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Saturday night dinner out but first Starbuck’s

Okay it is Saturday and Julie; Kate and I are going to Dinner at Noble Rot in downtown Portland. I have never been there, well actually never even heard of it so I am looking forward to it. Julie made reservations for 3 this morning and let us know. I will pick her up between 6 & 6:15 and we will be on our way. Now I had some things I had to take care of today and I actually got done early so what is a girl to do. I decided to start getting ready a little before 3 and by 4 I was already makeup done and looking at my dress for tonight. I decided I just didn’t want to sit at home so I put on my yoga pants and a sweater top and decided to go to Starbucks for a while. Now I know my makeup is a little much for Starbuck’s but I don’t want to have to redo it before going out tonight. At least I didn’t wear the dress and heels to Starbuck’s although I am sure I would have turned some heads. Now while I was finishing getting ready I got a couple messages from a couple of our girls asking where we were going tonight so I was texting back and forth for a while to see if we could add to our reservation which Julie was able to do even though the restaurant is booked up tonight so Karen and Melissa will be joining us.

I got to Starbuck’s and went in, they are not busy which surprised me I figured on a rainy windy day what better place to go then Starbuck’s. The young man at the counter remembered me by name which always makes me feel wonderful. Even the girl who made my drink remembered me, a nice warm cup of hot chocolate which is wonderful on a day like this. It is nice to go places like this where they remember you and treat you well. Now I was at my table on my computer chatting with Karen on Facebook and texting Julie and Melissa to get everything arranged and see if Julie could add them which she was able to do, Thanks Julie for doing that and for making the reservations in the first place. Once that was done I started working on this blog which I will finish tomorrow and also caught up on some e-mails and work. I really do enjoy coming to Starbucks as Susan to do my work, so much better than sitting at home. Now I won’t stay here as long as I planned as I will have to go home and change and also charge up my phone before going out tonight. I left Starbuck’s at 5:30 and went home and changed into my dress and heels and touched up my makeup which actually held up really well. I was on my way to Julie’s by 5:45

I got to Julies and went in, she had just finished getting ready so we chatted for a few minutes before we were on our way. It was a rainy and windy night so I was glad I didn’t make the drive to Salem. Now Julie has eaten here before but I have never even heard of the place so Julie told me how to get there, we got lucky and found a parking spot right on Burnside by the restaurant, I didn’t know how lucky we were. I put my big wrap on in the car not easy to do and it covers up my pretty dress. We got out of the car and we only had to cross the side walk. I parked right in front of the door. The restaurant is on the 4th floor so we took the elevator up. It was 7 so we were just a little early but our table was ready even though they were really busy. July and I sat down and waited for the others to show up, Melissa was first followed by Karen and Kate so we were all here. Now the restaurant is dark inside I guess for the more romantic look but the bad part you really couldn’t see my dress inside either. Kind of a letdown as I really wanted to be noticed in my dress as it was really cute. The booth sat 6 with 3 on each side which was wonderful as with the small group we had we could talk with everyone. Somehow, we got on the topic of cell phones and the cameras and taking selfie’s in low light which I really do think the Samsung take the best pictures in low light. Any way I gave Karen my tip on taking a selfie. I can’t hold the phone out and push the button and get a good picture so I set the timer to 5 seconds, that way I can push the button and then hold the phone out to get the picture I want and there is still time for the camera to focus. This is a picture taken of me in the low light with no flash and remember we had to use the candles on the table to read the menus.

Our waitress came over, her name was Harmony and she was awesome, she took our drink orders and told us about their specials tonight and was just really pleasant. We got our drinks and ordered our food and then kept talking. It was so nice to be able to be in the conversations with everyone. I don’t want to sound like I want to exclude people but it was nice to have a small intimate group. One it is more like the people around us as they were all groups of 4 to 6 accept for one large group in the back. It allowed us to sit with everyone else instead of being at the big table in the back. It was just more of a normal outing. I don’t think I thought once about us being t-girls, we were just ladies out for a nice dinner. It was a great feeling

Our dinner came and it was wonderful, we all had different items and everyone loved what they had. Now the prices are above average but the food was wonderful and so was the atmosphere and the view as the booths sat by the window overlooking the city which would have been a wonderful view had it not been so dark, rainy and windy. Harmony our waitress was attentive to us and checked back on us often to see how we were doing and if we needed anything. It really was a nice dinner and I would highly recommend this place but call for reservations and try to keep your group to 4 to 6 and you will have a wonderful time.

