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Out for a fun night at Harvey’s Comedy Club

Okay I have been out all day, a little shopping and then at Starbucks avoiding the wind and rain, but now it is time to get ready to go to Harvey’s Comedy Club. I got hoe about :30 and quickly touched up my makeup, well parts I had to redo after being out all day. I was already, I had chosen my red and black dress as it is more of a winter dress, nice and warm and really cute. I decided to go online really quick before leaving and it was a good thing I did. I don’t know why I pulled up last months blog on Harvey’s and to my shock I had worn the same red and black dress. I was in a panic now, no one would probably remember unless they looked at the picture but I had to change so it was back upstairs to pick out a new outfit. I went with my blue and black dress which is also cute.

I got downtown Portland right at 7 and was lucky enough to find a parking spot right on the corner by Fox & Hound. Some of us meet here before walking over to Harvey’s but with the weather I wasn’t sure how many would show up here or go right to Harvey’s. I walked in and I was the first one from our group. I sat at the bar for a little bit wondering if anyone else would show up. It really wasn’t long and Laura H. and Lisa walked in followed by Cassandra. WE went over and put a couple tables together as we waited to see who else would show up. Well it wasn’t long and we put 2 more tables together as a lot of girls showed up here. We actually have one of our bigger groups tonight as Julie Scoggins is the headliner tonight at Harvey’s and we love her as she is so fun. We have had big groups before but most meet us at Harvey’s. Okay I am going to take a shot at naming them all and hope I don’t miss any. Cassandra, Laura H. Lisa, and one of their friends, Jan, Lynn, Laura M and Donna, Karen, Jamie and her girlfriend, Melissa and her wife, Keri, and of course me so we had 15 of us meet here at fox and hounds. We all talked of course with this many people you couldn’t really talk with everyone, the only bad thing about big groups.

It was great to see so many out, of course as it got closer to the time to leave we talked more about if we should walk over or drive as the weather today has been really strong winds and heavy rain. it was about 8:30 when we all got ready to leave and as it was not raining and not really windy we decided to walk instead of trying to find parking spots over by Harvey’s. It actually was a nice walk as it really wasn’t cold but in the back of my mind I wondered what it would be like after the show as a lot can happen in 3 to 4 hours.

We got to Harvey’s and Cristine was there already, Now I got to sit by Melissa and her wife so I got a chance to get to know her wife a little. it is always nice to talk to someone who accepts and supports their spouses other side. This is something that many of us wonder about as it really is hard to meet someone and then tell them by the way I like to dress as a girl and go out. It would be easier to meet them this way but that is also hard to do. I bring this up as I don’t normally cross my two sides of my life but there is a lady who gave me her phone number well my male side and we actually met once to talk and now I am wondering what to do. She seems nice although she is younger then me but the big issue is she works where my parents are living now. That is how I met her when I was visiting them. This is where the problem is because if I do tell her and she is not okay with it then I have to worry if she will say anything to my parents. After all my neighbor that knows about Susan also works at the same place, boy is this complicated and I am getting off track of tonight’s outing. Any way Melissa wife seems really nice.

I also sat next to Keri who I haven’t seen since Diva Las Vegas in 2015. It was great to see her again and talk with her. It is amazing how you can go so long without seeing or talking with someone and once you start talking with them it is like you have talked with them all the time. It wasn’t long and Cassie, Victoria Sophie, Julie and Trixie showed up so we had 21 for tonight, Hope I didn’t miss anyone. 

It was great to see Julie and Trixie out tonight and to talk with them. I am hoping I can get together with Julie this week also and go out to lunch or shopping, maybe go look at wigs. I love my girl time out and I am happy to go shopping of to Starbucks by myself but it really is more fun to have a girlfriend with you, now I know why you see girls in pairs so often.

There was a group of men here tonight and one was celebrating a birthday so Kim brought them over to meet us and of course Cassandra had to get pictures with the birthday boy and all his friends took pictures. I really think Cassandra is right after having fun with them and interacting with them I think they are more relaxed around us and accept us. they get past the wondering who we are and why we are. By the way Kim had her hair in a braid on one side and it really looked cute, I think we look forward to seeing her as much as the show.

It was time and we all went in for the show. Now it was funny as we were talking about how we all forget about taking pictures but tonight when we got inside several of us started to take pictures, Julie, Cassandra, Keri and I I got a lot of really good pictures but forgot to ask some of the people if I could post them so I 20161015_235157will only share a couple of me and one with Julie as she has let me post ones of us before, hope that’s okay Julie.

Now it wasn’t a real big crowd tonight but Still fun. Julie Scoggins came around to our table to say hi before the show. I think she looks forward to seeing us as much as we look forward to seeing her. She comes to Portland once a year in October, if you ever get a chance to see her perform you must.

The show started and the opening comedian was really good, we have seen him before and he is a local, his name is Jake and I only remember this20161015_215339 because one of his jokes is about Jake from state farm. Funny the things you remember. The next comedian was also really good although I don’t remember his name. Harvey’s really di have 3 really good comedians tonight.

