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A little Susan time and a manicure.

Okay I had a free evening and really needed a manicure. I got home from work and started getting ready as Susan, after I took my shower I called Dream nails to see if I could get in for a manicure with Anna. I was hoping for 4:30 but she didn’t have an opening till 5:30 so I told her  would take it. My original plan was to get the manicure, then grab a bight to eat and them maybe Starbucks for an hour or so. Well I finished getting ready and decided to grab a bite to eat first as I had an hour.

I drove to Panda Express and went in and got something to eat. They weren’t real busy inside as they have a drive through that most people went through. there were maybe 6 other people inside eating. I had a nice dinner before going to the nails salon.

I got to the nail salon just before 5:30 and went in, they were really busy. 4 ladies getting pedicures and one getting her nails done and 4 more waiting. Good thing I called for an appointment. Even so I still had to wait about 10 minutes for Anna to finish up with a lady. it gave me time to look at all the gel colors. now normally I get Clear pink #441 which is a clear with just a slight pink ting to it but I decided to go with #449 pink kiss.

She removed the clear gel polish and then trimmed my cuticles and I had her trim my nails back as they had really gotten long the last several weeks. They are a little short than I had wanted but have a really nice shape to them. I am sure by the time I get them done in a couple weeks they will seam long again. Once that was all done she put the polish on. a clear base coat and I had her put 2 coats of the pink kiss on and then a clear top coat. Looking at them they really do have a pink color to them. hopefully my mat polish will tone the pink down.  Then came the lotion and the arm and hand message. it really is a fun and relaxing experience.

They really were busy tonight as there was always ladies waiting and you could tell they were trying to rush but they still did a good job on my nails. it was about 6:30 when I was all done and had my pretty nails. I think with the sunny weather we had today everyone wanted to go and get their nails done as we are going to have sunny warm weather for the next week. As I left the salon it was still sunny outside and I got a good look at my nails in the sun light, they are not a tint of pink, they are pink but they look beautiful.

Well I drove across the street to Starbuck’s the one by my house. They are pretty slow only 5 other people inside. I got a drink and will catch up on some e-mails and work and now I am updating my blog. Only a few hours of Susan but still a wonderful evening out.





Thanks for reading.

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Saturday night and able to get out to the Escape with my friends

It has been a long week, so much going on and no time for Susan so I was really looking forward to tonight. Some Susan time and enjoying a night out with my friends. I started getting ready early so I could enjoy it. I was read and on my way by 5:30. I got to the Escape by 6. They were busy but I was the first of our group to arrive. I got out my computer and ordered dinner.

Cassandra showed up and then Cristine. Now being a Holiday weekend we were not sure how many would show up. Turns out we had a good turnout tonight. Well about 8 Laura and her friend Jenny showed up also Jan, Lynn, Misty, Debbie, Cassie and a couple others. It was nice to see all my friends. It was a good night.

Now I was also thinking about Diva Las Vegas which starts Monday. I am sad I couldn’t make it this year. 3 of our group is going this year and I am sure they will have a wonderful time. I will of course be keeping up on Diva Las Vegas through my friends that are there, one of the great things about Face Book.

Karaoke started which is always fun to listen to, problem is you can’t talk any more as it gets to loud. I went over to a table with Cristine, Cassie and a couple other ladies and we all talked. Had a nice time although being that close to the speakers I had a hard time hearing what was said.

The guy who does the Karaoke walked by and stopped and talked with me a little. He wanted to tell me how nice I looked, he said I always look so nice when I come here. Always makes me feel good as who doesn’t like getting compliments.

It was a fun night and I stayed there till after 11. What a great way to spend a Saturday evening. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a Happy Easter and I hope all my friends going to Las Vegas for Diva Las Vegas have a wonderful time and I will bee there next year.

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Saturday night at the Escape

Saturday and I am going out to the Escape with my friends. Now I spent a little time online today looking at different looks for a Smokey Eye look and found one I liked and decided to try and do it. I started getting ready and took my time. I think my eyes came out okay although not as good as the 20160319_175234picture online. I was ready and on my way by 5:30.

