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Fun Saturday afternoon

Well I had the chance to go out Saturday afternoon, Sandy a friend of mine from up North was going to be in town for the afternoon and wanted to know if I was available. Well I made myself available as it would be fun to spend some time with Sandy. Now she only had a few hours in the afternoon and we talked about meeting downtown and walking around and maybe doing some shopping and then dinner.

Now I wasn’t sure when Sandy would be ready so I decided to get ready and go out to Starbucks as it has been a while since I have been there. I went to the one at Cascade Station by the airport as there are also stores there I could shop at. I parked and went in and ordered an ice tea as it was warm outside. They were busy so I had to wait in line for my drink.

Now as it was nice outside, sunny and warm and no wind I decided to sit outside on the side walk where I could watch people walk by. It was really nice out although the bright light did make my computer screen a little hard to see but it was worth it. I spent about an hour here catching up on e-mails and chatting with a friend on Facebook.

It was a little before 2 when Sandy called me and said she was ready and ready to leave Victoria’s which is where she went to dress. We decided to meet at Fox & Hound as it was about the middle between us and parking is good there. I got downtown Portland about 2:15 and as I didn’t know what we would be doing I wasn’t sure if I should park in a parking lot or street park. As I drove around I found some spots one block North of where I normally park and they had 5 hour street parking there so that is where I parked and walked the 2 blocks to Fox & Hound.

Sandy arrive right after I did, it was great to see her again. We sat down to have a drink first before we left and started talking. We talked about so many things, I learned more about her and her family. We even talked about, Sandy even asked me where I saw myself in a few years. I have thought about this before and Cassandra and I have even talked about it, will there come a time when I just don’t think I can dress anymore. Who knows but for now it is something I love to do and I need to do, I will worry about the future later.

Well before we knew it, it was 5 and we had been sitting here talking for 3 hours. I guess time kind of got away from us. We talked about places close we could go eat and in the end we decided to stay here and eat. We ordered dinner and kept on talking. It was a really nice time and I got to know Sandy a lot better. We even talked about her apartment her and a few other girls had. They had rented an apartment to share where they could keep their girl stuff. They could go here to change to go out or just hang out at as girls. It only cost them between $100 and $250 a month over a few years depending on how many girls were sharing the apartment but a couple months they got down to so few that it was no longer cost effective. This was such a great idea they had, too bad it had to end.

It is funny as I thought about some of the things I have done over the years to be Susan. For a while I had roommates and I would put my stuff in my car and drive to a near bye park and go to the far end upper parking lot and dress and do my makeup in the car which is not easy. I also use to get Acrylic nails over weekends. I would rent a motel room for a few nights so I could get my nails done.

It was such a fun afternoon with Sandy, She is an awesome friend. I wish she lived down here so she could go out more with our group. Well before we knew it, it was almost 7 and she still had a 2 hour drive home. Yes she was going to drive home and stop at a rest area just a few miles from where she lives and change back to her male self which I have also done before.

Well it was finally time for the day to come to an end, turns out we both parked on the same street about a block apart so we kept talking as we walked to our cars. It really was a great day and I was sad to see it come to an end. I am looking forward to her next visit. On the way home it hit me I never thought to get a picture of us together which I had planned to do, I guess just a blonde moment.

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Out with my Friends on a Friday night.

Well another long and busy week has come and gone and Susan was ready for a night out with her friends. I got home from work late so quickly checked my e-, mails and then right into the shower to start my transformation to Susan. Now the funny thing is I hear the woman I work complain about how long it takes them to get ready and all the work that goes into looking good but for me I still really enjoy it. Now I realize I don’t do it every day or have to if I don’t want to but still I find it so fun and relaxing. Different eye shadows, different color lipstick, eye liner done just a little different. You can always change you look a little every time. How can that not be fun?