Julie Scoggins was awesome as always. she put n a really good show and we all laughed the whole time. it was a really good night out. After the sow Kim came over and talked with us. It was nice talking with her. I really do need to try to get together with her sometime. I think that will be my goal to do by the end of the year. After the show 20161015_235056we took a few more pictures and I had to get one of my dress, Thanks Julie for taking it. Wow I really need to work on a feminine pose.

Most f us were going back to Fox & Hound and my fears walking over were not justified as it was still not raining and no wind so the storm must have let up. Julie Scoggins was going to go to Fox & Hounds with us, Julie and Trixie were also going over so they gave Karen, Cassandra and I a ride back.

We had a great time at Fox & Hounds talking with Julie Scoggins. of those who went to Fox & Hounds I was the first one to call it a night and it was almost 2 am when I left. Wow I can’t remember the last time this girl was out that late. Of course Julie wanted a picture with all of us and we all wantedDSCN0004 one with her so we did one big group picture and Ricky from the bar took it for us, thanks Ricky. What a great night it was.

Thanks for reading

This is going to be a fun week for Susan!

Update as I just looked at Julie Scoggins Facebook page and she had the names of the other 2 comedian. Jake Silberman and Nariko Ott. Also was on Harvey’s Facebook page. I guess I will have to remember to check that for information.

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Septembers night out at Harvey’s Comedy Club, awesome

Saturday night is Harvey’s night and I was really looking forward to tonight as I miss last month’s Harvey’s night. Now we have a big group going tonight, 25 signed up but I am sure we will have a no show or two or someone cancel but still will a fun night. We have been coming to Harvey’s for several years and it is always a fun night. I started getting ready at 5 and enjoyed the time becoming Susan.

I got downtown to Fox & Hound right at 7 and Cassandra, Jan, Lynn, Laura and Ginny. It was good to see Ginny again, I haven’t seen her since the Red Dress party. I got to talk with Ginny for a bit, she is so supportive to Transgender people. Now Fox and Hounds was busy tonight and short staffed so we decided instead of staying here till 8:30 we would head over to Harvey’s at 7:30

A couple new girls showed up, Jamie and Debbie, they just joined our group. Both seem really nice and I hope they will come out more with the group. It was time to head for Harvey’s, there were 7 of us walking over as Ginny wasn’t going to Harvey’s. it was a nice walk and still warm enough that I didn’t need my wrap but I did bring it tonight as it will be cool at midnight when we are on the way back.

We got to Harvey’s and Cristine was there. Now being this early we were the only ones in the Lounge. Berry the owner and his wife came over and talked to us for a while, they have been so awesome to our group. Lillian also made it, she had sent me a message on Facebook saying she would be out and I was looking forward to seeing her. Turns out her wife couldn’t make it tonight but helped her pick out her outfit last night, what a wonderful wife.

Lorna, Sophie, Cassie, Diane, Michelle, Mikaela and Kayla also made it. Mikaela was in boy more tonight. It was still great to see her out again. Now we had a great time talking while we waited for the show to start. Now I know I am missing some people as we had 20 for the show, yes we did have some who canceled but still a good turnout. It was finally time to go in and there was a good crowd tonight but we had our table reserved.

Now Kim our favorite waitress was off tonight and of course we all missed her but she was going to a concert this weekend for her birthday so we were all happy for her. Now I did take another selfie with my phone and it turns out my 20150905_215605new phone takes really good selfie’s. We were ordering dinner and Ginny showed up, turns out she was able to make it tonight for the show which was awesome.

The show started and it was really good as always. The MC and the featured comedians were really good but the headliner was awesome. he was one of the best we have seen here over the years. He was so funny but what made it good was he was having as much fun as the crowd, he was really enjoying himself. his name was Kermet Apio, if you ever get a chance to see him you must.

It is amazing how fast the night went by and soon it was over. We said our goodnight to those who parked by Harvey’s and those of us who parked by Fox and Hounds had a nice walk back and it really wasn’t as cold tonight as last night. It was a lovely evening with my t-girl family.

It was after midnight when we got back to our cars and I headed home. Next month we may try to go to Harvey’s twice as our favorite comedian Julie Scoggins will be here so we of course will go that night. Berry the owner was telling us about another comedian Bob Zany and said we should come for that show too.

Thanks for reading

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Girls night out at Harvey’s

Well it is Saturday and our group is going to Harvey’s Comedy club tonight. We go the first Saturday of every month and is one of the most fun things we do. Now some of us meet at Fox & Hound first so we can have some social time and the restlips (2) just meet us at Harvey’s. It was about 5:15 when I started getting ready. Now tonight I did a little different looks on my eyes, still using the brown shadows but blended it a little different and I think it turned out well. I was ready and out the door by 6:20.

I got downtown and parked where I normally do about a block from Fox & Hound. As I was walking down the street Cassandra parked right in front of the door and went in. It is funny how comfortable I am walking down the street as I didn’t even think about how I was dressed. Now I have been thinking about this and there is good and bad side to this, the good is I pretty much go where I want to but on the bad side I may not always be thinking in the safest way. I use to always be looking around me when I was out and I notice I really don’t do that anymore so I am not always aware of who is around me so I will have to make more of an effort to pay attention when I am out.

