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Saturday, 3rd full day in Las Vegas, day 5 of my vacation

It is Saturday, our 3rd day in Las Vegas and the 5th day of my vacation and yes that means I have had my nails a full 4 days and I am loving it. I got up and wrote my blog from Friday, I am typing pretty well with my long nails now. It was about 11 when I started getting ready. I was ready by a little after 12. Now Robin comes to town today and Cassandra and I are picking here up at the airport about 1:45. I went down to the little café and got a hot dog for lunch as I waited for Cassandra to finish dressing. It really does amaze me how at ease I am walking around here as Susan with all the people. I was just finishing when Cassandra came down and we were off to pick Robin up.

We got to the airport and only had to wait about 10 minutes. It was great to see Robin again. Now it took a while to get her to her hotel, she is staying at the Flamingo this year. We dropped her off and drove down to Planet Hollywood and parked as you can still park there for free. This gives us a chance to walk through the mall and look around and then down the Strip with all the other people as we waited for Robin to get checked into her room and ready. Well we had no more then got and Robin texted Cassandra she was in the bar at the Flamingo by the sport book. So, we left and walked down the Strip to the Flaming to find Robin. Cassandra wanted to watch the college basketball playoffs. We found Robin and the two of them went to the sports bar to talk and watch the game. I decided to try my luck at the blackjack tables by the bar.

I found one and sat down to play. Two other young men sat down to play also and the girls with them stood behind them to watch. We started playing and I was doing okay winning more then I lost which always makes it more fun. Now the two guys were really bice and we were all talking and having a good time but I kept noticing one of the girls kept looking at me and I was wondering what she was thinking. Finally, she came over to me and told me how awesome my nails were and asked to see them. She said she wished she could have nails like mine. Now in the back of my mind I am think why would she not have them if she wanted them? Now even the dealer told me how awesome my nails were, I really love getting compliments on how I look as Susan but especially on my nails. Well I told her I knew how she felt as I would love to have my nails all the time and explained about Diva Las Vegas and how I couldn’t have these pretty long nails in my male life. I played for over an hour before my luck changed and I quit, I was up a little $125 when I stopped.

I went and found Cassandra and Robin, robin was just heading up to her room to change and re do her makeup for dinner so I joined Casandra to watch the college basketball. Now they had been sitting next to another couple and talking with them and we continued talking with them. Their names were Lauri and Bubba, I think that is his nick name. they are here from Colorado and they were awesome. We had a wonderful time talking with them of course it helped they all wanted the same team to win. We had a great tine with them. Veronica finally showed up, now right at the end the team they were cheering for lost. Robin came back down and it was time for dinner.

We walked outside in the pedestrian mall between the Flamingo and the LINQ and found a nice restaurant. It was called Chayo Mexican, we have eaten here in past years. We had a wonderful dinner as we all talked and yes, we did get a picture of our little group. After dinner we decided to go play some blackjack.

We went into the LINQ and found a blackjack table in O’sheas. We sat at a table that had young lady playing at and she was having a good time. We played for a while and I was not doing well. I got down to my last $15 bet and got ns 11 against a dealer 6 showing so I had to double down so I broke out another $100 and I lost. I kept playing and my luck didn’t get better. I actually lost here and it was my biggest lost this week $195. We all lost here, Cassandra was the biggest winner as she only lost $40

We walked back over to the Flamingo and Veronica went and played blackjack while Cassandra, Robin and I went and sat and talked for a while. We talked for about an hour and then we decided to go try our luck at the blackjack tables. We played for a while and my luck was not any better, I never did get a head and soon I lost my $100 so I quit. Today I finished down almost $300, I am still a head for the week so far but not as much fun when you lose. I want to blame it on being a Saturday night but I know that has nothing to do with it, just wasn’t my day.

Cassandra and in walked back to Planet Hollywood and got the car and came back and picked up veronica and the drove back to our hotel the four Queens. It was after 11:30 and as I have not been lucky at the tables I decided to go up to my room and go to bed. It was still a wonderful day.

Be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new and also my blog from Diva Las Vegas this year. Thanks for reading

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Friday, the second full day in Las Vegas, day 4 of my vacation

It is Friday and day 4 of my vacation, our second full day in Las Vegas. Now before I get on with the day’s events an update on my nails. I am getting more use to them, still having issues picking some things up, especially small things and chips but I am liking them more each day, and I have gotten several compliments on them. Really liking the length.

I got up this morning and wrote my blog from yesterday, I am getting better with typing with the nails. Once I finished my blog I started getting dressed. I am not sure what time I was ready but it was before noon. Cassandra was also ready so we decided to go and check out the other side of the Strip. Veronica had a few things she needed to do so Cassandra let her take the car and we took an Uber to the New York New York casino. We went in and found a Blackjack table and started to play. Now yesterday we did this and we all did well, well Veronica and I won money, Cassandra lost a little although she won at 7 of the 9 casinos but for her the two casinos, she lost at were the two she bet bigger at. Now our luck was with us again as we both left with more money then we started with. Now what we are doing is when we get a head and start losing, we quit. When you play blackjack most of the time at some point you will win some money the problem is you tend to keep playing when your luck charges. Doing it this way a lot of time you don’t play for long at one place. We left here with our winnings.

