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The P-Club with my friends

Well it was Friday night and you all know what that means, Susan was going out with her friends and she had a new dress to wear. I started getting ready at 5:15 with hopes to be out the door by 6:30 as I knew some of the girls get there earlier but Susan takes longer to get ready and that is okay as I really enjoy the whole experience of getting ready. I know I hear woman complain about how long it takes to get ready and men complain even more about how long their wives or girlfriends take but I really enjoy it. Now that being said I don’t have to do it every day of my life so it is still special to me, one of the advantages of being a part time girl. Anyway the dress is cute and I like Purple plus it is nice to wear something other than my normal black.

Well I was out the door about 6:45 just a little later than I hoped but still got me to the P-Club by 7:15. Again this week there was no parking in front and only two spots in the parking lot way at the back but that was okay. Inside they had a pretty good crowd for how early it was. Cassandra, Chris, Kristy, Amy, Ronda (in male mode) and one other girl I can’t remember her name was there so we were off to a good start.

About 7:30 Samantha showed up, she is a T-Girl from Eugene area that had e-mailed me earlier in the week. She had read my blog and wanted to know if she could join us. The answer is always yes, as anyone is welcome to join us. Anyway I introduced her around to the group. Turns out she has not dressed for a couple years so she came up to Portland and spent the day out as Samantha. What a fun day she must have had. Well we sat and talked for awhile and got to know a little about each other, well I think we learned more about her than she did about us as there were more of us asking her questions. She is really nice and I hope she comes up to Portland more and joins us.

Well we ordered something to eat, this week I had their Chicken tender basket, yes it includes French fries but I was hungry as I skipped lunch. It was a nice time just eating and chatting. It was more about being social than anything. The funny thing I realized is for the most part when I am out I don’t think about how I am dressed. Yes I am careful how I eat, smaller bites and napkin in my lap so I don’t spill on my cute dress. Smoothing my dress when I sit and keeping my legs together but I really don’t have to think about this as I just seem to do it. I guess I am truly comfortable out as Susan. Most of the time I am not really paying any attention to what I am wearing, I am just Susan which is so cool.

Well Amy got the shuffle board pucks and wanted to play so what is a girl to do. Victoria and I played as partners against Amy and Kristy. It is always fun plus I am pretty good at this game unlike pool. The first game Victoria and I won pretty easy but the second game was a lot closer, we actually came from behind right at the end to win. Well we took a break and got something to drink.

Jennifer also made it. She had another support group meeting downtown and stopped in afterwards. This is only her second time out in public and she was doing great. She really did look relaxed and like she has been going out all her life. We had a good chance to talk and turns out she is going to start hormones this week as she is looking into transitioning. So for her it will be a little different as she will be going full time which means telling everyone, which she has already started with a few people. I think that would be the hardest part. She spent a lot of time talking with Victoria as she went full time last fall and came out to her work when she did. I give them a lot of credit as that hast to be hard to do.

Sophie and Lorna also made it out again, always nice to see them. Lorna has so many great stories always enjoy chatting with her. The 3 of us sat at the table with Samantha, Kristy and Amy and all talked for about 40 minutes. It really is funny as my male side likes to be active and doing things not just sitting around talking but Susan can sit and talk with people for hours and enjoys every minute. There really are so many differences between my male and female side.

There was another new girl there and I think her name was Kim. We chatted for awhile; she is really skinny and looks good. If only I could be half as skinny as she is. I think her new Amy and that is how she found us but how ever she did what was great is she was there.

Dan also made it again this week, the second week in a row. His girl friend Kaylanii was there again. Last week’s blog I was way off on her name but this week it is right but still not sure of the spelling. She really looked good and had on 6″heels so she was really tall. We had a good chance to talk and get to know each other better. Turns out she also lives in Vancouver and not far from the Starbuck’s I go to.

Darla and Kelly were also there. They are both really nice and fun to hang around. Darla had on this really nice perfume it smelled really nice on her. I need some more perfume as mine is almost gone but it is hard as it never smell quite the same on everyone. We talked for a while and I did find out the name of the perfume so I may see if I can find it.