We had a great evening and talked about so many things including of course the real important topics of the day, makeup and heels. It is amazing how fast the night went by, after dinner we had desert and that was also wonderful although I probably should cut out the deserts. I really want to lose some weight by our cruise next year so I am going to have to make some changes to my diet. We also talked about our nails which we all love. Melissa brought up an interesting thing about nails which I had never thought about. We all love having pretty long nails and she said it was the reason we can see them. Here I am all dressed up in a pretty dress, full makeup, heels and hair but I can’t see it unless I look in the mirror, our nails are in front of us and we can see them all the time and that is the feminine part we see the most. Kate was going to take a group picture of us at the table but Harmony came over and took it so we could all be in it, we didn’t even have to ask her she just offered. This is our group after dinner at Noble Rot. Kate, Melissa, Susan, Keren, & Julie. What a wonderful pretty group of ladies.

As I said it went by so fast and soon it was 10 pm and we called it a night. It was truly a wonderful night. The 5 of us and 2 men road down in the elevator together and we talked with each other including the men about dinner. It was just a normal evening out with friends. I really like going to these mainstream places where we can interact with other people. Anyone around us would see we were no different from them other than our dress. We came in, sat, had dinner and normal conversation. We weren’t loud, obnoxious or drawing attention to ourselves and that I think is a wonderful thing. We all dressed like all the other woman here and just blended in although I am sure they knew we were a little different. It was a great night and thanks to my friends for having dinner together and a big thanks to Julie who set it all up.

It was still rainy and windy outside when we left so I was glad we parked right outside the door. Julie and I talked more on the drive back to her house. It was just a fun girl’s night out. I dropped off Julie and drove home. It was about 11:30 when I got home.

Thanks for reading, link to my most recent blog so you can see what I am up to now.


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A quick trip out for a manicure

It has been a while since I have been able to get out and the next month or two will be hard to get out, Family health issues. The last time I was out was for Wednesday night dinner with my friends on April 12th and I didn’t even get a chance to blog about it as the next day things got busy so I will include a little about that night in today’s blog at the end and of course a few pictures from that night. This is Julie and me at dinner. Anyway, back to today.

I really needed a manicure as the last one was on April 4th when I got back from Diva Las Vegas and I decided to keep the acrylic on my nails although a thin layer so it is not real noticeable. Any way it had grown out and I had actually had to file my nails shorter twice over the 3 ½ weeks it has been. I didn’t know when I was going to get a chance to get them done and then luck happened today and I had a few hours, well 3 hours open as my parents had some friends up to see my mom who is having the health issues so I took the opportunity to squeeze in a short Susan day and get my nails done. It would be a rush though. It was noon when I called to see if I could get in at 1 to get my nails done and Anna said that was fine so I had to rush getting ready. I think this was one of my fastest times getting ready as I was at the nails salon by 12:50, only a couple minutes from where I live. Anna greeted me and said it had been a while and I had to admit it has been, they said they missed me which made me feel good.

They were not busy so Anna was ready for me so I didn’t have to wait. I guess having the first nice weekend of the year people had other things to do then get their nails done. Now I have had Acrylic nails many times over the years but never long enough to get a fill which is what I will get today so it will be interesting to experience that. Now in some ways it is quicker as Anna didn’t have to soak the gel polish off she just ground it off as she also needed to take off some of the acrylic and get it ready for the overlay of acrylic. Now there was one other lady here getting a pedicure but soon people started to come in I guess I timed it right. Even a couple came in to get pedicures and the man had on a dark brownish polish on his toes, they had matching colors. His wife wanted to get pink today and although I wasn’t there long enough to see if he got the same color he did say it was her choice and that pink was the new black so I am guessing he will leave with pink toenails.

