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Friday night manicure and just a little Susan time

It is Labor Day weekend and I have a 3-day weekend and yes, I wanted pretty nails for the weekend. I called on Wednesday and made an appointment for 5 pm with Hellen to get a manicure and yes, I am going to get red polish for the weekend. Now I have only ever been her as my males self so as far as I know they think I am just a man who likes to get his nails done. Now on a Friday night depending on traffic it could be tight being there by 5, well traffic wasn’t bad and I got to Julie’s nails and spa at 4:40 so I was 20 minutes early. I figured I would check in and then run into Fred Meyers and pick up some coke as they have it on sale.

I walked in and there were only 3 ladies here, 2 getting pedicures and one getting her nails filled. Well Hellen saw me and waved me over to her station so I went over and sat down so my appointment started early. She started by soaking my fingers and then she asked me if I wanted them shorter. Now I have grown them out about 1/8 of an inch, maybe a little long for a man but not that bad so I told her to just clean up the ends so she filed just a little and made them even and a rounded square, yes, I can’t seem to get them straight when I file them. As she did this, she asked me if I just wanted a clear and I of course said no I wanted color and that’s when it hit me, I had not stopped and picked out my color. Well she had the gel nails color nails sitting next to her so she asked what color I wanted and if I wanted gel and in a moment of weakness I went with gel and picked out a brighter red color.

Now 5pmm must be the magic hour as women started coming in to get their nails done. A lady sat down next to me and she had beautiful long nails with designs on them and yes, some decorations like stones or gems. Now I have never been a fan of nails like this at least for me I like one color and bright and shades of red. Another lady sat next to her and she was just getting her gel polish removed. A few minutes later 2 more ladies came in and they were seated on my lefts so there were now 6 of us sitting there. This salon has a half round table so you really do sit next to others.

The lady getting her gel polish removed made the comment she was getting her removed and we were all getting our done, the lady between us said she was just getting a fill and I said I was just here for a manicure which I was. Hellen shaped my nails and trimmed my cuticles and then it was time for the gel polish. Now I had kind of been watching the lady to my right as I have never really seen how they remove the gemstones and redo them and I had noticed every once in a while, she would glance my way. Well Hellen did the base coat and when she started on the first coat of the red, I noticed she seemed to be watching a little more.

The first coat went on and it is a red but more of an orangey red so I wasn’t sure I had picked the right color. Well the lady to my right said wow that is a beautiful fall color, the orange in it would be perfect to fall and she asked my which color I picked so I told her. well this got the attention of the lady to my right and she also told me what a beautiful color it was and I agreed. Hellen did a second coat and then the gloss topcoat and it really made my nails pop. It really is a great color. Now as I said my nails were just a little long but with them nicely shaped and the brightness of the orangey red gel polish they really looked good and yes, a little long. I would love nails like this all the time if I couldn’t have them longer. Now with gel polish there was no waiting for them to dry so she did the oils and cream on my hands and forearms and it was so relaxing. It was about 5:40 when she was all done and I paid and left. Now this was earlier than I thought so I decided I had time to go home and transform into Susan for a couple hours.

On my way home I went through McDonalds Drive through to get something to eat on the way home and the young girl at the window when I paid told me how much she liked my nails and I thanked her. I got home about 6:20 and quickly got ready. It was about 7:15 when I was ready and decided to go to Starbuck up on Mill Plain as this one is right off the freeway and open late. I got there and went in and ordered a drink and the lady at the counter again told me she loved my nails, and I thanked her also as they really do look cute. I got out my computer and wrote my blog from Last Monday nights Zoom meeting yes, I am behind again. I got my blog done and posted it and stayed here till almost 10 before leaving, Fred Meyers is just across the street and I wanted to stop and pick up my Coke as I didn’t get it before my nail appointment.

I went in and got my Coke and a few other things before going to the checkout to pay and yes again the lady complimented me on my nails which I really love, these nails seem to be a hit with people. Let me know what you think of them. It was about 10:30 when I got home and washed Susan away and went to bed. I am going to go out to a Starbucks in the morning as my male self and see if I get some compliments on my nails.

Now Saturday morning I got up early as I wanted to go to Starbucks as my male self with my nails and yes, I did a light eye makeup as I figured with my nails why not. I went to the Starbucks at Cascade Station which I have gone to as both Susan and my male self. I was wearing shorts and sandals to also show my toe nails off. I went in and ordered a hot chocolate and the girl who took my order told me how mush she liked my nails which was what I was going for. I went and stood to wait for my drink with the rest of the people. A man walked by and said I love your nails but pointed at my feet, guess he didn’t notice my hands by my side. I stayed here a little over 2 hours and caught up on blogs. On the way home I stopped at the Wendy’s in Orchards to get a quick bite to eat, I like this one as it is almost all females who work here. I went in with my mask on and ordered a small lunch and the girl who took my order noticed my eye makeup, first time I have gotten a comment and she said she loved it and that the subtle golden shade went good with my earrings which were little gold studs, I thanked her. when she gave me my cup and I reached out for it she also said wow I love those nails they are beautiful and I thanked her for that also. I have included a few pictures of them let me know what you think.

Stay safe and be happy and thanks for reading my blog and sharing this part of my life with me. Be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Friday night manicure and pedicure


Well another weekend and some Susan time but let’s start on Friday evening, yes on my way home I stopped at Julie’s nails to get a pedicure. Now they were busy, 6 women getting their nails done and 5 getting pedicures so I asked how long of a wait and it turns out they were able to get me right in so I picked out a deep red polish and went and sat down. Now the lady who did my pedicure was awesome, her name was Helen and she did a wonderful job, I got the deluxe pedicure. Now as she did my pedicure she asked if I would also like a manicure and of course I said yes and she asked if I just wanted clear or the same red and even though it is only for a couple days, I said the red. She then asked if I wanted gel polish and I really did but for 2 days that was a bit much so I just said the regular polish was fine. Well she worked on my feet and it was so wonderful, I so love getting pedicures. Yes, way more expensive than doing it yourself but so worth it. my legs will feel soft and silky for days.

After trimming and cleaning my nails she used a lavender scrub on my legs which felt so good. I seem to always get the lavender so if any of you have another favorite you think I might like, let me know. After that was some oil and the lavender lotion and then she massaged each of my legs. She then buffed my feet which is a little ticklish, it is funny my feet never use to be ticklish. With this all done I got my feet wrapped in paraffin wax. After this she rubbed my feet and legs with hot stones. Once this was done, she put a lavender paste on my legs and wrapped them in a hot towel. With this all done it was tie for the final step, she cleaned off everything and then it was time for the polish. Now there was a lady just down from me we had 1 open chair between us and she really had paid no attention to me and I wondered if she would pay a little more attention when she saw the deep red polish, I was getting but she either didn’t notice of didn’t care. In all it was just a little over an hour and my feet looked better and prettier than they have in months.


