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Saturday night at the escape

I was looking forward to going out tonight as I always do. I really enjoy and look forward to my time as Susan. I stared getting ready early and was on my way by 5:45. I got to the Escape at 6 and there were only 2 cars  there. I parked right in front and went in. there were only 2 people there at the bar. I forgot this was a Holiday weekend so it may be slow.

I ordered dinner and got out my computer to catch up on some work. It was about 6:45 when Cristine got there so I knew I wouldn’t be there by myself. We both ate dinner and talked some as I was still catching up on some work. turns out it was just the two of us till 8:30 when Laura, Jenny, Jan and Lyn showed up. it was a smaller group tonight but still fun as any Susan time is good.

It was about 9:30 when it got a little busy as Karaoke started. I really thought about singing as there were so few people there early on. by 10 I guess there were maybe 20 people here so really slow for a Saturday night.

I had a wonderful time and stayed there till 11:30. it was a good weekend so far.

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Friday night out

The end of the week is here and I was looking forward to Friday night, I have missed the last 2 Fridays do to other things so it would be good to be back and see some of my friends. I got home late almost 5:30 so it would be a rush to get ready. It was straight into the shower and then makeup and getting dressed. I was out the door at 6:20 and on my way.

I got to Sweet Home at 6:30 and Roxy and Chris were already there, Chris playing pool. I got out my computer and caught up on some things I needed to do, wow life is just really busy right now. I ordered dinner and while I waited talked with Chris & Roxy some. My dinner came and it was awesome as always, never had a bad meal here yet.

It was kind off quiet here tonight at least early on as it never really gets busy till it is time for Karaoke as that is what most people come for but it was nice as it gave us a chance to talk. It is funny as some of the girls I talk with it is all about where they are or go, some want to dance or see a show, play pool or sing karaoke. For me it is about being out and the people I am with. Just being able to go out as Susan and do I guess what you would call the day to day things, it makes me feel I am Susan and female when I am living this part of my life.

Susan is a part of me and helps make me the person I am and as such she should be able to fit in any part of my life and what I mean by that is all the things I would do as my male self. going grocery shopping or running to he store, putting gas in my car basically anything I would do as my male self I should also be able to do as Susan. Now I know as I have people who don’t know about Susan does limit that some but it limits who I do things with and not what I do and that is what I am talking about and what I need and want for Susan.

Over the years I use to look at Susan as this other side  of me a different person if you will and I guess she is but really she is more than that. She is a part of me an extension of me, she is always with me and helps shape who I am. When I talk with people, work with them or do things it does not matter if I am Susan or my male self as both are present and what you see and hear is them together making me the person I am. I guess what I am saying is I am happy with who I am and hat is a wonderful thing and I really have my wonderful friends to thank as they helped me find my true self.

Well it started to get busier as the night went on and soon the other group started to show up. They really are a fun group. Mareinna and Dawni were there and it is always great to see them. there are friends from the other group I really look forward to seeing even if we really don’t get to talk much. By now it was just Chris and I as Roxy had left. $ guys and a girl came over and talked with me, I have met the girl and 1 of the guys here before and I am terrible with names but the one guy I have met before is Curtis and one of the guys was Jeremy.

I had a good conversation with Jeremy and the young lady. they were both fascinated with the fact that I am not full time nor do I want to be and I can understand that. I really think it is easier for someone to understand someone who feel they are the opposite sex or were born in the wrong body. understanding someone who doesn’t want to change or be the other sex full time is hard. it took me years to understand I myself.

The best way I can explain it is this. if you look at Gender as a scale from 0 to 10, 0 being ultra feminine, 5 gender neutral and 10 a macho jerk most people will pick a number in the middle which really isn’t right. it really is a sliding scale. most females with fall in a range from 2 to 5 depending on what they are doing, first date, wedding day, going out dancing with friends, working in the yard, cleaning the house or watching sports on TV and the same go for men as they will act differently at a bar watching football with their buddies then on a date with their wives or girlfriends. we all have a range.

My range is just wider I fall between a 2 & 8 with my most comfortable place between a 4 and 5 so I guess I am just a little on the feminine side although I am good at hiding it as I usually act as a 6 when I am my male self. again I am not talking about my bodies sex or sexual preference I am talking about my emotional state and how I feel and view things. I like the softer and prettier clothes and shoes women have. I like the makeup and to look and feel pretty. it is funny how society views this. I love getting my nails done and yes if I could they would be long and red all the time and it comes with a cost. I go every 2 to 3 weeks now and et a manicure and every other time a pedicure and I am guessing I will spend $1,000 a year on my nails. I have asked many women why they get their nails done and I have gotten I enjoy it, it relaxes me, I like having my nails done or I like having pretty or long nails, what I have never herd is I do it because I am female. the same goes for me, I enjoy it, it relaxes me, I like having pretty nails. For some reason though people look at it as a man should not like these things because they are a man but women can either like or dislike getting their nails done.

