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Susan’s Wednesday night out

Well I have made it out again and it is so nice. I had to skip last week both Wednesday and Friday due to work so Susan is happy tonight. My work schedule is a little mixed up this week also so I won’t be out on Friday but hope I can make a Saturday appearance. The bad part is I will miss fun Friday, a night we try different looks. I was reading the posts in my group from last week and it appears Friday was a big night as a bunch of t-girls came down from Seattle so there were over 40 at Embers, wow sounds like I missed a great night.

When I got to Starbucks there was only one other person here but a few more have come in sense then. Quite a few have come in and got something to go. Katie and Shavonie are both working tonight and it was good to see and talk to them a little. Katie said it snowed briefly here earlier but didn’t stick or last very long. We are having some good storms this week and really los snow levels about 1500 feet so it is very possible we will have snow flurries the next few day.

Well I am really looking forward to my trip to Las Vegas. There is still a question of how many we will have. Cassandra, Peggy and I are for sure going but Teresa is still a question. Last word was she was still planning on it but her work situation keeps changing so we will just have to wait and see. I called today and made my appointment at Nails by Lily to get them done. A full set of acrylic nails for the trip. I so love having long beautiful nails. I am still planning on spending the whole trip as Susan from the time we leave till we get home. Last week they sent out the sign up e-mail for events, I signed up for golf of course and then Cassandra e-mailed me what she signed up for so I did the same. Besides the golf they are mostly dinners. There was one that was a significant others event that Cassandra signed her and Peggy up for. I signed up for this too but thinking of changing as I would be a single there and it is more for couples. Not sure what the rule is on that plus it might be nice for Cassandra and Peggy to have some alone time. I would just have to be on my own for that time.

I still need to do some more shopping; I need some pants and shoes for golf so I guess I will have to spend a little more time as Susan in the next couple weeks. It will be hard but I will get through it LOL. Well I should get to my work now.

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Friday night downtown

Well I usual I made it out on Friday night. Friday was so nice and sunny and in the upper 60’s so when I left it was still really nice out. I am so ready for summer and warmed weather. I got to Embers around 7:30 like normal and there really weren’t many people there. Lisa & Bobbie were there so I joined them up by the pool table. There were two guys playing a game of pool so we sat and talked which I really like to do. Amy and Cassandra showed up about 8 and joined us and those two guys were still playing the same game. Cass put money on the table to play the next game and we had to keep asking them to play. It was frustration as they would make a shot and then sit and talk for 5 or 10 minutes then the next would shoot. It was obvious they had been drinking and really should have been cut off by Embers. They finally finished and gave up the table so we started to play.

Cassandra and I played the first two games and I lost both but it was fun. David one of the cocktail waiters who I know pretty well as he has worked there as long as I can remember was limping really bad, he told us he had broken his knee and had a cast on under his pants. Our group played pool and a few went down to watch the show. We still had a good turnout but our numbers have dwindled in recent weeks. Don’t get me wrong we still get a good turnout maybe 10 but back by the first of the year we would have 15 – 20. I am not sure why might just be with the nicer weather we have more things to do and just can’t get out as much. Cassandra and I were talking about it and she said Saturday nights are again becoming the big night out. Shame I can’t make both.

The crowd at Embers was small to start but as the show went on the crowd did grow which was nice as I really do like the shows even though I was up by the pool table most of the night. I did go down and watch some though. The crowd was mostly woman last night which was kind of fun. It was a good night out as always. I really like getting out as Susan so any time or place is great.

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Starbuck’s on a Sunny evening

Well it is St Patrick’s Day and yes I went to Starbuck’s tonight. As I have nothing green I discovered to wear but I have some green eye shadow so that is my green for the night. Shavonie greeted me when I came in and told me how nice I looked tonight as I wore a dress (pretty casual dress). She is putting in her two week notice this Sunday so she will soon be gone which will be sad. I really look forward to talking to her and Katie each week. She said I would have to come over and see her at the Starbuck’s in Beaverton. As I know some of the t-girls live over that way it is something I can do. I told her I would give her my e-mail address so we could keep in touch.

They were not very busy when I first got here but as a few more people came in. It is still slower than a normal Wednesday as I think with the nice weather today people stayed outside. There was one man that sat behind me and came over a few times to talk to me. Mostly to complain about his new cell phone that was not charged up for him when he bought it. He did keep calling me Miss though which was nice and did wish me a nice evening when he left. When he left he left a horrible mess on the table and Shavonie had to come over and clean it up. I felt bad for her; I cannot understand why people cannot drop their garbage in the trash can as they leave. Oops as I am writing he has come back in and is wondering around on his cell phone, not talking though so he is either listening to something or just letting the phone ring someplace.