I got to the Escape and parked. I took a couple selphies in the car before going in. Now it was a little busy here tonight even this early but I was the first one from our group to get here as most wont show up till 7 or so. Cassandra got here shortly after I did so we played a few games ofSusan Miller pool. I won  and lost 2 but it was fun.

Well it wasn’t long and others started to show up. we had a really good turnout tonight. Laura H and her friend Lisa, Laura M and her daughter, Jan, Lynn, Jamie, Debbie, Cassie, Cristine, Misty, Rachael and Karen. Karen is from Seattle and was in town tonight. She I a member of our group and knows a few of the girls but this was the first time I have met her and she is really nice. I got a chance to talk with her for a while which was really nice.

It was good to see Rachael again as she is getting out more. It was nice to sit and talk with her. Also got to talk with Laura and her daughter. It really was a fun night.

Karaoke started and it was good, several of our group got up and sang. it is fun to listen to the singing but it gets loud and you can’t talk any more. It was a fun crowd here tonight and one of the busier nights I have seen here as there was standing room only at times. This really is a fun place.

It was a little after 11 when I called it a night. It has been a good weekend.

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Friday finally here

Well Friday is finally here and I am ready for the weekend and some Susan time with my friends. Now I have to start with a little story from last Saturday I forgot in that bog. When I got to the Escape and went to the bar to order this man came up to me and he was a little older. Any way he told me I was very pretty and he didn’t normally do this but he handed me a piece of paper and then said he had to go. On the paper it said, “Your hot I’m (name) call me (phone number) lets play some cribbage”. Now I am not sure if he thought I was female or male, if he was looking for a man or a woman as it really doesn’t matter. But this is the first time I have had a man give me his number on paper. Now I am not the least bit interested in men but it is very flattering to have this happen, it makes you feel good. Any way that was my little side note.

It has been a long and busy week and I was tired when I got home, well I fell asleep on the couch. now I normally start getting ready at 4 to give me time but I didn’t wake up till 4:30 so I was in a rush. Well if I don’t think about it or take the time to enjoy it I can get ready a lot faster. I never looked at the time and to my surprise I was ready and in my car by 5:22. I got to Sweet home before 6 and went in. Chris was there playing pool as he comes straight from work. now as I said I was really tired so I didn’t plan on staying late one of the reasons I wanted to get here early. I got out my computer and caught up on some work and ordered dinner. It is really relaxing to be out as Susan with my friends and other people.

Roxy also showed up tonight along with several of the other group I have gotten to know, Heather, Jessica, Michelle, Dawni, Mareinna, Angie and several others. I really enjoy seeing them and talking with them even if it is just to say hi and find out how they are doing. Now about 9 it started to get really busy and there were a lot of people here tonight, the other group was doing a disco theme night, there were even some new faces I have not seen here before so it was a fun night.

Karaoke started and it was really good as most people sang songs from the 1970’s which I knew most of them. It was a fun night and I did stay later then I planed. it was a little after 11 when I paid my bill and left but it was a good night and just what I needed after a long week at work.

I hope you all have a great week and find something you love and makes you happy and do it. you will be so much more happy.

Thanks for reading

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Saturday night out with friends at the Escape.

well it is Saturday evening and I have one more chance to go out before going back to work. Now I have spent the day as Susan after getting my nails done but I did need to freshen up my makeup and of course change outfits as I wanted to wear a dress and heels. Soon I was on my way looking forward to a fun night. I got to the Escape a little after 6. I went in and there were 2 ladies at the long table we normally try to get because we have been having big turnouts on Saturdays. So I took the smaller table. No one of the ladies at the table looked familiar but then I have met so many wonderful people here.

Cassandra was also here she was it the table in the corner with her computer. she always sets it up there and chats online but has her web cam going showing the pool table in the bar. I went over and talked with her for a while. Then I went back to my table so I could order some food. The 2 ladies were still at the table and I still couldn’t place the one. anyway they got up and left so I put my purse and computer on the table.