Later in the evening Darcy same in with her friends, her group sometimes plays Bunco at the P-club. Turns out tonight they played at someone’s home and then came to the P-Club for a drink. Darcy is really nice and always happy to see us there. She gave us all a hug and talked with us for a while before going back to her friends. It is so nice to have accepting people like that around as it really makes a girl or anyone feel special.

It was a fun night and we had probably 25 girls there. What a fun way to end a long bust week, out with your friends. It was about 1 am when we left but a really fun night.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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New Years 2012

Well it is a New Year now but what a fun time we had celebrating the New Year. Our group the Rose City T-Girls were going to meet at the P-Club at 7 and have a fun night. I was feeling a lot better so decided to wear my red dress as I don’t wear it that often. Was a little worried I might get cold but turns out I was fine the whole night long. I got to the P-Club about 6:30 and went in, I thought some of the girls might be early but turns out I was by myself till 7 when about 10 girls all showed up at one time. I got a couple tables as I knew we would have a good turnout. It was pretty slow at this time and one of the bar staff came over to see if I wanted anything, her name was April and she has worked a couple times on Fridays when we have been there so she kind of knows us. I was hungry so I went ahead and ordered a salad.

Several of the girls met at Cassandra’s and car pooled down so they would have designated drivers so everyone would get home safe, any way right at 7 pm about 10 of them all walked in at one time. It was almost like a parade. It is great that we do it this way as we really want to avoid anyone getting a DUI or worse having a wreck and getting hurt. Every years Cassandra makes sure we have designated drivers and it is usually easy as we have several girls who don’t drink.

Now I had to work Sunday morning but not super early so I figured I could stay till we ushered in the New Year and then leave and still get 5 hours of sleep so I was excited as last year I had to be up at 3 am so last year I only stayed till a little after 10.we had such a good turnout, I bet 30 or more from our group were there. It was so nice to see so many out at one time.

Maya was there and she had on this really cute dress so of course I had to get a picture with her. It was a black dress off the shoulder on one side and all sparkly. We had a good chance to talk which is always nice as she is working a lot now. Would be nice if she could get out more with the group but making a living must come first after all how else can a girl buy new clothes and makeup.

Teresa was there, she just got back from Thai Land, she had SRS surgery on December 6 and just got back on Dec 26 and is doing great and so happy. It is nice to see her out again and having fun. Got to talk with her about her trip and how she liked Thai Land. She pretty much stayed close to her hotel and hospital which I can understand as this was not a vacation.

Peggy was also there and it is always great to see her, she is Cassandra’s wife and so supportive of her and all of us for that matter and just a really good friend. She has met me at Starbucks a few times which is always nice. I should see if Peggy and Cassandra want to do dinner again as that is also a lot of fun.

Sophia and her wife Lorna also made it. They are also a really nice couple and fun. Lorna has some great stories and always fun to talk with her. We must have sat and talked for an hour. Seems they had a little electrical problem over Christmas and had no power which meant no heat.

We also had a new girl show up, Niky and her GG friend Bonnie. They were both so nice and easy to talk with. Bonnie is really supportive of T-Girls which is really nice. I think they met online and hit it off. Had a good chance to talk with Bonnie and Niky and get to know them a little which is always nice. It is always a little hard at first as you want to get to know them but don’t want to just ask them a bunch of questions and make them feel uncomfortable. I look forward to them coming out again so we can talk more. I should have gotten a picture with Niky as she is taller than me and I always love having my picture taken with tall girls as it makes me feel a little more petite.

I did play one game of shuffle board, Kelly and I took on Melisa and Katherine. It was a fun game and of course Kelly and I won. The shuffle board table really needs to be cleaned though as it was really sticky in some spots. In all it was a great night. The P-Club was not super busy as people would come for a while and then leave and more would come. Isaac was also working and he always works Friday so he knows us all really well, really the staff here is really awesome and they all make us feel welcome when we are there.

Brooke also made it out again which is nice. She has had a lot going on in her life lately and she really needs time out with her friends. I know how much I enjoy it so I can sympathize with her when she cannot get out. I hope she can get out more on a regular basis as we all love it when she comes out. We got a chance to talk for a while and of course one more picture after all it is New Years Eve.