People have this impression that being male means you only like certain things but trust me liking something has nothing to do with being male of female it just has to do with liking it. I need to have both Susan my female side and my male side in my life. it would be great if Susan could play a bigger part in my life but I also realize I need my male side as he does the things like yard work, cleaning the garage and cleaning the gutters to name a few and yes I know that sounds sexist but its not. Yes Susan could do all those things too but she would be worried about getting her clothes or herself dirty, breaking a nail or messing up her hair or makeup so she is happy to have a male side for these things. In some ways I really do have the best of both worlds. Someday Susan may play a bigger role in my life but the one thing I know for sure is there will always want and need my male side. I think the key to understanding me and others like me is to forget about what sex our body is and just look at us as a person and how we feel.

It was fun talking with them and I got to know them a little better, really wish I had got all their names but I am sure I will see them again. Karaoke started and it was fun. a lot of the songs sang tonight I knew and could sing along with. Chris left about 10:30 but I stayed a little while longer and listened to some more singing. it was a fun night and a great way to start the weekend. it was a little after 11 when I left.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, a weekend we celebrate to thank those who gave their lives for our freedom. I want to thank all the veterans for their service and although today it may not seem like your nation appreciates you we do.

We live in a great country with all kinds of freedoms including life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and of course freedom of speech. The fact I can be who I am be Susan is because of these freedoms. the hardest part for people is to recognize others freedom. what I mean by this is I have the right to be Susan but you also have the right not to like it and I accept that. You have the right to tell me I am wrong to live this way and I have the right to tell you that you are wrong and how I live my life is fine. What neither of us have he right to do is deny the other his right to speech. I bring his up because of all the protests we are seeing. I am not saying you have to support Trump or like him but he does have the right to speak and you need to support that right. protesting and trying to deny him that right is wrong and illegal. it is no different then if conservatives denied us the right to be who we are or speak about our views and before you attack me for this there is a different between speaking out against something or trying to change laws to how you believe and violence and trying to physically stop people. as sad as it sounds these people are criminals and that reflects on us as a groups as they say they are doing it on our behalf. So I am taking a stand and saying what they are doing is wrong and they should be arrested and do not support their actions.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and if you see a veteran thank them or give them a hug.


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A chance to go get my nails done.

Well it has been 2 1/2 weeks since my last manicure and almost 6 weeks since my last pedicure so I really needed one. I got home from work and called to get an appointment with Anna at Dream Nails. I got an appointment for 5 so I started getting ready. Now it may seem funny to take the time to become Susan so I can go get my nails done but I may stop by Starbucks after if I have time. It took me a little longer getting ready so I got there right at 5. Anna was just finishing up with another lady so I picked out the color for my toes, A really bright pink with just a hint of orange, not my normal color but I wanted to try something new.

Now they were really busy tonight as all the nail techs were busy. almost all the pedicure seats were full so Anna started with my fingers. She filed them and then put little clamps with acetone on my nails to soften the gel polish. while I sat there she went and cleaned the pedicure tubs that were empty, they are really big on cleanliness here which I like. It was about 5:20 when she got back to me and started on my nails. I had her trim them back about the same as last time. they are a little short now but as they grow they will be perfect. they actually were a little long when I came in today, at least long for when I am not Susan. Anna really does an awesome job and actually a couple times I have been here and had other do my nails and they all do a wonderful job. I would recommend them if you need your nails done.

Now the funny art as I was sitting there with the clamps on my fingers one of the other ladies who was just finishing up her pedicure asked me why they were soaking them off and asked if I had acrylic nails or they were my real nails. I told her they were my real nails and she said she wished she could grow her own nails out. any way after Anna took the clamps off and started to remove the gel polish she came over to look at my nails. she thought they were beautiful and told me I was lucky to be able to grow my own nails. I told her it really was the gel polish as before I started to get gel polish I couldn’t grow my nails they would always break.