Cristine and Samantha showed up, it has been a long time since I have seen Samantha, Not the Samantha I went shopping with the other day. So there were 4 of us there now and we were all sitting at the one small table. We were having a nice conversation when the 2 ladies came back in with 2 others. They walked right by our table and went to the next table over, well I got a really good look at her as she went by. Well I was able to place where I know her from. I actually work with her, She has only worked at where I work for a few weeks. Now I had this going for me as she didn’t show any indication she recognized me but I did keep my back to her. Her and her friends only stayed maybe 45 minutes before they left.

Laura H and her friend Lisa also made it out tonight. Now someone copied Laura’s Facebook page and is sending out friend request to all her friends. I talked to her about this and I guess who ever did this must have blocked Laura as she can’t see the page. Makes me wonder if someone has done that to me. So to all my friends out there I only have 1 Facebook page.

Julie also made it tonight, It was nice to see here again. We had a good time just talking and of course we did talk about nails and going to the nail salon. Julie has had gel nail polish on her fingers for a long time. Julie loves getting her nails done and I am looking forward to getting mine done on a regular basis. Not sure if I will go as far as to set up a regular appointment as I will still have to fit it into my schedule.

Now I had not planned on staying out late as we move clocks ahead tonight. Well I played Cassandra a game of pool and I was actually playing really well tonight as I made some really good shots and I won, I beat Cassandra which is always a good night. Julie and I played a game and again I won, I actually won 3 games in a row so I had a good night. Well as always I stayed out later then I planned. It was a little after 11 when I left which really was a little after midnight with setting the clocks forward. It was a fun night though and so much fun seeing my friends.

Thanks for reading.

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Saturday and time to go to the nail salon

Well the day I have not been looking forward to, Saturday and the day I have to remove the pretty red color from my nails. I decided I would get a pedicure also to make it easier. I really do wish I could have pretty nails all the time. I got up and got ready and decided I would try my new hair today. it was about 10:30 when I was ready. I called Dream nails to see about getting in. They said I could come any time so I told them I would 20160312_103221come right down as it takes less then 5 minutes to get there. now of course I had to get a picture of me in my new hair before I left.

I got to Dream nails at 10:35 and went in, Turns out it wasn’t Anna that had answered the phone as she was not there. Kathy had been the one I talked to. She told me Anna wouldn’t be there for an hour or so if I wanted to wait. I decided I would go a head and have one of the other ladies there do my nails as I didn’t want to wait although I could have kept my red nails a little longer.

The girl who did my nails I have seen here before  and she was really nice. We started with the pedicure and she did a really good job. Pedicures just feel so wonderful and relaxing. She was a little slower and I think she may not have as much experience doing nails as Anna but she did a wonderful 20160311_155255job. soon my toes looked beautiful with a hot pink color. Now I had taken a few pictures of my pretty red nails in the car so I would have something to remember them by.

Now it was time to do my manicure and remove the red. she filed off the top layer so she could soak the gel polish off, the first nail she filed was the hardest as the shiny red went to a scraped up dull red. after that20160311_160848 it got easier. once they were all scuffed up she put cotton with acetone on them and held them on with little finger clips. There I sat for a while, now with these things on your fingers you really can’t do anything with your hand. it took a little while to soften the gel polish enough that it could be removed. Anna came in about this time. Anna and actually all the 20160311_160921ladies here told me they liked my new hair style.

Soon the red was all gone and I had them trim my nails back just a little. I also had her shape them a little more rounded shape. I went with just a clear coat today. The lady doing my nails really did a good job but she also took her time, in the end it took her almost 2 hours to finish my manicure and pedicure as it was 12:30 when I was done. Now I totally enjoyed the experience so I didn’t care about how long it took. Although Anna usually does the same in about an hour and 15 minutes.

Now they went super busy as no one had to wait but also there was never anyone standing around waiting for someone either and there were 5 working here before Anna got here so I guess it was just the right amount of business. Now the funny thing is as Anna always does my nails the other ladies don’t know much about my nails. when they first looked at them they thought I had acrylic nails and I told them it was just the gel polish. One even came over and looked at them as she was sure I had tips on them. I assured them they were my real nails. They were really amazed that they were my real nails and I was able to grow them out like this.