I got inside and Laura and Cassandra were already there. We sat at the bar for a while and talked and watched the end of game 7 of the NBA playoff game between the Spurs and the Clipper, The Clippers won in the last seconds of the game. Jan and Lynn also showed up so we all sat there talking and waiting in case any others showed up here before it was time to leave for Harvey’s. It was about 8:15 when we decided to leave for Harvey’s. Now it was nice out now but would be a little chilly tonight when the show was over so Cassandra thought we should all get in her car and drive over. Now I do like the walk but it was a little windy and I really didn’t want windblown hair so it was a good idea. Now it was a tight fir but the 5 of us managed to squeeze in.

We found a parking spot a block from Harvey’s and now we had to get out of the car. Now with that many squeezed in there really was no graceful way to get out of the car especially in a short dress but I did my best. We got inside and Cristine was there already. Now Amy showed up, she is Jennie’s friend who was coming straight from work in boy mode so they were meeting here. Julie, Trixie, Sophia, Cassie and Jennie also showed up so we were going to have a good group tonight, we had 12 of us. We sat around and talked for a while waiting for the late show. Now it started to get crowded as tonight should be a good show and there was standing room only now so it was good we got here a little early. It was time to go in and we let the rest of the people go in as we had our table reserved.

We got inside and our favorite waitress Kim came over, she is really more than our waitress, she is our friend and even a member of our group. She is always happy to see us just as we are happy to see her. We got to talk with her a little even though she was working. We all orders and then it was time for the show to start. Now they have an MC who gets maybe 10 minute and then the opening comedian and the headliner. Now we have never had a bad show here but there are comedians that are better than others and that was the case tonight. Don’t get me wrong they were all really good but the headliner was incredible, it has been a while since I have laughed that hard. His name was Gabriel Rutledge and he was so funny. If you ever get a chance to see him you must. Now I had planned on getting pictures tonight as I wanted one of my eyes as I think they turned out really well but as always I forgot. Funny how getting pictures was always a priority but as I have gone out more and gotten comfortable being out I don’t think about pictures any more plus I bet I have over 2,000 pictures of Susan on my computer.

The night went by so fast and before we knew it the show was over. We sat and let the showroom empty out as we were really in no hurry plus it gave us a chance to talk with Kim a little more. This week on Wednesday we are going to dinner at Spaghetti Factory and Kim is going to try to join us which will be so much fun. Actually the bartender from the lounge is also thinking of joining us for dinner so it will be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to this and plan on going but probably won’t make it by 7 so I told them I would be there but a little late.

On the way out we talked with the comedians and told them how much we liked the show. Outside we all said our goodbyes. Jan Lyn walked back to Fox & Hound with Cristine and Cassandra gave Laura and I a ride back to where we parked. It was a good night.

lipstick (2)Thanks for reading.

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Starting off the New Year at Harvey’s Comedy Club

Well I am starting off 2015 going out. It is only January 3rd and Susan’s second time going out. It is Saturday night and our group the Rose City T-girls are going to Harvey’s Comedy club. We go to Harvey’s once a month to see a show and have been doing this for several years, it is always a fun night out. Tonight we had a smaller group just 9 of us but it would still be fun.

I started getting ready about 4:30 and I knew what dress I was going to wear, my black and gold one that I bought a couple months ago. The funny thing is as I am writing this blog I realized I also wore the same dress when I went to Harvey’s in November, opps. Any way as I knew the dress I was wearing I went online and googled eye makeup for a black and gold dress and found just the look I wanted and did my best to copy it. So I thought for a change I would try just a picture of my eyes. Wow close up my eyebrows don’t look that good but the eye shadow turned out pretty good. I also decided to trust google on lipstick and it said to go bold with red which was not going to be my first choice but I decided to go with the red as I really do love that color. So now with my makeup done the way I wanted it I was on my way to Fox & Hound to meet up with my friends before we went to Harvey’s.

I got downtown right at 7 and Jan and Laura were already at Fox & Hound, Lynn couldn’t make it as she was sick, Hope she feels better soon. The 3 of us sat at the bar and talked for a while and of course had some appetizers while we waited to see who else would show up. Petra and Michele showed up for dinner, they usually join us at Fox & Hound but never go to Harvey’s with us. Well with the group we now had we moved over to a table so we could all sit and talk.

Barb showed up and also Jenny, Jenny found our group through Laura. She also is not going to Harvey’s but has some time before she met her band for rehearsal so she came and hung out with us before we left for the show. It was great to see her as she is so much fun. We had a great time till about 8:30 and then it was time to walk to Harvey’s.

Now it was cold out tonight, upper 30’s and a slight breeze which made it seem colder. Now I did wear my high heeled boots as they are warmer but I was still in a dress so my legs were a little cold. It was still a nice walk as I really enjoy being able to walk around downtown, Laura, Jan, Barb and I had a nice walk talking the whole way.

We got to Harvey’s just before 9 and Cristine, Sophia, Lorna and Cassie were already there. We sat and talked some more as we waited for the 10 pm show. Kim our favorite waitress came out and talked with us for a little bit, she is always happy to see us, she is even a member of our group.