Now it was time for my manicure so I was led over to the tables, now instead of little manicure tables they have a big half circle table with the nail techs on one side and the customers on the other and it looks like they have 10 or 12 stations. Now we did have a seat in between us but I did have a lady close to my age to my right and a young girl (23 years old) to my right and I only know that as I heard her tell the lady doing her nails, she had just gotten engaged. They both had nice pretty acrylic nails and were getting their fills. Again they really paid no attention to me as I doubt they saw my red toenails so for all they knew I was just getting a manicure.

Well Helen worked on my nails and yes some were long for a man so she asked me how short so I just told her to even them out with the shortest one and make them square as I love square nails. Now as I said the women around me pretty much paid no attention to me but the 23-year-old to my right did make the comment that she wished she could get her fiancé to come get a manicure and pedicure with her, I just smiled back and said if he did, he would love it. once my nails were trimmed and shaped and the cuticle trimmed it was time for the lotion and the arm message, now I did the basic manicure so not as in depth but still really nice. Now it was time for the polish so Helen asked if I wanted to pay first as it will take the polish a while to fry and I said yes. Now with everything going on they have raised their prices, the deluxe pedicure which was $45 was now $50 and the basic manicure that was $17 was now $22 but so worth it. my bill came to $72 yes

having nice nails is not cheap but it is so worth it. I put the $72 on my credit card but I wanted to tip her in cash so I gave her a $20 bill as she did a wonderful job and made me feel so welcome. Well this is how I found out her name as when she came back with my receipt, she also gave me a business card from Julie’s nails and she wrote her name “Helen” on the top and when she handed it to me, she said that is my name so when you come back you can ask for me which made me feel good.

She started off with a clear base coat and then came the first coat of the deep red polish and I kind of noticed the young lady to my right was now paying a little more attention, out of the corner of my eye I could see her glancing over off and on and I wondered what she was thinking and if she was still wanting her fiancé to come get manicures and pedicures with her. Helen did the second coat of red and finished if off with a clear topcoat and my nails looked really pretty. The only thing that would have been better is if they had been longer. I sat with a fan blowing on them for about 15 minutes till they said they were dry enough but be careful which I always am. It was 6:30 when I left. I had been here for 2 wonderful hours, ask I left Helen said see you next time. It was such a wonderful experience and I wonder what she would think if I showed up as Susan?

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Friday and a wonderful day Jennifer and I got pedicures

Well, it is Friday and I have the day off and that means some Susan time. So having 2 days of being Susan when I got home Thursday night, I decided to paint my nails a nice bright red. It was so relaxing to paint my nails and I wish I could have pretty nails all the time. Now Thursday night Jennifer texted me and she wanted to get a pedicure Friday and wanted to know if I wanted to join her and a bet anyone who follows my blog knows what my answer was so I texted her back and said yes.

Now I got up Friday morning and Jennifer and I texted back and forth about where we should go and Jennifer said I should pick one I have gone to and she would drive to Vancouver so that was our plan. Now I had to pick a place and of course 2 came to mind, Dream nails by my house and Julie’s Nails in Orchards. I like both and both do a wonderful job. Now I have not been to Dream nails in a while I think the last time was the Summer of 2018 and I had been going there every 3 weeks for a couple years so I wondered after that long how it would be. Dream nails only knows me as Susan. Julies nails I have gone there maybe 8 to 10 times in the last 1 ½ years but always as my male self so it would be different going there as my female self but this really fascinated me as I wondered if they would recognize me. Well Julie’s mails was the one I picked as I really wanted to see if they figured out who I was so I called them and the number went right to voice mail and it was a male’s voice so I hung up.

I did need to run to the store so I went there as my male self this morning as I wanted to see if I could do it with my painted nails. I only picked up a few things and no issues and was on my way home so I called Julie’s nails again and it was the same thing went to voice mail and was a man’s voice just giving his name and no mention of Julie’s nails so I didn’t want to leave a voice mail and so I called Dream nails and was able to get Jennifer and me an appointment at 2 pm so I texted Jennifer the address so she could find it.

Now it was a little after 11 and I was trying to plan my timing to get there and then it hit me, I could get ready and go to Starbucks for a while till it was time for our appointment so I started getting ready. I was all ready by 12:30 so I got a few pictures and grabbed my purse and drove to the Starbucks by my house. Now both these places are within a half mile of my house. I got to Starbucks and there were several groups of people sitting outside at the tables but there was still 2 open so I parked and went in with my computer and got a drink and went and sat outside as it was a beautiful day out. I did text Jennifer in case she got here early but she was driving and didn’t get my text. While here I wrote my blog from Wednesday’s Zoom meeting. It was almost perfect timing as I finished my blog and posted it at 1:45 and then put my computer away and walked out to my car and drove over to Dream nails and got there at 1:52 and went in.

Jennifer was there as she had arrived just a few minutes before me. Now as I walked in several of the ladies there remembered me and said it was nice to see me again. Kathy one of the nail techs commented on my eyebrows and thought I had gotten micropigmentation which made me feel good as it means I did a good job on my brows. Now they were busy so we did have to wait just a little so Jennifer and I talked as we picked out our color. We were seated about 2:10 and I was so looking forward to this. I love getting pedicures but it turns out this was Jennifer’s first pedicure. We both got the deluxe pedicure. Now Jennifer had a couple bad toenails and talked with Anna about what she could do. Amma said she could put a little acrylic on it and shape it so she trimmed it way back and did some acrylic in them and it turned out wonderful. It was so much more fun to go get a pedicure with someone else and also fun as it was Jennifer’s time. we had a wonderful time and both got a red color although Jennifer’s was a little darker than mine. In all we were here a little over an hour. Jennifer liked the experience and said ger toenails looked better than she ever imagined and wished she had known they could have done this earlier. I will admit both our toenails looked awesome. Now I may cause issues with this but I really think very few feet look good without pretty nails as toenails generally don’t look good on their own. Now as we paid our bills Anna said she hoped I would be back and I probably will. I would highly recommend Dream nails.

Now it was about 3:20 when we left and Jennifer asked if I wanted to get something to eat, now I live in what I call fast food area as that is pretty much all around here so we decided on IHOP by Vancouver mall. Now I have gone here probably 5 times over the last year but it has been several months. We took my car as I have to come right back by Dream nails on my way home and can drop Jennifer off t her car. We got to IHOP at 3:45 and went in. they were not really busy bit it was still early. We talked for a bit till our waitress came over, her name was Jess and she asked if I was having the grilled chicken breast, yes, she remembered me and what I like. Well, we ordered and yes, I did get my usual. We had a nice dinner and talked for a while after we finished. It was such a wonderful afternoon. It was about 5 when we left and headed back to Dream nails so Jennifer could pick her car up and go home. As we were so close, I did drive past my house t show it to Jennifer. I dropped Jennifer off and we went our separate ways. Thanks, Jennifer, for joining me today I hope you enjoyed your pedicure.