Anna finished my manicure about 5:45 and moved me over to a pedicure chair. she had a lady come in who just wanted a simple manicure as she said she was getting married tomorrow. Anna asked if I would mind soaking in the pedicure spa for a little while so she could do her nails. Actually I enjoy the pedicure as the chair massages your back so I told her it was fine. I got a chair between a girl who was probably in High school who turns out to be the daughter of the lady who came over and complimented me on my nails. and on the other side a man who comes in and gets manicures and pedicures on a regular basis of course he doesn’t get polish put on.

well I got talking with both of them and of course the girls mom who was sitting in the chair next to her daughter. It was a really fun time. I sat there till about 6 before Anna got back to me and started my pedicure. Now as I said hey were really bust tonight as they had 2 manicures going and 3 pedicures and 3 ladies who like me were soaking there feet waiting their turn and there were 2 waiting. several woman came in and were disappointed when they found out it would be an hour wait and ended up leaving. Anna told me during the day they are slow but in the late afternoon and evening they have been really busy. This is one reason I call a head and get an appointment. Well the lady that liked my nails moved over to a manicure table to get her nails painted. Now it turns out her name was Megan. well while she was getting her finger nails painted Anna started painting my toes and she called across the Salon to me calling my by name “Susan” what color are you getting, turns out she had herd Anna call me by name I guess.

I told her pink and Anna held up the polish. So of course I had to ask her what color she was getting to which she answered I will be over soon to show you. Sure to her words a few minutes later she was standing there with her nails painted a beautiful light pink and had kind of a sparkle to them. I told her they looked beautiful when she told me this was the color when she was warm and then she walked over and ran her hands under cold water and then came and showed them to me again and her nails were a really bright deep pinkish red. it only took a few minutes and the color started to go back to the light pink. it was really pretty and a cool idea. it would be cool to have nails that change colors. 6 then pulled up a chair and talked with me and her daughter. it really was a fun time. Turns out she has been coming here for 7 years. I have only been coming here about 18 months.

Well her and her daughter left and the guy next to me was over getting hi manicure and more women came in and hey started soaking them for their pedicures. it really was a busy night here but it was fun. Ana finished my nails about 6:30 so I was here for 1 1/2 hours, a little longer hen normal but worth it. O paid and told Ann I would see her in a couple weeks. Now I haven’t eaten yet so I drove to Panda Express and got dinner and went home. It was a fun night out.

20160524_190230_001So of course I have to post a few pictures. This is the best one as the color shows as close to the actual color. I am also including a few other pictures that for some reason in the light or with the flash they look a little more pink. The real color is closer to this one but maybe just a little more pink.

Not sure why the color looks different in different light as looking at them with my eyes they always look the same color.

Here are the rest of the pictures. These are all the same color, maybe I am just too Blonde.

Thanks for reading and if you have never gotten your nails done you really are missing out.

20160524_190142 20160524_190233 20160524_190257


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Red Dress Party 2016

Tonight is the Red Dress Party and Julie, Trixie and I are going. I have been looking forward to this as I had a good time last year. I  got home at 4:15 I immediately started getting ready as I wanted to take my time and enjoy it plus I wanted to look really good tonight. It took me 2 hours to get ready and I enjoyed every minutes, kind of I imagine girls feel getting ready for a special event like a prom. Now the Reed Dress started at 8 but I was picking up Julie and Trixie first.

I got to Julie’s a little after 6:30 and Julie and Trixie were Ready, I think we were all looking forward to tonight. we had time as we didn’t have to leave for a while so we sat around and talked, just 3 beautiful woman all dressed in red. The night was off to a wonderful start. It was about 7:20 when we left and were on our way. It was a nice drive and so much more fun having Julie and Trixie with me. We got downtown Portland and I found a parking spot about 2 blocks away and we were on our way. There were some other girls we walked with.

Now it was at the same place as last year so we walked to where the entrance was last year and walked in, there was no one there so we finally found someone only to find out the entrance was at the other end and someone had left the fence open by mistake. They were nice enough to let us walk through to the entrance instead of going back out and having go to walk all the way around. On our way I ran into one of the girls working here who knew me as Susan of course, she is the daughter of one of our members. it was good to see her again.

when we got to the entrance I ran into Jennifer. I met her a couple years ago and we are friends on Facebook. She recognized me and it took me a while as she has changes a lot. she is full time now and has long beautiful hair. Well we gave them our tickets and we were back inside. we walked in and got a drink and walked around for a while as it was still before 8, I think they let people in early because of the weather. We also got some food and went and sat down and ate. The food was all really good.