Anna did an excellent job on my nails and I had her file them back a little but they still look awesome, really wish I could have red on them. Now she asked me about a pedicure and I really wanted one but I am taking a break from them for a bit, yes, my toes have not had polish on them for 3 ½ weeks now so boring and ugly they look. This is the most days I have gone without polish on them for probably 12 years which is the reason why. I always chose a red or dark color and it turns out toe nails grow so slow it is not good to keep them covered with dark colors for that long. Makes your nails unhealthy and in my case one of them kind of broke apart and I lost half of it. I hope to be able to get a pedicure next time I got to the nail salon and I will have to put some lighter colors on them every occasionally. It took Anna about 40 minutes to do my nails so it was about 1:30 when I left with my pretty nails. Now I had my computer in the car and I wanted to take full advantage of this quick outing so I went to the Starbucks by my house.

They were not busy so I didn’t have to wait in line, again a couple of the girls here told me it had been a while since they had seen me and they missed me. It is nice to feel welcomed. I ordered a drink and a snack and sat down to do my blog really quick. I still need time to get home and change back to my male self before being over where my mom is by 3. I think this will be my shortest time as Susan, from boy to girl and back again in 3 hours but it is worth it as I am not sure when or how much I will get to be Susan for a while.

The Starbucks is actually busy but most come in and get a drink and leave, but there is maybe 8 other people here at tables now. It is a fun place to go for a few hours and do work and people watch. Well it is now 2:10 and I need to get home and clean up and wash all traces of Susan away so I will sign off here. There will not be a lot of blogs or Susan time over the next month or two. I will be spending a lot of time helping my parents

Thanks for reading.

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A little Susan time to try a different look

Well I had a couple hours free tonight and I wanted to try a different look, a little darker foundation and makeup and o figured it was better to do it on a night I was not planning on going out just in case it didn’t turn out well. Now the other day when I was shopping I bought one shade darker of the MAC Studio fix which is what I use on my face and I have used the Revlon color stay on my neck and I actually went a lot darker on this one. Well for tonight I decided to use just the Revlon Color stay on my face also and see how it worked. Now this looks a lot darker in the bottle but once I got it put on it really didn’t look that much darker and I thought it gave my face a healthy glow so I was liking the look.

Next was my eyes and again I did a Smokey eye look and I think it turned out well, of course I was in no hurry as I was not going out so I had all the time I needed. Well I got my makeup all done and it actually looked really good so of course I needed some hair to make the look right and of course an outfit so before I knew it I was all dressed and had tried several of my wigs that I don’t normally wear to see what looked good. I liked this one the best as it seemed to look good with the darker foundation. So now that I was all dressed up I had to get a picture so that meant going outside on my back deck as I think natural light just makes you look better. I snapped several pictures as I knew some would not look good and I was right. Out of 10 I only liked 2 of them, the other 8 I deleted.

Well now I found myself standing in my house at 7 pm all dressed up and no place to go so what is a girl to do. You guessed it Starbuck’s, the idea just came to me so I grabbed my purse and off I went. I went to the one by the Airport at Cascade Station. I picked this one because as I was driving down the freeway headed to my regular one I realized the outfit I had put on for the pictures were more geared for going to a club, short black skirt and my 4″ heels not what ones wears to Starbuck’s so I went to one I have been to before but not on a regular basis.

I parked and there were 5 guys sitting outside by the door so I was a where of what I was wearing as I got out of the car and walked past them and inside.

I ordered my drink and sat down and glanced outside at the guys and they were watching me, not sure if it was the fact I was a t-girl or if it was the short skirt and 4″ heels that got their attention. Any way I had things I needed to do so I got out my computer and went on line.

I spent the next hour catching up on e-mails as I have been really busy this week and got behind. Once that was done I had time to play so I started surfing the internet. Now this Starbucks is a little bigger and also busier so there was a lot of people coming and going and of course I had sat right by one of the doors next to where you pick up your drink so I had a good chance to people watch also which is always fun.

