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Ready for Diva Las Vegas

Well I am all ready, I made it to my nail appointment in plenty of time and the salon I go to was really busy and I had to wait about 10 Minutes. I have been going to this salon (Nails by Lily) sense 2003 and always been treated great. The first time I made an appointment there I was caught off guard when she asked for my name I started to give my name and then panicked and it came out Mike and so that is the name I have used every time I go there as a matter of fact when I called to set up an appointment she knew who I was as soon as I said I wanted an appointment to get acrylic nails.

Out of all the times I have gone there I have never had the owner (Lily) do my nails but tonight she did. It was so nice, Lily and I talked most of the time she worked on my nails. We talked about my trip to Las Vegas and all about her family, and even some about my family. It was so enjoyable. She even told me she was happy I came in. If you are looking for a place in Vancouver Washington to get your nails done please check out Nails by Lily on SE Mill Plain.

I now have beautiful long nails for my trip, they did not have the color I painted my toes so I went with I think it is called an affair in red square but it could also be Rhine Rhine red as I had both bottle in my hand. They look beautiful though.

Now I am at Starbuck’s the night before I leave on my trip. Melissa came out to see me before I leave and to see my nails. They are actually pretty busy here tonight so lots of people watching. It is so nice to be out and I will be Susan from now till I get back. The trip will be fun and I really am not worried too much about it except for my time in Reno and checking into the hotel as Susan. The good thing is I have a 9 hour drive so when I get up and get dressed as Susan I will not be thinking about checking in as that might make me rethink it. By the time I get there it will be too late to change my mind. Well must go now but I hope to post every day. Have a great week and thanks for reading.

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All ready for Diva Las Vegas

Well it is almost time to leave for Diva Las Vegas and I am all ready. I just finished packing all my cloths. I am taking 2 wigs, the one I wore last year for the drive down and back and my new long blonde one, this one is so long I have to clip it up when I drive not the look I want going down the road. I am still thinking about taking my black wig just for fun. So many choices to make but I love every minute. I will have 2 suit cases with me as Susan does not travel light.

Thursday night I get my nails done; it will be a busy night as I will get home from work and have an hour to get Susan ready and out the door to make my nail appointment. I am getting a full set of acrylic nails which I so love doing. I look forward to this all year long. I plan on stopping at Starbucks after for a little while as this will give my nails a little longer to dry.

One new thing for this year’s trip, well new for Susan herself. Several weeks back I was talking with Teresa and Cassandra at the P-club. Teresa had gotten a credit card under her female name by telling them she wanted to add her sister to her account and Cassandra was thinking of doing the same. I really liked this idea so I called my credit card company to see what was involved in putting someone on my credit card account. To my surprise the person on the phone just asked the name of who I wanted and I said Susan Miller. No questions were asked of me they just said she was added and I would have a card in 5 to 8 days. Well when I got home today in my mail was a credit card with Susan’s name on it. Now I know I will have to be careful where I use it because I have no ID to go with it if asked but there are many places that never ask for ID or you swipe it yourself. I spent about an hour practicing signing my name as Susan till I got a consistent signature. Thanks to both Teresa and Cassandra for giving me this great idea.

I hope to blog every day and post pictures.

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P-Club with friends before Diva Las Vegas

Well as normal I was out with my friends at the P-Club Friday night. I got there a by 7:30 and there were already a couple girls there. It wasn’t long and others started to show up and soon we had about 15 to 20 from our group there. It is always so nice to see so many out and I think that is what is so great about our group “Rose_City_T-Girls”.

We all had dinner and enjoyed some nice girl talk. After we ate Melissa and I played as partners at shuffle board. We played a couple games and won them both. Some of the girls were also playing pool. The P-Club really does have a lot for us to do, pool, shuffle board, ping pong and dancing.

Besides our group this week the P-Club was really busy which was nice to see. After last week this was nice as it shows our group is not affecting business. Throughout the evening several of the regulars came over and talked with us plus Cassandra also went up and started conversations with a couple of GG’s there. Cassandra is so good at this as she makes it look so easy, This is something I need to work on as I really would love to be able to just walk up to a complete stranger and strike up a conversation.

The night went by so fast and soon it was 2 am and time to leave. It was such a fun night and hard to believe that I will not be out with my friends for 3 weeks as the next 2 Fridays I will be gone on my way to and from Diva Las Vegas.

Diva Las Vegas starts in just 8 days (April 3) and I will leave for my trip down this coming Friday. I get my nails done Thursday night and from that time till I get home (April 1 to 11) living full time as Susan. The time in Las Vegas will be easy but the trip down and back will be a little harder but I am determined to do the whole trip as Susan just like last year. It is strange as I have been really looking forward to this sense last year and now it is almost here. There is still time to register to attend (closes March 30) if you want to go.