We walked over to the Excalibur and went in. Cassandra wanted to check out the restaurant we went to the other night, Dicks last resorts to see if they had enough room for a big group incase we can get a Diva Las Vegas dinner set up here for next year. After we did that, we found a blackjack table and sat down to play. We played for a little while and it took a little work but eventually we were both winning so we quit and once again had more money than we started with.

We left here and walked up to the Park hotel casino, formerly the Monte Carlo. We looked around and found a blackjack table. There was an elderly lady sitting alone at the table playing so we sat down to play. It turns out today was her 90th birthday, her name was Sasha. Well we introduced ourselves and talked with her a little. She said she was going to leave till as she said us lovely ladies sat down. She was s fun to play with and when we gave the dealer our player cards and the pit boss gave our cards back, he used our male names as that was what was on the cards and they all do it but he wished us ladies luck. Anyway, Cassandra made the comment we looked a little different then our names, didn’t seem to faze Sasha she just said it sure is fun to get dressed up sometimes. The dealer also commented on how awesome my nails were and wished she could have her nails like mine. We played a little longer here as we were enjoying playing with Sasha and sharing her 90th birthday. We finally quit and yes, we were both 3 for 3 as we left with more money than we started with. As a matter of fact, I was up over $200 by now.

We walked to the Aria and went in, this is one of the newer resorts on the strip and really big and higher end. Now they did have a few $15 tables but they were all full so as we were feeling pretty good on how we were doing today we sat down at a $25 table. We played for a little while and I did better than Cassandra. Which sound pretty good but it really wasn’t. Cassandra lost 6 hands in a row, not one win or push. I actually won 2 hands and had ne puch but it was only a few minutes and Cassandra had lost $150 and myself $100. We were still both up for the day but it was a letdown.

We were a little hungry and wanted a break so we walked across to the Planet Hollywood casino and went to a restaurant in the miracle mile mall called Blondie to eat. We got a table and Veronica texted us to see where we were so we waited for her to catch up with us before we ate. I did get our waitress to get a picture of Cassandra and me as we waited for Veronica and of course a selfie. Veronica got there and we had a nice late afternoon dinner as we watched some college basketball. After we ate, we went into the casino and all 3 of us played blackjack. My luck was not good so I quit before I lost to much, I was down $50, I think Cassandra won $5 and Veronica also lost.

We walked next door to the Paris and found a blackjack tale. We were working our way back down the Strip again. Now my luck changes as did all of ours. We played for a while and all left winners with more money than we sat down with and for the day I still had more money than I started with.

We walked down to the LINQ and went in to pay Blackjack as we all did well here yesterday. It started off bad and soon I was down to mt last $15 but then things turned around. By the time we quit I had won $95, I had got back a lot of what I lost at the two casinos I lost at. We once again all walked away with more then we started with.

We went next door to Harrah’s and found a blackjack table. Now our dealer here was awesome, we really did have great dealers at all the casinos but the one here, Sarah was so much fun, she was high fiving us and joking with us and really wanted us to win, she was awesome. The sad thing is she was on a hot streak and I was the first one out, we actually played for a while but I never got a head. I would get down to my last $15 and then win a couple and then lose again and finally my $100 was gone. We had played at 7 casinos and I lost at only 3 so it was a good day. Even though when I lost it was bigger than when I won, I was still up about $160 for the day.

We caught an Uber back to our hotel the Four Queens. It was only about 9:0 so we went into the casino to play Blackjack. We all started at the same table but soon we were all at different tables. I played a little over n hour and just steadily kept winning. It was a $5 table and that is what I was betting. I had bought in with $100 and when I quit a little before 11, I had $223 so it was a good way to end the day, up almost $300 for the day. I know this won’t happen every day but so far, I am doing pretty good.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new and also my blog from Diva Las Vegas 2019 this year to follow my vacation and 12 days of living as Susan full time.

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First full day in Las Vegas, day 3 of being Susan 24/7

It is Thursday and the first full day in Las Vegas, it was about 9 when I got up, I slept so well last night. Cassandra and I decide we would walk the Las Vegas strip and check our some of the casino’s as she has not done that yet. We were going to go to the MGM and walk down the strip checking out the casinos. now I did this the fist Diva Las Vegas I came to in 2010 with Peggy, Cassandra’s wife. We were ready a little before 11, Cassandra wanted to go to Charming Charlies first so her, Veronica and I drove to a mall to go shopping. We looked around and we all bought some things, I got a couple bracelets. We had a light lunch here and I had Cassandra take a picture of my pretty nails. We then drove back to the Four Queens so we could catch an Uber to the MGM Grand.