It was a fun and relaxing Saturday night and much better than just sitting at home. Soon it was 9 pm and they were closing so I had to leave which was okay as I needed to get home. The 5 guys were still sitting outside so I again got to walk right past them.

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A little time out at Starbuck’s

Well Saturday afternoon I had some time to be Susan. It was too late to go to the garden Party so I decided to go to Starbuck’s for a little while. I went to the Starbuck’s I that I use to go to every week, it has been a long while since I have been here.

I got there a little before 5 and went in. there were a couple people in line for drinks but no one sitting at the tables. I waited my turn and then ordered an ice tea. I had one the other day and it was good and as it wasn’t cold out I really didn’t want a hot drink. Now the other girl behind the counter smiled at me and said, not having a hot chocolate today. Now I know I probably stand out but she not only remembered me but what I ordered and it has been several months since I have been here.

I got my drink and sat down at a table and broke out my computer to catch up on e-mails and surf the internet. Now more people came in and soon most of the tables were full. It is always kind of fun to go places and people watch. I spent about 2 hours here before I left.

On the way home I decided to stop and get some food, I stopped at a Panda Express, I can eat their food with a fork and not mess up my lipstick. Now they were really busy and I had to stand for a while to get up and order my food. I guess everyone else had the same thought I did. As I stood in line I was looking around and there were no open tables so I was going to have to get my food to go and take it home. Not as much fun as if I had been able to sit there and eat.

It was a quick day out but still fun.

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Trying a different makeup look

Well I have been playing around with my makeup. I have been using the MAC Studio Fix makeup because it gives me the coverage I need but it does cost $28 a bottle. Now that isn’t that bad as I only use it maybe twice a week on average so it does last me 8 months or so. I have noticed though when out in the day light the coverage isn’t perfect, I know nothing is perfect but after a while it gets blotchy for a lack a of better word, well more uneven in coloring. Anyway yesterday when I went out shopping I used Revlon color stay concealer all over my face and then put on the makeup and that seemed to look better and held up the whole day. Anyway I was wondering how it would look with drugstore makeup you know the kind that is less than $10 a bottle. Anyway I have some Revlon color stay foundation that I use on my neck so today I decided to try it and see how it looks.

Well I did a full makeup and it seems to look pretty good although the shade of foundation I had for my neck might be just a shade to light but I think it might work. I need to get a little darker shade and then try it for a longer period. Well anyway I had my makeup all done and looking good but really needed to see it with the wig and outfit so I got all dressed up and was happy with the look. Well now that I was all dressed up I didn’t want to just sit at home and as it was 5 pm, dinner time I decided to drive down to Wendy’s and get something to eat, I am also trying a new lipstick, Maybelline 14 HR lipstick and it really seems to stay on well even without lip liner. I have worn it several times but I am thinking a head to my trip to Diva Las Vegas so I wanted to eat something without a fork like a hamburger to test it.

I got to Wendy’s and instead of just going through the drive through I parked and went inside to eat. It is always fun to see if you get any kind of reaction from the workers at these places as they are mostly young high school kids, well they were great, treated me well and as far as I could tell didn’t seem to be the least bit surprised or bothered by me there. Well I got done eating and figured since I was already out why not stop at a store and look around, well there is a JC Pennies not far so that was my next stop.

I got to Pennies and there parking lot was somewhat busy so I had to park out a bit and walk in, well it turns out it is a little cold out tonight and I didn’t think to take a coat as my original plan was to just go to the drive through and go back home. Well once inside it was warm so I wondered around and looked at clothes, they had some really cute dresses that I liked and I probably would have bought even though they were not on sale but they just didn’t have in my size I really need to lose weight. Well it is actually my shoulders that make me get the next size up and there is nothing I can do about that, but they were really cute. I also looked at the intimate apparel section. Way easier shopping this section as Susan then my male self.

Well I left here and the walk back to my car was cold so as luck would have it I wasn’t far from the Starbuck’s I normally go to and I still had my computer in my car from yesterday, maybe deep down inside someplace I knew I would go out tonight again.