We had an awesome night and at Midnight we made so many toasts to everyone and anything we could think of. The most important of all were our friendships we have made. It was about 12:30 when I finally left and went home. It would be a short night and I was tired today at work but it was so worth it and I would not have missed it for anything as I can think of no better way to start the New Year off then with good friends.

I want to wish all of you the Happiest of New Years, may your year be filled with joy, happiness and peace and may this New Year bring you all you deserve and want. I have so many wonderful friends both online and here in my group and I want you all to know how much your friendship and support means to me. Hugs to you all.

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Loud night at the P-Club

Well it is Friday night and you know where I am going, yes the P-Club with my friends. I look forward all week long to be able to go out and relax with them. Today I got off work a little earlier and thought I would go at 7 as I know some of the girls get there a little early which means starting getting ready a little earlier. It was a good plan but for some reason Susan took a little longer tonight to get ready and so I found myself leaving at 7 pm like normal but I looked good so I was okay with the extra time. It is only a 20 minute drive so I was still a little early and of course found a parking spot right in front which was nice as it was only 37 degrees out so the walk would be short getting in.

Inside I found Cassandra, Wilma & Chris were already there so I joined them. It was great to see Wilma again as she is working again so only gets out every couple months, we have all missed her but glad she has a job now. It was great to get a chance to talk with her and catch up. She usually brings her chess board and we play a game or two at the club which is not something you see two girls doing in a club on a Friday night. We were not sure how many girls would show up since Saturday night is our Winter Gala party and we figured a lot of the girls would stay home Friday so they could go out Saturday night.

Victoria was the next to show up and then others started to show up, turns out we had a pretty good turnout, between 15 and 20 so that is always nice, a couple years ago if we had 5 or more it was a great night. Well I was hungry so I ordered some food, this time I choice the P-Club salad, not my normal dinner but I am trying to eat better and healthier. It was really good and not nearly as filling as what I normally eat there. I hope to lose some weight but the main reason is I really need to eat healthier as this girl is not getting any younger.

Well the club started to get busier about 9 and for the first time they charged a cover of $5 it did go for a charity so some of the girls who got there later had to pay. The P-Club had two live bands that were going to play also to help with the charity which is what I think brought some of the people in. wow what can I say about the bands, if you like really loud head pounding music where you can’t understand a word the singers are screaming then this was the place you should have been. I guess I am getting older as it was way too loud and just not what I would listen two. One of the comment, well several of us that those of us who got there early enough not to pay the cover well we should go pay the cover to see if they would leave. It really did make it hard to talk and we were on the other side of the club which is pretty big.

Sophia and Lorna also made it which was nice, in between songs we would talk. It is nice to spend time talking with friends, something Susan like to do. Funny as my male side like to be active and doing things where as Susan really does enjoy a nice conversation.

Monica and another girl named Shannon showed up. I don’t think I have ever met this Shannon (have to be careful as we have two Shannon’s in the group). She seemed really nice and looked really good, she had on this beautiful red dress, I noticed as I am looking for a new cute red dress right now. But what was funny is she looked familiar and I was trying to figure it out so of course I ended up looking at her all the time. Well it took me a while but finally figured it out. She looked a lot like Jennifer Aniston, the actor from the TV show Friends. Her wig was the same style as her hair and she had done her makeup in such a way that she did have a very strong resemblance to her at least I thought so. I wonder if she knows this or it is what she is trying for but by the time I realized it they had left.

Evie a GG we met here about a year ago (picture and blog about when I met her) showed up with a couple of her friends so I went and talked to her. Her first question was where was Diane, her and Diane really hit it off. Even so she still remembered my name and Cassandra so I guess we made an impression on her. Her friends were just as awesome as her and soon they joined us at our tables. It is so nice when we can interact with the regulars and be accepted as equals.

I did play one game of shuffle board, Victoria and I played Kelly and Bobby. It was fun and Victoria and I won which makes it all the better. Some of the girls played pool but no one danced. Jan & Lynn bought some tickets in the raffle they had for the charity, funny as they sold them at the door but didn’t go around inside so those of us who got there early didn’t even know about the raffle, any ways Jan and Lynn won a couple time. First they got 2 $50 gift certificates for a Tattoo, but they also won a $50 gift certificate to McMenamins which is a local Micro brewery here in the northwest, they started off small but bow they buy old schools and turn them into small hotels and restaurants. They are very successful and they have really good hamburgers and beers. So that was a really good prize.