I went hone and spent the rest of the evening at home watching TV and working on this blog. It was a wonderful day and now I am looking forward to tomorrow and some Susan tome and going out to dinner.

Stay safe and happy and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Thursday Susan time and shopping with Jennifer.

It is Thursday and I have a fun day planned. I am going to meet Jennifer at Clackamas Town Center for some shopping and food. Now we were going to meet at 2pm but Jennifer scheduled herself a manicure at 1pm at Prim Nail Salon so yes, I called and scheduled myself a manicure also as it has been a while and yes, I plan to get color even though I will have to remove the color either Friday or Saturday at the latest. I started getting ready a little before 11 as I wanted to be ready no later then 12:15. I took my time doing my makeup especially on my eyes. Now I also do my contouring a little different now days, later in the day Jennifer and I were talking about it so I thought I would explain here. I use Maybelline Superstay stick foundation in Mocha shade (I see it is being discontinued which is sad) but any dark stick foundation will work. I don’t just put it on from the stick but use a cosmetic sponge and dab it on in a line from the top of my ear ¾ of the way down towards the corner of my mouth and blend it in. If it’s not dark enough I can put more on if it is too dark, I can blend out with a little more foundation. I do the same thing from the bottom of my ear down to my jaw line and along the lower side of my jaw and it works really well. I was all ready by noon and got a few pictures and then was on my way.

I got to Clackamas Town Center by 12:45 and parked by JC Penney’s and went in. was I walked in the door and saw other people in their masks I realized I left mine in the car and had to go back and get it really fast. Now Prim Nails Spa was at the opposite end of the mall from where I was so I had to hurry to get there by 1pm. I got there right before 1and Jennifer was already at the counter. Well, the lady told Jennifer it would be 20 to 30 minutes which was strange as she had made her appointment 2 days ago and the same for me so Jennifer gave the lady her phone number and we walked back down the mall to check out the other nail salon and it was busy also. Now I have never been to a nail salon on a mall before and I am guessing the bulk of their business is walk ins. We walked back down by Prim Nail spa and got there about 1:20 so we got a few pictures and sat on the bench outside waiting for them to call. At 1:45 we walked in to see how long it would be and the lady at the desk said it would be another 5 minutes so we picked out our color. Jennifer got seated at 1:55 and it was about 10 minutes later when I got seated, more than an hour after my appointment and the young lady at the desk didn’t seem bothered, we had to wait at all. The lady at the desk checking people in really seemed non interested in any of the customers that came up.

Now I was looking forward to this as I really do need a manicure. I told the lady what I wanted and she trimmed my nails and then got a bowl of water for me to put my hand in and it was cold water, normally when I have gotten a manicure it is warm. She filed my nails on the one hand which only took a couple minutes and then had me switch hands. Then she trimmed my cuticles did not push them back just used the clippers and again this was done in maybe 5 minutes. This was followed with a small dab of hand lotion on each hand and I bat she didn’t spend 30 seconds rubbing the lotion in before having me wash my hands, as I walked to the sink, I finished rubbing the hand lotion in myself. Now it was time for the nail polish and she did a good job on the polish. In all a sat down at 1:05 and my manicure was done at 1:19 a total of 14 minutes and the cost was $22. My nails looked pretty but so not worth the money and not the relaxing experience I was looking for, as sad as it is, I would not recommend this salon. When I have gone to Dream Nails of Julies nails in Vancouver it is about a ½ for a manicure and its $20.

It was now time to go get something to eat so we went to California Pizza for a late lunch, on the way my mom called so I took the call and messed up 2 of my nails getting my phone out which was sad but I will have to remove tomorrow and unless you look closely you won’t notice. Now California Pizza was not busy so we got a booth, our waitress came and took our order and yes, I had a Chicken Caesar salad to try to eat better. We had a wonderful lunch and talked the whole time. it was so nice. I had Jennifer take a picture of me at the table and I took a few of her we even got one of the waiters to get a picture of us before we put our masks back on and left.

We walked across to a store called Loft and looked around, the sizes were a little on the small size but Jennifer did find a top She wanted to try on so I waited and as I did saw a reddish cranberry sweater dress and they had a large size so I tried it on and it was just a little big. As I came out the lady asked me how it fit so I told her and checked the rest of the ones on the rack and they were all small or extra small so I was out of luck but the lady there looked around on another rack and found a medium and for $14 I couldn’t pass it up so I bought it.

We left here and walked over to ULTA and went in as Jennifer was looking for a beauty blender type sponge and yes, I love looking at cosmetics. Jennifer got what she was looking for so we walked on down to the MAC store to check things out. A really nice lady helped us even though we didn’t but anything she showed us some of there new items one being a cream shimmery gold eyeshadow which I love. During the holidays and thing, a brown eyeshadow with a shimmery gold on the lid and inner corner of the eye looks awesome and had it been back in November I probably would have bought it but not a look for summer for me but if it is still around next fall (maybe earlier) I will get one.

We walked done the mall and went into a store called Aldo which sells shoes but again most were size 7 to 9 but fu to look a. Well, they also had some jewelry and it was a buy one gets one free so I looked and fund a really cute dangly earring for $8.95 so I found a big gold hoop earring I liked and bought them. I really have too many earrings as with these I have 14 pairs so if I wear a different pair twice a week it takes me 7 weeks to wear all of them. So, my plan is to wear my new sweater dress and earrings for tomorrow’s night dinner. We walked down to Penney’s and looked at dresses and Jennifer found a couple she liked so she tried them on but they were too short. It really is hard to find dresses that fit right.

It was almost 6 now so we decided to call it a night, now Nicole brought down some clothes for me to look at and I did find a couple things that fit and I liked that I kept but now it was time to pass them on to Jennifer to look through. We moved them from my car to hers and then it was time to say goodbye, it was such a fun day, thanks Jennifer for inviting me. It took me over an hour to get home so it was 7:20 when I got there so I made a quick bite to eat and turned on my computer. The Seattle group Emerald City is having their St Patty’s day Zoom meeting at 7 and Maille invited our group to join so I decided to log in for a while. Several of their members have been joining our Wednesday night Zoom meetings so I wanted to join them. I actually know several of the girls from online. Now we had a high of 24 girls on their meeting but there were a few that logged off early and some came late so I am guessing total was 28 to 30 but they did have 3 of our group from Portland, (Jennifer, Trish and me) a few from Canada and a few from the bay Area of California. It was a fun night and I ended up staying on the meeting till 10pm. It was nice to get to know a few of those girls better and maybe once things open up again, we can get the groups together.

I also worked on my blog from today and will post first thing in the morning after I re-read it. now I am looking forward to tomorrow night’s dinner and yes, I need to go over and see my mom before so I will have to remove my pretty nail polish midafternoon. I did get one picture showing my nails, I would so love to have pretty nails all the time. Jennifer also sent me one of her pictures to post in my blog. It was a wonderful day.