I got to Starbuck’s and it was kind of slow there only 2 people at the far back table. I got my nice warm drink and sat down to relax and play on my computer, well I am on my second drink and chatting with friends online. What a relaxing way to spend an evening, so much better than just sitting at home and now it is a little busy here maybe 10 other people. I even chatted with the girl working here while she was making my second drink.

Well I one last thing, I have gotten in the habit on Friday nights when I get home I walk across the street and get my mail as I never take time before I go out. Now normally it is between 1am and 2 am when I get home so very little chance of any of my neighbors seeing me. Well last night I got home about 9:30 and without even thinking about it I got out of the car in my garage and just walked across the street and got my mail. It wasn’t till I saw the car coming down the street that I thought about. There was nothing I could do so I walked back across the street and was just getting to my garage when they went by my house. Now I know they could not tell but have to wonder if they were trying to figure out who the woman going into my garage was. I think tonight when I get home I will go get my mail again.

Well that is it for now. Thanks for reading and I hope you are all having a great weekend.

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Nice Thursday night at Starbuck’s

Well it has been a long time since I have been to Starbuck’s but tonight I had the chance to go and better yet Peggy was going to meet me there. It would be nice to have someone to talk with. Now I did feel bad as it is a long drive for Peggy and during rush hour. I was ready and on my way by 5:45 as Peggy got off work early.

Well as I pulled into the parking lot Peggy was right in front of me, we both arrived at the same time 6:15 which is earlier than I normally get there. They were not very busy so we had our choice of tables. We ordered our drink and as it is summer I tried their new Starbuck’s refreshers, the lime one and it was pretty good and very refreshing but had a bit of an aftertaste but I liked it and a lot healthier and way lower in calories then the hot chocolate I normally get.

It was a really fun night and we just sat there and talked. It is funny as my male self is not that big on just talking but as Susan I really enjoy it. We talked about everything and it was so enjoyable. We even talked about things we could do as a group. We even talked about getting together for dinner one of these evenings. Actually before we knew it, it was after 9 and we had to leave.

Well it was dark by the time I got home so I wasn’t too worried about anyone seeing me but as I drove down my street I saw that my neighbor had just got home and was taking bags out of her car. There really wasn’t anything I could do at this point so I just hoped it was dark enough out and pulled into my drive and right into the garage. It was a really fun night.

Friday night our group is trying another place called the Florida Room. I have never heard of it and looking at some pictures online of the outside it looks old and if I was driving by I probably wouldn’t stop but it seems to have some good reviews online so I am ready to give it a try. After all it really is about being out with my friends

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Made it to Starbucks again finally

Well it has been another busy week for my male self. I was planning on coming to Starbuck’s tomorrow night but I have a meeting so at the last minute I decided tonight was my chance. I got all dressed up and was out the door earlier than normal when I come here so actually made it before 7. They are all done with their remodel and it really looks nice inside. They are also pretty busy as there was only one table open and I had to stand in line. The cool thing is it is almost all women here tonight only 3 men and about 15 women so I guess Starbuck’s tonight is a ladies night out.

It is strange as it has been awhile since I have been here. Looking back through my blog, one of the cool things about having a blog I can see the last time I was here was 5 weeks ago. For some reason I was thinking it had only been 3 weeks, my how time flies. It is relaxing to sit here and play on my computer, surf the internet, catch up on e-mails while enjoying a nice warm drink. It really is amazing how relaxing and comfortable I feel here.

I have been reading some of my friend’s blogs and posts on their facebook page about Diva Las Vegas. It sounds like they all had such a fun time and so many great pictures. I can’t wait for the Diva Las Vegas web page to post all the pictures. They usually give as month or two for people who attended to submit their pictures and then the same for those who attended to check them out and request to remove any of the ones with them in it as some girls want or need privacy and I know we have all been there at one time or another. I hope they will have them on their page by the fall. You can always check out the past years as they really have a lot of picture. It is a really fun week if you ever want to take a vacation as a girl.