It was finally time to go into the show room and of course we had our table all reserved as Kim took care of us. The show started and it was really good as always. All 3 comedians were awesome but the headliner was the best, he did a lot of impressions and they were all really good. We all laughed so hard and had a great time. After the show the headliner came over to our table and talked with us for a while. It was a really great night.

The walk back to Fox & Hound where we parked was a little cold but we all had coats or wraps. We did pass a couple girls in short dresses and they had no coats and they looked cold, I guess when you are younger you can do that. Cristine even walked back with us as she had to wait for her ride and didn’t want to have to stand outside Harvey’s in ten cold so she had arranged for them to pick her up at Fox & hound. I didn’t go to Fox & Hound as it was late and I got to my car before we got all the way back and as it was after midnight it was time for this girl to go home. We all said our goodbyes and I was on my way. What a fun night it was.

Thanks for reading.

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Saturday night at Harvey’s Comedy Club, what a great way to start October.

Well it is Saturday night and our group’s night out at Harvey’s Comedy club. Now we had 14 sign up to go so a little smaller group than normal but it would still be fun. Now some of us meet at Fox & Hound first and as Cassandra would not be going tonight as she is running the Portland Marathon tomorrow and has to be up early I started getting ready at 4:30 as I wanted to be ready to leave by no later than 6 so I could be there by 6:30.

I was ready to leave a little before 6 and as it only take 25 minutes I was right on schedule or at least that is what I thought. Turns out they had a really bad accident on the freeway and it was shut down which I didn’t know and I got caught in it. Turns out it took me a little over an hour to get there so I got there right at 7, of course there is a bright side as because it was after 7 I didn’t have to pay for parking. Now I normally always find parking on Everett but they had a wedding going on down there so I had to park further down 2nd so I had a 2 block walk but it was a nice sunny day and I enjoyed it.

I got to Fox & Hound and I was the first one there so I got a drink. I also set Lynn a text about the freeway so she could find an alternative route. Cristine showed up so we got a table to wait for the rest of the girls that show up early. Lynn and barb both showed up so there were 4 of us now. We all had a drink and talked waiting to see if anyone else would show up. Well about 8:20 the 4 of us left and walked over to Harvey’s, it’s a 7 block walk but it was a nice warm night and a good night for a walk, plus I wore my boots with 3″ heels so walking was easy.

We got to Harvey’s about 8:30 and there were only a few other people there and only Jan from our group so we got a table to wait for the show. Jeanie, Amy, Sophie, and Lorna showed up so we were up to 9. Kim our favorite came out and talked with us and to see how many we had. I told her to plan on 10 as that is what it was looking like.

More people came in and soon it was packed in the lounge with people waiting for the late show. About 9:20 I walked out and got our tickets. Well it was finally time for us to go into the show room and for some reason it was really slow going in. there was one big group of about 25 they were trying to get together. Well we finally got in Kim came and got us and brought us through the line so we got to walk by everyone. It was great she was here tonight as she was off last month when we were here.

The show finally started and the MC for the night was actually really good. Now the Headliner tonight is Dante Rusciolli who we have seen before and the opening comedian is Rebekah Kochan, turns out Rebekah is Dante’s girlfriend. Well Rebekah was the first to perform and she was really good, well worth seeing. Dante was next and he was awesome as always. If you get a chance to see them you really should.

We had a great time and as always it went to fast and soon the show was over. Kim came over and sat and talked with us for a while which was really nice and of course gave us all hugs as we left. Well after the show we walked through the Lounge as Dante and Rebekah were out there celebrating as it was also Dante’s birthday weekend. As we walked in Rebekah came over and hugged us all and thanked us for coming and so did Dante which made us feel good. We ended up staying and talking with them for maybe 15 minutes. Rebekah told me how much she liked my hair and soon she was showing us some pictures of her from a movie she did where she wore a long red wig. It was just a really fun night.

Well we left and walked back towards Fox & Hound where we had parked, it was still nice out so I was enjoying the walk. We got back by Fox and Hound and said our goodbyes and I walked to my car, it is amazing how at ease I am walking around. As I was getting into my car another car with 2 guys in it pulled in nest to mine. I was started my car and looked over and they were waving at me so I waved back. The driver actually blew me a kiss. I just waved again and backed out and drove off but I was thinking. I have had guys hit on me before but that was in person and I am sure they knew I was a t-girl. Now it was dark here and I am sure they didn’t get a good enough look to tell that so I am thinking they thought I was a GG. If that is true I wonder what they would have thought had they found out.

It was a really fun night. Now I need to start thinking about Halloween which is less than a month away and I need to come up with a costume. Any way thanks for reading.

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Harvey’s Comedy club a girl’s night out

Well it is the first Saturday of August and that means it is girls night out at Harvey’s Comedy club, this is always such a fun night out. I look forward to this night all month. We had 12 of us going tonight so it would be a lot of fun, it would be me, Cassandra, Cristine, Jan, Lynn, Rose, Cassie, Sophia, Lorna, Robyn, Barb, and Laura. Most of us meet at Fox and Hound before so we can have a little social time before the show.