Now I know the gel polish helps strengthen your nails but I also think the fact I am taking care of them and going to the salon on a regular schedule has helped my nails. I think they are healthier and I also noticed with them pushing the cuticle back now I think my nail beds are getting longer or at least appear to be. I guess there is a benefit to going to the salon and taking care of your nails. It was a fun day and my nails still look good just not that pretty red color.

I left the salon and instead of going home I drove across the street to Starbuck’s for a couple hours. I guess I could have gone home and updated my blog but being out was just more fun. I will have to go home and change before going to the Escape tonight. We should have a good turnout but I won’t be able to stay out to late as today as Daylight savings time starts tomorrow so we set our clocks ahead one hour tonight before bed which means I lose an hour of sleep. It has been a good week so far though.

I am thinking of going to the nails salon every 2 weeks for a manicure and maybe every 6 weeks getting a pedicure also. Seem I am spending more and more money on Susan these days but she is worth it. No one ever said being a lady was cheap.

20160312_150937Okay I also had to ad a couple pictures of my20160312_150948 pedicure

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Friday and last day of vacation

Well Friday is here and it is the last day of my vacation, I still have the weekend but it has gone by so fast. Now I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I knew it would be as Susan. I thought about gong to Wigland and looking at wigs but I decided to search online and see if there were any other wig shops around to check out. I found one called Wig Gallery which is on Halsey Street so not far. I decided I would check it out. I got there about 10:30. It is a small store by itself in a parking lot so it is kind of private. Now the funny thing is you have to push a button and they will open the door so it really is a private place. Turns out they also prefer you make an appointment although you don’t have to, you just may have to wait for help.

Now there wigs are more expensive starting at $100 and going up to $300 but they are also a much better quality. The lady working here was just finishing up with a customer so I had to wait about 10 minutes. She gave me some information about the different styles of wig all the way up to the Human hair but those are way more expensive. we tried on several different wigs and you could tell the difference between the less expensive and the more expensive by the way they fit, felt and looked. Although in the end they are still a synthetic hair wig and will last the same.

Now for the surprise, turns out Christy helps out here on Fridays with styling and cutting wigs. It has been a while since I have seen her and of course I got a hug. I tried on several wigs and I really hadn’t planed on spending so much on a wig but the 2 that I liked the best and really looked nice were not the cheaper ones. One I think matched my skin tone a little better and I was leaning to that one. The lady also agreed but she had Christy come out and take a look so I tried them both on again. Christy also likes the same one. it was funny though as it was the first time she has seen me without a wig on and of course she noticed the little bit of grey I have now. Well I broke down and bought the wig as it really is cute. It got me thinking though maybe I should look into getting a human hair wig. It would cost a lot more but if I take care of it, it would last a really long time, well something to think about.

I left there and did go to a few other stores but it was just regular shopping I had to do but it was still fun. I did stop at a Starbuck’s as I had some work I had to get down before Monday. I actually spent about 3 hours here. You know even work is more fun as Susan. I got home about 5 and did a quick change and touch up on my makeup and then I was off to Sweet Home. I got there just before 6 and there was no parking. I actually had to park about 2 blocks away. Chris was there playing pool as always.

I ordered dinner and got out my computer to check some things online. Robyn and Roxy both showed up tonight so it was good to see them. I got to talk with Robyn for a while which was nice.

Heather showed up tonight and it was wonderful to see her. She is so nice, I really enjoy talking with her. I really have met some awesome people here. Mareinna and Dawni also showed up so it was a really good night. Diane also showed up latter so it was good to see her also. she doesn’t get out much.

now there were 2 younger girls well everyone is younger to me now. any way I caught them looking at me a few times and you always have to wonder what people are thinking. well they finally came over 1 at a time of course and told me how beautiful I was and they both just loved the way I did my makeup. Now I think that is a wonderful compliment when a woman tells you that you look good. We talked for a little bit and it was really nice.

it was after 11 when I paid my bill and said my goodbyes. I really didn’t want tonight to come to an end as tomorrow I will go to the nail salon and get a manicure and pedicure and of course my pretty red nails will go away and I will go with a clear polish and of course trim my nails down and reshape them as a more rounded shape then the square shape I have now and love.

