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Wednesday night dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse.

It is Wednesday and I was really looking forward to going out to dinner with my friends. It has been a while since I have been out for a midweek dinner. Cassandra had made reservations at Morton’s Steakhouse in downtown Portland. It is a higher end restaurant but it was our Christmas dinner. Now our reservation was for 7 but Cassandra was going to try to be there by 6 so that was my goal also. I started getting ready at 4 as I really love this time, doing my makeup and planning what to wear and how I want to look for the night. It doesn’t matter what happens during the day everything is better once I start becoming Susan.

I was ready and on my way by 5:30, I got downtown Portland and was parking a block away by 6. It is funny as Morton’s Steakhouse is only 2 blocks from our Attorney’s office and I actually parked in the same place I parked a few years back when we had our last meeting with our attorney. Now I haven’t talked about the P-club for a while and there really is no new information. We have gotten a little money as they have collected maybe $30,000 so far and that was divided up between those in the suit. They may sound like a lot but the sad thing is it doesn’t even cover the interest he is being charged on the verdict. We may never collect all of it but every time he gets money the state will take some and give it to us and he will once again be reminded what he did was wrong. Well back to our dinner, I walked the block to Morton’s and went in, they were packed. The Lounge was full. I walked through the lounge which really was small. One lady stopped me and told me how cute my heels were which made me feel good. The Lady at the door asked if I was with the T-girl group and I said yes. Turns out because of the size of our group we got one of their special dinning rooms which they had all set up for us.

Group at Mortons Steakhouse 12-28-2016 (8)She showed me to the room and Sophie was already there so I wasn’t the first to arrive. Now I had to get a selfie to remember the night. It was good to see Sophia and we got to talk a little as we waited for others to show up.

Cassandra was the next to arrive, she said we had 15 signed up for tonight’s dinner which was nice. It would be a fun night with that many. No down to business Cassandra and I talked about Diva Las Vegas. It is hard to believe it is only 3 months away. Now we are planning on driving down again so it will be a road trip.

Yes I will get my nails done on Thursday night, pretty long acrylic nails. We will leave early Friday morning and drive straight through to Las Vegas, it takes about 16 hours so we will get there between 8 and 9 pm. We are planning on staying downtown at the Freemont Hotel Casino. It is cheaper then staying on the strip and as we are staying 8 night there. The following Saturday we are planning on driving to Long Beach California and going out to Hamburger Marry for T-girl nights which is the first Saturday of every month. We did this a couple years ago and had a blast. After that we are still deciding if we will come home on Sunday or stop off in San Francisco. I don’t have to be back to work till that Wednesday so as long as I have time on Tuesday to remove my acrylic nails I am fine with when we get home. Now as I said Cassandra and I are going Julie is a strong maybe. Veronica will meet us there and I will be sharing a room with her to keep cost down so I have more money for fun things. Sophie and Melissa are thinking of going as is Brenda and a few others from our group. It will be so much fun. Cassandra is going to book our rooms so we can get rooms next to each other. Now that we have that all worked out back to tonight’s dinner.

Group at Mortons Steakhouse 12-28-2016 (6)Brenda showed up and I almost didn’t recognize her as she has let her hair grow out and looked great. Julie also showed up and I got to sit next to her and we got to talk all night. Julie will be finishing up her vacation in Palm Springs and is planning on coming to Las Vegas with us. I hope she makes it.

Emma also showed up and I think I have met her once or twice before although she doesn’t go out much with the group. It was nice to talk with her and get to know her a little more. now a sideGroup at Mortons Steakhouse 12-28-2016 (11) note Morton’s Steakhouse had special menus printed up for us and of course I had to take a picture as it said Rose City T-girls Christmas dinner on the top, how awesome is that. Melissa, Laura, Lou (AKA Lisa), Joan, Bambi, Kris, Jamie and her girlfriend showed up and Cristine was the last to show up. Wow Cristine is almost always one of the first there. Any way all 15 showed up which was awesome.

Now it was time to order and as I said it is a higher end restaurant so the prices are higher but wow the food was awesome. Now I went the Pork chop and potatoes which was really good. The side dishes were big and meant to be shared so I also got to try some Broccoli and Creamed corn and that was also really well. The wait staff here was awesome and every one of them referred to us as miss which made us feel great. Now of course Julie and I had to compare nails as she also got a manicure for tonight of course she got to have red on her nails so hers were prettier. It is fun talking about going to the nail salon or makeup, you know a little girl talk.

After dinner Julie and I shared an ice cream Sunday and even between the two of us we couldn’t finish it. I really did eat way to much but it was all so wonderful. Now after IMG_03061dinner we got one of the waiters to take a group picture of us and I just have to include it. What a fun night.

Now Morton’s Steakhouse closes at 10 pm so I was hoping not to be out to late but time went by so fast. Soon it was 10:30 and they never said a thing to us about us being late. We all paid our bills and were getting ready to leave and several of the wait staff came over and thanked us for coming in and invited us back, what great customer service. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a good dinner out as a treat.

We said our goodbyes and left, Sophie Cassandra and I walked together as we all parked the same area, actually Cassandra parked one car in front of me. we have a wonderful group and so supportive. It is amazing how far I have come as Susan with the support of my friends here in the group. If you live in Oregon or Southwest Washington or you come to Portland and want to go out you are more than welcome to join us or our group the Rose City T-girls.

Thanks for Reading and have a Happy and Safe New Years.


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