Rose was going and this would be her first trip to Harvey’s, now usually Cassie picks her up but as Cassie would have to drive about 20 minutes past Harvey’s to get her I offered to pick her up as I go almost right past her place on my way. I put her address into my GPS and I was good to go.

I started getting ready about 4:30 as I again wanted to take my time and enjoy the whole getting ready and transforming myself into Susan. I was out the door by 6:15 and following the voice on my GPS right to Rose’s house, I called her when I was about 5 minutes away and she was ready and waiting for me. I picked her up and off we went to downtown Portland. It was only about a 15 minute drive but it was nice to have someone else in the car to talk with. We got to Fox & Hound and they had a big wedding going on just around the corner where I always find parking but not tonight so I had to park about a block further away which was okay as it was a nice evening out.

Cassandra and Cristine were already there, turns out Cassandra has been here since around 3 I guess she just couldn’t wait. Well it wasn’t long and Jan, Lynn, Cassie, Laura, and Barb showed up. We all had a drink and spent an hour or so talking and catching up. It was great to see Laura again, she has not been out for a couple months due to a family issue so we were all glad to see her again and of course we all gave her a big hug as we really are one big family.

About 8:30 we left Fox and Hound and the 9 of us walked the 7 blocks to Harvey’s, even Cristine made the walk which was nice as we all walked a little slower and just had a pleasant stroll on the city streets on this warm evening.

We got to Harvey’s and there were already some people there so we could tell there would be a good crowd tonight. We got 3 tables and talked some more while we waited for the early show to get over.

While we were waiting this group of 2 couples came in and the one girl had this really cute hat on that looked great on her, I knew I had to get a picture with her. Now I have gotten better about talking to people but still hard so while I was looking for the opportunity to approach she came over and told us how awesome we all looked and asked if she could get a picture with us and of course you all know what we said. Her boyfriend took a couple pictures of her with our group and of course I had to get a picture of me with her. Her name was Shelly and she was really awesome. As we were taking the picture she grabbed my hand and relocated it up a little on her.

Well the other show got over and we all went inside and of course Kim had our table all set up and reserved for us. Kim is the best waitress here and always takes great care of us. She greeted us all with hugs and took our orders. Now it was a full house tonight there wasn’t an open seat any place so it was an awesome crowd.

The show started and the MC for the night got up and di his jokes and they were really good. The first comedian was a young female and she was really good but before she started her routine she asked if there was anyone in the place named Shelly and the girl we had met earlier and got pictures with stood up and she asked her to come up on stage with her now we knew this was going to be good. So Shelly went up on stage and of course she asked her who she was with and she pointed to her group and then she asked her why she was here and Shelly told her she was up there to give her boyfriend this ring which she had in her hand and ask him to marry her and the whole place erupted with applause. Her boyfriend got up and went and stood in front of the stage and Shelly got down on one knee and purposed to her boyfriend and he accepted. It was so awesome and everyone cheered for them. What a great way to start a show. Any way the comedian did her act and she was really great.

The headliner came out and he was awesome he did some really good jokes and we were all laughing so hard. They really do have great comedians here and if you are looking for a fun night out you really should go and check out Harvey’s Comedy Club. After the show Kim came to talk to us and say goodnight.

On the way out we stopped and told all the comedians how great they were and thanked them. It was still warm out as we made our walk back to Fox & Hound and for the first time Cassandra was the first to leave but then she is training for the Portland Marathon, it will be her 4th I think anyway earlier today she got up and ran 26 miles as part of her training and did it in under 4 hours which is incredible. We are all so proud of her. The rest of us went into Fox & Hound for a little bit before saying goodbye. Cristine had to wait for her ride to pick her up so Rose and I stayed to wait with her as I was also taking Rose home.

Well about 10 minutes later one of our girls came back seems her car was gone. Now a year or two ago they changed parking downtown of Friday and Saturday nights and between 9 pm and 3 am you cannot drive or park on 3rd between Burnside and Everett and also on couch or Davis between 2dnd and 4th and she had parked on Davis between 3rd and 4th so her car got towed. It took several phone calls and about 20 minutes to track down where her car was. The tow yard they took it to was several miles away so I offered to drive her to get her car so the 3 of us got in my car and off we went. It was under the Freemont Bridge in an industrial area and not the place you would want to be in late at night by yourself male or female.

The 3 of us got out and walked as a group over to the chained fence area and went in. it took about 15 minutes for her to get her car, the cost $180 to the towing company and then she found out she also got a ticket on top of that and I am not sure what that was as she didn’t look at that just put it in her purse. Not a great way to end a fun girl’s night out. We said our goodbyes and she drove off and Rose and I got back in my car and off we went. I drove Rose home and then onward to my house. It was almost 1:30 am when I got home. It was a really fun night.

Thanks for reading

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August night out with the girls at Harvey’s Comedy club

Well it has been a busy couple weeks for my male self with vacations at work so Susan has stayed locked up for a while, this is actually my first day off in almost two weeks so I was really looking forward to a girls night out.

I can normally get ready in an hour or so but today I wanted to enjoy the time I had so I started off with a nice warm bath that turned out to be s long one as I fell asleep for a while but it felt so relaxing. I also spent extra time doing my makeup and getting reedy a little over an hour nod then to pick out just the right dress, well that was not that hard as I wore my favorite maroon dress and of course my 4″ heels as I figured my feet could take it as it has been two week since I last wore heels.

