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Friday December 26, 2008

Susan went out again last night and had a blast. after missing last weekend because of snow I decided I was going no matter what. when I left my house I got a little Nervous as the roads were really slushy and deeply rutted. I almost got stuck twice once on my own street just a couple houses down and then a few blocks later (side streets can be really bad). I could just see my neighbors coming out to help me get unstuck. that would have been fun to explain. once I made it to a main road I felt a lot better.
Got down to Embers about 8 pm and there were already several other t-girls there plus two of their wives. it is so much fun when their wives are there as they treat us all so nice. These are two really lucky t-girls to have such understanding wives.
the show didn’t start till 9:30 so we had a chance to just talk which I really love. the show last night was really good and the had a couple Drag Queens from Seattle there that preformed and they were awesome. they looked so much like GG’s and the one had a fabulous voice and actually sang two songs. it was great we were having so much fun that we stayed after the show and pretty much shut the place down. boy was I tired this morning nut it was worth it.

PS hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and please have a Happy and Safe New Year

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Entry for December 12, 2008

Well I was out again to Embers. they were really busy when I got there and parking was horrible. Cassandra, Peggy (her wife), Teresa, Maya and Bev (her wife) were all there. it was great to see them all again we have so much fun. Peggy\’s best friend Julie was going to come down and join us. Julie and Peggy worked together.
what ever was going on early got over about 9:30 just in time for the regular show to start and we were able to find a couple tables up front. the show was good and we all had a great time. I got a chance to talk with Julie and she was really great and treated us all well. I had such a great time talking to her. She even took a picture with me. we all stayed till the show was over about 1 am. it was a great night.

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Another night out for Susan December 05, 2008

Well Susan made it out again to Embers. This is becoming a regular event and I like it. The last couple months things have worked out and I have been Susan almost every weekend. I met up with some friends at Embers, Cassandra, Maya, Bev Teresa and Veronica. They are all great girls and we have so much fun together.

This night was great because I got to meet Peggy (Cassandras wife). Cassandra came out to her the day before Thanksgiving and Peggy has been great with it. Believe it or not this was actually Peggy’s second time to Embers with Cassandra. She was fantastic and treated us all like long lost friends. She was a delight to talk to and I hope she comes out again. Cassandra is a lucky girl!

Also met a t-girl named Danielle and she was really nice. she lives in Salem and comes up to Portland once in a while. Also met a girl named Robin who is a transsexual. She looked really great and you would never tell if you met her. We all had a great time and again I stayed til after 1 am. I am getting use to being up this late now on the weekends so it’s not as hard on me. What a great bunch of girls we have.

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