Stay safe and happy and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Tuesday and day 14 of my stay at home vacation as I say goodbye to my pretty nails

Well it is Tuesday day 14 or the last day of my stay at home vacation. I had planned to get up early and go to Starbucks’ to get as much time, but it was almost 6 when I got up. I got ready although I did rush a little today as I only have the morning and maybe early afternoon to be Susan as I have to get my nails removed and then unless something changes again I will get to go see my mom later today. I was ready buy about 7:15 which is the earliest Susan has been out in a long time. I got a few pictures and yes, I got my nails in some of them. I grabbed my purse and was out the door. Now early on in my vacation I was parking my car in the drive and not the garage to keep the smoke out of my garage and even though the smoke is gone I have kept parking in my driveway so I would have to walk out the front door to get to my car. With my computer and purse, I was on my way. I got to Starbucks just before 8 and went in, a couple of the employees greeted me by name as I walked in which I love. I did try a different look for my lipstick well actually my lip shape, a little fuller and rounder, I was happy with the look.

I went up to order and the lady said she would be right with me but the other lady who makes the drinks said, Hi Susan are you getting your usual Grande hot chocolate which I was so they were already making my drink when I ordered it. I have gone to many Starbucks and have always been treated wonderful at all of them. I got my drink and sat down with my computer to check the news and see what was new in the world although I did try to avoid the political stuff. Yes, on Facebook for the next Month I am going to snooze anyone who posts negative or political attacks. Not if they express their views but if they are attacking the other side, I don’t want to see it as we need to bring this country together not divide it further. It was relaxing even though it was short as shortly after 9 I left as I wanted to go get breakfast.

I drove to IHOP by Cascade station and went in, I was surprised as they were fairly busy for a Tuesday morning I thought. I got a table and ordered breakfast and yes, I did get pancakes. Evan though they were busy they do space people out, so you really aren’t sitting next to anyone. I had a nice breakfast and it was about 10 when paid my bill and left. My next stop is Costco as again I need to pick some stuff up for my mom. It is really hard as I can’t go into her room and see what she needs so it is usually one of the care givers who tells me, and it is usually when she runs out. They had called while I was eating to tell me what she needed, and I confirmed I can go see her this evening.

I got to Costco and got gas first before parking and going in. now I really hadn’t planned on walking much so I wore my 3″ heel ankle boots, jeggings and a sweater top, the jeggings look awesome with my hip pads. I walked around for a little bit before getting the items I needed and paying for them. It was after 10:30 now and my day was going by fast. I have been trying to decide how I get my nails removed today, as Susan or my male self. Well I have decided as of now I will go back to Julie’s nails as my male self and get them removed as when I was dressing I noticed a couple chips on my toenails and realized it has been about 2 months since I got my last pedicure and I really love the way they do them here. So that is my plan get a pedicure and then have my nails removed. That being said I wanted to get close to home, so I decided to go to the Starbucks right by my house for a while.

I got there about 11 and went in and ordered a drink. This one only has 4 tables inside and 2 were taken so I got the one by the door right by the counter you pick your drink up at. Now tis one gets a lot of foot traffic as it does not have a drive through so again great for people watching. I got out my computer and started working on my blog for today. I had been here about 20 minutes when I noticed to men standing about 5 feet from me waiting for their drinks and both of them, I use to work with not long ago and yes they have no idea about Susan. Well I just kept my head down looking at my computer and just kept working as they stood there, it was only a couple minutes before they got their drink and were on their way. I stayed here for a little over an hour before I went home to clean up as I want to get to the nail salon no later than 2 as I will need tie for the polish to dry on my toes before I put shoes and socks on to go see my mom around 5:30. It really will be sad to have my nails removed today, not only will I not have pretty nails but I will have weak brittle nails till they grow out which for me takes about 3 months. Even so it was wonderful to have them for the past 2 weeks.

I got home about 12:15 and quickly took a shower and washed off my makeup although I left my lipstick on as I have to wear a face mask at the salon. I got there at 1:15 and went in, I was the only one there so I told them I wanted a pedicure and then my nails removed, well they started with my nails, They tried to talk me into just shortening them and keeping them which I really wanted to do I just couldn’t. They trimmed them, grinded them down till they were thin and then put cotton balls with acetone and wrapped them in foil and then it was time to start my pedicure. Now I picked a bright red for my toes and I so love getting a pedicure, I got the tropical pedicure, so relaxing and it took abut an hour. 3 other ladies came in, 2 got pedicures and the other her nails. Once my pedicure was don it was time to stare on my fingers. She took the foil off and scraped the remaining acrylic of. By the way of you have acrylic nails and want them removed this s how it should be done. She then trimmed them down and shaped them yes, I went with square shape. Now I had told her I wanted a clear gel polish t ad a little strength as when you remove acrylics you lose the hard-top layer of your nail. She put a base coat n and then again asked me if I wanted a cream color or maybe a pale pink as they said they would look nice and not be that noticeable and I thought about it but just went with a clear top coat. My nails are short but very nicely manicured and the funny thing is with just the clear coat my nails do have a slight cream color. I spent about 2 hours here and it was wonderful.

I left the nail salon and stopped by the Toyota dealer to get my new license plates for my car which came in of course I had to walk in with my flip flops on and my pretty red toes. I got home just before 4 and ate and went over at 5:30 to see my mom after more then 2 weeks. It was nice to see her again. I got home for the night about 7 and then finished my blog for the day. I am actually having a harder time typing with my short nails then when I got my long nails. It will be interesting to see if I adjust to short nails as quickly as I did the long nails.

Stay safe and happy with yourself and thanks for reading m blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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My vacation starts

Well it is Tuesday and I am done with work a little early and I was looking forward to the start of my 2-week vacation. Now originally when I scheduled this Cassandra, me and a few other girls had planned on going to Las Vegas sense are trip in the spring got canceled. My original plan was to get acrylic nails on my way home from work and then on Wednesday spend the day as Susan and go over to Cassandra’s house in the afternoon to get ready for our trip but again we canceled this trip also but I kept my vacation. Now I really wanted to get my nails done but I just couldn’t do the acrylic nails as I am having my mom over on Sunday’s so it would only be 4 days although years ago I would get them done for the weekend. But my plan for today is to swing by and see my mom for the ½ hour I am allowed and then go get a manicure and get my nails painted red till Sunday. Well once I knew I would get off at 3pm I had my plan. I could be to my moms by 4 and the nail salon by 5. I called to set up to see my mom at 4 and found out one of the workers there is sick again and they are testing them for the virus, this happens pretty regular now but that means till the test comes back I can’t go see her, they hope to have the results of the test back on Friday so I called my mom to tell her and headed right for the Nail Salon. Now as I am in my male mode it will be Julie’s Nails as I have only gone here as my male self and they know me.

