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Relaxing night at Starbucks.

Well it has been another long week for Susan’s male side. Just seems that my life is busier than normal for some reason. I wasn’t even sure I would make it to Starbuck’s tonight as I got home so late. It was 7 when I left home so didn’t even get here till 20 after so it will be a shorter night out.

They are not very busy tonight, when I got here there were only 7 people here and now we are down to just 3 plus myself. It makes for a really quiet night but give me a good chance to catch up on e-mails I have needed to get done. It really is funny how even the simple things like answering e-mails is more enjoyable when out as Susan. I never answer e-mails to my male self when Susan though as I always worry about signing it “Hugs Susan” which is how I sign all of Susan’s e-mails. I have never made that mistake but a couple years ago before I was going out so much as Susan and really not doing much e-mail as Susan I did send an e-mail to a T-girl I knew and signed it with my male name. Now it is funny as I do way more e-mails as Susan. Things have reversed for me on that.

Tomorrow night our group the Rose City T-Girls will be out at the P-Club again. We always have a fun time but what really makes it special are the people. The members in the group, the staff at the P-Club and even some of the regulars that accept us for who we are. Lately in our group there has been a lot of talk about Ember which is where we went for years. There were some issues there which I won’t go into but needless to say we stopped going there and that is how we found the P-Club. Even with the problems I still have good memories from there as that is where I met some of my best friends now. I kind of look at it as a failed marriage, it didn’t work out and you don’t want to be with that person but you still remember some of the good time and how it changed your life. Our group has grown and moved on but that is life. I think going to the P-Club is so much better as it gives us more contact with people outside of the transgender community which is a wonderful thing.

Well next week my only chance to go out will be Tuesday night and then Susan will be shut away for a almost 2 weeks so I must really enjoy tomorrow at the P0-Club as I will miss the next two Friday nights which is sad but can’t be helped. As hard as it will be not to be Susan it will be even harder to not see my friends for that long.

Well I just got a chance to talk with another lady here at Starbuck’s. she was trying to get on the free wireless network here on her phone I think and couldn’t figure it out so she came over and asked for my help. I showed her how to do it although had a hard time putting a little check in that small box with my nails. She even commented on my long nails. I finally did get her online and she thanked me.

Well it is getting late and I have as few more e-mails Susan needs to attend to before they close here and then of course I need to stop at the store on my way home and pick a few things up which I haven’t done for several weeks as Susan.

Thanks for reading and I will post again soon.


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