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Facebook and peoples views and ideas, My political statement.

I get e-mails form people asking me how I can live two separate lives or my favorite wouldn’t I just be happier if I transitioned and let my true feminine self free. The thing is we all take our lives and try to fit it on other people, be it transgender issues, gay issues, religion, politics, or anything else we feel or believe. I see it on Facebook all the time we have become a society of my way, my view is the only correct one. Just today a friend on Facebook posted a political idea on her page. now remember when you post on your page it goes to all your friends so I see it. but at the end she put if you disagree do not comment on this, so in other words I have free speech and you don’t. you have to see my ideas but I don’t want yours seems one sided. I have always believed that if I post something on my blog or Facebook page that you disagree with I not only expect you to reply on both sides but I encourage it. If I want you to respect and accept my views, the way I live my life than it is only fair I do the same for you.

so as for living two lives the way I do I wouldn’t change it as even when I am in my male roll in life Susan is still a part of me and make my male side who he is and shapes him just as when I am Susan my male side is with me and helps make her who she is. Both sides male and female make me the whole complete person I am. Now I know people tell me if my friends are truly friends then they would accept my female side and nothing would change and I should be proud of who I am, trust me I am proud of who I am. the funny thing is a few of these people who told me this are also people who unfriended me on Facebook because I disagreed with them on something. With that I will make my one and only political statement on my page. I am not a democrat and I am not a republican, I am an American. I am Liberal in some ways and conservative in some ways. I do not support any party just because of the name and I guess if someone told me they were voting for someone just because of the party they belonged to I would not accept that answer. I would need them to give me a reason other than that. There are people on both sides that call the other side nasty names, say they should die or be killed for their stand and are completely intolerant of each other and the funny thing is they will point this out in the other side but not see they are doing the same thing. I have my conservative or liberal view and that is okay but you can’t have your conservative or liberal view and that is why we have such a divide in our country. Those who say they will move to another country if one side or the other wins then you are not Americans as Americans believe in a free democracy, the will of the people. Trump won the Republican primary and weather you like him or not you need to resect him as the Republican candidate just as I expect Hillary to win the democrat primary and should be shown the same respect as her parties candidate. In the fall we will let the people decide. till we all learn to respect each other things will not change.

If you want to be treated well, fair and with respect then you need to give that to other people to weather they agree with you or not. Now that being said I will not allow people to post things I disagree with on my Facebook wall any more then I would expect you to allow me to post things on your wall you disagree with. After all my Facebook page is my home on the web just as it is yours. If I do post something on my Facebook page please feel free to comment on it, agree, disagree I don’t care but do it with respect. If you call me names or are disrespectful about it I will remove it. I think we need to have open, respectful discussions on things as that is how we learn and accept one another.

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My views on government and politics and non girly things

Okay this is away from my normal blog about myself. I normally try to keep politics and for lack of a better term confrontational things out of my blog but I saw on a friends Facebook post that you shouldn’t really comment on others posts if you are not willing to put forth you opinions on your on post which I guess may be a valid point. Now first I only comment when I feel things are one sided, one of the things I am good at is being able to see all sides on things and put myself in the other persons shoes (well heels I prefer). So a little about me, for lack of a better term I would call myself an independent as far as what society views how people vote but I prefer to call myself an American as I vote based on what is best for the country and that may not always be best for me and I think that is the way everyone should vote. There are things about Democrats I like and dislike and the same goes for Republican. Both parties have good ideas and bad ideas and what I would like to see is a candidate that can bring both sides and mesh them together.

What has made this country great and don’t get me wrong I feel I live in the greatest country there is and I am proud to be an American and I fly our flag on my house proudly. I am not saying other countries are bad well some are but I feel you should be proud of your country and support it. If you can’t then you need to find a country you can.

Now on to the topic yes we have a lot of really rich people in this country and it may not be fair that they have so much but they did earn it in some way at some point. It is because our country allows this and yes anyone can become rich if they have the drive and a good idea. This is why all the great ideas and stuff come from the America. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple and so on. These companies and the people who started them got rich but they gave us things we use every day and need to make our lives better and easier. As a matter of fact without them I would not be writing this post in Microsoft word on a computer built by Dell with an Intel chip running Windows software and posting it on Facebook through the internet which was developed in the United States. So all I ask is the next time you feel the need to speak out badly about the rich and big corporation take a moment to think about what they have given us also, as I said there is good and bad in everything you see.

Now are there rich that abuse their money and power, yes there are (the bad) but there are also Rich that give Millions to charities and do really good things with their money just as there are Poor who are really good hard working people struggling to get by and then those who abuse and try to take advantage of the system

Now my last thought and the one I will probably get the most comments and most will not be nice so I will put his warning out there first. If you leave a comment I do not care if you agree with me or not but I do care if you do it in a mean or personal attack those will be deleted. I am hoping this will get people to really think and try to see both sides.