Now for a Tuesday traffic was horrible the way I went, 3 different accidents so it was 4:30 when I finally got to the nail salon and they were not busy as a matter of fact I was the only customer. The lady asked me if I wanted the regular manicure or deluxe and I paused for a moment and thought and that can be dangerous. A little voice in my head thought I know I have at least 4 days till I can see my mom and if the worker test positive it will be longer, what if I did get acrylic nails. Worst case I would have to have them removed after 4 days but if she is quarantined for 2 weeks that would almost be my whole vacations and I would feel bad missing the opportunity to have acrylic nails so in a moment of weakness I told her I wanted acrylic nails. She showed me to a station and brought over the color choice and of course I picked out a nice red color.

The nail tech came to do my nails I think her name is Kim and she started working. I quickly found a picture online of what I wanted my nails to look like as I figured this was the best way to get what I wanted. They are the same length I had for Diva Las Vegas in 2019 and coffin shape just not as pointy as they were then. Now they do a wonderful job here and have always treated me wonderful, the only thing I didn’t like was I was passed off to another nail tech. as the lady doing my nails was working on my last hand another lady came in and my nail tech knew her by name and I am guessing she is one of her regular customers so she said she would finish applying the acrylic and another nail tech would file them and put the polish on and it seemed she rushed a little on the last 2 fingers. Now I understand taking care of your regular customers but it did seem a little like I didn’t matter but as I said this is the only issue I have had here and it is minor especially as I just walked in without an appointment. In all my nails look awesome and I am so glad I got the acrylic even if I must get them removed on Saturday. It took about an hour and I loved it, now just before she started to paint my nails 3 young ladies, mid 20’s came in to get a pedicure so there were now 5 of us in here getting are nails done.

When I was done, I left and decided to go into Fred Meyers and do a little shopping for the week, the nail salon is on the outside of Fred Meyers. I got a cart and really with my hands on the cart my nails weren’t that noticeable except for when I was putting things in my cart. I got the things I needed and usually I go through the self-checkout as it is faster but not tonight, I got in line and went through a

regular check out with a female checker who was probably about my age, of course we all had masks on so still hard to recognize people. Of course, with people behind me in line I am sure they saw my nails as I was taking my groceries out of the cart. When it was my turn, I held my rewards card out for her to scan which she did and followed with “beautiful nails” so I thanked her. With that I was on my way home.

Now it is Wednesday morning and I woke up little after 7 and had breakfast. Now I have the whole day free and no real plans. Now I have the Zoom meeting with my friends tonight so I really didn’t want to get ready to early so my makeup would still look good tonight without having to redo it. Now one thing I wanted to do is see what people also think of a man having pretty nails so I plan on doing a few things as my male self so I thought about it and decided to go to Ilani the casino just 15 minutes from where I live. Now I wore my shorts and sandals so my red toes would show. I got there a little after 8 and went in, now I did keep my hands in my pockets as I walked around as I figured at the blackjack table, they would be visible. I got over to the table games and they only had a few tables open, 1 $5 that was full, a couple $15 and several $25 and most of those were pretty empty so I just walked around a little to see if things would change. Well one of the ladies who works there walked by me and told me she loved the red on my toes and then started talking to me as she loves red but just can’t keep the shine on her toes. Well I thanked her and thought about showing her my hands but just kept them in my pocket. Well then she caught me off guard and asked me if my daughter had done my toes which gave me the perfect out but I just looked at her and said no I had it done myself as I really like red. She just said they looked great and walked off. I went back to the table games and they were still the same although they did have a $10 table with no one at it but like several of them it was Spanish 21 so I walked over and asked the lady at the table what the difference was between this and regular blackjack. Well there are a couple things, one you get paid for a blackjack right away before the dealer looks at her hand which I liked, you can split Ace’s up to 4 times which is nice, you can double down on any 4 cards and surrender your had and get half your money back if you get a bad card which really didn’t atter to me as I don’t surrender, so I was liking it. The last thing is they take all the 10’s out of the decks and just leave the Jacks, queens, and kings in which in an 8 deck shoe eliminates 32, 10’s and that greatly changes the odds in favor of the casino so that was it I didn’t want to play that game so I thanked her and headed for the door and left.

Now it was still early only a little after 9 so I decided to stop at a Starbucks by Vancouver mall and get a drink and work on this blog. This Starbucks has no drive through, so they were busy but everyone getting their drinks to go so I was able to get a table by the window. No one said a thing about my nails, I placed my order and used my phone app to pay and then stood to wait for my drink. Now is I used my phone and that account is under Susan that is the name they called when my drink was ready so I just went up and got my drink and sat back down and worked on my computer with people coming and going and my long figure nails and red toes visible to everyone. I spent about 1 ½ hours here and again not one word about my nail’s kind of a letdown.

I got home abut 11 am and have a few things to do before transforming into Susan for the rest of the day, hopefully by 2 pm I will be all dressed up and looking pretty.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life

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Friday night and my weekend starts early.

It is Friday and I had to go into work earlier today so that means I get off earlier. Now I am in bad need of a pedicure, my last one was March 14 and in reality my pedicure held up really well through June other then the grow out but the last couple weeks the polish was chipping off and looking really bad so as I had an extra hour today I thought I would stop by Julie’s Nails and see if I could get a pedicure on my way home. I actually have 2 nails salons I really like Dream nails which only knows me as Susan as that is how I always go and Julies nails which only knows me on my male side, I often wonder what would happen if I went in both as male and female to them. I would highly recommend both of these places they do a wonderful job. I went there for the first time last November when I had to get my Acrylic nails removed unexpectedly and went as my male self. I have gone here a few times for pedicures and an occasional manicure as my male self. I got there a little after 4 and parked and put my flip flops on and went in expecting them to be busy as they have only been open a couple weeks and I figured women would be getting their acrylic nails back. Well to my surprise there were only 2 people inside, 1 man and 1 woman both getting their nails done so I was able to get right in. I picked out my color red of course and was shown to a

pedicure chair. Now they are doing social distancing here, everyone wears a mask, only every other pedicure chair is open, and they have a clear piece of plastic hanging down from the ceiling almost to your feet. Now it has been a while, so I splurged in the deluxe Herbal pedicure. The young girl doing my pedicure is Helen and she was really nice. Now I must have timed it right as people started coming in shortly after and soon there were 4 of us getting pedicures and several getting their nails done.