Now I have gotten a few e-mails from other t-girls who I assume are just starting out wondering why I like to dress and I guess why they like to dress. I have done a lot of thinking on this over the years and all I can say is there is no one answers for everyone. We are all individuals and as such the reasons I dress may or may not be the same for others. There are some common areas that talking with other crossdressers I have found. Mostly it just feels right, I find it very relaxing. I can dress up as Susan and for a few hours I really am a different person, not a duel or split personality as I choose when and am always in control kind of like an actor or actress would play a part. But it is a great way to get away from any problems or issues in my life, what I call my mini vacations. As Susan I have a group of friends that are separate from my male side and his friends. It really is a great hobby and that is just how I view it. I have friends who play sports, camp, hike, fish, cook or any number of things to relax and for me it is being Susan. There really is no difference other than I think my hobby is way more fun. By the way I also like to camp, hike, fish and play some sports just my Susan time is the most fun for me.

Now as I said there are differences, one of the biggest for me is pictures. My male side hates his picture being taken but Susan loves the camera. It really is funny as I was going through all my pictures on my computer and it really shows. I found two pictures of my male self, both with an ex-girlfriend from 7 years ago, that is it. Now on the other hand Susan has over 2,000 pictures dating back to when I first started dressing which by the way is pre digital camera. Back when I would take pictures and have to have the film developed and then I would scan them into my computer before destroying the picture. I so love digital cameras so much easier and way cheaper. I was talking with some of my friends last week at the P-Club about this and it is funny as most of them are the same. Very few picture of their male self but hundreds if not thousands of their female side. I think girls are just more photogenic.

Now even with the differences between how I act and dress deep down I am the same person. I think the same, now I will admit that I probably lean more to the female gender (feelings) but I think that is just normal for me, I tend to have a softer side and outlook on life. I like pretty things and I like all kinds of movies from the action adventure to what most people would call a chick flick. I really think it makes me a more rounded person as I can see both sides and enjoy it all. Sharing both male and female sides gives one a unique perspective on life in general.

It is funny as today at work there was a couple arguing and the woman told the guy with her, “you just don’t understand what woman deal with” and I was thinking to myself maybe he does. I know I don’t understand everything about being a woman but I do know a lot. It is hard work to always look good, makeup, hair, clothes. My male side can get up in the morning, eat a bowl of cereal. Shower and dress and be out the door in less than thirty minutes. Susan on the other hand needs a lot more time. Just my makeup can take 30 minutes or more.

Well must get back to my e-mails now. This Friday I will of course be out with my friends at the P-Club. We go there every week but for me it is not about where we go but spending time with my friends as that is so important. I really think having good friends to spend time with and it does not matter if you are male, female or transgender is what makes life awesome and fun and keeps you healthy and happy. So that is my tip for a healthy happy life, make some good friends and remember a friendship is just like a relationship, there will be good and bad times and it takes work but the work is well worth the effort because a true friend is always there for you.

Have a great rest of the week.

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Susan’s thoughts on crossdressing on her weekly outing.

Well it is Tuesday evening and this week my night for Susan to go out. Actually it had to be tonight as my next chance for Susan time will be two weeks from tonight which seems so far away. It is strange when I think just a few years ago it was no big thing to go weeks even months without a chance to be Susan. Now it is such a normal part of my life to have a couple nights a week it seems strange. I will miss the next two Friday nights out with my friends and of course the first Saturday of the month Cassandra and Peggy are hosting a get together at their home and the second Saturday of the month is our Harvey’s Comedy club night and I will also miss these so really I am missing 4 nights out with my friends. Now I know I will survive.

It makes one wonder why I or any crossdresser feels this way. What is it about dressing up as the opposite sex that can have such a strong effect on someone? I mean I even feel relaxed and happy just thinking about my time out as Susan. I guess it is like when you are looking forward to a vacation and even though you haven’t gone the thought of it and the fun you will have can make you feel happy and relaxed. Emotions are a complicated thing. I think one of the big things for me is the different looks I can have. As a guy I am pretty normal, short hair and actually my hair style looks the same as it did in High school well there is a little grey now. Woman change their hair styles and color all the time but generally speaking men don’t. Women really do have so many more options in how they look.