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Out at Starbuck’s

Well I thought I would start with posting a couple pictures from Friday night at the P-Club, one at the begging of my post and one at the end. There were so many taken it was hard to chose, I have a couple really good ones but never like to post pictures with others in them without first asking so in posted only me. I still find it strange that as a guy I hate my picture being taken but as Susan I love my picture taken, how strange is that.

Well I made it out tonight to Starbuck’s. I was running so late as I got home from work late but yet I seem to have gotten ready quicker than normal maybe because I knew I was running late. Any way when I got ready to leave my neighbors were standing outside in their driveway smoking so I had to wait. I know this will become more of an issue as the nicer weather gets here. Well I only had to wait a few minutes before they went back in I hoped. I can’t see the front of their house till I am pulling out of my garage and at that point it would be too late. Luckily they were inside and I was on my way.

I got to Starbuck’s right at 7 and they were busy again, there was only one table open so I am on battery power for the night. I really like it when they are busy as I get a good chance to people watch which is always fun. About 7:30 Melissa showed up which is so fun. We just sat around and enjoyed some girl talk. Melissa had to leave about 8 so it was short but fun.

Well we are less than two weeks to Diva Las Vegas and I can hardly wait. I will get my nails done at 5 pm on Thursday before I leave. 5 is a little earlier than I hoped but I will make it work. I plan on going to Starbuck’s as it is right down the street from the nail salon I go to. This will give me a chance to let my nails dry really well before I go home. Then Friday morning I will be off on my adventure, I will drive to Reno and spend 2 nights there before heading on to Las Vegas. I have gone out before once in Reno but it was late at night, this time I will be living as Susan so I will check in and out at the hotel as Susan. I did this last year in Las Vegas and a couple years ago in San Francisco and had no problems so I hope it will go just as smooth.

I will be out again Friday with my wonderful friends at the P-Club again and then next Thursday when I get my acrylic nails. I will post about both and also try to post every day on my trip. There is still time to sign up for Diva Las Vegas as the keep registration open till March 31. One last picture from Friday night.

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Awesome Friday with friends

Well it was an awesome Friday, after getting home late from work I started by calling the nail salon I go to Nails by Lily and set up my appointment to get acrylic nails for my trip to Diva Las Vegas the night before I leave. Now I can’t wait, my appointment is early enough that I can still go to Starbucks afterwards so it will be fun night. Diva Las Vegas starts 2 weeks from tomorrow so there is still time to go if anyone wants to.

Well our group was back at the P-club on Friday night and we had another huge turnout, maybe 25 or so and I was so happy to be there after missing last week. Going out with my friends is such a big part of who I am and I don’t often think about it till you miss a week and then you realize how important they are. While I am at Diva Las Vegas I know I will have so much fun but will also miss 2 Friday nights in a row so I will go 3 weeks without seeing them and that will be hard although I will be able to keep up with the group through e-mail.

I talked with several of the girls last night and they are all interested in going to Diva Las Vegas next year, this year just didn’t work for them but right now I think there are 5 who have said they want to go next year so I am already thinking of that as I will go again next year. It would be so fun if 5 to 8 of us all went down for it, just think of the fun we would have.

The P-club was pretty quiet last night, besides our group maybe 15 other people which is the slowest I have ever seen it. I really think it has nothing to do with our group being there as we have been going there for maybe 8 months now and I doubt if it would drop that much in one week, I think the fight that broke out last week may have been part of it. I was not there and no one from our group was involved. What I heard happened was to GG’s were talking when one told the other she looked like a slut and well it all went downhill from there. They started fighting and then the guy’s with them got involved and I guess in the end they had 5 police cars there. No one is sure if anyone got arrested. I think maybe people just stayed away for the night, will be interesting to see what it is like next week. I will be there for sure as I will miss the next 2 Friday’s after that.

Wilma and I played as partners again in shuffle board, the game was close but we lost. I think missing a week I was a little off my game but still a lot of fun. We had hoped to play Cassandra as she is the one everyone wants to win against as she is so competitive in everything she does.

Alice came up from Salem which was an awesome surprise, sometimes she can go months without being able to come up and join us so I always look forward to her visits. I got to talk with her some but not as much as I would have liked, one of the problems with such a big group as you really want to try to meet and talk with everyone. I guess we just need longer Friday nights.

Peggy was also there which is always fun, she started a new job a while back and as such has not been able to get out with us as much. She brought my Avon order. She is my Avon lady also so if you need Avon check out her web page. You can now order and the will ship to you so you don’t even need to live in the area, how cool is that. I was almost out of my favorite lipstick and thought they had discontinued it but they are back in the book which made me happy as one I think is a great daytime lipstick for me. It is called Beyond Color plumping lip color; I like the Twig for day and the Divine wine for evenings. I am not sure if they plump your lips but they do really condition them. They use to have a clear conditioner that I wear every day, looks just like I have Chap Stick on and I have not had chapped lips in 2 years sense I found these. Opps a little sales pitch.