Okay a quick update on my nails, I am getting use to them, typing on my computer is getting easier but certain things are still hard, doing my makeup takes a little more work but the biggest thing is picking things up especially small thing. I really notice it at the blackjack table. Picking up single chips is harder as with the pointier shape it is like using chopsticks. I do love them though. Still like the square better but these are really starting to grow on me. It will be interesting by the end as the narrower shape really does give my fingers and hands a more feminine look.

We got to the MGM Grand a little after 1pm and went in. Now veronica thought we should play blackjack at each casino we went to so that is what we decided to do. The goal was to see if we could win more than we loss. We found a table we could all play at, yes on the strip you can’t really find a table less than $15 so that is what we played. We each bought in with $100 dollars and started playing. Now I am not sure how long we played but we all seemed to be doing okay and when we quit, we all left the table with more than we bought in with. We left here and walked out onto the strip and down to the next casino.

Now as we walked to the next casino, we had one lady ask if she could take our picture and of course we said yes, I used it to ask her to take a picture on my cell phone so I would have one. The next casino was Planet Hollywood which we have all been to before. We went in and looked around and then found a blackjack table we could all sit at, yes $15 per hand and we started playing. Once again, I am not sure how long we played but in the end we all walked away with more then we sat down with. I didn’t win as much but I won and now we were all talking about how long we could keep the streak going and if we feel things are going bad stop playing while we are still a head. We went back onto the strip and on to the next casino.

The next casino was the Paris, of course I had to get a picture inside. Now as this was our third casino to play at and see if we can keep our streak going so, we headed for the blackjack tables to find one we could all play at and yes once again $15 a hand. We sat down and started playing and we all seemed to do well for a while. Then things changed and Cassandra was the first to stop, still a head. Veronica and I played a little linger before we stopped and yes, we were all a little bit a head. Not much but enough to walk out with more money than we started would. 3 casino’s and we all won at all of them. Back out into the strip and on to the next one.

The next casino was Bally’s, this is an older hotel casino on the strip so we were abler to find a $10 table and we started playing. We didn’t play as long as we were not doing well. I lost most of my $100 before winning back most of it. Cassandra stopped first as she wanted to finish with more then she started. Both Veronica and I lost some money. When we got to the casino cashier, I had $85 and as we stood in line Cassandra said I should go play $20 so I could try to in and finish $5 up so I did but I played $25 and yes, I won the had I played so I quit $10 a head. 4 casinos and Cassandra and I won at all 4 and Veronica at 3 of the 4. We went back out onto the strip and as we walked across one of the pedestrian bridges to the next casino, we took a few pictures.

The next casino was a smaller one called the Cromwell. We found a blackjack table and played for a little while and yes once again we all left the table with more than we started with. We really are having a good day and lucky. The next casino was the Flamingo, we found a blackjack table we could all play at and started playing, we did not play long here as the dealer was hot. We all lost and our streak came to an end. I dropped $100 pretty quick so we left and went to the next casino.

The next casino was the LINQ, we found a blackjack table and started playing again. The table we were at again was not good so Cassandra decided to try a different table so it was just Veronica and I playing and soon I decided to try a different table as I had lost $70 of my $100 so I went off to another table so we were all at different tables for the first time today and it seemed to work. I won back my money and kept winning. By the time I quit I had 193 so I won most of what I lost at the Flamingo back and now I had won at 6 of 7 casinos we played at.

We went to the next casino Harrah’s and decided to have dinner at Toby Keith, we had a nice dinner before going to the casino. We all sat down at a blackjack table and started playing. We played for a little while and I actually won a little money thanks to a lucky splitting of pairs I could double down on. Cassandra and Veronica lost a little. Now I think they won more money then I did as they bet a little bigger, bur I won our casino crawl as I won at 7 of 8, Cassandra at 6 of 8 and Veronica at 5 of 8 which is still pretty impressive.

We left here and took an UBER back to the Four Queens to finish off our night. Cassandra didn’t play long before she went to bed, I played for a while and actually had my best night I won the most so far today and on a $5 table. Veronica was still playing when I went up to bed. We played at 9 casinos and I won at 8 of them. That is so amazing and I can’t believe I will happen tat way again. When I got to my room before bed, I counted my money and I had $457 more than I had this morning. It was a good day and a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new and also my blogs from this years Diva Las Vegas.

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The long drive to Las Vegas, day 2 of being Susan 24/7

Okay last night we went to bed at 7:30 so we could be on the road by 2am for our trip to Diva Las Vegas, it will be a short night. I woke up and needed to take care of things and Cassandra heard me and asked if I was getting ready, which I wasn’t but it was midnight and she was up and so was I so I figured why try to go back to bed for 1 hour so I started getting ready. Now my new nails do look pretty but the pointier shape of the coffin shape is a lot harder to do things, plus the extra length. I will be going back to the square in the future but I will keep these for this year. Yes, even doing my makeup was more challenging, I have no idea how women do things with the sharp stiletto acrylic nails. Even with the challenge of the new nails I was ready a little before 1am and Cassandra and I were on the road right at 1 an hour earlier then we planned. Now I am sure some are wondering why I put the effort into being Susan just for a 16-hour drive, the answer is simple. For this trip I am Susan, I am female and that includes all that goes with it.