I love long nails but in my male life I can’t have them for several reasons. As Susan I get to have long nails in an array of different colors, tonight is Pompeii Purple, Last Friday a bright red and last week here at Starbucks a dark red. Even if only for a few hours having my long pretty nails is wonderful. It is so much fun to try different looks and so amazing how simple little things can change your look. Different style or length of a wig, color of lipstick or eye shadow, shoes, clothes they all can change your look and I find this really fun. For me I kind of look at it as being an artist and instead of painting a picture I create Susan. It is amazing how much it has grown from just putting on some makeup when I was small to trying to look and act as a woman. I guess that makes me an actress, I have a friend who has a blog which she calls crossacting which is really what I do. Think of when you were a little kid and you would play cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers, it is the same thing except I am playing dress up and being a lady. I get just as much fun as I did as a little kid playing and I think that is a big reason why a feel and people tell me I look young and I have no stress in my life, well maybe just a little as some times it is hard to figure out what I should wear or how I should do my makeup. I really believe everyone should have a little play time in their lives as we tend to be so busy and worry about everything that comes along. We all need a way to take a break from our daily lives and that is what I get from my crossdressing, that and it is just so much fun.

Well as I said tonight was my night out this week and I am at Starbuck’s. They were really busy when I got here, only on table open. It looks like they are also doing training on some new employees here tonight as they have 7 girls working and they are doing what looks like an orientation at the table next to me. The rest of the tables are full and they are almost all female, in the corner are two men and then the big table has 5 women and one guy, everyone else is female 3 at the table next to me 2 behind me and the other 3 tables have one woman each and most have computers. I guess this is the place for a single girl to go and work on her computer.

It really is nice that Starbuck’s has free Wi-Fi. It is so much better than sitting at home dressed as Susan on my computer. I know a lot of people wonder why I would come here by myself but it is fun and relaxing and as I said beats just sitting at home. for a $3.50 I can get a Hot Chocolate as I do have to go home and go to bed plus I am not a big fan of coffee. On a cold night like tonight I am having 2 and then just relax and play on my computer. Catch up on e-mails, update my blog, chat with friends and even find some time to do some actual work. If you are looking for a place to go by yourself I would recommend Starbucks.

Well must get some work done. Thanks for reading. This will be my last blog for a couple weeks but yes I will be back.

Have a great couple weeks.

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Relaxing night at Starbucks.

Well it has been another long week for Susan’s male side. Just seems that my life is busier than normal for some reason. I wasn’t even sure I would make it to Starbuck’s tonight as I got home so late. It was 7 when I left home so didn’t even get here till 20 after so it will be a shorter night out.

They are not very busy tonight, when I got here there were only 7 people here and now we are down to just 3 plus myself. It makes for a really quiet night but give me a good chance to catch up on e-mails I have needed to get done. It really is funny how even the simple things like answering e-mails is more enjoyable when out as Susan. I never answer e-mails to my male self when Susan though as I always worry about signing it “Hugs Susan” which is how I sign all of Susan’s e-mails. I have never made that mistake but a couple years ago before I was going out so much as Susan and really not doing much e-mail as Susan I did send an e-mail to a T-girl I knew and signed it with my male name. Now it is funny as I do way more e-mails as Susan. Things have reversed for me on that.

Tomorrow night our group the Rose City T-Girls will be out at the P-Club again. We always have a fun time but what really makes it special are the people. The members in the group, the staff at the P-Club and even some of the regulars that accept us for who we are. Lately in our group there has been a lot of talk about Ember which is where we went for years. There were some issues there which I won’t go into but needless to say we stopped going there and that is how we found the P-Club. Even with the problems I still have good memories from there as that is where I met some of my best friends now. I kind of look at it as a failed marriage, it didn’t work out and you don’t want to be with that person but you still remember some of the good time and how it changed your life. Our group has grown and moved on but that is life. I think going to the P-Club is so much better as it gives us more contact with people outside of the transgender community which is a wonderful thing.