Democrats want to raise taxes especially on the rich to pay for all the things they want, now don’t get me wrong the rich can afford to pay more the problem is if we don’t control spending you will always need to raise taxes and at some point you run out. There was a study a few years ago and I wish I could find it but it showed that if the Democrats had raise all the taxes they wanted to it still would not have solved the debt problem America has right now almost 20 Trillion dollar. Republicans want to cut spending, now that same study also showed that if the Republicans got all their spending cuts guess what it still would not solve America’s debt. We are going to have to do both which means cutting spending and raising taxes. These need to be done fairly which means the tax increases should be on everyone and yes the rich a little more. And the cuts should equally be shared by everyone, this mean me and you as we need to work together.

So simply put I support the Republicans when it comes to big government and spending and I support the Democrats when it comes to taxes. When it comes to Immigration I support the republicans as I feel you come into this country illeagally you are breaking the law and you should be held accountable for that and we should secure our borders. When it comes to Social Security I support the Democrats as this is something we were promised and they keep changing it, for me when I started working I could get full Social Security at 62 now they have changed it to 67 and want to change to 70. That is not fair to me and other. Why do my retirement age keep going up when the taxes I pay to the government that covers government retirees to retire after 30years no matter what age they are? Let’s be fair across the board. If I can’t touch my retirement savings (401k and IRA) till I am 60 and full social security till 67 then let’s make government employees and elected officials the same, any money they put in Deferred comp they can touch at 60 and the government pension at 67, fair is fair.

Minimum wage I am against the government raising it so much federal from 7.65 to $15 or even states. Oregon has one of the highest minimum wages $9.4 raising it to $15 is over a 50% increase and that is too much. My reason is this will not really close that gap between rich and poor as that gap is so huge. What it will do is make the middle class disappear. Now if you raise the minimum wage that much the gap between poor and middle class goes away and instead of having poor, middle class and rich you just have poor and rich. My reason is if minimum wage goes up the cost of everything goes up so unless the middle class get a raise of equal per portion their buying power goes down. Now if the middle class does get an equal raise then the poor have not really gained anything as everything cost more and we are no better off. The sad fact is there will always be rich and always be poor and there are government programs to help the poor which some of them will lose if they make more money and in some cases may be on worse shape.

Now the last thing deals with how we treat other and how we want to be treated. I have always lived and will continue to live by this. I am okay with people not liking me or the way I live, they have that right just as I have the right to dislike someone else or the way they live but we can do that in a civilized way. I don’t like tattoos I would never get one, I don’t find them attractive one people. If you ask me this I will tell you this. That being said if you like tattoos and want one go for it. I won’t tell you that you can’t have a tattoo and you don’t tell me I have to have one. This is its simplest form but can be used for any topic. I am not gay but I am transgender so I am part of the LGBT. It is funny as years ago 15 20 years or more I remember people in the LGBT community asking for begging for acceptance, tolerance, to let us live our lives the way we want and now we are starting to get it but I have noticed that some in our community are now becoming intolerant of others. I have seen posts that say get rid of all republicans or even kill them, get rid of religion and churches because they don’t fully support us and that is wrong. We have to accept their right to believe what they want just as much as they do us. If you don’t like my crossdressing then by no means to you have to come to my house or be my friend but you do need to respect my right to dress how I want. If you want to tell me you think it is wrong or bad you have that right but you don’t have the right to deny me service if you are a business open to the public.

I have seen people post that if a church speaks out against gay marriage they should lose the tax exempt for political speech, I am sorry I have to disagree as we have the freedom of speech in this country and that same right gives me the right to post this blog. Gay Marriage is the law now and that means people have to accept but they don’t have to attend one. I believe in the separation of Church and state but it goes both ways. I don’t think the state should impose on Churches beliefs, there are churches that feel being gay is okay and others that feel it goes against their belief. If a church teaches something then they have the right to restrict their membership to those who believe the same. If you have a business that caters to a belief system and you are in business for that reason (Christian book store) then yes you have the right to sell that belief. If you are just in business for money and serving the general public (bakery in Gresham) then you can’t deny service to someone even if it goes against your belief.

In other word if you want to speak out against me you have that right just as I have the right to speak out for the things I believe in. if you tell me how I am living my life is wrong that is your opinion but you have no right to call me a freak or verbally or physically assault me. I realize that if I want people to accept me and my point of view I have to do the same to them even if I disagree with them.

The last thing is the statement “Black lives matter” this is just wrong, all Lives matter no matter what race, color, religion or sexually orientation you are. These protestors het burn and destroy cities to protest a police shooting which is some cases were justified and some were not is stupid as all they do is show people that they break the law and hurt innocent people. The businesses that were burned or destroyed in these riots had nothing to do with the police shootings they hurt people and in some cases destroyed lives of innocent people. If you really want to protest killing do it for all killings. White on white, black on black, police on citizens, citizens on police or any other combinations. It doesn’t matter who is doing the killing it is wrong. And yes there are bad police officers out there but they are a small minority as in any group. We cannot blame all police for the actions of a few any more then all in the LGBT community or the black community, or the Hispanic community should be blamed for a few. It would be like saying look at those protestors burning those building and saying that’s what all blacks do which is wrong. The sad thing is a few stupid or bad people is what gets the news and then everyone tries to convince you that is how everyone is. Let’s come together as a nation instead of ripping us apart.

This has been Susan’s political views hour now back to my normal fun girly posts.

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