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Saturday and time to go to the nail salon

Well the day I have not been looking forward to, Saturday and the day I have to remove the pretty red color from my nails. I decided I would get a pedicure also to make it easier. I really do wish I could have pretty nails all the time. I got up and got ready and decided I would try my new hair today. it was about 10:30 when I was ready. I called Dream nails to see about getting in. They said I could come any time so I told them I would 20160312_103221come right down as it takes less then 5 minutes to get there. now of course I had to get a picture of me in my new hair before I left.

I got to Dream nails at 10:35 and went in, Turns out it wasn’t Anna that had answered the phone as she was not there. Kathy had been the one I talked to. She told me Anna wouldn’t be there for an hour or so if I wanted to wait. I decided I would go a head and have one of the other ladies there do my nails as I didn’t want to wait although I could have kept my red nails a little longer.

The girl who did my nails I have seen here before  and she was really nice. We started with the pedicure and she did a really good job. Pedicures just feel so wonderful and relaxing. She was a little slower and I think she may not have as much experience doing nails as Anna but she did a wonderful 20160311_155255job. soon my toes looked beautiful with a hot pink color. Now I had taken a few pictures of my pretty red nails in the car so I would have something to remember them by.

Now it was time to do my manicure and remove the red. she filed off the top layer so she could soak the gel polish off, the first nail she filed was the hardest as the shiny red went to a scraped up dull red. after that20160311_160848 it got easier. once they were all scuffed up she put cotton with acetone on them and held them on with little finger clips. There I sat for a while, now with these things on your fingers you really can’t do anything with your hand. it took a little while to soften the gel polish enough that it could be removed. Anna came in about this time. Anna and actually all the 20160311_160921ladies here told me they liked my new hair style.

Soon the red was all gone and I had them trim my nails back just a little. I also had her shape them a little more rounded shape. I went with just a clear coat today. The lady doing my nails really did a good job but she also took her time, in the end it took her almost 2 hours to finish my manicure and pedicure as it was 12:30 when I was done. Now I totally enjoyed the experience so I didn’t care about how long it took. Although Anna usually does the same in about an hour and 15 minutes.

Now they went super busy as no one had to wait but also there was never anyone standing around waiting for someone either and there were 5 working here before Anna got here so I guess it was just the right amount of business. Now the funny thing is as Anna always does my nails the other ladies don’t know much about my nails. when they first looked at them they thought I had acrylic nails and I told them it was just the gel polish. One even came over and looked at them as she was sure I had tips on them. I assured them they were my real nails. They were really amazed that they were my real nails and I was able to grow them out like this.

Now I know the gel polish helps strengthen your nails but I also think the fact I am taking care of them and going to the salon on a regular schedule has helped my nails. I think they are healthier and I also noticed with them pushing the cuticle back now I think my nail beds are getting longer or at least appear to be. I guess there is a benefit to going to the salon and taking care of your nails. It was a fun day and my nails still look good just not that pretty red color.

I left the salon and instead of going home I drove across the street to Starbuck’s for a couple hours. I guess I could have gone home and updated my blog but being out was just more fun. I will have to go home and change before going to the Escape tonight. We should have a good turnout but I won’t be able to stay out to late as today as Daylight savings time starts tomorrow so we set our clocks ahead one hour tonight before bed which means I lose an hour of sleep. It has been a good week so far though.

I am thinking of going to the nails salon every 2 weeks for a manicure and maybe every 6 weeks getting a pedicure also. Seem I am spending more and more money on Susan these days but she is worth it. No one ever said being a lady was cheap.

20160312_150937Okay I also had to ad a couple pictures of my20160312_150948 pedicure


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