Thanks for reading.

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Shopping with Samantha.

Well today I was going to meet Samantha from Eugene for lunch and maybe a little shopping. She had to come to Portland for something and had e-mailed me about meeting for lunch. We decided on California Pizza at Clackamas Town Center. I told her I would be there between 10 and 2 doing a little shopping if she wanted to join me. she said she would let me know when she got there as she would take care of things on her way. Now there is a Starbuck’s there that actually opens before the mall so I figured I would get there and do my Blog from last night.

I got there about 9:30 and they were really busy, about 14 people ate tables and the counter, only 2 of which were men. I had to stand in line with 9 people in front of me only one man and several woman behind me. wow today must be ladies day.  got my drink and a Danish and took the last seat along the window at the counter. I did my blog and wasn’t paying attention as I really didn’t look for Samantha till maybe 11, any way I looked at my phone at 10:30 and she had called about 10 minutes earlier so I called her back. She was already here. I told her where I was and we met up.

It was nice to see her again and spend a little time with her. Now neither one of us was really looking for anything today as it really was more about being out and spending some time together, you know the social aspect of it. We wandered down the mall and I warned her about the man selling skin care in the middle that always remembers me. He cornered Laura when we were here a few weeks ago and I wanted to avoid that today. Sure enough he saw me and tried to call us over but we thanked him and just kept walking.

We got to the end of the mall and went into Sears to check things out. We discussed woman’s clothing as we shopped, what we liked and didn’t, the issues we have trying to find something that fits and looks good. the different colors and styles. it was really fun. we left here and then walked to the other end to JC Pennies.

Samantha does a lot of shopping at Pennies where she lives so we had a good time looking around still talking now about makeup and hair. It really was a fun time. It really is more fun shopping with someone even if you don’t buy anything. Shopping is a storage thing as my male self I only go shopping if I need to buy something and that is what I do, in find what I need, buy it and leave. As Susan I enjoy just wandering around looking and having someone to share it with is so much fun.

It was about noon when we headed for California Pizza which is a stand alone shop outside so we had to leave the mall. WE got a booth and talked as we looked at the Menu. Now I was torn as I really like their Caesar Salad but also like their pizza. Samantha and I decided to split a Pizza though. The young man who waited on us was awesome and was always there checking on us to see if we needed anything, even the Manager came over to see how we were ding and stood there and talked to us for a while. They really made us feel welcome.

Samantha and I had a lovely lunch and really got to talk. It was a wonderful time. We where there almost 2 hours as a matter of fact we sat there for probably 45 minutes after we paid our bill just talking. Now it was raining really hard outside for a while which also kept us there. WE talked about Sweet Home and the Escape and so many of the places we go and don’t get me wrong as I really do like them but they all get loud and then it becomes hard to talk. Maybe I am just getting older but I do like it when it is less noisy. I think that is why I like Starbuck’s so much as it is such a peaceful place. I think I really need to try and get more of the girls to meet me for Coffee. I actually need to get together with Peggy one evening for dinner or coffee. I really think these are the normal everyday things that bring balance to your life.

Well about 2 the rain stopped so we left, Samantha had parked by California Pizza so we said our goodbye’s and she left and I went back into the mall and walked down towards where I parked. I was rally straight out from Barns & Noble so I walked through there to the door. Just as I got outside it started to rain pretty good so I went back inside. by the time I got to the book shelf by the window it was raining so hard the water was pooling on the drive in front and even people with umbrellas were running. I kind of looked at books as I waited for it to stop or at least slow down. Soon there were maybe 10 people standing by the doors looking out and maybe another 12 by where I was looking out the window so I didn’t feel to bad being afraid of the rain. It rained this way for maybe 10 minutes before if slowed to almost a stop. Looking at the clouds I figured it would not stay like this long so I Headed for my car. it was just lightly raining and I was only the seconded row out so t took me about a minute to get to my car. I got in and shut the door and before I could start it the rain let loose again.  had timed it just right.