Well the band stopped playing a little after midnight so again we could carry on a conversation which was nice. I think it was about 1:30 when we were already to leave. I think there was still 8 of us there at that time which is pretty good for as late as it was. Our cars were all frost covered so I had to let it warm up and defrost. I wasn’t about to stand out in the cold and scrape my windows as I might have broke, well knocked off one of my nails, besides it only took a few minutes for the windows to defrost so I could drive home. Also the inside of the car was cold but not as cold as the 27 degrees outside with a slight wind. Susan likes to be warm.

Well Saturday night is our Winter Gala party at Kathy and Mandie’s house should be a lot of fun. I think Trisha and Jessica are planning on being there so looking forward to talking to them. Also need to return her shawl wrap she let me borrow and thank her for it. I really liked it so much I found it online and ordered one for myself. It arrived last week, really cute. I will have to get a picture of me in it. Also I think Jenn is planning on being there. I have only met her once but we have exchanged e-mails and she is also really nice. It will be such a fun night. Will post again tomorrow.

The next weeks with the holidays coming up will be harder for me to get out as lots going on and things to get ready for. I hope to make it out on Friday nights but that may be all I make till after New Years.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Have a great weekend.

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Spent all Friday as Susan

Well on my way home from Starbucks I made a quick stop at Kohl’s and looked around for a bit as I wanted to stay out a little longer as Susan. Didn’t find anything to buy but it was all about being out. When I left Kohl’s I realized today was the last of the month and I had some work I had to get done before the end of the day. The good part was it is done online so you guessed it I stopped at another Starbucks to do my work. It took me about 3 hours but as I was Susan it was almost fun. I got home a little after 6 and had a text from Cassandra that they were going to be at the P-Club by 7 so I quickly redid my makeup and off I went again.

I got to the P-Club right at 7 and Chris, Cristine, Bobby and Norma were already there. I ordered dinner as I was hungry plus I knew it would be a short night for me anyway. Cassandra and Wilma showed up about 7:30, seem there was a wreck and they got caught up in traffic.

We had a new t-girl show up Bob he came in boy mode, seems he met Amy and she told him about our group so he came to check it out. Funny thing Amy couldn’t make it but he showed by himself anyway to meet the group. He seems really nice and he likes to play pool so he will fit right in.

Diane also made it; she is in town from North Carolina. She is so much fun, Wilma and I played Diane and Victoria in shuffle board. It was a really close game but in the end Diane and Victoria won by 1 point.

BreeAnn also showed up, she lives in LA. I met her two years ago when Cassandra, Peggy and I went to Diva Las Vegas. We stopped in LA on the way down and back and went out to the Oxwood in Van Nuys. It was nice to see her again

Sophia, Lorna and Monica also showed up a little after 9 so I got to talk with them for a bit before I had to leave. Sophia and Lorna are coming out every other Friday so I will get to see them more and even Monica is getting out more with the group

Dee also showed up. I think I have met her before but not sure. Either way it was nice to talk to her and get to know a little about her.

We had a good turnout probably 20 T-Girls showed up which was good as the P-Club was really slow. At one point it was just our group. By about 9 they started to get a little busier. It was an awesome night even if I had to leave by 9:30 I was glad I went. I wish I could have stayed later but Susan had to be up early Saturday for work. I will miss the next 3 Fridays which will be hard so I my try to join them for dinner on Wednesday night in 2 weeks. This coming week my schedule is really messed up; the only chance I might have to get out is Thursday night.

Pictures from Diva Las Vegas 2011 have been posted on their page check them out.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Fun night with friends.

Well it was another awesome Friday night, I so look forward to them as I get to spend time with some of my best friends. I have said it before but to me it is not really where we are or what we are doing as long as I am with friends. Well I started getting ready at 5 pm as I wanted a little extra time to get ready and enjoy myself. I really enjoy the whole art of being Susan and that includes the getting ready as well as the getting undone at the end of the night although that part is always a little sad. I don’t want to be Susan all the time but I do wish I could be her a little more than I do at times especially when I have to miss one of my chances. Well I left my house a little after 7 and was to the P-Club before 7:30.