Anyway it was a supper fun night just being out with all my friends. So many pictures were taken that I never even got my camera out but I am sure once they get posted I will include some of the pictures either in this blog or another as it has been a while sense I included a picture. Funny thing about pictures, as a guy I tend to avoid them, don’t care for my picture being taken. Susan on the other had lights up and smiles for the camera. It is still strange to me all these little differences between my male and female side.

Have a great week and hope to be at Starbuck’s Tuesday so that should be my next post. Have a great week.

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3 weeks to Diva Las Vegas and counting.

Well it has been a really busy couple of weeks for my male side so it has been almost 2 weeks sense Susan has been out. It seems so long and I was ready for a little time at Starbucks. It is so amazing how just going that short of time makes you really think about it. Well enough of that.

Diva Las Vegas is only a little over 3 weeks away, they sent out the activities signup sheet last week and I have signed up for several events especially the ones I really wanted including golf and the Diva’s show at the Imperial Palace both of which I did last year and had so much fun.
I also signed up for the opening and closing get together and a couple dinners. I will go back through the list this weekend and see what else as I will be going by myself this year I will do a lot more with the group. Their last e-mail did not mention any update on how many have registered but I am guessing there will be at least 200 this year as a few weeks ago they were already at 175.

I still have some things to do before I leave, new pair of shoes and maybe a couple new outfits and of course getting my nails done. I plan on setting up an appointment tomorrow to get them acrylic’s on Thursday night before I leave. I hope I can get an appointment Nails by Lily as I have gone there many times and always been treated great. I look forward all year long to getting my nails done and even though it will make it hard to golf, cant grip the clubs tight the nails are more important to me. Having beautiful long acrylic nails for 11 days is so worth it. I am not sure what color I will get but pretty sure it will be some shade of red as that is my favorite color.

As of now my plans are to leave Friday morning and spend 2 nights in Reno before going on to Las Vegas and yes I plan on doing the whole trip again as Susan which is a little more nerve racking this year as I will be on my own till I get to Las Vegas and also on the trip home. In any case it will be a fun trip and I can hardly wait.

Well I am out tonight at Starbucks and when I first got here they were really busy. I had to take a table on the side wall in the corner as it was the only table open and one of the few that you can’t plug a computer in at. Luckily another table opened where I could plug my computer in so I moved and it was a good thing as all the tables are full again and my computer battery would not have lasted the 2 hours I would be here. There are 6 other people here on their computers and a steady stream of people coming in which surprised me as I really thought it would be a slow quiet night here as I thought most would be out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. It is fine with me as I like to people watch when I am out.

Tomorrow night (Friday) our group will again be at the P-club and I will be there. I think missing last Friday night I noticed more than my night out at Starbuck’s as I did not get to see all my good friends. It is really amazing the friendships I have made as Susan, the girls in the group are some of my best friends and I think that is the biggest reason I so look forward to my Friday nights out. It is so great we have such a great group of T-Girls here in the Portland Vancouver area. 2 years ago Cassandra told me how great it would be if we could someday get the group to 100 girls and I was just looking in the group and we have 197. It is so hard to believe how fast this group has grown. A few years back I would never have believed there were that many T-girls around here let alone those who would go out. Cassandra has done a great job with this group; I really hope she knows how much all of us appreciate it. It has given us all such a great support network that I think without it most would still be in the closet or at the very least not going out nearly as much as we do.

Well I have e-mails to get to so I will close here. I hope everyone has a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day. I will again post this weekend about Friday night and I will have my computer with me the whole time I am at Diva Las Vegas so I will be updating my blog every day while I am gone. If you have ever thought about going please check out their web page at You can register to attend till March 31 I believe so there is still time.

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Fun Friday night out with friends

I want to stop for a moment and say how important good friends are. One of our members of our group was hospitalized Thursday and when that happens one always thinks about family and friends and loved ones. I think sometimes we get so use to others being there and then when something happens it catches you off guard. All our thoughts and prayers are with Jan and we hope she makes a fast recovery. Jan’s wife came out with us last night because she didn’t want to be alone which just shows how close our group here in Portland is, we are really more like a family and care about each other. We may not always say how much someone means to us and that is sad as you never know what will happen in the future. I hope you all know how special you all are to me.

Well as I said it was a fun night out, what else can you expect when you are out with really good friends. We had a really good turnout again, over 20 t-girls which is just awesome that we get so many out especially when you think that the group goes out and Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and Wednesday is the biggest followed by Friday. We really do have an active group of girls here and I think that is what makes our group so successful.

