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Had to remove my nails November 30, 2006

Well I finally had to remove my nails. I have to go back to work. It was so sad to have my hands back to normal. The past few days have been so much fun. I would love to be able to keep my acrylic nails. I think it would be so much fun to go to Las Vegas and do some gambling as Susan. I go there once a year but have never been there as Susan.  I think that will be my new years resolution. I may try Reno first though I think they are less crowded.

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Got acrylic nails November 24, 2006

I went and got my nails done tonight. I spent 1 1/2 hours at a nail salon and had acrylic nails put on. I think having my nails done and having long nails is one of the best treets you can give yourself. it is truely a shame that your tipical man never gets a chance to experience this. I really wish I could always have acrylic nails.  Don’t you just love the way they look?

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Susan at Hooters October 31, 2006

On Halloween I went out as Susan. I stopped at Hooters at Hayden Island and got something to eat. I really went there so I could get a picture of Susan with the Hooter Girls. I was only there about an hour. I had some chicken tenders and a glass of wine. The girls were really nice and none of the other people in there seemed to pay any attention to me. before I left I had a few pictures taken with three of the girls. I will always remember this trip. You can check out my picture at flickr

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