Now we had VIP tickets so we were able to go into the VIP area which wasn’t as crowded. Now after we ate Julie and I decided we needed to get some pictures. Now I had watched several girls taking pictures at a pole lie they were pole dancing so Julie and I decided the Red dress 2016 (1)pole was the place for pictures. now I had watched one girl posing byRed dress 2016 (4) the pole and she looked so good I decided to try the same pose. Didn’t look the same but I was having fun.

Now there were a lot of really cute girls here and so many pretty dresses. It is amazing all the different styles of dresses, I don’t think I saw the same dress twice. Now if you have never been here before it is the best place to people watch and everyone is so friendly.

We walked around some more and walked to the other end and danced for a while, yes I did dance again but then there were so many people on the dance floor that you really could not move much so I was able to pull it off.

Red dress 2016 1 (1)We walked back to the other end to the VIP area and we saw this girl in a really sexy dress so we had to talk with her and yes Julie got a picture of us together. It was an awesome dress but wouldn’t look the same on me plus I am sure she must have been a little cold.

We sat for a while and Laura H. and Lisa also showed up. It was good they could make it. We were all talking and I saw a couple girls we met last year and they remembered us also. They came back to Portland this year for the Red Dress Party from the Bay area of California as they had such a fun time, Their names are Amy and Dion, This is a picture from last year. Amy and Dion are the ones I have my arms around.  We talked for a while.

Later we walked back to the other end and danced some more. still just as crowded but still fun. Julie was talking to everyone and having a great time. I am still not that out going but I am working on it. We really did have a fun time on the dance floor. WE walked back to the other end and on the way ran into Amy and Dion again and talked with them some more. Red dress 2016 (6)They wanted to get pictures with us again so we did another photo op outside. WE didn’t get as many pictures Red dress 2016 1 (2)as I planned but we were having so much fun I think we forgot.

this really was a fun night and before we knew it, it was midnight. Now the party was still going strong but we were getting tired. It was a wonderful evening and I am so glad Julie and Trixie invited me to go.

If you have never been to a Red Dress Party you really should at least once. We walked back to my car and I drove Julie and Trixie home. This will be the last time I see them for a month as they are going on vacation till the end of June. I am so looking forward to see pictures of their trip and hearing all about it. They will have so much fun.

Thanks for reading


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A Wednesday night out with friends

Another busy week so I was looking forward to tonight. I got home at 5:20 which was later then I had hoped so it was right into the shower. We were going to House of Louie for dinner at 7 but I wanted to meet the girls at Fox & Hounds before so I knew I would have to rush. No I really do like to take my time getting ready and enjoy it but tonight there would not be time. Normally I try to give myself an hour and a half to get ready, time to think about my makeup and how I am doing it and of course deciding on an outfit. tonight it would be a simple makeup and no second guessing my outfit. Things went well and I was downtown Portland by 6:30.

Cristine, Cassandra and Julie were already there. It was nice to be out tonight as Cassandra and Julie will be gone for almost a month so tonight will be the last time I see Cassandra for a while. I will see Julie on Saturday as her, Trixie and I are going to the Red Dress Party this Saturday. We had a nice time talking till 7. Joan Showed up just before we left to walk over to House of Louie.

The 5 of us walked the 2 blocks to House of Louie. there was a little wind so it was a little cold, I was glad I brought my sweater. When we got there we met a new girl, Sheila. She had just sent an e-mail in today to join the group. It was nice to meet her. We got our normal table, I got to sit between Julie and Sheila. We had a nice time and good conversation. Dinner showed up and we had so much food. Jamie also showed up so we squeezed her in between me and Julie so we had 7 here tonight. It was a wonderful dinner and before we knew it, it was after 9.

After dinner we walked over to CC Slaughters, now as I don’t have to get up early tomorrow I had a chance to stay out later tonight. It was not very busy when we first got there but by 10 there was a good crowd. Julie, Sheila and I got more of a chance to talk, it was nice to get to know her better. Sounds like she doesn’t get out often but hopefully we will see her out again.

Kitty also was here tonight and it is always fun to spend some time with her. We were all talking and it was funny as last Saturday we were talking about Buffy and her girlfriend who we have not seen in a long time and wouldn’t you know who walked in, Buffy and her girlfriend. it was good to see them again. It really was a fun night and I stayed out till 11 which is late as I do have to work tomorrow.

Julie and I talked more about the Red Dress Party. I am going to drive again this year. It starts at 8 and goes to whenever. I am going to be at Julies around 6:30. It was a lot of fun last year and I am sure a few others from our group will be there. Of course we will get pictures. I am looking forward to it.