If you have never gotten a pedicure you real should, yes you can do it way cheaper yourself, but it is so relaxing and the one I got too a little over an hour, it is one of the most relaxing feeling there is and you feel like a princes as they take care of you. Now the funny thing is a man and woman came in she had an appointment to get her nails filled yes, she had beautiful acrylic nails. She asked if her husband could get a pedicure while she got her nails done and they said yes but he was hesitant about it, she asked if he was sure and he looked over at the chairs and saw me, paused and said he guessed so, so he was shown to the chair at the far end as it was the only chair left. Well as Helen did my nails, we talked a little and she must have noticed my fingernails which are a little long for a man and asked if I wanted a manicure also and of course the answer was yes. She asked if I wanted clear or a color and of course I wanted color but I can’t go to work with painted nails but then I thought, it is Friday and I am off work till Monday and with things still restricted and I can’t go over and see my mom till the end of next week I didn’t hesitate and told her I wanted the same color on my fingers. It was about 5:25 when she finished with my feet and led me over to her manicure station. Again, they have plastic shields up that you put your hand under for her to work on and plastic dividers between the stations for customers.

She started on my manicure and just then a young lady sat down next to me to get her nails filled, she had beautiful long coffin shaped nails and they must have been painted for Independence Day as 1 was white with I love USA and a heart the rest were some form of the flag all red white and blue and just looked spectacular. Well I was trying to glance over and see her nails without looking like I was, and I noticed she was doing the same thing for me. Now it is not that uncommon for a man to get a manicure but the she may have noticed my bright red toenails or the fact there was a bottle of red nail polish sitting on the table by where she was doing my nails. Well I made a comment about how much I liked her nails and she thanked me and we kind of talked a little, she had gotten them done for Independence Day like I though. She also was showing the lady doing her nails pictures on her cell phone how she wanted her nails to look and I told her that was a good idea and so she showed me the pictures also and they were going to look great kind of a French fade pink to white and a few of them would have designs on them. We talked a little more while Helen did my nails and the lady next to me never said a word or asked me about my nails even when Helen started painting them bright red and asked me how I liked them. Now she was texting on her phone some and I did wonder if I was mentioned in any of the texts but she was really nice and when I was all done she wished me a nice day as I left. It was after 6 now I had been there over 2 hours and loved every minute, yes it was $78 for the manicure and pedicure I got plus tip but it is something I love and have not done in over 4 months and my hands and feet looked awesome.

My nails were pretty dry and as I got in the car my mom called me so I turned the air conditioner on and held my fingers in front to completely dry them as I talked to my mom for a while. By the time I was off the phone my fingers were completely dry and I realized I had not eaten yet, so I stopped by McDonalds on my way home and got dinner. not one word about my nails from the guy who took my credit card or the lady who gave me my pop or my food and all 3 had to have seen them.

I got home and it was almost 7 and I debated but did a quick makeup job and put on some hair and a dress then went downstairs to watch a little TV till bedtime. My transformation to Susan was fast and I wasn’t completely happy with the look, but it was just for a couple hours at home, so it was okay. I did get a few pictures of my nails though. It is a wonderful way to start my weekend and I know on Sunday night when I have to remove the pretty red polish I will be sad, but for the next 2 days I will wake up to beautiful nails.

Stay safe and be happy with who you are. Thanks for reading my blog and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Friday and my vacation as Susan end’s early

Okay it is Saturday morning as I write my blog from Friday. Now my plans for Friday was simple I had some things I needed to do in the morning as my male self. Well I could have probably done them as Susan but I wanted some male time in the morning as I have said Susan although she is a big part of who I am maybe the biggest part my male part is still there and part of who I am and I need that too. Plus, I did want to do some things as my male self with my pretty nails. Now in years past I have gone out as my male self with nails but I always kept them in my pockets unless there was something, I had to do like pay for something. This week I did go out for a few hours on Monday and try to keep my nails visible and I really got no reaction so today I wanted to test it again. My goal was to be up by 5 and on my way. Find a Starbucks till 7 when a few of the stores I wanted to go to open. I need some things from Lowes which opens at 6 and also Fred Meyers which opens at 7 and is almost right across the street. Maybe get breakfast someplace and then maybe a little more shopping and try to be home by 11am to get ready as Susan with the hope of being out by 12 or 1 pm at the latest. I figured I could stay out till 9 or 10 pm tonight and that would give me 9 to 10 hours as Susan. the only thing I had not decided was my nails. Do I get them off tonight which would mean going to the nail salon around 6 pm and then finishing up the evening without nails or do it Saturday morning which because of things I need to do would almost for sure mean going in as my male self to get them removed which would be interesting but I have time to decide that. Now I do have some training I need to do this weekend on my computer, several hours I need done by Monday so that will mean I can actually do a lot of time at Starbuck if I want.

Well I actually got up a little before 5 and as my male self it is quick to get ready, 15 minutes at most so I was out the door just a little after 5 so I googled Starbuck’s near where I wanted to go that open before 6. There were a couple and one I have gone to before several times as Susan that is only 5 minutes away from Lowe’s and Fred Meyers so I figured that would be perfect. I got there about 5:15 and went in and even though they have a drive through there were about 10 people sitting inside. I went to the counter to order and it was all woman, 5 young ladies working here this morning I ordered my drink and payed and even when my drink was done, I reached out and took it from the one ladies’ hand. I did everything I could to make my nails as visible as possible and not one word was said. I know they saw them but it leaves me with the question. Did they just not care and thing it was no big deal for a male to have pretty, long red nails or did they not know what to say and were afraid if they said something I might be offended.

I sat down at a small table with 2 to my right and on to my left which had a young man at it. There was barely enough room between the tables for me to get through. Across from me was a table with 4 men at it and it looked like they were doing a Bible study and a few more along the window working on their computers and no one seemed to pay me any attention and my nails were clearly visible especially when took a drink, I focused on my work. About 5:30 2 state patrol officers came in and got a drink and then sat down at the big table next to the men doing the Bible study and a few minutes later more showed up. in all 7 State Patrol officers came in I guess for their morning break. Also, a young lady sat down at the table to my right still only about 2 feet away. No one seemed to care or even notice I had bright red nails. So, I got up and asked the lady next to me if she would watch my computer while I used the restroom being very sure she could see my nails. She said yes and went right back to what she was doing. I little before 6 2 young men cam in and just sat down at the end table. Turns out they were employees that started at 6. Now Lowe’s opens at 6 but I will only need about 20 minutes there so my plan was to get there about 6:45 get what I need and then over to Fred Meyers as it would be after 7 plus I still had about 30 minutes or so in the trading I was doing, they are all about an hour long. Well the two young men started working and the first thing they did was go around and clean tables and as they came by mine, they asked if they could clear my garbage off my table yes, I also had a muffin this morning so I said yes. As they cleared things 1 of them said he loved my nails, wow my first compliment on my nails as my male self. I thanked him and just said I love having them and at that point the other one said they really were nice. It was about 6:40 when I finished what I was doing and I left for Lowes.