We did hit snow from Willamette pass all the way to Northern California but the roads were pretty clear. Cassandra did let me drive for a couple hours so she could take a nap. We did stop and I got a soda to drink and even opening the straw was a little tricky. Now I do like the way they look as they do give my fingers a narrower more feminine look but I still prefer the square shape but I am digging the length as these are longer than in past years. Golf will be the test. It was fun driving and being able to see my nails, Cassandra says I have a nail fetish and I not sure I would use that term but I do love long pretty nails. It is the first thing I notice on a woman. We did stop several times for gas and I acted like any lady and did what I needed to do with no problems.

When we got about two hours south of Reno, we went through a McDonalds as we were both hungry. Now again my nails proved a challenge as the length made it hard to grab fries and I kept putting the finger nail through the bun. This is going to be a fun experience. Now inside light the nails do look a pinkish red but in the sun light they really do have an orangish color to them.

The drive was pretty easy as I really lie this drive, especially as Cassandra drove almost the whole way other than the couple hours I drove earlier. Now we were both careful not to drive too fast, at most 8 over the speed limit as we figured we were safe with this, neither one of us wants a ticket. And even at that we were passing some cars. Now we had been driving about 14 hours when Cassandra finally got passed by someone else. The car was right behind us for a couple miles and Cassandra made the comment should she speed more or let them pass her, she chose to let them pass and as they went by, she just smiled and said well at least we know who will get the ticket before us, as the car sped by and pulled away from us. The funny thing is not two minutes later a State patrol coming the other way flipped his lights on and made a U-turn just in front of us. And pulled the car over, it was perfect timing.

We got to the Four Queens about 5:15 and went to check in. now I asked if they had a discount for being 55 or over, yes, I am not that age and they said they did. Cassandra said I would save some money so the really nice lady helping us who also had beautiful long nails said she would adjust my bill. My bill for 9 nights went from $754 to $631 and change. It was even cheaper than Cassandra’s. Cassandra asked why hers was more and the really nice lady helping us adjusted her bill down also. Now she really didn’t have to do this for us but she did and that was so awesome of her. Last year we were treated awesome here and from the looks of things so far, I think it will be the same this year. The same nights at the Flamingo on the strip would have been between $1,400 & $1,500. Now Cassandra and I are talking about doing the same thing we did last year with the $100 bet so I figure the $120 I saved on my room will pay for it. Hopefully we can get veronica and maybe some other girls to go in on it.

We were in our rooms before 6 and Cassandra started getting ready and I freshened up my makeup after the trip and then we will be going out for the evening. Veronica came and met us and we decided to go to the Excalibur for dinner as they have a restaurant called Dick’s last resorts. Cassandra had been to one someplace else before and said it we fun so we were on our way. Plus, we have never been to the Excalibur before.

We got there and went in, all the hotel casinos on the strip are so big there is a long walk from where we parked to the casino and then to the restaurant and people everywhere. I really love Las Vegas as there are just so many people to be around. We got to the restaurant and got a table. Now what Dick’s is known for in short is being dicks to people, there slogan is putting the FU back in fun. They come across as uncaring and are short but they do it in a fun way. They even make big hats for people to wear with funny insults on them it really is lie entertainment at your table. Like when we sat down the lady seating us told us someone may come take your order at some point. It really was fun and our waiter was awesome. I would recommend this place as the food was good and so was the service as long as you realize you went to a place called dicks. If you get offended easily this is not your place but if you have a sense of humor you will love it. Cassandra thought this would be a fun place to bring the Diva Las Vegas group which it would although a few might not take the humor the right way. She mentioned it to our waiter and he told her they would love to have us and got Cassandra the name of the manger in charge of groups. We really were treated awesome her as long as you realize they make fun of everyone. Our food was awesome and yes, it is easier to eat with a fork and knife with my nails.

After dinner wee went back to the Four Queens and decided to play a little Blackjack Cassandra and I found a table and started playing but I was really having trouble focusing as we were both tired. Remember I got up early Tuesday so I could go to bed early that night but Tuesday night I only got about 3 hours sleep as it was about 7:30pm when I went to bed and was up by midnight to become Susan for the trip and now it was almost midnight Wednesday night so I have been up for 24 hours. We decided to call it a night so we cashed in our chips and I was actually up $25 Cassandra won more but she was also betting more. It was a long and fun day of being Susan. It is getting easer to type with my nails so I am hopeful by the end of the trip I will be use to them. Still like the square better but I am loving the longer nail.