Well I was ready a little before 6 and on my way, I got downtown and parked by 6:40 and walked to Fox & Hound. Laura, Jan and Cristine were already there. I ordered a drink and a snack as I wanted to eat later at Harvey’s as they have been so wonderful to our group I think it is fair to spend some money there. Petra showed up for dinner with us even though she couldn’t go to Harvey’s. Melissa, Julie, Trixy, Barb and Mikaela also showed up soon and we all sat and talked for a while as we waited the time to leave and walk to Harvey’s. after a little while I moved to the other end of the table so I could talk more with Julie, Trixy and Mikaela. It was great to see Julie and Trixy as it has been a while since they have been out.

I also got to talk with Mikaela as she broke up with her girlfriend a few weeks back and I wanted to see how she was doing. Well it turns out she has already met a new girl and even told her about Mikaela and she is fine with it, actually she is going to meet Mikaela for the first time tonight as she is going to meet us at Harvey’s. Mikaela has shown her pictures but this will be the first time in person plus she will get to meet all of us too. Very cool.

Well as always time goes quick and soon it was 8:30 and time to walk over to Harvey’s. it was a nice warm evening so it was a very enjoyable walk, we even stopped a couple times so Mikaela could get some pictures of herself out walking in downtown Portland.

We got to Harvey’s and got our tickets we had 13 of us for tonight’s show. We then went in and sat in the lounge to wait for the early show to end. Well of course Camera’s came out and pictures were taken. This is Mikaela, Me and Melissa before the show. Well as we waited Lynn, Queeny and Victoria showed up so now we were just waiting for Mikaela’s new girlfriend. Well she showed up and she seemed really nice and was not at all bothered by us which was really nice, she introduced herself to all of us her name is Meryl. I think it will be easier for us to remember her name then for her to remember all our names and match them to a face as there were 13 of us.

Well it was time for the show to start so we all went in, we were in no hurry as we come once a month and we always let our favorite waitress Kim know how many we have and she always sets up tables for us which is awesome of her. We sat down at the tables and Melissa, Mikaela, Meryl and I all shared a table. It was nice as we got to talk before the show and get to know her a little better.

Well the show started and as always the comedian’s were awesome both the opening and the headliner. Again I can’t remember the opening comedian and they don’t show that on the web page but the headliner was Ian Bagg and he was awesome. He would engage the audience with questions and then have jokes about what they said which must be hard to come up with stuff that fast but I really think that makes for a better show as it is fresh and relevant to the area and people there. We all laughed so hard it was just a really fun night and of course went by so fast.

After the show we all walked back to Fox & Hound for a bit, I was glad when we got there as my feet were really feeling the pain of walking so far in such high heels but then what is important is how you look right at least that is what I always tell myself. We sat for a while and talked but than one by one we called it a night I think Julie, Trixy and Melissa were the only ones left and I think they were going to CC Slaughters to dance a little. It was just such a fun night and I am already looking forward to next month.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great day.

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Saturday night at Harvey’s

Well it is Saturday night and time for our monthly outing to Harvey’s Comedy Club. I look forward to this all month long as it is so much fun. Laughter really is the best medicine and there is nothing better than spending a couple hours laughing with friends. I started getting ready early as I wanted to make sure I looked really good. Susan likes to look pretty but now I seem to want to make sure I look as perfect as I can. I was all ready by 6:30 and ready to leave and one last look in the mirror and I had a small smudge in my makeup so I quickly fixed it before leaving.

Now we always meet at Fox & Hound between 7 & 8 as we don’t need to be to Harvey’s till 9 and so I got down town about 7:15 and found a parking spot a couple blocks away. I got to Fox & Hound and Cassandra, Michelle, Amy, Kellie, Julie, & Trixie were already there which is pretty good for this early. It wasn’t long and more started to show up, Barb, Michelle, Julie, Michelle, Amber and Kim. I was glad Kim could make it tonight and she had on some really cute heels and looked great. Yes tonight we had 3 Michelle’s and 2 Julies for Harvey’s. About 8:30 it was time to leave as we had a 7 block walk to Harvey’s so all 13 of us walked out and started walking up the street towards Harvey’s.

We got to Harvey’s and Cristine Jan, Lynn and a couple other girls from our group were already there and they were really busy. There was only one table open over in the corner so Michelle, Kim and I went over so we could sit down while we waited for the early show to get over. This was great as it gave us a chance to talk and of course we had to get a couple pictures. This is Kim and me before the show, don’t we make a cute couple.

Well soon it was time to go into the show room and as we were way in the back we were the last to go in but that is okay as our regular Waitress Kim who is awesome had our tables already. Cassandra texts her with how many are coming and she reserves tables for us how cool is that. We had 20 of us there so we had 5 tables. Julie, Trixie, Kim and I sat at the same table. Kim and I ordered some Nachos to share during the show.