I got to Lowe’s right on plan and went in. I looked around a little but what I needed was fertilizer, weed killer and moss killer for both my yard and drive way you know all the things you need to get your yard ready for the winter. Again, no comments on my nails even from the man at the checkout. I went over to Fred Meyers and went in and it turns out they have a big Starbucks just inside the main door. I went to the men’s section as I need some clothes mainly seat shirts for the winter as most of my shirts are short sleeves. Now they had a lot but almost all had hoods which I don’t want and the few that didn’t have hoods have logos on which by the way I find funny as you get one with a logo on so you are basically giving the company free advertising but you also pay more because it has their name on it. Well I just wanted a plain sweatshirt and couldn’t find one so I will have to keep looking. I did do some grocery shopping while I was here but nothing refrigerated as it will be a while before I get home again, I went through the checkout and the lady said nothing about my nails. It was about 7:45 when I left and took my groceries out to my car and put them in the trunk. I saw my computer and thought the Starbucks here is big, has a lot of people in it and as it is in a store it is really bright so I grabbed my computer and went back in to do another training session.

The lady at the counter who took my order said nothing about my nails. I got a small table by the front and by a lot of people. No one paid any attention to me. It was just about 8 when I started my next session and I just focused on it and didn’t look around I guess maybe a man having long nails is not that big a thing. It was just after 9 and I was almost done with this session when my phone rang and as I looked at it. It was from my Mom’s doctor’s office so I figured it was the results from the test I dropped off Monday so I answered it. Well it turns out some of the results came back bad and they had the place my mom is redo the test and they wanted to see my Mom right away. Now my Mom knew I was on Vacation this week and I had told her I was doing day trips and wouldn’t get back till late in the evenings but I did call and check on her every day, how I got away with having nails all week. Well I asked shat was wrong and it could be serious and, in my mind, I am thinking I have long acrylic nails which I can’t get off quick what am I going to do, I was so glad I didn’t do Susan this morning. It will take me about 15 minutes to get to where my mom is and another 30 minutes to get her to the doctor’s office so I told him the earliest I could get her there was about an hour maybe a little after 10 am. That is when I got lucky as he said the Doctor has an opening at 11:30 and I told him we would be there. I called my Mom to tell her about the appointment and also to check up on her.

In my mind I am figuring out time schedules, we would have to leave her place no later than 11 and it was now 9:15. I had less then 2 hours to figure out what to do about my nails. I googled nail salons near me as time was important and I believe most nail salons open at 10. Well if you ever google nail salons they are pretty much every place and it turns out there is one here at Fred Meyers just on the outside around the corner from where I am and they open at 9:30 it is called Julie’s Nails and spa. Now even though it does say spa they are about the same price ass other nails salons but at this point I really wasn’t worried about the cost, they were close, their web page said they remove acrylics and most important they open in a few minutes, plus their web page said grand opening so I figured they were new and wouldn’t be busy and I could get in fast as a walk in if I got there right when they opened. I walked my computer out to my car and walked around the corner of the building and there they were as it was just a little after 9:30 they were open I walked in and I was the first one there. Now this looks more like a spa as it has the pedicure chairs along the left wall a reception desk as you walk in the front door but instead of little tables for doing nails it is one big half circle table almost like a bar that you sit at and all done in nice dark hard wood flooring. It really is elegant inside.

The lady at the desk introduced herself as Julie the owner and asked if she could help me. I said yes, I wanted to get my nails removed and I showed her my nails. She said of course but why they are so pretty. Now I could have made up a story but I just told the truths well mostly. I told her I got them for my vacation and I needed them removed before I go back to work. She called one of the girls out and they showed me to a seat. The lady doing my nails was named Kim and she also was really nice and also asked me why I was getting them removed as they looked so nice. I told her the same thing my work place is just not ready for a man with long, pretty red acrylic nails. She told me it was $15 to take them off or $26 if I wanted a manicure also. Now I had looked at their web page so I know whew the prices and what they offer so I told her I know from previous times getting acrylic your nails are week and as I already have week nails, I wanted a gel manicure as that would strengthen my nails. She smiled and said of course that would be $36 and I said fine but I wanted them to look as natural as possible. She brought over the nail’s withy the colors on them and pointed out a few of the ones that are natural and on the nail samples they really did look natural and I thought about it but I had one chance. If I picked one and it was too noticeable, I would not have time to change so I just told her clear. Now a few more girls came out as they had about 8 people working here at this time of the morning including 1 man. Most of the woman came over and looked at my nails before Kim started and told me how lovely they looked and why I didn’t keep them which I really wanted to.

Kim started and this salon has little air filtered vacuums that go under your hands to help keep the dust down when the file and grind your nails which is nice. Kim started on my nails and the first nail was the hardest as I watched her grind off the red and then it was on to the next nail. Once the color was off, she shortened them all up and then continued to slowly grind them down. She got one hand down to where most of the acrylic was off and then had me put my hand in a bag with acetone to soak the rest off. This was a nice surprise as usually when I have had them removed, they just grind down to your natural nail and this takes more of your natural nail off or worse they pry the nail off which really damages the nail. She did a wonderful job removing my nails and you really couldn’t see any damaged to the nail or even tell I had acrylic nails. Now being their grand opening, I figured they would not be busy but that was not the case. By 10 there were 6 other women in here getting their nails done, wow 10 in the morning and there were 7 of us including me. Well I was talking with Kim and although it was their grand opening, Julie had just bought this salon 3 months ago and renamed it so there has actually been a salon her for years.

With that done she did my manicure trimming my cuticles. Now it was time for the Gel polish and Kim asked again if I was sure I just wanted clear and not a color. All the nail samples were still next to me and they all looked so pretty but I stayed strong and jokingly told her I would have kept the long red nails is I wanted color but I just can’t go to work with color so yes let’s go with the clear. She put a few coats of clear on and my nails look wonderful although they are the shortest, they have been since I removed them after Diva Las Vegas. I will say this is the best experience I have had with getting acrylics removed and the nails look wonderful and there was no additional damage done to my nails taking them off. I would highly recommend Julie’s nails and spa if you want to remove acrylics or any nail service. And all the staff here was wonderful and told me to come back anytime and that was as my male self. I paid the $36 on my credit card and gave Kim a $10 tip as she was wonderful and other then being shiny my nails look natural. It was 10:45 when I left here and headed to pick my mom up.

I got my Mom to her appointment and it turns out to be an infection that medicine will take care of so nothing serious which is good but it really got me thinking. Had I gone out as Susan today I would not have had time to get rid of the nails and also change back to being male. Of course, I would have chosen being my male self and keeping the nails as showing up at my mom’s as Susan without the nails would be pointless but this is a concern as it was last year with my dad.

This is one of my longest blogs I think and if you read the whole thing thank you.

Please be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is am doing now.