Thanks for reading my blog and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is new in Susan’s life and also my blogs from Diva Las Vegas 2019 to follow along with my 12 day adventure of being Susan full time. I didn’t get a picture today so reposting a picture from yesterday with my nails

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My vacation begins with my getting acrylic nails

It is finally here, my vacation, my trip to Diva Las Vegas, my 12 days living as Susan with beautiful acrylic nails. Now my plan was to take care of a couple things and then become Susan. Now yesterday I thought about making my appointment for my nails but waited till this morning which was a good thing. I waited as I was deciding between 10 & 11 well things took longer than I planned so it was 11 when I called the salon. I have spent a lot of time deciding on a nail salon this year. I really do like Dream nails but as I have not been there since last June and I am not sure if I will be able to get back to going to the nail salon regular, I felt I should go someplace else plus I wanted to try a new salon. After a lot of research I picked Reflections nails & spa, I called and made an appointment for 12:30 and as it turns out it was still a rush to make that.

I got there and went in and I was the only one there so there was no waiting. The 3 ladies that work here made every effort to make me feel comfortable and welcome. The lady asked me what I wanted and I told her a full set of acrylic nails with a slight coffin shape. Now I have always got square nails as I love them but thought I would try something new this year. She started on my nails, she filed off the top layer and then glued the tips on. She then asked if I wanted them shortened. Now I will admit the thought of tat long of a nail did cause me to think but they would have been over an inch long past the tip of my finger and that was just too long so I told her to shorten them for a nice coffin shape so she trimmed them down. Now they still looked a little long but, in the past, there is always some more filing at the end and she also told me the coffin shape makes them look longer because of the narrower shape. She used clippers to cut the corner to give it a slight coffin shape. Then a hand file to smooth the edge. Now it was time for the acrylic. she took her time and each nail began to look beautiful. She did a wonderful job. About this time another lady came in to get her nails filled and sat down next to me. She had a beautiful deep red and square nail and of course I was second guessing the color I had picked as picked a bright red. This is the hardest decision as I really only doe this one time a year but I was staying with my choice, bright red and coffin shaped. Of course, I did talk with her a little as we were sitting next to each other and she liked the color I had picked.

The lady started painting my nails, I did gel so would not have to wait for them to dry. Now with the polish on them they still looked a little ling and maybe a little more of a coffin shape then I had wanted but they did look pretty. It took her a little over an hour to do my nails as I got there about 12:20 and was leaving at 1:35. It really was a nice experience. They all told me to come back which made me feel good. I really think any nail salon is happy with any costumer they can get as I have been to many salons and always been treated well. I would defiantly come back here and also recommend them. They were a little more expensive than Dream nails but they did offer me a drink, water, pop, wine r a mimosa). I didn’t take ne but it was nice to be asked.

Now it is sunny out today and outside the nails look awesome although the red I think has a little pink in it but still very pretty and bright and yes, they look long and I don’t think it is just the shape. I did get a picture of my nails when I got in the car. Interested to hear what you all think of the shape. In the picture they look kind of orangish but it really is a pinkish red. Now I had time to kill before I go to Cassandra’s this evening so I decided maybe a little shopping but wanted to beat the traffic so I decided to got to the Streets of Tanasbourne as that is not far from Cassandras. Now as I drove the nails felt different on the steering wheel so yes these are definitely longer then I have had the last few years or maybe it is the shape.

I got to the streets of Tanasboure and parked by Claire ‘s and went in as I wanted to look at some jewelry, really it is about being out as Susan. I looked around and didn’t find anything well there were some earrings that were awesome but they were for pierced ears. I have really thought about that lately, getting my ears pierced but right now there is just no way I can go 6 to 8 weeks without removing the earrings. Really wish it was not so long to heal. Maybe in a year or two I can do it, there are just so many more options for pierced earrings.

I did go to a couple other stores as it was a nice warm day and fun to be walking outside. I looked at some clothes but didn’t find anything I needed for the trip. My next stop was a Starbucks across the street which I have been to before. They have a drive through so they are not really busy inside. Now I did get a selfie in the car with my nails of course. I had texted Cassandra I was shopping and she said she would be home by 4. I decided to have a drink at Starbuck’s and write my blog for today at least what I have done so far. From here I will go over to Cassandra’s and we will pack the car for tomorrow s we want to leave by 2am or 3am at the latest. The early mornings are harder for Susan as it will take me an hour to get ready. Cassandra travels as her boy self so not as much work for her in the morning. Okay my nails are longer as it is more difficult to type of course it could also be the shape with the point. Next time I will go back to the square tips but for this trip I will manage with these nails.

We will have dinner when Peggy gets home and I am hoping to be in bed early, like 8pm so I can get a few hours’ sleep. I know it seems strange to put the effort into being Susan just for a 15-hour drive to Las Vegas but it is the experience of being Susan full time for 12 days. The only thing I have from my male side is my drivers license and my debit card, but that is only for an emergency. I am Susan for the next 12 days. I have done all my Diva Las Vegas tris this way.

