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Out at Starbucks again.

Well it has been a couple weeks since I have been out at Starbucks and I was so ready for it. Stefia e-mailed me that she would be out and in the area of the Starbucks I go to around 6:30 so I told her I would do my best to get here by then. She is the T-girl I met for dinner last week and is very nice. So I got home from work and ate really quick and started getting ready. Again it helped that I knew what I was going to wear tonight. I actually have it all planed out for the weekend also. Tomorrow at the P-club I will wear the other dress I bought last week and Saturday night I know what I will wear when I go out with my friends to Harvey’s Comedy club. Jan and Lynn got tickets again for the group; it is such a fun night out.

Well I was ready and out the door by 6:15 and got to Starbucks just a little after 6:30 and actually walked in right after Stefia. Stefia was at the counter getting her drink and actually bought mine for me which was very nice, Thanks Stefia for that. Next time it is on me.

Starbucks was a little crowded but still a couple tables open so we sat down and started chatting. It is really nice to have a friend out with you. Stefia commented on how busy it was here which it does seem to be a little busier than normal. Which is good as it means they won’t close down plus it makes good people watching. The funny thing is most of the people who come here are female. There are about 10 woman here and only 2 men and most weeks it is the same. I guess woman just like to relax here more than men.

I still haven’t heard about my vacation for Diva Las Vegas but I am beginning to think that this year I will not make it which is sad. I have had such a fun time the last two years and was so looking forward to it. If I don’t make it this year I will definitely go next year. They already have over 130 signed up so I am guessing they will have around 170 again this year. If you are looking for a fun place to go out dressed Diva Las Vegas is great.

Well it will be another fun busy weekend for Susan as I will be out both Friday and Saturday nights. Friday will be at the P-Club again with my friends. So much fun and always great to spend the evening with them. Saturday will be Harvey’s Comedy club. This is really a fun outing as we are really out with the general public. There are usually a couple hundred people there and we are right there enjoying the show with them. The staff there is great and we have never had an issue there. I really think this is a great way to let people see and meet us and see that we are no different other than the way we dress.

Our group is going to try to get events going on Saturday nights again. Cassandra and Peggy are planning on having a dinner party at their home once a month on Saturday evenings which is nice. So wonderful of them to open their home like this makes you wonder what their neighbors think when they see all these tall woman in heels walking up the street to their home. We are also planning on doing Harvey’s once a month on Saturday nights. With both events we have a safe private place for those girls who are not ready to go out to a mainstream place and also Harvey’s which is as public and mainstream as you can get. I will of course be blogging about both and hope to have pictures.

Well Stefia could only stay here till about 7:45 before she had to leave so now I am on my own. It has really quieted down here and only 5 other people here now. It gave me a chance to catch up on all my e-mails and even some work. Funny thing about computers is you can do so much. Even now I am writing my b log while chatting online with a friend. I guess Susan is good at multi tasking. Must be the female part of me.

At the Super bowl party I got to talk with Roxy, the T-girl who did my pedicure which by the way still looks great. She was telling me some of the girls at the school thought I looked great and wanted to talk to me but was worried about what to say or if they would make me feel uncomfortable or offend me. Now here is my disclaimer, the view here after are mine and mine alone.

I wish they had come and talked to me. As long as you don’t call me a freak or some other name you won’t offend me or make me feel uncomfortable. I know that I am not totally passable and given enough time or probably a little time people will know I am male dressed female. I am always open to conversation and willing to answer questions to people who are interested in me, in why I dress or what I want in life. The only questions I will not answer are about my male identity as that is separate from Susan. I look at it this way; if you would ask a female bout her outfit or compliment her on how she looks you should feel free to do the same for me. We live in a world that has gone way too far to be politically correct for fear of offending someone. We have to be able to talk and ask questions as that is how we learn and find out things. Just my thoughts, if you see me out some place don’t hesitate to talk to me, as long as it is pleasant I am willing to talk with you. Even if you disagree with me and my way of life as long as you accept my right to live this way. I don’t want to tell anyone they have to dress this way any more than I want them to tell me I can’t. Again just my views.

Well thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


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