As I was leaving home I noticed I was out of milk so on my way home I will make a quick stop and buy some milk. It is just another chance to be out someplace else. I am so looking forward to Diva Las Vegas and Cassandra, Peggy and I are still defiantly going but it looks like Teresa may be able to go after all. We should find out in a week or so if she can work it out. It will be so much fun. Cassandra has already made her nail appointment for Thursday night before we leave so I should do the same. I don’t want to miss out on a chance to get Acrylic nails. I have pretty much decided on a red color just not sure on how dark or bright I want to go. I think there are also 3 others from our group that are going. I think the highlight will be us playing golf. Will be a challenge to grip the club with long nails, so not sure how well we will do. Either way it will be a great time.

I still need some shoes (for golf and casual for walking around) and a couple pairs of pants. So I will be going shopping here in the not too distant future. I still hope to lose some more weight (lost 6 LB so far), not much but better than gaining. Anyway I will Blog more later.

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Friday night at Embers 3-12-2010

Well Susan went out again on Friday night to meet up with her friends at Embers. I wore my new dress I bought a few weeks back. It is more of a casual look and I really like the way it look. I got there about 7:30 and Cassandra and Bobbie were there. From the lack of postings in the group we figured we might be it so we went up by the pool table and sat and talked. Cassandra and I had a chance to talk about Diva Las Vegas. Cassandra, Peggy and I are defiantly going but Teresa is a question mark right now. She still wants to go and is hopping she can. It will be such a fun trip I really hope Teresa can work it out.

Embers was really slow and I talked with Phaedra and she said it has been slow all week. I bet it is hard for the Drag Queens to go out and perform when there is hardly anyone there. With us up by the pool table I bet there weren’t more than 20 people down watching the show at most. Soon more T-girls started to show up and we had a small group. We played pool (I myself played 5 games, lost the first two and then won three in a row). Couldn’t beat Cassandra but did win against Barb and Jen twice. It was a fun night but as several of us were tired (long week) by 12:20 we were ready to go which is early for us. We usually shut the place down. I just thought no one took any pictures so I did not get one of my dress.

On the way home I was just not ready to call it a night so I stopped at Safeway and went in to pick a few things up. I spent about 15 minutes or so shopping. Again it was more about being out than the shopping. Several of the employees greeted me and the lady at the check stand was really nice and asked how my night was going. We chatted for a moment and then I was off to head home where Susan would go to bed and disappear till she comes out again next Wednesday.

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Wednesday Night at Starbuck’s 3-10-2010

Well I made it out to Starbucks for my normal Wednesday night and yes I wore one of the new tops I bought last night. At first I wasn’t sure about the color but as I see it on myself I like it. It is really more of a casual look and should go well for my Las Vegas trip. It was fun last night going out shopping even if only for a short time. I really like being out more in mainstream society and that is what will make this trip so much fun. At last count they had 182 registered (they still say they are expecting 160 ton180 so I guess they figure some will drop out) for Diva Las Vegas. I cannot wait as I am so excited as it gets closer day by day.

When I got to Starbuck’s they were busy again and as I got in line behind a couple other people Shavonie held up my drink they had it already for me so I got to bypass the ordering. What great service but it also didn’t give me a chance to talk to them but I am sure I will before the night is over. It also allowed me to get the one remaining table close to a power outlet for my computer which was nice as the people I bypassed ended up sitting on the little couch like seats in the corner and had I had to sit there it would have been more difficult to work on my computer. Right now there is not an empty set in the place. The table next to me with 5 woman at it asked if the could use the extra seat at my table which of course I said yes. I think this is the busiest I have seen it here before. A few people have come in and you could tell they had planned on staying but with no seats they ended up leaving.

Well as I said I find sitting at Starbuck’s a good way to catch up on work and my e-mails. When I am at home I have a bad habit of having the TV on and I get distracted to easy. I get more done in a few hours here and get the fun of being Susan all at the same time. It truly is the best way for me to stay focused and get things done. It is now 8 and people are starting to leave so things are quieting down now. I should be able to get a chance to talk to Katie and Shavonie now as they are not supper busy now. Starbuck’s is a really good place to go if a Transgendered person wants’ to get out. Although this one has turned into my regular (favorite) one I have gone to probably 10 different ones and always been treated well. So go ahead and get out there girls you will love it. Well time to get another drink and maybe chat for a while with them. Till Friday night this is all, have a great rest of the week all.

Well I just spent the last 10 minutes talking with Shavonie and Katie and found out Shavonie has to move in the next couple weeks so she will be going over to Beaverton and will be transferring to a Starbucks over there and to make it worse Katie is moving back east in July so I will lose both of them. It won’t be the same coming in here once they are gone. I will of course keep coming here and will just have to get to know whoever takes their place.