Well next week my only chance to go out will be Tuesday night and then Susan will be shut away for a almost 2 weeks so I must really enjoy tomorrow at the P0-Club as I will miss the next two Friday nights which is sad but can’t be helped. As hard as it will be not to be Susan it will be even harder to not see my friends for that long.

Well I just got a chance to talk with another lady here at Starbuck’s. she was trying to get on the free wireless network here on her phone I think and couldn’t figure it out so she came over and asked for my help. I showed her how to do it although had a hard time putting a little check in that small box with my nails. She even commented on my long nails. I finally did get her online and she thanked me.

Well it is getting late and I have as few more e-mails Susan needs to attend to before they close here and then of course I need to stop at the store on my way home and pick a few things up which I haven’t done for several weeks as Susan.

Thanks for reading and I will post again soon.

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Cozy little night at Starbuck’s

Well I made it out to Starbuck’s this week. Was not sure I would. Tonight I came the closest I have to being caught by my neighbor. I was ready to leave and looked out front and it was clear so I went to my garage and got in my car, started it up and opened the garage door to pull out and there out front was my neighbor. One of her friends had pulled up out front and she had gone out to talk to them. I panicked, she could not see me in the garage but whoever was in the car could. I knew it would look suspicious if I shut the garage door and I couldn’t just sit in my car so I got out and went back inside hoping they would just think I forgot something and at the angle they could not get a good look at me because of the car door. I only had to wait a few minutes for them to leave but then I had to walk back out to my car with the garage door open. This is going to be more of an issue with the sunny weather now.

Well this made me a little late to Starbuck’s. Now I have been coming to this Starbucks almost every week for about two years now and I must say this is a first. They are so busy tonight that every table and chair was taken accept for one of the big chairs in the front corner so that is where I am sitting with 3 other people right around me. I had to walk right between the others to get to the one open chair. So now I am sitting with my computer in my lap, not the most comfortable way to be on a computer. I have a man sitting to my right and his wife right across from me and then another man on my left, wow that is boy girl boy girl. The man on my right has already talked to me; he asked me what the time was. And then went on and told me he was waiting for his friend to come pick him up and that he was late. I have never seen it this busy. I also have no way to plug in my computer so my night may end early. I have it set on power save and it says I have one hour left on battery so it looks like I might go dead about 10 minutes before they close. I also shut down all extra programs to see if I can extend it a few more minutes.

I was looking through my closet tonight getting ready; wow I really need to go shopping for some more outfits, maybe even a few new dresses. I need to expand Susan’s options for dress. Plus it would be so much fun to do a shopping trip. I have gone shopping as Susan before and always had fun and never a problem. I don’t know why I don’t go shopping more. I know Melissa and Barb would both go with me, it could be a girls day shopping. I think a small group of us would be okay and not raise too much attention.

Wow still busy here at 8:15, a couple that usually comes in every night came in and was only here a few moments and then left as there are still no seats. Actually I am in one of the seats they usually sit in as they like the big cushy chairs up front. It is strange to see it this busy. The girls working tonight have been going nonstop all night even some of the tables out front are full which is where I almost had to sit but I would not have lasted long as it is about 65 out and a little windy and as I planned on being inside I did not bring a coat so I would have gotten cold and probably left by now.

Tomorrow night the group I belong to will once again be at the P-Club. It is always a fun night but I have heard from a couple of the girls the owner would like us to stop coming. He thinks we are affecting his business. Now this is just a rumor at this point as he has not said anything to the group so I feel till he does say something we should go on as we have and not worry about what may or may not happen in the future. Now they are just as busy most Friday nights as the first time we went there but what I think he is thinking is his business has picked up a little on the other night and not Fridays. Now I have talked to the workers there and they all love us (I think we are bigger tippers than the regular customers). They have told us they really don’t want us to leave. Now this rumor has been going around on and off for several months and so far that is all it is he has not come to any of us directly and said anything so we will just half to wait and see. I personally like it there and the customers I have met and the workers are all great and like us there. If there are customers who do not like us they have not said anything to our

Well I must go will blog again this weekend about the P-Club. Have a great week.


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