Thanks, or reading and be sure and keep up on my Diva Las Vegas trip this year and also what is new on my most recent blog. Day 1 begins.


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Saturday night at the Escape, my last night out before Diva Las Vegas

It is Saturday and I am going to the Escape tonight, most likely my last time out before Tuesday when I will get my nails done for Diva Las Vegas and start my 12 days straight of living as Susan full time. This will be my 8th trip to Diva Las Vegas and I have always gone totally start to finish as Susan. The only thing I take that is from my male side is my drivers license and 1 credit card. I really do live full time as Susan for this time each year. Now I have been getting ready for the trip and yes, I am washing all my outfits and as I hang them to dry my choices for tonight as far as what to wear is limited. I started getting ready a little before 4 with the hopes of being there by 5 but it was a little after 5 when I left home. Now I am not sure who all will be there tonight but I know Charlene and her wife Kris will be there. They are friends I met online and we try to get together when they come to town.

I got to the Escape at 5:30 and Charlene and Kris pulled in right behind me, perfect timing. We went in and got our table, we may have to move at 7 as once again they have a big party coming tonight. It was really great to see them again. We ordered dinner and sat and talked. They really are a wonderful couple. I have said it many times, as Susan I really have made some wonderful friends. Now about 7 it started getting busy as the party that reserved the room started to show up, it was really crowded but still a fun night. Now I think with the big crowd they had the air conditioner on as it seemed cold in here tonight so I probably won’t be out late.

Karaoke started early because of the big party here tonight so it did become a little harder to talk. Now it turned out it was just the 3 of us tonight but still a good night out although I am sure Lauri will be here around 10 but will not make it that late. It was a little after 9 when we called it a night. it was such a wonderful night just spending time here with Charlene and Kris and I am already looking to their next visit.

Now I start looking forward to Tuesday and the start of my vacation, it will be so much fun. Cassandra and I will drive to Las Vegas on Wednesday and I get to have beautiful nails for 12 days.

Thanks for reading and be sure and see what is new on my most recent blog.

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Wednesday night dinner at Old Town Pizza.

It is Wednesday and our group is going to the Old Town Pizza downtown Portland so I am looking forward to seeing my friends again. Now I am also getting ready for Diva Las Vegas, one week from today Cassandra and I will be in Las Vegas. Now I am thinking about my nails for Diva Las Vegas and trying to think where to get them done. I really like Dream nails but as I have not been there in more than 8 months and I am not sure I am going to keep going after Diva Las Vegas so kind of hesitant of going there. My first thought was I Love Nails as I have gone there before for a pedicure but it turns out they are closed on Tuesday and that is the day I will get my nails done for the trip so I have been looking online at nails salons. Well as I got off early, I figured I would go get a pedicure before dinner and decided to try Natural nails. I got home a little after 4 and called them and set up an appointment for 5:15 so it would be a rush to get ready.

I got to the nail salon a little after 5 and went in. there were two women in there getting their nails done, one a pedicure and one her nails. I picked out my color, red and they showed me to a chair. Now the salon is really nice with some really soft relaxing music. The lady started on my pedicure. Now the one thing o noticed is she really said nothing to me just worked on my nails. Now she did a really good job but still a little strange she hardly said anything to me but I also noticed none of the nail techs were talking to the customers, the lady two chairs down or the lady getting acrylic nails. It was just a really quiet place. Now she did do a wonderful job on my pedicure but just so quiet. It was about 6:20 when I left and headed downtown Portland to meet my friends.

I parked right in front again and went in, it was about 6:45. Melissa and her wife were there along with Patty, Jennifer and her wife Marge. Both Patty and Jennifer are new to our group and have only been out with us 3 or 4 times now. Tonight, Jennifer’s wife Marge joined her for the first time. Now it was nice that Melissa’s wife was here as I think she wanted to talk to her and see how she feels about it and also meet the rest of us and get some more information. As much as I love dressing as Susan, being Susan and going out I really can’t explain why other then I just enjoy it so I can see how others must wonder why we do this. Now I was sitting next to Marge so I did get a good chance to talk with her and she seems really nice and is supportive of Jennifer which is so awesome. Barb and Kris also showed up so we had 7 of us tonight.

We ordered several pizza’s and had a nice dinner and wonderful dinner, this really is a nice place for dinner, yes, I like pizza. It is also quiet so easy to have conversations. We were almost done with dinner and Sophie showed up. It was wonderful to see her as it is almost always Harvey’s when she comes out so we ended up with 8 tonight. We really are having pretty good turnouts on our Wednesday night dinners. Now they were talking about next Wednesday and Patty and Barb want to do dinner again. I will be in Las Vegas so I won’t be able to make it but I really hope they do a dinner. The following week I will still be in Las Vegas as will Melissa, Yes Melissa and her wife are going again this year so if everyone shows up, we should have 10 or more which will be so much fun.