Thanks for reading

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A truly wonderful Saturday

It is Saturday ad is going to be a super fun day. Laura M. and her friend Jenny were doing another clothing exchange. They did one a couple months ago and I wasn’t able to attend so I was glad they were doing it again. Members of the group donated clothes they didn’t want or wear. Seems a lot of our members have items some of which have never been worn as we get things in the wrong size and don’t return them. It would be such a fun day.

It was from noon till 5 and then after we would go to the escape. I started getting ready early so I could be there by noon. Well as I was doing my lipstick I got a little outside the lip line and tried to fix it and it just got worse. it has been a long time since I messed up on my makeup this bad. The more I tried to fix it the bigger mess I made. I finally removed it and started over and of course I was late leaving but I had to look prefect.

I got to Jenny’s house at 12:30 and turns out I was the first ne to arrive. They had a big garage full of cloths 3 big racks and a long table with over 70 pairs of shoes. Laura and I looked around as we waited for others to show up. We had a good turn out, Brittany and her friend Shawn, Cristine, Bobby, Jessica, Diane, Cassandra, Kitty, Michelle and even Debbie showed up at the end.

Laura and Jenny were so awesome to do this, They even had snacks and pizza to eat. We all had a wonderful afternoon looking at clothes and visiting. Now I did find 3 pairs of shoes, 2 cowboy boots with 3 inch spiked heels and a pair of ankle boots with a 3” wedge, these are more of s winter shoes. I also found several dresses and a couple really cute tops. It was about 5:30 when we left and headed for the Escape.

WE had a good turnout at the escape tonight also. Most of the girls from the clothing exchange came out to the Escape including Jessica. It turns out this was her first time going out. She came to the clothing exchange in male mode, found a really cute outfit got dressed and came out with us to the Escape. What a wonderful day for her and it was good to get a chance to get to know her. Jamie and Misty made it to the Escape also. It really was a fun day and I am looking forward to wearing some of my new outfits.

A big thanks to Laura and Jenny for doing this and all the wonderful girls who donated item.

Thanks for reading

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Saturday at Harvey’s Comedy Club

Saturday May 7th and we are going to Harvey’s comedy club tonight. I always look forward to this night as it really is so much fun. I spent extra time getting ready so I could enjoy it. I got downtown Portland by 6 and walked to Fox & hounds, I knew I was early but it was just nice to be out. I was the first one to arrive.

It was about 6:45 when Laura H and Lisa showed up and Cassandra just a little after them. It was good to see my friends and be out. Barb and Rebecca also showed up at Fox & Hound so we had 6 of us here early. The rest will meet us at Harvey’s, we have 12 signed up for tonight’s show. It was a about 8:20 when we left and walked over to Harvey’s. It was a nice night perfect for a walk through the city.

We got to Harvey’s and Cristine was there, she was actually the only person there. Stacey, Sophie showed up, it was good to see them. It never really got busy in the lounge. soon it was time to go into the show room for the show. It was a really small crowd tonight. I bet there were maybe 80 to 100 people here tonight for the show and our group had 11 of those. I think this is the smallest crowd I have seen. Kim came over and took our orders, it was awesome to see her again as she really is great. I think we all look forward to seeing her as much as the show.

The MC comedian tonight was not that good but the headliner was Amanda and we have seen her before. She was really good and I enjoyed her. The featured comedian was Bob Zany and he was awesome. He is really funny and he works the audience. He gets the Audience involved in the show so if you go to one of his shows and sit close to the stage be ready to be part of the show. If you get the chance though you really should go see his show, you will have a great time.

After the show we did get a chance to talk to both comedian’s and they were great, hey thanked us for coming. it really was a great night. After the show those of us who parked by Fox and hounds walked back. It was a little chilly out but still a nice evening for a walk. It really was a fun night out.

Thanks for reading.

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Friday night at Sweet Home

A long week is over and time for Susan to go out and have some fun. I got to Sweet Home by 6 and Chris and Roxy were there. I can always count on them to be here. I ordered dinner, they had there steak special tonight which is always good.

It was a pretty quiet night here as the other group was away for the weekend. The 3 of us talked and of course Chris was playing pool and I had my computer also, you know the typical Friday night.

Jolene showed up tonight. It was great to see here again. She has gone full time and come out to everyone and has been living as Jolene for 3 months now. She has been really busy the last several months so it was nice to get to talk with her.