The show started and all the comedians were good tonight, I can’t remember all their names but the headliner was Steve White and he was awesome. We laughed so hard all night long. Harvey’s really is a fun night and tonight was just that much more special. After the show Kim our waitress came over and sat down with us for a while and chatted with us. On our way out we stopped and talked to the comedians as we always do. It was almost midnight as we left to walk back to Fox & Hound where we had parked and Kim and I talked the whole way.

Kim had parked a few more blocks away so I gave her a ride to her car and we talked some more. We are going to get together again This Thursday and Kim wants to meet my male side. I am really excited about this as I love spending time with Kim but also scared as this will be the first time she has met me in as my male self. I think this is the hardest party for me being a crossdresser as I have kept half my life a secret from my friends and people I really care about. So on Thursday my girlfriend will meet my alter ego of course there will be no pictures that Susan can post from that date.

Thanks for reading.

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A fun Saturday for Susan

Well today Susan was going to have an awesome day. Cassie one of the girls from our group has in the past set up makeup classes at Nordstrom’s through the MAC counter, turns out she does a lot of shopping here and knows most of the employees personally. Now I have never been able to make it to any of the other classes but today I was able to make it and I have been looking forward to it all week. The class was on eye brows and what could be more fun than learning makeup tip, I know going to Nordstrom’s to the MAC counter as Susan.

The class was at 4 pm which would mean leaving my house by 3:15 as it was at the Washington Square Nordstrom’s so I would be out during the day on a Saturday at a busy mall. Now normally I would wear Capri’s, or slacks with a nice top but being Saturday and the fact our group was going to Harvey’s tonight and I would not have time to go home and change I did wear a dress to go shopping. It was a nice black dress and medium heels. I was ready and out the door right on schedule and on my way. I got to Washington Square about 3:50 and being Saturday it was busy so I went and parked in the parking garage and walked into Nordstrom’s and headed to the cosmetic section. Now walking into a crowded store like Nordstrom’s on a Saturday after non is something I would have never done just a couple years ago but today I really didn’t give it a second thought, just parked and walked in.

I got to the MAC counter right at 4 thinking I would be late and it turns out I was the first there. I wasn’t even sure how many were coming. Thai Carr the MAC makeup artist came over and introduced herself to me and told me Cassie had called and was caught in traffic, she was so nice actually all the ladies working there were awesome and all said hi to me, Nordstrom’s really does have awesome customer service, they also all commented on how nice my wrap looked and it really does. Now the cosmetic section was packed and the MAC counter was the busiest so there were all kinds of people there and I just browsed with the rest of them. I talked with several of the girls at the MAC counter while waiting and I guess it was about 4:15 When Laura showed up so I wasn’t there by myself. Maybe 5 minutes later Cassie showed up and it was time to start. Now in the past they held these classes in one of their rooms but as there were so few of us and they had the room Thai had set up some chairs right in the cosmetic section by the MAC counter so we would be out with all the other customers.

The class was great and Thai did an awesome job, she explained how to do the eye brow, where it starts, ends and where the high point should be. She showed several different products brow pencil, gel, powder and how to use them by themselves or combined with each other and the looks were very different. I actually learned a lot plus it was fun to watch her do different eyebrows on the model. What cool jobs, being able to do makeup on people all day or even being the model and having them do your makeup over and over. She spent about an hour teaching us and then after asked if we had any questions about anything else so I took the opportunity to ask some questions I have had including how to do the winged or cat eye eyeliner which Thai was only too happy to show us. It was really an awesome after noon and I did get a couple pictures but being blonde forgot to ask Cassie and Laura if they minded me posting them in my blog so I cropped this one just so I would have a picture, after all one must have a picture of such a fun day. This is Thai and me after the class and yes I did spend some money, bought the eye brow pencil and the shadow duo as I am almost out of the one I have been using and also needed some more of the Studio Fix makeup as I love the coverage I get from this so I am willing to pay more after all Susan is worth it. If you are in the Portland area and want some help and a fun experience I would highly recommend Thai Carr at the MAC counter at Nordstrom’s at Washington Square.

After the class Cassie and I went upstairs and looked at some dresses and of course Cassie talked to everyone, seems she knows almost everyone in the store. It was fun to walk around the store and shop, it is funny as we walked around the store the busiest section was the cosmetic section. I would say half the people shopping there were in the cosmetic section.

Well it was time to go and I was off on my own walking out to my car and again felt totally at ease. It was about 5:45 now so I headed to Fox and Hound as I was meeting my friends there around 7 as we always meat here when we go to Harvey’s as parking is so much better here and it is only a 7 block walk to Harvey’s. I got there about 6:15 and Jan was already there so I joined her. It wasn’t long before others started to show up. We had a fun time talking as we didn’t need to leave for Harvey’s till 8:30. Now we had a big group tonight going to Harvey’s I think 23 so it was going to be a fun night. Loraine even was able to go and she brought a couple of her friends with her. I think by the time we left for Harvey’s we had 15 of us there so off we went 15 of us walking down the streets of Portland and yes it was cold out, right about freezing and the only thing that got cold were my toes as I wore open toed heels.