Well after dinner we all sat and talked for a little while, it is one of the things I enjoy about being Susan. I really do love the social aspect of being out with friends just spending a nice time over dinner. It was nice to talk and get to know Patty, Jennifer and her wife Marge better. They are all really nice and it is so wonderful to see a wife of girlfriend who can accept this in their partner. We really do have some wonderful wives and girlfriends in our group. It was about 9:30 when we all left. It was a fun night. now I hope to get out Saturday night and then probably after that not till Tuesday when I go get my acrylic nails for my trip.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what Susan is up to now.

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Saturday night at the Escape

It is Saturday again and I get to go out again to the Escape and hopefully see some of my friends. Now Diva Las Vegas is only two weeks away and actually Cassandra and I leave for Las Vegas in 10 days so it is coming up fast and as such I have a lot to do to get ready so my Susan time will be a little limited. I know I won’t make out Sunday so I am thinking After tonight I hope to go to dinner Wednesday and maybe next Saturday. Diva Las Vegas is coming so fast.

I started getting ready early as like normal I wanted to get to the Escape and have a little time to eat and play on my computer before others started to show up. Now I didn’t know if any one else would be there although I was pretty sure Lauri would as she come almost every week but not till later. I got to the Escape a little after 5 and there were several spots right in front which is always nice. I went in and there were just a couple people at the bar and a sign in the main room that said this area reserved for a party at 6:30. I asked Trixie and she said they had a big party, 35 to 40 coming in at 6:30 but I could sit there till they showed up and as it was only a little after 5 I did. I ordered dinner and got out my computer.

I ate my dinner as I caught up on e-mails and wrote my blog from Wednesday night dinner. It was about 5:45 when Jan and Lynn showed up. It was good to see them again, they are getting out more again which is nice. I think next to Cassandra and Peggy, I have known Jan & Lynn the next longest, well there is Tereasa but she doesn’t get out that much with the group. She does sometime show up at Diva Las Vegas so who knows maybe I will see her there this year. Patty also showed up, she is one of our newer members. She actually had one of her girlfriends’ friends do her makeup tonight. Now her girlfriend is supportive of her dressing and going out but has never seen her yet. So, we had 4 of us here tonight.

Now it was really slow tonight, I think the fact they had such a big party reserve most of the tables kept people away. The sad thing is the group never showed up. A little after 7 they took the signs down. Now it did get busier as it got closer to Karaoke time. Now I did get a couple selfies tonight and of course showed the others my trick for getting selfies, set the self-timer for 2 seconds or more. That way you can push the button then hold the camera out and it gives it time to focus before it takes the picture, plus you can see the count down so you can have your best smile when the picture is taken.

Karaoke started and it is fun to listen to the singing but it makes it hard to talk so you kind of have to talk between songs but still a good time out with my friends. It was almost 10 when Lauri showed up. It was nice to see her out again, she is probably our most reliable Saturday night girl at the Escape.

It was a fun night out and so great to spend it with my friends. I stayed till a little after 11 before I called it a night. thanks for reading and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is new.

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Wednesday night dinner at Le Bistro Montage

It is Wednesday and our group is going to Le Bistro Montage for dinner. I have never been here before and it is the first time our group is going here so it will be a lot of fun. I really do like it when we go to new places as it gives us a chance to widen our world. Now I got home late which is now the case as my hours have changed. It was 5:30 when I got home so I started getting ready right away. Now this means I have to rush to get ready as dinner is at 7. Now this rushing does take a little of the fun out but still great to be able to go out with my friends. Now as I said t rushed so I was ready by 6:30 and on my way.

I got to Le Bistro Montage at 6:30 and it is in shall we say an interesting part of town, lots of homeless and more of an industrial area so I was a little more selective of where I parked. Actually, the area west of the restaurant is a lot better so I found a spot about a block away. I got inside and a young lady came up and asked if I was meeting some friend, I said yes and she asked if it was the rose city t-girls and I said yes. She said they were waiting in the lounge so I walked through the restaurant to the lounge. Melissa, Jan and Lynn were there. I sat down and joined them. Just a few minutes later the waitress came in and said our table was ready. Now the inside of Le Bistro Montage is a little darker and rustic but very nice. Now what is interesting is they have just a few tables but they are long so people actually sit next to others. We had the 10 middle chairs (5 on each side). There were 8 ladies to our right and a party of 8 to our left. Now Amber, Shadow, Victoria and Sadie showed up. Now it has been a while since I have seen them, this was actually Sadie’s first time out with our group. She is from Eastern Washington and came to Portland for a makeover at Victoria’s.

Victoria runs Over the Rainbow which is a transformation studio for transgender. She does complete makeover for people and even does nights out with them. I have never used her service but know many girls who have and all give her hi praise, and I will say she is really nice. I have gone to her place a couple times for her socials and had a lot of fun. Patty also showed up, she is one of our group newer girls. It was great to see her again.