I left and drove for home well the Starbucks by my house. I got there right at 3 and I think this is the slowest they have been Maybe between 2 and 6 other people here at any one time although a pretty steady amount coming in and getting drinks to go. I will probably stay here till 5 and then I am not sure what I will do. maybe get some dinner or just go home. will wait Susan at Starbucks 3-10-16and see. I did take one selphie here not a great picture but I had to have at least one today.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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Wednesday night dinner at Henry’s in Portland

Well today I didn’t do much as I had a few things I needed to do so I figured I would wait till tonight for Susan to come out. I did run to a couple of stores and no one said a word about my nails. I also had some work I had to catch up on so I went to a Starbuck’s one I have only been to a few times aver the last few weeks and I sat there for a couple hours on my computer with people all around and no one paid any attention to my nails here either. Maybe nails on a guy is not that big a deal.

Well I got home about 4 and started to get ready for my night out. we had dinner reservations at Henry’s Tavern at 7:30 and we would be meeting here between 6:30 and 7:30 in the lounge. Now my plan was to be ready by 5:30, with no traffic it is an easy 30 minute drive but if there was traffic it could take an hour or more and this would be the end of rush hour so I wanted to leave by 5:45 at the latest. I was all ready by 5:30 so off I went figuring worst case I would be early. Traffic was not real bad but it did take some extra time so it was about 6:15 when I got there. There were several cars in front of me so I figured not much chance of finding a spot on the street so I went for the parking garage a block away. It actually worked out really well as I only had a block to walk.

I was the first one there as far as I could tell so I went into the lounge to wait. There was only one small table open so I took it and texted Cassandra I was there an where I was. It was maybe 5 minutes later Cassandra and her wife Peggy got there. It was great to see Peggy she is really special as she is totally accepting of all us T-Girls. We ordered some drinks and Cassandra got a couple appetizers

Julie showed up next and it was great to see her again as it has been a while. We were waiting for 3 more. we had a smaller group tonight but that was okay as it would give us a chance to talk. A little before 7 Cassandra went to check in and it turns out Cristine had gotten here and instead of coming to the lounge had checked in and they gave her a table in the dinning room so we all moved from the lounge at this point.

Now we had a big booth so we all had to slide in which is not something you can do gracefully in a dress and heels but it did make for a nice table as we were in a U shape around the table and could talk with everyone at the table. I got to sit between Julie and Peggy which was awesome as we really got a chance to talk and of course the big topic was nails. Julie has had her nails a little long and with Gel polish on them for a couple years now and she says no one cares and very few people even notice. I really want to keep my nails but mine are a little longer than hers and also have a square shape which I think might draw a little more attention to them. Most men have rounded nails not many have square. This is something I have a few days to think about. it was fun though for Julie, Peggy and me to sit there and compare nails.

Laura M, and Karen showed up so all our group was here now. The waitress who was awesome by the way came by several times to check on us and see if we were ready to order. Took us a little while as we were really busy talking. Sweet Home and the Escape are really nice places and fun to go but once they start Karaoke it gets loud ad you really can’t talk any more accept maybe to the person right next to you and even that can be difficult. Tonight gave us a good chance to just talk. I think that is why I enjoyed shopping with Laura so much a few weeks ago as we really didn’t do much shopping but we wondered around the mall and talked. Same when I use to meet Peggy at Starbucks we could talk. I like the social interaction of these type of outings.

Well we finally ordered and the food was really good, a little on the higher end but it was a really fun evening and so worth it. We had a wonderful dinner but what made it special were the people I was with, my family.

It was about 9:30 when we left but it was a great night

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A little shopping today as I am feeling better.

Well I have been looking forward to today and getting out as Susan. Now yesterday I did run out for a little as my male self with my red nails and not one person said a thing about them of course the only time they were really visible was when I stopped at a Starbuck’s. I spent about 2 hours at on as my male self doing some work on my computer and I actually went out of my way to make sure my nails were visible. I saw a couple people mostly men look at tem but not one person said a thing. anyway today is a Susan day.