It was a fun night, Karaoke started and there were several people here I have not seen before so that is always nice. I got several compliments on my dress which I always love. It was about 11:30 when I paid my bill. Rachel was there at the bar so I got talking with her. She asked if we would be at the Escape tomorrow and I told her no as it is the night we go to Harvey’s. We talked about it and she would like to go so I am hoping she will go next month.

It was a fun night and now looking forward to Saturday night at Harvey’s

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Facebook and peoples views and ideas, My political statement.

I get e-mails form people asking me how I can live two separate lives or my favorite wouldn’t I just be happier if I transitioned and let my true feminine self free. The thing is we all take our lives and try to fit it on other people, be it transgender issues, gay issues, religion, politics, or anything else we feel or believe. I see it on Facebook all the time we have become a society of my way, my view is the only correct one. Just today a friend on Facebook posted a political idea on her page. now remember when you post on your page it goes to all your friends so I see it. but at the end she put if you disagree do not comment on this, so in other words I have free speech and you don’t. you have to see my ideas but I don’t want yours seems one sided. I have always believed that if I post something on my blog or Facebook page that you disagree with I not only expect you to reply on both sides but I encourage it. If I want you to respect and accept my views, the way I live my life than it is only fair I do the same for you.

so as for living two lives the way I do I wouldn’t change it as even when I am in my male roll in life Susan is still a part of me and make my male side who he is and shapes him just as when I am Susan my male side is with me and helps make her who she is. Both sides male and female make me the whole complete person I am. Now I know people tell me if my friends are truly friends then they would accept my female side and nothing would change and I should be proud of who I am, trust me I am proud of who I am. the funny thing is a few of these people who told me this are also people who unfriended me on Facebook because I disagreed with them on something. With that I will make my one and only political statement on my page. I am not a democrat and I am not a republican, I am an American. I am Liberal in some ways and conservative in some ways. I do not support any party just because of the name and I guess if someone told me they were voting for someone just because of the party they belonged to I would not accept that answer. I would need them to give me a reason other than that. There are people on both sides that call the other side nasty names, say they should die or be killed for their stand and are completely intolerant of each other and the funny thing is they will point this out in the other side but not see they are doing the same thing. I have my conservative or liberal view and that is okay but you can’t have your conservative or liberal view and that is why we have such a divide in our country. Those who say they will move to another country if one side or the other wins then you are not Americans as Americans believe in a free democracy, the will of the people. Trump won the Republican primary and weather you like him or not you need to resect him as the Republican candidate just as I expect Hillary to win the democrat primary and should be shown the same respect as her parties candidate. In the fall we will let the people decide. till we all learn to respect each other things will not change.

If you want to be treated well, fair and with respect then you need to give that to other people to weather they agree with you or not. Now that being said I will not allow people to post things I disagree with on my Facebook wall any more then I would expect you to allow me to post things on your wall you disagree with. After all my Facebook page is my home on the web just as it is yours. If I do post something on my Facebook page please feel free to comment on it, agree, disagree I don’t care but do it with respect. If you call me names or are disrespectful about it I will remove it. I think we need to have open, respectful discussions on things as that is how we learn and accept one another.

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Quick night out for a manicure

I got home from work and decided to go and get a manicure. it has been 3 weeks since my last one and my nails were getting really long. I called Dream nails and Anna could fit me in at 5. I started getting ready at 4 so it would be a rush but than it takes less then 5 minutes for e to get there as it is close to home. I was ready by 4:45 and on my way.

I was early as I got there at 4:50 but Anna was done and ready for me. It was so nice to be there getting my nails done again. It was sad when she cut them as she did go a little shorter than I would have likes but I know in a week they will be the perfect length and then of course they will get longer till I get them done again. It really is an enjoyable experience to go to the nail salon. It took about 40 minutes for her to do my nails and of course I went with a clear again. it would be so wonderful if I could do a red or pink but that would not go over to well at work. It was a little after 5:30 and I was walking out with pretty nails.

I hadn’t eaten yet so I decided I would go get some dinner of course it had to be something I could eat with a fork as not to mess up my lipstick. I chose Panda Express as I love there food. They were pretty busy as it was dinner time. I sat there and ate and watched a little of the NBA playoffs while I ate.

U got done with dinner and headed for home. I still wanted some Susan time so I stopped by the Starbucks by my house and caught up on some work on my computer. I spent about an hour and a half here before going home. For a last minutes decision to go out it turned out pretty well.

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