Well there were no parking spots in their lot and I found one on the street at the end of the block. I went in and they were packed, it turns out one of their regulars was having her 50th birthday party. Now I was a little over dressed compared to the other woman there as I worn one of my favorite black dresses, 4″ heels and my red lipstick. Well I walked through the club up to our normal tables which 2 were still open and sat down; I was the first one there. I was also very careful to walk as feminine as I could in my heels as I am sure people were watching. I waited about 10 minutes and still no one else had arrived so I walked back through the crowd and stood in line at the bar to order a drink and food again very careful of my walk. Now what I means about my walk is you can walk in heels but woman can do that walk where they place one foot in front of the other with a little swing to their hips which does take practice in 4″ heels and I can do it but I have to be thinking about it as it does not come naturally to me. While standing in line Michelle a GG I met here a while back came over and gave me a hug and said how nice I looked tonight. We chatted while I got my drink and then I was back to my table.

Soon other started showing up, Cassandra, Bobby, Cristine, Robin, Amy, Samantha, Sophie and her wife Lorna, and even Monica, sorry if I missed someone. We all ate dinner and had a great time. The lady celebrating her 50 birthday brought over some cake she had left over for us which was very nice, we all wished her a happy birthday and chatted for a bit.

Amy and I played a game of shuffle board and this week I won which made up for her winning last week. Some of the girls would dance and a few played pool but I was just having fun sitting and talking with my friends which is funny as my male self is not that big on just sitting and having a conversation. Veronica and I talked for a bit and I got to hear about her job as a truck driver and what she has been doing.

Robin and I also talked and got to find out about her transitioning to full time. She has told a few key people where she works and will go full time the end of the month. She is also changing her name and she has chosen Victoria which is very lovely but will take time to get use to calling her Victoria.

Soon I was at the table with Victoria, Monica, Sophie and Lorna and we were all talking. Lorna and I are not dancers so we really got a chance to talk as the other 3 kept going out to dance. Lorna has some great stories and so wonderful that she is supportive of Sophie.

This lady came over and wanted to compare heels as she was worried w3e may have hotter heels then she did. She was really fun and really had these bluish 5″ heels with platforms, they were really cute. We talked a bit before she left to join her friends.

A young girl came over and started talking, she thought I was so beautiful which again made me feel great, what girl does not love hearing that. We chatted for a bit and I could tell she thought we were all gay so I worked it into the conversation that we weren’t and that for me I just like to be Susan sometime but most times I am my male self. She thought that was great and I even got a picture with her. I really loved he eyes as she has the little wings that give that cat eye look that I just can’t seem to get the hang of.

Another couple came over Lisa and Frank, Lisa had been dancing with Robin, and Amy and sat and talked with us. Frank wanted to play some pool so Robin played him first and he won than Cassandra played him and won 3 games in as row. They were both really nice but Lisa had had a lot to drink so I think she may not even remember us being there last night.

A little later this guy came up and wanted to know if we would take a picture with him and well you all know how I and most T-girls feel about our pictures being taken. We could not get out of are chairs fast enough and pose with him. His girlfriend took a couple pictures and he thanked us and they left.

It was getting late and Tawny came back to say goodbye and gave me a hug and asked if we could get a group picture so again out came my camera and several of us posed with her, Veronica, Susan, Tawny, Robin and Cristine. This was great as it gave me a chance to take a couple pictures which I have not done for a while. It was a really fun night and We left the P-club about 1:30.

Veronica had taken a cab to the club as she had planned on drinking and didn’t want to drive which is very responsible. I think all the girls in our group are very good about not drinking and driving which is awesome and I have always told them I would drive them home if they needed as I don’t drink. Anyway I gave Veronica a ride back to her hotel and we stopped at Shari’s as Veronica was hungry plus I thought it would be fun to stop there and it gave us a chance to chat some more. It was also fun for us to walk into Shari’s in our short dresses and high heels. We did get some looks but no one said anything. I had a piece of pie and Veronica had breakfast and we sat and talked for maybe 40 minutes before leaving. Veronica’s hotel was just the other side of the parking lot so I dropped her off and then went home.