I got up and started getting ready with the hope of being out of my house by 9:30 which I didn’t make of course. still a little tired. It was about 10:15 when I was ready and on my way. I decided to go to Pioneer Place Mall in downtown Portland. I think I have only been here twice before, once right after it opened and then once in 2010 when I rode the MAX as Susan downtown. This time I drove though. I got downtown and parked in the parking garage just the other side of the block. I parked on the 9th floor and rode the elevator down to the street. Now I was glad it was only across the street as I forgot my umbrella in the car but it was just barely raining so I figured I could make it without getting very wet. I crossed the street with severe other people and entered the mall. now it is actually a 5 story mall in 2 buildings on opposite blocks. Now as it has been a while the first thing I did was check out the directory to see what stores they had. There was a security guard standing near by and she came over and asked if she could help me. I told her no I was just seeing what they had as I had never been here before and wanted to check it out. I really got the feeling she was sizing me up.

Well I didn’t see anything that jumped out at me so I decided to go up the escalator to the next floor and see what was there. Now as I started walking so did the lady guard which again made me feel weird, I got on the escalator and she just kept walking around the first floor so I guess she wasn’t following me. I really didn’t see any stores that I even wanted to go inside. I got to the 4t floor I think and they have a sky bridge that goes across the street to the other part of the mall so I walked across. There was a man about half way across who was taking a selphie of himself which struck me as strange. any way he finished and walked off and as I got to where he was I realized he had been half way SUsan at Pioneer Place Mall 3-8-2016across and you could look up and down the street as the sky bridge was glass. Yes you guessed it I had to take a selphie in the same spot. It is a pretty cool view from here.

I walked around this building and again really not much here. they did have an H&M so I went in and looked at some clothing, I am looking for some simple plain  nice ladies tee shirts. Nothing fancy just some solid color that are pretty and feminine looking that I can wear this summer if I go out in the day. they had some really cute ones but not even close to my size. I got down to the bottom floor which is actually under ground and went back to the first building and down to the food court which is also small. I was a little hungry so I got something for lunch. in all I was only there maybe an hour and wasn’t impressed. I walked back to where I parked and got on the elevator and up to the 9th floor and was on my way. As it was only about noon I drove over to Lloyd Center and went in as I wanted to see what Sears had.

I went in and walked down towards Sears. I was almost there ad herd someone call my name Susan. There was Bobby in boy mode, I haven’t seen him in a while as he doesn’t come out much any more with Cristine.  stood and talked with Bobby maybe 15 minutes catching up. It was nice to see him again. well I went into Sears and they had some really cute tee shirts well maybe more of active wear tee shirts but they were really cute colors. They even had some I think will fit me. I probably should have tried them on but instead I decided to buy just 1 and see how it fits. if it does then next time I am out shopping which should be Thursday I will buy a couple more. I picked the bright pink one.

I went to the check out to pay for it and the lady who helped me told me how much she liked my nails, which made me feel nice. It still amazes me that I really like it when I get compliments on how I look as Susan or how my nails look. I don’t even think about this when I am my male self. I thanked her and we talked a bit while she rang up my purchase.

I left Lloyd Center and headed for home well actually the Starbuck’s by my house. I got there about 2:30 and figured I would hang out here till maybe 5 before going home. I went and ordered and the lady at the counter welcomed me by name and asked what I would like. I really love this about Starbuck’s, The employees here all know me as no less then 4 of them said hi to me by name which makes you feel special. I got my drink and there was only 1 table right by the one door. I had only been there maybe 5 minutes when 2 men came in behind me talking and as they walked by I knew their voices, I knew both of them. I hoped they would get there drinks and go but they didn’t. They did sit at the other end by the other door as there was one table opened down there now.

I kept my head down with the hope they wouldn’t see me or at least if they did they wouldn’t see my face. they were here about 30 minutes before they left. They walked right by me on the way out and never said a thing to me so I don’t think they noticed anything. with my head down I don’t think they could have even told I wasn’t a female.

Well  I caught up on some things online and of course updated my blog. Have a  great day and thanks for reading.

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