonight and I am really looking forward to it. I always enjoy my time out as Susan but tonight it should be a good turnout as a few of our newer members are meeting once again in Portland on Saturday and coming out, Shae and her wife Reanna, Sindee and her wife Dee, Betty and Robin all of whom I have met just once and only in the last month or so, I am looking forward to getting to talk with them more and get to know them better. Now I am guessing they will be there between 7 & 8 but I am going earlier, by 6 hopefully earlier. Okay tis is a longer blog then normal as it was a special night out and worth the read.

I started getting ready at 4 as like always I wanted to take my time as I rally wanted to look my best. It really is funny how much time, effort and thought I put into how I look as Susan. I was done with my makeup by 5 and now it was time for my dress and that took some work, I actually pulled 4 dresses out tonight but ruled one out as it was the one o wore last time they were here when I met them, yes, I did look back at my blog to see what I wore. So now I had 3 and all are kind of tight so they look better with my corset which I wear most of the times I go out. Now I know a lot of people may think corsets are uncomfortable and not needed but I bought mine for two reasons, 1st yes, I wanted a nice figure but also, I tend to slouch a lot (poor posture) the ne negative thing I hear and the corset forces me to sit up straight. Now I don’t find it uncomfortable actually other then getting in and out of the car. Now I will admit it is hard to pick something off the floor if you drop it and yes if you over do it you can get out of breath but other than that I really don’t notice I have it on. Now the good thing is I am finding even without it I have better posture and sit up straighter so it really has helped. I tried on all three dresses before settling on the second one it really is one of my favorite dresses as it is pretty and classy looking. Yes, tonight I have that feeling any young lady would have going out for a special event and it is a wonderful feeling. Here is a picture taken later in the evening by Robin, thanks.

Now I was ready a little after 5:30 so I would be pushing it to be there by 6 so not going to get there as early as I hoped. It was right at 6 when I got there and went in. now, I have been posting this in our group as I knew we would have several new girls out and I was trying to encourage others and see if we could get a big group out tonight. I was able to park in the lot along the curb which is better then on the street and I went in. I put my computer on one of the long tables and then went up to order. Well I ran into Jan and Lynn, they were already there which was great as it was just 6. I ordered my dinner and drink and went back to the table. I took my computer back out to my car as if we did have a big group and I was moving around to talk with people I didn’t want to have to watch it plus I wanted to talk with Jan & Lynn. The 3 of us sat down and it wasn’t long and Kimberly showed up who is also one of our newer members, she has been out with the group 5 or 6 times now. Well before I ate, I figured I should get a quick selfie for the night.

Now I usually try to go in order of who shows up but girls started showing up and I lost track of who came when. I actually got out my phone and started putting names in so I could try and remember everyone who showed up, some came later and some had left but over the night this is what we had and I probably missed a name or two. We had 17 T-girls, 3 wives and 3 or 4 friends so our group was 23 or 24 tonight and it wasn’t that busy so we were the main group here tonight. I can’t remember the last time we have had such a big turnout. So, let’s take a shot at the names and again if fi miss someone I am sorry. Jan, Lynn, Kimberly Melissa, Robin, Shae and her wife Reanna, Betty, Chris, Roxy, Sindee and her wife Dee, Julie, Kris, Summer, Kate, Joan, Lauri and of course me. Also, Betty had 3 friends Adrian, Nancy and her husband, plus there was one other T-girl who is not part of our group but knew a few of the girls from online who showed up and I think her name was Kitty. Wow what a huge group so much fun. Our newer members are Shae, Sindee, Betty, Robin, Summer and Kimberly and I think having that many newer members out at one time is probably a record.

Chris and Roxy showed u and it was great to see them again. They mostly go to Sweethome on Fridays and I really need to go there again as it is a nice place to go and I had met a lot of people there that I follow on Facebook it is just hard for me to get out on Fridays early enough as Chris goes there after work and usually leaves by 7 or 8 and it would be 7 to 7:30 before I could get there. Funny as it used to be just Friday nights, I could get out on but things change, it was great to see them again as I have known Roxy for 11 years and Chris probably almost as long.

Melissa also came out which she does sometimes but usually leaves early but she stayed a lot later tonight as she was also meeting and talking with all our members. Kate was here also and it was great to see her again as it has been several months since she has been out as she has had a lot of things going on which I understand. It was great to talk with her again and we talked a little about Diva Las Vegas and she is thinking of going, still time to sign up if you want to go. I really tried to talk a little with everyone tonight as we did have newer members and I wanted them to feel welcome. I remember when I first went out there were 3 t-girls, Alice, Lori and Cassandra that reached out tome and made me feel welcome and that was so helpful and special and rally helped shape the lady I am today and I hope they know how much I appreciated it. I talked some with Kimberly early in the night she has some killer long red nails.

It was also wonderful to talk with Betty, Shae and Sindee, I was kind of selling them on Diva Las Vegas and they all said they want to go although Sindee and her wife may not be able to work it out this year but it would be so awesome if they all went and I know they would all have a blast. They really are wonderful people and it is great to get to know them and have them as friends. It really is funny as I have way more friends as Susan and a lot closer friend. Julie and Cassandra are my two closest friends and probably know the most about me of anyone. I think this happens as I don’t have to hide parts of my life from them. Yes, when I was first going out, I didn’t disclose my male side to anyone but I am pretty much over that, yes people I just meet or outside the group I am not as open but once I get to know people in our group, I am pretty open about myself and that is a wonderful feeling.

Julie and I talked a lot and I really enjoy her company when we are out and yes, we talked a lot with the newer girls, everyone in our group is so awesome. Even Julie stayed out till 11:30 or so it was a wonderful night. it really is sad as it gets later and girls start to leave and, in a way, especially some of our newer ones as they don’t live local so it is hard to tell when you will see them again as it is dependent on when they can get back to Portland. I talked a little with Summer and she really is nice and also Robin who I was able to get a selfie with. I really should have gotten pictures with some of the other girls.

It really was a fun night and sad when Shae and her wife left and then Sindee and her wife and then girls started to leave, always hard to say goodbye. I finally paid my bill and it was about 11:45 when both Julie and I left and I think there was still 8 of our group there. What a wonderful turnout tonight, I really do have a wonderful family here in the group. 11 years ago I would have never thought this possible.

Thanks for reading, a little longer tonight and if you made it to the end thank you. Be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is knew with Susan.

Just an update, Cassandra, Veronica and I have all booked rooms for Diva Las Vegas and also Fran one of our members from the other side of the state and we have maybe 8 others thinking about it so we could possible have 12 or more from our group go again this year and that would be awesome.

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