We started off with dinner and conversation which I always enjoy, getting to know each other better and a little more about them I think is really important. It is so funny as a guy I am not really into just sitting around and talking but as Susan I love it, just another difference between the 2 sides of me.

Later on Wilma and I played as partners in shuffle board and we did really good. We won 4 games in a row beating Cassandra’s and her partner twice. That is when you know you played well as Cassandra is so competitive in everything she does. In game 5 we were ahead and only needed 1 point to win and the other team needed 3. I had 3 of my pucks in play for a total of 5 points (one 3 and the other two 1 each). On Michele’s last roll she got hers down and knocked 2 of mine off including the 3 and left hers right on the 3 point mark to win it was a really awesome shot and what a way to end the game. Some of the girls played pool while others danced. In all it was a fun night.

Wilma had her chess board so Jennifer and I played a game I was out in the lead so Cassandra took over for her. She said she could take over and win but I don’t think she really looked at the board before she said that because I was way out in the lead. In the end I won. Cassandra and I played another game. I made a good showing but in the end I lost. I made a couple bad moves but even if I hadn’t I probably still would have lost but it was a lot of fun. Anyway we stayed till closing and then all left for home. I think we still had 9 of us there what a great time.

Well here is another plug for Diva Las Vegas. They will start their sign up for events this coming week so if you have not made your plans to attend now is the time. You can actually register till the end of March but I think this year will be their biggest year yet.


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Relaxing night at Starbuck’s

Well this week has been really busy and for a while it looked as though I would not get my midweek outing to Starbucks. Even tonight I didn’t get home till 6 but as I will not get a chance next week I decided to see how quick I could get ready and I think I set a new record for me. From the time I got in the shower till Susan was walking out the door was 45 minutes. I did not get my nice relaxing time getting ready which for me is just as much fun but I did make it out so now I have that calm relaxed feeling as I enjoy my warm drink and work on my computer.

I also did my eye different tonight with neutral colors. I have wanted to try some brown eye shadows to see how they would look so I did some research on YouTube and found a couple good video and did my best to copy the look. It turned out pretty good but I need a little more practice. The main reason is my upcoming trip to Las Vegas. I was thinking that as I will be traveling by myself maybe a more neutral natural look might be better for the trip down during the day as I figure most woman don’t do heavy makeup for driving. I also wanted to try to find a good daytime look as most of the time I go out is in the evening.

Diva Las Vegas is coming so fast now just a little over 4 weeks away, as a matter of fact 4 weeks from tonight I will be getting my nails done for the trip. Yes I will be getting acrylic nails as I look forward all year long to my being able to get them. I have decided to make the trip as Susan again from start to finish. It is really exciting to think about it plus a little scary.

Diva Las Vegas should be sending the signup sheet e-mail sometime after Sunday so we will know for sure what events are planned. I definitely want to do the golfing again, Bev one of the girls I met last year will be there again so I hope to be in her group golfing. Other than that I will do some of the dinners and of course the night out at the club on the Stratosphere. The rest I will have to wait and see what they have planned. It will be so much fun.

Well Starbuck’s is a little slow tonight, maybe 8 other people but still a nice night out. It is amazing how relaxing it is to come here and catch up on e-mails and just goof around on the computer. A few years back I would have been so nervous that it would have been hard to enjoy it. Funny how things change over time and you grow in who you are. Susan is as much a part of me as my male side and although I have no plans nor want to be Susan full time I also know that I cannot just be male full time either. I really need both sides to be complete. It is sad that society for the most part expects one to either be male or female.

Friday night our group the Rose_City_T-Girls will again be out at the P-club here in Portland. It is a really fun place to go and we always have a great time. I am looking forward to it as I will not be able to go out at all next week so I must make the most of tonight and tomorrow night. We have been having a really good turnout on Fridays usually 20 to 25 girls which is nice. It is hard to believe that just a little over 2 years ago we only had 20 members in the group and now we have 195. Our group has grown so fast which is just awesome. As a matter of fact last month we had over 1,000 posts on our group which is our highest month ever.

Well I will give another plug for Diva Las Vegas. The last e-mail they sent out almost 2 weeks ago had 175 registered to attend so I am sure this will be the biggest year ever so far. If you are transgender (transsexual, crossdresser, T-girl, spouse of one or just an admirer or supporter) you should think about going. Check out their web page at There is no cost to attend just your expenses for what you do hotel, food, shows, gambling, shopping, golfing or any of the other events. You pay your way and that is it, basically a vacation that you can dress how you want. It really is so much fun for any t-girl.

Well I must get to my e-mails. Have a great weekend and I will post again after Friday night and then I will be off line for a week.

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