Well I was out the door and on my way a little before 7 which on a Friday night is good for me. I got to the P-Club about 7:15 and again no parking in front and the parking lot almost filled. Inside there were 7 from our group already there, Cassandra, Wilma, Amy, Sandy, Chris, Robyn, & Kristy so we already had 2 tables full and were off to a good start. I sat down next to Sandy and Amy and we started talking. Sandy lives North a ways but was in town for the evening so came out and joined us. I first met her at Cassandra & Peggy’s Super Bowl party. Really nice girl, she and some of her friends actually rent an apartment together to store their female clothes and dress at as their families do not know. What a cool idea. They share the rent and always have a place to go. Which I had done something like that years ago when I had roommates. Think about it, if you get 10 girls to go in on it the cost would not be that much and since you are really only using it to change and maybe hand out at it would work great. Well Wilma and I played Sandy and Amy a couple games of shuffle board. We had such a fun time and Wilma and I won both games of course Sandy had never played but by the second game she was getting the hang of it.

Well somehow someone thought we should get some pictures not sure who but we all brought out our cameras and so many pictures were taken, some with two of us, three of us, four of us and so on. We probably took 30 or 40 pictures so I was going to put a bunch in my blog. The funny thing is with all the different cameras and pictures I only had one picture on my camera so that will have to do. This is me, Sandy and Amy and I think it was one of the first ones taken. Hopefully the other girls will either post them to our group or send me copies and I will post later.

Well not that we had the important things done, pictures I good go and order some food to eat. I chatted with Nicole the Bar tender for a bit, she is really nice and treats all us ladies wonderful. I had the chicken tenders this week and they were really good.

After we ate Wilma and I played Robyn and Kristy a game of shuffle board. We kept out undefeated status the whole night never losing a game.

Jennifer showed up later after her meeting at the Q-Center. I first started talking to her back before Halloween and first met her at the Halloween party. She had never been out in public before and now she is going out more and more. She actually started Hormones now and is in the process of telling people about her. I think that would be so hard to do. She is super nice and I just know it will all work out for her.

Later on Jennifer wanted to learn how to play shuffle board so we went over and I explained it to her and we played a couple games. The first game I was way out in front before she finally got a feel for how hard to puck the puck down the table but I won pretty easily, the second game was a lot closer and she almost won. Turns out she learns pretty quickly as I only won by 4. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to our next game.

I am not sure how many were there as some came and left before others got there so it is always hard to get a good count, but I am thinking 15 maybe 20. It is so cool that we have such an active group. I think what makes this group so great and successful is it is a social group and not a place to pick others up. All of our group postings are clean and respectful and if not the moderators take action which luckily does not happen very often. But beyond that even the members help as they will let the moderators know when things are getting out of control. There are many other groups if that is what you are looking for and so it is nice to have a group like this where we can be ourselves. Well done Cassandra on the group, you have brought us together as one big family.

Well I hope to get out Tuesday night to Starbucks as that will be my last chance for almost two weeks. It is sad as I will miss the next two Fridays and as hard as it is to go that long without being Susan I think it will be harder to not see my friends for that time.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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Super Bowl Party at Cassandra & Peggy’s

Well Super Bowl weekend is here and it is time for the big fun. Not so much the game but the Rose City T-Girls Super Bowl party. This is the 3rd year Cassandra and Peggy have hosted a Super Bowl party at their home. How wonderful is that they will open their home to our group, we love you two.

Well I was running late as normal so I had to rush to get ready. Yes again under an hour from start to finish of course I knew what I was wearing my white skirt and black top as I think it is so cute. I also knew how I was doing my makeup so that helps. I was ready to leave by 1 pm now the problem was it was a really sunny Sunday afternoon and would you believe it a couple of my neighbors were out mowing their yards, it’s winter grass does not grow, any way I was not about to wait so I just drove off. I kind of watched them and they never seemed to look towards my car so don’t think they saw me.