It was a really fun night and all because of my awesome friends. I am one blessed girl that way. Any way have a wonderful week and I am sure I will make it to Starbuck’s this week but probably Wednesday or Thursday night.

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Beautiful summer Friday night out with friends

Well Friday has been one of our nicest days yet this year right about 80 and not a cloud in the sky and the weekend is suppose to be the same. As normal it is a girl’s night out with my wonderful friends at the P-Club something I really look forward to all week long. I think it is really important to spend time with friends. Well as I said it was a beautiful day so I wanted to wear something summery which I really don’t have a lot in that category so I settled on my white skirt and black top, I think it is a really cool look for me and of course I wore my 4″ heels.

I got to the P-Club right at 7:30 and Cristine and Bobby were the only others there but it wasn’t long before others started to show up. Being such a nice day I wondered how many we would have. Well we had about 15 to 20 a little less than normal but still a good turnout especially when you look back a year or two and we were happy if we had 10 or more show up. Cassandra and Melissa showed up and Melissa had these awesome 5″heels (they had a 1″ platform) and they were really cute. Now she had told me she got as she put it big girl’s heels so I was looking forward to seeing them. She never wears heels and so I always tower over her so tonight I took my heels off for a while partly because my feet were sore, my heels are not made for standing all night and after a few hours on my feet they needed a rest but also I wanted to be flat footed and see how we stood. Well with her heels she was almost as tall as me and we almost looked eye to eye. For once I didn’t feel so tall. I think if I could change one thing physically about myself I would like to be 5’5″ give or take an inch tall, that way I could wear 4″heels and not look like a giant.

Now one of the girls in our group Roxy got laid off a while back and is going to beauty school and yesterday was one of her finals. She had to do a makeover on someone and Melissa volunteered. She spent almost 5 hours there getting a facial, eyebrow wax and makeover, how fun would that be. From what I heard Roxy got a really good grade and from what I saw she did a great job. Maybe I should have volunteered of course I hear her next test is on nails. That would be so awesome if I could only have beautiful nails all the time. I think Melissa is going to volunteer for this also, lucky girl.

Robin and I played Cassandra and Heather in Shuffle board, it was a good game and we had a fun time. Cassandra and Heather were the winners this time. Heather was on her game as every time she had last shot she would knock my point off and score for her team. Several times I would have 2 or 3 of mu pucks in scoring position and she would knock my closest to the end off and leave hers on the board for the point. I think she scored almost all their points. Later Robin and I played Melissa and Maya and it was another close game but this time Robin and I won.

Later o I went up to the bar to get another drink and there were 2 women (GG’s) there. They both told me how cute my outfit was and the one really liked my skirt which really made me feel good. I thanked them and we chatted for a couple minutes while I waited for my drink. I really think these brief encounters are awesome and help bridge the gap between people and show them there is no difference between us.

The rest of the night for me was spent chatting with the girls in the group. I always enjoy this and it is nice to learn a little more about each other. I got a good chance to talk to Jan and Lynn and one of Jan’s friends from online. I can’t remember her name but she came to town from the coast to check out over the rainbow transformations. Jan and her met online and she has never gone out dressed. She stopped by the P-Club in boy mode to meet Jan and the group. I think she is going to get a makeover at Victoria’s and maybe come out with the group soon.

Also got to talk with Sophia and her wife, I met them a while back and they are really nice couple. They don’t get out with the group that often so always nice when they do.

One of Heathers friends showed up also so I got to meet her can’t remember her name but she was very nice. We chatted briefly before it was time to leave.

Well I guess I have to include one picture. This is Melissa and me check out her awesome shoes. I guess I should have taken my shoes off before the picture so we could have been the same height.

Well when we left the club it was still nice out maybe 70 at 1 am how cool is that. To leave and not need a coat, maybe summer is finally hear. I think I may try to get some sun in this week and get a little color in my pale skin.

Any way I hope everyone has a happy and safe July 4th and a big thanks to all our service men and woman past, present and future.

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