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Shopping on a Tuesday night

Well I decided I need to start getting ready for Diva Las Vegas so as I was looking at the ad papers this week I noticed Fred Meyers had some really cute tops on sale and a coupon for an additional 15% off so Susan planned a night out. I got all dressed up and off I went. My first stop was Sally’s Beauty supply as I wanted to pick up some new nails. They had a good selection and they were big enough to fit my fingers but they didn’t have just plain ones. They all had some kind of design or tip color. I picked out a French tip in hopes I could put nail polish over it and it would look okay. I spent about 15 minutes there and even chatted with one of the ladies who work there about the weather.

From there I went over to Fred Meyer’s and went in. I spent about 45 minutes wondering around and looking at all their clothes. They seem to have a pretty nice selection. I don’t know why I have never thought to shop there as Susan before. It gave me a good chance to be out for a while. I did find a couple of cute tops, at least I think so and I bought them. The young man at the checkout was very nice and even chatted with me while he rung up my purchase. It was all over so soon and I was on my way home.

Now I am at home and have put one coat of nail polish on the nails and can still see the white tip so I am going to try another coat. The color is Pompeii Purple which is a lighter color that I really like. I hope that I can get them to look okay but may have to go a darker color which would be okay too. I have enough nails to make at least two sets and maybe a third so I will have some different colors to pick from. But want to get the first done and test them out tomorrow. I plan on making my normal Wednesday trip to Starbuck’s and plan on wearing one of my new tops and my nails. Will write more on Wednesday night.

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Friday night at Embers 3-5-2010

Well I made my usual Friday night outing to Embers and I wore a new top I bought. I got there and early and there were only a few of us but as always more and more showed up. We had a great group and I even played some pool games. I lost 2 and won 2 but had a great time. I think Cassandra won the most game of Pool. Even Victoria showed up which is always fun.

Siobhan was there which was fun as I hadn’t seen her for a while. We had a chance to talk and take some pictures. I posted a few on my flickr account. You can check it out and see my new top. It was a fun night and got to meet a new T-girl named Cindy. She is really nice and she is also in the picture. Cindy, Siobhan and I spent time talking which is one of my favorite things. It is so nice to have such a great group of friends to get together with and is really helping me be more relaxed as Susan.

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Shopping at Winco

Well on my way home from Starbuck’s I stopped at Winco to do some Grocery Shopping. I picked Winco for three reasons, first low prices money I save on food can be used to buy clothes. Second it is a big store so I would have to walk a lot and would spend more time there. Last they are the busiest of the stores so I would get the most exposure.

The parking lot was not as full as I thought it would be but still had a good walk in. I grabbed my cart and off I went. Right off the bat one of the female employees said hi and asked how my evening was going. She was really pleasant and I wondered if she just wanted to hear what I sounded like but I was fine either way as it was nice to be greeted. I spent about 20 minutes shopping and really did not notice anyone really looking at me and there was a good mix of people of all ages there. I got all my groceries and went up to the check stand. This is the busiest part of the store as everyone meets there and there are always lines.

I got in line and there were three other people in front of me so I knew I had a wait. I stood there and the line moved fairly fast and as I was loading my groceries on the belt the lady behind me probably in her early forties came up and asked if she could ask me a question and started off with “this is a little embarrassing” so I just knew what the question was going to be and I was ready. I said sure and that when she asked if it was hard to learn to walk in heels, not what I was expecting. I told her I found it easier than I thought it would be you just have to be careful on the smooth floors they have at Winco. She told me how cute my shoes were (I wore my open toe shoes with two inch heels). And for the next couple minutes we talked about shoes just like a couple girlfriends. It was really nice and so was she. When I was done and had paid for my groceries she thanked me for the information and wished me a good evening. I said the same and left. It was a really enjoyable experience to end my Wednesday night.

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Wednesday night at Starbuck & shopping after

Well it has been a long week but I made it out tonight just a little later than normal. Starbucks was really busy tonight. Both Katie and Shavonie greeted me when I got her and we talk for a bit between customers. Seems last week when I couldn’t make it on Wednesday they were both sick so neither one of them worked. Seems Wednesday and Friday nights are their busiest nights so I guess I picked a good night to come here.

I am getting a late start on my blog tonight as I had a lot of e-mails to catch up on and they took longer than I thought they would. Also have some other work I needed to get done so I may need to finish tomorrow. Not sure if it will be Susan or my male self? The idea of maybe another night out is intriguing and would make three nights in a row with going out on Friday night this week. I could come back here and see what Thursday night is like or maybe try a new place. I will have to give it some thought and see how things work tomorrow.

I have been so busy the last week I have not done my weekly grocery shopping so I am planning to stop on the way home tonight and take care of that. I have done grocery shopping before as Susan but not this early so it will be a lot of fun. I am also noticing that going out more and more that my wardrobe needs to enlarge as I seem to wear the same thing more often. I really need more Clothes so that will be my next big adventure if I can ever find time on a Saturday.

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