Now I got a good chance to talk with Amber, Victoria and Sadie as they were seated next to me or right across from me. It was such a nice time. We ordered dinner, I had the chicken fried steak which was really good, they also have a big selection of Mac & Cheese so if you really like Mac & Cheese (Cassandra) this is your place. The people around us really paid no attention to us which was nice as it was as if we were just another customer. At least for a while. Then the ladies to my right asked us if we could take some pictures of their group which Victoria did and then we had them take some pictures of our group, well Victoria did so the picture is on her phone. We even talked with them a little it was kind of nice sitting like this at least if you get nice people next to you.

I did get a selfie of myself again tonight. After dinner they asked if we wanted desert which of course is a stupid question for me as I always want desert, the question is should I have it. I looked the menu over and they had two deserts I love, a chocolate lava cake and an Oreo cheese cake. Well I went for the Oreo cheese cake, a couple others also ordered deserts. When it came I regretted it as it was really big, big enough for two people easy. Really wish Julie was here as I can usually talk her into splitting one with me. I did get Melissa and Sadie to take a bite but that was it. You will be proud of me as I only ate half of it and took the rest home for the next night. deserts are the one left over I will eat the next day. It was a fun night and after 9 when we left.

Now I am looking forward to the weekend and Diva Las Vegas which is only a little over two weeks away, actually Cassandra and I are going early so two weeks from tonight we will be in Las Vegas. It is hard to believe how fast it is coming up. I am so looking forward to it and having long acrylic nails for days. I am thinking of going and getting a pedicure Sunday for the trip as my toes are looking bad. The last pedicure I got did not hold up well.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is knew in my life and of course be sure to read my blogs about Diva Las Vegas, this will be my 8th Diva Las Vegas. The advantage of having a blog is I can go back and find them.

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Saturday at the Escape, fun night

It is Saturday and yes, I get to go to the Escape tonight. I always look forward to my time as Susan and also seeing my friend. I really do have more and better friends as Susan. Probably as I am more open as Susan. Now I started getting ready early with the hopes of being at the Escape by 5. Tonight, we spring forward so we lose an hour of sleep so I don’t want to be out to late. Now I was ready and on my way by 5 so I actually got to the Escape about 5:30. I once again had to park on the street as they seemed busy. I went in and got my normal table as I am hoping we have a good turnout tonight as several girls said they might be here.

I ordered dinner and got out my computer for a little me time as I wait for others to show up. Now of course I had to get my nightly selfie. It wasn’t long and Michele showed up. We talked a little about Diva Las Vegas as we are both going. I will get there on March 27th and she will arrive on March 31st. I think we now have 8 going and several that are still thinking about it. Time is running out though as it starts in 3 weeks. It was almost 7 and Mellissa and Laura M were there, it actually turns out they were there before me. They were at a table by the window talking, I just never noticed them when I came in. I am just use to being the first one here I never thought to look around.

It was good to see them again, Mellissa is still thinking about Diva Las Vegas so I had to try and give her a little nudge towards going. Now it wasn’t long and others started to show up. Laura H, Max, Teri, Kimberly, Lynn, Jan, Andi, Venessa and her girlfriend Rickie, Lori and one other girl. Lori is one of our newer members and tonight was her first night out with the group. It was nice to finally meet her.

Now this was a great night out as I got a chance to talk with everyone which is always nice. It is funny as my male self I am not big on just sitting around talking but as Susan I really enjoy good conversation. There is just something so fun and relaxing to spend time out with friends. Now it was a busy night here and there were lots of people here and that also makes it fun. Just being out with a bunch of other people is wonderful 15 years ago I would never have even imagined this would be possible.

Now karaoke started and it started to get a little louder so it was a little harder to talk but still fun. There were a lot of good singers tonight. Don’t get me wrong they always have good singers but there were a lot of new ones tonight plus some of our girls, Lynn, Laura m, Laura H, Andi all got up and sang. It was almost 10 when Lauri showed up so we had I think 15 here tonight, one of our bigger nights out. It is so wonderful to have so many out. I think when I was first going out back in 2008 and I talked with Cassandra and a couple other girls and we thought it would be awesome if we could get 50 members in our group, we now have almost 240 and if we could get 8 or 10 to come out that would be awesome. We are getting Wednesday night dinners with 8 to 10 and on Saturdays we can have we can have 10 to 20 and we have about 25 girls that are very active.

Now the surprise of the night was when I saw Lorraine, I met Lorraine 6 or 7 years ago at Sweethome Bar when I use to go there. I haven’t been to Sweethome for over a year or two as I don’t get out on Fridays anymore, but it really was a nice friendly bar. It was so nice to talk with her for a little while and catch up. I really have met some wonderful people as Susan and not just t-girls. It really was fun night out and yes you guessed it. My home of not staying out to late didn’t happen. It was after 11 when I called it a night and since we move clocks ahead tonight it was really after midnight when I left, it will be a short night but so worth it.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new.

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