We got to Harvey’s and the rest of our group was already there waiting in the lounge. There was one other big group of 24 there also, turns out it was one of their birthdays, I think his name was Dan. Any way he and a couple of his group started talking to Jan and I about Harvey’s and the shows as we told them we came here all the time. Any way Jan and I put are arms around him so one of his friends could get a picture and before we knew it I think everyone in his group had their cameras out and were taking pictures. Well of course they also had some questions about us and our group of which Jan and I were only too happy to answer. We ended up talking to them for about 30 minutes while we waited to go in to the showroom.

Well we finally got inside and Kim who is an awesome person and always our waitress was there and she already had our tables reserved for us. She really does take good care of us and always looks forward to the nights we come; she even greets us all by name. If you are ever in Portland and want a fun night out Harvey’s is an awesome choice for a fun night out. The show was great as always but I think I liked the featured comedian better than the headliner. This is always such a fun night out, Loraine and her friends sat with me. We actually had 6 tables so this was our biggest group I think we have had at Harvey’s. After the show Kim gave us all a hug and said she would see us next month.

Well it was almost midnight and we walked back to Fox & Hound, a few of us went inside to get warm as my toes were again frozen. Lorain’s two friends had left as they were going to another club so I told Lorain I would give her a ride home as they had all came down on the bus and I didn’t want her to have to take a bus home at this time of night plus it was nice to have someone ride with me even if only part of the way. It really was a fun day all the way around.

Thanks for reading.

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Harvey’s Comedy club 2-18-2012

Well our group the Rose City T-girls had plans to go to Harvey’s Comedy club Saturday night. Actually we are planning on going there once a month on the second Saturday of the month. This actually makes 3 nights in a row for Susan to be out but it is just so much fun I couldn’t pass it up. The plan was to meet at Fox & Hound at 7 and then walk over to Harvey’s a little before 9 which is about 9 blocks away.

Well I got ready a little early so I could be at Fox & Hound by 7. Now I had it narrowed down to two dresses, my grey sweater dress and my new Purple dress that I wore out last week and I had to make a decision as one does her makeup to match her outfit. Well I went with the Purple dress even though I had just worn it not long ago as I felt like color tonight. I also wore 2″ heels as I knew how far we would be walking.

I arrived downtown Portland right at 7 pm and found a parking spot 2 blocks from Fox & Hound. It was nice not to have to drive around looking for a spot and as it was on the street I didn’t have to pay for parking. Walking to Fox & Hound I ran into Diane so we walked together. Inside Fox & hound Kristy was sitting at the bar, she was the first one there. Diane had on these really cute high heels and I mentioned that we had 9 blocks to walk to Harvey’s, turns out she brought some flats for the walk which she did change into. We sat down at a big table as we knew more would show up soon.

It wasn’t long before the rest of our group showed up, Cassandra, Peggy, Teresa, Brooke, Kim, Wilma, Victoria, Jan & Lynn. We all sat there and talked and some of us ate dinner. I had their Chicken fried steak which is really good. It was a fun relaxing time.

About 8:30 we all left and made the walk to Harvey’s. It was a little cold out but this time Kristy had a coat, guess she learned from the last time. Funny as I remember when I was the same way and didn’t have a coat as I never thought about being outside that much. We got there before the ticket window was open so we went into the lounge to wait where it was warm. We were early enough that we were the only ones in there so we got tables right by the door. We also took this chance to take some pictures. I really need to work on my posing as I still look a little stiff. Left to right is Cassandra, Diane and Susan.

It wasn’t long before others started to show up and the lounge got crowded. As many times as we have been there it is funny that no one really pays any attention to us. It was nice to just hang out there with all the other people. Peggy, Kim, Jan, Lynn and I were all at the same table. We had to wait about an hour for the early show to get over.

Diane was telling a story about one of her T-girl friends and how she got outed which is the biggest fear most of us have. Seems she was out dressed when she was in a car wreck. No one was hurt but it turns out the lady who hit her was her bosses wife and of course they had to exchange information. Wow what a way for your boss to find out.

We finally got to go in and this time we did not get a table up close but still had good seats. We all ordered drinks and some got some food. Our waitress was just awesome. I had my usual Sprite. My table had Peggy, Kim, Diane and me. The show was good, the first comedian was a local and turns out he is a Portland police officer. He was really good but it was the headliner that was awesome.

The headliner was Susan Rice and you just new she had to be good with such a pretty name. Turns out she grew up in Longview Washington just a short distance from Portland and was the second comedian to ever perform at Harvey’s after they opened in the early 80’s. She was really good and if you get a chance to see her you should.

Well the show got over about midnight and we all paid our bills. I so love my credit card with Susan’s name on it. Our waitress stopped and talked to us for a bit. She told us the staff just loved us there and hoped we would keep coming back, how great is that. We told her we planned on coming once a month as we really enjoy the shows.

Well we left Harvey’s and made the walk back to Fox & hound, just 12 girls walking down the street talking and enjoying an evening out. Once back at Fox & hound some of the girls went in to play a little pool. I had to get up early Sunday Morning so I chose to leave which is always hard as I so love spending time with my friends. It was a super fun night, big thanks to Jan & Lynn for getting the tickets for us all. I made the 2 block walk to my car and made the drive home. I look forward to the next time out with my awesome friends.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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