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Sunday and the start of my vacation kind of

Well it is Sunday and I am on vacation for the week kind of. I do have some things I need to do around here so I couldn’t go anyplace but I will have a lot of Susan time this week, I hope. I am hoping I can have a little Susan time each day at least which brings me to my nails. Now my plan was to go to the nail salon and get a manicure and polish for the week. There are a few things I have to do that painted nails will be a little hard but I so want to get my nails done. Now the last several weeks I have been growing out my nails and using OPI nail envy which is a wonderful hardener and it works well as I have week nails. Well last week I broke 3 nails but really only lost a little length but they still look good but that got me thinking about getting acrylics and I said I would make up my mind today. Well actually I made it up yesterday as I broke yet 2 more nails and one was bad and with that, I called the nails salon and set up an appointment for Sunday at 4 to get a full set of acrylic nails. In a way this is good as I won’t be able to take the polish off when I am not Susan kind of forcing me to do things with the nails.

Now I have no real plans this week as I said there will be times, I won’t be able to be Susan and I will have to figure out that as I go. I would like to go to the coast one day as Susan, I did that once before and had fun. Now I was thinking it was last year but it turns out it was over 3 years ago, October of 2016 when I went to the beach, Wow didn’t think it was that long ago. I am sure there will be some shopping also this week. Well I have time to figure out what I will do so back to today. I made my appointment at Natural nails as I have gone there a couple times for a pedicure. I really thought about going back to Dream nails as I really like them but thought I should go there for a manicure first instead of acrylics as I went there for over a year with short acrylics and am afraid if I went and got acrylics there they would expect me to keep them and at this point not planning on doing that.

Well I stared getting ready about 2:30 so I could take my time. I have said it many times but I really enjoy the whole getting ready and transforming myself to Susan, there is just something so calming and peaceful about it. I was all ready by 3:45 and got to the nail salon a little before 4 and went in after taking a quick selfie in the car. I went in and they were really busy, 6 people getting pedicures including a husband and wife and 5 getting nails done. The man at the first table told me to pick a color and have a seat at the last back table, only one open. I picked a red gel polish and sat down. It was only a few minutes and a young lady sat down to do my nails. She asked what I wanted so I showed her the picture of the French fade from my last blog and said this is what I was looking for. She replied a coffin shape and I said yes. I wanted to show her a picture as a coffin shape can be very slight or very dramatic and I wanted a more subtle coffin shape. When I got them done for Diva Las Vegas this year they a little pointier than I wanted although I liked them but wanted them not as pointy this time.

She started working on them, now I have come here a few times for pedicures and they really don’t talk much to any of their customers, they play really relaxing music and it is pretty quiet but she did talk to me a little, it was a really relaxing experience and she did a wonderful job. It took a little over an hour and I enjoyed every minute of it, I really think getting your nails done is one of the simple joys in life that most men will never experience. Now they are just a little shorter than I planned on getting but they look awesome and I am happy with them. It was about 5:20 when I left with my beautiful nails. I can already tell I will hate it at the end of the week when I have to get them removed.

My next stop was Starbucks as I wanted to write about today while it was still fresh in my mind, I got there and they were once again packed. Other then seats at the counter there was on small table by the front that was open. There are 5 tables in this area and they are about 2 feet apart so you are really close to the people round you so its s kind of fun. I went and ordered a hot chocolate as it is a little cold out tonight. The lady at the counter remembered me by name and that always makes me feel good. She even complimented me on how I looked. With my drink ordered I went and sat down and got out my computer and set it up before I went up to see if my drink was ready but before I could here come the lady who waited on me with my drink. Now as I said these tabled are so close, I could hear the conversation of the man and woman to my left if I listened and the lady to my right I could see what she was doing on her computer if I looked and I am sure they could look over and see what I was doing on my computer if they wanted to but everyone just went on with their own business and we didn’t pay any attention to each other although I wondered if they noticed my nails as I am kind of proud of them. I really do wish that men could have nails like this and no one would care.

I stayed at Starbucks till about 7 then went and got gas, and then to Wendy’s for something to eat before heading home. now I have the whole week off work to spend time as Susan although there are a couple things I have to fit in this week as my male self which will be interesting with my pretty red nails. Also talked with Cassandra and we are going to the coast on Wednesday afternoon and hoping to get a couple other girls to go.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what I am up to this week and what is new in my life.

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Sunday Susan time and a much-needed pedicure.

It is Sunday and I get to have a little Susan time and the first thing I need is a pedicure. The polish on my toes are chipping off pretty bad and they look bad of course this time of year I don’t show them off but I see them and that is bad enough. Now I know it has been awhile so I looked back through my blog to see when I got my last pedicure and it was July 14th 3 months ago. I started getting ready early so I could get out early. I was ready by 3:15 and now I had a decision to make. Where do I go to get my pedicure? Now the last couple times I went to Natural nails and they are nice and do a great job but very quiet and they really don’t talk to you, and it just not me I have noticed it is very quiet in there. The other option is Dream nails where I was going. I went there almost every 2 to 3 weeks for over 2 years and it really is a wonderful place and all the girls knew me and talked to me. I really want to go back to Dream nails but wonder what they would think as it has been about 15 months since I was there last and I would not be going as often as I use to. well in the end I called Natural nails and made an appointment for 3:30.

I got there right at 3:30 and went in and they were ready for me. Now usually when I go to the nail salon most are getting pedicures bit not today. There were 5 women in their all getting fills on their nails and I was the only one there for a pedicure. I picked out a really pretty red and sat down. Now today I had a young man do my pedicure, this salon is actually owned by a man and there are a couple of them working here. Now I have had men do my nails before and they really do, do a good job. Now getting a pedicure is just so wonderful and relaxing it really is one of life’s simple pleasures. I got the Tropical deluxe with lavender cream. It took about an hour. Now 2 other ladies came in and they both wanted nail fills, I was almost done when a couple ladies came in to get pedicures. Now with my toes paint I just had to wait a little for them to dry before I left, of course I had to get a quick picture, such a pretty color.

I left the salon about 4:45 with my beautiful toes and headed for Starbucks. I got to Starbucks and they were not busy at all so I had my choice of parking spots right in front of the door. There were only 4 people in there so I set my computer on a table by the window and went up to order my drink. The young man at the counter remembered me from last week by name which made me feel good. I ordered my drink and I broke down and also got a cookie. Now we talked for a few minutes and he asked me about my day so I told him I had just come from getting a pedicure. He said that sounded wonderful and he should get one. I told them they really are wonderful and he asked where I went so, I told him about both places depending on if he wanted really quiet and relaxing or a little more conversation. I got my drink and sat down at my table and started on my blog from last night at the Escape. I also got a selfie in the car.

I spent about 2 hours here doing my blog, catching up on e-mails and just surfing the internet. It is one of the great things about the internet as you can take your computer any place and have something to do and even get work done and for me that means I can go and be Susan. It was almost 7 when I left and once again as I was leaving the young man wished me a good night by name. Starbucks really does have wonderful employees. I have gone to so many different ones over the years and in every one I have been treated wonderful. I stopped picked up a hamburger from Jack in the box on my way home since I didn’t have one last night. It was a relaxing fun day and my toes look awesome.

Thanks for reading my blog and check out my newest blog to see what is new in my life.

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