I got to Cassandra and Peggy’s house just before 2 and had to park just down the street and walk up. I really wonder what their neighbors think when they see all these tall girls in high heels going to their home. Well I went in and there were already about 20 people there. Well I went around and said hi to everyone, some it has been a long time since I have seen them and even a few new friends to meet. Well to start I got out my camera as what party would be complete without pictures so yes there will be several pictures in this blog.

I got to Meet Sandy as she came down from Olympia just for the Party. She is really nice and looks really good. It was nice to talk with her and get to know her better. I got a picture with her and Dana (Sandy left, Susan middle and Dana on the right). I have known Dana for awhile but she does not get out very often when I am out so it was great to see her again and talk with her. The three of us chatted for a bit and then it was time to play Jenga, if you have never played it is a blast and Cassandra bought the big blocks, they are the size of bricks. It was so much fun and I was not the one to knock it over even though I thought I would. The person right after me knocked it down. Just so you will understand the size of this game I will include a couple small pictures. These blocks could break a toe especially if you are wearing open toe heels. Maybe we should come up with steel toed heels for this, but then who would see are pretty toe nails.

There was so much food, Chris made his Clam Chowder which is awesome and also hot wings which I am sure were just as good but hey I am a girl I can’t eat messy food and risk messing up my lipstick or getting something under my long pretty figure nails, beauty first. Jan made a pot roast which was really good also. Peggy made this fantastic bread dish, it was a round loaf of bread cut in a checkerboard design and then had bacon, melted cheese and butter on it, so wonderful but I never asked about the calories as it is Super Bowl weekend and calories don’t count. There was so much food and it was all so good. I brought my normal Vegetable tray and some pop to drink. I really did eat more then I should have especially when they opened the apple pie. After that I did try to be good and stayed away from the chips and went to the apple slice tray as that is healthy, sliced apples dipped in caramel, yum.

When the game started you could tell who the football fans were as they were in the big room watching the game while the rest were in the other room talking about important things like makeup, clothes, wigs and the like. Yes I was in this group as I am not a real big football fan.

Once again the cameras came out and I got a picture with Kristy. Now she has crossdressed for many years but only been coming out in public for a little over a month now and boy has she gown in herself confidence. She actually came out to almost everyone she know which really took some guts, something I just cannot do. She also had on this really cute black and white dress. We had a good discussion about lipstick and how to keep it on. I told her how I do my lipstick which I posted in my last blog and it really does stay on really well. Even when I got home tonight my lipstick was still good. It is so much fun talking girly things.

We had a really good turnout; I would guess 40 to maybe 50 of us there. It is so nice to spend the afternoon and evening with such wonderful friends. The game was good and it was a close one from the yelling I could hear in the other room, Cassandra even had a couple football boards, you pick squares and then based on the points at the end of each quarter and game you can win money. No skill involved as the squares are picked before numbers are drawn so it really is blind luck to win. Not since I know nothing of football and being blonde this is my kind of bet so I put $20 in and sure enough in the 3rd quarter I won. Yep you guessed it I won $20 so I broke even which for me is a win.

After the game more pictures were taken and I got one with Amy. We both had on black tops which made us almost look like sisters. I just need to get her to wear high heels so I don’t tower over her so much, makes me look like a giant next to her. It was such a fun night I was sad to see it end but as I have to be up early for work it was time to leave. I said my goodbye’s about 8 and I left. Now as I said I parked just a couple houses down the street and what I left out is Cassandra and Peggy live on a hill. Now walking up the hill in 4″ heels was actually easy as the heels almost made it like walking flat but going down was another story. I bet the steepness of the hill made it feel like I was walking on 7″ heels I was almost falling forward and could only take very small dainty steps. It took what seemed like forever to walk to my car as I was doing my best to walk femininely and not fall on my face. Hope no one saw me.

Well I would like to Thank Cassandra and Peggy again for a wonderful party and opening their home. You two are awesome.

Well it is almost 10 and I have to be up for work in 6 hours so must be off to bed, thanks for reading and have a great week.

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